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Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref Nos: 890/1 (1654-1717) and 2 (1717-1754)

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by David A. Davy

© Copyright 2002

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Mariages Anno Dom[ini] 1654

James SARGENT and Peneolopie AULGER[ALGER or ALGAR] were Maried the eight
Day of May 1654[.]


[No entries]

Mariages Anno Dom[ini] 1656

John REEDE and Elezebeth WILLS were Maried the eighteenth Day of July 1656[.]

Anno Dom[ini] 1657

Arthur BURLY[BURLEY] and Elezebeth COURTISE[CURTIS] were Maried the ffirst
Day of Aprill 1657[.]

Giddeon BASLY[BASELY] and Margret HARRY were Maried the seaventh Day of
Aprill 1657[.]

Edward ROWSE and Sibella DOIDGE were Maried the Twentie Nienth Day
of October. 1657[.]

Anno Dom[ini] 1658

John POWELL and Valentina SKELLY were Maried the ffift Day of Aprill 1658[.]

Martin CONGDON and Peneolopie SARGENT were Maried the Twelfe Day of
Aprill 1658[.]

John BADLAM[BEDLAM] and Alce TWIGS[TWIGGS, see Marystowe burials for 1680]
were Maried the eight Day of November 1658[.]

John SKELLY AND Grace BLACHFORD[BLATCHFORD] were Maried the eighteenth Day
of November 1658[.]

George GRILLS and Anne WOOLRIDGE[WOOLDRIDGE] were Maried the eighteenth Day
of January 1658[.]

mst[.] Edward NOSEWORTHY the sonne of mst[.] John NOSEWORTHY And mrs[.]
Julian EDGCOMBE the Daughter of mst[.] John EDGCOMBE deceased both of the
p[ar]ishe of Tavistock were Maried the ffifteenth Day of ffebruary 1658[.]

Anno Dom[ini] 1659

Thomas GREGORY and Elizebeth TYNNE were Maried the Twelfe Day of July 1659[.]


Beniamine FFOSTER the sonne of John FFOSTER and Agnes MOUNTJOY weare
married the seventeenth Day of May[1660.]

William BOLE the Sone of William BOLE deceased of the p[ar]ish of Stoford
[Stowford] and Mary SKELLY the Daughter of John SKELLY were married the one
and thirtieth Day of July 1660[.]

John GLASSE and Mary JAKMENT[JACKMAN or JAKEMAN] were married the ninth Day
of October 1660[.]

William HILL the sonne of Bartholomew HILL and Mary FFOSTER weare married
the seventeenth Day of January 1660[.]

Richard CHUBB and Rose HILL weare married the twenty ninth Day of
January 1660[.]

Christopher OLIVER and Susanna BUCKINGHAM weare married the twenty sixth
Day of ffebruary 1660.


Arthur HILL and Elizabeth WARE were maried the sixteenth day of
Aprill 1661[.]

Richard MAYNARD and Philep[a] ROE[ROWE] were married the thirtieth day
of Aprill 1661[.]

John COOME[COOMBE] and Thomsin WILLIAMS were married the sixteenth day
of July 1661[.]

John HOOPER and Penelope CONGDON were married the thirtieth day of
July 1661.

Richard PENGELLY and Margaret ROUSE[ROWSE] were married the fourth day of
September 1661.


[No entries]


Mr[.] John MOULSWORTH and Mrs[.] Margery WISE were married the seventh day
of October. 1663.

Marriages Anno Dom[ini] 1664

Peter VEACH[VEITCH] & Garteret BORROW[BURROW] were married the 25th[.] Day
of Aprill Anno Dom[ini] 1664.

Robert MAYNARD & Elizabeth ROWE were Marryed the 24th[.] Day of November
Anno: Dom[ini] 1664.

John GYDDY[GIDDY or GEDDY] & Johan BENNET[BENNETT] of Milton Abbot were
Marryed the 29th[.] Day of November 1664.


[No entries]

Marriages 1666

John ROGERS & Elizabeth CUMMIN were maried the 18th. Day of Aprill 1666[.]

John GUBBINS & Grace TURNER were maried the 5th[.] Day of May 1666[.]

Mariges 1667

Giddion BASELY & Johan ...INE[probably BINE,possibly JINE] was Maried the
12th[.] of August 1667[.]

Richard BLACHFORD[BLATCHFORD] & Anne GRILLE were Maried the 12[th.] day
of November 1667[.]

Peter WILLS & Joan HARRIS were Maried the ...th[penmanship, probably '8th'.]
Day of July Anno Dom[ini] 1667[.]


John HAWKYNS[HAWKINS] & Margery HOOPER were Maried the 9th[.] day of
June 1668.

Morgan ...ERS[penmanship, looks like WALERS, also WALTERS] & Elizabeth
SMYTH[SMITH] were married the 30th[.] of September 1668[.]

Ricrd[.] WILLS & Martha SKELLY were married the 10th[.] of October 1668[.]

John KEIST[KEAST] & Joane PENQIET[PENQUITE] (of the p[ar]ish of St. Clare
in Cornwall) were marryed the ...th.[penmanship/faded, possibly '29th'] of
Januarye 1668[.]


John BLATCHFORD & Elizabeth DOYDGE[DOIDGE] were marryed the 3d. day of
May 1669[.]

Richard WORTH and Thomasin SOPER were marryed the 16th. day of
November. 1669[.]


[No entries]


Hugh FFOSTER, and Elizabeth RUDDICLIFFE[REDCLIFFE] were marryed the 24th.
day of June 1671:.

John SKELLYE and Thomasin WOOLRIDGE[WOOLDRIDGE] were marryed the 28th. of
November 1671[.]


[No entries]


Edmund DEANE and Joane PARNHELL[PARNELL] were marryed the 11th. day of
July 1673.

John TRENOWE and Margarett WOOLRIDGE[WOOLDRIDGE] were marryed the 29th.
day of Novembr. 1673[.]


Robbert COLE & Anne GRIGGS were marryed the 21st. day of June 1674[.]

William NEWT[NUTE] and Mary PRICHETT[PRITCHETT or PRITCHARD, see Marystowe
baptisms for 1663] were marryed the 28th. of July 1674[.]

Mr. Peter SPOURE[SPOORE] of Northill in the Countye of Cornwall, and Mrs.
Jone SHORT of Aishwater[Ashwater] in the Countye of Devon were marryed the
8th: of Decembr[.] 1674[.]


Nicholas BASELY of this p[ar]ish and Joane PANSON[FANSON?] of the p[ar]ish
of Stowford were marryed the 11th[.] of Aprill. 1675.


Peter LAUNDER of the Parish of Milton-Abbott and Elizabeth TOOKER[TUCKER]
of the same p[ar]ish were marryed the 31st. of october 1676[.]

Charles DAVYE...[possibly DAVYES] and Lydia ROWE of Tavistocke were marryed
the 25th. of November 1676[.]


George BICKELL[BICKLE] and Mary CHOLLWILL[CHOLWELL] were marryed the 15th.
of Januarye 1677[.]


Symon BLATCHFORD and Elizabeth HAM were marryed the 30th. day of
Aprill 1678.


William ROBBINS[ROBYNS] of the Parish of Lyfton[Lifton] And Elizabeth
RUDDICLIFFE[REDCLIFFE] of this p[ar]ish were marryed the 3d. day of
ffebruarye 1679.


Richard GYLES[GILES] and Jone DAVYE of the p[ar]ish of Bradwoodwidger
[Broadwoodwidger] were marryed the 20th[.] day of Aprill 1680[.]


David BENNETT of the Parish of Milton=Abbott, and Grace YOW[YEO] of the
same Parish were marryed the 28th. day of May 1681[.]

George WIVELL, and Susanna JONES were marryed the 28th. day of ffebruary


Robert HUTCHINGS of the p[ar]ish of St. Germans in the County of Cornwall,
and Elizabeth HODGE of this p[ar]ish were marryed the thirtye=first day
of October 1682[.]

John PYKE[PIKE] of the p[ar]ish of Tavistocke, and Temperance HARRIS of
this p[ar]ish were marryed the twenty-third day of May 1682[.]


Samuell SERGENT[SARGENT] and Susannah WOOLDRIDGE[WOOLRIDGE] were marryed the
twenty=ninth day of November 1683.


Titus BURROW of Tavistocke, and Elizabeth CURKEYT[CARKEET] of this p[ar]ish
were marryed the twenty sixth day of August 1684.

John HARRIS, and Jone GRIGGE were marryed the twenty ninth day of
July 1684[.]

John COOMBE and Mary BERRY[BARRY] were marryed the seventh day of
October 1684.

John PENGELLY, and Elizabeth GRILLS were marryed the twenty seventh day of
October 1684[.]

John MORTON of the p[ar]ish of Lyfton[Lifton], and Honnor WREAFORD[WRAYFORD]
of the p[ar]ish of Dunterton were marryed the seventh day of November 1684[.]

Arthur COWLES[COLES] of the parrishe of St: Stephens neer Lanceston
[Launceston] & Dorothy JAKEMENT[JACKMAN or JAKEMAN] were Marryed the third
day of March 1684[.]


Richard HAWKINGS[HAWKINS] of the parish of Milton=Abbott in the Countye
of Devon, and Joane MARTIN of the parish of Stoake=Climsland in the Countye
of Cornwall were marryed the 19th: day of May: An: Do[mi]n[i] 1685[.]

George DAVYE, and Phillep[a] EGBOUR[EGBEER or EGBEAR] were marryed the 27th:
day of July 1685.

David CUNDEE[CUNDY] of the towne of Tavistocke, and Sarah WHITTE[WHITE] of
the towne of Lanceston[Launceston] were marryed the 14th. of September


Roger EDWARDS of this p[ar]ish and Joane WIRTH[WORTH] of the p[ar]ish of
Milton=Abbott were marryed the 8th. of ffebruary 1686[.]


[No entries]


Thomas HOLMES of the p[ar]ish of Marytavye[Mary Tavy] and Honnor PENGELLY
of this p[ar]ish were marryed the 23d[.] of June 1688:

John ROSIER[ROSSIER] of the p[ar]ish of Chulmly[Chulmleigh] Gen...
[penmanship, probably Gent. or Gentleman] and Agnes ROSE the daughter of
Thomas ROSE viccr: of this p[ar]ish were marryed the twelfe day of
ffebruary 1688[.]


Joseph BICKLE of this p[ar]ish, and Anne WOOLRIDGE[WOOLDRIDGE] of the
p[ar]ish of Stowford were marryed the fifth of ffebruary 1689[.]


Richard PENGELLY and Mary SARGENT were marryed the 18th: of Aprill 1690[.]

Peter CROSSMAN of the parish of Okehampton & Honnor ROWS[ROWSE] of this
parish were married the thirtyeth day of Decembr[.] 1690[.]

Marriages 1691

John HARRIS of this parish and Elizabeth WREAFORD[WRAYFORD] of the parish
of Stoake Climsland in the County of Cornwall were marryed the twenty first
day of Novembr[.] 1691.

Ralph ROWS[ROWSE], and Phillep[a] HAM were marryed the eighth day of
December 1691.

John SMALE[SMALL], and Mary RANDLE[RUNDLE] of the parish of Thrusselton
[Thrushelton] were marryed the 17th. day of Ffebruary 1691.


Richard BLAKE, and Margarett FFRANK of the parish of Werrington were marryed
the 20th. day of Octobr. 1692.

Richard PENGELLY of the parish of Jacobstow in the County of Cornwall and
Susannah HATCH of the parish of Stoake-Climsland in the foresd. County
were marryed the third day of January 1692.


[No entries]


Abell HALLETT[HOLLETT] & Gertrude HAM were marryed the fifth day of May 1694.

John BOLE and Mary ROWSE were marryed the fifteenth day of May 1694.

John GLASS & Grace WADGE were marryed the twentyfourth day of May: 1694.


Samuel MABIN & Lydia B...[faded, probably BURROW] were marryed the
twenty sixth day of March 1695.

Moses MAY, and Elizabeth PENGELLY were marryed the 24th. of June 1695.

Stephen VIGURS[VIGARS or VIGERS] and Joane ROBBINS[ROBYNS] of the Parish of
Milton=Abbott[Milton Abbot] were marryed the 17th[.] of Septembr[.] 1695.


Richard BURROW and Audrey DARKE were married the ...th.[penmanship, probably
the 24th.] of July 1696.

Mr. Hugh STEVENS of the towne of Lanceston[Launceston] in the County of
Cornwall and Susannah ROWSE of this parish were marryed the twenty first day
of July 1696.

John BUCKETT and Katharine MARK...[faded/penmanship, probably MARKS, or MARKE, possibly buried at Marystow in 1736] were married the 16th[.]
day of Se...[faded, probably an abbrev. for September] 1696.

Ralph ROWSE and Philep[a] HOOPER were married in Lanceston[Launceston] the
30...[faded, probably 30th. of] J...[faded, probably January] 1696/7.


George ...ICKELL[faded/penmanship, probably BICKELL, BICKLE] and Hannah
BRIDGMAN were marryed the 21[st.] day of September 1697.

James SARGENT was married to Elizabeth WALLIS the 9th. day of Decembr: 1697.


Henry SKELLY was married to Margery AUSON[OWSEN] the 10[th]. day of
May. 1698.

Sampson SYMONS was marryed to Mary MAYNARD the 31st. of Octobr. 1698.


Caleb SOBY[SOBEY] and Mary DOWN both of Thrushelton, were marryed here the
fourth day of July 1699. both widd:

Richard COLLINS[COLLINGS]. 3d. was married to Mary AXFORD the. 7th. day of
August. 1699.

George DYNHAM[DENHAM] was married to Joane VEALE the. 13th. day of
August. 99.


John BOALE[BOLE] was married to Thomasin COLE the. 2...[faded/penmanship,
probably 21 or 22, the rest unclear]. of February. 1700.


Oliver HANCOCKE was married to Jane MABYN[MABIN] the. 28th. of Aprill. 1701.

Stephen NUTE[NEWT] was married to Joane EGBEARE[EGBEER] the. 7th. of
June. 1701.


Richard BLIGHE (Servant to Mr. Nicholas MORR...[faded/penmanship, possibly
MORRICE/MORRIS or MORRISH] of Werrington) was married to Margarett JENKINS
the. 11th. day of Aprill. 1702.

John SEARGENT[SARGENT] was married to Anne DOWN (both of Thrushelton) July,
2d. 1702.


Edward HAWKINS (Son of Edward HAWKINS vicar) was married to Phillippa
LANDER[LANDAR] the fourth day of July. 1703.

Henry GALE was married to Mary ALFORD (both of Thrushelton) Septembr: 23d.

James EDWARDS was married to Anne LIGHTFOOT (both being of Milton Abbott,
desiring to be marryed here, and paying for the Same) the: 23d. of November.

John EASTCOTTE was married to Elizabeth BRAY (both of Thrushelton)
Decembr: 14th.

Thomas TRIM (of Milton Abbot upon his request, & paying for the Same) was
married to Jane SOUTHEY the. 18th. day of December. 1703.


Edmond PENGELLY was marryed to Grace GERRY (both of Thrush[Thrushelton?])
Apr: 17th.

Thomas PALMER was married to Elizabeth BASKERFIELD[BASKERVILLE] (both being
lately Servants to Mr. TREMAYNE of Sydenham) the fifteenth of May. 1704.

Abraham JACKMAN[JAKEMAN] was married to Temperance COOME[COOMBE] the third
of June. 1704.

John HARRIS Gent: was married to Mrs[.] Arabella TREMAYNE[Born circa 1658 to
Edward and Arabella WISE, her first husband was Edmund TREMAYNE] Decembr.
18th. 1704.

Nicholas CORN...L...US[faded/penmanship, probably CORNELIUS or CORNELIOUS]
was married to Rachell SANDERS[SAUNDERS] March the nineteenth. 1704.


Phillip PEDLAR[PEDLER] was married to Joane COLE May the fifth. 1705.

George HAWTON was married to Margery HAWKINS Decembr. 29th. 1705.


Sampson SYMONS was married to Penelope CHOLWILL[CHOLWELL] Ffebruary.
1st. 1706.


John COLLINGS[COLLINS] of Coryton was married to Mary BRAY Apill[April]
the twentieth. 1707.

John DOIDG[DOIDGE] (of Milton) was married to Susanna B...[faded, probably
BENNETT] Aprill the twenty Second. 1707.

William BICKFORD Esq...[penmanship, probably an 'r' or '.'] was marryed to
Mrs. Bridgett TREMAYNE Novembr: the twelfth. 1707.


John DAVY was married to Margery KITT...[faded, probably KITTO, possibly
KITTS] the fifteenth of May. 1708.

Robert PIPERELL was married to Joane ROBBINS[ROBYNS] the twenty fifth of
May. 1708.

William WILKEY was married to Elizabeth FFORD the twenty Seventh of
July. 1708.

Thomas LANG was married to Agnes BENNETT the eighth day of March. 1708.


John DOIDGE was married to Hannah HAYN[HAINE] the eleventh day of
October. 1709.

William COLLINS[COLLINGS] was married to Mary HARVY[HARVEY] ...id
[penmanship, probably wid]: the twentieth day of Ffebruary. 1709.


George STOYL[STOYLE or STOYELL] was married to Elizabeth RUNDLE ...id
[penmanship, probably wid]: the eleventh day of Aprill. 1710.

John RYTH[RITH or REATH] of the parish of Lifton was married to Patience
MAYNARD of the parish of Milton Abbott the eleventh day of January 1710.

Mr. George FFORTESCUE of the parish of Milton Abbott upon his request (e
habita licentia)[trans: having freedom to dwell?] was married here to Mary
BARRETT the twenty fifth of January. 1710.


William GRENVILL[GRENVILLE] (of Werrington) was married to Jane HARRIS the
fourth day of June. 1711[.]

John BICKELL[BICKLE] was marryed to Elizabeth BICKELL[BICKLE] the last day
of October 1711.

James SARGENT was marryed to Grace MARTYN[MARTIN] the twelfth day of


William EGBEAR[EGBEER] was married to Susanna WILLIAMS the twenty first of

James NEWT[NUTE] was married Margery TRUSCOTT the twenty second day
of Aprill.

Joseph MAYNARD was marryed to Philippa HAWKINS (both of Milton) [the] 19th[.]
of July.


Arthur SKELLY was marryed to Philippa DAVY the twelfth day of Aprill.

David NECKE of the parish of Hartland was married to Mary HOOPER the 17th[.]
day of November 1713.


John SARGENT was Marryed to Mary HAM. Aprill the twenty seventh.

George BICKELL[BICKLE] was Marryed to Mary SKELLY May the twenty sixth.

Roger BICKELL[BICKLE] (of Milton Abbot) was Marryed to Joan BRAY, February
the twenty eighth 1714[.]


David HAM was Married to Rebecka B...[faded/penmanship, looks like BUCKET,
but possibly BICKLE, BICKELL] (of, and at Lifton) December the 26th[.]


William MAJOR of Swarton[probably Sourton] was Married to Elizabeth HARRIS
Aprill the eighteenth 1716.

William HOIDGE was Married to Elizabeth STITSON May 22d.

William CASE was Married to Elleanor MADDACOT[MADDACOTT] July the 22d.

John PEIRCE[PEARSE] was Married to Jane HELSON of Lifton Aug: 1st.

Nicholas PERRY was Married to Catherine BALELY[BAILEY] Nov[.] the 6[th].

William ARSCOT[ARSCOTT] was Married to Mary YOLDEN[YOULDEN] (both of the
parish of Milton-Abbot) December the sixth. 1716.


Richard DOWN & Mary his wife were married Augst. 28. 1717. See the registry
of Thrushelton. [See the entry below Weddings 1717]

Weddings 1717

John GALE of the Chapelry of Thrusselton within this parish and Agnes
PHILLIPS[PHILIPS] of Inwardleigh were married June the 10th[.] 1717.

Richard DOWN of the Chapelry of Thrusselton[Thrushelton] within this parish
and Mary PUDNER of of the parish of Oakhamton[Okehampton] were Married the
28th[.] Day of August 1717.


Aaron STROUT and Honour SKELLY were Married Aprill 15th[.] 1718[.]

George HAYN[HAINE] & Grace HAZ...Y[faded/penmanship, looks like HAZERDY,
see also the baptism at Marystowe in 1708] were Married May the 12th[.]

John COLLINS[COLLINGS] & Mary FORSTER were married July the 19th. 1718.

Robert HANCOCK & Catherine GIDDY[GEDDY] were married Decembr. 9th. 1718.


Oliver COURTIS[CURTIS] of the parish of Lifton and Su...[faded, probably
Susanna, son Richard bapt. at Werrington in 1732?] GRENVILL[GRENVILLE] of
this parish were Married the first Day of June 1719[.]


John WRAYFORD of the Parish of Lesant[Lezant, Cornwall] & Elizabeth HARRIS
of this Parish were Married the 17[th.] Day of May. 1720.

James SARGENT & Mary BROWN were Married by License from Cannon GILBERT
of Plymouth the 29[th.] Day of July 1720.


Thomas GAYCH & Grace HEARN were Married by Banns Sept: 21[.]

Richard ARSCOT[ARSCOTT] & Constance SAUNDERS[SANDERS] (both of Milton Abbot)
Were Married by Banns there Duely Publish'd November the 28[th].

Arthur SKELLY of this Parish & Mary DAWE of Curiton[Coryton] were Married by
Banns. February the 6th[.] 1721.


John SKELLY & Joan BICKELL[BICKLE] were Married by Banns the 28th[.] Day of

Thomas COURTIS[CURTIS] & Grace COURTIS[CURTIS] were Married by Banns the
7th[.] day of August.

Edmund PENGELLY & Joan CO...WILL[faded/penmanship, looks like COTWILL, but
probably COLWILL, also CHOLWELL] of the chapelry of Thrushelton within this
parish were Married by Banns the 20th[.] Day of September 1722[.]

John DOWN & Elizabeth FANSON[FANSTONE] of the Chapelry of Thrushelton within
this Parish were Married by Banns the 14 Day of December 1722.

Richard COLLINS[COLLINGS] of Tavistock & Ann HOOPER were Married by Banns
December the 16th.

James CATER of Stowford & Priscilla SPRY of Thrushelton were Married by
Banns Feb: 14th.


John GOODMAN of Stowford & Dorcas PENGELLY were Married by Banns
Aprill 20th.

Edward DOIDGE of Thrushelton & Elizabeth HAWKINS of Milton Abbot were
Married by Banns the 13th[.] Day of May Anno Domini 1723.

Nicholas BURROW & Mary SPRY of Thrushelton were Married by Banns May

Stephen CUDLIPP of Tavistock & Mary STOBBART were Married by Banns
Jan. 23d.

Weddings 1724

John DAWE of Lifton & Ph...ippa[faded, looks like Phlesippa, but probably
Philippa] HAM were married by Banns. July 18[.]

David MAY, and Elizabeth TOOKER[TUCKER] were married by Banns. August. ...[paper damaged, looks like 9, but erring on the side of caution...]

John SIM...[faded/penmanship, but probably SYMONS, son John bapt. Marystowe
in 1730?] and Hannah SARGENT were Married by Banns. Febru: 4.


Thomas BICKLE & Elizabeth GARLAND were married by Banns ...[paper damaged,
possibly June or July, no idea as to day.]

Benedict HOOPER of this Parish & Susanna EGBEAR[EGBEER] ...[paper damaged,
but probably 'of'] the Parish of Brentor, were married by Banns October the
20th. 1725[.]


Nicholas BLATCHFORD of Thrushelton & Elizabeth SM...LACOMB[paper damaged,
but probably SMALLACOMB, also SMALLACOMBE] of Germans-Wicke[Germansweek]
were married by Banns May the 14th, 1726[.]

John LITTLEJOHNS[LITTLEJOHN] of the Parish of Stokeclimsland in ...[paper
damaged,'the'] county of Cornwall & Constance BLATCHFORD ...[paper damaged,
'of the'] Chapellry of Thrushelton in the county of Devon ...[paper damaged,
'were'] married by Banns Septbr. 21. 1726.

John STRONG & Wilmot JAMES were married by Banns ...ry[paper damaged,
possibly February] 2d. 1726.


David METTER of the chappelry of Thrushelton, Dev...[paper damaged,'Devon']
and Elizabeth HENDER of Stoke-Climsland, Cornwa...[paper damaged,'Cornwall']
were married by Banns. June the 4th. 1727.


John HAWKINS of the Parish of Tavistocke, & Mary MARTIN of the Parish of
Thrushelton were married by Banns. Ma...[paper damaged, no idea] the
6th. 1728.


Andrew BURROUGH[BURROW] & Jane SYMMONS[SYMONS] were married by Banns April
the 13th. 1729.

John GORDAN[JORDAN] & Ann GILBERT (both of Lyfton[Lifton]) were married by
Banns, May the 23d. 1729[.]

David MAYE & Agnes SYMMONS[SYMONS] were married by Banns, 28th. Septbr. 1729.


Peter TINNEY & Margaret HAY (both of Lyfton[Lifton]) were married by Banns
April the 1st. 1730.

John MAYE & Grace UGLER[UGLAR] were married by banns 12th. April ...730
[paper damaged,'1730'].


Stephen MADDIFORD[MADDAFORD] & Susanna HOOPER widdow were married (at
Thrushelton) by Banns the 8th. June 1731.

Sampson SYMMONS[SYMONS] & Susanna YOLE were married (at Thrushelton) by
Banns 22d[.] Augst[.] 1731.

...ohn[paper damaged, 'John'] MARTIN & Joanna PENGELLY (both of Thrushelton)
were married by Banns 30th[.] Novbr. 1731.


John MONK & Susanna SARGENT were married by Banns 7th. May. 1732[.]

John GORDON[JORDAN] & Elizabeth HOCKADAY[HOCKDAY] (both of Lifton) were
married by Banns. January the 7th. 1732.


John MONK & Agnes MAY[nee SYMONS?] (widdow) were married by Banns, march
the 26. 1733[.]

Amos STEPHENS and Elizabeth SARGENT were married by Banns, 25th.
April. 1733.

Weddings 1734

John BROOKS and Thomasine BOLE were married July the eighth 1734. by Banns[.]


Richard GARLAND & Thomasine SKELLY were married April. 7th. by B...[paper
damaged,'Banns'] 1735.

...es[faded, probably Moses] EYRES[AYRES] and Margaret HARRIS were married
December 26th. by Banns 1735.

George DOIDGE and Elizabeth BICKLE[BICKELL] were married March 6th. by
Banns. 1735.


William BURLEIGH[BURLEY] of the Parish of Milton Abt. & Mary HENDY[HENDEY]
of ...[paper damaged, 'this'] Parish, were married (by Banns) Novber.
24th. 1736.

John MORLY[MORLEY or MARLEY] (of Thrushelton) and Jane T...[faded, possibly
TABB] (of Bratton Clovelly) were ...[paper damaged,'married'] (by Banns)
December the 20th. 1736.


Robert PALMER & Constance HARRIS (of Thrushelton) were married (by Banns)
the 10th. ...[paper damaged, possibly April]

John SPRY of the Parish of Stowford & Priscilla SARGENT of this Parish were
mar...[paper damaged, 'married'] (by Banns) June the 4th. 1737.

Joseph MAYNARD (of Milton Abbott) and Mary CUR...IES[penmanship, looks like
CURLIES, but probably CURTIES, also CURTIS or COURTICE] of this Parish
we...[paper damaged,'were'] married (by Banns) August the 4th[.] 1737.


John CREEBER[CREBER] & Elizabeth MAYE were married (by Banns) April the
15th. 1738.

John DOWN & Susanna LAURENCE[LAWRENCE] (of Thrushelton) were married (by
Banns) the 18th[.] of April 1738.

Weddings 1738

William DOWN & Ann HARVEY (both of Thrushelton) were married (by Banns)
...ember[paper damaged, unreadable] the 4th. 1738.

Henry TAUTON[TAWTON] & Joan TINNEY were married (by Banns) ...uary[faded,
probably January] the 1st. 1738[/]9[.]

James MABYN[MABIN] & Mary SKELLY were married (by Banns) March the
5th. 1738/9.


Thomas SECKHAM[SECCOMBE] (of Thrushelton) & Joanna GLOWEN[GLOYNE or GLOIN]
(of Bridestow) were married (by Banns) April the ...[paper damaged,
unreadable] 1739.

Oliver TURNER & Mary STRIKE of the Parish of Thrushelton were married
...[paper damaged, 'by'] Banns. December the 29th. 1739.


Philip BROOMING (of the Parish of Lamerton) and Mary WIVEL[WIVELL] of this
Parish ...re[paper damaged, 'were'] married (by Banns) April the 25th. 1740.


William PELLOW & Margery HUDGE[HODGE] (both of Thrushelton) were married
(by ...anns[paper damaged,'Banns']) July the 4th. 1741.


William TAPSON & Elizabeth KENNARD were married (by Banns) April 24th.

John BICKLE[BICKELL] and Mary CAUNTER were married (by Banns) June
26th. 1742.

John HAIN[HAYNE] and Margaret CORNDON[CONDON?] (of Thrushelton) were married
(by Banns) ...une[paper damaged, probably June] 29th. 1742.

Richard PALMER of Thrushelton & Martha SOWTON of Lifton were married
(by Banns) October the 12th. 1742.


Nicholas PAGE and Mary STEPHENS were married (by Banns) April the
10th. 1743.

Richard DOIDGE & Honour HANCOCK were married (by Banns) May the 15th.
1742[should be 1743?].

Weddings 1743

Walter MAYNARD (of Bratton-clovelly) and Rebecca PENGELLY (of Thrushelton)
were married (by Banns) the 17th. of May. 1743.

Abraham JACKMAN[JAKEMAN] and Mary SARGENT were Married (by Banns) The 23d[.]
Day of May 1743.

George PYKE[PIKE] and Elizabeth DAW[DAWE] (both of Thrushelton) were
married ...[paper damaged,'by'] Banns the 5th. of August. 1743.

John PEARSE[PEIRCE] and Hannah PRICE (both of Lyfton[Lifton]) w...
[paper damaged,'were'] Married (by Banns) the 1st. Day of February[.]


Andrewe DOIDGE of Thrushelton & Mary HAM of Crediton were Married by Banns
June 1st[.] 1744[.]

Charles SYDENHAM and Mary AXWORTHY were married (by Banns) February
25th[.] 1744.


Roger COLE and Jane NECK were married (by Licence). May 12th[.]

Oliver HUN[HANN] and Susanna HUN[HANN] (both of Thrushelton) we...rried
[paper damaged,'were married'] (by Banns) November: 20th.

...mes[paper damaged, probably James] SARGENT and Mary LYDON[LYDDON or
LIDDON] were Married (by Banns) December: 21.

Edward GALE and Agness WALTAR[WALTER] (both of Thrushelton) were Married
(by Banns) February. 11.

Weddings 1746

William DOIDGE and Mary WOODMAN were Married (by Banns) ...pril [paper
damaged, 'April']. 6th. 1746.


...n[paper damage, probably John, son John bapt. Marystow 1749] TAPSON &
Elizabeth WOODMAN (Sojourners in this Parish) were Married ...ns[paper
damaged,'(by Banns']) November. 3rd:

...[paper damaged, probably John, son William bapt. Marystow 1748] MONK &
Elizabeth COLLINGS[COLLINS] were Married (by Banns) January 10th[.]


...[paper damaged, unreadable] BURLEIGH[BURLEY] of the Parish of Marystow &
Mary ROWE of the Parish of ...n-Abbot[paper damaged, probably Milton-Abbot]
were married by Banns April. 12th.

...[paper damaged, perhaps this is Asa/Asaph, but strictly speculation]
WALTAR[WALTER] & Jane SLEMAN[SLEEMAN] (both of Thrushelton) were married
...[paper damaged,'(by'] Banns) April 13th:

...[paper damaged, probably John, son Arthur bapt. Marystow 1749] SKELLY &
Miriam TAPSON were married (by Banns) April. 18th.

...hard[paper damaged, probably Richard] COURTIS[CURTIS] of the Parish of
Marystow, & Catharine COLLIFORD[CULLIFORD] of the ...ish[paper damaged,
'Parish'] of Lifton, were married (by Licence) May 28.


...hard[paper damaged, probably Richard] DOWN & Elizabeth MEIJOR[MAJOR or
MAYJOR] (both of Thrushelton) were married August 26th.

...hn[paper damaged, probably John] MEDLANDE & Elizabeth GLOINE[GLOYNE]
(both of Thrushelton) August. 29th.

John ABRAHAM of the Parish of Marystow, & Rachel DAWE of Kelly
September. 21st.


Edward PHYSICK of Kelly & Rebekah HAWTON of Marystow were married Ap...

[paper damaged, probably April].

William PELLOW & Grace STANDBURY[STANBURY] July: 1...[paper damaged,

Richard STANBURY of the Parish of Stowford & Catharine DAVEY[DAVY] of the
Parish of Lew Trenchard ...D[paper damaged, possibly December].


No one married this year.


William LANGMAN & Elizabeth GOODMAN were married by Banns ...[paper damaged,
possibly November]

John GALE & Amy MARTIN (both of Thrushelton) were married by Banns
D...[paper damaged, probably December]


John BICKLE[BICKELL] & Sarah ABRAHAM were married by Banns February. 14th[.]

Stephen JORY[JURY] of Thrushelton & Elizabeth SARGENT of Marystow [were]
married by Banns June 6th.


William COX & Joanna E...[very faded, possibly 'EASTCOURT were married Nov.
17', also EASTCOTT and EASTCOTE] This Register was entered in the wrong Book
in err married at Thrushelton.