Devon Volunteers For The Front

Western Times, Monday 12 February 1900

Provided by Lindsey Withers

The following is a correct list of the names and towns from which they come, of the Devon Volunteers who have volunteered for active service:-

1st R.V.
Lnc.-Cpl Bazeley, H. Company, StarcrossPr. James, C., Sandford
Lnc.-Corpl. Hine, D., ExeterPr. Morrish, F., Budleigh
Bugler Taylor, SidmouthPr. Rattenbury,. C., Sandford
Pr. Agnew, A., ExeterPr. Stidwell, A., Sandford
Pr. Anstey, H., StarcrossPr. A. Stocker, C., Sandford
Pr. Cornish, D., ExeterPr. Tett, B., Sandford
Pr. Cumes, H., StarcrossPr. Towning, A., Sandford
Pr. Freeman, F., BudleighPr. Partridge, H. Starcross
Pr. Frost, C., ExeterPr. A. Tucker, B., Topsham
Pr. Gale, B., TopshamPr. W. Tucker, A., Exeter
Pr. Hawkings, G., ShobrookePr. Tullidge, B., Exeter
Pr. A. Hoskins, C., ExeterPr. Weeks, C., Exeter
Pr. H. Hoskins, B., ExeterPr. Wilson, A., Exeter
Maxim Gun Crew
Sergt. Fugler, G., Sandford
Corpl. F. Smale, C., Exeter
Pr. Palmer, A., Exeter
Pr. Wills, A., Exeter
2nd V.B.D.R.
2nd-Lieut. Lancaster, PlymouthPr. Goodman, Plymouth
Sergt. Baldwin, DevonportPr. Gotham, Plymouth
Luc.-Sergt. Thomas, DevonportPr. Hodge, Tavistock
Corpl. Venning, DevonportPr. Horwood, Plymouth
Luc.-Corpl. Hoskins, PlymouthPr. Lancey, Plymouth
Bglr., Western, PlymouthPr. Loye, Plymouth
Pr. Bayliss, PlymouthPr. Parker, Tavistock
Pr. Buzza. PlymouthPr. Pengelly, Devonport
Pr. Chappel, PlymouthPr. Sharp, Devonport
Pr. Cowan, PlymouthPr. Southern, Plymouth
Pr. Curtis, DevonportPr. Swiss, Devonport
Pr. Goad, PlymouthPr. Spriddle, Devonport
Pr. Taylor, PlymouthPr. White, Devonport
Pr. Yard, TavistockPr. Yearling, Plymouth
3rd. V.B.D.R.
Pr. Hughes, SidmouthPr. Luscombe, Axminster
Pr. Courtenay, SidmouthPr. Towill, Honiton
4th V.B.D.R.
Capt. Speke, SouthmoltonPr. Hawkins, Crediton
Le-Cpl. Whittle, SouthmoltonPr. Lee, Bideford
Pr. Bale,SouthmoltonPr. Long, Northtawton
Pr. Bendle, BarnstaplePr. Piper, Exbourne
Pr. Braund, NorthamPr. Shortridge, Bideford
Pr. Bulley, SouthmoltonPr. Rathbone, Southmolton
Pr. Clarke, TorringtonPr. Smale, Exbourne
Pr. Crocker, HatherleighPr. Shaxon, Bideford
Pr. Eastmond, TorringtonPr. Tucker, Bideford
Pr. Fulford, BidefordPr. Turner, Dolton
Pr. Furse, OkehamptonPr. Turner, Bideford
Pr. Greenwood, BarnstaplePr. Venner, Southmolton
Pr. Ward, BarnstaplePr. Warner, Southmolton
Pr. Westlake, Torrington
Maxim Gun Crew
Lieut. Dart
Sgt. Southcombe, Barnstaple
Cpl. Mogridge, Barnstaple
Pr. F. Janes, Barnstaple
Pr. F. Fisher, Barnstaple
5th V.B.D.R.
Lieut. Windeatt, TotnesPr. Lidstone, Ashburton
Clr-Sgt. Lake (late Sergt Instructor), Moretonhampstead   Pr. Light, Totnes
Sgt. Saunders, ChudleighPr. Matters, Totnes
Cpl. Veale, KingsbridgePr. Mortimer, Ashburton
Pr. Barrs. ChudleighPr. Parker, Moretonhampstead
Pr. Candish, ChudleighPr. Oliver, Torquay
Pr. Connabeer, MoretonhampsteadPr. Revell, Newton
Pr. Cope, KingsbridgePr. Satterley,Torquay
Pr. Coppin, TorquayPr. Sharp, Newton
Pr. Dymond, MoretonhampsteadPr. Stone, Kingsbridge
Pr. Farr. KingsbridgePr. Williams, Totnes
Pr. Wills, MoretonhampsteadPr. Watson, Torquay