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Milton Abbot Marriages (1654-1754 by Grooms)

Transcribed by Philippa Stout

Published by kind permission of The Venerable Anthony Wilds, Archdeacon of Plymouth

This transcription has been made by me from microfiche copies of the original registers. Difficult to read entries have been checked against a transcription of the Milton Abbot Parish Registers 1653 - 1786 by A.J.P. Skinner at the Devon & Cornwall Record Society, the Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter. No guarantee is given for the accuracy of the transcription. Whilst I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the transcription, researchers are advised to check the original source for themselves. .

Day & Date Year Groom's Forename Groom's Surname Groom's Notes Bride's Forename Bride's Surname Bride's Notes Banns or Licence
20-Jun 1671 William ABRAHAM   Hanna TREWIN of the parish of Stocke Clymsland  
03-Jan 1691 William ABRAHAM   Rosse ALFER    
23-Feb 1667 Davide ALPHER   Elizabeth HARVIE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
09-Apr 1730 Willm ANDREWS of Stoke Climsland Mary MARTEN   after Banns
02-Apr 1732 Richard ARSCOT   Elizabeth KNIGHT   after Banns
08-Mar 1742 John ARSCOT   Blanch HICKES    
05-Jul 1747 John ARSCOT   Miriem MASON    
24-Dec 1672 John ASCOTT   Joane HEALE    
03-Mar 1685 Sampson AXWORTHY   Grace WOODMAN    
14-Dec 1732 John AXWORTHY   Grace PENGELLY   after Banns
26-May 1721 Joseph BADGE   Elizabeth GLIDON of the Parish of Stoke Climsland after Banns
27-Apr 1670 Thomas BADLAM   Siddwell TEGELL    
10-May 1682 John BADLAM   Dorothy HARENE    
30-Nov 1683 Richard BADLAM   Wilmot FOSTER    
01-Mar 1700 John BADLAM   Mary FOSTER    
07-Sep 1723 Gideon BADLAM   Martha LOBB   after Banns
14-Apr 1736 Jacob BADLAM   Elizabeth PEARCE   after Banns
23-May 1744 Roger BADLAM   Grace BICKEL daughter of John  
24-Feb 1679 William BAND   Vsdaw STEPHENS    
08-Oct 1726 John BARTLET   Joan TRAISE   after Banns
13-May 1705 William BEATTEN   Mary AXWORTHY    
05-Feb 1711 Richard BECKELL   Bridgett ROBBINS    
15-Feb 1687 Thomas BECKLE   Johan RONDLE    
12-Apr 1656 Gabriell BENNETT   Elizabeth JOOP   see Banns 1655 - 1658
26-May 1656 John BENNETT   Jane NEWCOMBE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
19-Sep 1692 Thomas BENNETT   Hannah SARGANT    
01-Nov 1695 John BENNETT   Margrett PACHCOTT    
25-Mar 1706 George BENNETT   Mary BROAD    
01-Sep 1747 William BENNETT   Mary COLLINS    
08-Nov 1676 Roger BEST of Lamerton Mary MARTYN    
10-Feb 1740 John BEWES   Eliz. EGBER    
31-Oct 1748 Thomas BICKEL son of Roger Joane DENHAM    
01-Jul 1678 Oliver BICKELL   Joan RUNDLE    
27-Feb 1727 Thomas BICKELL   Hannah EDGCOMBE   after Banns
27-May 1741 Richard BICKELL   Prothesia DOIDGE    
23-Feb 1716 Robert BICKLE   Mary LAUNDER    
15-Oct 1722 Roger BICKLE   Sarah RUNDLE of Tavistock after Banns
04-May 1692 John BILKEY   Johan SLEMAN    
13-Mar 1726 Thomas BLATCHFORD   Barbara SNELL   after Banns
24-Jan 1699 Thomas BLICHFORD   Jone BATE    
27-Apr 1696 John BLYGHT   Elizabeth EDGCOMB    
21-Apr 1680 Paska BOND   Hanna STONE    
21-Sep 1703 Pasko BOND   Phillippa ARSCOTT    
28-Nov 1664 William BOOROW   Joane WEBB    
14-Apr 1743 Valentine BOROUGH   Elizabeth STONEMAN    
26-Oct 1746 Valentine BOROUGH of the Parish of Lifton Elizabeth WOODMAN Widow  
14-Oct 1745 John BOROW   Grace ARSCOT    
02-Jul 1691 Thomas BORROW   Susanna GRIFFITH    
10-Nov 1691 John BORROW   Margrett VEAL    
31-Dec 1706 John BORROW   Elizabeth ABBOTT    
09-Feb 1717 Samson BOWHY   Judith SLEEMAN    
24-Dec 1656 William BRAY   Mary BRIANT   see Banns 1655 - 1658
19-May 1680 William BRAY   Hanna BENNETT    
22-May 1697 William BRAY   Catherin WALTER    
10-Oct 1655 Degory BUCKET   Agnes ROBBINS   see Banns 1655 - 1658
13-Feb 1737 Walter BURGOIN of Tavistoc Mary BICKEL daughter of John  
28-Mar 1671 William BURLEIGH of Sydenham Damerell Mary JACKMAN    
14-Nov 1683 William BURLEIGH   Johan SKELLY    
29-Jul 1723 Peter BURLEIGH   Elizabeth BOROW   after Banns
07-Apr 1746 John BURLEIGH   Joan WINNICOT    
23-Jun 1713 John BURNAFORD   Dionisha BURNAFORD    
01-Jan 1700 William BURNMAN   Ann CORAM    
23-May 1704 Robert BURNMAN   Jane BROWN    
14-May 1743 Antony CAKE   Elizabeth VEAL    
11-May 1697 Hiram CALLAMY   Jane BENNETT    
11-Apr 1707 Franke CANTER   Ann ROBERTS    
14-May 1720 Richard CAUNTER   Jane SCOBELL   after Banns
09-Nov 1724 Thomas CAWSEY   Patience SCAWEN   after Banns
06-Feb 1698 Richard CHAPEL   Elizabeth MAYNARD    
25-Mar 1710 Francis CHARLS   Thomsin TREMEER    
14-Oct 1681 John CIST   Eulaly WILKAY    
09-Jun 1727 William CLARKE   Susanna KINSMAN   after Banns
19-Jan 1725 William COAD   Joan ARSCOT   after Banns
23-Oct 1748 Isaac COAD   Mary WOODMAN Widow  
21-Jul 1690 Nicholas CODLOPE   Elizabeth TOOKER    
02-Aug 1715 Walter COLE   Sarah COLE   after Banns
31-Jan 1731 Roger COLE   Audrey ARSCOT   after Banns
29-Sep 1739 Walter COLE   Honour GEE of Lamerton  
08-May 1685 Petter COLLING   Thomsin ELFORD    
06-Jul 1689 Oliver COLLING   Johan CROUSE    
11-Oct 1670 John COLLINGS   Mary CODE    
30-Oct 1716 Joseph COLLINS   Elizabeth RUNDLE    
14-Apr 1736 William COLLINS   Elizabeth BADLAM    
02-Mar 1741 William COLLINS Widower Elizabeth STROUT    
08-Apr 1745 John COLLINS son of Henry Prothesia BICKEL Widow  
21-Jan 1750 John COLLINS son of Thomas Elizabeth COAD    
01-Oct 1717 John COMB   Joan SLEEMAN    
08-Apr 1725 Jacob CORAM   Sarah JAKEMAN   by Licence from the Court of Exon.
19-Mar 1741 John CORAM   Elizabeth COLLINS    
26-Feb 1721 John CORUM Junr.   Eleanor COLE of Peter Tavy by Licence from the Court of Exon. Bearing Date Feb: 15. 1721  
10-Dec 1749 William COURTES son of Oliver Elizabeth READ of this Parish  
17-Nov 1730 Oliver COURTIS   Elizabeth HAWKINS daughter fo Richd of Uppaton after Banns
30-Apr 1737 Jno. COURTIS   Mary LANG    
29-Sep 1748 Richard COURTIS of the Parish of Lyfton Joan PAWLEY    
15-Jul 1721 John CRAB   Mary WARD   after Banns
20-Jul 1659 Robert CRABB   Alce TALBUTT    
05-Feb 1676 John CRABB   Joane TREMEERE    
01-Apr 1740 Joseph CRABB   Mary PENROSE    
30-Oct 1676 Henry CRABBE of Stoke Clymsland Joane PAWLIN    
17-Nov 1691 John CREEPSON   Seusana HARRESE    
19-Jul 1748 Henry CROSSMAN   Joan NEWTE daughter of James  
13-Feb 1749 Walter CROSSMAN   Anne GILBERT    
25-Jun 1734 John CUDLIP   Elizabeth ARSCOT daughter of Const. after Banns
25-Feb 1666 Steven CUDLOP   Margret DOLTIN    
30-Oct 1667 John CUNDAY the elder Joane RUBBIE    
05-Mar 1742 John DART   Mary TREMEER    
24-Dec 1711 Francis DAVEY   Mary CORAM    
27-Apr 1717 Weymouth DAVIE   Mary WARREN    
11-Sep 1750 John DEACON of Lamerton Mary TRESCOT    
04-Oct 1724 William DEADLAKE   Martha EDWARDS   after Banns
29-Mar 1750 David DINNER of the Parish of Bradstone Dinah GILBERT    
06-Nov 1673 Thomas DODRIDGE   Loveday PEARSE    
10-Jul 1654 Bartholomewe DOIDGE   Rebecka WARR    
15-May 1655 Richard DOIDGE   Elizabeth CATER    
20-Dec 1657 Philip DOIDGE   Rose KNIGHT    
08-Jul 1658 Richarde DOIDGE   Mary WOODMAN    
25-Feb 1659 William DOIDGE   Alce NUTON    
02-Oct 1660 Richarde DOIDGE marchant Mary EDGCOMB    
28-Oct 1661 Walter DOIDGE   Joane SLADE    
24-Nov 1666 James DOIDGE   Mary NEWTON    
11-May 1670 Richarde DOIDGE of newton Bridgett SCREEGE    
23-May 1671 John DOIDGE the sonne of John of Quither Elizabeth EDGCOMBE    
28-Nov 1671 Nicholas DOIDGE   Thomasin HAMBLY    
23-May 1676 John DOIDGE of Queder Mary TREMEER    
14-Nov 1682 Morish DOIDGE   Mary SAM    
05-Apr 1691 Philip DOIDGE   Hanna BORROUGH    
09-Aug 1692 Richard DOIDGE   Philip TREEMEER    
02-Mar 1700 James DOIDGE   Dorothy EDEY    
20-Apr 1701 William DOIDGE   Grace SARGENT    
02-Sep 1702 Andrew DOIDGE   Jane CULACUT    
29-May 1703 John DOIDGE   Grace WOODMAN    
17-Feb 1730 John DOIDGE   Miriam HORREL   after Banns
27-Dec 1739 James DOIDGE   Dorothy BODDY of Trevalga  
30-Jun 1658 John DOTTIN   Margertt TOOKER   see Banns 1655 - 1658
17-Jun 1687 Thomas DRAKE   Mary WEBB    
14-Oct 1722 Thomas DRAKE   Elizabeth BENNETT   after Banns
09-Jun 1731 John EASTCOT   Grace VOIDEN   after Banns
01-Jan 1687 John EDDY   Elizabeth BENNETT    
02-Jul 1717 Henry EDEY   Grace CRIPSEN    
09-Nov 1657 Arthur EDGCOMB   Philep COUCH   see Banns 1655 - 1658
02-Dec 1662 Richard EDGCOMB   Gullian LOVES    
16-Dec 1679 William EDGCOMB   Grace BICKELL    
24-Apr 1694 Richard EDGCOMB   Elizabeth REED    
22-Sep 1691 John EDGCOMBE   Elizabeth MAYNARD    
30-Apr 1715 John EDGCOMBE   Honour SPRIE   after Banns
03-Dec 1715 Nicholas EDGCOMBE Mr Elizabeth DILL Mrs after Banns
24-Apr 1733 Pierce EDGCOMBE Gent. Elizabeth EDGCOMBE daughter of Hannah, Wid. after Banns
27-Dec 1733 Thomas EDGCOMBE Gent. Grace HAWKINS daughter of Mr Edwd.  
27-Aug 1655 Austeene EGBEARE   Elizabeth TOOKER   see Banns 1655 - 1658
04-Mar 1734 Oliver EGBEER   Catherine WALKEY   after Banns
28-Oct 1685 Augustine EGBER   Sousan MARTTON    
10-Nov 1654 Abraham ELFORD   Beaton STACY    
02-Dec 1727 Edward ELFORD   Joan SLEEP   after Banns
16-Jul 1753 William ELLES of Marystow Joan CROSMAN Widow  
25-May 1723 James ELLIOTT   Joan BURNMAN alias NEWBERRY after Banns
20-Jul 1691 John ELLIS of Yalmton Grase GOLLS    
03-Jul 1658 William FACY   Joane WATERVEALE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
19-Jun 1746 John FAREWEL   Elizabeth CHAPMAN of Tavistoc  
18-Jul 1753 Richard FREEMAN of Soth Syddenham Joan HAWKINS    
23-Dec 1658 James FROST   Joane PRATER    
12-Apr 1726 William FURZ   Mary JOHNS   after Banns
25-Jun 1751 Richard GALLSWORTHY   Mary FEATHERSTONE    
25-Sep 1706 John GEDDEY   Pasko HAUTON    
21-Aug 1692 George GEDDY   Catheren JACKES    
05-Jun 1688 George GEEDDY   Mary WESTLAKE    
27-Apr 1690 John GEEDDY   Elizabeth JACKES    
29-Nov 1664 John GIDDY   Joane BENNETT    
03-Aug 1725 Richard GILBERT   Joan NICHOLS   after Banns
01-Apr 1716 Henry GILL   Anne HALLS   after Banns
03-Feb 1754 John GILL of the Parish of Tavistock Prothesia EDGCUMBE    
10-Apr 1705 Tristam GLANEFELL   Joan BECKELL    
23-Jul 1689 Bartholomew GLEDEN   Ane VRENSHIP    
11-Apr 1710 John GRADDEN   Jane RINDALL    
10-Aug 1724 Richard GREGORY   Elizabeth HARPER   after Banns
27-Nov 1749 Richard GREGORY son of Richd. Als. GREG., Elizabeth READ Wid. Of St. Winoe, Cornwal  
14-Feb 1719 Thomas HALE   Sarah RUNDLE   after Banns
07-Feb 1654 Daniell HAM   Thomsine ROWE    
22-Apr 1657 John HAM   Thomsine DOIDGE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
21-Jun 1658 John HAM   Agnes SENDALL   see Banns 1655 - 1658
14-Nov 1664 William HAM   Pressella HOBB    
15-Jul 1667 Oliver HAM   Margery BACKWAY    
21-Sep 1687 Roger HAM   Alce HAM    
17-Nov 1711 Richard HARPER   Grace DOIDGE    
03-Oct 1726 William HARPER of ye Parish of Bradstone Elizabeth PAUL   after Banns
08-Apr 1735 Thomas HARPER   Mary BINNEY   after Banns
25-May 1721 Thomas HARRIS of Marystow Prothesia EDGCOMBE Mrs after Banns
03-May 1725 Thomas HARRIS of Marystow Margaret HAWKINS daughter of Mr Danl.  
29-Mar 1731 William HARRIS   Mary DOIDGE   after Banns
01-Jan 1658 Richarde HART   Joan PAULIN    
27-Jan 1744 Timothy HART Mariner Mary PELLOE daughter of Oliver  
07-May 1661 Samuell HAWKINGE   Wilmot JORDAN    
13-Dec 1687 Philip HAWKINS   Em SARJANT    
13-Oct 1691 Richard HAWKINS   Elizabeth FASY    
10-May 1701 Gideon HAWKINS   Mary JACKMAN    
24-May 1723 Richd HAWKINS Junr., of Upperton Prothesia TUCKER   after Banns
01-Jun 1732 Daniel HAWKINS Mr Prudence BRETT Mrs, of St. Stephens near Launceston by Licence from the Court of Exon.
23-Feb 1657 John HAWTON   Agnes BASLEY   see Banns 1655 - 1658
07-Jan 1661 John HAWTON   Jane SHORT    
26-Apr 1664 John HAWTON   Honor HINDE    
22-Jun 1700 Stephen HAWTON   Jone BEWE    
11-Jul 1724 Stephen HAWTON   Sarah WISE   after Banns
03-Dec 1738 Thomas HEALE   Joan HORRELL    
12-Dec 1727 John HERNE   Joan WARREN   after Banns
08-May 1748 John HERNE   Elizabeth BICKEL daughter of Richard  
27-Mar 1752 John HERNE   Thomasine TREMEERE    
26-Feb 1714 William HILL   Bride HARDEN   after Banns
08-Nov 1702 Thomas HOCKADAY   Catherin CAUNTER    
05-Sep 1657 Nicholas HOLACK   Grace DOIDGE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
02-Feb 1666 John HOOPER   Charity GOODMAN    
24-Jun 1694 John HOOPER   Elizabeth BEWE    
26-Oct 1730 Philip HORNE   Elizabeth TREMEER widow after Banns
31-Jul 1658 Richarde HORRILL   Denis GEEST    
04-Jun 1659 William HORRILL   Marriane BADCOTT    
27-Jan 1731 Constantine HORRILL   Joanna DOIDGE of Lew-Trenchard after Banns
09-Jul 1679 Constantine HORWILL   Grace SOPER    
08-Oct 1695 John HORWILL   Elizabeth VEAL    
14-Dec 1698 Richard HORWILL   Elizabeth GREEFE    
13-May 1701 John HORWILL   Mary MOON    
28-Dec 1723 Arthur HORWILL   Grace PROUT of Lamerton after Banns
20-Oct 1722 Thomas HUGGENS   Eliz: COMBE   after Banns
26-Jul 1655 Richarde JACKMAN   Rebeca EDGCOMBE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
04-Feb 1664 Constantine JACKMAN   Elizabeth SLEMAN    
27-Jul 1672 Constantine JACKMAN   Margarett AUNGER    
29-Sep 1750 William JACKMAN   Anne RUNDLE    
28-May 1685 John JACKS   Johan WEBB    
14-Feb 1726 William JAKEMAN   Grace HAWKINS   after Banns
14-May 1744 Humphry JEFFERIES of Lifton Elizabeth PARSONS Widow  
15-Apr 1751 John JEWELL   Elizabeth MAYNARD Widw,  
04-Feb 1702 William JOHNS   Mary HAUK    
08-Dec 1712 Stephen JOHNS   Grace DAW    
13-May 1704 James JORDAN   Catherine AUNGER    
28-Aug 1656 Michall KINSMAN   Alce CROSMAN   see Banns 1655 - 1658
11-May 1667 Thomas KINSMAN   Alce DOIDGE    
03-Mar 1740 John KINSMAN   Mary HERN    
17-Sep 1749 Richard KINSMAN   Mary YARD    
07-Feb 1736 William KITTOE   Susanna CRIPSEN    
11-Jun 1752 Thomas KNAPMAN   Elizabeth TREMEERE    
29-Dec 1732 George KNILL Mr, of Callington Mary PIKE Mrs after Banns
06-May 1727 Thomas LANG   Grace HORWILL of Coryton after Banns
14-Aug 1733 Oliver LANG the Elder Ruth PALMER of Lamerton after Banns
06-Jan 1728 Oliver LANG Senr. Catharine MARTEN   after Banns
15-Jan 1660 Peeter LAUNDER   Margery SARGENT    
31-Dec 1677 John LAUNDER   Catherine EGBEARE    
06-Feb 1753 Andrew LAVINGTON Mr, of Tavistock Joanna BASTARD Mrs, Widow by Licence
27-Jan 1744 James LAWES Mariner Jane PELLOE daughter of Oliver  
17-Jan 1670 James LEERE   Mary DOIDGE    
17-May 1695 Samuel LINE   Jone SMYTH    
24-Aug 1728 William LOBB   Joan WILLIAMS of Lamerton after Banns
14-Oct 1710 John LUXMOORE   Elizabeth ROBBINS    
27-May 1745 John LYAL   Margery BOROW    
22-Sep 1700 William MARTEN   Phillippa EDGCOMBE    
20-Nov 1703 John MARTEN   Joan REED    
30-Oct 1742 Thomas MARTEN son of Thos. Catherine STEVENS of Stoke Climsland  
01-Dec 1744 Joseph MARTEN   Hannah CORNISH    
17-Apr 1750 Charles MARTEN   Joan DOIDGE daughter of George  
10-Apr 1697 Thomas MARTINE   Mary MORGIN    
03-Jun 1683 Thomas MARTTON   Phillep WOODMAN    
06-Feb 1685 Thomas MARTTON   Sara MAYNARD    
01-Jun 1735 William MARTYN   Grace COLLINS   after Banns
31-Mar 1745 Simon MASON   Susanna BYMANT    
27-Feb 1746 Thomas MASON son of Thomas Mary BROWN    
20-Apr 1701 John MAY   Sarah WOODMAN    
28-Apr 1713 John MAY   Philippa STROUT    
19-Feb 1677 Joseph MAYNARD   Agness PENGELLY    
17-May 1682 Joseph MAYNARD   Jone HAM    
16-Jul 1682 Bartholomew MAYNARD   Elizabeth SMYTH    
11-Jun 1689 Bartholomew MAYNARD   Jane DENHAM    
22-Jun 1689 Richard MAYNARD   Alce COUCH    
20-Jul 1691 Richard MAYNARD   Johan ROBINS    
15-May 1709 Richard MAYNARD   Elizabeth BLISHFORD    
12-Dec 1720 Bartholomew MAYNARD   Mary CRAB   after Banns
28-Sep 1721 Joseph MAYNARD   Rebecca LANGMAN of the Parish of Lawhitton after Banns
26-Dec 1726 Joseph MAYNARD Junr. Elizabeth JAKEMAN   after Banns
11-Jan 1746 William MAYNARD   Mary MARTEN    
05-Feb 1655 William MAYNORDE   Jane CARNIE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
07-Jun 1658 Walter MAYNORDE   Margeret EGBEARE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
25-Jun 1700 John MINSEN   Frances GONDEL    
13-Jan 1704 John MONK   Ann MICHELL    
25-Oct 1654 Richarde MOORE   Mary NICHOLL    
30-Jan 1744 Simon MURPHY Mariner Elizabeth PELLOE daughter of Oliver  
05-Nov 1689 Henry NICHOLS   Jane TELLDER    
07-Jul 1705 Hennery NICHOLS   Joan WISE    
27-Sep 1720 Thomas NICHOLS   Elizabeth HARRY   after Banns
21-Oct 1666 John NICKOLL   Margery HAM    
09-Dec 1685 John NORISH   Elizabeth DERNEM    
22-Dec 1718 William NORRIS   Elizabeth CORAM    
22-May 1741 William Marshal NORRIS of the Parish of St. Andrews Plymouth Elizabeth WARREN    
14-Nov 1671 John OLIVER   Jane CROSSMAN    
10-Aug 1712 John OULFORD   Elizabeth GERREY    
27-Jan 1711 John OUSMAN   Mary HORWILL    
09-Jul 1717 John OXENHAM   Mary BURLEIGH    
24-Feb 1744 John OXENHAM   Grace LANG Widow  
22-Jul 1688 Joseph PAINTTER   Jone TREESE    
06-Oct 1738 Thomas PARSONS Mr Elizabeth NORRIS daughter of the Widow Eliz: by Licence from the Court of Exon.
06-Feb 1668 Robert PASSON   Thomsine EDGCOMBE    
06-Jan 1674 Michael PAULY   Penelope ADDAMS    
10-Jan 1660 John PEARCE   Dorothy DRAKE    
11-Aug 1745 Edward PEARCE   Philippa JAMES    
31-Jan 1751 James PEARCE   Elizabeth COURTISE of St. Stephens by Licence
06-Feb 1724 William PELLOE   Susanna GALLSWORTHY   after Banns
25-Jun 1727 Edward PHYSICK   Philippa WILLIAMS   after Banns
09-Jan 1753 Roger PIERCE   Dorothy DOIDGE Widow  
17-Dec 1703 Ralph PIKE   Mary EDGCOMB    
01-Dec 1716 John PIKE   Agnes STRIKE    
06-Dec 1731 Abraham PIKE   Elizabeth CLARKE   after Banns
11-Apr 1657 Arthur PODE   Mary WARRE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
07-May 1662 Sinkler POMERE   Frances RETH    
30-Dec 1697 John PROUT   Mary AXWORTHY    
17-Nov 1682 James RANDLE   Phillep JACKS    
01-Sep 1752 Joseph READ   Mary EDDY    
22-Aug 1709 Ralph REAKCORDE   Grace MAYNARD    
04-Dec 1725 Roger REDDICLIFF   Jane GROVES   after Banns
17-Oct 1677 John REED   Philep VEALE    
25-Mar 1752 Henry REEDE of the Parish of Jacobstowe Susanna DAW    
03-Aug 1753 Joseph REEP of Stoke Climsland Jane CAUNTER    
25-Jul 1753 William REEUE   Agnes CORAM    
25-Apr 1702 Robert RETH   Mary BASLE    
11-Apr 1745 James REYNOLDS   Jane CHARD    
24-Aug 1738 John RICHARDS   Elizabeth MAYNARD daughter of Richd.  
05-Nov 1748 John RITH of the Parish of Lyfton Joan COAD daughter of Wm.  
08-May 1656 Constantine ROBBINS   Susanna SARGENT   see Banns 1655 - 1658
06-Jul 1664 John ROBBINS   Frances FRAGELL    
06-Jun 1665 George ROBBINS   Mary TURNER    
01-Sep 1723 Willm ROBERTS   Patience BENNETT   after Banns
23-May 1752 William ROBERTS Widower Hannah WINTON Widow  
01-Nov 1680 John ROBINS   Elenor AXWORTHY    
19-Jun 1681 John ROBINS of Cilaton Anne SMALLACOMB    
26-Dec 1724 Stephen ROUSE   Christian HATCH   after Banns
18-Oct 1672 Walter ROWE of Lamerton Joane EGBERE the daughter of Oliver  
14-Nov 1723 Gilbert ROWE   Jane HAWTON   after Banns
16-Jun 1713 Hennery RUBY   Mary SLEMAN    
19-May 1686 John RUNDEL   Dorothy HAREN    
05-Sep 1692 Thomas RUNDEL   Sara HARRY    
14-Feb 1754 John RYALL of the Parish of Bradstone Elizabeth UAWDON    
04-Sep 1744 Martin SANFORD of Charles Parish Plymouth Elizabeth BOLT of Lamerton  
23-Nov 1676 Richard SARGEANT   Christian RUNDLE    
15-May 1655 Thomas SARGENT   Elizabeth SHEERE    
09-Apr 1712 John SARGENT   Mary COURTES    
06-Sep 1691 Thomas SARJANT   Wilmott BADLAM    
17-Jul 1687 Richard SELDON   Johan ?PON    
08-Oct 1667 Tristram SENDALL   Charity KNOWLIN    
11-Sep 1655 James SKELLY   Elizabeth DOIDGE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
27-Sep 1692 Petter SKELLY   Elizabeth HEAL    
14-Oct 1704 John SLEEMAN   Judah HEALL    
03-Jul 1655 Richard SLEMAN   Thomsine COLLWILL    
18-Apr 1657 Richarde SLEMAN   Elizabeth BURLEY   see Banns 1655 - 1658
13-May 1704 William SLEMAN   Anne ALPHER    
30-Mar 1681 Robard SOUDON   Mary ANTHONY    
03-Apr 1727 Henry SOUTHEY   Susanna ARSCOT   after Banns
17-Jun 1657 Robert SOWTON   Joane BOROW   see Banns 1655 - 1658
06-Feb 1704 Martin SOWTON   Jane ROW    
30-May 1727 John SOWTON   Philippa DOWNING   after Banns
12-Jan 1723 John STITSON   Mary GILES daughter of Eliz: GILES after Banns
20-Apr 1742 Samuel STITSTONE   Mary CORAM    
02-Sep 1704 George STRONGE   Mary MAYNARD    
13-Jul 1707 John TAR   Ann PAMER    
12-Nov 1667 John TARR   Joane JACKMAN    
16-Nov 1676 John TARR   Jane BERRY of Kelly  
08-Apr 1662 Ralph TOOKER   Jullian LACY    
26-Nov 1666 John TOOKER   Elizabeth BRAY    
31-Jan 1666 Roger TOOKER   Mary SARGENT    
25-Dec 1700 Edmond TOOKER   Barbere HART    
17-Feb 1701 William TOOKER   Mary WORELL    
21-Oct 1727 Edmund TOOKER of Brentor Dionisia BLATCHFORD   after Banns
01-Oct 1728 Edward TOOKER   Ann HATCH of Stoke Climsland after Banns
27-May 1730 John TOOKER Mr, of Longbroke Jane EDGCOMBE daughter of Mr Tho; after Banns
28-Apr 1745 Richard TOOKER   Elizabeth MAYNARD daughter of Mr Joseph  
26-Sep 1745 Edmund TOOKER   Joanna BARRADLE Widow of Sidenham Damerel  
09-Apr 1750 John TOOKER son of Agnes, Wid. Mary TOOKER of Tavistoc, Wid.  
05-Jul 1752 Richard TOOKER   Grace CLARK    
10-Nov 1720 Arthur TRAISE   Mary TRAISE   after Banns
02-Apr 1729 Robert TRAISE Junr. Elizabeth TOOKER   after Banns
14-Aug 1695 Thomas TRAT   Elizabeth DOIDGE    
19-Jul 1658 Robert TREASE   Joane HAM   see Banns 1655 - 1658
19-Jul 1682 Joseph TREASE   Rebecka KELLAND    
09-Nov 1731 John TREHANE of Stoke Climsland Mary COURTIS   after Banns
15-Jul 1693 Joseph TREMEER   Elizabeth MARTTON    
01-Apr 1719 John TREMEER   Elizabeth JAKEMAN   after Banns
23-May 1719 Henry TREMEER   Grace MAYNARD   after Banns
14-Feb 1725 Henry TREMEER son of Henry Elizabeth WISE   after Banns
24-Oct 1731 John TREMEER son of Henry Elizabeth COLLINS   after Banns
25-Feb 1706 Edmond TRIM   Mary WRASE    
29-Apr 1654 John TUCKER   Christian EDCOMBE    
19-Sep 1717 Richard TUCKER   Agnes WARD    
20-Apr 1747 George TUCKER of the Parish of Tavistoc Honour COLE Widow  
01-Jan 1704 William TURNER   Christin BROAD    
04-Mar 1700 Oliver VADON   Grace DOIDGE    
05-May 1733 Richard VEAL   Ann DRAKE widow after Banns
17-Sep 1656 Michall VEALE   Phelep HAWKINGE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
10-May 1659 Richarde VEALE   Mary BOODON    
22-Jun 1706 Sampson VEALE   Sarah SLAD    
07-May 1709 Richard VEALE   Catherine HOMAN    
24-Feb 1735 Nicholas VENNING Mr, of Stoke Climsland Mary FORTESCUE daughter of George, Gent. after Banns
28-Dec 1681 Arthur VIGERS   Grace CORNISH    
13-Nov 1688 Moabe VIGERS   Christian DOIDGE    
17-Sep 1692 Arthur VIGERS   Florence CORNESH    
26-Apr 1729 William VIGOUS of Lamerton Patience HORRILL   after Banns
29-Sep 1711 Ralph VINNING   Reddegun RINDLE    
26-May 1729 Edward WADGE   Susanna PEARCE of Dunterton after Banns
23-Apr 1728 Daniel WARD   Elizabeth EGBEER   after Banns
07-Sep 1657 Pasco WARDE   Pentacost HART   see Banns 1655 - 1658
16-Jun 1660 Roger WARR   Elizabeth CLARCK    
19-May 1657 Henry WARREN   Agnis HONYCOME   see Banns 1655 - 1658
14-Feb 1658 Philip WARREN   Eulaly SAM    
09-Oct 1671 Walter WARREN   Margarett CODE    
21-Jan 1733 James WARREN   Catherine RUNDLE    
30-Sep 1738 Emanuel WARREN   Catherine EGBERE widow  
08-May 1655 Henry WEBB   Mary MILL    
12-May 1669 John WEBB   Mary BICKELL    
07-Jun 1701 Emanuel WERREN   Jone STROUT    
12-Feb 1703 Nichalas WERRY   Elizabeth HOOPER    
01-Oct 1667 Marckes WESTCOTT   Dorothy PAIGE    
07-Aug 1685 John WHITE   Beatton SOWTTON    
01-Jan 1655 Edwarde WILLCOKE Mr Philep DOIDGE   see Banns 1655 - 1658
31-Jan 1715 Willm WILLIAMS   Eliz: TURNER   after Banns
04-Jul 1719 William WILLIAMS   Mary BICKLE   after Banns
14-Nov 1734 John WILLIAMS of Stoke Climsland Jane MARTEN   after Banns
25-Mar 1741 William WILLIAMS of ye Parish of Lamerton Sarah VEAL daughter of Sarah, Widow  
28-Dec 1744 Roger WILLIAMS of Lifton Eulalia COLLINS    
11-Sep 1729 Samuel WINDYEAT of Bury Pomeroy Sarah EDGCOMBE   after Banns
09-Aug 1692 Richard WISE   Alse GEEST    
04-Jun 1655 James WOODMAN   Frances YEO    
10-Nov 1662 John WOODMAN   Dorothy LAVERS    
04-Mar 1678 John WOODMAN   Dorothy WOODMAN    
28-Jul 1739 Richard WOODMAN Widower Eliz. TREMEER widow  
22-Dec 1739 Joseph WOODMAN   Mary CRAB daughter of Henry  
27-Jun 1741 Henry WOODMAN son of Richd. Elizabeth CORAM daughter of late George  
08-May 1742 Benjamin WOODMAN   Mary TOOKER daughter of the Widow Agnes  
28-Nov 1744 Richard WOODMAN   Honour HOLMES    
27-Sep 1745 Benjamin WOODMAN   Mary NEWTE    
20-Sep 1708 George YEO   Elizabeth LITTELJOHN    
06-Apr 1731 John YOLDEN   Philippa WERRY   after Banns
27-Jan 1753 Benidick YOULE Widower Honour PRING Widow  
11-Jun 1659 Lewis YOUNGE   Mary MAYNARDE   see Banns 1655 - 1658