Merton - Land Tax Assessment 1780

Transcribed by

Elizabeth Kipp

From: Land Tax Assessment 1780-1832 - Film 933489, Item 12 - Family History Library, Salt Lake City.


 Names of Proprietors Names of Occupiers  Sums Affected 
1LordClinton JohnQuance Bouneels 13 
2LordClinton JohnQuance Downs48 
3LordClinton JohnQuance Sheppards in Town1106
4LordClinton JohnQuance Dimonts114 
5LordClinton WilliamRattenbury East Georg1  
6LordClinton SarahRattenbury Moiety of Precint 16 
7LordClinton SarahRattenbury Moiety of Melluishes 182
8LordClinton SarahRattenbury Moiety of Livedons 194.5
9LordClinton SarahRattenbury Moiety of Gardens 10 
10LordClinton SarahRattenbury Moiety of Yeos 16 
11LordClinton SarahRattenbury Moiety of Kingdons 1110
12LordClinton AndrewRowcliffe Averys214 
13ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon East Smythacott1118
14ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon West Smythacott1118
15ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon Great Speecot52 
16ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon Dinnis part of Great Speecot1144
17ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon Quick Downs114 
18LordRolle WilliamRook Moushole 4 
19LordRolle WilliamRook Cottage 4 
20LordRolle WilliamRook Moushole 4 
21ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon Great Speecott52 
22ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon Dinnis part of Great Speecot144
23ThomasStevensEsquireJosephRisdon Speecott Downs14 
24LordClinton JosephRisdon East Curthacott1118
25LordClinton JosephRisdon West Curthacott1118
26LordClinton WilliamRowcliffe Longthan Georg1  
27LordClinton WilliamRowcliffe Lower Georg1118
28LordClinton GeorgeSnell Griggs Tenement12 
29LordClinton GeorgeSnell Veals14 
30LordClinton SusannaSnell East Moorhills268
31LordClinton    West Moorhills2128
32LordClinton    West Bear211 
33LordClinton RichardSmale Goul Down 54
34LordClinton ThomasSmith Cottage 4 
35LordClinton WilliamStacey Mount Pleasant 4 
36LordClinton WilliamStacey Withey pool 8 
37LordClinton RebeccaStanbury Merton Mill 15