Will of Matthew Wrayford, of Morchard Bishop (1623)

Provided by John Moore

This is extracted from "Records and Pedigree of the Wreford Family of Devonshire", compiled by George Wreford of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, 2nd ed. Printed for circulation amongst Family Subscribers (1909) 90pp + 44 charts.

"In the name of God Amen, the l6th day of November in the 21st year of the King's Majesties raign over England and France & Ireland, and over Scotland the 57th, 1623.
"I Matthew Wrayford being sicke of bodye but of good and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God doe make this my last Will and Testament revoking all other wills in manner and forme following, vizt.:
"Imprimes: I bequeath my soul to Almighty God my maker and Redeemer and my body, when it shall please God to call me, to Christian Burial within the Church or Churchyard of the Parish of Morchard aforesaid.
"Item: To the poore of the same parish 40/- to remain in the hands of my executor during his life, the use thereof to be distributed yearly to the reliefe of the poore aforesaid on St. Matthewe's daye (February 21) & after decease of my executor the said 40/- to be paid over to the Churchwardens of Morchard afsd for the aforesaid uses.
"To my wife Rabidge Wrayford my best bed with all its furniture for her life, and after her death to my executor.
"To my said wife Rabidge freelie all my brassen potts and Crocks with all my water vessells and all my pannes of brass exceptinge one great brassen panne and one little brassen panne.
"The aforesaid great Brassen panne before excepted I give unto Matthewe the son of Richard Wreford together also with one Yeo lambe.
"To Michael the son of the said Richard I give one other yeo lambe.
"The other little brassen pann I give unto my godson Mathew the son of Roger Wreford and one yeo lambe.
"To William Smart one black heiffer of 2 years olde.
"To five of Henry Gater's children £10 at 21.
"To four of Rabidge Hodge's children (the wife of William Hodge) the 'some' of £8 at 21.
"To Robert & Roger the sonns of John Bond one yeo lambe apiece.
"To each of my godchildren 'fower' pence.
"To my servants George Childown and Elizabeth Tucker one yeo lambe apiece.
"I do acknowledge the some of £16 due unto John Wreford my sonne and the some of £10 due to Roger Wreford which somes of money belongeth unto them in consideration of marriage and are to be paid by my executor within a yeare and a daye after my decease.
"I make and ordaine my said sonnes John and Roger Wreford my overseers to this my last will & testament.
"All the rest of my goods and chattles not already given I absolutlie give and bequeath unto Richard Wreford my sonne whom I make and ordaine my whole and sole executor of this my last will & testament he seeing my funerall expenses discharged and my debts and legacies paid.
"In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seall ypon the daie first above written


Witnesses: John Wreford
Elizabeth Tucker
William Morrish

Proved January 16, 1623-4.