Will of Thomas Wreyford, of Modbury, dated June l5th, 1594

Provided by John Moore

This is extracted from "Records and Pedigree of the Wreford Family of Devonshire", compiled by George Wreford of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, 2nd ed. Printed for circulation amongst Family Subscribers (1909) 90pp + 44 charts.

I give to the poor of the parish of Modbury if I die there 20/- and if I die not there 13/4 and the other 6/8 in the parish where I am buried.
To Katherine Pearse my daughter 3 silver spoons 1 great brass pot that I bought of Robert Burley 3 platters 3 pottengers and 3 Sawcers of tynne.
To Mary Face, her daughter, 6/8.
To Each of Thomas Pearse's children 6/8.
To Mary Sweete my daughter 2 silver spoons, the under feather bed that I lye on and one feather bolster and one brass pan that I bought of Michell and 3 tynne platters.
To Each of Henry Sweete's 4 children 6/8.
To Johane Face 20/- yearly out of my land in West Sandford called "Heale," to the said Johane Face 3 silver spoons.
To Silvanus "my son's child" one guilt salt.
To my servant Thomasyne 20/-.
To Johane my wife her choice of any of my goods amounting to the value of £5.
All the rest of my goods ungiven and unbequeathed both moveable and immovable I give to William my Son whom I make my Sole Executor.
Proved August 2, 1595.

[NOTE.- Testator's daughter Katherine appears to have been twice married: Istly to . . . Face; 2ndly to Thos Pearse. The Mary and Johane Face mentioned in the will were doubtless Katherine's daughters by her first marriage.]