(Extracted from the Marystowe PRs)

Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref Nos: 890/2

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by David Davy

NB. Maristow Church was robbed on the night of the fifth or sixth of April 1795.

The Person who committed the said Robbery proved to be one Joseph Petherick of Stonehouse near Plymouth. he was detected in the Month of May 1796 by ---- FROOD a mason of that Place; on whose Information he was apprehended, & brought before Jonas Morgan Esqr. One of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon, to whom there appeared such clear Evidences of his Guilt that He immediately committed him to Exeter-Goal to take his Trial for the said Offence, (which he accordingly did July 20th, 1796 before Baron Thompson)

And the Keys of the Locks of the Parish Chest (wherein the Plate that had been stolen used to be kept) were found in his Possession, & positively sworn to, yet an ignorant, or an infamous Jury brought in a Verdict of not guilty, to the astonishment of the whole Court! and the sacrilegious Villain was again at Liberty to commit further Depredations.
O Tempora! O Mores!