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A Modbury Churchwardens' Account

Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries, vol. IV, 1906/7

Transcription prepared by Jonathan Frayne

"28A Modbury Churchwardens' Account. Miss Elizabeth D. Andreas, of Traine, Modbury, has been good enough to send me a leaf which has evidently come from an account book of the Wardens of the Church of St. Peter, at Modbury. We have transcribed this for our readers and print it herewith. There are some entries that are of interest, such as the Annuity. Local knowledge will, no doubt, inform us what this was, or is, as well as the entering of the fine of one penny, in respect of which, near the end of the account, four shillings was paid. The Catechism costing two shillings, no doubt was the Catechism of Dean Nowell, the use of which was begun in 1570, and the Articles were the well known ones of Archbishop Whitgift, which about that time were passed as Canons. The payment of sixteen pence, too, For Peter's penny is very curious; these payments are discussed in an interesting article in the Transactions of the Exeter Diocesan Architectural, &c., Society, vol II, 3rd ser., p. 132, by Rev. Edward V. Freeman.
The accompt of John Edgecumbe and Phillipe Hille Wardens of the Church of Modbury had and taken the third daye of December yn the xxiiit yere of the Rayne of oure Soverayne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England fraunce and Ireland queen defender of the ffaythe.
It Recd at the Comynge yn of oure offyce of the pishyoners     ij
It Recd of Thomas Baker for his mothers grave   vjs viijd
It Recd of Richard ffuterell for the Annuytye dew the yere past for one yere and halfe Dewe at Mychelmas last      
It Recd of the newe Ratement set downe by the pishyoners viijli xs iiijd
#It of John Swete for his fathers and mothers buryall   xiijs ivd
Itm the brothern [word illegible]      
*Sm totall rec xxli xviijs ijd
#Itm more of ffutterell of Annytie Dewe before oure as will appear by his accompt      
It paid to Michell Oldryffe for candels for the Church     vijd
It paid to Phyllype Osborne for bryngyng Welche to Brydewell   vjs jd
It paid to the archdecon's vysitation in expenses     xijd
It paid to the glasyer for mending the Church wyndowes   xixs ijd
It for dry wood for the glasyer     iijd
It to a man tendyng the glasyer three dayes     xijd
It lyme for the glasier     jd
It for High Rent payd to John Luger     iijd
It for entrying the fyne     jd
It payd for a bell coller     xxd
It for mendyng of bell collers     viijd
It Paid to James Coker for gresse for the bells     xijd
It payd to Mr. Honychirch for the prisoners of Exetter   vs vd
It payd for bred and Wyne for the Comunyon the hole yere     xiijd
It for washyng the Church clothyng the whole yere     xijd
It for the wardens and sidesmen expenses at the Archdecon's Vysytatyon at Plymton   vs ijd
It for Peter's peny     xvjd
It payd for the articles     xijd
It payd to the Deane     vijd
It payd to a haylar and his boye for one dayes worke fyndyng himself     xijd
It for makyng of the pulpyt clothe     vjd
It payd to the Mawdlen house of plymton for Clynche iijli os vjd
It payd to Mystres mary for healyng of Elytt's legge   vjs ivd
*It lent to John Gye for healyng of his man is legge   xxs  
It payd for Cathechisme bookes   ijs  
It for mendyng of the Cloke     ijd
It payd for the ffyne   iiijs  
It payd for a stone and halfe of Ropes for the bells   vjs  
It for feccyng home of the same     viijd
It for makyng of thys Accompt   ijs  
*Sm of all expencs viijli vijs  
Also we aske Alowance for that we have Receyted of the Newe Statement as is specyfyed yn a byll Declaryng what they be that have not payd.      
#Item the said Wardens pray to be respited of [ blank in orig.] of the newe ratement for that they are denyed of the same by such psones as they are to shewe by an escrowe      
* These entries have been struck through
# In a different handwriting