(Extracted from the Marystowe PRs)

Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref Nos: 890/2

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by Davy Davy


At the Visitation of the Archdeacon of Totnes, held at Tavistock June 17th 1824, ground Plans of the several Churches within his Jurisdiction, with a calculation of The Number of People each Church would contain, allowing twenty Inches to every Individual were furnished by the Churchwardens, for The purpose ...[of] being Preserved amongst The records of the County where access might be had to them, if necessary at any future Period.

     Persons      Population **
Marystow Church would contain      232      376
Thrushelton Church would contain      162      397
     Total      773

The Population was according to The Census Taken in 1821, and probably exceeded The above amount.

** The Gallery in Marystow has been extended, and a new Gallery erected in Thrushelton since 1824.

The Bells in the Tower of Marystow being in a defective State were recast in 1829. The original Five were cast into Six.

The Pinnacles in The Tower were Thrown down by Lightning in October 1729, and replaced in October 1829.

During the Century they were half buried in the Gr... [Green ?] Wal... [Wall or Walk?] at The head of The Vicarage Orchard forming four Seats, two at each end.