Summary of the Will of John Mallet of Merton (1800)

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MALLET, John of Speccot in the Parish of Merton, Dev.

Date of will Feb 8. 1800.
Proved Jan. 15. 1802

February 8 1800 I John Mallet of Speccot in the parish of Merton, gentleman ---

To my friends the Rev. John Phillips of Maimbury [sic ? Memury] Devon, clerk, and John Warren Glubb of Great Torrington gent, all my land &c in Peters Marland Merton or elsewhere in Devon in trust till my son Charles Mallet shall be 21 to apply the rents &c as follows:-

One fifth to my wife Honoria as long as she live and remain a widow

One fifth to the education of my daughter Charlotte

The remainder to the education and maintenance of my sons Charles and George.

To my wife Honoria my household goods as long as she remain a widow.

The remainder to the above trustees to be applied as before directed till my son Charles comes of age

My estate in Speccot to be assigned to my son Charles

My trustees are not to call upon my brother for any sum above £20 a year, not for interest above that sum for which for which I stand engaged to them

In case of re-marriage of my wife Honoria to have £20 a year annuity. The above trustees sole executors

E.H. Hawkins Wm. Glubb, junr, Hobt. Wilson. Junr., witnesses

John Mallet

(Cresswell 1940)

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