Maritime Devon - Books and Articles

Avery, John. Titanic - Some connections with Devon, Devon Family Historian, vol. 122, (2007) pp.36-38.

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Bouquet, M. Westcountry Sail: merchant shipping, 1840-1960, Newton Abbot, David and Charles (1971) 112 pp. [A very interesting book, lavishly illustrated, mainly with old photographs.]

Colley, Linda. Captives: Britain, Empire and the World 1600-1850, Jonathan Cape (2002) 464pp. [ISBN-13: 978-0224059251] [Includes accounts of villagers captured and carried off into slavery by Arab raiders along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall]

Coxhead, J.R.W. Old smuggling days in East Devon, Exmouth, The Raleigh Press (1954) 24p: ill, port. [Westcountry Studies Library 364.133/DEV/COX]

Coxhead, J.R.W. Smuggling Days in Devon, Exmouth, Raleigh Press (1956). [At SoG]

Dickinson, M. A Living From The Sea: Devon's fishing industry and its fishermen, Exeter, Devon Books (1987) 87 pp. [BL LB.31.a.1796]

Duffy, M. (Ed.). The New Maritime History of Devon (Vol 1): From Early Times to the late Eighteenth Century, London: Conway Maritime Press (1992) 256 pp.
A lavishly illustrated book, whose 36 chapters include ones on: Emigration from Devon in the 17th Century, Devonians and the Newfoundland Trade, Privateering Enterprise in Devon 1689-1815, Devon's Maritime Trade and Shipping 1680-1780, and Devon and Smuggling 1680-1850. Well-indexed. [Lookups]

Duffy, M. and S. Fisher, B. Greenhill, D.J. Starkey and J. Youngs, (Ed.). The New Maritime History of Devon (Vol 2): From the late Eighteenth Century to the Present Day, London: Conway Maritime Press (1994) 272 pp.
Chapters include: The Ports, Seaborne Trade and Shipping Industry of South Devon, 1786-1914; North Devon Shipping, Trade and Ports, 1786-1939; The Emigration Trade in Nineteenth-Century Devon; The Rise of the Devon Seaside Resorts, 1750-1900. [Lookups]

Farr, G. Wreck and Rescue on the Coast of Devon: The Story of the South Devon Lifeboats, Truro, (1968) 196 p.

Farr, G. Ships and Harbours of Exmoor (Microstudy), Exmoor Press, 11 High Street, Dulverton, Somerset, (1970) 65 pp. [ISBN-13: 978-0900131158] [Index]

Farr, G.E. Shipbuilding in North Devon, Maritime Monographs and Reports, No. 22. National Maritime Museum (1976) 73 pp. [Contains a lengthy chronological descriptive list of ships built in Devon 1725-1975, in some cases naming the builder, but with no owners or masters names listed. Gives a brief history of each of the shipyards.]

Gardiner, D.A., (Ed.). A calendar of early Chancery proceedings relating to West Country shipping, 1388-1493, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall Record Society (1976).

Greenhill, B. and Giffard, A. Westcountrymen in Prince Edward Isle, Newton Abbott, David and Charles (1967) 248 p. ["This is the history of events which took place in the British North American colony of Prince Edward Isle, now one of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, and in the County of Devon in Britain, and also on the North Atlantic ocean between these two places in the half-century between 1818 and 1868."]

Gray, Todd. Devon's coastal and overseas fisheries and New England migration, 1597-1642. Exeter, PhD Thesis, University of Exeter (1988).

Gray, Todd. Early Stuart Mariners and Shipping: the maritime surveys of Devon and Cornwall, Devon and Cornwall Record Society (1990). [Reprints lists from 1619-1626 with details of more than 6000 men from more than 600 ships in Devon and Cornwall, mainly from South Devon.] [Lookups]

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Harte, W.J. Some Evidence of Trade between Exeter & Newfoundland up to 1600, Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 64, (1932) pp.475-484. [Includes lists of ships of the Port of Exeter trading with Newfoundland from 1563 to 1690 - dates, ship's names, ports, masters & owners of ships] [Extracts]

Hurrell, A.W. Wreckage and Lord Devon's Rights to Same on the South Devon Coast. Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 10 (1878), pp. 392-398. [Index]

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Radford, Alan. The Pirates of Devon, Devon Family Historian, vol. 156, (2015) pp.6-7. Links to the Radford family]

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The Call of Chambercombe: A True Story of the North Devon Coast, Ilfracombe, The Chronicle Press (1959) 140 pp. [Wreckers]