Bankrupts 1800-20

Listing compiled from articles in the Exeter Flying Post.

Provided by Lindsey Withers



No.DateIssue NumberGale Document No.TitleSurnameForenamesSuffixOccupationParishInformation
1Thursday, January 16, 18001893Y3200646819 CrossHenry TobacconistExeter 
2Thursday, February 13, 18001897Y3200646860 ColeJohn Shopkeeper, Maltster, Dealer and ChapmanNorth Tawton 
3Thursday, February 13, 18001897Y3200646860 FordWilliam    
4Thursday, February 13, 18001897Y3200646864 ClappCharles Ironmonger, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
5Thursday, February 27, 18001899Y3200646882 NeedsRichard Serge MakerSt Thomas the Apostle 
6Thursday, March 20, 18001902Y3200646909 GillRichard Timber Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanHoly Trinity, City of Exeter 
7Thursday, April 17, 18001906Y3200646948 DurantGeorge Serge-makerNorth Tawton 
8Thursday, May 8, 18001909Y3200646976 ColeFrancis  North Tawtonhad interest in The George Inn, North Tawton
9Thursday, July 3, 18001916Y3200647056 MalletRichard  North Tawtonhad interest in premises called 'Mark Tozer's' in North Tawton
10Thursday, July 24, 18001919Y3200647083 SharlandGeorge Money ScrivenerSouth Molton 
11Thursday, July 24, 18001919Y3200647083 CrossRobertthe youngerMercer and Woollen DraperExeter 
12Thursday, August 7, 18001921Y3200647105 WarmingtonWilliam Lime Burner, Dealer and ChapmanColyton 
13Thursday, September 18, 18001927Y3200647162 TremlettThomas MerchantSt David's, City of ExeterPartner to John Hall
14Thursday, September 18, 18001927Y3200647162 HallJohn MerchantAlphingtonPartner to Thomas Tremlett
15Thursday, November 27, 18001937Y3200647255 EvansJonathan Dealer in Salt, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterOccupied shop and house in Milk Lane, Fore Street, Exeter
16Thursday, December 4, 18001938Y3200647265 ThomasWilliam Merchant and co-partnerDartmouthTrading under the Firm of Thomas and Stokes - partner with James Stokes
17Thursday, December 4, 18001938Y3200647265 StokesJames Merchant and co-partnerDartmouthTrading under the Firm of Thomas and Stokes - partner with William Thomas
18Thursday, February 12, 18011948Y3200647356 GandellJohn Wintner, Dealer and ChapmanTiverton 
19Thursday, February 19, 18011949Y3200647363 AdamsGregory Broker, Dealer and ChapmanTormoham 
20Thursday, April 2, 18011955Y3200647403 CowleyHenry Vintner, Dealer and ChapmanDock, Stoke Damerel 
21Thursday, July 9, 18011969Y3200647502 MardonJohn Sergemaker, Dealer and ChapmanMoretonhampstead 
22Thursday, July 30, 18011972Y3200647531 SeagramGabriel Tallow Chandler, Dealer and ChapmanTiverton 
23Thursday, August 20, 18011975Y3200647552 DunstervilleThomas ShipwrightEast Stonehouse 
24Thursday, September 17, 18011979Y3200647579 ShorlandJohn Woollen DraperCity of Exeter 
25Thursday, November 5, 18011985Y3200647624 DurantGeorge Serge MakerNorth Tawton 
26Thursday, December 31, 18011993Y3200647689 MinifieCharles Soap Boiler, Tallow ChandlerCity of Exeter 
27Thursday, January 28, 18021997Y3200647718 NewtonWilliam DruggistCity of ExeterLived High Street, Exeter
28Thursday, January 28, 18021997Y3200647715 JohnsSamuel Shopkeeper, Tailor, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dock 
29Thursday, February 11, 18021999Y3200647734 DaleIsaac Rose Earthen-ware Man, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterMentions father, Isaac Dale, china and earthern-ware man. Occupied premises in a right line from the Fore-stret, to Old Threatre-lane, Exeter
30Thursday, March 3, 18022002Y3200647751 PeckfordCharles Stoodly Sergemaker, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
31Thursday, April 1, 18022006Y3200647780 TuckerJonathan Merchant and PartnerCity of ExeterPartner with John Tucker
32Thursday, April 1, 18022006Y3200647780 TuckerJohn Merchant and PartnerCity of ExeterPartner with Jonathan Tucker
33Thursday, April 22, 18022009Y3200647801 MaunderRobert Wine MerchantCity of Exeter 
34Thursday, April 22, 18022009Y3200647801 KentThomas Cabinet Maker, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
35Thursday, July 1, 18022019Y3200647872 TapleyMarywidowShopkeeper, Dealer and ChapwomanNewton Abbot 
36Thursday, July 8, 18022020Y3200647883 JonesThomas Builder, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeterdeceased by November 1808
37Thursday, July 15, 18022021Y3200647887 HarrisJohn Miller, Dealer and ChapmanNewton Saint Cyres 
38Thursday, August 12, 18022025Y3200647917 HancockGeorge Leather Breeches Maker, Glover, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterLived two doors below St. Martin's-lane, in High Street
39Thursday, November 11, 18022038Y3200648012 SweetlandDavid MerchantTopsham 
40Thursday, November 25, 18022040Y3200648023 AtwillThomas ShopkeeperTotnes 
41Thursday, January 6, 1803N/AY3200648065 TremlettWilliam  Totnes 
42Thursday, January 6, 1803N/AY3200648065 TremlettJohn Linen and Woollen DraperCity of Exeter 
43Thursday, January 20, 18032048Y3200648080 DunsfordMartin MerchantTiverton 
44Thursday, February 10, 18032051Y3200648105 PilkintonWilliam Hop and Seed Mnerchant, Dealer and ChapmanSt Sidwell, ExeterLived Higher end, St. Sidwell's Street
45Thursday, March 10, 18032055Y3200648135 ClementsJoseph Vintner, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dock 
46Thursday, March 24, 18032057Y3200648146 BallangerThomas Innholder, Dealer and ChapmanTiverton 
47Thursday, April 21, 18032061Y3200648175 StawellThomas Dealer and ChapmanHalberton 
48Thursday, May 5, 18032063Y3200648194 LinningtonWilliam CurrierCity of Exeter 
49Thursday, May 19, 18032065Y3200648206 PhillipsJames ShopkeeperTotnes 
50Thursday, June 2, 18032067Y3200648221 HarrisJames Coach MakerCity of ExeterLived Catherine Street, Exeter
51Thursday, July 7, 18032072Y3200648256 HemensThomas Miller, Dealer and ChapmanDunsfordoccupier of Dunsford Grist Mills
52Thursday, October 6, 18032085Y3200648345 NewmanRobert Shipbuilder, Dealer and ChapmanDartmouth 
53Thursday, December 29, 18032097Y3200648441 RoweRoger Linen DraperCity of Exeter 
54Thursday, January 5, 18042098Y3200648450 BennettJohn Wotton DyerExe Island, City of ExeterRan factory called Duryard Mill, situate in the Parish of St. David, City of Exeter
55Thursday, February 9, 18042103Y3200648482 LeighRobert Cooper, Timber Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanBampton 
56Thursday, May 10, 18042116Y3200648576 CollingsThomas Serge Maker, Dealer and ChapmanCreditonMentions mother, Mrs Cole
57Thursday, June 28. 18042123Y3200648625 SnawdonJohn Draper, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouthOwned dwelling house and shop in the High Street, Plymouth
58Thursday, November 15, 18042143Y3200648768 NewmanRichard Merchant, trading to NewfoundlandDartmouthDeclared a bankrupt in 1774 Mentions co-partner, William Newman.
59Thursday, December 13, 18042147Y3200648803 DistingWilliam Tallow ChandlerPlymouthOccupied premises at the corner of Butcher's Lane, opposite the market cross.
60Thursday, January 10, 18052151Y3200648837 SquierJoseph Tallow Chandler, Soap Boiler, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterJoseph aged 35 and his wife aged 36, and living Guinea Street, St. Mary Major, Exeter
61Thursday, May 23, 18052170Y3200648987 CadburyJohn GrocerCity of Exeter 
62Thursday, June 13, 18052173Y3200649010 PullenHenry Coal Merchant and PartnerCity of ExeterCo-partner with Thomas Roberts
63Thursday, June 13, 18052173Y3200649010 RobertsThomas Coal Merchant and PartnerCity of ExeterCo-partner with Henry Pullen
64Thursday, July 25, 18052179Y3200649058 SearleWilliam  ChudleighMentions father, John Searle
65Thursday, October 10, 18052190Y3200649133 OxenhamWilliam Tallow Chandler, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
66Thursday, November 28, 18052197Y3200649192 PayneWilliam Druggist  
67Thursday, December 12, 18052199Y3200649211 RennellWilliamthe youngerMercerTotnesLiving now at Teignmouth and a shopkeeper
68Thursday, February 13, 18062208Y3200649274 BadcockJohn   Had property in Newton Saint Cyres
69Thursday, March 27, 18062214Y3200649325 CookeHenry  Barnstaple 
70Thursday, May 22, 18062222Y3200649395 HoggJohn Worsted spinner, Dealer and ChapmanSaint Leonardoccupied the woollen mills and manufactory at Newton Poppleford, and lived at the lower end of Holloway Street, Exeter.
71Thursday, May 22, 18062222Y3200649402 RendellSamuel CooperWest Teignmouth 
72Thursday, June 26, 18062227Y3200649443 HarmanStephen Linen DraperModbury 
73Thursday, July 10, 18062229Y3200649453 FieldSimon Wine, brandy and beer merchant, dealer and chapmanPlymouth Dockoccupied premises at Mutton Cove, Plymouth Dock
74Thursday, July 31, 18062232Y3200649476 ShorlandJohnsenior   
75Thursday, August 14, 18062234Y3200649498 DrakeFrancis Baker, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dockoccupied premises at 40/41 Pembroke Street, Plymouth Dock
76Thursday, September 25, 18062240Y3200649545 TremlettJames DyerCity of ExeterCommission of bankruptcy issued on 4 February 1797
77Thursday, December 4, 18062250Y3200649621 HuttonWilliamthe youngerLime BurnerFremington 
78Thursday, December 4, 18062250Y3200649621 WebbJohn Tinman, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth 
79Thursday, December 25, 18062253Y3200649655 DingleWilliam Flour merchantSaint David, City of Exeter 
80Thursday, December 25, 18062253Y3200649655 SuttonThomas Ship Builder, Dealer and ChapmanRingmore 
81Thursday, December 25, 18062253Y3200649655 WallerWilliam Ironmonger, Steel maker, Dealer and ChapmanmCity of Exeteroccupied Ashton Mills, Ashton, Devon
82Thursday, January 1, 18072254Y3200649657 LeathernGeorge Shipwright, Dealer and ChapmanTopshamoccupied a house on The Strand, Topsham
83Thursday, February 26, 18072262Y3200649730 ThuillierJohn Merchant, Cotton manufacturer, Dealer and ChapmanSt. Leonardoccupied a house in the Wearfield adjoining his cotton factory
84Thursday, March 19, 18072265Y3200649756 St. JohnHenry Dealer and ChapmanPennycrossoccupied Box Hill Villa and Estate, tything of Pennycross, near Plymouth Dock
85Thursday, April 2, 18072267Y3200649777 HayterWilliam Vintner, Dealer and ChapmanSouth Molton 
86Thursday, April 30, 18072271Y3200649817 TuckerWilliamseniorWoolstapler, Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a dwelling house in Bartholomew Yard, Exeter
87Thursday, April 30, 18072271Y3200649817 DrewellAbel Innholder, MaltsterWhitestoneoccupied an inn called the 'Blue Boy', in St Mary Steps, City of Exeter
88Thursday, May 7, 18072272Y3200649822 BlatchfordPeter Miller, Dealer and ChapmanLifton 
89Thursday, May 14, 18072273Y3200649826 PalkeRichard Coal Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanLittlehempston 
90Thursday, May 14, 18072273Y3200649826 SellonAndrew Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanHoniton 
91Thursday, May 21, 18072274Y3200649840 TuckerWilliamthe youngerSerge manufacturer, Banker, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a house near St. David's church, Exeter. Description - Five feet, eight inches tall, ruddy complexion, with hair rather light, short upper lip and under hung, of a bold and assuming manner and appearance; he is loud and vehement in coversation, very much given to swearing and aged about forty-four.
92Thursday, June 11, 18072277Y3200649873 JacksonWilliam Beckford Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterHad estates in Newfoundland, and occupied a dwelling house on Southernhay, City of Exeter. In 1817 was residing in Trepassey, Newfoundland.
93Thursday, July 2, 18072280Y3200649897 AylesObadiah ShipbuilderTopshamoccupied a house on the Strand, Topsham.
94Thursday, July 2, 18072280Y3200649897 BanksAnthony Collins Druggist, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dock 
95Thursday, July 2, 18072280Y3200649891 HoskingRoger Bidlake Yarn-makers, Dealers and co-partnersSouth Brent 
96Thursday, July 2, 18072280Y3200649891 HoskingJohnthe youngerYarn-makers, Dealers and co-partnersSouth Brent 
97Thursday, July 9, 18072281Y3200649906 SoperJohn Yarn manufacturers, Dealers and ChapmanBuckfastleigh 
98Thursday, July 9, 18072281Y3200649906 SoperWalterjuniorYarn manufacturers, Dealers and ChapmanBuckfastleighoccupied premises called Rock House, Buckfastleigh
99Thursday, July 23, 18072283Y3200649918 TuckerThomas Innholder, Vintner, Dealer and ChapmanNewton Abbot 
100Thursday, July 23, 18072283Y3200649918 KellandWilliam CurrierCity of Exetermentions, Richard Kelland, of Sandford, tanner; Joseph Sparkes Dymond, City of Exeter, tanner; and Thomas Cleeve, parish of Rew, tanner the assignees.
101Thursday, October 29, 18072299Y3200650060 PartridgeWilliam Serge Maker occupied a dwelling house, No. 27, Holloway Street, Exeter
102Thursday, October 29, 18072299Y3200650066 BennettMatthew Woollen manufacturerSt Thomas the Apostle, Exeteroccupied a dwelling house near the Oakhampton Inn, St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter
103Thursday, October 29, 18072299Y3200650066 SpragueGilbert Rope maker, Dealer and ChapmanTopshamoccupied premises in Fore Street, Topsham
104Thursday, October 29, 18072299Y3200650066 HetrellJohn Corn Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
105Thursday, November 5, 18072300Y3200650076 WoodmanJohn MaltsterTopshamoccupied a house in Shapter Street, Topsham
106Thursday, November 5, 18072300Y3200650076 PotterWilliam Tailor, Dealer and ChapmanKenton 
107Thursday, November 12, 18072301Y3200650078 HareMoses Cabinet MakerCity of Exeter 
108Thursday, November 26, 18072303Y3200650104 IrelandWilliamthe elderCordwainer, Dealer and ChapmanAshburton 
109Thursday, December 31, 18072308Y3200650166 DingleThomas White bread Baker, Dealer and ChapmanSaint David, City of Exeter 
110Thursday, December 31, 18072308Y3200650166 PierceThomas PainterStarcross, Kenton 
111Thursday, January 14, 18082310Y3200650178 ChowneWilliam Linen draper, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied premises at Middle Halfdon, Withycombe Rawleigh and a dwelling house in South Street, Exeter and a Glass House situated in Sun-lane, St Mary Major, Exeter.
112Thursday, January 28, 18082312Y3200650209 MichellElizabeth Fuller, Dealer and ChapwomanCity of Exeteroccupied a house called Cylender House in Exeter
113Thursday, February 11, 18082314Y3200650231 SalisburyJohn Cabinet maker, Upholsterer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a dwelling-house at No. 5, Salutary Mount, Heavitree, and premises in Fore Street, Exeter
114Thursday, February 18, 18082315Y3200650235 CrockerGeorge Ship-builder, Dealer and ChapmanBideford 
115Thursday, February 18, 18082315Y3200650235 SeccombeJohn Yarn ManufacturerWalkhamptonco-partner with Katherine Hoyte, of the borough of Grampound, in the county of Cornwall, widow; William Hore, of the said borough of Grampound, woollen-manufacturer; Charles Burley, of the aid parish of Walkhampton, woollen-manufacturer and Richard Searl, of the parish of St. Stephens, near Lanceston, in the said county of Cornwall, woollen-manufacturer and co-partners
116Thursday, February 18, 18082315Y3200650235 BurleyCharles Woollen-manufacturerWalkhamptonco-partner with Katherine Hoyte, of the borough of Grampound, in the county of Cornwall, widow; William Hore, of the said borough of Grampound, woollen-manufacturer; John Seccombe, of the aid parish of Walkhampton, yarn-manufacturer and Richard Searl, of the parish of St Stephens, near Lanceston in the said county of Cornwall
117Thursday, March 10, 18082318Y3200650272 EardleyEdward Dealer in Glass, China and Earthen-wareCity of Exeter 
118Thursday, April 7, 18082322Y3200650302 HalseRichard  TopshamGives his age as 35, and his wife aged 45.
119Thursday, May 26, 18082329Y3200650374 JacksonJames Lime-burner, Dealer and ChapmanTopshamoccupied a dwelling-house in High Street, Topsham
120Thursday, June 30, 18082334Y3200650430 DryerBenjamin Floor-cloth manufacturer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
121Thursday, August 4, 18082339Y3200650476 SmalldridgeThomas Butcher, Dealer and ChapmanStokeinteignhead 
122Thursday, October 13, 18082319Y3200650567 BateWilliam    
123Thursday, November 17, 18082323Y3200650622 WrightRobert Surgeon and Apothecary, Dealer and ChapmanThorverton 
124Thursday, November 17, 18082323Y3200650618 PopplestoneWilliam Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouthoccupied premises on the Parade, Plymouth
125Thursday, December 8, 18082326Y3200650646 TannerBenjamin    
126Thursday, February 23, 18092338Y3200650775 GilpinJohn Victualler, Dealer and ChapmanEast Teignmouth 
127Thursday, March 16, 18092341Y3200650802 BurtWilliam Money ScrivenerColyton 
128Thursday, March 23, 18092342Y3200650814 HollandHenry Brickmaker, Dealer and ChapmanDawlish 
129Thursday, May 11, 18092349Y3200650872 LuxtonJohn Linen-draperCity of Exeteroccupied a house at No. 71 Fore-street, Exeter
130Thursday, June 8, 18092353Y3200650911 ColeChristopher Feltmonger, Dealer and ChapmanBuckfastleigh 
131Thursday, August 3, 18092361Y3200650995 GoughJohn Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
132Thursday, August 3, 18092361Y3200650995 RatcliffeWilliam Baker, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a dwelling house and Bakehouse in Catherine-street, Exeter
133Thursday, August 24, 18092364Y3200651019 BassJohn Shipwright, Dealer and ChapmanTeignmouthCommission of Bankruptcy first dated 28th April, 1798, but dividend only now being paid.
134Thursday, October 26, 18092373Y3200651097 NinerAndrew Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
135Thursday, March 1, 18102317Y3200651287 DunsfordJabez CutlerPlymouth 
136Thursday, March 12, 18102323Y3200651343 TuckerJohn Clock and Watch makerTiverton 
137Thursday, April 26, 18102325Y3200651370 LukeThomas Common BrewerCity of Exeteroccupied premises in The Close, Exeter, and a Brewhouse in St Mary Arches-street, Exeter
138Thursday, June 28, 18102334Y3200651453 WilcocksThomas Tallow Chandler, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied premises in Guinea-street, Exeter
139Thursday, June 28, 18102334Y3200651453 ParkinDaniel Brewer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterHad a Brewery in Exe-lane.
140Thursday, July 5, 18102335Y3200651455 CranchNathaniel MerchantCity of ExeterOccupied a warehouse in South-street, Exeter dealing in Wool, & a part share in a Brig called the 'Jason' lying at Exeter Quay.
141Thursday, July 5, 18102335Y3200651463 PickslayWilliam Wholesale Linen-draper, Haberdasher, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
142Thursday, July 5, 18102335Y3200651463 BamfordSamuel Paul Factor and Worsted ManufacturerCity of Exeter and Chudleigh 
143Thursday, July 12, 18102336Y3200651472 StanburyJohn Wall Salesman, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dockco-partner with Richard Stanbury
144Thursday, July 12, 18102336Y3200651472 StanburyRichard Salesman, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dockco-partner with John Wall Stanbury
145Thursday, July 12, 18102336Y3200651465 WindeattThomas Wool-Spinner, Yarn and Worsted Manufacturer, Dealer and ChapmanBridgetown 
146Thursday, July 26, 18102338Y3200651489 BennettJohn MercerTavistock 
147Thursday, July 26, 18102338Y3200651485 SweetWilliam Serge-maker, Dealer and ChapmanExeter 
148Thursday, August 9, 18102340Y3200651511 WeeksJoseph TannerSidford 
149Thursday, September 20, 18102346Y3200651559 LangdonJames Tallow Chandler, Dealer and ChapmanSaint Thomas the Apostle, Exeter 
150Thursday, September 27, 18102347Y3200651574 ArscottRichard Miller, Dealer and ChapmanPynes Mills, near Exeter 
151Thursday, October 4, 18102348Y3200651576 BerrySamuel Woollen Manufacturer, Dealer and ChapmanBuckfast Abbey 
152Thursday, October 10, 18102350Y3200651601 TristSamuel  Exeter 
153Thursday, October 25, 18102351Y3200651606 ShortoEdward Horne Cutler, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter and of New Sarum in the County of Wiltshireoccupied a dwelling house in Fore-street, Exeter
154Thursday, November 1, 18102352Y3200651623 NewcombeJohn Victualler, Spirit-seller, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
155Thursday, November 29,18102356Y3200651664 TuckerMicaijah Dyer and Factor, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
156Thursday, November 29, 18102356Y3200651664 OwenThomasthe elderShipwrightTopshamoccupied a dwelling house on the Strand, Topsham and a shipwright's yard opposite called Sanford's Quay
157Thursday, November 29, 18102356Y3200651664 EllisJohn TannerAshburton 
158Thursday, December 20, 18102359Y3200651685 GilbertHenry Merchant and PartnerBrixhamPartner with William Sanders
159Thursday, December 20, 18102359Y3200651685 SandersWilliam Merchant and PartnerBrixhamPartner with Henry Gilbert
160Thursday, December 20, 18102359Y3200651689 BazleyAaron Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanOkehamptonoccupied a dwelling house in the market-place in Oakhampton
161Thursday, December 27, 18102360Y3200651703 BowcherJohn Wine and Brandy Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterPartner of William Wood
162Thursday, December 27, 18102360Y3200651703 WoodWilliam Wine and Brandy Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of ExeterPartner of John Bowcher
163Thursday, January 3, 18112361Y3200651705 WyatGeorge Victualler, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
164Thursday, January 24, 18112364Y3200651740 LuckraftJohn Carpenter and JoinerPlymouth 
165Thursday, February 14, 18112367Y3200651776 ParkhouseElizabeth Linen Draper, Shopkeeper, Dealer and ChapwomanBrixham 
166Thursday, February 21, 18112368Y3200651778 MosgroveWilliam Surgeon & Apothecary, Dealer and ChapmanHoniton 
167Thursday, March 14, 18112371Y3200651814 WhidborneRichard MaltsterExeter 
168Thursday, March 28, 18112373Y3200651830 ScottThomas Holcombe  Tiverton 
169Thursday, April 4, 18112374Y3200651845 MildrumWilliam Linen-draper, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
170Thursday, April 18, 18112376Y3200651859 GriggNathaniel  Plymouth Dockoccupied a dwelling house in Fore-street, Plymouth Dock
171Thursday, May 9, 18112379Y3200651883 DuckhamThomas Cattle Dealer and Dealer and ChapmanWashfield 
172Thursday, May 16, 18112380Y3200651890 DickerGeorge Sergemaker, Shop-keeper, Dealer and ChapmanNorth Tawton 
173Thursday, May 30, 18112382Y3200651902 BathRichard  Plymouth Dock 
174Thursday, June 4, 18112387Y3200651955 MillerWilliam Victualler, Dealer and ChapmanWest Teignmouth 
175Thursday, June 27, 18112386Y3200651940 LakeGeorge Woollen Draper, Tailor, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
176Thursday, June 27, 18112386Y3200651947 MildrumGeorge Linen draper, Hosier and HaberdasherTiverton 
177Thursday, August 1, 18112391Y3200651984 LandJohn White Bread BakerCity of Exeter 
178Thursday, September 5, 18112396Y3200652035 WilcocksJohn Banker and PartnerCity of ExeterPartner with Edward Wilcocks and Alexander Frazer, proprietor of the Western Barnk
179Thursday, September 5, 18112396Y3200652035 WilcocksEdward Banker and PartnerCity of ExeterPartner with John Wilcocks and Alexander Frazer, proprietor of the Western Bank
180Thursday, September 5, 18112396Y3200652035 FrazerAlexander Banker and PartnerCity of ExeterPartner with Edward Wilcocks and John Wilcocks, proprietor of the Western Bank
181Thursday, September 19, 18112398Y3200652064 CollinsJohn Mogridge Maltster and BrewerNewton Abbotpartner with James Puddicombe
182Thursday, October 3, 18112400Y3200651078 HodgePhilip BuilderBarnstaple 
183Thursday, October 10, 18112401Y3200651084 PonsfordMary  Drewsteigntonoccupied a house in Drewsteignton town in which she carried on her business
184Thursday, November 7, 18112405Y3200652125 SmythJohn Greatrix MerchantEast Stonehouse 
185Thursday, December 5, 18112409Y3200652164 KendallJohn Statuary, Stone Mason, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a Messuage, Workshop and Gardens in Longbrooke-street, St. David's, Exeter.
186Thursday, December 5, 18112409Y3200652164 AnthonyWilliam Surgeon, Apothecary, Dealer and ChapmanThorverton 
187Thursday, December 26, 18112412Y3200652196 PuddicombeJames Maltster and BrewerNewton Abbotpartner with John Mogridge Collins
188Thursday, December 26, 18112412Y3200652196 AplinGeorge Cockeram Miller, Dealer and ChapmanEast Budleigh 
189Thursday, January 9, 18122414Y3200652214 ParkenDaniel Flour merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
190Thursday, January 16, 18122415Y3200652230 ClarkeThomas Linen Draper, Hosier, Haberdasher, Finer and Barrel Organ SellerCity of Exeteroccupied business premises at No. 233 High-street, Exeter.
191Thursday, January 16, 18122415Y3200652224 LevyEmanuel Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanExeter 
192Thursday, February 27, 18122421Y3200652281 GoochThomas Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
193Thursday, March 5, 18122422Y3200652296 HutchingsMary Spinster, Woollen and Linen Draper, Dealer and ChapwomanTetcott 
194Thursday, March 5, 18122422Y3200652292 KrogerJohn Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouthalso traded as Francis Kroger and Son
195Thursday, March 12, 18122423Y3200652302 GouldThomas Dealer and ChapmanOttery Saint Mary 
196Thursday, April 30, 18122430Y3200652378 BerryWilliam TannerAlphington 
197Thursday, May 7, 18122431Y3200652380 DingleJoseph Cabinet maker, Upholsterer, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth Dock 
198Thursday, May 14, 18122432Y3200652399 CarterJames Salesman, Hatter, Dealer and ChapmanKingsand 
199Thursday, June 4, 18122439Y3200652418 PotburyGregory Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Undertaker and AuctioneerSidmouthoccupied a dwelling house, shop and ware rooms in Fore Street, Sidmouth
200Thursday, August 13, 18122449Y3200652512 PannellWilliam Earthernwareman, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
201Thursday, August 20, 18122450Y3200652521 DuftyJohn Timber MerchantHuish 
202Thursday, September 3, 18122452Y3200652542 DeanWilliamthe youngerChina, Glass and Earthenware-merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
203Thursday, September 10, 18122453Y3200652548 VeyseyAnn Haberdasher and HosierCity of Exeteroccupied premises in the High-street, Exeter.
204Thursday, October 22, 18122459Y3200652607 ChambersEdward Banker and co-partnerCullomptonco-partner with Richard Chambers, jun. and Henry Clarke Granger of Knightsbridge, Middlesex
205Thursday, October 22, 18122459Y3200652607 ChambersRichardjuniorBanker and co-partnerBroadhemburyco-parter with Edward Chambers and Henry Clarke Granger of Knightsbridge, Middlesex
206Thursday, November 19, 18122463Y3200652643 PookeHenry Turner IronmongerTotnes 
207Thursday, December 10, 18122466Y3200652685 UnderdownThomas Ironmonger, Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanColyton 
208Thursday, January 21, 18132472Y3200652739 BridgmanJohn Timber Merchant, Victualler, Dealer and ChapmanTorquay, in the parish of Tormohamoccupied the public house called 'The Old Inn' in Torquay
209Thursday, January 28, 18132473Y3200652757 PimThomas Bedford Paper maker, Dealer and ChapmanExwick, St Thomas the Apostle 
210Thursday, February 11, 18132475Y3200652772 YatesMatthew Lee BankerExmouthpartner of William Good, of Bradpole, Dorset
211Thursday, February 11, 18132475Y3200652765 SowdonRobert Linen-draper, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
212Thursday, February 18, 18132476Y3200652779 HamMatthew Innkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
213Thursday, February 18, 18132476Y3200652783 WillsHenry Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanPlymouth 
214Thursday, March 4, 18132478Y3200652802 MaunderRobert Wine and Spirit Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
215Thursday, March 11, 18132479Y3200652812 PhillipsJames Innkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeterof The Hotel, Cathedral Yard, Exeter
216Thursday, March 18, 18132480Y3200652815 LathyJohn Mercer, Draper, Dealer and ChapmanHoniton 
217Thursday, April 8, 18132483Y3200652841 AlwaysJames Innkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanMoretonhampsteadoccupied the Inn called the 'White Hart' in Moretonhampstead.
218Thursday, May 20, 18132489Y3200652899 AbrahamRobert BankerAshburton 
219Thursday, May 27, 18132490Y3200652910 BadcockHenry Neale IronmongerAxminsteroccupied a dwelling house, shop, and ware-rooms near the Market-house, Axminster
220Thursday, July 22, 18132498Y3200652980 HeleJohn IronmongerPlymouthoccupied premises at No. 10, Market-Place, Plymouth.
221Thursday, August 12, 18132501Y3200653010 DibbleJames Currier, Dealer and ChapmanMoretonhampstead 
222Thursday, September 2, 18132504Y3200653037 HewerBenjamin Linen and Woollen Draper, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a dwelling house at No. 70, Fore-street, Exeter
223Thursday, September 30, 18132508Y3200653080 PridhamJoseph Innkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeterof the Bristol Inn, St David's, Exeter
224Thursday, October 21, 18132511Y3200653099 PaigeRichard Mercer, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
225Thursday, December 2, 18132517Y3200653168 LaneStephen Innholder, Dealer and ChapmanDodbrookehad occupied the Inn called 'Prince Regent', Market Place, Dodbrooke
226Thursday, December 16, 18132519Y3200653197 StonemanJohnthe youngerLinen and Woollen Draper, Dealer and ChapmanNorth Tawton 
227Thursday, December 23, 18132520Y3200653208 WrightJohn Blacksmith, Dealer and ChapmanAlphington 
228Thursday, December 23, 18132520Y3200653199 WoolmerJoseph Linen draper, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a dwelling house at No. 2, Hill's Buildings, St. Sidwell's
229Thursday, January 13, 18142523Y3200653232 GilardoneBasilio JewellerCity of Exeterof Fore-street, Exeter
230Thursday, January 27, 18142525Y3200653256 FillisRichard Wine and Spirit MerchantPlymouthof Foxhole Street, Plymouth
231Thursday, March 10, 18142531Y3200653317 PimEdward Paper maker, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
232Thursday, March 10, 18142531Y3200653317 WestlakeRichard Lime-burner, Dealer and ChapmanKingsteignton 
233Thursday, March 10, 18142531Y3200653317 WescombWilliam Shopkeeper, Dealer and ChapwomanCity of Exeter 
234Thursday, March 31, 18142534Y3200653352 EardleyThomas Dealer in Glass, China and Earthenware, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exetercommission of bankrupt dated 4 December 1807
235Thursday, April 14, 18142536Y3200653369 GermanWilliam Cornfactor and MaltsterTopsham 
236Thursday, May 5, 18142539Y3200653389 WatsonSamuel Maltster, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
237Thursday, May 5, 18142539Y3200653389 JacobsWilliam Coal-dealer, Dealer and ChapmanSaint, David, Exeterformerly of St Leonard's, Devon
238Thursday, August 11, 18142553Y3200653525 LarkworthyJames Horn-workerExeteroccupied workshops in Second Back-lane, Exeter
239Thursday, September 15, 18142558Y3200653574 YoldonRichard Miller, Dealer and ChapmanIlsingtonof Ingsdon Mills, Ilsington
240Thursday, September 15, 18142558Y3200653582 FloodSamuel MillerBroadclystof Broadclist Mills
241Thursday, September 22, 18142559Y3200653589 MayJohn Wine-merchant, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
242Thursday, September 22, 18142559Y3200653587 FacyArthur Farmer, Dealer, Chapman and co-partnerHatherleighco-partner with Arthur Facy, the younger. Of Waterhouse Farm, Hatherleigh.
243Thursday, September 22, 18142559Y3200653587 FacyArthurthe youngerFarmer, Dealer, Chapman and co-partnerHatherleighco-partner with Arthur Facy. Of Waterhouse Farm, Hatherleigh.
244Thursday, November 24, 18142568Y3200653680 BevanThomas Silversmith, Clock and Watch maker, Dealer and ChapmanOkehampton 
245Thursday, December 15, 18142571Y3200653705 BrowneJohn Farmer, Dealer and ChapmanSandford 
246Thursday, January 26, 18152577Y3200653781 MelhuishJohn BakerCreditonoccupied a dwelling house and bakehouse in St Laurence's Green, Crediton
247Thursday, March 2, 18152582Y3200653825 BellettJohn IronmongerHoniton 
248Thursday, March 23, 18152585Y3200653860 HodgeSarah Milliner, Dealer and ChapwomanCity of Exeter 
249Thursday, April 6, 18152587Y3200653871 HughesDavid Watch-maker and IronmongerKingsbridge 
250Thursday, April 6, 18152587Y3200653871 HuxhamWilliam Iron-founder, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeterhad an iron foundery in Ewing's Lane, St. Mary Steps, Exeter
251Thursday, May 11, 18152592Y3200653920 RoseRichard InnholderChudleighof the 'King's Arms', Chudleigh
252Thursday, May 25, 18152594Y3200653937 WelsfordGiles Tawer, Dealer and ChapmanCreditonoccupied dwelling house, and workshops in Salmon-hutch, Crediton
253Thursday, June 15, 18152597Y3200653966 AnsticeAlfred FellmongerLympstone 
254Thursday, June 22, 18152598Y3200653975 PringJohn  Crediton 
255Thursday, July 13, 18152601Y3200654001 SnellJohn ShopkeeperGreat Torringtonhad an estate called Nutson, in Chawleigh, Devon
256Thursday, July 20, 18152602Y3200654013 CoxGeorgethe youngerSeedsman, Gardener, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
257Thursday, August 24, 18152608Y3200654063 HayneJoseph Builder, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied a dwelling house in Paul-street, Exeter
258Thursday, August 31, 18152608Y3200654073 ReadWilliam Sergemaker, Dealer and ChapmanCreditonoccupied a dwelling house in the West Town, Crediton
259Thursday, October 19, 18152615Y3200654139 CollitonJoseph Dealer and ChapmanMorchard Bishop 
260Thursday, November 30, 18152621Y3200654200 SanfordThomas Victualler, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
261Thursday, November 30, 18152621Y3200654200 SkinnerJacob Shopkeeper, Dealer and ChapwomanOtterton 
262Thursday, November 30, 18152621Y3200654200 LakemanWilliam MaltsterHarberton 
263Thursday, December 7, 18152622Y3200654212 WebberWilliam Butcher, Dealer and ChapmanExmouth 
264Thursday, December 14, 18152623Y3200654224 PulmanWalter FellmongerOttery Saint Mary 
265Thursday, January 11, 18162627Y3200654267 BaylyJohn Ship-Chandler and IronmongerPlymouthpremises at No. 2, Barbacan, Plymouth
266Thursday, January 18, 18162628Y3200654283 RiversHenry Innkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanIvybridgeoccupied a dwelling house called Erme House, Ivybridge
267Thursday, January 25, 18162629Y3200654292 WalerCharles Warwick Fryer Woollen Draper and MercerExeterpremises at No. 101 Fore Street, Exeter
268Thursday, February 8, 18162631Y3200654305 ManningJohn ButcherLoddiswell 
269Thursday, February 8, 18162631Y3200654305 RendleWilliam Ship-builderEast Teignmouthoccupied dwelling house on The Strand, East Teignmouth
270Thursday, February 22, 18162633Y3200654323 TarrJames Victualler, Shoemaker, Dealer and ChapmanCrediton 
271Thursday, March 7, 18162635Y3200654343 HarrisWilliam MercerTotnes 
272Thursday, March 7, 18162635Y3200654343 DuniamJohn MerchantEast Teignmouthowner of the Ship 'Vittoria'
273Thursday, March 14, 18162636Y3200654354 WelsmanSimeon Builder, Shopkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanOttery Saint Mary 
274Thursday, March 21, 18162637Y3200654362 WinsorWilliam InnkeeperPlymouthoccupied the Royal Hotel, Plymouth
275Thursday, April 18, 18162641Y3200654399 HamlynRobert Banker and co-partnerBidefordco-partner with John Chanter
276Thursday, April 18, 18162641Y3200654399 ChanterJohn Banker and co-partnerBidefordco-partner with Robert Hamlyn
277Thursday, April 18, 18162641Y3200654408 WorthyRichard Woollen ManufacturerCity of Exetersurviving partner of Jonathan Worthy, late of the same place, Woollen manufacturer, deceased
278Thursday, April 18, 18162641Y3200654408 HoleRobert Sergemaker, Dealer and ChapmanBow 
279Thursday, May 2, 18162643Y3200654420 PeringRobert Flax-factor, Miller, Dealer and ChapmanSouth Brent 
280Thursday, May 2, 18162643Y3200654420 DebellJoseph GrocerPlymouth 
281Thursday, May 9, 18162644Y3200654428 ChanterRichard Linen-DraperChulmleigh 
282Thursday, May 16, 18162645Y3200654441 SalterJames Bookseller and StationerDartmouthoccupied a dwelling house adjoining the Lower Street, Dartmouth near the New or Public Quay and Market
283Thursday, May 30, 18162647Y3200654465 HearderGilbert Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Dealer and ChapmanTorquay 
284Thursday, June 13, 18162649Y3200654487 HiggsJohn HatterTeignmouth and City of Exeter 
285Thursday, July 4, 18162652Y3200654515 BluckCharles Brushmaker and ShopkeeperExeteroccupied premises in South-street, Exeter
286Thursday, July 11, 18162653Y3200654517 VenJohn Farmer, Dealer and ChapmanWitheridge 
287Thursday, July 18, 18162654Y3200654527 TozerWilliam Saddler and Harness-maker, Dealer and ChapmanCreditoninterest in the Angel Inn, Crediton, The Ship Inn, Crediton and three shops
288Thursday, July 25, 18162655Y3200654539 TrumanJames InnkeeperDawlishoccupier of The New Inn, Dawlish
289Thursday, August 15, 18162658Y3200654583 PearceJames Wine and Brandy Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupier of 13 acres situated on Mary-Pole-Head, St. Sidwell, Exeter, and premises in Cathedral Yard, Exeter
290Thursday, August 15, 18162658Y3200654574 BerreyJohn Carpenter, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
291Thursday, October 3, 18162664Y3200654646 WhellierThomas  City of Exeteroccupier of premises in Bartholomew-yard, Exeter
292Thursday, October 17, 18162667Y3200654671 ChingJohn Miller, Dealer and ChapmanDartmouth 
293Thursday, October 24, 18162668Y3200654681 LukeJohn IronmongerCity of Exeteroccupier of a dwelling house in Fore-stree, near the Corn Market, Exeter
294Thursday, October 31, 18162669Y3200654701 ArundellGeorge Common BrewerTotnesoccupier of the Common Brewery in the Lower Quarter, Totnes
295Thursday, October 31, 18162669Y3200654701 MurchWilliam Builder, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
296Thursday, November 7, 18162670Y3200654703 WottonWilliam Dealer and ChapmanBradninch 
297Thursday, November 7, 18162670Y3200654703 HorseyPeterthe youngerMillerOttery Saint Maryoccupier of Water Grist and Flour Mills called Tipton Mills and dwelling house adjoining, Ottery Saint Mary
298Thursday, November 7, 18162670Y3200654703 MurchJ IronmongerBrixham 
299Thursday, November 21, 18162672Y3200654726 MasonThomas James Musical instrument and music seller, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
300Thursday, December 12, 18162675Y3200654767 TraerWilliam Wool-factor, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupier of a dwelling house and Warehouses in Idle-lane, parish of St George, Exeter.
301Thursday, December 12, 18162675Y3200654767 ChaveThomas Perfumers, Dealers, Chapmans and co-partnerCity of Exeterco-partner of Samuel Chave
302Thursday, December 12, 18162675Y3200654767 ChaveSamuel Perfumers, Dealers, Chapmans and co-partnerCity of Exeterco-partner of Thomas Chave
303Thursday, December 26, 18162677Y3200654780 HillWilliam Currier, Shoemaker, Dealer and ChapmanHalbertonoccupier of premises called 'Chave's' in the centre of the village of Halberton
304Thursday, December 26, 18162677Y3200654780 SparkeWilliam Mason and BricklayerCity of Exeter 
305Thursday, January 2, 18172678Y3200654802 HallGeorge Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanTeignmouth 
306Thursday, January 23, 18172681Y3200654828 TroodEdward Coal-merchant, Dealer and ChapmanChurchstantonoccupier of Farms called 'Late Trent's', 'Late Webber's' in Churchstaunton, Estates called 'Late Newberry's' or 'Culverwell's' in Churchingford. Also mentions an Estate called 'Late Anley's' also owned by Edward Trood, but in the occupation of Ann Trodd as tenant
307Thursday, January 30, 18172682Y3200654850 TaylorThomas Hore Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
308Thursday, February 13, 18172683Y3200654866 WottonMary Victualler, Dealer and ChapwomanErmington 
309Thursday, February 20, 18172684Y3200654833 WhiteJohn InnkeeperBridestoweoccupier of the 'White Hart Inn', Bridestow
310Thursday, February 27, 18172685Y3200654886 PalkCharles Linen-draperEast Teignmouthoccupied a dwelling house, shop and premises in Wellington Row, Teignmouth
311Thursday, March 13, 18172687Y3200654908 HuxhamGeorge Seedsman, Dealer and ChapmanBlack Hall, North Huishoccupier of Land in Diptford
312Thursday, May 15, 18172696Y3200655008 PullingJohn Merchant, Dealer and ChapmanChudleighoccupier of a dwelling house and Ware-rooms in Culver-street, East end of Town, Chudleigh
313Thursday, May 22, 18172697Y3200655019 MaunderGeorge Woollen-draperCity of Exeter 
314Thursday, June 19, 18172701Y3200655069 StrongGeorge Ironmonger, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
315Thursday, July 31, 18172707Y3200655139 TaylorJonathan  Ottery Saint Maryoccupier of premises called 'Dolberry' in Tipton, near Ottery Saint Mary
316Thursday, August 14, 18172709Y3200655161 ProleWilliam  Ilfracombeoccupier of premises called 'North Campscott' in Ilfracombe, and of premises in Croyde and Georgeham
317Thursday, September 18, 18172714Y3200655218 ThomasRichard Wine MerchantPlymouth Dock 
318Thursday, November 6, 18172721Y3200655309 SharlandRichard Saddler and Harness MakerCity of Exeter 
319Thursday, November 6, 18172721Y3200655302 WarrenSamuel Vinegar Maker, Dealer and ChapmanTiverton 
320Thursday, November 13, 18172722Y3200655320 BellingWilliam Druggist, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
321Thursday, November 20, 18172723Y3200655324 PowellJohn Rope maker, Dealer and ChapmanTopsham 
322Thursday, February 26, 18182738Y3200655509 LuscombeNicholas Scrivener, Dealer and ChapmanKingsbridge 
323Thursday, April 23, 18182746Y3200655603 ParishJoseph Dealer in Musical InstrumentsEast Teignmouth 
324Thursday, March 5, 18182759Y3200655745 MatthewsSamuelthe elderShip-builderBrixhamoccupier of a shipwright's yard, Sailmaker's Loft, and Dwelling house at Brixham Quay
325Thursday, September 17, 18182766Y3200655838 BallGeorge Robert Perfumer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
326Thursday, October 15, 18182770Y3200655881 HeathJohn Ship-builderEast Teignmouth 
327Thursday, October 29, 18182772Y3200655906 TwynamThomas ?Flour-factorPlymouth 
328Thursday, November 19, 18182775Y3200655942 SpreatJohn Coal-merchant, Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
329Thursday, February 11, 18192787Y3200656114 PhillipsRichard Chemist, Druggist, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeteroccupied premises at No. 26, High-street, Exeter
330Thursday, February 11, 18192787Y3200656114 BurnWilliam Draper, Tailor, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
331Thursday, April 1, 18192793Y3200656199 TippettRobert Baker, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes 
332Thursday, June 17, 18192804Y3200656324 ParkerWilliam Innkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanWest Teignmouth 
333Thursday, March 2, 18202842Y3200656809 BartlettJoseph  Topsham 
334Thursday, April 27, 18202850Y3200656939 EnglandGeorge  Exeteroccupied a dwelling-house being the corner house, siutate oppostie the Old London Inn, at the Entrance of Southernhay.
335Thursday, May 25, 18202854Y3200656998 LipscombeWilliam Grocer, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter 
336Thursday, September 21, 18202871Y3200657222 CoppWilliam Linen-drapers, Dealers, Chapman and co-partnersCity of Exeterco-partner of Anthony Copp
337Thursday, September 21, 18202871Y3200657222 CoppAnthony Linen-drapers, Dealers, Chapman and co-partnersCity of Exeterco-partner of William Copp
338Thursday, October 26, 18202876Y3200657281 SticklandSamuel Shopkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanEast Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton 
339Thursday, October 26, 18202876Y3200657281 MardonWilliam Shopkeeper, Dealer and ChapmanEast Budleigh 
340Thursday, November 9, 18202878Y3200657301 TrehaneSampson Silversmith, Dealer and ChapmanCity of Exeter