Name Listing from the Modbury Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Peters, Wm: Academy (Commercial)                                Palm Cross GreenWriford, Joseph: Academy (Writing)                              Church YardAndrews, John: AttorneySavery, Servington: Attorney                                    Brownston StreetBailey, W: Baker                                                Brownston StreetScoble, Ann: Baker                                              Broad StreetPerring, Richd: Banker                                          Church StreetAndrews, Richd: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Market CrossCove, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   Church StreetStephens, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Church StreetWroth, W: Brazier                                               Poundwell StreetCoyte, Thos: Butcher & Maltster                                 Brownston StreetCoyte, Wm: Butcher & Maltster                                   Church StreetGidley, Hercules: CarrierHaines, Thos: CarrierColliver, Ed: Cooper                                            Poundwell StreetCove, Peter: Cooper                                             Poundwell StreetAshley, M: Currier                                              Brownston StreetShepheard, Thos: Druggist, Iron Monger & Agent                  Brownston StreetAndrews, Richd: Grocer                                          Church StreetHosking, Richd: Grocer                                          Church StreetKing, Wm: Hatter                                                Church StreetLedgcombe, J: Hatter                                            Brownston StreetPrideaux, Geo: Iron Monger & Fire Off. Agent (West Of Eng)      Broad StreetFrowde, Jn: Joiner                                              Brownston StreetAndrews, Elizabeth: Linen Draper                                Church StreetAndrews, Sarah: Linen Draper                                    Church StreetBeer, Nich: Linen Draper                                        Church StreetCove, Jane: Linen Draper                                        Brownston StreetGoss, Jn: Linen Draper                                          Church StreetKing, J: Linen Draper                                           Brownston StreetPolyblank, Jane: Linen Draper                                   Broad StreetAdams, Nich: Maltster                                           Poundwell StreetBoon, Richd: Maltster                                           Poundwell StreetKing, John: Maltster                                            Broad StreetPage, Ths: Maltster                                             Church StreetWebber, Rbt: Maltster                                           Church StreetWroth, Saml: Maltster                                           Church StreetRandle, Jas: Painter                                            Brownston StreetHosking, Richard: Post Master                                   Church StreetPearce, Francis: Saddler                                        Brownston StreetRandle, W: Saddler                                              Brownston StreetPerring, R: Serge Manufacturer                                  Church StreetBoon, Nich: Shopkeeper                                          Poundwell StreetMitchell, Jn: Shopkeeper                                        Church StreetPrideaux, Ts: Shopkeeper                                        Broad StreetShepheard, Richard: Stone Mason                                 Poundwell StreetGest, Jas: Surgeon                                              Church StreetLangworthy, Geo Vincent: Surgeon                                Galloping StreetLangworthy, Wm Froude: Surgeon                                  Galloping StreetLangworthy, Wm Southmead: Surgeon                               Brownston StreetCove, Evens: Tailor                                             Brownston StreetLear, Thomas: Tallow Chandler                                   Brownston StreetLuscombe, Rt: Tallow Chandler                                   Broad StreetKing, John: Tavern/Inn (Bell)                                   Broad StreetLyndon, Robert: Tavern/Inn (Dartmouth Inn)                      Church StreetWebber, Rbt: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                            Church StreetBoon, John: Tavern/Inn (Maltman's Arms)                         Brownston StreetBoon, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Plymouth Arms)                       Poundwell StreetCove, Nicholas: Tavern/Inn (Rose & Crown)                       Church StreetLakeman, G: Tavern/Inn (Union)                                  Poundwell StreetTrist, James: Tin Plate Worker                                  Brownston StreetPaddon, Wm: Watch Maker                                         Brownston StreetFlashman, John: Woolcomber                                      Market Place
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999