North Devon Record Office Reference: 3834A/PZ1

Transcribed by John Pearce

Transcript of Parish Record produced by kind permission of the Rev Giles King-Smith, May 2004

Morthoeinhabited housesBy how many familys occupiedhouses now buildingother houses uninhabitedfamilies chiefly employed in AgricultureChiefly in trade &call other families not in the two preceeding ClassesPersons, including Children of whatever age
malesfemalestotal of persons
Wm Smith11--1--224
Richd Lewis11--1--6612
Robt Smith11-11--538
John Brimley11--1--358
Will Denel11--1--268
John Geen11--1--224
John Parkin11--1--134
Willm Snow11--1--6814
Willm Perkin11--1--7512
Tho Morman11--1--325
John Coals11--1--426
Phi Huckstable11--1--538
Tho Brambey11--1--224
Jos Denel11--1--426
Philip Jewiell11--1--336
Eliz Heddon11--None--None33
John Richardson11--1--325
Robert Heddon11--1--336
John Irwin11--1--358
Will Hussel11--1--112
James Hartnell11--1--6511
Willi Harris11--1--336
Sam Harding11--1--224
John Lock11--1--246
Eliz Rogars11--1---33
Geo Irwin11--1--639
Phi Coals11--1--246
John Tucker11--1--325
John Bown11--1--112
Phi Squir11--1--112
Willi Lang11--1--134
John Coats11--1--123
John Watts11--1--336
Geo Davis11--1--347
John Tucker11--1--213
Phi Philips11--Poor House*-Poor House*31013
Geo Counibear11---1-325
W Goss11---1-549
W Carder11---1-235
Nick Redmore11--1--235
Mary Bates11----1-11
 4141 13632116132248

* Transcriber's note
It is difficult to see whether "Poor House" was written first and later crossed through or the space was crossed through and "Poor House" written on top; the column totals, however, may provide some evidence towards the latter.

Brian Randell, 11 May 2004