Devon Names


The History and Register of Aldenham School (7th ed.)

E. Baylis & Son: Worcester & London (1938), xcv + 373 pp.

Compiled by Edmund Beevor M.A., G.C.F. Mead M.A., 
R.J. Evans M.A., and T.M. Savory M.A.

Names extracted by Bev Edmonds.


BASCOMBE, Victor Hastings Dare, Sept. 1918 - April 1919.The Priory, Boutport Street, Barnstaple, North Devon. [Son of Dr. C. Dare BASCOMBE, of Colchester.] Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R.C.S. [Eng.].

BATTERHAM, Douglas John, Sept. 1908 - July 1912. Keyberry House, Newton Abbot, South Devon. [Son of John Williams BATTERHAM, F. R. C. S. of St. Leonards-on-the-Sea.] Caius Coll., Camb. 1912. B.A. 1915. M .R. C. S., L. R. C. P.[Barts.] 1917. M. B. Ch.B. [Cantb.] 1921. F. R. C. S. 1923. Great War, R. A. M. C.; Capt.

CARTER, Sydney William Brown, Sept. 1887—July 1893 “ Trethake. “ Oreston, Plymouth. [Son of James CARTER, of Marlborough, Wilts.] Auctioneer and Valuer.

CHURCH, Harold Stephen, May 1888--July 1895, Croyde Manor, Braunton, Devon. [Son of Rev. Alfred John CHURCH, Rector of Ashley, Glos.] Exhibitioner, Selwyn Coll. Camb. B. A. 1896 [Class. Trip., Class. III.]. Assistant Master at Pretoria House, Folkestone, 1899 – 1906. Joint Head Master of Ellerslie Boy's Preparatory School, Barnstaple. Retired.

COLLIER, Frank Kenneth Gerald, Sept. 1923 - July 1928. The Arches, Wembury, Plymouth. [Son of Frank J. COLLIER, Civil Engineer.] Exhib. of St John's Coll., Camb. B.A. Schoolmaster.

CORYNDON, John Selby, May 1891 - April 1895. [Son of Selby CORYNDON, of Plymouth.] Cricket Eleven 1894. Enlisted in Salisbury Rifles and was killed in Mashonaland Oct. 11th. 1896.

CURGENVEN, Charles James, 1856-1850. [Son of John CERGENVEN, Solicitor, Plymouth.] Paymaster Royal Navy; Chief Paymaster 1899. Died. Sept. 22nd. 1923.

CURGENVEN, Francis Henry, 1850 -1855 . { Son of John CURGENEVN, Solicitor, of Plymouth.] Cricket Eleven; Captain 1854-1855. Head of the School 1852 -54. Exhibitioner. Scholar of Corpus Christi Coll., Oxf. B. A. 1859. [2nd Class Lit. Hum.]. Fellow of C. C. C., Oxford 1864. Deacon 1861; Priest 1862. Rector of Byfield 1872-1901. Rural Dean of Brackley 1880. Died Feb. 27th, 1901.

CURGENVEN, John, 1850- 1857. [Brother of above.] Crocket Eleven. Jesus Coll. Camb. B. A. 1860. Deacon 1861; Priest 1862. Rector of Rousden 1881-1905. Deid dec. 23rd. 1905.

CURGENVEN, William Grafton, attended same school between 1855-1859. Son of John CURGENVEN, Solicitor, of Plymouth. Cricket Eleven. M.D. St. And. 1862; M.R.C.S.E. 1864. Derbyshire Cricket Eleven. Died March 18th. 1910

DALBY, William Ernest, May 1888 - Dec. 1891. [Son of William Bennett DALBY, M. D., of Torquay.] South African War, 1st Co. Wilts. Imp. Yeo. Jan. 1900 - July 1901 [medal and four bars]. A.M.I.M.E. District Supt. Loco. Dept. G.N.R., Grantham. Died Dec. 7th. 1918

DAVIES, Frederick William, 1874-1878. c/o G. E. DAVIES, Fredonia, Cranford Avenue, Exmouth. [Son of Charles Tizard DAVIES, Rector of Ecton, Northants.] Cricket Eleven 1877-78. Football Eleven 1877-78. Architects' Department of the London County Council. Retired.

DAVIES, Gerald Edward, Jan. 1883- April 1885. Fredonia, Cranford Avenue, Exmouth. [Son of Rev. Charles Tizard DAVIES, Rector of Ecton, Northants.] Superintendent Eastern Telegraph Company. Retired. British Vice-Consul at Fayal, Azores, 1920-25

DAVIES, Harold Escott, Sept. 1929 - July 1934. 31, Morsham Court, Morsham Street, S.W. 1., and Fredonia Cranford Avenue, Exmouth. [Son of GERALD EDWARD DAVIES, 1883.] Cricket Eleven. 1932- 33-34, Football Eleven 1932-22-34. Hockey Eleven 1931-32-33-34. Capt. 1934. B.A. [Cantab.]. 1st Class. Trip., Parts I and II. Minor Scholar of King's College. Wanderers Hockey Club. Home Civil Service [Assistant Principal in Burma Office.

EVANS, Arthur Ponsford Cann, Sept. 1878--Dec. 1882 [Son of George EVANS, M.D., of Seaton, Devon] Solicitor. Died Aug. 4th. 1919

EVANS, Charles Ernest, May 1880---April 1883, Larkhayes, Dalwood, nr Axminster. [Son of George EVANS, M.D., of Seaton, Devon]. Farmer

EVANS, George Edward Alfred, Jan 1877 - July 1880. [Son of George EVANS, M. D., of Seaton, Devon.] Cricket Eleven 1880. L. R. C. P. Lond. and M. R. C. S. Eng. 1888 [St. Bart.], Died Vov. 12th, 1934.

EVANS, John Cann, Sept. 1882- July 1887. [Son of George EVANS, M.D., of Seaton, Devon.] Electrical Engineer. Killed accidentally killed in the C.P.R. Electric Workshops, Vancouver, Aug. 1913

EVANS, Maurice Cann, Sept. 1909 - Dec. 1911. c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd. Budleigh Salterton, Devon, and Kandanuwara Estate, Matale, Ceylon. [Son of THOMAS GEORGE CANN EVANS, 1870] Football Eleven 1912-1913. Tea Planter, The Warriapolla Estates Co. Squadron Sergt-Magor, Ceylon Mounter Rifles. Great War, Australian Light Horse, A.I.F.

EVANS, Thomas George Cann, 1870-1874. [Son of George Evans, M. D., of Seaton.] Cricket Eleven. Football Eleven. L. R. C. P. Edin. and L. M. 1882; M. R. C. S. E. 1881 [St. Bart.]. Died July, 10th, 1933.

EVANS, William Henry, 1871-1875. ( son of George EVANS, M.D. Seaton) Cricket Eleven 1875. Football Eleven 1875. L.R.C.P. Edin. and L.M. 1882; M.R.C.S.E. 1882 ( St Bart.). Died May 10th, 1933.

FOX, Edwin Spencer, 1863-1867. [Son of Edwin FOX, East India Merchant.] Cricket Eleven. Formerly Rea Planter in Ceylon. Died at Salcombe, S. Devon. Nov. 1932.

GREEN, Eustace Hubert, Jan. 1886 -- July 1894 [Son of Rev. William Frederick GREEN, Vicar of East Budleigh, Devon]. Cricket Eleven 1893-94. Foorball Eleven 1893. Exhibitioner. Exhibitioner of Emman. Coll. Camb. B.A. 1897 [Class. Trip., Class II.]. Died Jan. 8th, 1936

HARRIES, Edward Watson, Sept- 1923 - Dec. 1926. [Son of Edward Augustine Hewitt HARRIES, Solicitor, of Barnstaple].

HUGHES, John Richard Warrist, Sept. 1916 - July 1920. St. John's Vicarage, Bovey Tracey, Devon. [Son of Fredeick Richard HUGHES, Education Secretary, of Bury St. Edmunds.] University Coll. Oxf. 1920. B.A. 1923 [3rd Class, School of Theology]. Vicar of St. John the Evangelist, Bovey Tracey.

JENKINS, Cyril Alfred Hall, Sept. 1916 - April 1921. 18, Glenavon Road, mannamead, Plymouth. [Son of Oliver William JENKINS, Draper, of Northwood.] Football Eleven, 1920-1921. Chartered Accountant; Secretary to Spooner & Co. Ltd., Plymouth.

JOHNSTON, Keith, Sept.1890- Dec. 1894. c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Braunton, N. Devon. [Son of John Alexander JOHNSTON, Merchant, of Dartford.] Stock Exchange. Retired.

JOHNSTON, Thorburn, Sept. 1887--April 1892. C/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Braunton, N. Devon. [Son of John Alexander JOHNSTON, Merchant, of Dartford.] London Stock Exchange. Retired.

KENION, Thomas Lloyd, Spet. 1891 - July 1897, Marine Hotel, Salcombe, South Devon. [Son of John Hamer KENION, Solicitor, of Liverpool.] Foorball Eleven 1895 -1897. Liverpool Univ. and King's Coll. Hosp. M.R.C.S. [Eng] L.R.C.P. [Lon.] 1906. Physician. Retired. Great War, Capt. R.A.M.C. Croix de Guerre.

LEACH, David Alexander, May 1906 - July 1910. Bratton, Harrabridge, South Devon. [Son of Herbert Robert LEACH, Civil Servant, of Rickmansworth.] With Lloyds Bank Ltd., Tavistock, South Devon [sic]. Great War, 3rd. Cam'n Highrs; Capt,; Ment.

MAUDE, Jack Carstairs, Jan. 1914 - July 1917. Wset Ridge, Hare Path, Seaton, Devon. [Son of Harry Walter MAUDE, of Seaton.] Football Eleven 1916-1917. Entered R.M.C. Sandhurst. 2nd Lieut. Indian Army 1918; Capt. 1923. Retired.

MERCER, Alexander Warren, May 1886-- Dec. 1887. " Aldie, " Elmsleigh Park, Paignton, Devon. [Son of Warren Herklots MERCER, Indian Police, Punjab.] Indian Police; Superintendant of Police, Jhelum District, Punjab. Received thanks of the Indian Government for work on the N.W. Frontier, Coronation Durban Medal at Delhi 1911. Retired Inspector-General of Police, Punjab. Awarded King's Medal 1916. C.B.E. 1924. Great War, Lieut-Col. 4th Batt. 30th Punjabis.

PARSONS, Roland William Brittan, Sept. 1923 - Dec. 1925. 14, Priory Road, High Wycombe. [Son of William Lansbury PARSONS, Solicitor of Brixham, South Devon.] Architect, with Brocklehurst & Cooper, Crendon Street, High Wycombe.

SAMPSON, Claude Phillip, April 1922 - July 1925. c/o Constructive Department, H.M. Dockyard, Devonport, South Devon. [Son of Frederick Albert SAMPSON, late Assistant Commissioner of Revenue of Shanghai, 59, Wensleydale Road, Hampton, Middlesex.] B. Sc.; M. Sc. Queen's University, Belfast. Member of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors.

SHERRY, Blake Gordon, May 1900 - July 1902, Silverlands, Torrington, Devon, and c/o Vandercom, Stanton & Co. 35, Spring Gardens, S.W.1. [Son of Henry Sacheverell SHERRY, Solicitor, of Watford.] Solicitor.

SPALDING, Lauriston Furnivall Shaw, Sept. 1893 - April 1900. Maycliffe Hotel, St Luke's Road, Torquay, and c/o Barclay's Bank. Torquay. [Son of Thomas Alfred SPALDING, LL B.., Barrister, of London.] Natal Mounted Police 1902. South African War. Formerly with the Scottish Widows Fund Life Ass. Soc., 28 Cornhill, E.C. Great War, 9th Queens Own [R.W. Kent Regt.] Capt.

SPARSHATT, John, 1869-1873. [Son of Henry Bouverie SPARSHATT, Chemist, Exetor.] Cricket Eleven. Head of the School 1872-73. Exhibitioner. Lincoln Coll. Oxon. B.A. 1878. Deacon 1878; Priest 1879; Rector of St Olaves, Exeter 1897-1903. Rector of Outwood 1903-18. Died Dec. 18th. 1937

SUMMERFIELD, Gerald, Sept. 1908 - April 1914. Old Parsonage, Wilmington, Honiton, Devon. [Son of William SUMMERFIELD, of Bushey, Herts.] Land Agent, Great War, gazetted Royal Warwickshire Regt.;Lieir.; trensfd. R.A.F.

TAUNTON, Charles William Sackville, 1844-1852, (son of William Doidge TAUNTON, Solicitor of Totnes, Devon) Cricket Eleven. Head of the School 1852. Trin. Coll., Dublin, B.A., 1857, 1st Biblical Greek Prizeman T. C. D. 1856. Deacon and Priest 1857, Vicar of St Teath 1897-1901. Died April 4th, 1913

TAUNTON, James Edward Doidge, 1854-1862 s/o William Doidge Taunton, Solicitor of Totnes, Devon, Cricket Elevens. Gazetted to 50th Regt. 1864 New Zealand War 1864-66 [medal] Lieut. 1871. Joined the N.S.W. Artillery in 1877. Colonel General Staff 1986. On the Federation of the States of Australia, was appointed Deputy Quartermaster-General of the Commonwealth Military Forces. Retired 1903. Died February 12, 1938.

WALKER, Ronald Andrew Alexander, Sept. 1935 - Jul 1937. Grafton House Hotel, The Vale, Acton, W.3., and Blairmore, St. Andrew's Road, Paignton, South Devon. [Son of R. Gordon WALKER, Salesman of Paignton.] Apprenticed to C. A. V. Bosch, Ltd. Worple Way, Acton, London. W.3.

WALLIS, Lionel John, Jan 1898 -July 1899. Greengates, Brixham, South Devon.[ Son of John Augustus WALLIS, M. D., H. M. Commissioner in Luncay, of Harrow-on-the-Hill.] Resident Inspecot for Plymouth and South Devon for the Union Assurance Society Ltd. Clubs: Royal Western Yacht Club of Wngland, and Royal South Western Yacht Club Plymouth. Great War, 9th Lancs. Regt.; Capt.

WALLIS, Louis Maxwell, c/o R.E.H. Fisher, Esq., 21, Old Square, Lincolns Inn, W.C. 2 [Brother of above]

WATT, Frederick William Arbuthnot, Sept. 1910 - July 1912. West End Tavistock, Devon. [Son of James Leslie WATT, M.B., Ch. B., of Tavistock.] Scholar, M. R. C. S., L. R. C. P., [Lond. Hosp.] 1917; M.B., B.S. [Lond.] 1921. Medical Practioner; Firm: Drs. Watt & Watt.Capt. R.A.M.C. [S.R.] Great War, R.A.M.C.; Capt.

WILLIAMS, Herbert Graham Rickard, Sept 1906 - July 1910. Bye Cross Cottage, Georgeham, Braunton, Devon, and c/o H.P. WILLIAMS, Esq. Wayside, Pensby Road, Heswall, Cheshire. [Son of Herbert Paul WILLIAMS, of Heswell.] Great War, Lond. Rifle Brigade; trensfd. R.A.F.

WILLOUGHBY, Geoffrey Marcus, Sept. 1917 - July 1921. Tremont, Salterton, Road, Exmouth. [Son of Rev. James Mason WILLOUGHBY, D.D. of Heampstead.] Scholar. Football Eleven 1920-1921