Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref No: 890/5

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Transcribed by David A. Davy

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o.t.p. = of this parish, i.t.p. = in this parish



4 Richard DOIDGE o.t.p.     Catharine SYMONS o.t.p.     B Parents Apr. 7, 1814 John T. SPRY (vicar) John SYMONS Richd DOIDGE    
5 William BICKELL o.t.p.     Mary MULLISS o.t.p.     B Parents Jun. 25, 1814 John T. SPRY (vicar) John DOIDGE Thomas K ARSCOTT    
6 Joseph CUDLIPP o.t.p.     Elizabeth DOIDGE o.t.p.     B Parents Sep. 12, 1814 John T. SPRY (vicar) Richard DOIDGE John DOIDGE    
7 Henry CROSS (X) o.t.p.     Joanna PALMER (X) o.t.p.     B   Mar. 25, 1815 John T. SPRY (vicar) John DOIDGE Simon MEDDLETON    
8 Francis WILLESFORD (Fra. WILLESFORD) Tavistock Wid.   Charlotte BURNE Maristow Spin.   L   Jun. 27, 1815 Chas: BURNE (Rector of Tedburne) Gregory GURNEY Caroline P...[PARSON or possibly PEARCE ?]    
9 John TINNEY (X) o.t.p. Wid. Labourer Alice STERT (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Dec. 17, 1815 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of S. Sydenham) John DOIDGE Mary CUNDY    
10 Joseph CORAM (X) o.t.p. Wid.   Mary HAM o.t.p. Spin.   L   Dec. 21, 1815 John T. SPRY (vicar) William WILLIAMS John DOIDGE    
11 John BRIMACOMBE (X) Stowford Bach.   Lydia GEAKE o.t.p. Spin.   B   Dec. 26, 1815 John T. SPRY (vicar) John STROUD John DOIDGE    
12 Asa WALTER (X) Coryton Bach. Labourer Grace OXENHAM o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jul. 9, 1816 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of S. Sydenham) Mary WALTER Betty OXENHAM    
16 Joseph RUNDLE (Joseph RUNDEL) St. Stephens, Cornwall Bach. Stonemason Mary SMALE o.t.p. Spin.   B   Mar. 13, 1817 John T. SPRY (vicar) Thomas SMALE John B...[BALL ?]    
17 William LEE (Wllm LEE) sojourner o.t.p. Bach.   Mary SPEAR (X) sojourner o.t.p. Spin.   B   Aug. 10, 1817 Saml. HARNESS (Curate) Wm. MATTHEWS John DOIDGE    
18 John JORDAN (John JODAN) o.t.p. Wid.   Elizabeth BISHOP (X) o.t.p. Spin. also named as Elizth. B   Sep. 24, 1817 Thomas Waddon MARTYN (Minr. of Lifton) Richard MORCOM John DOIDGE    
19 William WALTER (Wm WALTER) Milton Abbot Bach.   Catharine DOIDGE o.t.p. Wid.   B   Apr. 23, 1818 John Wollocombe (Rector of Stowford) James MASON John DOIDGE    
20 George BICKLE (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Mary TICKLE (X) o.t.p. Wid.   B   May 25, 1818 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of S. Sydenham) ...[Ann ?] BICKLE William TICKLE    
21 Isaac ARSCOT (X) sojourner o.t.p. Wid.   Grace PERKINS (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Dec. 1, 1818 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of S. Sydenham) Mary CUNDY John DOIDGE    
22 William DOIDGE o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Agness CHOWEN (Agnes CHOWEN) o.t.p. Spin.   B her Parents Feb. 2, 1819 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of S. Sydenham) Jane DOIDGE Joanna HILL Richd. CHOWEN  
23 John Wise TAWTON o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Elizabeth MOLE (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Sep. 27, 1819 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of South Sydenham) Elizabeth CREBER William GURNEY    
24 John BICKLE o.t.p. Wid. Clockmaker Thomasin BISHOP (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Dec. 7, 1819 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of South Sydenham) John JORDAN Elizabeth JORDAN (X)    
25 William BATTEN Brentor Bach. Farmer Mary CUDLIPP (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Dec. 28, 1819 Saml. HARNESS (Rector of S. Sydenham) Proth...ia [Prothresia ?] CUDLIP George CUDLIP    
26 Thomas GALE o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Martha ROOK (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 27, 1820 Thos. ROBYNS (vicar) Joanna HILL John HILL    
27 Benjamin FRISE (X) o.t.p. Bach. Carpenter Sidwell CUDLIPP (Sidwill CUDLIP) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jun. 5, 1820 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) Prothresia CUDLIPP George CUDLIPP    
28 Robert MIDDLETON (Robert MEDDLETON) Thrushelton Bach. Labourer Margaret BEST (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Sep. 10, 1820 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Johanna BRAY John DOIDGE    
29 William CREBER o.t.p. Bach. Farmer Susanna MILLMAN (X) o.t.p. Spin. also named as MILMAN B   Dec. 25, 1820 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Elizabeth CREBER John DOIDGE    
30 John JONES Thrushelton Bach. Farmer Jenny CUDLIPP (Jenny CUDLIP) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Dec. 26, 1820 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) George CUDLIPP Mary JONES    
31 Samuel FACEY Coryton Bach. Yeoman Julia CORNELIUS o.t.p. Spin.   B   Apr. 3, 1821 W. W. GURNEY (Minister of Lawhitton) Nicholas CORNELIUS Agnes Perry CORNELIUS    
32 Richard GEAKE (Richard GEAK) o.t.p. Wid. Farmer Jane JORDAN (X) o.t.p. Wid.   B   May 17, 1821 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) John JORDON John BICKLE    
33 Robert KNIGHT o.t.p. Bach. Blacksmith Thomasin LEAN (Thomasin LENN) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jul. 10, 1821 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) Richard DOIDGE Mary Ann DOIDGE    
34 George BROWN Bradston Bach. Farmer Joanna HILL o.t.p. Spin.   B   Apr. 15, 1822 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) John HILL John KNEEBONE Agnes Perry CORNELIUS Priscilla KNEEBONE
35 Nicholas MADDEFORD (Nicholas MADDAFORD) o.t.p. Bach. Blacksmith Otty KING o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jul. 30, 1822 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) Richd BROWN Walter MADDAFORD    
36 James DOWN (X) Beaworthy Bach. Labourer Elizabeth CHOWEN (X) o.t.p. Spin. a Minor B Parents Jan. 6, 1823 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Thomas CHOWEN William CHOWEN    
37 John CHOWEN o.t.p. Bach. Yeoman Mary Ann CADDOCK o.t.p. Spin.   L   Feb. 1, 1823 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) Richd CHOWEN Henry CHOWEN Junr    
38 Thomas HILL o.t.p. Bach. Farmer Joanna BRAY (Johanna BRAY) o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 5, 1823 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) William BRAY ...[Henry ?] HILL Thomas SMALE  
39 Thomas GIMLET (Thomas GIMLETT) Sourton Bach. Labourer Sarah LAVIS (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Feb. 19, 1824 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Thomas HOCKADAY John TAWTON    
40 William BICKEL (William BICKELL) o.t.p. Wid. Mason Elizabeth LAVIS (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Apr. 1, 1824 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Richard BICKELL John TAWTON    
41 William CHOWEN o.t.p. Bach. Farmer Patience CUNDY (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Apr. 21, 1824 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) Thomas CHOWEN John CHOWEN    
42 Richard SAUNDERS (X) o.t.p. Bach. Carpenter, also named as Richd Elizabeth DOIDGE (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jun. 29, 1824 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) John DOIDGE Roger CROKER    
43 John WORTH (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourman Mary DOIDGE (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Mar. 28, 1825 Thomas Waddon MARTYN (curate of Lifton) ... BALL (X) John TAWTON    
44 John NORTHEY o.t.p. Bach. Yeoman Jane DOIDGE o.t.p. Spin.   B   Apr. 11, 1825 Tho ROBYNS (vicar) Richard DOIDGE Robt. BROOK    
45 Walter WILLIAMS Milton Abbot Bach.   Catharin DAWE o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jun. 13, 1825 William COWLARD (Curate of Lamerton) Thomas DAVY John GALE    
46 John COLES (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Susan BROAD o.t.p. Spin.   B   Aug. 30, 1825 Tho: ROBYNS (vicar) Catharine WILLIAMS [short surname starting with D blotted out] William BROAD    
47 Thomas MOOR Calstock, Cornwall Bach. Wheelwright Prothresia CUDLIPP (Porthresia CUDLIP) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jan. 2, 1826 Tho. ROBYNS (vicar) John JONES William MOOR    
48 Simon MIDDLETON (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Mary DURDEN (Mary DURDAN) o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 23, 1826 Thos A COLLING (Curate) Henry HILL Elizabeth PERRY    
49 Richard BICKELL o.t.p.   Mason Mary JORY (X) o.t.p.     B   Aug. 16, 1826 Thos A COLLING (Curate) William BICKELL William SPRY    
50 Richard MORCOM Lifton     Hannah CORNELIUS o.t.p.     B Parents Dec. 11, 1826 Thos A COLLING (Curate) Richard MORCOM Nicholas CORNELIUS Elizabeth CORNELIUS Grace SMALE
51 John TICKELL (John TICKLE) o.t.p.     Anne COLE (X) o.t.p.     B Parents Jan. 1, 1827 Thos A COLLING (Curate) William TICKLE John TAWTON    
52 John SYMONS o.t.p.   Blacksmith Joanna CHOWEN (Joanna CHOWN) o.t.p.     B Parents Apr. 3, 1827 Thos A COLLING (Curate) Thomas CHOWEN Thomas CHOWEN    
53 George Dennis JOHN (George D JOHN) Penzance in the parish of Maddern, Cornwall Wid.   Julia Anne TREVELYAN (Julia Anne TRAVALYN) o.t.p. Spin.   L   Jun. 13, 1827 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) Anne ROBYNS Junior Thos A COLLING    
54 Charles REDICKLY (X) Marystow     Ann WORTH (X) Marystow Spin.   B Parents Aug. 9, 1827 Henry George SALTER (Curate) Mary KING Mary CUNDY    
55 Thomas LAING (Thomas LANG) o.t.p.     Jane CODE (Jane COAD) o.t.p.     B Parents Oct. 23, 1828 Henry G SALTER (Curate) ...[Wiam iam ?] LANG Elizabeth COAD John TAWTON  
56 James PIPER (X) Thrushelton     Mary Ann CHOWEN (X) o.t.p.     B Parents Jun. 22, 1829 H G SALTER (Curate) Thomas CHOWEN William CHOWEN    
57 Samuel LANG o.t.p.     Thomasin RUNDLE (X) o.t.p.     B Parents Aug. 26, 1829 H G SALTER (Curate) Richard RUNDLE Elizabeth LANG    
58 John VASPER (X) sojourner o.t.p.     Grace DOIDGE (X) o.t.p.     B   Mar. 29, 1830 H G SALTER (Curate) William DAW Mary MILMAN    
59 James HODGE (James HOIDG) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Mary Anne COOMBE (Mary Ann CUMBE) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Sep. 16, 1830 Tho. ROBYNS (vicar) Elizabeth ED...[EDWARDS ?] Elizabeth COOMBE Richard DOIDGE  
60 John MATHEWS (X) o.t.p.     Mary MARTIN (X) o.t.p.     B Parents Oct. 20, 1830 H G SALTER (Curate) John HILL John TAWTON    
61 Charles SNELL (X) o.t.p.     Elizabeth BALL (X) o.t.p.     B Parents Mar. 30, 1831 H G SALTER (Curate) John TAWTON Mary CUNDY    
62 Roger BERRY (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Anne HEARNE (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 2, 1832 W. W. HARVEY (Curate) John HILL John TAWTON    
63 Henry HODGE (Henry HOIDGE) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Maria ABBOT (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jul. 31, 1832 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Ann VEA...[VEALE ?] John TAWTON    
64 Richard COLES (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Grace PARNELL (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 22, 1833 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Sally STEVENS Jane VAWDON Richrd DOIDGE  
65 Richard BROAD (X) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Susanna CHOWEN (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Apr. 29, 1834 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Thomas CHOWEN John CORNELIUS    
66 Thomas WHITE o.t.p. Bach. Yeoman Elizabeth HEARD o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 8, 1834 Thos ROBYNS (vicar) John WHITE Ann HEARD    
67 Henry DURDEN (Henry DURDAN) o.t.p. Bach. Labourer Mary MILLMAN (X) o.t.p. Spin.   B   May 21, 1834 Thos: ROBYNS (vicar) Elizabeth MILMAN ...[Hart UDY ?]    
68 James PENNINGTON o.t.p. sojourner     Mary Anne DAWE (Mary Ann DAWE) o.t.p.     B   Feb. 3, 1835 William HOCKEN (Curate) Thomas GALE (X) Grace DAWE    
69 George DOIDGE o.t.p.     Grace DOWN o.t.p.     L   Mar. 4, 1835 William HOCKEN (Curate) Thomas DOWN William DOIDGE    
70 Daniel VOYSEY (X) o.t.p.     Elizabeth COWLING (X) o.t.p.     B   Aug. 3, 1835 William HOCKEN (Curate) John COWLING John CORNELIUS    
71 Thomas LANG o.t.p. Bach.   Agnes CHOWEN (Agness CHOWEN) o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jan. 17, 1836 ...[T. S. S WORTH Off: Min: ?] Thomas CHOWEN John CORNELIUS    
72 John Daw SCO...ERN [SCOFERN ?] (John Daw SCOPPERN) Stowford Bach.   Agnes Perry CORNELIUS o.t.p. Spin.   B   Jul. 26, 1836 C JENKYNS (Curate) John CORNELIUS Thomas ...ALE[SMALE ?]    
73 Mathew HALL (Mathew WALL) Stowford     Grace DAW (Grace DAWE) o.t.p.     B   Oct. 10, 1836 C JENKYNS (Curate) Maryann PENNINGTON John CORNELIUS    
74 William ALFORD (X) o.t.p.     Elizabeth BASSET o.t.p.     B   Oct. 12, 1836 C JENKYNS (Curate) Emblin HICKES John CORNELIUS    
75 Benjamin HEARN (X) o.t.p.     Jane KELLOWAY (X) o.t.p.     B   Dec. 19, 1836 C JENKYNS (Curate) Mary CONDY John CORNELIUS    
76 John HILL o.t.p.     Elizabeth EDWARDS o.t.p.     B   Mar. 28, 1837 C JENKYNS (Curate) Jane VAWDON Richrd DOIDGE