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Muster Roll of The North Devon Yeomanry

as sent by Colonel Lord Rolle to the Lord Lieutenant on March 3rd 1803

North Devon Record Office 1262M LD/76/14

Provided by Leonard Collum

Owners of Horses Residence
Lord Rolle, Colonel  
Stephen Willcocks, Capt. Lt.     Bideford
Henry Stoneman, Lieut. Gt. Torrington
Thomas Grant, Lieut Bideford
Arthur Chichester Tawton
Abbott William Saint Giles
Blackmore Richard  
Beer William Warkleigh
Babbage James Burrington
Blackmore John Saint Giles
Cook Michael Bickington
Clarke Joseph Saint Giles
Clarke Thomas Beaford
Crocker Phillip Chittlehampton
Chamons Daniel  
Downing John Gt. Torrington
Dovell John Pilton
Dennis John Huntshaw
Fry John Alverdiscott
Fisher John Yarnscombe
Fisher William Pilton
Fisher Thomas Pilton
Fry Humphry  
Fisher Peter Lit. Torrington
Gay Matthew Yarnscombe
Garnsey Edward Beaford
Herd Robert  
Hookway Robert Saint Giles
Hackwell John Saint Giles
Joice Thomas Chittlehampton
Judd John Gt. Torrington
Loveband Anthony Jr. Yarnscombe
Marshall John Beaford
Mitchell A. Burrington
Pope John Saint Giles
Pinkcombe Willm. Beaford
Pepper Samuel Roborough
Quick Joseph Saint Giles
Snell Francis Saint Giles
Snell Michael Yarnscombe
Sellick Thomas Yarnscombe
Saunders Robert Beaford
Shute Richard Dolton
Squire Henry Saint Giles
Snell Anthony Saint Giles
Snell William Huntshaw
Seldon Richard Bondleigh
Tannton Thomas Saint Giles
Thomas William  
Tamlyn William Tawstock
Thorn George Warkleigh
Voddon Thomas Saint Giles
Vicary John Gt. Torrington
Warren Peter Saint Giles
Walkey John Gt. Torrington
Babbage James Jr. Burrington
John W. Glubb, Capt. Barnstaple
John Hiern, Lieut. Torrington
Francis Kingdon Torrington
Moses Chanter Torrington
George Stoneman Torrington
William Pettle Monkleigh
George Gibbs Torrington
Bryant Reed Torrington
John Kingdon Torrington
Richard Wills Torrington
John Yeo Torrington
James Wills Torrington
Walter Cock Torrington
John Moore Torrington
William Willis Torrington
William Matthews Torrington
James Browne Torrington
Richard Harper Torrington
Joseph Wilson L. Torrington
William Wilson L. Torrington
John Wilson L. Torrington
John Andrews L. Torrington
John Howe L. Torrington
Edward Saige L. Torrington
John Brent Newton St. Petrock
Hugh Brent Shebbear
William Bowden Frithelstock
Christopher Pedlar Frithelstock
Ambrose Gallsworthy Frithelstock
Willm. Gallsworthy Frithelstock
Raymond Seldon Buckland
John Ball Frithelstock
John Cleverton Putford
Richd. Collehole Merton
William Cann Merton
Thos. Saunders Buckland Brewer
Christopher Curtice Buckland Brewer
Samuel Norman Buckland Brewer
John Lake Monkleigh
John Walkey Monkleigh
Thomas Bailey Wollfardisworthy
James Perkins Horn Langtree
Edward George Parkham
John Toms Torrington
John Taylor Torrington
John Tucker Buckland
Thomas Stephens Torrington
William Passmore Torrington
Thomas Fowler Torrington
John Beer Frithelstock
Peter Glubb Langtree
Thomas Colby Torrington
J. Inglett Fortesque, Lieut. Buckland Filliegh
John Mallett, Lieut Petrockstow
Henry Leverton Merton
Thomas Westren Merton
Christopher Sheere Huish
Robert Locke Huish
John Pearen Huish
John Arnold Huish
George Williams Shebbear
Thomas Western Shebbear
Samuel Saunders Shebbear
Zach. Clay Petrockstow
William Luxon Petrockstow
John Risdon Petrockstow
John Blackmore Petrockstow
Thomas Shepherd Petrockstow
John Richards Petrockstow
Willm. Puddicombe Petrockstow
John Madge Meeth
John Gill Sheepwash
James Harris Sheepwash
George Guest Sheepwash
Richard Davie Sheepwash
James Hearn Black Torrington
John Passmore Petersmarland
Saml. Bartlett Newton St. Petrock
John Lewis Buckland Filliegh
William Bird Buckland Filliegh
John Burnett Buckland Filliegh
John West Buckland Filleigh
John Martin Iddesleigh
James Cox Iddesleigh
John Snell Merton
John Slade Langtree
Lewis Holman Petersmarland
William Pett Shebbear
George Scott B. Filleigh
William Adams Meeth
John Bond Petrockstow
Saml. Hutchings Petersmarland
Alex. Puddicombe Merton
John Hearn B. Filleigh
George Smale B. Filleigh
Oliver Rouse Highampton
Anthony Tucker B. Torrington
Thomas Phare Northlew
William Weeks Northlew
Samuel Grater Sheepwash
Henry Abell Meeth
James Tanton Meeth
John Silke B. Filleigh
George Jury Highampton
George Blatchford Highampton
William Heard Sheepwash
James Pearse Sheepwash
George Hill Merton
William Balkwill B. Filleigh
William Leverton Dolton
J.D.S. Fortesque, Capt. B. Filleigh
John Tattershall Exbourne
Christopher Palmer Hatherleigh
Barth. Paddon Iddesleigh
Simon Dunning Iddesleigh
John Hooper Hatherleigh
Nathaniel Wivell Hatherleigh
George Arnold, Lieut. Winkleigh
John Southcombe Hatherleigh
Thomas Southcombe Hatherleigh
Arther Facey Jr. Hatherleigh
Thomas Northcott Hatherleigh
John Bolt Hatherleigh
George Smale Jr. Hatherleigh
Arscott Braund Hatherleigh
Christopher Thornabrook Hatherleigh
Willm. Tucker Jr. Hatherleigh
James Lisle Hatherleigh
Shad. Kemp Iddesleigh
Barth. Parker Monkokehampton
William Gaffill Hatherleigh
Oliver Goss Broadwoodkelly
Abraham Fursdon Hatherleigh
James Friendship Hatherleigh
John White Hatherleigh
Edward Morcombe Hatherleigh
Samuel Dart North Tawton
Emanl. Tucker Hatherleigh
Willm. Blatchford Sampford Courtney
Rev. Robt. Tanner Okehampton
Thomas Vicary Broadwoodkelly
Robert Small Hatherleigh
William Johns Hatherleigh
William Tardrew Bideford
William Coombe Hatherleigh
Thomas Goss Iddesleigh
Robert Strong Hatherleigh
Christopher Reed Sampford Courtney
David Lavis Jacobstow
Thomas Heathman Sampford Courtney
John Daw Okehampton
Francis Marshal Hatherleigh
Richard Abell Hatherleigh
Anthony Bowden Hatherleigh
Thos. Ellacott Junr. Hatherleigh
John Pearce Junr. Hatherleigh
James Piper Iddesleigh
Richard Sanders Hatherleigh
John Hearding North Tawton
Ben. Dufty Northlew
John Cole North Tawton
John Westlake Sampford Courtney
John Brook Sampford Courtney
Thomas Arnold Iddesleigh
Rev. Thos. Upjohn Northlew
John Hill Sampford Courtney
John Merrifield Sampford Courtney
Robert Legg Sampford Courtney
G.Barbor, Major Fremington
John Nicolls, Cornet Tawstock
Wm. Hutton, Cornet Fremington
John Vellacott Fremington
John Burden Horwood
Joseph Burnal Instow
Stephen Crocker Fremington
Arthur Nickolls Tawstock
Jeremiah Vellacott Heanton
Edward Dicker Barnstaple
Helmeud Stephens Barnstaple
Hugh Sloley Fremington
William Snell Fremington
Henry Morrel Fremington
John White Fremington
R. Dellam Instow
Richd. Lashbrook Fremington
James Perryn Fremington
Martha Carter Fremington
Wm. Burnical Fremington
Charles Cooper Fremington
John Stephens Fremington
Danl. Muxworthy Goodleigh
Christopher Shapland Fremington
George Harding Fremington
William Huxtable Swimbridge
John Moor Tawstock
Anthony Huxtable Swimbridge
George Wheaton Fremington
James Lake Westleigh
James Boatfield Westleigh
Robert Boatfield Westleigh
William Williams Fremington
James Rude Fremington
William Taylor Barnstaple
Thomas Jones Fremington
William Taylor Tawstock
William Marker Tawstock
Nicholas Ioa Tawstock
John Facey Swimbridge
James Hall Barnstaple
William Dally Bittadon
John Youatt Newton Tracey
John May Tawstock
James Wood Westleigh
R. Cooper Fremington
William Thorne Landkey Newland
John Basset Tawstock
John Cawsey Tawstock
John Dennis Fremington
Thos. Corr Drewe Bideford
John Thorne Fremington
Nicholas King Fremington
Hugh Cann, Capt. Holsworthy
John Cory, Lieut. Holsworthy
Willm. Cann, Cornet Clawton
William Bate Holsworthy
Benjamin Call Holsworthy
William Blake Holsworthy
Thomas Bassett Pyeworthy
John Shepherd Holsworthy
Charles Browne Hollocombe
George Down Holsworthy
John Northcote Holsworthy
Edmund Bussell Holsworthy
Philip Metherell Lancelles
John Hoskins Holsworthy
Harry Pearse Holsworthy
William Piper Bridgerule
John Davey Holsworthy
William Hodge Holsworthy
John Hoskin Holsworthy
Richd. Metherell Holsworthy
John Watkins Pyeworthy
Thomas Walter Pyeworthy
George Blatchford Highampton
Edward Coombe Maramchurch
Thomas Sleeman Maramchurch
Edward Box Maramchurch
Thomas Harvey Holsworthy
William Cooper Holsworthy
John Lyle Lancelles
Walter Doble Holsworthy
Francis Thorn Holsworthy
John Hoskin Holsworthy
William Jewel Holsworthy
Thomas Dawe Holsworthy
Richard Call Poughill
John Walter W. Putford
John Basset Holsworthy
Roger Metherell Ashwater
George Bonacott Holsworthy
Don. Lyle Holsworthy
James Baker Holsworthy
George Heale Holsworthy
William Braund Holsworthy
Samuel Cory Holsworthy
Samuel Cory Jr. Holsworthy
Thomas Hayman Holsworthy
Thomas Rowe Holsworthy
Willm. Wonacott Holsworthy
Lawrence Cleverdon Holsworthy
Richd. Hellings Holsworthy
John Gliddon Holsworthy
Thomas Vowler Holsworthy
Lawrence Ashton Bradworthy
2nd Major Davie Bassett's Troop raised
but not reported to Lord Rolle. Another Troop
ready to come forward if required making
a Regiment of 8 Troops.