Robert Nott, Tuckersmith Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada (14 Sept. 1895)

Will of Robert Nott deceased 10 Sept 1895

[Archives of Ontario film GS1 Film 361 Estate Files #2999]

Provided by Nelly Reedhead

Robert Nott was christened in Merton Devon 13 March 1808, and died in Huron County, Ontario 10 Sept 1895

This is the last Will and Testament of me Robert Nott of the township of Tuckersmith in the County of Huron, farmer.

1. I nominate constitute and appoint my son James Nott of the said Township of Tuckersmith, and John Garett of the town of Clinton in said County, Gentleman, to be the executors of this my Will

2. I will and direct that so soon after my decease as may be, my said Executors shall collect in all my outstanding debts including notes and mortgages and out of the proceeds of the same, after payment of my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses, pay to the following parties the legacies respectively given to each, that is to say:

To my son Thomas Nott three Hundred dollars;

To my son John Nott three hundred dollars:

To my daughters Ann Stevens and Fanny Mason each the sum of One hundred and fifty dollars;

All the said legacies to be paid within one year from my decease

3. I give and devise my farm being Lot Number 43 in the First Concession of the said Township of Tuckersmith Tuckersmith Road Survey to my son James Nott his heirs and assigns forever subject to the the provisions hereby made for my wife Grace Nott

4. I lieu of her dower I will and direct that my wife Grace Nott shall have the right to occupy and use the house and garden now in use and occupation by my wife and myself with her [..........] [.......] thereto and therefrom so long as she lives and desires to remain there

I further give and bequeath unto my said wife all my household furniture and effects for and during the term of her natural life as long as she remains on the premises aforsaid.

I further give and bequeath unto my said wife the sum and legacy of of seventy-five dollars to be paid to her quarterly by my son James Nott and to be a charge upon the lands hereby devised to him.

5. I will and direct that all taxes and insurrance arising due from time to time upon the premises hereby granted for life to my said wife be paid by my said son James Nott

6. I further will and direct that the said premises be kept in repair by my said son James Nott and that he be allowed for so doing the sum of ten dollars annually.

7. Upon the decease of my said wife I will and direct that the said household furniture and effects be sold and the proceeds distributed share and share alike amongst all my children and my stepson Franklin Goodwin.

8. All the rest residue and remainder of my estate and personal wheresoever and whatsoever I give devise and bequeath unto my son James Nott his heirs and assigns forever.

9. I will and direct that any note or notes which at my decease I shall hold against either of my sons shall be returned to them without either principle or interest being collected and the amounts of the [.......] and interest [.....] deducted from the legacy [....] said but the legacies notwithstanding any such notes are to be paid in full.

10. I further will and direct that my executors erect over my grave a headstone of such design and for such price as my said executors shall deem proper.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of January in the year of our Lord 1889 all former wills by me at any time made herby revoking and declaring this to be my last will and testament.

Signed Robert Nott

Witnesses James Scott A.H. M[.....]

This will was filed for probate on 14 Sept 1895, and probated 30 Sept 1895 in docment 2999