Milton Abbot Baptisms 1724-1812

Transcribed by Philippa Stout

Published by kind permission of The Venerable Anthony Wilds, Archdeacon of Plymouth

This transcription has been made by me from microfiche copies of the original registers. Difficult to read entries have been checked against a transcription of the Milton Abbot Parish Registers 1653 - 1786 by A.J.P. Skinner at the Devon & Cornwall Record Society, the Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter. No guarantee is given for the accuracy of the transcriptions. Whilst I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, researchers are advised to check the original source for themselves. .

Date Year Forename Surname son or daughter Father's forename Mother's forename Register Notes / Transcriber's Notes
24-Aug 1730 Sarah ABRAHAM daughter John Joan  
29-Oct 1765 John ABRAHAM son John Wilmot  
31-Jul 1785 Mary Ann ADAMS daughter Robert Mary  
22-Apr 1787 Richard ADAMS son John Grace  
17-Mar 1789 Jane ADAMS daughter Robin Mary  
6-Dec 1789 Mary ADAMS daughter John Grace  
13-Mar 1791 Robert ADAMS son Robin Mary  
2-Feb 1793 Martha ADAMS daughter Robin Mary  
8-Mar 1795 Robert ADAMS son Robin Mary  
12-Mar 1797 William Henry ADAMS son Robert Mary  
10-Nov 1799 John ADAMS son Robin Mary  
13-Sep 1807 John Martin ADAMS base son ******** Maria  
10-Sep 1809 Elisabeth ADAMS daughter William Grace  
7-Apr 1811 Sarah Stoneman ADAMS daughter William Grace  
7-Apr 1811 Sarah Stoneman ADAMS daughter Willm Grace  
5-Jan 1812 Ann ALFORD daughter John Joanna  
5-Nov 1761 John ANDREW son John Elizabeth  
16-May 1765 William ANDREW son John Elizabeth  
4-May 1768 Elizabeth ANDREW daughter John Elizabeth  
1-Apr 1771 Mary ANDREW daughter John Elizabeth  
12-Sep 1773 John ANDREW son John Elizabeth  
20-Dec 1790 John ANDREW son William Elisabeth  
16-Feb 1793 Ann ANDREW daughter William Elisabeth  
22-Dec 1811 Elisabeth ARREY daughter John Ann  
30-Nov 1732 Mary ARSCOT daughter ******** Mary  
22-Feb 1737 William ARSCOT son ******** Mary  
27-Apr 1748 Grace ARSCOT daughter John Miriam  
24-Jan 1749 Susan ARSCOT daughter Jas Miriam  
15-Jan 1751 Constaintine ARSCOT son John Miriam  
27-Feb 1754 Rebecka ARSCOT daughter John Marian  
28-Mar 1756 John ARSCOT son John Mariam  
16-Apr 1759 Honour ARSCOT daughter John Miriam  
6-Dec 1761 Richard ARSCOT son John Miriam  
9-Sep 1770 William ARSCOTT son William Jennifer  
28-Oct 1772 Richard ARSCOTT son Willm Jennifer  
7-Aug 1774 Jennifer ARSCOTT daughter William Jennifer  
28-Jul 1777 John ARSCOTT son Constantine Mary  
23-Oct 1779 Mary ARSCOTT daughter Constantine Mary  
25-May 1782 Constantine ARSCOTT son Constantine Mary  
14-Feb 1785 Isaac ARSCOTT son Constantine Grace  
14-Jun 1789 Thomas Mason ARSCOTT son Constantine Mary  
26-Oct 1794 Robert ARSCOTT son Constantine Mary  
4-Nov 1812 Mary Ann ARSCOTT daughter Constantine Frances  
30-Jul 1755 Elisabeth AXWORTHEY daughter John Rachel  
27-Apr 1757 Jane AXWORTHEY daughter John Rachel  
2-May 1759 Mary AXWORTHEY daughter John Rachel  
20-Sep 1761 Joanna AXWORTHEY daughter John Rachel  
18-May 1757 Richard BADGE base born son ******** Mary  
11-Feb 1759 William BADGE son William Elisabeth  
21-Jan 1761 Elizabeth BADGE daughter William Elizabeth  
9-Feb 1763 Mary BADGE daughter William Elizabeth  
13-Mar 1765 Joseph BADGE son William Elizabeth  
7-Mar 1768 James BADGE son William Elizabeth  
22-Jul 1770 Anne BADGE daughter William Elizabeth  
18-Oct 1772 John BADGE son William Elizabeth  
28-Feb 1809 William Pryn BADGE son John Prudence  
19-Nov 1742 Thomas BADLAM son Jacob Elisabeth  
20-May 1777 John BALKWILL son John Elizabeth  
16-Jul 1786 William BARLEY son William Joanna  
28-Oct 1738 John BARRETT son Thomas Margaret  
10-Sep 1740 Thomas BARRETT son Thomas Margaret als LIGHTFOOT
23-Aug 1727 Mary BARTLETT daughter John Joan  
6-Jun 1728 Elisabeth BARTLETT daughter John Joan  
28-Oct 1731 Hannah BARTLETT daughter John Joan  
24-Aug 1734 Joan BARTLETT daughter John Joan  
30-Jul 1736 Wilmot BARTLETT daughter John Joan  
5-Nov 1754 John BATE son Richard Elisabeth  
4-Mar 1759 Elisabeth BATE daughter Richard Elisabeth  
13-Apr 1777 Katherine BECKEL daughter Richd Grace  
27-Dec 1779 Robert BECKEL son Richard Grace  
17-Apr 1782 Richd BECKEL son Richard Grace  
26-Apr 1749 Elisabeth BENNETT daughter William Mary  
25-Nov 1750 William BENNETT son Willm Mary  
1-Oct 1752 William BENNETT son William Mary  
8-May 1757 Elisabeth BENNETT daughter William Mary  
4-Mar 1772 Mary BENNETT base born daughter ******** Mary  
12-Jul 1741 Mary BEUES ? daughter John Eliz:  
27-Mar 1734 Hannah BICKEL daughter John Joan  
22-Aug 1736 Roger BICKEL son Roger Sarah  
9-Mar 1736 Thomas BICKEL son John Joan  
19-Apr 1743 Mary BICKEL daughter Richard Prothesia  
17-May 1724 Grace BICKELL daughter John Joan  
12-Dec 1725 Thomas BICKELL son Roger Sarah  
9-Apr 1727 Penelope BICKELL daughter John Joan  
9-Feb 1728 Anne BICKELL daughter John Joan  
27-May 1761 John BICKELL son Thomas Grace  
11-Sep 1763 Thomas BICKELL son Thomas Grace  
16-Dec 1770 Sarah BICKELL daughter Thomas Grace  
29-Aug 1773 William BICKELL base born son ******** Christian  
8-Oct 1809 Thomas BICKELL base son ******** Sarah  
5-Jun 1765 Grace BICKLE daughter Thomas Grace  
29-Jan 1766 Sarah BICKLE daughter Robert Sarah  
8-Mar 1767 William BICKLE son Thomas Grace  
17-Apr 1769 Thomas Kinsman BICKLE son Robert Sarah  
15-Dec 1784 Susanna BICKLE daughter Richd Susanna  
7-Jan 1787 Ann BICKLE daughter Richard Martha  
16-Apr 1787 Mary BICKLE daughter Richard Susanna  
28-Sep 1789 Richard BICKLE son Richard Martha  
9-Dec 1789 Frances BICKLE daughter William Frances born Aug. 10th
15-Jan 1791 John BICKLE son William Frances  
12-Feb 1793 William BICKLE son William Frances  
1-Apr 1793 William BICKLE son Richard Martha  
26-Jul 1795 Patience BICKLE daughter Willm Frances  
23-Jan 1797 Agnes BICKLE daughter William Frances  
23-Jan 1799 Ann BICKLE daughter William Frances  
3-Dec 1800 William BICKLE son William Frances  
22-Nov 1802 Robert BICKLE son Richard Martha  
18-Jun 1806 Robert BICKLE son Robert Susanna  
21-Nov 1810 John BICKLE son Robert Susanna  
26-Apr 1812 Mary BICKLE daughter Richard Mary  
24-Aug 1729 Mary BINNY daughter ******** Margaret base born
4-May 1735 Elisabeth BINNY daughter ******** Margaret base born
12-Jul 1758 Mary BIRKOLL daughter Robert Ephanta  
9-Jun 1771 Mary BISHOP daughter John Anne  
18-Apr 1773 Mary BISHOP daughter John Anne  
14-Dec 1734 Joan BLATCHFORD daughter ******** Mary base born
7-Mar 1735 Martha BLATCHFORD daughter Willm Patience  
6-Jan 1740 Mary BLATCHFORD daughter ******** Joan base born
15-Nov 1768 Thomas BLATCHFORD son Thomas Elizabeth  
4-Aug 1782 Mary BLOY daughter George Ann  
28-Dec 1784 William BLOYE son George Elizabeth  
22-Oct 1786 Thomas BLOYE son George Elisabeth  
14-Oct 1787 Thomas BLOYE son George Elisabeth  
18-Mar 1790 Elisabeth BLOYE daughter George Elisabeth  
10-Oct 1685 Elizabeth BORLY daughter William ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
15-Dec 1689 William BORLY son William ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
19-Mar 1692 Joan BORLY daughter William ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
18-Mar 1696 Peter BORLY son William ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
9-Mar 1743 John BOROW son John Sarah  
30-Apr 1746 John BOROW son John Grace  
2-Nov 1746 Thomas BOROW son John Sarah  
7-Dec 1748 Henry BOROW son John Grace  
23-Jan 1750 Richard BOROW son John Grace  
28-Jul 1754 Mary BOROW daughter John Grace  
2-Feb 1772 Edmund BOROW son John Jane  
1-Jan 1786 Susana BOROW daughter John Jane  
25-Jan 1740 William BORROW son Jno Sarah  
5-Jan 1806 William BORROW son Willm Eliz:  
19-Apr 1801 William BOX son Edward Margaret  
29-Aug 1812 Edward BOX son Edward Margaret  
14-Jan 1788 Mary BRENDON daughter John Mary  
21-Feb 1792 Edward BRENDON son John Mary  
4-Mar 1794 George BRENDON son John Mary  
10-Jan 1798 Peter BRENDON son John Mary  
10-Jul 1800 Peggy BRENDON daughter John Mary  
11-Aug 1802 Elisabeth BRENDON daughter John Mary  
19-Jun 1786 John Rundle BRENDON ? son John Mary  
23-Jul 1743 John BROAD son Philip Jane  
20-Feb 1744 Jane BROAD daughter Philip Jane  
4-Mar 1746 Anne BROAD daughter Philip Jane  
24-Jan 1749 Philip BROAD son Philip Jane  
15-Feb 1791 Simon BROOKE son John Wilmot twin
15-Feb 1791 Martha BROOKE daughter John Wilmot twin
27-Jul 1788 Thomas BUCKINGHAM son John Jane  
25-Mar 1791 John BUCKINGHAM son John Jane  
12-Jan 1793 John BUCKINGHAM son Richard Eliz:  
25-Dec 1793 Ann BUCKINGHAM daughter John Jane  
28-Sep 1794 Frances BUCKINGHAM daughter Richard Eliz:  
11-Oct 1795 Mary BUCKINGHAM daughter Richard Eliz:  
19-Mar 1797 John BUCKINGHAM son John Jane  
8-Apr 1798 Philippa BUCKINGHAM daughter Richard Elizabeth  
13-Mar 1803 Ann BUCKINGHAM daughter Richard Eliz:  
1-Nov 1723 Susanna BURLEIGH daughter Peter Elizabeth  
10-Mar 1724 Samuel BURLEIGH son William Martha  
3-Apr 1727 Peter BURLEIGH son Peter Elisabeth  
26-Feb 1737 William BURLEIGH son William Mary  
26-Nov 1739 William BURLEIGH son William Mary  
10-Oct 1746 Joan BURLEIGH daughter Joan Joan  
7-Sep 1748 John BURLEIGH son John Joan  
20-Feb 1750 William BURLEIGH son John Joan  
10-Feb 1760 William BURLEIGH son William Alice  
8-Jun 1760 Joseph BURLEIGH twin child John Joan two baptisms in one entry
8-Jun 1760 Martha BURLEIGH twin child John Joan  
12-Jun 1791 Mary Ann BURLEIGH daughter William Joan  
3-Feb 1793 Ann BURLEIGH daughter William Joan  
3-Mar 1796 John BURLEIGH son William Joan  
18-Jan 1801 Joanna BURLEIGH daughter Willm Joan  
11-Jul 1802 Elisabeth BURLEIGH daughter William Joan  
22-Jul 1804 Henry BURLEIGH son William Joan  
24-Aug 1806 Susanna BURLEIGH daughter William Joan  
20-Jun 1753 Edward BURLEY son John Joan  
5-Mar 1755 Richard BURLEY son John Joan  
15-Dec 1756 Mary BURLEY daughter John Joan  
15-Feb 1758 Ann BURLEY daughter William Als  
25-Dec 1761 Edward BURLEY son William Alice  
12-May 1773 Elizabeth BURLEY daughter William Alice  
30-Dec 1787 Joan BURLEY daughter William John  
27-Sep 1789 Alice BURLEY daughter William Joan  
1-Nov 1733 Jane BURNAFORD daughter Edward Dorothy  
4-Jan 1775 John BURROW son John Bride  
2-Aug 1775 Mary BURROW daughter John Jane  
23-Feb 1777 Bride BURROW daughter John Bride  
2-May 1779 Benjamin BURROW son John Bride  
3-Feb 1782 Elizabeth BURROW daughter John Bride  
25-Aug 1782 William BURROW son John Jane  
14-Mar 1784 Henry BURROW son John Bride  
15-Apr 1787 Grace BURROW daughter John Bride  
9-Apr 1789 Jenny BURROW daughter John Jane  
18-May 1790 Maria BURROW daughter John Bride  
22-Sep 1805 Ann BURROW daughter Thomas Charity  
17-Jul 1808 Mary BURROW daughter William Eliz:  
27-Sep 1812 Mary BURROW daughter Benjamin Ann  
14-Mar 1743 Mary CAKE daughter Anthony Elisabeth  
8-Aug 1779 John CANN son John Anne  
15-Apr 1777 Mary CATER daughter Richd Joan  
12-Sep 1779 John CATUR son Richard Joan  
24-Jun 1781 Mary CATUR daughter Richard Joan  
24-Feb 1724 Jane CAUNTER daughter Richard Jane  
6-Jan 1724 Mary CAWSEY daughter Thomas Patience  
28-Apr 1727 John CAWSEY son Thomas Patence  
20-Mar 1730 Joan CAWSEY daughter Thomas Patience two baptisms in one entry
20-Mar 1730 Elisabeth CAWSEY daughter Thomas Patience two baptisms in one entry
29-Sep 1750 Mary CHAPMAN daughter Walter Anne  
4-Oct 1752 Jane CHAPMAN daughter Walter Ann  
8-Jan 1755 Ann CHAPMAN daughter Walter Ann  
13-Feb 1757 William CHAPMAN son Walter Ann  
7-Oct 1759 Honour CHAPMAN daughter Walter Ann  
10-Feb 1811 John CHASELL base son ******** Grace  
2-Jun 1728 Elisabeth CLARKE daughter William Susanna  
18-Jul 1736 Mary CLARKE daughter William Susanna  
27-May 1739 John CLARKE son Willm Susanna  
23-Mar 1740 Martha CLARKE daughter Willm Susana  
2-Dec 1745 David CLARKE son William Susana  
6-Aug 1780 Robert CLEMENT son Joseph Jane  
2-Jan 1803 Joseph CLEMENTS son Joseph Bride  
2-Apr 1806 Mary Ann CLEMENTS daughter John Hannah  
29-Jan 1809 John CLEMENTS son John Hannah  
23-Sep 1810 John CLEMENTS son Joseph Bride  
10-Nov 1782 Anne CLEMETT daughter Joseph Jane  
8-Jan 1804 William CLEMETTS son John Hannah  
15-Nov 1812 Elisabeth CLEMETTS daughter John Hannah  
15-Jun 1788 William CLYMAS son Joseph Mary  
15-Jun 1788 Mary CLYMAS daughter Joseph Mary  
25-Oct 1730 Joan COAD daughter William Joan  
13-Aug 1732 Grace COAD daughter William Joan  
31-Mar 1734 Patience COAD daughter William Joan  
5-Nov 1735 Mary COAD daughter William Joan  
9-Oct 1737 William COAD son Willm Joan  
29-Sep 1739 Susanna COAD daughter Willm Joan  
9-Aug 1741 Anne COAD daughter William Joan  
15-Dec 1743 Philippa COAD daughter Willm Joan  
24-Sep 1746 John COAD son William Elisabeth  
10-Oct 1749 Mary COAD daughter Isaac Mary  
8-May 1768 Grace COAD daughter John Grace  
3-Jan 1812 Mary Ann COAD daughter Richd Eliz;  
28-Nov 1767 Anne COCK daughter John Betty  
1-Oct 1786 Nicholas COCK son Richard Ann  
24-Feb 1789 Richard COCK son Richard Ann  
28-Oct 1792 Mary COCK daughter Richard Ann  
9-Apr 1806 Joanna COCK daughter William Elisabeth  
8-Feb 1795 John COCKS son Richard Ann  
13-Oct 1799 Henry COCKS son Richard Ann  
10-Oct 1802 Joanna COCKS daughter Richard Ann  
25-Mar 1804 Elisabeth COCKS daughter Richard Ann  
19-Jan 1723 William COLE son Walter Sarah  
4-Jun 1732 Grace COLE daughter Roger Audrey  
29-Sep 1734 Susanna COLE daughter Roger Audrey  
24-Mar 1735 John COLE son Roger Audrey  
19-Nov 1738 Stephen COLE son Roger Audrey  
10-Aug 1740 Mary COLE daughter Roger Audrey  
22-Aug 1758 Joan COLE daughter William Elizabeth  
7-Oct 1760 John COLE son William Elizabeth  
15-Mar 1763 William COLE son William Elizabeth  
5-Nov 1794 Elisabeth COLE daughter John Ann  
18-May 1796 John COLE son John Ann  
6-Jan 1801 Philip COLE son John Ann  
5-Nov 1803 Maryann COLE daughter John Ann  
7-Apr 1806 Eleanor COLE daughter John Ann  
14-Mar 1808 Joseph COLE son John Ann  
14-May 1786 Henery COLINS son John Elizabeth  
7-Sep 1783 William COLLIN son John Elizabeth  
6-Sep 1789 Thomas COLLIN son Francis Elisabeth  
10-Mar 1811 John COLLIN son Francis Mary  
20-Jun 1779 Joanna COLLIN daughter Henry Jane  
28-May 1797 William COLLIN son Francis Elisabeth  
27-Mar 1803 Henry COLLIN son Francis Elisabeth  
14-Jul 1805 Mary COLLIN base born daughter ******** Margaret  
8-Jun 1806 Mary COLLIN daughter Francis Mary  
10-Aug 1806 Margaret COLLIN daughter Francis Eliz:  
20-Sep 1807 Elisabeth COLLIN daughter Francis Eliz:  
20-Nov 1808 Francis COLLIN son Francis Mary  
26-Mar 1771 Grace COLLING daughter Henry Jane  
27-May 1764 Mary COLLINGS daughter John Elizabeth  
30-Nov 1736 Mary COLLINS daughter William Elisabeth  
23-Apr 1737 Peter COLLINS son Thomas Margaret  
9-Apr 1738 Elisabeth COLLINS daughter Willm Eliz:  
23-Feb 1742 Elisabeth COLLINS daughter William Elisabeth  
13-Feb 1744 Honour COLLINS daughter William Elisabeth  
12-Feb 1745 Mary COLLINS daughter John Prothesia  
1-Jul 1747 Mary COLLINS daughter ******** Mary base born
14-Oct 1747 Henry COLLINS son John Prothesia  
2-Feb 1747 Jane COLLINS daughter William Elisabeth  
8-Mar 1748 Henry COLLINS son John Prothesia  
30-Jan 1750 John COLLINS son Willm Elisabeth  
14-Jul 1751 John COLLINS son John Elisabeth  
24-Sep 1752 John COLLINS son John Prothesia  
3-Jun 1753 Francis COLLINS son John Elisabeth  
22-Sep 1754 Stephen Coram COLLINS base born son ******** Mary  
12-Mar 1755 Mary COLLINS daughter John Elisabeth  
11-Jun 1755 Elisabeth COLLINS daughter William Elisabeth  
24-Sep 1755 Jane COLLINS daughter John Prothesia  
29-May 1756 Mary COLLINS daughter Henry Jane  
21-Nov 1756 Elisabeth COLLINS daughter John Elisabeth  
16-May 1757 William COLLINS son William Mary  
2-Aug 1758 Mary COLLINS daughter William Mary  
16-Aug 1758 Jane COLLINS daughter Henry Jane  
1-Jan 1759 Margaret COLLINS daughter John Elisabeth  
18-Apr 1759 William COLLINS son William Elisabeth  
24-Aug 1759 William COLLINS son William Mary  
21-Dec 1760 Joan COLLINS daughter John Elizabeth  
30-Jan 1762 Joan COLLINS daughter John Elizabeth  
9-Mar 1766 William COLLINS son John Elizabeth  
25-Dec 1770 Grace COLLINS daughter John Elizabeth  
18-Jun 1775 Honor COLLINS daughter Henry Jane  
18-Oct 1779 John COLLINS son John Elizabeth  
8-Jun 1783 Francis COLLINS son Francis Elizabeth  
15-Feb 1789 Betty COLLINS daughter John Ellisabeth  
5-Jan 1792 Mary COLLINS daughter Francis Eliz:  
26-Oct 1794 John COLLINS son Francis Elisabeth  
13-Jul 1800 Ann COLLINS daughter Francis Elizth  
10-Mar 1811 John COLLINS son Francis Mary  
18-Feb 1723 Elizabeth COMBE daughter Jno. Joan  
29-May 1727 James COMBE son John Joan  
31-Mar 1730 Tristram COMBE son John Joan  
5-Mar 1769 Richard CONDY base born son ******** Elizabeth  
27-Apr 1788 Richard CONGDON son Richard Ann  
25-Feb 1790 Ann CONGDON daughter Richard Ann  
11-Mar 1792 Elisabeth CONGDON daughter Richard Ann  
24-Feb 1794 Mary CONGDON daughter Richard Ann  
20-Feb 1776 William COOMBE son William Jane  
2-Feb 1778 Thomas COOMBE son William Jane  
30-May 1779 James COOMBE son James Elizabeth of Dunterton
5-May 1793 Thomas COOMBE son Thomas Sarah  
20-Dec 1798 Richard COOMBE son Thomas Mary  
10-Jan 1802 Ann COOMBE daughter Thomas Sarah  
14-May 1726 Jacob CORAM son Jacob Sarah  
27-Dec 1726 William CORAM son William Jane  
23-Jun 1728 John CORAM son Jacob Sarah  
27-Jun 1728 John CORAM son William Jane  
21-Sep 1730 Sarah -Anne CORAM daughter Jacob Sarah  
17-Dec 1730 Stephen CORAM son Willm Jane  
21-Oct 1735 Daniel CORAM son William Jane  
11-Jun 1737 Jane CORAM daughter Willm Jane  
1-Apr 1739 Roger CORAM son William Jane  
7-Dec 1743 John CORAM son John Elisabeth  
12-Jun 1745 Mary CORAM daughter John Elisabeth  
4-Mar 1746 George CORAM son John Elisabeth  
26-Dec 1748 William CORAM son Jno Eliz:  
22-Oct 1755 George CORAM son George Grace  
16-Nov 1755 Joseph CORAM son John Elisabeth  
29-Jun 1756 Elisabeth CORAM daughter Stephen Mary  
30-Jul 1758 William CORAM son Stephen Mary  
2-Mar 1759 Margaret CORAM daughter George Grace  
20-Apr 1762 Roger CORAM son Stephen Mary  
19-Feb 1766 Jacob CORAM son Roger Elizabeth  
14-May 1766 James CORAM son Stephen Mary  
24-Jun 1767 John CORAM son John Mary  
25-Nov 1767 Daniel CORAM son Daniel Joanna  
10-Jul 1769 Henry CORAM son Daniel Joanna  
13-Apr 1770 Jacob CORAM son John Mary  
19-Mar 1771 John CORAM son Daniel Joanna  
31-Oct 1772 Elizabeth CORAM daughter John Mary  
26-Nov 1775 Mary CORAM daughter John Mary  
8-Jan 1778 George CORAM son John Mary  
18-Apr 1779 Joseph CORAM son John Mary  
1-Aug 1779 Elizabeth CORAM daughter George Mary  
29-May 1781 George CORAM son George Mary  
24-Jun 1781 William CORAM son John Mary  
1-Jul 1781 Jane CORAM daughter Roger Elizabeth  
4-Feb 1783 James CORAM son Roger Elizabeth  
6-Mar 1785 Susanna CORAM daughter John Mary Private
13-May 1786 Mary CORAM daughter George Mary  
31-Oct 1790 Richard CORAM son George Mary  
25-Dec 1807 Ann CORAM daughter William Ann  
1-Apr 1810 Susanna CORAM daughter William Ann  
16-Aug 1812 Elisabeth CORAM daughter William Ann  
3-Oct 1723 William CORNISH son William Elizabeth  
25-Sep 1726 Thomas CORNISH son William Elizabeth  
1-May 1731 Elisabeth CORNISH daughter William Elisabeth  
27-Apr 1743 William CORNISH son John Mary  
28-May 1780 Eleanor CORNISH daughter James Eleanor  
1-Jun 1783 James CORNISH son James Eleanor  
12-May 1786 Elizabeth CORNISH daughter James Elender  
20-Mar 1791 Grace CORNISH daughter James Elinor  
15-Feb 1795 John CORNISH son James Eleanor  
1-May 1796 Fanny CORNISH daughter John Phillips Frances  
18-Jun 1797 Mary CORNISH daughter James Eleanor  
10-Feb 1799 John CORNISH son John Phillips Frances  
11-Mar 1803 Mary CORNISH daughter John Phillips Frances  
27-Nov 1803 William CORNISH son James Eleanor  
12-May 1805 Elisabeth CORNISH daughter John Phillips Frances  
28-Jun 1807 John Masters CORNISH base son ******** Eleanor  
5-Apr 1812 John CORNISH base son ******** Elisabeth  
9-Nov 1783 George CORUM son George Mary  
20-Apr 1806 John COTTLE base son ******** Ann  
25-Dec 1791 Jenny COTTON daughter John Eliz:  
4-Aug 1728 John COUCH son Richard Jane  
17-Oct 1790 Sarah COUMBE daughter Thomas Sarah  
2-Apr 1760 Joan COURTICE daughter Joseph Maynard Mary  
12-Apr 1769 Joan COURTICE daughter Richard Mary  
6-Jan 1772 William COURTICE son Richard Mary  
25-May 1783 Richard COURTICE son Thomas Elizabeth  
9-Jun 1783 John COURTICE son Oliver Elizabeth  
17-Jul 1785 Charles COURTICE son Oliver Elizabeth  
21-May 1794 Richard COURTICE base born son ******** Joan  
10-Aug 1794 Abel COURTICE son John Elisabeth  
17-May 1801 Elisabeth COURTICE base daughter ******** Joan  
25-Apr 1737 Joseph Maynard COURTIS son William Joan  
20-Aug 1738 John COURTIS son John Mary  
21-Dec 1738 Richard COURTIS son Willm Joan  
18-Mar 1740 John Maynard COURTIS son Willm Joan  
18-Mar 1740 Mary COURTIS daughter Richard Sarah  
14-Nov 1750 Oliver COURTIS son Willm Eliz:  
6-Mar 1753 Richard COURTIS son Richard Joan  
20-Jul 1754 John COURTIS son William Elisabeth  
26-Jan 1757 Joan COURTIS daughter William Elisabeth  
21-Jul 1757 Agnes COURTIS daughter Richard Agnes  
26-Jun 1762 Samuel COURTIS son Richard Agnes  
5-Aug 1751 Jane Fursman COURTISE daughter Richard Elisabeth  
8-Sep 1738 John CRAB son Jno Martha the Younger
29-Sep 1740 Mary CRABB daughter Jno Martha  
31-Mar 1471 Joan CRABB daughter Joseph Mary  
11-Aug 1742 Henry CRABBE son John Martha  
10-Apr 1745 Honour CRABBE daughter John Martha  
7-Oct 1747 Joseph CRABBE son John Martha  
20-Aug 1755 Thomas CROFT son Thomas Hannah of the Parish of Lamerton
9-Jul 1749 Henry CROSSMAN son Henry Joan son of the late Henry CROSSMAN
20-Dec 1807 Ann CROSSMAN daughter Leonard Grace  
5-Nov 1734 Joan CUDLIP daughter John Elisabeth  
17-Jul 1737 John CUDLIP son John Elisabeth  
30-Nov 1739 Richard CUDLIP son John Elisabeth  
31-Aug 1743 Joseph CUDLIP son John Elisabeth  
10-Nov 1745 Stephen CUDLIP son John Elisabeth  
3-Apr 1748 Andrew CUDLIP son John Elisabeth  
14-May 1760 William CUDLIP son William Prothesia  
30-Jan 1770 Elizabeth CUDLIP base born daughter ******** Elizabeth  
25-Dec 1764 John CUNNER son Digory Jane  
15-Feb 1767 Richard CUNNER son Digory Jane  
7-Apr 1774 George CUNNER son Digory Jane  
16-Mar 1777 Jenny CUNNER daughter Digory Jane  
12-Feb 1753 Joan CURTICE daughter William Elisabeth  
20-Aug 1780 William CURTICE son Oliver Elizabeth  
6-Sep 1807 Mary CUTTS daughter Robert Margaret  
31-Mar 1811 John CUTTS son Robert Margaret  
31-Mar 1811 John CUTTS son Robert Margaret  
28-Dec 1726 Grace DAVY daughter ******** Mary  
26-Mar 1755 Elisabeth DAWE daughter Thomas Joan  
5-Nov 1757 Rachel DAWE daughter Thomas Joan  
17-Sep 1760 Mary DAWE daughter Thomas Joan  
29-Aug 1763 Philippa DAWE daughter Thomas Joan  
22-Apr 1766 Rebecca DAWE daughter Thomas Joan  
29-Dec 1776 Jenny DEACON daughter Matthew Elizabeth  
9-Feb 1778 James Maynard DEACON son Matthew Elizabeth  
19-Jan 1794 Thomas DEACON son William Penelope twin
19-Jan 1794 John DEACON son William Penelope twin
22-May 1796 Mary DEACON daughter William Penelope  
7-Jan 1802 Edward DEACON son William Penelope  
15-Jan 1805 Elisabeth DEACON daughter Willm Penelope  
1-Jan 1755 William DINER son David Dinah  
31-Jul 1757 Mary DINER daughter David Dinah  
23-May 1759 Samuel DINER son David Dinah  
27-Dec 1807 Richard DINGLE son Benjamin Elisabeth  
6-May 1810 John DINGLE son Benjamin Elisabeth  
16-Aug 1812 Elisabeth DINGLE daughter Benjamin Eliz:  
13-Oct 1776 Richard DINNER son Richard Jane  
15-Mar 1779 Elizabeth DINNER daughter Richard Jane  
17-Dec 1780 Joseph DINNER son Richard Jane  
13-May 1781 David DINNER son David Anne  
20-Jan 1782 Dinah Chipman DINNER daughter Samuel Agnis  
3-Aug 1783 Elizabeth Warren DINNER daughter Richard Jane  
29-Jan 1786 Sarah Werren DINNER daughter Richd Jane  
16-Nov 1788 Mary DINNER daughter David Ann  
24-Jan 1790 Catherine DINNER daughter Richard Jane  
26-Jun 1791 Thomas DINNER son David Ann  
24-Nov 1793 Samuel DINNER son David Anne  
12-Jun 1796 Susanna DINNER daughter David Ann  
28-Apr 1797 John DINNER son Richard Jane  
23-Oct 1808 Richard DINNER son Richard Mary  
25-Aug 1811 Fanny Beaumont DINNER base daughter ******** Sarah  
16-Feb 1812 John DINNER son Richard Mary  
24-May 1812 John DINNER son Joseph Jane  
8-Jul 1770 Elizabeth DODGE daughter Richard Alice  
23-Aug 1772 George DODGE son Richard Alice  
4-Dec 1774 Mary DODGE daughter Richard Alice  
31-Aug 1777 William DODGE son Richard Alice  
18-May 1732 Elisabeth DOIDGE daughter John Miriam  
1-May 1736 Catharine DOIDGE daughter John Miriam  
8-Mar 1744 John DOIDGE son John Miriam  
22-Mar 1745 John DOIDGE son Richard Honour  
15-Aug 1747 John DOIDGE son James Dorothy  
20-Apr 1748 Robert DOIDGE son Richard Honour  
21-Dec 1748 John DOIDGE son John Miriam  
29-May 1749 John DOIDGE son James Dorothy  
29-May 1751 John DOIDGE son Richard Honour  
5-May 1754 Hannah DOIDGE daughter Richard Honour  
25-Mar 1759 Susanna DOIDGE daughter Richard Honour  
8-Jun 1766 Richard DOIDGE son Richard Alice  
1-Dec 1766 John DOIDGE son William Sarah  
1-May 1768 John DOIDGE son Richard Alice  
18-Jun 1769 Betty DOIDGE daughter Richard Mary  
26-Aug 1771 Richard DOIDGE twin child Richard Mary two baptisms in one entry
26-Aug 1771 John DOIDGE twin child Richard Mary two baptisms in one entry
6-Jun 1775 Susanna DOIDGE daughter James Grace  
30-Jun 1776 Mary DOIDGE daughter Richard Mary  
25-Dec 1777 James DOIDGE son James Grace  
25-Dec 1780 James DOIDGE son Richard Mary  
23-Mar 1788 Grace DOIDGE daughter George Grace  
29-Jun 1788 Richard DOIDGE son Richard Mary  
27-Dec 1789 William DOIDGE son James Mary  
7-Oct 1792 Susanna Rowe DOIDGE daughter George Grace  
9-Dec 1792 Elisabeth DOIDGE daughter James Mary  
26-Jun 1796 Mary DOIDGE daughter James Mary  
25-Feb 1798 Betty DOIDGE daughter George Grace  
12-May 1798 John DOIDGE son John Mary  
4-May 1800 Thomas DOIDGE son John Mary  
24-Aug 1800 Ann DOIDGE daughter George Grace  
17-Jul 1803 Richard DOIDGE son George Grace  
7-Aug 1803 Marian DOIDGE daughter James Mary  
1-Jan 1806 Edward DOIDGE son William Mary  
27-Jul 1806 Jenny DOIDGE daughter George Grace  
3-Aug 1806 Elisabeth DOIDGE daughter George Mary  
9-Aug 1808 Grace DOIDGE daughter George Mary  
12-Mar 1809 John DOIDGE son George Grace  
11-Oct 1809 Mary DOIDGE daughter Amos Jenny Ann  
13-May 1810 Mary DOIDGE daughter William Sarah  
13-Nov 1810 Annabella DOIDGE daughter Amos Jenny Ann  
3-Nov 1811 William DOIDGE son William Sarah  
12-Apr 1812 Hannah DOIDGE daughter William Mary  
11-Sep 1812 Elisabeth DOIDGE daughter Amos Jane  
4-Apr 1742 Henry DOWN son John Anne of North-ham Esq;
3-Dec 1780 Simon DOWN son Simon Grace  
3-Feb 1782 Grace DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
17-Jul 1785 William DOWN son Simon Grace  
30-Mar 1793 Thomasin DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
30-Mar 1793 John DOWN son Simon Grace  
30-Mar 1793 Richard DOWN son Simon Grace  
26-Apr 1795 Grace DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
28-May 1799 Mary DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
28-May 1799 Charlotte DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
28-Feb 1801 Ann DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
13-Dec 1804 Ann DOWN daughter Simon Grace  
5-Mar 1805 Daniel DOWN son Simon Grace  
29-Jan 1745 Penelope Maria DOWNE daughter Jno Anne Esq. of Northham
4-Nov 1747 William DOWNE son Jno Anne Esq. Of Northham
24-Feb 1727 Anne DRAKE daughter Thomas Anne  
3-Oct 1729 Thomas DRAKE son Thomas Anne father deceased
14-Nov 1764 Mary DRAKE daughter Richard Mary  
1-Jan 1766 Elizabeth DRAKE daughter Richard Mary  
20-Apr 1768 Sarah DRAKE daughter Richard Mary  
5-Aug 1770 Richard DRAKE son Richard Mary  
9-May 1773 Agness DRAKE daughter Richard Mary  
28-Apr 1776 Melone DRAKE daughter Richard Mary  
25-May 1779 Anne DRAKE daughter Richard Mary  
28-Feb 1796 John DRAKE base born son ******** ???  
19-Jul 1758 James DROWN son Thomas Grace  
18-Oct 1731 Joan EASTCOT daughter John Grace  
1-Dec 1734 Grace EASTCOT daughter John Grace  
16-Mar 1789 Agnes EASTLAKE daughter John Sarah  
30-Jan 1754 Henry EATHORN son Henry Elisabeth of the Parish of Plimstork
4-Apr 1753 Ann EDDEY daughter Henry Elisabeth  
2-Jul 1755 Elisabeth EDDEY daughter Henry Elisabeth  
10-Aug 1757 Henry EDDEY son Henry Elisabeth  
21-Aug 1803 John Lake EDDEY base son ******** Ann  
11-Dec 1808 John EDDEY base son ******** Ann  
7-Nov 1742 Mary EDDY daughter ******** Mary base born
2-Jul 1746 John EDDY son Henry Elisabeth Junr.
2-Mar 1747 James Paddon EDDY son Henry Elisabeth the Younger
28-Mar 1750 John EDDY son Henry Eliz: Junr
2-Sep 1761 Grace EDDY daughter Henry Elizabeth  
20-Nov 1762 Grace EDDY daughter Henry Elizabeth  
16-Jun 1780 Anne EDDY base born daughter ******** Anne 7 year old
7-Jan 1798 Elisabeth EDDY base born daughter ******** Ann  
7-Sep 1723 Henry EDEY son Henry Grace  
21-Sep 1726 Grace EDEY daughter Henry Grace  
1-May 1729 Grace EDEY daughter Henry Grace  
29-Jun 1731 Elisabeth EDEY daughter Henry Grace  
27-Dec 1733 Joan EDEY daughter Henry Grace  
30-Mar 1737 Hannah EDEY daughter Henry Grace  
29-Sep 1738 Hannah EDEY daughter Henry Grace  
2-Jan 1723 Joan EDGCOMBE daughter Nichs. Eliz. Mr
16-Sep 1725 Elizabeth EDGCOMBE daughter Mr Nich. Eliz:  
14-Nov 1725 Mary EDGCOMBE daughter John Honour  
13-Jul 1729 Penelope EDGCOMBE daughter John Honour  
31-Oct 1731 William EDGCOMBE son John Honour  
22-Jul 1733 John EDGCOMBE son Mr Nicholas Elisabeth  
29-Jan 1733 Richard EDGCOMBE son Pierce Eliz: Gent.
30-Nov 1734 Gertrude EDGCOMBE daughter Thomas Grace Gent.
2-Aug 1736 Pierce EDGCOMBE son Pierce Eliz: Gent.
24-Feb 1736 Thomas EDGCOMBE son Thomas Grace Gent.
24-Jun 1738 Gabriel EDGCOMBE son Peirce Eliz: Gent.
24-Apr 1739 Philippa EDGCOMBE daughter Thomas Grace Gent
20-Apr 1742 Richard EDGCOMBE son Thomas Grace Gent
21-Sep 1742 Christian EDGCOMBE daughter Mr Richd Christian of Chilliton
15-May 1744 Joan EDGCOMBE daughter Mr Richd Christian of Chilliton
9-Aug 1744 Gabriel EDGCOMBE son Mr Gabriel Anne  
24-Feb 1745 Grace EDGCOMBE daughter Thomas Grace Gent
29-Sep 1746 John Robins EDGCOMBE son Richd Christian Gent
11-May 1748 Maddaford EDGCOMBE son Richard Christian Gent
2-May 1750 Nicholas EDGCOMBE son Richd Christian Gent
6-Nov 1754 Richard EDGCOMBE son Richard Christian Gent
29-Mar 1757 Henry EDGCOMBE son Richard Christian Gent
24-Dec 1758 Arthur EDGCOMBE son Richard Christian Gent
8-Mar 1773 Thomas EDGCOMBE son Richd Agnes  
10-Jan 1776 John EDGCOMBE son Richard Agnes  
27-May 1760 Elizabeth EDGCUMBE daughter Richard Christian Gent
22-Jan 1772 Richard EDGCUMBE son Richard Agness  
1-Oct 1799 Juliana EDGCUMBE daughter J.E.Robinsin Margt.  
27-Apr 1803 Christian EDGCUMBE daughter John Robinson Margaret  
10-Apr 1810 John Robins EDGCUMBE son John Robinson Margaret  
15-Feb 1735 Martha EGBERE daughter Oliver Catharine  
4-Mar 1729 Edward ELFORD son Edward Joan  
14-Sep 1807 Edward ELFORD son John Elisabeth  
5-Sep 1724 William ELLER son James Joan  
13-Aug 1727 James ELLER son James Joan  
19-Jul 1730 Anne ELLER daughter James Joan  
1-May 1735 John ELLER son James Joan  
7-Apr 1740 Joanna ELLER daughter James Joan  
5-Aug 1753 Jane ELLES daughter William Joan  
12-Jan 1757 Mary ELLES daughter William Joan  
27-Dec 1758 Ann ELLES daughter William Joan  
12-Jan 1755 James ELLES son William Joan  
5-Nov 1760 William ELLIS son William Joan  
21-Oct 1761 John ELLIS son William Joan  
14-Aug 1765 William ELLIS son William Joan  
17-Feb 1784 William ELLIS son John Ann  
2-Oct 1775 Joan FALK daughter Thomas Mary  
26-Apr 1778 Mary FANN daughter John Anne  
29-Jul 1743 John FETHERSTONE son ******** Mary als. BARABEL Base born
6-Jun 1784 Edward FOOT son Edward Jane  
20-Jan 1788 Matthew FOOT son Matthew Catherine  
23-Dec 1724 William FORTESCUE son Mr George Mary  
4-Dec 1807 John FRAIN base son ******** Ann  
15-Dec 1811 Rebecca FRANCO daughter John Mary  
9-Dec 1766 Richard FUGE son Walter Elizabeth  
1-Apr 1771 Mary FUGE daughter John Mary  
5-Jun 1726 Thomas FURZ son George Mary  
9-Jan 1726 John FURZ son William Mary  
25-May 1729 Jane FURZ daughter William Mary  
8-Aug 1731 William FURZE son William Mary  
6-Mar 1733 John FURZE son William Mary  
10-Jul 1737 Mary FURZE daughter Willm Mary  
5-Sep 1756 Hannah GALLSWORTHY daughter Richard Mary  
2-Feb 1772 William GARD son John Mary  
4-Apr 1774 Edward GARD son John Mary  
20-Apr 1777 Hannah GARD daughter John Mary  
7-Jan 1781 Thomas GARD son John Mary  
11-Jan 1801 John Langmead GARLAND base son ******** Eliz:  
18-May 1763 Hannah GAURD daughter John Mary  
9-Jun 1765 Elizabeth GAURD daughter John Mary  
27-Mar 1769 John GAURD son John Mary  
16-Sep 1770 Susanna GAURD daughter John Mary  
7-Jan 1798 John GEAK son Robert Mary  
7-Jan 1798 Robin GEAK son Robert Mary  
9-Aug 1801 Mary GEAK daughter Robert Mary  
22-Jul 1804 Jenny GEAK daughter Robert Mary  
1-Aug 1790 Grace GENDLE daughter Joseph Philippa  
19-Sep 1790 Grace GENDLE daughter Joseph Philippa  
25-Mar 1726 Dinah GILBERT daughter Richard Joan  
21-Dec 1728 Anne GILBERT daughter Richd Joan  
10-Oct 1731 Richard GILBERT son Richd Joan  
7-Jul 1734 William GILBERT son Richard Joan  
29-May 1739 Joanna GILBERT daughter Richard Joan  
20-Mar 1736 John GILL son Cornelius Elisabeth  
23-May 1768 Susanna GILL daughter John Katharine  
6-May 1770 John GILL son John Katharine  
5-Dec 1773 Anne GILL daughter John Katherine  
18-Jan 1778 Eulalea GILL daughter John Catharine Messy forename, Euelalea written underneath entry
2-Aug 1812 William GILL son William Dorcas  
11-Jul 1792 Walter GLOYEN son Walter Joanna  
9-Dec 1798 John GLOYEN son Walter Joanna  
25-Aug 1810 John GLOYNE son John Hannah  
9-May 1736 John GODDARD son Edward Joan  
8-Oct 1738 Mary GODDARD daughter Edward Joan  
15-Jun 1740 Edward GODDARD son Edward Joan  
17-Aug 1806 Mary GREEN daughter James Mary  
5-Feb 1809 John GREEN son James Mary  
5-Nov 1809 William GREENING son William Ann  
3-Jan 1812 Mary Ann GREENING daughter William Ann  
11-Feb 1727 Richard GREGORY son Richd Eliz:  
3-Apr 1728 William GREGORY son Richard Grace  
9-Jun 1730 Thomas GREGORY son Richard Grace  
13-Feb 1731 Rebecca GREGORY daughter Richard Grace  
22-Sep 1734 Sibel GREGORY daughter Richd Grace  
22-Jul 1741 Joseph GREGORY son Richd Eliz: als GREG
9-Sep 1751 Joseph GREGORY son Richard Elisabeth  
11-May 1757 Richard GREGORY son Richard Elisabeth  
7-Apr 1760 Thomas GREGORY son Richard Elizabeth  
16-Jul 1808 Edward GRENNAN son William Ann  
5-Dec 1725 Elizabeth GRIGGE daughter Richard Elizabeth  
1-Dec 1739 Joseph Lemon GROVES son ******** Julian base born
2-Aug 1749 William HAINES son Willm Jane  
8-Mar 1753 Susanna HAINES daughter William Jane  
5-Jun 1757 Elisabeth HAINS daughter William Jane  
13-Nov 1808 Maria HALSON base daughter ******** Jane  
24-Aug 1726 John HAM son Peter Elizabeth  
29-Sep 1733 Joseph HAM son Peter Elisabeth  
24-Mar 1799 Mary HAMBLY daughter Thomas Elisabeth  
5-Jun 1803 Elisabeth HAMBLY daughter Thomas Eliz:  
31-Aug 1806 Jane HAMBLY daughter Thomas Eliz:  
22-Apr 1810 Ann HAMBLY daughter Thomas Elisabeth  
27-Mar 1771 Mary HAMLEY base born daughter ******** Elizabeth  
6-May 1723 Joan HARPER daughter Richd. Joan  
23-Jul 1724 Joan HARPER daughter Thomas Jane  
3-Mar 1724 Joanna HARPER daughter Richd Joan  
17-Jul 1726 Philippa HARPER daughter Richd Joan  
18-Jun 1738 Mary HARPER daughter ******** Mary  
8-Aug 1731 Mary HARRIS daughter William Mary  
1-Jan 1732 William HARRIS son William Mary  
26-Feb 1734 Elisabeth HARRIS daughter Willm Mary  
14-May 1737 John HARRIS son Willm Mary  
18-Oct 1738 Samson HARRIS son William Mary  
17-Aug 1740 Jane HARRIS daughter Willm Mary  
16-Dec 1741 Grace HARRIS daughter William Mary  
27-Dec 1768 John HARRIS son John Elizabeth two years old. Privately baptised at Taunton Dean Jany 4th 1766, his father being dead.
19-May 1724 Margaret HART daughter John Eliz: "Postumous daughter"
21-Jul 1734 John HART son ******** Bridget base born
28-Apr 1751 Jane HART daughter Daniel Mary  
17-Sep 1758 Elisabeth HART daughter Daniel Mary  
14-Jul 1782 Daniel Foot HART base born son ******** Jane  
30-Sep 1723 Mary HAWKINS daughter Richd. Prothesia Junr.
23-Feb 1725 John HAWKINS son Richd Prothesia Junr. of Uppaton
14-Nov 1728 David HAWKINS son Richard Prothesia  
25-Mar 1731 Joan HAWKINS daughter Richard Prothesia  
17-Dec 1732 Arthur HAWKINS son ******** Joan base born, Joan dau. of Richd HAWKINS of Uppaton
13-Apr 1734 Henry HAWKINS son Richd Prothesia Junr.
31-May 1737 David HAWKINS son Richd Prothesia Junr.
25-Nov 1788 Richard HAWKINS base born son ******** Mary  
15-May 1797 John HAWKINS base son ******** Mary  
1-Jun 1797 Thomas Croft HAWKINS base son ******** Mary  
1-Jun 1797 Mary HAWKINS base daughter ******** Mary  
19-Aug 1798 Matthew HAWKINS son John Mary  
21-Oct 1739 Grace HEAL daughter Thomas Joan  
11-Mar 1740 Richard HEAL son Thomas Joan  
10-Apr 1723 Thomas HEALE son Thomas Sarah  
20-Apr 1724 Elizabeth HEALE daughter Thomas Sarah  
27-Apr 1726 Thomas HEALE son Thomas Sarah  
27-Dec 1728 Anne HEALE daughter Thomas Sarah  
23-Mar 1742 Grace HEALE daughter Thomas Joan  
19-Jan 1744 Joan HEALE daughter Thomas Joan  
9-Nov 1794 Mary HEARN daughter John Ann  
22-Apr 1798 Betty HEARN daughter John Ann  
10-Feb 1808 William HEARN son John Ann  
14-Mar 1802 John HEARNE son John Ann  
5-Mar 1805 Ann HEARNE daughter John Ann  
23-Aug 1779 Molly HEDDON daughter Edward Mary  
30-Aug 1778 Philip HENDEY son William Elizabeth  
5-Apr 1761 William HENDY son William Elizabeth  
7-Nov 1796 Martha HENDY daughter Richard Ann  
25-Nov 1798 Richard HENDY son Richard Ann  
31-May 1801 John HENDY son Richard Ann  
26-Sep 1802 William HENDY son Richard Ann  
28-Sep 1757 Elisabeth HERN daughter John Thomasine  
26-May 1761 Joan HERN daughter John Thomasine  
30-Oct 1774 Mary HERN daughter John Elizabeth  
6-Feb 1785 Elizabeth HERN base born daughter ******** Joan Private
17-Jan 1768 Elizabeth HERN daughter John Elizabeth  
12-Aug 1770 John HERN son John Elizabeth  
19-Feb 1728 John HERNE son John Joan  
26-Apr 1750 Mary HERNE daughter John Eliz:  
13-May 1764 John HERNE son John Thomasine  
10-Oct 1779 James HIGMAN son James Margaret  
1-Apr 1787 John HIGMAN son James Margaret  
10-Aug 1717 William HILL son William ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
27-Sep 1726 Benjamin HILL son William Bride  
13-Jun 1779 John HILL son Richard Hannah  
13-Jul 1783 Mary HILL daughter Richard Hannah  
6-Jan 1732 John HOBBES son John Catharine  
29-Sep 1776 John HOBBS son John Joan  
5-Feb 1780 William HOBBS son John Joan  
19-Mar 1782 James HOBBS son John Joan  
29-Mar 1807 Mary: Ann HOBBS daughter Willm Alice  
4-Feb 1810 William HOBBS son William Alice  
28-Feb 1764 Richard HOCKADAY son Thomas Dionysia  
1-Feb 1766 Thomas HOCKADAY twin child Thomas Dionysia two baptisms in one entry
1-Feb 1766 Jane HOCKADAY twin child Thomas Dionysia two baptisms in one entry
15-Jan 1769 Penelope HOCKADAY daughter Thos Dionysia  
6-Dec 1772 William HOCKADAY son Thomas Dionysia  
25-Dec 1799 Joseph HOCKADAY son William Hannah  
4-Aug 1799 Elisabeth HOCKING base born daughter ******** Mary  
17-May 1795 Maria HODGES base born daughter ******** Eliz:  
24-Mar 1797 Eleanor HODGES base born daughter ******** Eliz:  
21-Jun 1761 Joan HOIDGE posthumus daughter John Mary  
23-Aug 1792 Mary HOIDGE daughter William Susanna  
15-Dec 1793 John HOIDGE son William Susanna  
17-Aug 1794 Mary HOIDGE daughter Robert Elisabeth  
17-Feb 1799 John HOIDGE son James Bride  
12-Oct 1800 James HOIDGE son Willm Susanna  
9-Nov 1800 James HOIDGE son James Bride  
26-Sep 1802 Benjamin HOIDGE son James Bride  
14-Aug 1803 Richard HOIDGE son William Susanna  
10-Feb 1805 Elisabeth HOIDGE daughter Jonathan Agnes  
23-Oct 1805 Elisabeth HOIDGE daughter Willm Susanna  
27-Jul 1806 Mary HOIDGE daughter James Bride  
7-Jun 1807 Mary HOIDGE daughter Jonathan Agness  
13-Dec 1807 Julia HOIDGE daughter William Susanna  
21-Aug 1808 Mary Ann HOIDGE daughter James Bride  
11-Mar 1810 Ann HOIDGE daughter William Susanna  
18-Mar 1810 Elianor Prout HOIDGE daughter Jonathan Agnes  
20-May 1810 Henry HOIDGE son James Bride  
23-Feb 1812 Robert HOIDGE son James Bride  
23-Feb 1812 Christian HOIDGE daughter Willm Susanna  
6-Jun 1744 James HOOPER son James Sarah  
25-Dec 1797 Susanna HOOPER daughter Joseph Grace  
15-Nov 1752 Mary HORN daughter John Thomasine  
30-Apr 1755 John HORN son John Thomasine  
24-Jun 1756 John HORN son Phillip Mary two baptisms in one entry
24-Jun 1756 Elisabeth HORN daughter Phillip Mary two baptisms in one entry
1-Nov 1758 Martha HORN daughter Phillip Mary  
12-Mar 1760 Mary HORN daughter Philip Mary  
1-Aug 1762 Anne HORN daughter Philip Mary  
27-Jul 1766 William HORN son Philip Mary  
22-Nov 1812 William HORN son John Ann  
22-Mar 1731 Philip HORNE son Philip Elisabeth  
18-Jan 1751 Elisabeth HORREL daughter John Grace  
1-Jan 1755 Grace HORREL daughter John Grace  
23-Apr 1758 Joanna HORREL daughter John Grace  
21-Mar 1762 Grace HORREL daughter John Grace  
5-Jun 1762 Grace HORREL daughter Daniel Christian  
20-Jul 1769 Daniel HORREL son Daniel Christian  
25-Apr 1724 John HORRELL son Arthur Grace  
30-Nov 1727 Arthur HORRELL son Arthur Grace  
10-Jul 1732 Grace HORRELL daughter Constantine Joan  
18-Apr 1738 Constantine HORRELL son Arthur Grace  
27-Jan 1701 Constantine HORWILL son John ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
2-Nov 1703 Patience HORWILL daughter John ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
31-Dec 1755 Elisabeth HUDGE daughter John Mary  
11-May 1757 John HUDGE son John Mary  
5-Dec 1758 Mary HUDGE daughter John Mary  
17-Dec 1727 William JACKMAN son William Grace  
10-Jan 1731 Richard JACKMAN son William Grace  
9-May 1733 Mary JACKMAN daughter Willm Grace  
21-Feb 1737 Richard JACKMAN son William Grace  
4-Jun 1755 Mary JACKMAN daughter William Ann  
14-May 1758 William JACKMAN son William Ann  
22-May 1764 John JACKMAN son William Ann  
15-Jan 1787 Ann JACKMAN daughter William Mary  
29-Jan 1789 Mary JACKMAN daughter William Mary  
14-Mar 1790 William JACKMAN son William Mary  
3-Jun 1792 Mary JACKMAN daughter William Mary  
17-Jun 1794 Susanna JACKMAN daughter William Mary  
6-Nov 1796 Thomas Moss JACKMAN son William Mary  
13-Nov 1796 Mary JACKMAN daughter Arthur Agnes  
5-Sep 1802 Agnes JACKMAN daughter John Agnes  
15-Jul 1804 John JACKMAN son John Agnes  
8-Jun 1806 William JACKMAN son John Agnes  
28-Jun 1806 John JACKMAN son William Sarah  
12-Nov 1808 Henry JACKMAN son Wm Sarah twin
12-Nov 1808 Elisabeth JACKMAN daughter Wm Sarah twin
27-Nov 1808 Grace JACKMAN daughter John Agnes  
18-Nov 1810 Richard JACKMAN son William Sarah  
19-Sep 1788 Robert Stephens JAGO Revd. son John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born 16 Septem:
18-Apr 1790 Edward JAGO Revd. son John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born18 March
14-Nov 1791 Anne Beard JAGO Revd. daughter John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born Nov.07th.
24-Jul 1793 Nathaniel JAGO Revd. son John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born July 6th 1793
2-Mar 1795 Darell JAGO Revd. Dr. son John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born Feb 18th.
10-Nov 1796 George JAGO Revd. Dr. son John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born Sep 27.
7-Apr 1799 Catherine Lucretia Ann JAGO Revd. Dr. daughter John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born March 24.
21-Jan 1801 Judith, Honour, Annabella JAGO Revd. Dr. daughter John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born 13 Inst ?
5-Sep 1802 William JAGO Revd. Dr. son John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this Parish. Born August 25th
28-Sep 1805 Mary, Anne JAGO Revd. Dr. daughter John Lucretia Bedford Vicar of this parish
21-Jun 1767 Arthur JAKEMAN son William Anne  
26-Oct 1755 Marian JEFFARIES daughter Richard Elisabeth  
1-Mar 1758 Eleanor JEFFARIES daughter Richard Elisabeth  
4-Apr 1744 Grace JEFFERIES daughter Richard Susanna  
3-Sep 1749 William JEFFERIES son Richard Susana  
8-Jun 1740 Armonille JEFFERY daughter Richard Susanna  
20-May 1755 Susanna JEFFERY daughter William Elisabeth  
5-Feb 1758 William JEFFERY son William Elisabeth  
2-Feb 1760 John JEFFERY son William Elizabeth  
13-Mar 1763 Elizabeth JEFFERY daughter William Elizabeth  
8-Sep 1784 William JEFFERY son William Willmott  
5-Feb 1786 Benjamin JEFFERY son Benjamin Joan  
26-Feb 1788 Mary JEFFERY daughter William Wilmot  
8-Feb 1789 Mary JEFFERY daughter Benjamin Joan  
22-Jun 1790 John JEFFERY son William Winifred  
23-Oct 1791 Jenny JEFFERY daughter Benjamin Joan  
26-Jan 1794 Peggy JEFFERY daughter Benjamin Joan  
11-Sep 1796 Susanna JEFFERY daughter Benjamin Joan  
25-Dec 1799 Philley JEFFERY daughter Benjamin Joan  
24-Apr 1803 John JEFFERY son Benjamin Joan  
4-May 1804 Elisabeth Lander JEFFERY daughter Wm Eliz:  
17-Aug 1806 John JEWRY son James Mary  
14-Nov 1726 Henry JOHNS son Stephen Grace  
30-Mar 1729 Mary JOHNS daughter ******** Elisabeth base born
10-Dec 1797 Elisabeth JOHNS daughter Archelaus Mary  
4-Feb 1809 William JONES son Joshua Mary  
5-Mar 1809 William JONES son Joshua Mary  
16-May 1811 Mary Ann JONES daughter Joshua Mary  
30-Apr 1775 Jane KEANS base born daughter ******** Elizabeth  
9-Jan 1804 Elisabeth KENNARD daughter Nicholas Eliz:  
28-Jun 1806 Jenny KENNARD daughter Nicholas Eliz:  
2-Nov 1808 Fanny KENNARD daughter Nicholas Eliz:  
18-May 1811 Susan KENNARD daughter Nicholas Eliz:  
12-Sep 1763 William KINGSMAN son Simon Sarah  
31-Jan 1749 Grace KINSMAN daughter Richard Mary  
15-Jul 1752 Elisabeth KINSMAN daughter Richard Mary  
10-Aug 1758 Agnes KINSMAN daughter Simon Sarah  
26-Dec 1758 Mary KINSMAN daughter Richard Mary  
10-Oct 1761 Sarah KINSMAN daughter Simon Sarah  
20-Feb 1765 William KINSMAN son Simon Sarah  
14-Mar 1768 Elizabeth KINSMAN daughter Simon Sarah  
3-Nov 1772 Thomas KINSMAN son Simon Joan  
3-Jan 1775 Jenny KINSMAN daughter Simon John  
15-Jul 1777 Simon KINSMAN son Simon Joan  
9-Apr 1780 Grace KINSMAN daughter Samuel Ann  
3-Apr 1782 Susanna KINSMAN daughter Samuel Ann  
4-Mar 1753 Mary KNAPMAN daughter Thomas Elisabeth  
4-Aug 1723 Mary KNIGHT daughter ******** Elizabeth base born
1-Aug 1726 James KNIGHT son William Elizabeth  
3-Mar 1730 John KNIGHT son William Elisabeth  
30-Nov 1763 Tomas KNIGHT son Josephus Philipy  
6-Nov 1765 Elizabeth KNIGHT daughter Josephus Philippa  
24-May 1768 George KNIGHT son Joseph Philippa  
14-Apr 1728 John LANG son Thomas Grace  
3-May 1730 Joan LANG daughter Thomas Grace  
10-Dec 1732 Thomas LANG son Thomas Grace  
9-Apr 1737 William LANG son Thomas Grace  
11-May 1740 Robert LANG son Thomas Grace  
6-Jun 1756 John LANG son John Phillippa  
19-Feb 1758 John LANG son Joseph Catharine  
3-Jun 1761 Thomas LANG son Robert Mary  
14-Mar 1763 Martha LANG daughter Robert Mary  
16-Oct 1765 John LANG son Robert Mary  
9-Dec 1767 William LANG son Robert Mary  
8-Jun 1771 Robert LANG son Robert Mary  
4-Dec 1774 Elizabeth LANG daughter Robt Mary  
7-Sep 1777 Molly LANG daughter Robert Mary  
23-Jul 1780 Joan LANG daughter Robert Mary  
4-Feb 1781 Hannah LANG daughter John Elizabeth  
12-May 1782 John LANG son John Elizabeth  
18-Aug 1782 Richard Walker LANG son John Mary  
19-Oct 1783 Elizabeth Hanns LANG daughter John Elizabeth  
13-Sep 1784 Sarah LANG daughter John Mary  
25-Dec 1786 Catharine LANG daughter John Mary  
28-Sep 1788 John LANG son John Mary  
19-Oct 1788 George Hanns LANG son John Eliz:  
21-Jul 1790 Martha LANG daughter John Mary  
7-Sep 1794 Thomas LANG son William Mary  
18-Jan 1795 William LANG son William Jenny  
28-Nov 1802 Thomas LANG son William Jane  
19-Jan 1800 Mary LANG daughter William Jane  
26-Jun 1810 George Hanns LANG son George Hanns Sarah Ann  
30-Jun 1799 Joseph LANGMAID base born son ******** Elisabeth  
29-May 1803 Thomas LANGMAN son John Catherine  
17-Feb 1805 Jane LANGMAN daughter John Catherine  
14-Mar 1808 Elisabeth LANGMAN daughter John Catherine  
15-Apr 1759 Elisabeth LANGMEAD daughter John Dority  
2-Jan 1780 Elizabeth Kinsman LANGMEAD base born daughter ******** Mary  
23-Apr 1753 Mary LARK daughter John Mary  
1-Aug 1756 Mary LARK daughter John Mary  
24-Feb 1811 Mary LAUTERBEY daughter Christian Daniel Jane  
8-Aug 1773 William LAWRENCE son William Elizabeth  
26-Aug 1774 John LAWRENCE son William Elizabeth  
28-Nov 1742 Henry LEPEANE son Henry Elisabeth  
7-Mar 1741 Susanna LIGHTFOOT daughter Thomas Margaret als BARRETT
19-Feb 1745 Matthew LIGHTFOOT twin son Thomas Margaret als. BARRETT two baptisms in one entry
19-Feb 1745 Thomas LIGHTFOOT twin son Thomas Margaret als. BARRETT two baptisms in one entry
23-Jul 1809 Edward LINE son William Jenny  
16-Dec 1793 Maria LINES base born daughter ******** Catharine  
1-Nov 1795 Elisabeth LING daughter William Mary  
29-Oct 1797 John LING son William Jane  
25-Apr 1725 Deborah LITTLEJOHN daughter John Joan  
17-Jul 1726 Deborah LITTLEJOHN daughter John Joan  
21-Sep 1730 Jonathan LITTLEJOHN son John Joan  
27-Mar 1749 Mary LITTLEJOHN daughter Christopher Mary  
28-Nov 1750 George LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Mary  
23-Aug 1754 Christopher LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Mary  
27-Jun 1756 John LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Mary  
27-Apr 1760 Jonathan LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Mary  
18-Jul 1762 John LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Mary  
8-Jan 1765 Joseph LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Elizabeth  
4-Jan 1767 Joseph LITTLEJOHN son Christopher Elizabeth  
30-Apr 1769 Elizabeth LITTLEJOHN daughter Christopher Elizabeth  
5-Nov 1771 Mary LITTLEJOHN daughter Christopher Elizabeth  
4-Jul 1773 John LITTLEJOHN son Thomas Elizabeth  
4-Sep 1774 Mary LITTLEJOHN daughter Christopher Elizabeth  
7-Sep 1776 Anne LITTLEJOHN daughter Xopher Elizabeth  
24-Jun 1781 Mary LITTLEJOHN daughter Thomas Mary  
21-Apr 1783 Ann LITTLEJOHN daughter Thomas Mary  
30-Jan 1786 Richard LITTLEJOHN son Thomas Mary  
17-Jan 1790 Thomas Rowe LITTLEJOHN base born son ******** Judith  
4-Aug 1811 Betty LITTLEJOHN daughter George Mary  
5-Nov 1775 Joseph LITTLEJOHNS son Thomas Mary  
19-Jul 1812 Richard LITTLEJOHNS son George Mary  
30-Nov 1734 Francis LOB son William Joan  
30-May 1737 Nicolas LOB son Willm Joan  
29-Sep 1729 William LOBB son William Joan  
9-Jul 1732 George LOBB son William Joan  
10-Sep 1764 William LOBB son William Mary  
3-Dec 1766 Grace LOBB daughter William Mary  
14-Jul 1746 Mary LYAL daughter John Meargery  
25-Dec 1812 John Channon MANNING son James Mary  
12-Aug 1792 William Rickard MARKS base born son ******** Mary  
22-Feb 1726 Mary MARTEN daughter Thomas Martha  
20-Apr 1729 Elisabeth MARTEN daughter Thomas Martha  
8-Jul 1731 John MARTEN son William Anne  
17-Mar 1733 Anne MARTEN daughter Willm Anne  
7-Jan 1739 Joan MARTEN daughter Charles Jane  
25-Oct 1741 Charles MARTEN son Charles Jane  
9-Oct 1744 Mary MARTEN daughter Charles Jane  
19-Feb 1745 Mary MARTEN daughter Joseph Hannah  
2-Feb 1746 Elisabeth MARTEN daughter Thomas Catharine  
4-Oct 1747 Henry MARTEN son Charles Jane  
2-Nov 1747 Benjamin MARTEN son Joseph Hannah  
14-Feb 1749 Joseph MARTEN son Joseph Hannah  
7-Mar 1743 Mary MARTIN daughter Thomas Catharine the Younger
25-Oct 1749 John MARTIN son Thomas Catharine Junr
10-Nov 1751 William MARTIN son Joseph Hannah  
5-Aug 1752 Ann MARTIN daughter Charles Joan  
22-Apr 1753 Hannah MARTIN daughter Joseph Hannah  
12-Feb 1755 Thomas MARTIN son Thomas Catharine  
14-Mar 1755 Mary MARTIN daughter Joseph Hannah  
21-May 1756 Elisabeth MARTIN daughter Joseph Hannah two baptisms on one entry
21-May 1756 Mary MARTIN daughter Joseph Hannah two baptisms on one entry
1-May 1757 Mary MARTIN daughter Charles Joan  
15-Oct 1758 William MARTIN son Joseph Hannah  
30-Mar 1772 John MARTIN son Charles Jane  
5-May 1776 Joseph MARTIN son Benjamin Susanna  
29-Sep 1776 Charles MARTIN son Charles Jane  
4-Apr 1779 Henry MARTIN son Charles Jane  
17-Mar 1793 William MARTIN base born son ******** Rebecca  
24-Feb 1799 Joseph MARTIN son Joseph Mary  
21-Jun 1801 Elisabeth MARTIN daughter Joseph Mary  
8-May 1803 Mary MARTIN daughter Joseph Mary  
23-Jun 1804 Thomas MARTIN son John Mary  
14-Apr 1805 Benjamin MARTIN son Joseph Mary  
6-Oct 1805 Betty MARTIN daughter John Mary  
15-Oct 1807 Rebecca MARTIN daughter Joseph Mary  
13-Mar 1808 William MARTIN son William Mary  
2-Jul 1809 William Cole MARTIN son William Mary  
8-Feb 1810 Susanna MARTIN daughter Joseph Mary  
16-Aug 1812 Hannah MARTIN daughter Joseph Mary  
27-Dec 1812 Mary Ann MARTIN daughter William Mary  
2-Jan 1769 Elizabeth MARTYN daughter Simon Susanna  
20-Jan 1771 Rebecca MARTYN daughter Benjamin Susanna  
30-May 1773 Benjamin MARTYN son Benjamin Susanna  
26-Jun 1774 Jane MARTYN daughter Charles Jane  
19-Sep 1774 Hannah MARTYN daughter Joseph Mary  
15-Dec 1777 Mary MARTYN daughter Joseph Mary  
11-Apr 1779 William MARTYN son Benjamin Susanna  
9-Sep 1781 Hannah MARTYN daughter Benjamin Susanna  
11-Nov 1781 William MARTYN son Charles Jane  
2-Feb 1807 John MARTYN son John Mary  
24-Feb 1727 Isaac MASON son Thomas Honour  
5-Mar 1734 Gertrude MASON daughter Thomas Joanna  
15-Jan 1745 Mary MASON daughter Simon Susana  
29-Jan 1745 Nicholas MASON son William Joan  
29-Jun 1747 Jane MASON daughter Thomas Mary the Younger
30-Sep 1747 Elisabeth MASON daughter Simon Susana  
9-Mar 1747 Joan MASON daughter William Joan  
26-Dec 1748 Elisabeth MASON twin daughter Thomas Mary Junr two baptisms in one entry
26-Dec 1748 Mary MASON twin daughter Thomas Mary Junr two baptisms in one entry
1-Jan 1749 Honour MASON daughter Simon Susana  
21-Mar 1749 William MASON son Wm Joan  
16-Jan 1750 Thomas MASON son Thomas Mary  
30-Jan 1751 Simon MASON son Simon Susanna  
22-May 1752 Mary MASON daughter William Joan  
29-May 1754 Isaac MASON son Simon Susanna  
30-Apr 1755 William MASON son Thomas Mary  
5-Sep 1756 Thomas MASON son Simon Susanna  
19-May 1762 John MASON son Thomas Mary  
18-Jul 1762 Anna MASON daughter Simon Susanna  
16-Jun 1765 Isaac MASON son Thomas Mary  
4-Oct 1785 Christian MASON daughter Isaac Elizabeth  
14-Apr 1788 Mary MASON daughter Isaac Elizabeth  
24-May 1790 John MASON son Isaac Elisabeth  
20-Feb 1799 Elisabeth Dorothy MASON daughter Isaac Eliz:  
21-Jun 1801 Jane MASON daughter Isaac Eliz:  
10-May 1802 Thomas MASON son Thomas Eliz: born Mar 28
15-Nov 1804 John MASON son Thomas Elisabeth  
13-Aug 1805 Prothesia MASON daughter Isaac Elizabeth  
23-May 1743 Loveday Littlejohn MASTERS daughter ******** Rebecca als. RANDYAL base born
11-Oct 1749 Daniel MASTERS son Danl Honour als RANDYAL
26-Mar 1776 Daniel MASTERS son Daniel Rebecca  
26-Apr 1778 Richard MASTERS son Richard Grace  
5-Jun 1782 John MASTERS son Daniel Rebecca  
17-Jun 1787 Thomas MASTERS son Daniel Rebecca  
21-Jul 1811 Daniel MASTERS son Daniel Grace  
26-Jan 1812 Mary Ann MASTERS daughter John Mary  
5-Nov 1812 Thomas MASTERS son Daniel Grace  
1-Jan 1732 Mary MAY daughter Moses Abigail  
6-Jan 1734 Samuel MAY son Moses Abigail  
6-Aug 1738 Elisabeth MAY daughter Moses Abigail  
2-May 1744 Jane MAY daughter Moses Abigail  
8-Apr 1747 Abigail MAY daughter Moses Abigail  
6-Jan 1730 Elisabeth MAY daughter Moses Abigail  
5-Apr 1723 Jane MAYNARD daughter Charles Beaton  
23-Apr 1723 Joan MAYNARD daughter Joseph Rebecca Junr.
2-Dec 1723 Grace MAYNARD daughter Joseph Philippa  
17-Aug 1724 Rebecca MAYNARD daughter Joseph Rebecca Junr.
15-Dec 1724 Richard MAYNARD son Richd Elizabeth  
25-Jul 1725 Prothesia MAYNARD daughter ******** Prothesia base born
30-Jan 1726 Sarah MAYNARD daughter Joseph Philippa  
3-Apr 1728 Joan MAYNARD daughter Joseph Elisabeth Junr.
26-May 1729 Mary MAYNARD daughter Joseph Elisabeth  
25-Jul 1732 Bartholomew MAYNARD son Charles Beaton  
14-Nov 1736 John MAYNARD son Jno Elisabeth Relict of the late Jno MAYNARD of Kelly
25-Mar 1747 Elisabeth MAYNARD daughter William Mary  
8-Jan 1766 Grace Hambly MAYNARD base child ******** Elizabeth  
10-Oct 1763 Robert MEDDELTON son Steven Joan  
11-Nov 1764 Elizabeth MEDDELTON daughter Simon Joan  
26-May 1760 Wilmot MIDDLETON daughter Simon Joan  
1-Jan 1766 Simon MIDDLETON son Simon Joan  
20-Mar 1765 Mary MOON daughter William Thomasine of the parish of Sithney in the County of Cornwall
14-Oct 1795 Jane MOOR daughter John Mary  
12-Oct 1789 James MOORE son John Mary  
23-May 1792 John MOORE son John Mary  
19-Oct 1798 William MOORE son John Mary twin
19-Oct 1798 Arthur MOORE son John Mary twin
16-Nov 1800 John MOORE son Thomas Elisabeth  
13-Mar 1803 James MOORE son John Mary  
25-Sep 1803 Betty MOORE daughter Thomas Eliz:  
12-Nov 1805 Thomas MOORE son Thomas Elisabeth  
4-Dec 1808 Philippa Westington MOORE daughter Tho. Eliz:  
31-Mar 1811 Patience MOORE daughter Thos. Eliz:  
1-Apr 1798 Mary MORE daughter Thomas Elisabeth  
14-Jan 1768 Elizabeth MOUL daughter John Honor  
9-Oct 1726 Grace NEWTE daughter James Margery  
17-Mar 1728 James NEWTE son James Margery  
23-Apr 1732 Jacob NEWTE son James Margery  
15-Mar 1737 Joan NEWTE daughter John Eliz:  
2-Dec 1739 John NEWTE son John Elisabeth  
11-Feb 1740 John NEWTE son Jno Eliz  
26-Sep 1744 Stephen NEWTE son John Eliz:  
26-Dec 1745 Mary NEWTE daughter John Eliz:  
9-Mar 1747 Hugh NEWTE son Jno Eliz:  
19-Aug 1750 Jane NEWTE daughter Jno Eliz:  
30-Sep 1752 Grace NEWTE daughter John Elisabeth  
25-Dec 1754 Jane NEWTE daughter John Elisabeth  
6-Mar 1757 Elisabeth NEWTE daughter John Elisabeth  
21-Dec 1766 Joseph NEWTE son John Joan  
5-Oct 1769 Mary NEWTE daughter Stephen Mary  
30-Jan 1770 Elizabeth NEWTE daughter John Joan  
9-Jun 1772 Grace NEWTE daughter John Joan  
1-Dec 1776 John Penrose NEWTE son John Joane  
21-Dec 1777 Grace NEWTE daughter Stephen Mary  
30-Dec 1781 James NEWTE son John Joan  
3-Feb 1806 Elisabeth NEWTON daughter John Betty  
2-Oct 1808 John NEWTON son John Elisabeth  
19-Jul 1761 Thomas NORCOT son William Rachel  
1-May 1757 William NORCOTT son William Rachel  
26-Aug 1759 John NORCOTT son William Rachel  
30-Jan 1723 John NORRIS son Jno. Elizabeth Junr.
7-Apr 1731 Mary NORRIS daughter William Elisabeth  
6-May 1734 Elisabeth NORRIS daughter Willm Elisabeth  
5-Jan 1784 William NORTHCOTT son John Susanna  
30-Jan 1786 John NORTHCOTT son John Susana  
18-Nov 1787 Thomas NORTHCOTT son John Susanna  
26-Apr 1789 Richard NORTHCOTT son John Susanna  
22-Aug 1790 James NORTHCOTT son John Susanna  
29-Jul 1792 Susanna NORTHCOTT daughter John Susanna  
9-Aug 1807 William NORTHCOTT son Willm Hannah  
15-Oct 1809 Hannah NORTHCOTT daughter William Hannah  
21-Oct 1811 Susanna NORTHCOTT daughter William Hannah  
21-Aug 1758 Alice NUTE daughter John Elizabeth  
11-Dec 1785 Mary NUTE daughter John Joan  
1-Jun 1789 Elisabeth OLDVER daughter William Ann  
13-Nov 1791 Ann Earl OLDVER daughter William Ann  
3-May 1795 Dorcas OLVER daughter William Ann  
14-May 1797 Christian OLVER daughter William Ann  
1-Sep 1799 William OLVER son William Ann  
9-May 1804 John OLVER son William Ann  
30-Nov 1806 Sarah OLVER daughter William Ann  
25-Jun 1724 Francis OXENHAM son John Mary  
22-Aug 1727 William OXENHAM son John Mary  
13-Jan 1745 Mary OXENHAM daughter John Grace  
8-Feb 1748 John OXENHAM son John Grace  
30-Jan 1775 John OXENHAM son John Mary  
6-Apr 1777 Thomas OXENHAM son John Mary  
8-Aug 1779 Mary OXENHAM daughter John Mary  
25-Nov 1781 William OXENHAM son John Mary  
14-Mar 1784 William OXENHAM son John Mary  
14-May 1786 Oliver OXENHAM son John Mary  
11-May 1788 Grace OXENHAM daughter John Mary  
4-Jul 1790 Elisabeth OXENHAM daughter John Mary  
1-Jul 1792 Betty OXENHAM daughter John Mary  
3-May 1795 Susanna OXENHAM daughter John Mary  
1-Apr 1804 John OXENHAM son Thomas Ann  
9-Mar 1806 Thomas OXENHAM son Thomas Ann  
22-May 1808 William OXENHAM son Thomas Ann  
23-Dec 1770 Grace PALK daughter John Elizabeth  
20-Jun 1779 Elizabeth PALK daughter James Jane  
1-May 1781 Susanna PALK daughter James Anne  
25-Dec 1782 John PALK son John Elizabeth  
2-Feb 1783 Mary PALK daughter James Jane  
16-May 1785 Tho: PALK son James Jane  
21-Mar 1786 Sarah PALK daughter John Elizabeth  
8-Mar 1753 James PALKE son Thomas Elisabeth  
16-Apr 1756 Elisabeth PALKE daughter Thomas Elisabeth  
20-Sep 1724 Richard PALMER son George Elizabeth  
1-Mar 1726 Roger PALMER son George Elisabeth  
13-Jul 1729 George PALMER son George Elisabeth  
8-Aug 1731 Elisabeth PALMER daughter George Elisabeth  
12-Aug 1733 John PALMER son George Elisabeth  
27-Jul 1735 Jane PALMER daughter George Elisabeth  
4-May 1737 Samuel PALMER twin son George Eliz: two baptisms in one entry
4-May 1737 Daniel PALMER twin son George Eliz: two baptisms in one entry
23-Apr 1738 Jane PALMER daughter George Eliz:  
27-Apr 1774 Roger PALMER son John Grace  
9-Feb 1779 Elizabeth PALMER daughter William Honour  
21-Jan 1781 George PALTRIGE son John Jane  
17-Mar 1805 William PAR son Nichs Susanna  
17-Mar 1805 Agnes PAR daughter Nichs Susanna  
5-Nov 1726 Robert PEARCE son John Christian  
17-Sep 1746 Grace PEARCE daughter Edward Philippa  
5-Jun 1748 Christian PEARCE daughter Edward Philippa  
24-Aug 1725 Grace PELLOE daughter William Susanna  
21-Jun 1727 Philippa PELLOE daughter William Susanna  
24-Feb 1728 Elisabeth PELLOE daughter Oliver Jane  
22-Nov 1730 Hannah PELLOE daughter Willm Susanna  
30-May 1732 Margaret-Ruby PELLOE daughter Oliver Jane  
6-Jan 1732 Elisabeth PELLOE daughter Willm Susanna  
5-Mar 1734 Richard PELLOE son Oliver Jane  
9-Apr 1737 William PELLOE son Willm Susanna  
24-Jun 1738 Oliver PELLOE son Oliver Jane  
7-Sep 1740 John PELLOE son Oliver Jane  
28-Dec 1743 Richard PELLOE son Oliver Jane  
12-Dec 1744 Mary PELLOE daughter ******** Grace base born
5-Nov 1765 William PELLOW son William Anne  
22-Feb 1767 Miriam PELLOW daughter William Anne  
12-Feb 1769 Rebecca PELLOW daughter William Anne  
16-Dec 1770 Anne PELLOW daughter William Anne  
18-Oct 1772 William PELLOW son William Anne  
19-Jan 1774 William PELLOW son John Jane  
11-Dec 1774 Mary PELLOW daughter Willm Ann  
26-Nov 1775 John PELLOW son John Jane  
5-Nov 1777 Thomas PELLOW son Thomas Mary  
30-Aug 1778 Elizabeth PELLOW daughter William Anne  
9-May 1779 Jane PELLOW daughter Thomas Mary  
17-Jun 1781 Elizabeth PELLOW daughter William Anne  
24-Mar 1782 Mary PELLOW daughter Thomas Mary  
12-Nov 1786 Elisabeth PELLOW daughter John Betty  
13-Apr 1788 Jane PELLOW daughter John Elisabeth  
30-Jun 1790 John PELLOW son William Grace  
19-Sep 1790 Thomas PELLOW son John Elisabeth  
3-Mar 1793 James PELLOW son John Elisabeth  
12-May 1810 Elisabeth PELLOW base daughter ******** Elisabeth  
12-Feb 1792 Mary PENGELLY daughter Richard Grace  
19-Oct 1793 Richard PENGELLY son Richard Grace  
19-Apr 1800 Jenny PERCEY daughter Willm Philippa  
29-Mar 1789 Mary PERCY daughter William Philippa  
15-Jan 1792 Elisabeth PERCY daughter William Philippa  
1-Mar 1795 William PERCY son William Philippa  
24-Sep 1797 Philippa PERCY daughter William Philippa  
3-Oct 1802 Thomas PERCY son William Philippa  
31-Jan 1764 William PERRY son William ********  
19-Mar 1766 Agness PERRY daughter William Joanna  
9-Apr 1768 Katharine PERRY daughter William Joanna  
12-Aug 1770 Dinah PERRY daughter William Joanna  
3-Mar 1773 Mary PERRY daughter William Joanna  
19-Feb 1775 Hannah PERRY daughter William Joanna  
13-Jul 1777 John PERRY son William Joanna  
10-Jan 1780 Sibilla Patience PERRY daughter William Susanna  
3-Nov 1782 Nicholas PERRY son William Joanna  
22-Nov 1784 William PERRY son William Elizabeth  
10-Feb 1788 William PERRY son William Philippa  
18-Sep 1803 Mary-Ann PERRY daughter Richd/Nichl ? Susanna  
22-Sep 1805 Mary Brock PERRY daughter John Eliz:  
18-Jan 1807 Grace PERRY daughter Nicholas Susanna  
12-May 1807 John PERRY son John Elisabeth  
22-May 1808 Susanna PERRY daughter Nichs. Susanna  
17-Aug 1808 Daniel PERRY son John Elisabeth  
3-Jun 1810 John Brock PERRY son John Elisabeth  
1-Aug 1810 Charlotte PERRY daughter Nicholas Susanna  
18-May 1805 Elisabeth PERRY daughter William Eliz:  
26-Apr 1778 Mary PHILIPS daughter John Susanna  
22-Jul 1753 Thomasine PHILP daughter John Jane  
15-Apr 1734 Elisabeth PHYSIC daughter Edward Philippa  
1-Oct 1742 John PHYSIC son Edward Philippa  
3-May 1761 Edward PHYSICK son William Joan  
28-May 1765 Philippa PHYSICK daughter William Joan  
14-Feb 1768 William PHYSICK son William Joan  
22-Mar 1772 Grace PHYSICK twin child Willm Joan  
22-Mar 1772 Elizabeth PHYSICK twin child Willm Joan  
7-Nov 1753 Roger PIERCE son Roger Dorothy  
25-Feb 1756 William PIERCE son Roger Dorothy  
9-Nov 1757 Mary PIERCE daughter Roger Dorothy  
5-May 1762 Dorothy PIERCY daughter Roger Dorothy  
25-Oct 1772 Elizabeth Stranger PIPER base born daughter ******** Elizabeth  
26-Apr 1752 Christian POLEGREAN daughter John Rebecca  
11-May 1755 John POLEGREAN son John Rebecca  
22-Jul 1764 Hugh POLGREEN son Richard Mary  
28-Feb 1763 Catharine POLLGRAIN daughter Richard ********  
4-Dec 1765 Mary POLLGRAIN daughter Richard Mary  
7-Apr 1767 Christian POLLGRAIN daughter Richard Mary  
9-Aug 1767 Katharine POLLGRAIN daughter John Mary  
5-Dec 1769 Hugh POLLGRAIN son John Mary  
3-May 1772 Hugh POLLGRAIN son Richard Elizabeth  
17-Mar 1773 James POLLGRAIN son John Mary  
16-May 1773 Richard POLLGRAIN son Richard Elizabeth  
11-Sep 1774 John POLLGRAIN son Richard Elizabeth  
8-Jun 1777 Richard POLLGRAIN son Richard Elizabeth  
2-May 1779 William POLLGRAIN son Richard Elizabeth  
24-Jun 1781 Thomas POLLGRAIN son Richard Elia  
23-Feb 1783 Elizabeth POLLGRAIN daughter Richard Elizabeth  
31-Oct 1761 Elizabeth POTTER daughter Edward Elizabeth  
15-Jun 1783 Thomas POTTER base born son ******** Elizabeth  
2-Dec 1744 Thomasine POWELL daughter Francis Loveday  
15-Dec 1745 Thomasine POWELL daughter Francis Loveday  
24-Aug 1728 Joan PROUT daughter John Mary  
10-May 1730 John PROUT son William Jane  
17-Aug 1730 John PROUT son John Mary  
25-Mar 1732 Anne PROUT daughter John Mary  
29-Mar 1732 William PROUT son William Jane  
11-Jun 1733 Robert PROUT son William Jane  
10-Apr 1734 Elisabeth PROUT daughter John Mary  
30-Jan 1734 Jane PROUT daughter William Jane  
24-Feb 1735 Philippa PROUT daughter John Mary  
21-Dec 1737 Peter PROUT son William Jane  
4-Apr 1738 John PROUT son John Mary  
1-Jan 1740 William PROUT son John Mary  
24-May 1743 Temperance PROUT daughter John Mary  
2-Oct 1745 Eleanor PROUT daughter Jno Mary  
9-Jun 1764 Grace PROUT daughter John Gertrude  
5-Jun 1765 Mary PROUT daughter John Gertrude  
6-Oct 1766 Gertrude PROUT daughter John Gertrude  
25-Jan 1768 Jane PROUT daughter John Gertrude  
18-Oct 1769 John PROUT son John Gertrude  
3-Feb 1771 John PROUT son John Gertrude  
8-Apr 1771 William PROUT son Robt Susanna  
24-May 1772 Elizabeth PROUT daughter John Gertrude  
31-May 1773 Mary PROUT daughter Robert Susanna  
8-Nov 1774 William PROUT son William Agness  
16-Feb 1777 Elizabeth PROUT daughter Willm Agnes  
10-May 1778 Robert PROUT son Robert Susanna  
8-Jun 1778 Margaret PROUT daughter John Grace  
13-May 1781 Mary PROUT daughter William Agnis  
3-Feb 1783 John PROUT son Robert Susanna  
4-May 1783 Agnis PROUT daughter William Agnis  
25-Feb 1787 Richard Tooker PROUT son William Agnes  
25-Dec 1799 Robert PROUT son John Mary  
4-Jun 1800 Elisabeth Denis PROUT base daughter ******** Eliz:  
11-Jul 1802 Mary PROUT daughter John Mary  
16-Sep 1804 Elisabeth PROUT daughter John Mary  
29-Jul 1810 William PROUT son John Mary  
8-Aug 1755 Ann RANDEL daughter John Elisabeth  
15-Jan 1758 Robert RANDEL son John Elisabeth  
21-Mar 1759 Robert RANDEL son John Sarah  
31-Jul 1762 Catharine RANDEL daughter John Sarah  
17-Oct 1766 Sarah RANDLE daughter William Joan  
19-Apr 1800 Robert RANDLE son John Mary  
15-Jul 1810 Jane RANDLE daughter James Dorothy  
17-Feb 1811 Sampson Masters RANDLE base son ******** Sarah  
14-May 1764 John RAUNDLE son John Sarah  
5-Jun 1769 Elizabeth RAUNDLE daughter John Sarah  
17-Jul 1771 William RAUNDLE son John Sarah  
4-Apr 1774 Betty RAUNDLE daughter John Sarah  
19-May 1776 James RAUNDLE son John Sarah  
27-Feb 1781 Dorothy RAUNDLE daughter John Sarah  
10-Oct 1802 John RAUNDLE son John Mary  
29-Sep 1805 Mary RAUNDLE daughter James Mary  
11-May 1806 William RAUNDLE son John Mary  
26-Jul 1812 Fanny RAUNDLE daughter James Dorothy  
24-Aug 1726 John REDDICLIFF son Roger Jane  
11-Jun 1729 Mary REDDICLIFFE daughter Roger Jane  
14-Nov 1731 Grace REDDICLIFFE daughter Roger Jane  
20-Jun 1734 Roger REDDICLIFFE son Roger Jane  
12-May 1776 Richard REE son Richard Anne of Cornwall
24-Nov 1777 John REE son Richard Ann of Cornwall
12-Aug 1764 Ann REED daughter John Elizabeth  
30-Jan 1766 William REED son John Elizabeth  
19-Jul 1768 Peter REED twin child John Elizabeth two baptisms in one entry
19-Jul 1768 Elizabeth REED twin child John Elizabeth two baptisms in one entry
28-Feb 1770 John REED son John Elizabeth  
1-Jan 1772 Charity Searle REED daughter John Elizabeth  
26-Dec 1773 James REED son John Elizabeth  
13-Aug 1776 Alice REED daughter John Elizabeth twin
13-Aug 1776 Sarah REED daughter John Elizabeth twin
2-Apr 1797 James REED son John Elisabeth  
5-Nov 1809 Mary REED daughter John Ann  
23-Jan 1760 Jane REEVE daughter William Agnes  
24-Nov 1762 Jacob REEVE son William Agnes  
26-Feb 1764 Sarah REEVE daughter William Agness  
11-Mar 1764 Robert RETH son John Jane  
30-Aug 1765 Mary RETH daughter John Jane  
4-Feb 1770 Thomozin RETH daughter William Thomazin  
16-Jul 1786 Jane REYNELLS daughter James Johanna  
19-Feb 1745 Elisabeth REYNOLDS daughter James Jane  
23-Dec 1747 John REYNOLDS son James Jane  
21-Feb 1749 James REYNOLDS son James Jane  
3-Jan 1753 Joshua REYNOLDS son James Jane  
14-Apr 1799 Thomas Mason REYNOLDS base born son ******** Sarah  
7-Jun 1775 James REYNOLLS son James Joanna  
18-Apr 1778 Joshua REYNOLLS daughter James Joanna  
29-Nov 1779 Joanna REYNOLLS daughter James Joanna  
13-Nov 1781 Sarah REYNOLLS daughter James Joanna  
24-Feb 1783 Jane REYNOLLS daughter James Joanna  
29-Aug 1776 Joanna REYNOLS daughter James Joanna  
30-Sep 1784 William REYNOLS son James Joanna  
25-Jul 1794 John RICE son Roger Mary  
2-Sep 1798 Mary RICE daughter Roger Mary  
7-Dec 1805 Mary RICE daughter Thomas Susanna  
7-Dec 1805 Ann RICE daughter Thomas Susanna  
14-Feb 1808 Thomas RICE son Thomas Susanna  
7-Jan 1810 Mary Coran RICE daughter Thomas Susanna  
19-Apr 1812 Susanna RICE daughter Thomas Susanna  
30-Jul 1732 Joan RICHARDS daughter ******** Elisabeth base born, Widow
18-Nov 1739 Bartholomew Maynard RICHARDS son John Elisabeth  
4-Jul 1742 John RICHARDS son John Eliz:  
14-Aug 1744 Richard RICHARDS son John Elisabeth deceased
8-Sep 1728 Robert RITH son John Christian  
14-May 1731 Elisabeth RITH daughter John Christian  
25-Nov 1733 John RITH son John Christian  
4-Jul 1736 Samuel RITH son John Christian  
3-Sep 1738 Mary RITH daughter John Christian  
24-Jun 1743 William RITH son John Christian  
15-May 1745 William RITH son John Christian  
30-Sep 1759 John RITH son John Jane  
19-Nov 1809 Mary-Ann ROATH base daughter ******** Thomasin  
6-Dec 1723 John ROBERTS son William Patience  
25-Feb 1727 Elisabeth ROBERTS daughter Willm Patience  
1-Mar 1731 William ROBERTS son William Patience  
20-Nov 1733 William ROBERTS son Willm Patience  
13-Nov 1725 Philippa ROUSE daughter Stephen Christian  
11-Jun 1733 Honour ROUSE daughter Stephen Christian  
17-Sep 1738 Mary ROUTLY daughter William Alice  
10-Feb 1739 George ROUTLY son William Alice  
4-Mar 1723 Henry ROWE son Gilbert Jane  
25-Jul 1727 John ROWE son Gilbert Jane  
18-Mar 1729 Gilbert ROWE son Gilbert Jane  
5-Jul 1732 Joan ROWE daughter Gilbert Jane  
20-Jan 1733 Bartholomew ROWE son Gilbert Jane widow
7-Mar 1768 Grace ROWE daughter Thomas Mary  
6-Feb 1773 Arthur ROWE son Thos Mary  
13-Aug 1775 Anne ROWE daughter Thomas Mary  
1-Jan 1779 Betty ROWE daughter Thomas Mary  
27-Oct 1782 Betty ROWE daughter Thomas Mary  
1-Oct 1786 John ROWE son Thomas Mary  
10-Aug 1789 Susanna ROWE daughter Thomas Mary  
12-May 1795 Mary Ann ROWE daughter Roger Ann  
12-Aug 1798 Thomas ROWE son Roger Ann  
19-Jan 1806 Thos. Western ROWE son Arthur Ann  
28-Feb 1808 Jane ROWE daughter Arthur Anne  
9-Apr 1797 Thomas RUNDLE son Samuel Hannah  
9-Feb 1806 James RUNDLE son James Dorothy  
27-Nov 1808 Ann RUNDLE daughter James Dorothy  
28-May 1809 Elisabeth RUNDLE daughter John Mary  
26-Jul 1812 Sarah RUNDLE daughter William Sarah  
7-May 1766 William RYALL son John Elizabeth  
13-Mar 1768 Oliver RYALL son John Elizabeth  
3-Nov 1771 Mary RYALL daughter John Elizabeth  
6-Oct 1774 Prudence RYALL daughter John Elizabeth  
30-Apr 1782 John RYALL son Richd Betty  
25-Aug 1793 Mary RYALL daughter William Mary  
17-May 1795 John RYALL son William Mary  
2-May 1798 Elisabeth RYALL daughter William Mary  
11-May 1800 Hannah RYALL daughter William Mary  
5-Mar 1806 Sally RYALL daughter Willm Mary  
14-Jul 1807 Oliver RYALL son Oliver Sarah  
26-Sep 1726 John SALMON son William Eliz: Vicr.
12-Jul 1738 Mary-Elizabeth SALMON daughter Thomas Frances Clerk
23-Mar 1793 Jonathan SARGEANT son William Elisabeth  
23-Oct 1796 Ann SARGEANT daughter William Elizabeth  
29-Nov 1789 Grace SARGENT daughter John Ann  
26-Jan 1800 William SARGENT son William Elisabeth  
20-Jun 1802 Elisabeth SARGENT daughter Wm Elisabeth  
12-Jan 1805 Jonathan SARGENT son William Eliz:  
11-Jun 1809 Gertrude SARGENT daughter William Eliz:  
30-Jul 1810 John SATEHILL son John Mary  
4-Jun 1790 William SATTARY son Thomas Ann  
15-Oct 1746 James SERJEANT son James Mary  
28-Aug 1785 Susana SHEEPARD daughter William Ann  
11-Sep 1805 Peter SIMMONS son Samuel Joan  
10-Feb 1811 Susanna SIMMONS daughter Samuel Joan  
1-Oct 1738 David SLEEMAN son William Anne  
3-Mar 1730 Henry SOUTHEY son Henry Susanna  
27-Oct 1783 Thomas SPENCER son Thomas Mary  
1-Aug 1785 Tho: Perin SPENCER son Tho: Mary  
1-Aug 1788 John SPENCER son Thomas Mary  
1-Aug 1788 George SPENCER son Thomas Mary  
18-Oct 1790 Elisabeth SPENCER daughter Thomas Mary  
27-Mar 1795 Robert SPENCER son Thomas Mary  
30-Aug 1724 Susanna SPETTIGUE daughter John Hannah  
12-Feb 1786 Richard SPRY son Richard Ann  
22-Jun 1788 John SPRY son Richard Ann  
3-Jul 1791 William SPRY son Richard Anne  
11-Mar 1795 Mary SPRY daughter Richard Ann  
19-Jun 1796 Ann SPRY daughter Richard Ann  
27-Nov 1805 James SPRY son Richard Grace  
12-Apr 1807 Mary: Ann SPRY daughter Richd Mary  
1-May 1809 Ann SPRY daughter Richard Mary  
6-May 1723 Jane SQUIRE daughter Jonas Anne  
25-Sep 1803 Elisabeth STACEY daughter Robert Eliz:  
16-Feb 1806 Jane STACEY daughter Robert Elisabeth  
1-May 1812 William Langford Fairchild STEPHENS son Wm Betty  
20-Oct 1724 John STITSEN son John Mary  
30-Nov 1727 Elisabeth STITSEN daughter John Mary  
8-Feb 1778 Henry STITSON son Henry Elizabeth  
7-May 1780 Betty STITSON daughter Henry Elizabeth  
5-May 1782 John STITSON son Henry Elizabeth  
1-Sep 1788 George STITSON son Henry Elisabeth  
19-Feb 1792 Ann STITSON daughter Henry Elisabeth  
3-Apr 1803 Mary STITSON daughter Henry Eliz:  
15-Aug 1808 Jane Pellow STITSON daughter John Mary  
16-Dec 1810 Mary STITSON daughter John Mary  
24-Mar 1811 Ann STITSON daughter Henry Elisabeth  
10-Mar 1730 Sarah STITSONE daughter Jno Mary  
14-Dec 1729 Susanna STITSTONE daughter John Mary  
16-Nov 1743 Samuel STITSTONE son Saml Mary  
12-Feb 1745 Mary STITSTONE daughter Samuel Mary  
22-Jun 1748 Henry STITSTONE son Samuel Mary  
28-Dec 1751 Mary STITSTONE base born daughter ******** Joan  
20-Feb 1785 Ann STITSTONE daughter Henry Elizabeth Private
29-Jan 1804 William STOKES base son ******** Sarah  
1-May 1808 John SWEET son John Joanna  
4-Oct 1807 Mary SYMONS daughter Samuel Joan  
13-Apr 1724 Thomas TAR son John Agnes  
29-Nov 1737 Thomas TEAGUE son John Grace  
14-Jan 1738 Elisabeth TEAGUE daughter Jno Grace  
26-Dec 1728 William TOOKER son Edmond Dionysia  
24-Feb 1730 John TOOKER son Mr John Jane of Longbroke
11-Jun 1731 Edmund TOOKER son Edmund Dionysia  
30-Aug 1733 Jane TOOKER daughter Mr John Jane  
10-Sep 1746 John Maynard TOOKER son Richard Elisabeth  
20-Jan 1747 Agnes TOOKER daughter Richd Eliz:  
14-Feb 1749 Mary TOOKER daughter Richard Eliz:  
18-Jun 1751 Maynard TOOKER son Richard Elisabeth  
29-Oct 1752 Dionisia TOOKER daughter Richard Grace  
20-Apr 1755 William TOOKER son Richard Grace  
27-Dec 1755 Richard TOOKER son Richard Elisabeth  
8-Aug 1759 John TOOKER son Richard Elisabeth  
31-Mar 1761 Joseph Maynard TOOKER son Richard Elizabeth  
31-Jan 1762 Mary TOOKER daughter Richard Grace  
12-Jan 1763 Pasco Ward TOOKER son Richard Elizabeth  
20-Oct 1771 Susanna TOUNSEND daughter William Philippa  
28-Apr 1765 Jane TOWNSEND daughter William Philippa  
29-Mar 1767 Mary TOWNSEND daughter William Philippa  
7-Nov 1769 William TOWNSEND son William Philippa  
1-May 1774 Philippa TOWNSEND daughter William Philippa  
19-Nov 1797 Jane TOWNSEND daughter William Elisabeth  
16-Feb 1800 William TOWNSEND son William Elisabeth  
20-Jun 1802 Philley TOWNSEND daughter Wm Elisabeth  
28-Oct 1804 Thomasin TOWNSEND daughter William Eliz:  
22-Apr 1724 John TRAISE son Robert Henrietta  
24-Jul 1726 Anne TRAISE daughter Arthur Mary father deceased
6-Jul 1729 Richard TRAISE son Robert Elisabeth Junr.
21-Sep 1731 Mary TRAISE daughter Robert Elisabeth  
22-Jun 1733 Joseph TRAISE son Robert Elisabeth  
30-Jan 1735 James TRAISE son Robert Elisabeth  
18-Feb 1738 William TRAISE son Robert Elisabeth  
26-Jun 1471 James TRAISE son Robert Eliz:  
2-Mar 1743 Mary TRAISE daughter Robert Elisabeth  
7-Aug 1747 Robert TRAISE son Robert Elisabeth  
14-Apr 1751 John TRAISE son Robt Elisabeth  
28-May 1723 Henry TREMEER son Henry Grace  
28-Sep 1724 Jane TREMEER son Henry Grace  
1-Jan 1726 Thomasine TREMEER daughter Henry Eliz: ye Younger
26-Dec 1729 Henry TREMEER son Henry Elisabeth  
31-Oct 1732 John TREMEER son Jno Elisabeth  
29-May 1733 Henry TREMEER son Henry Grace  
28-Dec 1733 Mary TREMEER daughter John Elisabeth  
2-Nov 1743 Joseph TREMEER son Joseph Elisabeth  
20-May 1746 Betty TREMEER daughter Joseph Elisabeth  
12-Apr 1748 Anne TREMEER daughter Joseph Elisabeth  
21-Mar 1750 Mary TREMEERE daughter Joseph Elisabeth  
11-Jun 1753 John TREMEERE son Joseph Elisabeth  
8-Dec 1754 Henry TREMEERE son Henry Elisabeth  
17-Mar 1761 Elizabeth TREMERE daughter John Mary  
21-Apr 1776 John TREMERE son Henry Elizabeth  
25-Oct 1801 Walter Spry TREMLES base son ******** Mary  
16-Jan 1765 Elizabeth TRETHEWY daughter Benjamin Elizabeth of the parish of St. Tissy in the County of Cornwall
31-Jul 1741 Richard TRICK son George Mary als TRIM
23-Oct 1743 Anne TRICK daughter George Mary als. TRIM
11-Jan 1746 William TRICK son George Mary als. TRIM
7-Dec 1748 Anne TRICK daughter George Mary als TRIM
6-Feb 1750 Mary TRICK daughter George Mary als TRIM
13-Jan 1739 Richard TRIM son George Mary als TRICK
15-Mar 1737 George TRIM son George Mary als TRICK
13-Aug 1723 John TUCKER son Richd. Agnes  
8-Nov 1784 Constantine VAWDEN son Oliver Mary  
13-May 1786 John VAWDON son Oliver Mary  
5-Nov 1734 Samson VEAL son Richard Agnes  
18-Oct 1736 Richard VEAL son Richd Agnes  
28-Dec 1738 John VEAL son Richd Agnes  
15-Apr 1471 William VEAL son Richard Agnes  
29-Jan 1745 Mary VEAL daughter Richard Agnes  
25-Jan 1729 William VIGERS son Willm Patience  
14-Nov 1784 William VOSPER base born son ******** Grace  
8-Nov 1807 Anne VOSPER base daughter ******** Susanna  
7-Jun 1756 Oliver VOWDAN son Constaintine Mary  
10-Oct 1731 Elisabeth WADGE daughter Edward Susanna  
7-Apr 1788 John WADGE son John Honour  
24-Jun 1792 Elisabeth WADGE daughter John Honour  
19-Feb 1709 Elizabeth WALE daughter Richard ******** Entry does not appear in register - only made on list in flyleaf
23-Mar 1788 Sarah WALKER daughter Thomas Gertrude  
28-Sep 1785 Maria Grigory WALKER ? daughter Thos: Gartrude  
25-Jan 1808 John WALTAR son Robert Jane  
2-Apr 1729 Pasco WARD son Daniel Elisabeth  
16-May 1731 John WARD son Daniel Elisabeth  
13-Mar 1733 Daniel WARD son Danl Elisabeth  
25-May 1736 Mary WARD daughter Daniel Eliz:  
11-May 1740 Richard WARD son Daniel Elisabeth  
2-Mar 1742 Samuel WARD son Daniel Elisabeth  
14-Feb 1760 Mary WARD daughter John Mary  
18-Jun 1762 Daniel WARD son John Mary  
15-Aug 1764 Elizabeth WARD daughter John Mary  
11-Feb 1767 John WARD son John Mary  
3-Sep 1769 Pascho WARD son John Mary  
17-Apr 1771 Margaret WARD daughter John Mary  
1-Sep 1778 Elizabeth WARD daughter Daniel Mary  
10-May 1785 Mary WARD daughter Daniell Christian  
30-Jan 1787 Jenny WARD daughter Daniel Christian  
30-Jan 1793 Thomas WARD son John Margaret  
27-Feb 1793 Margaret WARD daughter Daniel Christian  
10-May 1794 John WARD son Pasco Elisabeth  
25-Nov 1794 Elisabeth WARD daughter John Margaret  
18-May 1795 Daniel WARD son Daniel Christian  
3-Jan 1797 Mary WARD daughter John Margaret  
10-Jan 1797 Elisabeth WARD daughter Daniel Christian  
29-Oct 1798 Joseph Maynard WARD son John Margaret  
4-Nov 1800 Daniel WARD son John Margaret  
30-Dec 1801 Christian WARD daughter Daniel Christian  
28-Oct 1802 Philip WARD son John Margaret  
28-Mar 1804 Eliza WARD daughter Daniel Christian  
14-Nov 1804 William WARD son John Margaret  
11-Feb 1806 Maria WARD daughter Daniel Christian  
10-Feb 1808 Ann WARD daughter John Margaret  
11-Oct 1810 Francis WARD son John Margaret  
31-May 1791 John WARD Junr. son John Margaret  
1-Nov 1739 Sarah WARREN daughter Emanuel Catharine  
5-May 1742 Emanuel WARREN son Emanuel Catharine  
10-Jul 1745 Elisabeth WARREN daughter Emanuel Catharine  
2-Feb 1747 Joseph WARREN twin child Emanuel Catharine two baptisms in one entry
2-Feb 1747 Jane WARREN twin child Emanuel Catharine two baptisms in one entry
17-Mar 1762 Jane WARREN daughter Francis Jane  
13-Apr 1770 Elizabeth WARREN daughter Emanuel Elizabeth  
22-Apr 1798 William Lock WARREN son ******** Mary  
25-Sep 1785 Mary WEDGE daughter John Honour  
5-Nov 1759 Elizabeth WERREN daughter Francis Jane  
30-Oct 1791 Walter Cole WERRING son William Joanna  
30-May 1780 John WESTAWAY son Jonas Margaret  
5-Nov 1781 Jonas WESTAWAY son Jonas Margaret  
10-Aug 1783 James WESTAWAY son Jonas Margaret  
25-Jul 1742 Mark WESTCOT son Mark Mary  
21-Mar 1786 Grace Rice Westerton WESTERTON base born daughter ******** Mary  
23-Mar 1768 Philippa WESTINGTON daughter Andrew Philippa  
13-Aug 1770 Andrew WESTINGTON son Andrew Philippie  
5-Jan 1773 Elizabeth WESTINGTON daughter Andrew Philippa  
28-Feb 1775 Joan WESTINGTON daughter Andrew Philippa  
14-Sep 1777 John WESTINGTON son Andrew Philippie  
17-Mar 1779 Anne WESTINGTON daughter Andrew Philippie  
20-Apr 1781 John WESTINGTON son Andrew Philippie  
19-Oct 1783 Patience WESTINGTON daughter Andrew Philippie  
4-Oct 1805 Elisabeth Gilbert WESTINGTON base daughter ******** Mary  
5-Mar 1809 Andrew WESTINGTON son John Mary  
22-Sep 1811 John WESTINGTON son John Mary  
15-Feb 1743 Sarah WILLIAMS daughter Wm Sarah of Lamerton
20-Dec 1749 William WILLIAMS son Willm Sarah  
9-Jun 1765 George WILLIAMS son Philip Ann  
25-Sep 1765 Elizabeth WILLIAMS daughter James Hannah  
9-Jun 1768 Anne WILLIAMS daughter James Hannah  
5-Mar 1769 William WILLIAMS son Philip Anne  
22-Jul 1770 Sampson WILLIAMS son Philip Anne  
2-Feb 1771 Katharine WILLIAMS daughter James Hannah  
9-Apr 1773 Miriam WILLIAMS daughter Philip Anne  
4-Jul 1773 George WILLIAMS son James Hannah  
20-May 1782 James WILLIAMS son James Hannah twin
20-May 1782 John WILLIAMS son James Hannah twin
Nov-25 1782 William WILLIAMS son Walter Mary  
17-Feb 1795 Sally WILLIAMS daughter Walter Honour  
14-May 1797 Sarah Folly WILLIAMS daughter Walter Honour  
13-Dec 1801 Philippa WILLIAMS daughter Walter Jane  
23-Apr 1809 James WILLIAMS son James Mary  
8-Jan 1811 Thomas WILLIAMS son James Mary  
16-Dec 1812 George WILLIAMS son James Mary  
7-Sep 1800 Catherine WILLIAMS daughter Walter Honour  
1-Jul 1771 William WISE son William Phoebe  
24-Jul 1774 Phoebe WISE daughter William Phoebe  
21-Nov 1777 Betty WISE daughter William Phoebe  
14-Jan 1781 John WISE son William Phoebe  
5-Jan 1784 Mary WISE daughter William Phoebe  
28-Jan 1787 William WISE son William Phoebe  
18-Feb 1790 James WISE son William Phoebe  
27-Jun 1806 Mary WISE daughter John Amy  
12-Mar 1809 Elisabeth WISE daughter John Amy  
4-Nov 1810 Samuel WISE son John Amy  
23-Mar 1724 Edward WOODMAN son John Mary  
11-May 1743 Mary WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
27-Mar 1745 Sarah WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
27-Nov 1745 Joan WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
29-Jul 1747 Mary WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
31-May 1749 Elisabeth WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
15-Apr 1753 Jane WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
27-Oct 1756 Margaret WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
13-Jun 1759 Richard WOODMAN son Benjamin Mary  
5-Nov 1761 Sarah WOODMAN daughter Benjamin Mary  
14-Aug 1763 Joseph WOODMAN son Benjamin Mary  
4-Feb 1768 Anne WOODMAN daughter John Anne  
17-Jul 1791 Richard WOODMAN son Joseph Elisabeth  
10-Nov 1727 Charles WOOLRIGE son Charles Christian  
5-Nov 1730 John WOOLRIGE son Charles Christian  
1-Nov 1735 Elisabeth WOOLRIGE daughter Charles Christian  
13-Aug 1738 William WOOLRIGE daughter Charles Christian  
4-Mar 1762 Catharine WRIGHT daughter William Sarah  
19-Jul 1730 William YEALAND son John Elisabeth  
13-Jun 1790 Siddy YELLAND daughter John Ann  
5-Aug 1792 Benjamin YELLAND son John Ann  
21-Sep 1794 James YELLAND son John Ann  
16-Apr 1734 Mary YOLDEN daughter John Philippa  
6-Apr 1737 Charity YOLDEN daughter John Philippa