Milton Abbot, Devon

Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries vol. VI, (January 1910 to October 1911), pp. 68-9.


H. Wilson Holman

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Note’s author offers copies of several old documents (deeds) in his possession to anyone interested in writing a Milton Abbot parish history. He provides an example relating to the Stafford and Edgecombe families and dating from the Elizabethan era. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Note 55. MILTON ABBOT, DEVON. - In turning over some old deeds in my possession I came across a number belonging to the parish of Milton Abbot, Devon. As these deeds give topographical details, they may be of interest to some local historian; of one of these deeds I enclose a translation. The seal is unfortunately missing, but on several of the other deeds belonging to this parish there are interesting armorial seals.

In the event of any of your readers being engaged in writing a history of Milton Abbot, or its neighbourhood, I shall be glad to lend him these deeds, which deal with the families of Stafford, Edgecombe, Hooper, etc. Will anyone interested address me direct.

H. Wilson Holman,

4, Lloyds Avenue, London, E.G.

Know all men, present and to come, that I, William Stafford, gentle- man, for a certain sum of money paid in hand to me, the aforenamed William, by one Richard Edgecombe of the Inner Temple of London, gentleman, have given, granted and by this my present charter confirmed to the aforenamed Richard Edgecombe all my messuages, lands, tenements, rents, reversions and services, with their appurtenances, called Treven, lying and being in the parish of Mylton Abbott in the County of Devon, between the parish Church of St. Constantine there on the west and the highway leading from Tavistock to Launceston on the north, and a certain meadow called "Saynt Custenbyne is mede" on the east. To have and to hold all the aforesaid messuages, lands, tenements, and other premises, with their appurtenances, to the aforenamed Richard Edgecombe, his heirs and assigns, for ever, to the sole use, behoof and profit of the same Richard Edgecombe and his heirs for ever, to hold of the chief lords of that fee by the rents and services therefrom heretofore due and of right accustomed. And I, the aforesaid William Stafford, and my heirs, will warrant, acquit and for ever defend by the presents all and singular the aforesaid messuages, lands, tenements and the other premises, wilh their appurtenances, to the aforenamed Richard Edgecombe, his heirs and assigns, in manner and form aforesaid against all people. Moreover, know ye that I, the aforenamed William Stafford, have atturned, constituted and put in my place my well-beloved in Christ John Williams, glover, and John Pudnar, my true and lawful attorneys, jointly and severally to enter for me, in my stead and name, into all the aforesaid messuages, lands, tenements and other premises, with their appurtenances, and to take possession and seisin thereof. And after such possessions and seisin thus taken and had thereof, according to the tenor force, form and effect of this my present charter to him thereof made to deliver in my stead and name to the aforenamed Richard Edgecombe full and peaceful possession and seisin ; ratifying and approving, and willing to ratify and approve, all and whatsoever my said attorneys, or either of them, shall do in my name in the premises. In witness whereof to this my present writing I have affixed my seal. Given on the 26th day of September in the twenty-seventh year of the reign of our Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God of England, France and Ireland, Queen Defender of the Faith, etc., 1585.

(Signed) Wm. Stawford. 
(Endorsed with memoranda of execution and delivery of seisin).

Handwritten: (See Vol. VII, p. 78)