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Milton Abbot Banns 1655-1658

Transcribed by Philippa Stout

Published by kind permission of The Venerable Anthony Wilds, Archdeacon of Plymouth

This transcription has been made by me from microfiche copies of the original registers. Difficult to read entries have been checked against a transcription of the Milton Abbot Parish Registers 1653 - 1786 by A.J.P. Skinner at the Devon & Cornwall Record Society, the Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter. No guarantee is given for the accuracy of the transcription. Whilst I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the transcription, researchers are advised to check the original source for themselves. .

Groom's ForenameGroom's SurnameNotesBride's ForenameBride's SurnameNotes1st Date2nd Date3rd DateNotes
AusteeneEGBEAREof the pish of Milton AbbottElizabethTOKERof the same13-Nov20-Nov27 Nov 1655 
JamesSKELLYof the pish of Milton AbbottElizabethDOIDGEof the same03-Nov10-Nov17 Nov 1655 
EdwardWILCOCKthe sonne of Edward WILCOCK of the pish of St.Teeue gentellmanPhilepDOIDGEthe dafter of Richarde DOIDGE of the pish of Milton Abbot gentelman    
RichardJACKMANsonne of Richard JACKMAN of the pish of Milton AbbottRebecaEDGCOMBEthe dafter of John EDGCOMBE of the pish of Landulph17-Jun24-Jun01 Jul 1665 
JohnBORROWof the pish of Milton AbbottElizabethSOWTONof the same pish02-Sep09-Sep16 Sep 1665 
DegoryBUCKETthe sonne of Pethericke BUCKET of the pish of LiftonAgnesROBBINSthe dafter of Constantine ROBBINS of the pish of Milton Abbott23-Sep30-Sep07 Oct 1655 
WilliamMAYNARDthe sonne of Philip MAYNARDE of the pish of Milton AbbottJaneCARNICservente unto Maude EDGCOMBE of the pish of Lesant24-Dec30-Dec06 Jan 1655 
GabrillBENNETof the pish of Milton AbbottElizabethJOOPof the same pish21-Jan28-Jan03 Feb 1655 
ConstantineROBBINSthe sonne of Constantine ROBBINS of the pish of MiltonabbottSusannaSARGENTthe dafter of Richard SARGENT of the pish of Siddenham Damerell09-Mar16-Mar23 Mar 1655 
PascaWARDEservante unto Richard DOIDGE gentelman of the pish of MiltonabbottPentecostHARTwiddowe16-Mar23 Mar 165530 Mar 1656 
JohnBENNETTthe sonne of George BENNETT of the pish of MiltonabbottJaneNEWCOMservante unto Thomas WAER of the same pish20-Apr27-Apr04 May 1656 
MichallKINSMANof the pish of MiltonabbottAlceCORSMANof the pish of Lamerton10-May17-May24 May 1656 
MichallVEALEthe sonne of Michall VEALE of the pish of MiltonabbottPhilepHAWKINGEthe daughter of Richard HAWKINGE of the same pish30-Aug07-Sep14 Sep 1656 
WilliamBRAYof the pish of MiltonabbottMaryBRIANTof the pish of Lesant23-Nov30-Nov07 Dec 1656 
ArthurPODEthe sonne of John PODE of the pish of LezantMaryWARREthe daughter of Roger WARRE of the pish of Miltonabbott25-Jan01-Feb08 Feb 1656 
HenryWARRENthe sonne of Henry WARREN of the pish of MiltonabbotAgisHONYCOMEthe daughter of Alce HONYCOMBE widdow of the pish of Hilliton01-Mar08-Mar15 Mar 1656 
JohnHAMthe sonne of William HAM of the pish of MiltonabbottThomsinDOIDGEthe daughter of Roger DOIDGE of the pish of Lamerton of the other parte   "came to my hand the 14 of March 1656"
RichardSLEMANthe sonne of Richard SLEMAN of the pish of MiltonabbottElizabethBURLEYservant unto William HAM of the pish of Miltonabbott also of the other party15-Mar22 Mar 165629 Mar 1657 
RobertSOWTONof the pish of MiltonabbottJoaneBORROWEof the same pish afore03-May10-May17 May 1657 
NicholasHOLLACKof the pish of MiltonabbottGraceDOIDGEof the same pish14-Jun21-Jun28 Jun 1657 
ArthurEDGCOMBEof the pish of MiltonabbottPhelepCOUCHof the same pish23-Aug30-Aug06 Sep 1657 
DavideALPHERof the pish of MiltonabbottElizabethHARVIEof the pish of Tavistocke10-Jan17-Jan24 Jan 1657 
JohnHAWTONof the pish of MiltonabbottAgnesBASLEYof the same pish31-Jan07-Feb14 Feb 1657 
JohnHAMof the pish of MiltonabbottAgnesSENDALLof the same18-Apr25-Apr02 May 1658 
WalterMAYNORDEof the pish of MiltonabbottMargereteEGBEAREof the same pish16-May23-May30 May 1658 
WilliamFACYof the pish of MiltonabbottJoaneWALTERVEALEof the same pish came into my hande the 10 of May 1658    
JohnDOTTINof the pish of TorbrianMargeretTOOKERof the pish of Miltonabbott30-May06-Jun13 Jun 1658 
RichardHORILLof the pish of MiltonabbottDemisGEESTof the same06-Jun13-Jun20 Jun 1658 
RobertTREASEof the pish of MiltonabbottJoaneHAMof the same pish27-Jun04-Jul11 Jul 1658 
JamesDOIDGEof the pish of MiltonabbottJaneRUBIEof the pish of Lamerton26-Sep03-Oct10 Oct 1658 
LewesYOUNGEof the pish of MiltonabbottMaryMAYNORDEof the same pish08-May15-May22 May 1658 

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