Bankrupts 1843-1900

Listing compiled from articles in the Exeter Flying Post.

Provided by Lindsey Withers



No.DateIssue NumberGale Document No.TitleSurnameForenamesSuffixOccupationParishInformation
1Thursday, May 26, 18423990Y3200673060 RadfordJohn Upholsterer and Cabinet-maker, Dealer and ChapmanTiverton, Devonshire 
2Thursday, June 9, 18423992Y3200673087 RendellR DraperNewton Abbot, DevonshireInterest in Premises in Market Terrace, Newton Abbot
3Thursday, November 17, 18424015Y3200673459 LindonRichard Cornfactor, Dealer and ChapmanMarlborough, Devonshire 
4Thursday, April 27, 18434037Y3200673830 BeckEdward Cabinet-makerTiverton, Devonshire 
5Thursday, May 25, 18434041Y3200673893 FurzeJohn VictuallerPaignton, Devonshire 
6Thursday, August 3, 18434051Y3200674065 WrightJoseph  Exeter, Devonshire 
7Thursday, October 5, 18434060Y3200674235 BrinsmeadG Ship-ownerBideford, Devonshire 
8Thursday, January 4, 18444070Y3200674458 WollandJ & W TurnersExeter and Powderham, Devonshire 
9Thursday, February 22, 18444083Y3200674571 WestrenThomas MaltsterBrushford, Devonshire 
10Thursday, February 22, 18444083Y3200674572 MurchHenry Canvas and Dowist ManufacturerExeter, Devonshire 
11Thursday, February 22, 18444083Y3200674572 StammersJane Licensed VictuallerBridgetown, Totnes, DevonshireOf No. 14, Seymour Place, Bridgetown, Totnes - late of the Bell Inn, in Bridgetown.
12Thursday, April 18, 18444092Y3200674691 GossJohn Draper, Dealer and ChapmanDevonport, Devonshire 
13Thursday, May 2, 18444094Y3200674728 PhillipsGeorge Edward SaddlerPlymouth, Devonshire 
14Thursday, May 9, 18444095Y3200674745 NashWilliam Henry DraperExeter, Devonshire 
15Thursday, May 9, 18444095Y3200674745 GardinerWilliam DraperExeter, Devonshire 
16Thursday, May 16, 18444096Y3200674761 DrakeHenry Attorney and Money scrivenerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
17Thursday, June 13, 18444101Y3200674830 PooreEdward Druggist and StationerBampton, Devonshire 
18Thursday, June 20, 18444120Y3200674850 EvansJohn IronmongerTorquay, DevonshireOccupied premises in Lower Union Street, Torquay.
19Thursday, July 11, 18444105Y3200674904 PlankFrederick Perfumer and HairdresserPlymouth, Devonshire 
20Thursday, July 18, 18444106Y3200674928 GordonThomas Loram Cabinet-makerExeter, DevonshireHad premises in Rack Street, Exeter
21Thursday, October 17. 18444119Y3200675172 CoallW. J. J. GrocerExeter, Devonshire 
22Thursday, October 31, 18444121Y3200675200 RisdonJohn Bookseller, Dealer and ChapmanExeter, Devonshire 
23Thursday, November 14, 18444123Y3200675235 RowJohn ChemistTorrington, Devonshire 
24Thursday, January 16, 18454132Y3200675361 FlintoffGeorge BooksellerPlymouth, Devonshire 
25Thursday, March 27, 18454142Y3200675535 JarmanWilliam Elworthy ConfectionerExeter, Devonshire 
26Thursday, March 27, 18454142Y3200675529 WillsWilliam Bucher and FarmerThorverton, Devonshire 
27Thursday, April 10, 18454144Y3200675562 WillsJohn SchoolmasterBridford, DevonshirePreviously of Christow, Devonshire
28Thursday, April 24, 18454146Y3200675601 LongJoseph Linen-draperTavistock, Devonshire 
29Thursday, May 22, 18454143Y3200675664 HolmanJohn  Exeter, DevonshireHad properties in St Thomas, Devon
30Thursday, June 5, 18454145Y3200675696 O'ReillyPatrick Leonard Purser in Her Majesty's Ship Astren, RetiredExeter, DevonshireFormerly of Falmouth, Cornwall, then of Exeter, then of Leamington Spa, then of Jersey, then of Esast Stonehouse, then of Okehampton, then of Radnor Place, St. Leonard's, and ow of No. 5, Upper Eaton Place, Exeter.
31Thursday, June 19, 18454147Y3200675740 HillRichard CurrierExeter, Devonshire 
32Thursday, June 26, 18454148Y3200675755 ConnetWilliam Cabinet-makerExeter, Devonshire 
33Thursday, June 26, 18454148Y3200675755 CutcliffeCharles Newill SurgeonBarnstaple, Devonshire 
34Thursday, July 3, 18454149Y3200675772 ColemanWilliam VictuallerCrediton, Devonshire 
35Thursday, July 10, 18454150Y3200675793 ReeceJames IronmongerAxminster, Devonshire 
36Thursday, July 24, 18454152Y3200675810 PittJohn GrocerPlymouth, DevonshireOf Drake street, Plymouth.
37Thursday, August 14, 18454155Y3200675840 BaleThomas Licensed Victualler and Boot and Shoe makerHalberton, Devonshire 
38Thursday, September 11, 18454159Y3200675913 CoxGeorge VictuallerPlymouth, Devonshire 
39Thursday, November 6, 18454167Y3200676034 WhitewayJohn MillerChudleigh, Devonshire 
40Thursday, November 27, 18454170Y3200676073 LendonWilliamthe elderCurrier, Leather Dealer and co-partnerExeter, Devonshire 
41Thursday, November 27, 18454170Y3200676073 LendonWilliamthe youngerCurrier, Leather Dealer and co-partnerExeter, DevonshirePremises in Waterbeer-street, Exeter.
42Thursday, December 25, 18454174Y3200676119 CrabbJob Flax spinnerChardstock 
43Thursday, January 15, 18464177Y3200676170 LevyHenry TobacconistPlymouth, Devonshire 
44Thursday, January 15, 18464177Y3200676170 OsbornGeorge Whip-makerExeter, Devonshire 
45Thursday, January 15, 18464177Y3200676170 AndrewsHenry John ApothecaryPlymouth, Devonshire 
46Thursday, February 5, 18464180Y3200676249 PenheyR. W.the youngerGrocerStonehouse, Devonshire 
47Thursday, February 19, 18464182Y3200676279 SymesThomas DraperUplyme, Devonshire 
48Thursday, March 5, 18464184Y3200676314 GillardGeorge GrocerPlymouth, Devonshire 
49Thursday, March 19, 18464186Y3200676349 GoodridgeRichard BakerExeter, Devonshire 
50Thursday, March 19, 18464186Y3200676349 AustenJosiah DraperDevonport, Devonshire 
51Thursday, April 9, 18464189Y3200676391 HillJohn FarmerUpcott Village, Culmstock, DevonshireBankrupt
52Thursday, April 30, 18464192Y3200676429 SkinnerSamuel Shipston Cattle DealerHoniton, DevonshireFormerly of Dalwood.
53Thursday, April 30, 18464192Y3200676429 BesleyThomas Baker and ConfectionerTiverton, DevonshireOf West Exe Street, Tiverton
54Thursday, June 4, 18464197Y3200676512 ChapmanM PainterDevonport, Devonshire 
55Thursday, June 4, 18464197Y3200676512 WhiteWilliam TailorTavistock, Devonshire 
56Thursday, June 11, 18464198Y3200676528 SolomonJohn OutfitterExeter, Devonshire 
57Thursday, June 25, 18464200Y3200676561 PattinsonRobert GrocerExeter, Devonshire 
58Thursday, June 25, 18464200Y3200676561 PerrottRobert Stanford GrocerExeter, Devonshire 
59Thursday, July 23, 18464204Y3200676634 AlexanderAlexander OpticianExeter, Devonshire. Of High Street, Exeter 
60Thursday, July 23, 18464204Y3200676634 AlexanderJohn OpticianExeter, Devonshire. Of High Street, Exeter 
61Thursday, July 30, 18464205Y3200676651 ToutThomas GrocerAshburton, Devonshire 
62Thursday, July 30, 18464205Y3200676651 BurrowsCharles Newill BrewerEast Stonehouse, Devonshire 
63Thursday, July 30, 18464205Y3200676651 GliddonJohn BrewerPlymouth, Devonshire 
64Thursday, September 3, 18464210Y3200676731 LineR. B. CarpenterCoxside, Devonshire 
65Thursday, September 17, 18464212Y3200676766 TuckettJames Herbalist and Apothecary, Dealer and ChapmanExeter, Devonshire 
66Thursday, October 8, 18464215Y3200676820 ClarkeJoseph InnkeeperPlymouth, Devonshire 
67Thursday, October 29, 18464218Y3200676871 BuddSally Tea-dealer, Grocer, Dealer and ChapwomanNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
68Thursday, December 3, 18464223Y3200 HurtonS. G. Gas ManufacturerSidmouth, Devonshire 
69Thursday, December 31, 18464227Y3200677024 MooreJohn Percy ChemistPlymouth, Devonshire 
70Thursday, January 7, 18474228Y3200677040 HannafordPeter Allen BooksellerExeter, Devonshire 
71Thursday, January 14, 18474229Y3200677055 PickardJjuniorHatterExeter, Devonshire 
72Thursday, February 4, 18474232Y3200677110 HillWilliam Henry Brown AccountantExeter, DevonshireAt present and for the last four months residisng at No. 2. Saint Mary Major's Yard, in the Precinct of the Close, in the City of Exeter, and previously of Foxhayes, in the Parish of St Thomas the Apostle, Devon
73Thursday, February 25, 18474235Y3200677155 HarveyJohn William GrocerOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
74Thursday, Mary 4, 18474236Y3200677174 SpenceThomas DraperExeter, DevonshireOf Fore street, Exeter
75Thursday, April 22, 18474244Y3200677283 SymesJ. D. Coal-dealerAxminster, Devonshire 
76Thursday, April 29, 18474245Y3200677296 ShepherdJoseph Wine and Spirit Merchant and co-partnerExeter, Devonshire 
77Thursday, April 29, 18474245Y3200677296 ShepherdBenjamin Wine and Spirit Merchant and co-partnerExeter, Devonsire 
78Thursday, May 14, 18474247Y3200677326 ThuellJohn Woollen ManufacturerBuckfastleigh, DevonshireCo-partner of William Jeffery. Bankrupt. Had freehold property, Forder Green Estate in Broadhempstone.
79Thursday, May 14, 18474247Y3200677326 JefferyWilliam Woollen ManufacturerBuckfastleigh, DevonshireCo-partner of John Thuell. Bankrupt
80Thursday, May 20, 18474248Y3200677338 SkinnerWilliam InnkeeperLympstone, DevonshirePreviously of Caton Farm, Ashburton, Devon, farmer and limeburner
81Thursday, May 27, 18474249Y3200677357 AvantThomas Upholsterer and Cabinet MakerDawlish, Devonshire 
82Thursday, May 27, 18474249Y3200677357 HillJohn BuilderExeter, DevonshireCo-partner of George Hill. Bankrupt
83Thursday, May 27, 18474249Y3200677357 HillGeorge BuilderExeter, DevonshireCo-partner of John Hill. Bankrupt
84Thursday, June 3, 18474250Y3200677371 LethbridgeE. MerchantPlymouth, Devonshire 
85Thursday, July 1, 18474255Y3200677438 NichollsGeorge Richard Painter, Glazier, Gilder and Omnibus ProprietorApledore, Northam, Devonshire 
86Thursday, July 8, 18474256Y3200677450 PearceJohn James Baker and GrocerKenton, Devonshire 
87Thursday, July 8, 18474256Y3200677452 CoulsonRichard Carkeet Tea-dealerExeter, Devonshire 
88Thursday, July 8, 18474256Y3200677452 CoswayGeorge WoolstaplerTiverton, Devonshire 
89Thursday, July 15, 18474257Y3200677466 LegassickJacob GrocerTavistock, Devonshire 
90Thursday, July 22, 18474258Y3200677482 SuggJohn Wyatt ArchitectTorquay, Devonshire 
91Thursday, September 9, 18474265Y3200677601 BaldyJohn Patey ApothecaryDevonport, Devonshire 
92Thursday, October 21, 18474271Y3200677693 HoweCharles DraperPlymouth, Devonshire 
93Thursday, November 18, 18474275Y3200677757 WatsonThomas InnkeeperTorquay, Devonshire 
94Thursday, November 18, 18474275Y3200677757 FramptonH. Witt GrocerBideford, Devonshire 
95Thursday, December 2, 18474277Y3200677791 FloodChristopher Samuel Banker and Co-partnerHoniton, DevonshireCo-partner of Harry Buckland Lott. Commission of Bankruptcy dated 23 November 1847. Occupied Tracey House, Honiton
96Thursday, December 2, 18474277Y3200677791 LottHarry Buckland Banker and Co-partnerHoniton, DevonshireCo-partner of Christopher Samuel Flood. Commission of Bankruptcy dated 23 November 1847. Occupied Tracey House, Honiton
97Thursday, December 16, 18474279Y3200677823 RossiterEdwardjuniorBuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
98Thursday, December 30, 18474281Y3200677850 AmbroseR BuilderPlymouth, Devonshire 
99Thursday, December 30, 18474281Y3200677850 RobinsR. J. S. AttorneyTavistock, Devonshire 
100Thursday, January 6, 18484282Y3200677869 StocksT BakerTor, Devonshire 
101Thursday, January 6, 18484282Y3200677869 PrattT DruggistNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
102Thursday, January 13, 18484283Y3200677880 BishopNathanielthe youngerVictuallerHoniton, Devonshire 
103Thursday, January 13, 18484283Y3200677884 WaycottW InnkeeperDevonshire 
104Thursday, January 13, 18484283Y3200677884 BlakeJohn Denner InnkeeperHoniton, Devonshire 
105Thursday, January 13, 18484283Y3200677884 PineWilliam Hann MaltsterHoniton, Devonshire 
106Thursday, January 20, 18484284Y3200677898 PeakeFrederick Draper and co-partnerHoniton, DevonshireCo-partner of John Jillings.
107Thursday, January 20, 18484284Y3200677898 JillingsJohn Draper and co-partnerHoniton, DevonshireCo-partner of Frederick Peake.
108Thursday, January 20, 18484284Y3200677898 WhiteJ. A. DraperStockland, Devonshire 
109Thursday, January 27, 18484285Y3200677918 ParsonsR BuilderPlymouth, Devonshire 
110Thursday, January 27, 18484285Y3200677918 RossiterJ BakerTormoham, Devonshire 
111Thursday, January 27. 18484285Y3200677918 FoxC. P. Surgeon DentistTorquay, Devonshire 
112Thursday, February 3, 18484286Y3200677932 SpencerRobert Printer, Bookseller and StationerSaint Sidwell, Exeter, Devonshire 
113Thursday, March 9, 18484291Y3200678014 PrinceHenry Furrier, Dealer in Caps and Cigars, Dealer and ChapmanExeter, Devonshireof High Street, Exeter
114Thursday, March 16, 18484292Y3200678033 BurnsRobert DraperExeter, DevonshsirePresises at Grosvenor-place, St. Sidwell's.
115Thursday, June 22, 18484306Y3200678242 JefferyJohn Dacie Surgeon and ApothecarySidmouth, DevonshirePremises at 2 York Terrace, Sidmouth.
116Thursday, July 27, 18484311Y3200678317 CorrieGeorge William Wine-MerchantPlymouth, DevonshireOf Buckwell-street, Plymouth
117Thursday, August 3, 18484312Y3200678328 SaldorfFrederick merchantPlymouth, Devonshire 
118Thursday, August 3, 18484312Y3200678328 ParryJohn Cheese and bacon factorExeter, Devonshireof South street, Exeter
119Thursday, August 3, 18484312Y3200678328 DawnWalter builderExeter, Devonshireof Holloway Street, Exeter
120Thursday, August 3, 18484312Y3200678328 RendellFrancis Horne Builder, plumber and glazierTorquay, Devonshire 
121Thursday, August 17, 18484314Y3200678359 DaweWilliam Plumber, Painter and GlazierExeter, Devonshirepremises in Magdalen-street, Exeter
122Thursday, August 17, 18484314Y3200678350 BevanJohn Tanner and Saddler and Harness makerBridestowe, Devonshire 
123Thursday, August 17, 18484314Y3200678381 BeckfordIsaac Rowe  Plymouth, Devonshire 
124Thursday, September 7, 18484317Y3200678482 SclaterCharles NurserymanExeter, Devonshire 
125Thursday, September 14, 18484318Y3200678511 ElliotRoger BuilderPlymouth, Devonshire 
126Thursday, September 14, 18484318Y3200678495 CarterWilliam InnkeeperExeter, Devonshire 
127Thursday, September 21, 18484319Y3200678518 AustinJames BuilderClist Honiton, Devonshire 
128Thursday, September 21, 18484319Y3200678518 RoweAlexander GrocerPlymouth, Devonshire 
129Thursday, September 21, 18484319Y3200678518 HortopsJohn BuilderPlymouth, Devonshire 
130Thursday, September 21, 18484319Y3200678518 WestlakeJohn Cattle salesmanTavistock, DevonshireAlso known as John Cundy
131Thursday, September 21, 18484319Y3200678518 WynnJames Gas ManufacturerPlymouth, DevonshireAlso in the trade as a Coal and Coke Merchant of Falmouth, Cornwall
132Thursday, September 28, 18484320Y3200678580 BraundGeorgejuniorLand-surveyorExeter, Devonshire 
133Thursday, October 5, 18484321Y3200678592 HollandEdward Christopher Surgeon and ApothecaryHoniton, Devonshire 
134Thursday, October 12, 18484322Y3200678642 DrakeAlfred AttorneyBarnstaple, Devonshire 
135Thursday, October 12, 18484322Y3200678642 TremlettJames AuctioneerOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
136Thursday, November 16, 18484327Y3200678810 VowlerWilliam AuctioneerCrediton, Devonshire 
137Thursday, November 30, 18484329Y3200678842 CannJohn BakerSt Paul, Exeter, DevonshireOf North Street, Exeter
138Thursday, December 14, 18484331Y3200678927 PinheyHenry GrocerPlymouth, Devonshire 
139Thursday, December 21, 18484332Y3200678954 HaywardT. N. GrocerTorquay, Devonshire 
140Thursday, December 21, 18484332Y3200678954 UptonRoger Grocer and Tea-dealerDawlish, Devonshire 
141Thursday, March 8, 18494344Y3200679288 WiseAyshford Banker, Dealer and ChapmanWolborough, Devonshireof Ford House, Wolborough. Banker, at Newton-Abbot under the Firm of 'Wise, Farwell, Baker and Bentall'
142Thursday, March 8, 18494344Y3200679288 BakerNicholas Banker, Dealer and ChapmanHighweek, Devonshireof Newton-Bushel in the parish of Highweek. Banker at Newton-Abbot under the Firm of 'Wise, Farwell, Baker and Bentall'
143Thursday, March 8, 18494344Y3200679288 BentallWilliam Searle Banker, Dealer and ChapmanTotnes, DevonshireBanker of Newton-Abbot under the firm 'Wise, Farwell, Baker and Bentall'.
144Thursday, March 8, 18494344Y3200679288 PerriamJoseph Porter Merchant, Ship Agent, Dealer and ChapmanExeter, Devonshire 
145Thursday, May 31, 18494356Y3200679669 BurnardJohn Painter and GlazierBideford, Devonshire 
146Thursday, June 7, 18494357Y3200679728 DixonGiles Butter factorUffculme, Devonshire 
147Thursday, August 9, 18494366Y3200680060 RussellHenry InnkeeperTor, Tormoham, Devonshire 
148Thursday, August 23, 18494368Y3200680141 BurtFrederick Boarding-house keeperPlymouth, Devonshire 
149Thursday, September 13, 18494371Y3200680237 WeguelinJohn Christopher Rees Farmer, Lodging-house KeeperShaldon, Saint Nicholas, DevonshireUses the name John Christopher Rees
150Thursday, October 11, 18494375Y3200680371 DavisJohn Bearne IronmongerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
151Thursday, November 1, 18494378Y3200680473 CrookJohn MerchantPlymouth, Devonshire 
152Thursday, January 17, 18504389Y3200680913 MorrishJ CooperTiverton, Devonshire 
153Thursday, February 7, 18504392Y3200681033 BannehrJames Share-broker and emigration agent, Law Stationer, and PrinterExeter, Devonshire 
154Thursday, February 7, 18504392Y3200681033 Ford  MillerBlackpool Mills, Stoke Fleming, Devonshire 
155Thursday, February 7, 18504392Y3200681033 Lowcock     
156Thursday, February 14, 18504393Y3200681072 StuckesJohn Inn-keeperExeterof the Black Lion, South-street
157Thursday, March 28, 18504399Y3200681261 VenningRichard Cider-merchantTotnes, Devonshire 
158Thursday, June 6, 18504409Y3200681609 PerrersLucy InnkeeperHolsworthy, Devonshirelate of the White Hart, Holsworthy
159Thursday, June 6, 18504409Y3200681609 Hambly  InnkeeperCrockernwell, Devonshire 
160Thursday, June 6, 18504409Y3200681609 Adams  GrocerTorquay, Devonshire 
161Thursday, July 4, 18504413Y3200681710 LuckesThomas Provision DealerSt Pancras, Exeter, DevonshireOf No. 199 High Street, Exeter
162Thursday, July 25, 18504416Y3200681807 ShepheardGeorge Linen DraperModbury, Devonshire 
163Thursday, November 14, 18504432Y3200682309 HayesHenry William No OccupationTeignmouth, DevonshireAlso known as Henry Hayes
164Thursday, January 23, 18514442Y3200682640 PidgeonJohn Wine and Spirit MerchantHoniton, Devonshire 
165Thursday, February 20, 18514445Y3200682792 NeckWilliamthe youngerCorn and Hay DealerTorre, Torquay, Devonshire 
166Thursday, February 20 18514445Y3200682812 LightfootSamuel Livery Stable-keeperTorquay, Devonshire 
167Thursday, June 12, 18514460Y3200683366 PowleslandJohn  South Tawton, DevonshireInterest in Higher and Lower Itton, South Tawton, and Moxhays Itton, South Tawton
168Thursday, June 19, 18514461Y3200683402 PowleslandGeorge Dealer in SeedsMeeth, DevonshireInterest in Farms of Yendacott, South Tawton, and Little Itton, South Tawton.
169Thursday, July 17. 18514465Y3200683558 WillingRichard MillerAshburton, Devonshire 
170Thursday, July 17, 18514465Y3200683558 ClarkJames BuilderExeter, Devonshire 
171Thursday, July 24, 18514466Y3200683607 PainterThomas BuilderOkehampton, Devonshire 
172Thursday, October 9, 18514477Y3200684000 WilliamsThomas Elson Wine and Spirit MerchantExeter, Devonshire 
173Thursday, October 23, 18514479Y3200684034 Mac-BurnieJohn Draper and Tea DealerExeter, Devonshire 
174Thursday, November 13, 18514482Y3200684136 CannifordHenry InnkeeperOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
175Thursday, December 18, 18514486Y3200684307 GodfreyJoseph Palmer Yeoman, late Paper MakerCullompton, Devonshire 
176Thursday, January 8, 18524489Y3200684425 HichensThomas Timber MerchantSt Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire 
177Thursday, April 1, 18524501Y3200684900 HaymanH  Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire 
178Thursday, June 10, 18524511Y3200685249 ThorneJohn FarmerSouth Molton, DevonshireOf Town House Barton, South Molton
179Thursday, June 24, 18524513Y3200685324 CursonSarah Bookseller, Stationer, Dealer and ChapwomanExeter, Devonshireof High Street, Exeter
180Thursday, June 24, 18524513Y3200685324 CursonGeorge Bookseller, Station, Dealer and ChapmanExeter, Devonshireof High Street, Exeter
181Thursday, June 24, 18524513Y3200685324 BricknellSamuelthe youngerMaster Mariner and Ship Owner, Dealer and ChapmanLittleham and Exmouth, Devonshire 
182Thursday, October 21, 18524529Y3200685914 JenkinsJames Gidoin Attorney at Law and Solicitor in ChancerySidmouth, DevonshireOf Cypress Place and Fort Field, Sidmouth, Devon, and also of No. 12, Chapel Place, Cavendish Square, Middlesex
183Thursday, December 9, 185245336Y3200686215 CridlandJohn Grocer and China DealerSidmouth, Devonshire 
184Thursday, March 10, 18534549Y3200686688 ManleyThomas Dealer in Wool, formerly Cattle SalesmanExeter, Devon 
185Thursday, March 31, 18534552Y3200686776 MayW DraperExeter, DevonLate of 4 Queen Street, Exeter
186Thursday, May 19, 18534559Y3200687014 WattsJohn hatter and DraperTiverton, Devonshire 
187Thursday, July 21, 18534568Y3200687359 ClarkeSamuel ToymanExeter and Torquay, Devonshire 
188Thursday, August 4, 18534560Y3200687401 HynesKate Dealer in Marine StoresSt Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireOf Cowick-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle.
189Thursday, December 8, 18534576Y3200688072 StreetEdward Henry Cabinet MakerExeter, Devonshire 
190Thursday, December 29, 18534579Y3200688173 Hennett   Teignmouth, DevonshireProperty in Fore Street, Teignmouth, and also in Dawlish
191Thursday, January 26, 18544583Y3200688331 DuffieldWilliam Munro Commission AgentHeavitree, Devonshire 
192Thursday, April 27, 18544596Y3200688783 TomsJoseph BuilderExeter, DevonshireOf Bartholomew Street, Exeter.
193Thursday, May 18, 18544599Y3200688885 ManningThomas Smith and Machine ManufacturerOttery St. Mary, DevonshireOf Coombe Lake, near File Mile, Ottery St. Mary.
194Thursday, May 18, 18544599Y3200688885 HeadJoseph JewellerExeter, DevonshireOf 18 High Street, Exeter
195Thursday, June 8, 18544601Y3200689020 GubbSamuel Innkeeper, and BrushmakerExeter, Devonshire 
196Thursday, June 15, 18544602Y3200689059 BesleyThomas Stone GrocerTiverton, DevonshireOf Fore Street, Tiverton
197Thursday, July 13, 18544606Y3200689245 PalmerJames Maltster and BrewerBridestowe, Devonshire 
198Thursday, August 17, 18544610Y3200689434 MudgeWilliam Fly and Cab and Coach ProprietorPaignton, Devonshire 
199Thursday, August 17, 18544610Y3200689434 DavyHenry Linen and Sail Cloth ManufacturerFordton, Crediton, Devonshire 
200Thursday, September 28, 18545615Y3200689653 ChaveJoseph BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
201Thursday, October 19, 18545618Y3200689751 ButterJames Langdon Brick and Tile ManufacturerCollaton Rawleigh and Woodbury Salterton, Devonshire 
202Thursday, December 14, 18545626Y3200690075 BoardRobert BlacksmithChurchingford, Devonshire 
203Thursday, December 21, 18544627BC3200690083 WyllieRobert Wilson Flax Scutcher and Dealer in Music and Musical InstrumentsSaint Leonard, DevonshireLate of Saint Martin, Exeter, Devonshire
204Thursday, December 28, 18544628Y3200690108 EvansJohn Bookseller and StationerExeter, Devonshire 
205Thursday, March 1, 18554637Y3200690447 BrayBenjamin Nursery gardener, draper, grocer and co-partnerOkehampton, Devonshire 
206Thursday, March 1, 18554637Y3200690447 BrayWilliam Nursery gardener, draper, grocer and co-partnerOkehampton, Devonshire 
207Thursday, March 15, 18554639Y3200690508 GreensladeJohn Norris Oakford, DevonshireFarmer, Butcher, Cattle Salesman and Seed DealerOf Nethercott Farm, Oakford.
208Thursday, March 15, 18554639Y3200690495 ElstonGeorge Boot and shoe-makerCrediton, DevonshireOf Charlotte Street, Crediton.
209Thursday, April 19, 18554644Y3200690673 TalbotHugh Druggist and co-partnerSidmouth, Devonshire 
210Thursday, April 19, 18554644Y3200690673 TalbotHugh Popham Druggist and co-partnerSidmouth, Devonshire 
211Thursday, April 26, 18554645Y3200690696 FitzeJames Gartrell Bookseller, Stationer and patent medicine vendorExeter, Devonshire 
212Thursday, May 3, 18554646Y3200690734 ClenchJohn Timber Dealer and Manure DealerExeter, DevonOf St Thomas the Apostle, Devon
213Thursday, May 24, 18554649Y3200690857 HittThomas CurrierExeter, Devonshire 
214Thursday, May 31, 18554650Y3200690862 HakeThomas FurrierExeter, Devon 
215Thursday, May 31, 18554650Y3200690869 MugfordR. L. TailorTorquay, Devonshire 
216Thursday, May 31, 18554650Y3200690869 WattsSamuel Barrington HatterExeter, Devonshire 
217Thursday, May 31, 18554650Y3200690869 BalkwillJohn Boot and shoe-makerExeter, Devonshire 
218Thursday, June 14, 18554652Y3200690968 LyonsSusan DraperTavistock, Devonshire 
219Thursday, June 21, 18554653Y3200691000 RoseSamuel DraperHoniton, Devonshire 
220Thursday, June 21, 18554653Y3200691000 RoseRobert Willy DraperHoniton, Devonshire 
221Thursday, June 28, 18554654Y3200691029 BultGeorge Norman DruggistTiverton, Devonshire 
222Thursday, July 12, 18554656Y3200691090 LangdonJames Henry Merchant and ShipownerExeter, Devonshire 
223Thursday, August 2, 18554659Y3200691200 BodleyWilliam Canute Iron and Brass founderExeter, DevonshireOf The Bonhay, Exeter.Occupied Premises called 'The West of England Iron and Brass Foundry, Parish of Saint Edmund on the Bridge, Exeter.
224Thursday, August 2, 18554659Y3200691200 SkinnerHenry Ellis Saddler and Harness makerTiverton, DevonshireOf Fore Street, Tiverton
225Thursday, August 23, 18554662Y3200691324 GidleyGustavus Share broker, Bill DiscounterTorquay, Devonshire 
226Thursday, August 23, 18554662Y3200691324 WhitewayWilliam Bartlett Miller and FarmerKingsteignton, Devonshire 
227Thursday, August 23, 18554662Y3200691298 NorsworthyWilliam John BakerSidmouth, Devonshire 
228Thursday, September 6, 18554664Y3200691398 PassmoreMary Ann Umbrella and Parasol ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf Queen-street.
229Thursday, September 6, 18554664Y3200691398 DunsfordMatthew Lichegary Cutler, truss and surgeon's instrument makerExeter, DevonshireOccupied premises Fore Street, opposite the Lower Market.
230Thursday, September 6, 18554664Y3200691398 MarleyJ ButcherTorquay, Devonshire 
231Thursday, September 13, 18554665Y3200691410 DennisJames Fly-proprietorTorquay, Devonshire 
232Thursday, September 27, 18554667Y3200691490 KingdonThomas Cider-merchant and FarmerNetherexe, Devonshire 
233Thursday, October 25, 18554671Y3200691624 BallWilliam and Thomas MillersTotnes, Devonshire 
234Thursday, October 25, 18554671Y3200691624 HonywillThomas Furneaux IronmongerTorquay, Devonshire 
235Thursday, November 29, 18554676Y3200691790 HannafordGeorge Baker and ConfectionerSt. Mary Church, Devonshire 
236Thursday, November 29, 18554676Y3200691790 EveryFrederick ScrivenerExeter, DevonshireOf Bamfylde street, in the City of Exeter, and of Alphington Road, in the parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon
237Thursday, November 29, 18554676Y3200691790 DyerJohn BuilderDevonport, Devonshire 
238Thursday, January 17, 18564683Y3200692010 BowermanJohn Grocer and Berlin Wool DealerTiverton, Devonshire 
239Thursday, January 17, 18564683Y3200692010 BridgmanChristopher Vickery ScrivenerTavistock, Devonshire 
240Thursday, January 17, 18564683Y3200692010 MayJohn ManufacturerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
241Thursday, January 31, 18564685Y3200692109 DrakeFrancis InnkeeperWilland, DevonshireOf the Railway Hotel, Willand
242Thursday, February 7, 18564687Y3200692125 Gribbe & Luscombe  GrocersTavistock, Devonshire 
243Thursday, February 14, 18564688Y3200692159 VickersBenjamin Wine and Spirit MerchantNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
244Thursday, February 14, 18564688Y3200692161 MinifieRichard BakerHoniton, Devonshire 
245Thursday, February 28, 18564690Y3200692216 VealeOliver Miller and FarmerAshwater, Devonshire 
246Thursday, March 13, 18564692Y3200692281 GribbleRichard BuilderPilton, Devonshire 
247Thursday, March 20, 18564693Y3200692317 BakerJamesjuniorLinen-draperExeter, Devonshire 
248Thursday, April 3, 18564695Y3200692399 PotterRichard Ship builderExeter, DevonshireOf Haven Banks
249Thursday, May 15, 18564701Y3200692599 WalkeJohn Bearne DraperNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
250Thursday, June 12, 18564705Y3200692721 VeyseyJ. P. DraperExeter, DevonshireOf High Street, Exeter
251Thursday, June 12, 18564705Y3200692724 FisherRobert BuilderExeter, Devonshire 
252Thursday, June 12, 18564705Y3200692724 SarellWilliam Marks Benson IronmongerHolsworthy, Devonshire 
253Thursday, June 19, 18564706Y3200692735 ManningWilliam Adams Dealer in Corn, Grass and Clover SeedsTotnes, Devonshire 
254Thursday, June 19, 18564706Y3200692755 PoundSamueljuniorRopemakerDartmouth, Devohnshire 
255Thursday, August 7, 18564713Y3200692965 PeekEdwin BuilderTorquay, DevonshireMentions wife, Mary Ann Peeke and Miss Selina Lethbridge formerly of Paington, but lately of Exeter, who it was alleged had an illegitimate child of which Mr Peeke was the alleged father.
256Thursday, August 14, 18564714Y3200693026 ThomasD GrocerPlymouth, DevonshireOf Bedford-street, Plymouth
257Thursday, August 28, 18564716Y3200693080 CrotchJohn Farmer and InnkeeperOkehampton, DevonshireOf Hughslade Farm, Okehampton
258Thursday, September 25, 18564720Y3200693233 ShortoEdward Henry Hayes Jeweller and Watch-makerExeter, Devonshire 
259Thursday, September 25, 18564720Y3200693233 FinlaterWilliam Stuart Coal MerchantPlymouth, Devonshire 
260Thursday, October 23, 18564724Y3200693344 WrefordRobert Attorney and Money scrivenerExeter, Devonshire 
261Thursday, October 23, 18564724Y3200693347 SearellAllen MillerAshburton and Buckfasthleigh, DevonshireOf Furzeley Mill, Ashburton
262Thursday, November 6, 18564726Y3200693434 ArlissJohn Railway CarrierPlymouth, Devonshire 
263Thursday, November 6, 18564726Y3200693417 ParkerAlexander Smith PackmanPlymouth, Devonshire 
264Thursday, November 6, 18564726Y3200693417 SlocombeRichard FarmerKentisbury, Devonshire 
265Thursday, November 20, 18564728Y3200693500 BlakeEdward Clay MerchantKingskerswell, Devonshire 
266Thursday, November 20, 18564728Y3200693500 KellandPhilip MillerBampton, Devonshire 
267Thursday, November 27, 18564729Y3200693514 HolcombeRichard Farmer and Cattle DealerKentisbury, Devonshire 
268Thursday, December 25, 18564733Y3200693669 GoslingGeorge BuilderSidmouth, Devonshire 
269Thursday, January 1, 18574734Y3200693680 SeeleyWilliam Baker, Grocer and Beer SellerTorquay, Devonshire 
270Thursday, June 4, 18574756Y3200694363 KnowsleyCharles DraperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 179 Fore-street, Exeter.
271Thursday, June 18, 18574758Y3200694408 EllisGeorge MillerSouth Brent, Devonshire 
272Thursday, July 16, 18574762Y3200694539 ClarkJames Tea Dealer and DraperSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireOf Alphington-street, St. Thomas the Apostle.
273Thursday, July 23, 18574763Y3200694569 LakeWilliam Maltster, Brewer, and Coal dealerTopsham, Devonshire 
274Thursday, September 3, 18574769Y3200694793 OateyWilliam Arundel Ironfounder and Co-partnerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
275Thursday, September 3, 18574769Y3200694793 PetterEdward Ironfounder and Co-partnerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
276Thursday, September 10, 18574770Y3200694845 MackayHenry ConfectionerExeter, Devonshire 
277Thursday, October 8, 18574774Y3200694955 ScoreJames Timber MerchantPilton, Barnstaple, DevonshireAbsconded to Australia
278Thursday, October 15, 18574775Y3200694996 CrockerJames IronmongerOkehampton, Devonshire 
279Thursday, October 15, 18574775Y3200694996 KeethWilliam InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf the Three Tuns Inn, High Street, Exeter
280Thursday, November 5, 18574778Y3200695073 ChafeWilliam Treby IronfounderDevonport, Devonshire 
281Thursday, January 21, 18584789Y3200695458 EllisFrederic Chemist, Druggist and Spirit MerchantHatherleigh, Devonshire 
282Thursday, February 11, 18584792Y3200695565 CockGeorge Grocer, Dealer, and Tea DealerPlymouth, Devonshire 
283Thursday, February 11, 18584792Y3200695583 BowhayJ. L. Agrcultural Implement MakerModbury, Devonshire 
284Thursday, February 18. 18584793Y3200695621 PeardJohn Draper and TailorBridestowe, Devonshire 
285Thursday, March 4, 18584795Y3200695677 LeeWilliam GrocerExeter, Devonshire 
286Thursday, March 18, 18584797Y3200695728 TaylorRobert Iron Ore MerchantStoke Gabriel, Devonshire 
287Thursday, March 25, 18584798Y3200695771 RowellWilliam SaddlerNewton Bushel, Devonshire 
288Thursday, April 8, 18584800Y3200695850 FrostRobert StationerTeignmouth, Devonshire 
289Thursday, May 6, 18584804Y3200695932 PerryHenry William BuilderExmouth, DevonshireOccupier of premises in Henrietta-road, Exmouth, and owner of property in Newton Poppleford
290Thursday, May 6, 18584804Y3200695940 TaylorJames Merchant and FarmerStoke Gabriel, Devonshire 
291Thursday, June 17, 18584810Y3200696116 CrutchettHenry James Ship-ownerStonehouse, Devonshire 
292Thursday, July 29, 18584816Y3200696290 MudgeParmenas Pearce Professor of Music and Dealer in Musical Instruments, Music and FarmerSaint Leonard and also of Trelake Farm, Parish of Whitstone, DevonshireOf Mount Radford, near Exeter
293Thursday, August 5, 18584817Y3200696327 GilhamJames Boot and Shoe ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 149 Fore-street hill, Exeter
294Thursday, September 2, 18584821Y3200696465 BaileyWilliam Arnold Wine and Spirit MerchantBideford, Devonshire 
295Thursday, September 16,18584823Y3200696552 LeamanThomas Leaman Hunt Attorney and Money ScrivenerPaignton, Devonshire 
296Thursday, October 7, 18584826Y3200696619 ButterisValentine Bookseller, Stationer and PrinterDartmouth, Devohnshire 
297Thursday, October 7, 18584826Y3200696628 ElworthyJohn Dealer in Coal, Lime and ManuresCrediton, Devonshire 
298Thursday, November 11, 18584831Y3200696777 AdamsWilliam Glove ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 1, Martin Street, Exeter
299Thursday, December 2, 18584834Y3200696864 SheppardWilliam Ship-owner and AuctioneerExmouth, Devonshire 
300Thursday, December 2, 18584834Y3200696864 PhilpRichard WatchmakerOkehampton, DevonshirePremises at 21 High Street, Exeter
301Thursday, December 16, 18584836Y3200696940 MahonWilliam Gun  Dawlish, Devonshire, and 41 Upper Berkeley-street, West London 
302Thursday, December 23, 18584837Y3200696975 SteelThomas Ship-ownerTorquay, Devonshire 
303Thursday, December 30, 18584838Y3200697003 ManchinEmanuel Marie Tailor and DraperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 258 High-street, Exeter. Trades under the name of George Carteret, and late of No. 5 Foley-place, Cavendish Square, London
304Thursday, January 27, 18594842Y3200697133 FollettHenry ShipbuilderDartmouth, Devonshire 
305Thursday,January 27, 18594842Y3200697163 SalmonHenry Curwen Mining Agent and Share DealerAshburton and Plymouth, DevonshireLate of 38 Cobury-street, Plymouth and previously of Sigford, near Ashburton and formerly of Shute, near Totnes.
306Thursday, Janurary 27, 18594842Y3200697163 SheppardJohn Ship-ownerExmouth, Devonshire 
307Thursday, January 27, 18594842Y3200697163 NicksJohn Dealer in HayExeter, Devonshire 
308Thursday, February 24, 18594846Y3200697277 ManleyJohn Miller and Corn-dealerExwick, near Exeter, Devonshire 
309Thursday, March 17, 18594849Y3200697363 HutchingsWilliam DraperMoretonhampstead, Devonshire 
310Thursday, March 24, 18594850Y3200697415 ReedJohn Webber GrocerOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
311Thursday, April 14, 18594853Y3200697484 FowerakerWilliam John InnkeeperTiverton, DevonshireOf the White Horse Inn, Gold-street, Tiverton
312Thursday, May 5, 18594856Y3200697580 PainRichard IronmongerExeter, DevonshireOf Exeter and Nos. 48 & 49 Western-road, Brighton, Sussex
313Thursday, June 23, 18594863Y3200697782 PyneHenry John Coal DealerExmouth, Devonshire 
314Thursday, September 15, 18594875Y3200698161 GubbWilliam Ironmonger, Leather cutter and General BrokerTopsham, DevonshireOf Fore-street, Topsham
315Thursday, September 15, 18594875Y3200698161 HarwoodClement Agricultural Machine MakerHalberton, Devonshire 
316Thursday, September 22, 18594876Y3200698213 BawdenCharles Mine Agent and BrokerTavistock, Devonshire 
317Thursday, October 13, 18594879Y3200698304 PeckinsW. N. AuctioneerTorquay, Devonshire 
318Thursday, October 20, 18594880Y3200698320 PearseJohn James BakerKenton, Devonshire 
319Thursday, November 17, 18594884Y3200698441 HarrisJosias Coal MerchantHighweek, Devonshire 
320Thursday, November 24, 18594885Y3200698486 MayneEsther Louisa MillinerExeter, DevonshireOf High Street, Exeter
321Thursday, February 22, 18604897Y3200698863 StephensHenry InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf the Honiton Inn, Paris-street, Exeter
322Thursday, March 7, 18604899Y3200698926 PookeWilliam Grocer and Tea DealerExe-bridge, Exeter, DevonshireOf New Bridge street, Exeter
323Wednesday, March 14, 18604900BC3200698959 WebberW. J. BakerTeignmouth, Devonshire 
324Wednesday, March 21, 18604901Y3200698982 Kennor and Baillie  MillinersExeter, Devonshire 
325Wednesday, May 23, 18604910Y3200699280 AbrahamsBenjamin JewellerTiverton, Devonshire 
326Wednesday, July 25, 18604919Y3200699622 EvansWilliam Nathaniel Tanner and co-partner (brothers)Colyton, Devonshire 
327Wednesday, July 25, 18604919Y3200699622 EvansRobert Buncombe Tanner and co-partner (brothers)Colyton, Devonshire 
328Wednesday, July 25, 18604919Y3200699616 LanceyJohn DraperBarnstaple, Devonshire 
329Wednesday, August 1, 18604920Y3200699658 RobinsChristopher Mining AgentBuckfastleigh, Devonshire 
330Wednesday, August 1, 18604920Y3200699658 Le BattCharles Mess-masterExeter, Devonshire 
331Wednesday, August 1, 18604920Y3200699658 AlexanderJacob Alexander StationerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 121 Fore-street hill, Exeter
332Wednesday, September 12, 18604926Y3200699840 RichardsJames Edgcome Chemist, Druggist, Grocer, Draper and General ShopkeeperDartmouth, DevonshireOf Duke-street, Dartmouth
333Wednesday, October 24, 18604932Y3200700057 PalmerThomas Draper and co-partnerPlymouth, DevonshireOf Old Town-street, Plymouth
334Wednesday, October 24, 18604932Y3200700057 PalmerSamuel Draper and co-partnerPlymouth, DevonshireOf Old Town-street, Plymouth
335Wednesday, December 26, 18604941Y3200700334 SampsonWilliam Innkeeper and MaltsterSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshirePreviously of Highampton, Devonshire. In the issue dated 9 January 1861 mentions Mr Sampson died in a lunatic asylum the previous week.
336Wednesday, December 26, 18604941Y3200700358 BakerRichard General smithBarnstaple, Devonshire 
337Wednesday, December 26, 18604941Y3200700358 WatkinsDavid FarmerShebbear, DevonshireOf Backway Farm, Shebbear.
338Wednesday, January 2, 18614942Y3200700364 FloodThomas Hardwareman and General DealerHoniton, Devonshire 
339Wednesday, February 6, 18614947Y3200700550 MillerNoah BuilderSidmouth, Devonshire 
340Wednesday, February 13, 18614948Y3200700606 HoggWilliam Buyer and Letter of Machines, Goods and Commodities for hire and FarmerLapford, Devonshire 
341Wednesday, May 1, 18614958Y3200700954 DrakeGeorge Glover and Leather dresserSt Thomas, Exeter, DevonshireOf Beaufort Place, St. Thomas, Exeter
342Wednesday, May 1, 18614958Y3200700954 TremlettFrancis MillerUpton Hellions, Devonshire 
343Wednesday, May 8, 18614959Y3200700979 ThomasWilliam Henry BuilderDawlish, Devonshire 
344Wednesday, May 8, 18614959Y3200700979 DigbyThomas Tailor and DraperOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
345Wednesday, May 22, 18614961Y3200701067 GuillaumeGuillaume Watch and Clock MakerSaint Leonard, DevonshireOf Mount Radford, in the parish of Saint Leonard, and of 25 Cathedral-yard, Exeter
346Wednesday, June 5, 18614963Y3200701095 DalleyJohn Innkeeper and Coal MerchantStarcross, Devonshire 
347Wednesday, June 12, 18614964Y3200701110 CrootEdward Licensed VictuallerExeter, DevonshireOf Waterbeer-street, Exeter
348Wednesday, June 26, 18614966Y3200701208 BrookingFrancis Langthe youngerGrocerTotnes, Devonshire 
349Wednesday, August 14, 18614973Y3200701440 ElstonGeorge ShoemakerCrediton, Devonshire2nd Bankruptcy, previously in 1855.
350Wednesday, August 14, 18614973Y3200701440 ChamberlainAbraham Butcher and Cattle DealerExeter, DevonshireOf 245 High-street, Exeter, and also of Stoke Canon, Devonshire
351Wednesday, September 4, 18614976Y3200701564 FerrisThomas Tailor and Woollen DraperAshburton, Devonshire 
352Wednesday, October 2, 18614980Y3200701677 SouthardC. M. PlumberExeter, Devonshire 
353Wednesday, October 9, 18614981Y3200701701 AveryFrederick SolicitorExeter, Devonshire 
354Wednesday, October 16, 18614982Y3200701751 KibbyThomas Baker, Flour Dealer and BrewerHoniton, Devonshire 
355Wednesday, October 23, 18614983Y3200701803 MandersRobert TailorExeter, DevonshireMentions he has a wife and 10 children.
356Wednesday, November 6, 18614985Y3200701839 HiornsNicholas Lomas StationerExmouth, Devonshire 
357Wednesday, November 27, 18614988Y3200701942 JoslandCharles John Printer and StationerSt. Olave, Exeter, DevonshireOf the Mint, St. Olave, Exeter.
358Wednesday, November 27, 18614988Y3200701947 KnowlesStephen MaltsterSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf Alphington-street, St Thomas, Devon
359Wednesday, December 4, 18614989Y3200701976 LockyerEdmund Beatty  Plymouth, Devonshire 
360Wednesday, December 4, 18614989Y3200702000 WebberBernard James Machinist and Implement makerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
361Wednesday, December 4, 18614989Y3200702000 MaceyJohn ButcherHemyock, Devonshire 
362Wednesday, December 4, 18614989Y3200702001 ColeMary HaberdasherExeter, DevonshireOf High Street, Exeter
363Wednesday, December 11, 18614990Y3200702035 EwensCharles Biddlecombe Fellmonger and InnkeeperCullompton, Devonshire 
364Wednesday, January 8, 18624994Y3200702136 WelchWilliam Boot and Shoe-makerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 254 High-street, Exeter.
365Wednesday, January 15, 18624995Y3200702203 TurpinWilliam Land SurveyorPlymouth, Devonshire 
366Wednesday, January 22, 18624996Y3200702205 HutchingsThomas Fancy Stationer and NurserymanAxminster, Devonshire 
367Wednesday, January 22, 18624996Y3200702205 BriceJoseph General DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Ewing's-lane, Westgate, Exeter.
368Wednesday, January 22, 18624996Y3200702241 DistinThomas Farmer and Builder (Assistant to his father)Paignton, Devonshire 
369Wednesday, January 22, 18624996Y3200702241 HurleyJames Journeyman JoinerExeter, DevonshireOf Smythen-street, Exeter.
370Wednesday, January 29. 18624997Y3200702243 BakerJohn Leather seller and Boot MercerExeter, DevonshireOf Guinea Street, Exeter.
371Wednesday, January 29, 18624997Y3200702269 CarterJonathan Licensed VictuallerExeter, DevonshireOf The Blue Boar Inn, Magdalen-street, Exeter
372Wednesday, February 5, 18624998Y3200702286 PleaseThomas Tailor and DraperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 7, High-street, Exeter.
373Wednesday, February 5, 18624998Y3200702300 GribbleThomas Farmer and InnkeeperWest Teignmouth, Devonshire 
374Wednesday, February 12, 18624999Y3200702335 PengellyWilliam Boot and ShoemakerTotnes, Devonshire 
375Wednesday, February 12, 18624999Y3200702335 ThomasEdwin Boot, Shoemaker, and Leather cutterDartmouth, Devonshire 
376Wednesday, February 12, 18624999Y3200702335 WellingtonWilliamRev.Clerk in Holy Orders, Rector of Upton Hellions.Upton Hellions, Devonshire 
377Wednesday, February 12, 18624999Y3200702339 LethbridgeAlbert Coal Merchant and Licensed VictuallerTotnes, Devonshire 
378Wednesday, February 12, 18624999Y3200702339Rev.TateFrancis Vicar of Axminster and Prebendary of the Exeter Cathedral. Clerk in Holy Orders.Exeter, Devonshire 
379Wednesday, February 19, 18625000Y3200702364 PidsleyJohn G.  Newport, Barnstaple, Devonshire 
380Wednesday, March 5, 18625002Y3200702420 Cocke , alias CokeArchibald Lewis Photographic ArtistEast Wonford, Devonshire 
381Wednesday, March 5, 18625002Y3200702420 StevensSamuel TailorHatherleigh, Devonshire 
382Wednesday, March 12, 18625003Y3200702471 HawkinsJohnthe elderHotel-keeper and Wine and Spirit MerchantExeter, DevonshireOf No. 2, St. John's Place, Paris-street, Exeter and late of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.
383Wednesday, March 12, 18625003Y3200702468 WaltersWilliam Webb InnkeeperSt. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devonshire 
384Wednesday, March 19, 18625004Y3200702490 RogersNicholas Bone crusherExeter, DevonshireOf The Bonhay, Exeter. In May 1862 undergoing penal servitude for forgery.
385Wednesday, March 19, 18625004Y3200702499 RaynesElizabeth Janewidow Tiverton, DevonshireOf Bampton Street, Tiverton.
386Wednesday, March 19, 18625004Y3200702499 TrickeyJohn Boot and Shoe-makerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 26 New Bridge-street, Exeter.
387Wednesday, March 19, 18625004Y3200702499 DuffieldWilliam Bookseller, Newspaper and Advetising AgentTorquay, Devonshire 
388Wednesday, April 9, 18625007Y3200702580 WinsorWilliam Baker and ConfectionerSaint Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshireLate of St Sidwell-street, Exeter, now of Commercial-road, Exeter.
389Wednesday, April 9, 18625007Y3200702581 WadeJohn Walter Plunkett Naval InstructorSidmouth, DevonshireOf Rose Mount, Sidmouth, Devon. Also known as Walter John Plunkett Wade.
390Wednesday, April 23, 18625009Y3200702647 SandersArthur Isaac ButcherHatherleigh, Devonshire 
391Wednesday, April 23, 18625009Y3200702647 BickleJohn FarmerNorthlew, Devonshire 
392Wednesday, April 23, 18625009Y3200702670 CaddWilliam Grocer and DruggistBideford, Devonshire 
393Wednesday, April 30, 18625010Y3200702707 KnapmanWilliam Arthur Arnold InnkeeperOkehampton, Devonshire 
394Wednesday, April 30, 18625010Y3200702707 PottsWilliam Market GardenerBroadclist, Devonshire 
395Wednesday, April 30, 18625010Y3200702707 RowdenJohn Carver, Gilder and co-partnerExeter, Devonshire 
396Wednesday, April 30, 18625010Y3200702707 RowdenRobert Carver, Gilder and co-partnerExeter, Devonshire 
397Wednesday, April 30, 18625010Y3200702707 MiddletonJohn Bookbinder, Printer and StationerPlymouth, DevonshireOf George-lane, Plymouth. Carrying on business under the firm of 'John Middleton and Co'.
398Wednesday, May 7, 18625011Y3200702718 StevensGeorge  Newton Abbot, DevonshireHas interest in a number of properties in Newton Abbot.
399Wednesday, May 14, 18625012Y3200702776 AllenWilliam Nurseryman, Seedsman and FloristTotnes, Devonshire 
400Wednesday, May 14, 18625012Y3200702776 ButterisValentine Printer and AuctioneerDartmouth, DevonshireBankrupt for the Second Time
401Wednesday, May 14, 18625012Y3200702767 BellWilliam Alfred Corn, Flour and Porter MerchantExmouth, Devonshire 
402Wednesday, May 14, 18625012Y3200702767 SnowGeorge Henry Saddler and Harness makerBideford, DevonshireMentions father-in-law, Mr Clatworthy.
403Wednesday, May 14, 18625012Y3200702767 Avery or EveryThomas Farmer and InnkeeperTawstock, DevonshireOf Hollick Farm, Tawstock, and previously of Barnstaple, Devonshire.
404Wednesday, May 14, 18625012Y3200702758 WalkeyJohn Cattle and Coal dealerGreat Torrington, Devonshire 
405Wednesday, May 21, 18625013Y3200702832 BellThomas George Out of BusinessLynmouth, Devonshire 
406Wednesday, May 21, 18625013Y3200702832 SkinnerSarah Provision DealerExeter, DevonshireOf North Street, Exeter.
407Wednesday, May 28, 18625014Y3200702863 SpaldingJohn Fancy DraperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 32, High-street, Exeter.
408Wednesday, June 4, 18625015Y3200702905 PerkinsJonathan BlacksmithCrediton, Devonshire 
409Wednesday, June 4, 18625015Y3200702895 ReadJohn Crow Artist and Picture dealerExeter, Devonshire 
410Wednesday, June 4, 18625015Y3200702895 MatherFrank DraperDartmouth, DevonshireMentions father-in-law, Daniel Donovan.
411Wednesday, June 11, 18625016Y3200702917 TozerWilliam BuilderBabbicombe, Saint Mary Church, Devonshire 
412Wednesday, June 18, 18625017Y3200702956 JenningsWilliamthe youngerCattle DealerWoodbury, Devonshire 
413Wednesday, June 18, 18625017Y3200702959 WebbRichard Mine Agent and Purser for the Plymouth and Dartmoor Powder Company, Chacewater, West Cornwall  
414Wednesday, June 18. 18625017Y3200702968 PinegarGeorge GrocerExeter, DevonshireOf Paul-street, Exeter, and formerly of Market Harborough, innkeeper.
415Wednesday, June 18, 18625017Y3200702968 PerkinsWilliam Henry CurrierExeter, DevonshireOf King-street, Exeter.
416Wednesday, June 18, 18625017Y3200702968 RatcliffeWilliam Boot and Shoe-makerSt Thomas, DevonshireOf Cowick-street, St. Thomas.
417Wednesday, June 18, 18625017Y3200702968 VosperThomas Nicholas Commercial TravellerPlymouth, Devonshire 
418Wednesday, July 2, 18625019Y3200703048 RowdenWilliam Tailor and DraperCrediton, Devonshire 
419Wednesday, July 9, 18625020Y3200703073 MilfordJohn WheelwrightKenford, Devonshire 
420Wednesday, July 16, 18625021Y3200703094 PalmerGeorge Gidley LithographerExeter, DevonshirePremises in Waterbeer Street, Exeter
421Wednesday, July 16, 18625021Y3200703101 BlackmoreIsaac FarmerLundy Island, Devonshire 
422Wednesday, July 23, 18625022Y3200703132 BaronsAdelaide Louisa Wakehamwidow Totnes, Devonshire 
423Wednesday, July 30, 18625023Y3200703171 ColesJames Carpenter, General Shopkeeper and Manure dealerDunkeswell, Devonshire 
424Wednesday, July 30, 18625023Y3200703171 GreenAlfred John Grocer and Boot and ShoemakerExmouth, DevonshireOf George-street, Exmouth.
425Wednesday, July 30, 18625023Y3200703171 WoodMary Ann Licensed VictuallerStarcross, DevonshireOf the Eagle Tavern Inn, Starcross.
426Wednesday, July 30, 18625023Y3200703171 BeavisJosias Knight SmithWoodbury Salterton, Devonshire 
427Wednesday, August 6, 18625024Y3200703203 CoxJames Henry Grocer, Carpenter and JoinerDawlish, Devonshire 
428Wednesday, August 6, 18625024Y3200703203 MillerAlfred George De Chemin Miller, Druggist, Grocer and Seller of Ale and Porter on CommissionKenton, DevonshireMentions wife carrying on business at the same place as a milliner.
429Wednesday, August 6, 18625024Y3200703203 MaunderJohn Watch and Clockmaker and JewellerCrediton, Devonshire 
430Wednesday, August 6, 18625024Y3200703216 TozerWilliam BuilderBabbicombe, Saint Mary Church, Devonshire 
431Wednesday, August 6, 18625024Y3200703216 BlundellJane SchoolmistressIlfracombe, Devonshire 
432Wednesday, August 6, 18625024Y3200703216 BlundellSusannah SchoolmistressIlfracombe, Devonshire 
433Wednesday, August 13, 18625025Y3200703262 PadyGeorge BakerSt. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire 
434Wednesday, August 13, 18625025Y3200703254 PenningtonSamuel NurserymanTavistock, Devonshire 
435Wednesday, August 13, 18625025Y3200703256 NekrewesThomas Licensed VictuallerBideford, DevonshireOf the Princes Royal Inn, Bideford.
436Wednesday, August 20, 18625026Y3200703292 PillarThomas Henry Mason and BakerDartmouth, Devonshire 
437Wednesday, August 20, 18625026Y3200703292 CarterJohn ButcherPaignton, Devonshire 
438Wednesday, August 20, 18625026Y3200703292 LegoWilliam BakerPaignton, Devonshire 
439Wednesday, August 20, 18625026Y3200703292 DistinJohnthe youngerOut of Business, but previously a MaltsterPaignton, Devonshire 
440Wednesday, August 20, 18625026Y3200703278 AllenJohn Farmer and Wood dealerSutcombe, DevonshireOf Brendon Farm, Sutcombe and previously of Abbots Bickington, Devonshire.
441Wednesday, August 27, 18625027Y3200703293 DartJames Umbrella and Parasol Maker and Mender, Cutler, Marine Store Dealer and General DealerTorquay, DevonshireOf Fleet-street, Torquay.
442Wednesday, August 27. 18625027Y3200703314 CrookJohn Francis Grocer, Boot and Shoe Maker and Ale and Porter merchant.Bideford, Devonshire 
443Wednesday, August 27, 18625027Y3200703314 ReedJoseph BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
444Wednesday, August 27, 18625027Y3200703314 TroutFrancis Sailor and FishermanTopsham, Devonshire 
445Wednesday, August 27, 18625027Y3200703314 EdwardsJoseph Watch and Clock-makerPlymouth, DevonshireOf No. 6, Southall Buildings, Millbay, previously of Whimple Street, Plymouth: and formerly of 51 Cross Cheaping, Coventry, Warwickshire.
446Wednesday, August 27, 18625027Y3200703314 RousePhilip W. Clerk in Her Majesty's Navy  
447Wednesday, September 10, 18625029Y3200703372 DawJames Journeyman Shoe-makerThornbury, DevonshireFormerly a farmer, since a dealer in provisions.
448Wednesday, September 10, 18625029Y3200703367 WillingMatthew MaltsterLoddiswell, Devonshire 
449Wednesday, September 17.18625030Y3200703427 FrancisWilliam GentlemanPullaton, Newton Saint Cyres, Devonshire 
450Wednesday, September 24, 18625031Y3200703437 TozerJohn Boot and Shoe-makerMoretonhampstead, DevonshireOf Forder-street, Moretonhampstead.
451Wednesday, September 24, 18625031Y3200703437 HitchcockThomas Miller and Flour DealerThorverton, Devonshire 
452Wednesday, September 24, 18625031Y3200703437 GuscottWilliam MillerPoughill, Devonshire 
453Wednesday, September 24, 18625031Y3200703452 BrewerRichard Grocer, Tea-dealer and Journeyman TannerSt Thomas, DevonshireOf Cowick-street, St. Thomas.
454Wednesday, October 8, 18625033Y3200703494 LeethemThomas Master in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and now Chief Officer in the Coast Guard ServiceLate of Plymouth, Devonshire, but now of Lyme Regis, Dorset 
455Wednesday, October 8, 18625033Y3200703494 HusseyEdward Giles Out of BusinessPinhoe, DevonshirePreviously of the City of Exeter, and before that of Buckshaw House, Holwell, Dorset as a lime-burner.
456Wednesday, October 8, 18625033Y3200703513 EvansFrederick Jno. Furniture Broker and Cabinet MakerTotnes, Devonshire 
457Wednesday, October 15, 18625034Y3200703532 TaylorAnna MillinerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 13, Castle-street, Exeter. Mentions, mother, Mrs Andrews, previously of Catherine-street, Exeter, but now of Castle-street.
458Wednesday, October 15, 18625034Y3200703545 SouthcottEdward Refreshment House-keeper and GrocerSt Paul, Exeter, DevonshireOf No. 11 Goldsmith-street, Exeter. Previously of Topsham, Devonshire, an accountant.
459Wednesday, October 22, 18625035Y3200703583 DunningThomas Tailor, Fruiterer and General ShopkeeperExmouth, DevonshireOf the Parade, Exmouth.
460Wednesday, October 22, 18625035Y3200703583 PileWilliam Boot and ShoemakerEast Budleigh, Devonshire 
461Wednesday, October 22, 18625035Y3200703583 MajorWilliam Out of BusinessExminster, Devonshire 
462Wednesday, November 12, 18625038Y3200703676 EndacottJames CarterPaignton, Devonshire 
463Wednesday, November 12, 18625038Y3200703676 TozerJohn AccountantBrixham, Devonshire 
464Wednesday, November 19, 18625039Y3200703711 HooperJohn SolicitorSt Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireFormerly of Cowick-terrace, St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon.
465Wednesday, November 19, 18625039Y3200703732 MelluesJohn Baker and General ShopkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 1, Lower North-street, Exeter.
466Wednesday, November 26, 18625040Y3200703739 MaleSimeon Bacon factor and FishmongerExeter, DevonshireOf Bedford-street, Exeter.
467Wednesday, December 3, 18625041Y3200703769 CoplestoneGeorge ButcherIde, Devonshire 
468Wednesday, December 10, 18625042Y3200703796 GrattanJohnthe youngerBoot and ShoemakerTiverton, DevonshireOf Gold-street, Tiverton.
469Wednesday, December 10, 18625042Y3200703820 LathamWilliam Butcher and FarmerMartinhoe, DevonshireOf Croscombe Barton, Martinhoe.
470Wednesday, December 10, 18625042Y3200703820 TilkeGeorge ButcherSandford, Sidbury, Devonshire 
471Wednesday, December 10, 18625042Y3200703820 EdwardsJohn Farmer, Mail Contractor and PublicanSt. Sidwell's, Exeter and Chagford, Devonshire 
472Wednesday, December 10, 18625042Y3200703820 GodfreyElizabeth Emeling Lodging-house KeeperTorquay, DevonshireLodging house at Torre Abbey grounds.
473Wednesday, December 31, 18625045Y3200703913 LuscombeEdward BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
474Wednesday, January 7. 18635046Y3200703921 RichardsJames Farmer and DealerAxmouth, Devonshire 
475Wednesday, January 21, 18635048Y3200703985 TuckerJohn FarmerLifton, DevonshireOf West-week Farm, Lifton.
476Wednesday, January 28, 18635049Y3200704017 ChamberlainSamuel Marine Store and Potatoe Dealer and Lodging-house KeeperCrediton, DevonshireOf Dean-street, Crediton.
477Wednesday, January 2, 18635049Y3200704017 LawsonWillmattwidowConfectioner and Bread and Biscuit BakerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 16, Waldon-terrace, Torquay.
478Wednesday, January 28, 18635049Y3200704017 BackJohn General Dealer, Hawker and PedlarTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 23, Higher Union-street, Torquay.
479Wednesday, February 4, 18635050Y3200704051 CornishNicholas Farmer and Cattle Dealer; also carrying on business in co-partnership with Messrs. Baker and Owen, Gandy-street, Exeter, under the firm of 'Baker, Owen and Co', shipowners.Newton Saint Cyres, DevonshireOf Bidwell Barton, Newton Saint Cyres.
480Wednesday, February 11, 18635051Y3200704085 TomsGeorge Spencer Farmer and Cattle DealerBishops Nympton, DevonshireOf Aver Coombe Farm, Bishops Nympton, then of Ash Miles, Roseash and previously of Berry House, Clayhanger, Devonshire.
481Wednesday, February 11, 18635051Y3200704085 PalmerJohn Plater and Brass FinisherTorquay, DevonshireOf Boston Fields, Torquay. Also of Newton Abbot.
482Wednesday, February 11, 18635051Y3200704093 BarnardJoseph George GentlemanPlymptree, DevonshireOf Hayne House, Plymtree, Devon. Also of Jermyn-street, London, and at present in Gloucester Gaol.
483Wednesday, February 18, 18635052Y3200704123 ColeSamuel FarmerHolsworthy, Devonshire 
484Wednesday, February 18, 18635052Y3200704121 SanfordHenry Stock and Share BrokerExeter, DevonshireOf Musgrave's-alley, Exeter. Also indicted for embezzling money.
485Wednesday, March 4, 18635054Y3200704180 ClarkeJames ButcherSt. Paul, Exeter, DevonshireOf Paul-street, Exeter.
486Wednesday, March 4, 18635054Y3200704198 OttawayWilliam Out of Business, Formerly a School TeacherMarldon, DevonshireOf Dacies Cottage, Compton, Marldon, Devon.
487Wednesday, March 18. 18635056Y3200704230 GribbleGeorge Baker and ConfectionerCrediton, DevonshireOf Parliament-street, Crediton, Devon.
488Wednesday, March 25, 18635057Y3200704250 AclandWilliam Farmer and Hay DealerTorquay, DevonshireLate of Fishleigh, Hatherleigh, but now of No. 12, Upton, Torquay, Devon
489Wednesday, March 25, 18635057Y3200704250 BurrowsJohn Baker and BuilderBabbicombe, Saint Mary Church, Devonshire 
490Wednesday, March 25, 18635057Y3200704250 SkinnerJohn Builder and Beerhouse KeeperTorquay, DevonshireOf Pimlico, Torquay.
491Wednesday, March 25, 18635057Y3200704265 CleverdonWilliam Cattle DealerLittleham, DevonshirePreviously of Northam, Devonshire.
492Wednesday, April 1, 18635058Y3200704280 HewishThomas Tailor, Draper and GrocerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devonshire 
493Wednesday, April 8, 18635059Y3200704308 SoadyBenjamin GentlemanLandscove, parish of Staverton, near Ashburton, DevonshirePreviously of Gurrington, Parish of Woodland, Devonshire. Mentions he is above 70 years of age.
494Wednesday, April 15, 18635060Y3200704344 CallawayWilliam PlumberExeter, DevonshireOf North-street, Exeter.
495Wednesday, April 22, 18635061Y3200704373 BryanRichard Syndercomb Clerk in Holy OrdersEast Worlington and Cheldon, Devonshire 
496Wednesday, April 29, 18635062Y3200704410 TuckerJohn Wallace Commission Agent, and ArtistTopsham, DevonshireOf 4 Summerland cottages, Topsham-road, Topsham, Devon.
497Wednesday, May 6, 18635063Y3200704421 ReedJohn Farmer and Cattle Dealer, Yeoman.Abbots Bickington, DevonshireOf Court Barton Farm, Abbots Bickington, Devon.
498Wednesday, May 6, 18635063Y3200704421 PridgeonHenry Read Baker and Flour DealerHoniton, DevonshirePreviously a Relieving Officer of Honiton.
499Wednesday, May 6, 18635063Y3200704425 HalsePhillip FarmerMolland, DevonshireOf West Lee, Molland, Devon.
500Wednesday, May 13, 18635064Y3200704441 CulleySamuel Hall Accountant, Commission Agent, Ship Broker and General ContractorExeter, DevonshireFormerly of Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon, coal-merchant.
501Wednesday, May 13, 18635064Y3200704441 StabbWilliam Carpenter, Joiner and UndertakerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 5, Warren-place, Torquay, Devon, in partnership with John Stabb, of No. 40 Fore-street, Ellacombe, in Torquay.
502Wednesday, May 13, 18635064Y3200704441 StabbJohn Carpenter, Joiner and UndertakerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 40, Fore-street, Ellacombe, Torquay, Devon, in parnership with William Stabb, of No. 5, Warren-place, Torquay.
503Wednesday, May 20, 18635065Y3200704480 NewcombeHiram Boot and Shoemaker, and Ginger-beer SellerSaint Mary Major, Exeter, DevonshireOf Preston-street, Saint Mary Major, Exeter. Previously of the same place, china, glass and earthenware dealer.
504Wednesday, May 20, 18635065Y3200704480 NicksRobert Corn, Potatoe and Pig DealerWoodbury, Devonshire 
505Wednesday, May 27, 18635066Y3200704500 WestawayJane Grocer, Baker and Flour DealerAshburton, Devonshire 
506Wednesday, May 27, 18635066Y3200704500 NichollsJohn InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf King-street, Exeter.
507Wednesday, May 27, 18635066Y3200704505 EdyeJohn SurgeonExeter, DevonshireOf Southernhay, Exeter.
508Wednesday, May 27, 18635066Y3200704505 BlakeTammy TailorExmouth, DevonshireOf Chapel-street, Exmouth, Devon
509Wednesday, June 3, 18635067Y3200704547 DaveyJohn Vittey Ropemaker and ShipownerBrixham, Devonshire 
510Wednesday, June 3, 18635067Y3200704547 TaylorHenry Limeburner and Coal-dealerWestleigh, Burlescombe, DevonshireInquest held 17 June 1863 after Henry Taylor had taken his own life. Leaves a wife and 11 children.
511Wednesday, June 3, 18635067Y3200704547 HyneR. H. Coal MerchantBrixham, Devonshire 
512Wednesday, June 3, 18635067Y3200704547 BeerThomas Builder and Linen DraperExeter, Devonshire 
513Wednesday, June 10, 18635068Y3200704566 HamleyRichard Rundle Manure AgentLapford, Devonshire 
514Wednesday, June 24, 18635070Y3200704628 PorterWilliam Licensed VictuallerBrixham, Devonshire 
515Wednesday, June 24, 18635070Y3200704609 ChurchillArthur Richard Gilbert Grocer and Journeyman TailorExmouth, Devonshire 
516Wednesday, July 1, 18635071Y3200704651 BroomHenry ButcherWidworthy, Devonshire 
517Wednesday, July 1, 18635071Y3200704651 BriceHenry Photographic ArtistExeter, DevonshireOf No. 27, Queen-street, Exeter.
518Wednesday, July 1, 18635071Y3200704633 NankivelAnthony Late Ship owner and Master MarinerPlymouth, Devonshire 
519Wednesday, July 8, 18635072Y3200704674 WoodleyMarywidowAnnuitantSaint Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshireOf No. 12, Verney-place, Saint Sidwell, Exeter and previously of No. 6, Midway-terrace, Heavitree, Devon.
520Wednesday, July 8, 18635072Y3200704656 LeeLewis FarmerMonkton, DevonshireLate of Bull Farm, Monkton, Devon.
521Wednesday, July 8, 18635072Y3200704656 BrownHenry Hime Clay MerchantExeter, DevonshireFormerly of Liverpool, recently of St. Ives, Cornwall, and now of St. David's, Exeter.
522Wednesday, July 8, 18635072Y3200704656 GunnFrederick John Late Chemist and Druggist. Now of No Occupation.Ottery St. Mary, DevonshireMore recently has resided at Oakford, near Tiverton, Devon.
523Wednesday, July 15, 18635073Y3200704707 TristThomas  Dittisham, Devonshire 
524Wednesday, July 15, 18635073Y3200704707 BakerRobert BakerUgborough, Devonshire 
525Wednesday, July 15, 18635073Y3200704681 CopelandG. A. General MerchantConstantine, near Plymouth, Devonshire 
526Wednesday, July 15, 18635073Y3200704681 RiddJohn Spirit MerchantBideford, Devonshire 
527Wednesday, July 22, 18635074Y3200704717 SandersPeter No OccupationEast Wandford, Milton Damerell, Devonshire 
528Wednesday, July 22, 18635074Y3200704717 GibbsWilliam Ship-builderGalmpton, Churstonferrers, Devonshire 
529Wednesday, July 22, 18635074Y3200704717 DrakeBartholomew HigglerNorthtawton, Devonshire 
530Wednesday, July 29, 18635075Y3200704745 WilkinsJoseph Grocer and Cheese DealerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 40, Magdalen-street, Exeter.
531Wednesday, July 29, 18635075Y3200704743 HooperAlfred BlacksmithRewe, Devonshire 
532Wednesday, July 29, 18635075Y3200704743 WoodWilliam Dealer in Powder and Mining MaterialsKnackersknowle and Beer Ferris, Plymouth, Devonshire 
533Wednesday, July 29, 18635075Y3200704743 BazleyWilliam Innkeeper and ButcherWhipton, Devonshire 
534Wednesday, August 5, 18635076Y3200704778 NeelsValentine LabourerWest-hill, Ottery Saint Mary, DevonshirePreviously of West-hill, Ottery Saint Mary, Grocer and General Shopkeeper and Labourer.
535Wednesday, August 5, 18635076Y3200704774 BoardGeorge Timber Merchant  
536Wednesday, August 5, 18635076Y3200704774 ElliottWilliam Christopher Parkin Retired Captain of Marines and now Colonel in the ArmyIvybridge, DevonshireLate of Stonehouse, Devon.
537Wednesday, August 19, 18635078Y3200704852 NowellJohn Wotton ShipownerBrixham, Devonshire 
538Wednesday, August 26, 18635079Y3200704853 MooreJames GardenerAlphington, DevonFormerly of Okehampton, Devon - Journeyman Smith, grocer, tea dealer, and dealer in china and earthenware; afterwards of Spreyton, Devon - out of business, and now of Alphington, Devon
539Wednesday, August 26, 18635079Y3200704853 RussellJob Saddler and Harness makerAxminster, Devonshire 
540Wednesday, September 2, 18635080Y3200704880 GriffisGeorge Wheelwright and Timber MerchantTotnes, DevonshireLate of Bridgetown, in the parish of Berry Pomeroy, Devon.
541Wednesday, September 9, 18635081Y3200704912 WilliamsWilliam Vosper Mine AgentBuckfastleigh, DevonshireCaptain of the East Brookwood Mine at Buckfastleigh.
542Wednesday, September 16, 18635082Y3200704961 HodgeWilliam FarmerBraunton, DevonshireOf Nethercott Farm, Braunton.
543Wednesday, September 16, 18635082Y3200704934 DawJohn CarrierHatherleigh, Devonshire 
544Wednesday, September 16, 18635082Y3200704934 HillSamuelthe youngerGrocer and Tea DealerTotnes, Devonshire 
545Wednesday, September 23, 18635083Y3200704962 MaslinEdwin InnkeeperCrediton, DevonshireLate of the Duke of York Inn, Crediton.
546Wednesday, September 23, 18635083Y3200704982 BlatchfordRichard FarmerHighampton, DevonshireProperties in Highampton, Bratton Clovelly and Inwardleigh
547Wednesday, September 23, 18635083Y3200704982 BrownCharles FarmerWhitchurch, DevonshireOf Wilkinson Farm, Whitchurch, Devon. Had property in Beaworthy, Ashwater, Hollocombe, Germansweek, Thornbury, North Lew, Okehampton and Milton Damerell
548Wednesday, September 23, 18635083Y3200704982 CleverdonWilliam FarmerClovelly, DevonshireLate Tenant of Colonel Farm, Clovelly, Devon, and also Boverford Farm, Clovelly.
549Wednesday, September 30, 18635084Y3200704986 AtkinsonWilliam Innkeeper and FarmerAylesbeare, DevonshireOf the Halfway House Inn, Aylesbeare, Devon.
550Wednesday, September 30, 18635084Y3200704990 ReedWilliam FarmerNorth Devon 
551Wednesday, September 30, 18635084Y3200704990 NorthamWilliam Whitesmith and BellhangerExeter, DevonshireOf St. Mary Arches-street, Exeter, Devon.
552Wednesday, September 30, 18635084Y3200704990 PatrickGeorge General Dealer and GentlemanExeter, DevonshireOf No. 2, Victoria-terrace, Mount Radford, Exeter, formerly of 1 Chichester-place, Exeter, previously of 10 Upper Gloucester-place, Dorset-square, London, before that of 48 Uper Charlotte-stree, Fitzroy-square, London and theretofore of Five Dock, near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
553Wednesday, October 21, 18635087Y3200705061 Carpentier De SilvierElias Professor of Music and Music SellerTorquay, Devonshire 
554Wednesday, October 28, 18635088Y3200705110 GrayGeorge BootmakerExeter, DevonshireOf North-street, Exeter.
555Wednesday, November 4, 18635089Y3200705114 SmerdonHerman FarmerHarpford, DevonshireOf Burrow Farm, Harpford, Devon
556Wednesday, December 2, 18635093Y3200705215 DrewJames BlacksmithSandford, DevonshireOf Newbuildings, Sandford, Devon.
557Wednesday, December 2, 18635093Y3200705215 BrookJames Out of BusinessSilverton, DevonshireLate of Holloway-street, Holy Trinity, Exeter - butcher.
558Wednesday, December 2, 18635093Y3200705215 WoodwardJohn Robert Shipwright in Her Majesty's Dockyard at DevonportEast Plymouth, DevonshireOf No. 4, Wyndham-street, East Plymouth, Devon
559Wednesday, December 2, 18635093Y3200705215 PileWilliam FarmerOtterton, DevonshireOf Northmost Farm, Otterton, Devon.
560Wednesday, December 2, 18635093Y3200705215 GillhamJames Boot and Shoe MakerExeter, DevonshireOf 149 Fore-street, Exeter, Devon
561Wednesday, December 16, 18635095Y3200705271 MedlandHenry  Moretonhampstead, DevonshireDwelling house, Shop and Premises in Cross-street, Moretonhampstead, Devon
562Wednesday, December 16, 18635095Y3200705271 MakepeaceRidley Wharfinger and Coal Merchant in co-partnership with his brother, Robert MakepeaceTeignmouth, DevonshireFirm of R. and R. Makepeace
563Wednesday, December 23, 18635096Y3200705298 SalterRobertthe youngerLicensed VictuallerExeter, DevonshireOf the Country House Inn, Catherine-street, Exeter.
564Wednesday, January 6, 18645098Y3200705357 NorthwaySamuel Wine MerchantTorquay, Devonshire 
565Wednesday, January 20, 18645100Y3200705405 ChowenRichard BuilderNorth Petherwyn, DevonshireResiding at North Petherwyn since 3 October 1863, previously for one month and three days residing at East Grosvenor-street, Commercial-road, East, Middlesex - builder; and then previously for twelve years residing at Holsworthy, Devon - builder and innkeeper.
566Wednesday, January 20, 18645100Y3200705405 StarkRichard FarmerUffculme, DevonshireOf Whitmore Farm, Uffculme. Previously of Oakford, Devon - farmer.
567Wednesday, January 27, 18645101Y3200705432 ShearsWilliam Hutchings Carpenter and JoinerMoretonhampstead, DevonshireOf Greenhill, Moretonhampstead, Devon
568Wednesday, January 27, 18645101Y3200705432 RiceMichael George Professor of MusicTorquay, Devonshire 
569Wednesday, January 27, 18645101Y3200705432 TozerJohn Boot and Shoe-makerMoretonhampstead, DevonshireOf Forder-street, Moretonhampstead, Devon
570Wednesday, February 3, 18645102Y3200705457 PopeWilliam Snell BakerExeter, Devonshire 
571Wednesday, February 17, 18645104Y3200705511 WhitewayJohn YeomanEast Leigh, Harberton, Devonshire 
572Wednesday, February 17, 18645104Y3200705511 HorswillWilliam Boot and Shoe-maker and GrocerDiptford, Devonshire 
573Wednesday, February 17, 18645104Y3200705521 ChaveJohn Richard School-masterSt. Sidwell's, Exeter, DevonshirePreviously of Sampford Peverell. Mentions mother, Mrs Hewett of Sampford Peverell.
574Wednesday, February 17, 18645104Y3200705521 MooreJohn Butcher and FarmerHigh Bickington, Devonshire 
575Wednesday, February 17, 18645104Y3200705521 AveryThomas Innkeeper and FarmerKnowle, Braunton, Devonshire 
576Wednesday, February 24, 18645105Y3200705549 SercombeGeorge and Thomas (brothers) MerchantsExeter, DevonshireCarrying on Business under 'Sercombe and Son'. Mentions brother, Walter Sercombe and that their father died in 1858 when Walter was 16.
577Wednesday, February 24, 18645105Y3200705549 PatchWilliam Wheelwright and BlacksmithOtterton, Devonshire 
578Wednesday, February 24, 18645105Y3200705549 WhatmanCharles Richard GentlemanTorcross, Totnes, DevonshireBefore of Berkley-street, Middlesex
579Wednesday, March 9, 18645107Y3200705597 AttwoodWilliam Glass, China and Earthenware DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Goldsmith-street and the Higher Market, Exeter, Devon
580Wednesday, March 9, 18645107Y3200705597 PerryWilliam Boot and Shoe-makerAshburton, Devonshire 
581Wednesday, March 16, 18645108Y3200705626 MatthewsThomas WaiterTorquay, DevonshireOf Ilsham Cottages, Torquay and late of Fleet-steet, inTorquay, Devon - refreshment house keeper.
582Wednesday, March 16, 18645108Y3200705626 ScantleburyThomas Boot and Shoe-maker  
583Wednesday, March 23, 18645109Y3200705642 MortimoreJohn Brush, Mop, Glog, Pattern and Comb ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 213 High-street, Exeter
584Wednesday, March 23, 18645109Y3200705642 EddyGeorge Monday Licensed VictuallerTopsham, Devonshire 
585Wednesday, April 13, 18645111Y3200705733 AnningJohn Mason and LabourerColyton, Devonshire 
586Wednesday, April 13, 18645111Y3200705711 SmithRobert FarmerClayhidon, DevonshireOf Middleton Farm, Clayhidon, Devon
587Wednesday, April 13, 18645111Y3200705711 PotterJames Machine MakerSampford Courtenay, Devonshire 
588Wednesday, April 20, 18645112Y3200705740 BurgoyneThomas Hannaford DraperKingsbridge and Plymouth, Devonshire 
589Wednesday, May 4, 18645114Y3200705803 BridleWilliam Henry Tucker Stationer, Pianoforte and Music SellerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 2 Higher Southernhay, Exeter, residing at Saint George's Square, parish of Saint George, Exeter, Devon
590Wednesday, May 4, 18645114Y3200705803 ColemanWilliam Railway ClerkSaint David, Exeter, DevonshireOf No. 4 Burford-place, Saint David, Exeter, Devon
591Wednesday, May 4, 18645114Y3200705803 YuleJohn Carslake Duncan Clerk in Holy OrdersBradford, Devonshire 
592Wednesday, May 4, 18645114Y3200705793 ParminterGeorge Henry Rector of St John and St. George, ExeterHeavitree, Devonshire 
593Wednesday, May 11, 18645115Y3200705814 VincentSamuel Miller and BakerChurchstanton, Devonshire 
594Wednesday, May 11, 18645115Y3200705814 HineJane Grocer and FarmerChurchstanton, Devonshire 
595Wednesday, May 18, 18645116Y3200705848 KingdonThomas Cider Merchant and FarmerNetherexe, Devonshire 
596Wednesday, May 18, 18645116Y3200705848 PrynnThomas BrewerStonehouse, DevonshireOf 32 Emma-place, Stonehouse, Devon and previously of 3 Union-street, Stonehouse - brewer and grocer
597Wednesday, May 18, 18645116Y3200705848 FewinsLevi Grocer and Provision DealerExeter, DevonshireFormerly of Alphington-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, but now of Preston-street, in the City of Exeter
598Wednesday, May 18, 18645116Y3200705838 SomerHenry FarmerTawstock, Devonshire 
599Wednesday, June 1, 18645117Y3200705887 GossW. A. BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
600Wednesday, June 8, 18645118Y3200705900 MardonBetsy MariawidowGrocerKingswear, Devonshire 
601Wednesday, June 15, 18645119Y3200705923 EndicottJohn Lewis Licensed Victualler and FarmerPrince Town, Dartmoor, Lydford, Devonshire 
602Wednesday, June 22, 18645120Y3200705960 ChudleyGeorge MillerCrediton, DevonshireOf Beare Mills, Crediton, Devon
603Wednesday, June 22, 18645120Y3200705960 StonemanJohn Labourer, previously Higgler and ShopkeeperZeal Monachorum, Devonshire 
604Wednesday, June 22, 18645120Y3200705960 PriorWilliam Miller and ButcherStockleigh Pomeroy, DevonshireOf Stockleigh Mill, Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon
605Wednesday, June 22, 18645120Y3200705960 HalesHenry Printer, Publisher and Newspaper ProprietorBarnstaple, Devonshire 
606Wednesday, August 3, 18645126Y3200706086 CrudgeEdwin IronmongerBampton, Devonshire 
607Wednesday, August 3, 18645126Y3200706086 WoodleyDaniel Builder and Marble MasonSaint Mary Church, Torquay, Devonshire 
608Wednesday, August 3, 18645126Y3200706086 SageThomas MasonChawleigh, Devonshire 
609Wednesday, August 24, 18645124Y3200706164 WoolacottJohn DraperBarnstaple, DevonshireLate of 106 High-street, Barnstaple, Devon
610Wednesday, August 24, 18645124Y3200706164 Smith (Sued as Swanborough)William Henry Swanborough Theatrical Manager and ComedianPlymouth, DevonshireLate of Union Terrace, Plymouth, Devon, and previously of 7 The Crescent, Cambridge-street, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Sued as W. H. Swanborough.
611Wednesday, September 7, 18645126Y3200706249 CrossCharles Watch and Clock Maker and JewellerExeter, DevonshireOf Paul-street, Exeter
612Wednesday, September 7, 18645126Y3200706249 LuxtonJohn Clerk in Holy OrdersBondleigh, Devonshire 
613Wednesday, September 21, 18645128Y3200706276 CarpenterWilliam Henry Licensed Victualler and PostmasterChurston Ferrers, Devonshire 
614Wednesday, September 28, 18645129Y3200706303 LiffitonRobert William FarmerLittleham and Exmouth, Devonshire 
615Wednesday, September 28, 18645129Y3200706303 CrockerAnthony Butcher and Licensed VictuallerColdridge, Devonshire 
616Wednesday, September 28, 18645129Y3200706309 ChasterGeorge Frost FarmerInwardleigh, DevonshireOf Eastwood Farm, Inwardleigh, Devon
617Wednesday, October 5, 18645130Y3200706355 ElstonGeorge Boot and Shoe-makerCrediton, DevonshireOf East-street, Crediton
618Wednesday, October 12, 18645131Y3200706360 CudmoreJohn Miller and FarmerKenn, DevonshireOf Kenn Mills
619Wednesday, October 26, 18645133Y3200706414 WyattWilliam FarmerCollaton Raleigh, DevonshireNear the White Cross Inn, on the Sidmouth Road
620Wednesday, November 2, 18645134Y3200706442 SnowRobert Murrin GrocerExeter, Devonshire 
621Wednesday, November 2, 18645134Y3200706442 PleaseGeorge GrocerTotnes, DevonshireOf Fore-street, Totnes, Devon
622Wednesday, November 2, 18645134Y3200706442 PunchardWilliam Henry BakerPaignton, Devonshire 
623Wednesday, November 2, 18645134Y3200706442 ElliottJohn James Journeyman BakerDartmouth, DevonshirePreviously of Nos. 7 and 76 Alma-street, Marine Town, Sheerness
624Wednesday, November 9, 18645135Y3200706492 HamleyJohn Manufacturer of Ladies UnderclothingExeter, DevonshireOf Salem-place, Exeter
625Wednesday, November 16, 18645136Y3200706519 OsmentPhilip SilversmithExeter, DevonshireResiding at No. 2, North Place, Heavitree, Devon, and business at No. 2, The Mint, City of Exeter
626Wednesday, November 23, 18645137Y3200706526 MallockZachary Mudge Late Lieut. Colonel in the Bengal Royal ArtilleryPaignton, Devonshire 
627Wednesday, November 30, 18645138Y3200706552 HorwoodRobert Master MarinerWest Teignmouth, DevonshireOf Saxe-street, West Teignmouth, Devon
628Wednesday, December 14, 18645140Y3200706597 BullJames Late Thatcher and Innkeeper, but now a Thatcher onlyColyton, Devonshire 
629Wednesday, December 21, 18645141Y3200706651 SalterJohn William Professor MusicGreat Torrington, Devonshire 
630Wednesday, December 21, 18645141Y3200706650RevVaughanC. Rector of TorringtonTorrington, Devonshirepreviously of Llandefalley
631Wednesday, December 21, 18645141Y3200706650 PleydellThomas Baker Major in the Royal MarinesBradford, North Devon 
632Wednesday, December 21, 18645141Y3200706650 CooperWilliam FarmerBow, DevonshireOf Nymph Wood, Bow, North Devon
633Wednesday, January 11, 18655144Y3200706725 HarrisJohn BakerChurstonferris, Devonshire 
634Wednesday, January 11, 18655144Y3200706701 ClappBenjamin BakerSt. Sidwell's, Exeter, DevonshireOf Blackboy-road, St. Sidwell's, Exeter
635Wednesday, January 11, 18655144Y3200706720 EmersonWilliam Henry Retired OfficerIlfracombe, DevonshireLate of Bath
636Wednesday, February 1, 18655150Y3200706812 HamleyWilliam InnkeeperNewton Abbot, DevonshireOf the Railway Hotel, Newton Abbot, Devon
637Wednesday, February 1, 18655150Y3200706800 SheppardWilliam Shipowner and AccountantExmouth, Devonshire 
638Wednesday, February 1, 18655150Y3200706800 StorrierJames Travelling Draper, Tea dealer and Lodging House-keeperChudleigh, Devonshire 
639Wednesday, February 8, 18655151Y3200706813 FollandJohn Boot and ShoemakerGreat Torrington, Devonshire 
640Wednesday, February 15,18655152Y3200706845 GreekWilliam FarmerLittle Torrington, Devonshire 
641Wednesday, February 15,18655152Y3200706845 PooleWilliam Pearce SchoolmasterHoniton, Devonshire 
642Wednesday, March 15, 18655156Y3200706968 ElliottJames Builder and GrocerTorquay, DevonshireOf Ellacombe, Torquay, Devon
643Wednesday, March 15, 18655156Y3200706951 OakfordJames FishmongerSt. Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshireOf Sidwell-street, St. Sidwell, Exeter, Devon
644Wednesday, March 15, 18655156Y3200706951 CannJames Maltster and FarmerChawleigh, Devonshire 
645Wednesday, March 22, 18655157Y3200706989 DommettJames InnkeeperOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
646Wednesday, March 29, 18655158Y3200707009 HopperWilliam Brimacombe Out of BusinessExeter, DevonshireOf Catherine-street, Exeter. Previously of Kilkhampton, Devon - yeoman and horse and cattle dealer (sued as William Hopper)
647Wednesday, March 29, 18655158Y3200707009 HoleWilliam DraperTotnes, Devonshire 
648Wednesday, April 5, 18655159Y3200707026 BalkwillJohn ShoemakerExeter, DevonshireOf Goldsmith-street, Exeter, Devon
649Wednesday, April 5, 18655159Y3200707026 CarmichaelArchibald Travelling DraperExeter, DevonshireOf Bartholomew-street, Exeter, Devon
650Wednesday, April 5, 18655159Y3200707026 BuddFrederick Edward Retired Captain of the Royal MarinesExeter, Devonshire 
651Wednesday, April 12, 18655160Y3200707042 RoweWilliam Henry InnkeeperGreat Torrington, DevonshireLate of Milbay, Plymouth
652Wednesday, April 12, 18655160Y3200707042 OlverGeorge BuilderSt. Mary Church, Devonshire 
653Wednesday, April 12, 18655160Y3200707042 LittlejohnsJohn FarmerHartland, Devonshire 
654Wednesday, April 12, 18655160Y3200707042 BraundArscott FarmerBlack Torrington, Devonshire 
655Wednesday, April 19, 18655161Y3200707063CaptainStoneThomas Howard Elphinstone Quartermaster of the First Devon Militia and formerly a captain in the Indian ArmyExeter, DevonshireOf Holloway-street, Exeter
656Wednesday, May 3, 18655163Y3200707118 CossinsEdward William DairymanTeignmouth, DevonshireOf Northumberland-place, Teignmouth, Devon. Previously of Saint Mary Arches, City of Exeter - Tailor, Draper and Outfitter.
657Wednesday, May 3, 18655163Y3200707118 WebbJames  Lydford, Devonshire 
658Wednesday, May 10, 18655164Y3200707124 WithersJohn Mason, Plasterer and BuilderTormoham, DevonshireOf Lucius-street, Torre-Abbey Park, Tormoham, Devon
659Wednesday, May 17, 18655165Y3200707175 LittleJames Hotel KeeperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 7, Northernhay-place, Exeter
660Wednesday, May 17, 18655165Y3200707175 PuttWilliam Henry Master MarinerBrixham, Devonshire 
661Wednesday, June 7, 18655167Y3200707225 BanburySamuel Farm Bailiff, and formerly a farmerClawton, Devonshire 
662Wednesday, June 14, 18655168Y3200707249 HeathWilliam Boot and Shoe Dealer and General DealerDartmouth, DevonshireOf Lower-street, Dartmouth, Devon
663Wednesday, June 14, 18655168Y3200707249 JarmanWilliam DraperChudleigh, DevonshireOf Fore-street, Chudleigh, Devon
664Wednesday, June 14, 18655168Y3200707249 HartnollThomas William Attorney at Law and Insurance AgentCity of Exeter and St. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshsire 
665Wednesday, June 21, 18655169Y3200707283 PhillipsSydney Book and Music seller, stationer and Surgeon DentistTavistock, Devonshire 
666Wednesday, June 21, 18655169Y3200707283 JonesCharles Richard Physician, General Practitioner, Surgeon and ApothecaryGreat Torrington, Devonshire 
667Wednesday, June 21, 18655169Y3200707283 ClampittSusanna Linen Draper and MillinerSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireOf Alphington-street, St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon
668Wednesday, June 21, 18655169Y3200707279 BragintonGeorge BankerGreat Torrington, DevonshireCarrying on business under the firm of Braginton, Rimington, and Co., the Torrington Banking Company.
669Wednesday, June 28, 18655170Y3200707298 JenkinsJohn Oliver Cattle DealerExeter, Devonshire 
670Wednesday, June 28, 18655170Y3200707298 GaltJohn Gregory  Exeter, Devonshire 
671Wednesday, July 12, 18655172Y3200707326 BakerThomas LabourerAlphington, Devon 
672Wednesday, July 12, 18655172Y3200707326 GrantRobert Larcombe Builder and Road ContractorExeter, DevonshireOf No. 37 St. Sidwell-street, Exeter
673Wednesday, July 26, 18655174Y3200707376 GushJames BuilderSt. Thomas, Devonshire 
674Wednesday, August 9, 18655176Y3200707426 GribbleAlbert SolicitorCullompton, Devonshire 
675Wednesday, August 16, 18655177Y3200707448 AplinRobert Baker and GrocerAshburton, DevonshireOf North Street, Ashburton, Devon
676Wednesday, August 16, 18655177Y3200707451RevSearleEdward Tayler Rector of MoreleighMoreleigh, Devonshire 
677Wednesday, August 16, 18655177Y3200707451 TurnerWilliam Farmer and Cattle DealerHartland, Devonshire 
678Wednesday, August 16, 18655177Y3200707451 PidgeonH. H. General Merchant and Ship OwnerTorrington, Devonshire 
679Wednesday, August 16, 18655177Y3200707451 CourtiPaul Jeweller and WatchmakerExeter, DevonshireOf Queen-street, Exeter
680Wednesday, August 23, 18655178Y3200707466 ReedJohn Brent Leather DresserExeter, DevonshireAlso of 59 Aldersgate-street, City of London
681Wednesday, August 23, 18655178Y3200707466 ParsonsNewton Baker, Pastrycook and ConfectionerBudleigh Salterton, Devonshire 
682Wednesday, August 30, 18655179Y3200707495 BuryEdgar GentlemanSt. Mary's, Uplyme, Devonshire 
683Wednesday, September 6, 18655180Y3200707522 AshWilliam Mason and PlastererTotnes, DevonshireOf Cistern-street, Totnes, Devon, in partnership with Edward Ash Hooper, the Guildhall, Totnes.
684Wednesday, September 6, 18655180Y3200707522 HooperEdward Ash Mason and PlastererTotnes, DevonshireOf Guildhall, Totnes, Devon, in partnership with William Ash, of Cistern-street, Totnes, Devon
685Wednesday, September 6, 18655180Y3200707522 ManningRichard InnkeeperDartmouth, Devonshire 
686Wednesday, September 20, 18655182Y3200707571 ClarkRobert Francis Wheelwright and SmithExeter, DevonshireOf Lower North-street, Exeter, Devon
687Wednesday, September 20, 18655182Y3200707571 DrewBeriah Harvey (or Uriah Harvey) General Merchant, Dealer in Artificial Manure and MaltStockland, Honiton, Devonshire 
688Wednesday, October 4, 18655184Y3200707619 BowdenThomas Innkeeper and SawyerSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireOf Cowick-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon
689Wednesday, October 4, 18655184Y3200707619 WhiteEdward Thrashing Machine ProprietorUffculme, Devonshire 
690Wednesday, October 4, 18655184Y3200707616 DennisEdwin Builder and DraperSouth Brent, Devonshire 
691Wednesday, October 4, 18655184Y3200707616 MelhuishJohn BakerBroadclist, Devonshire 
692Wednesday, October 4, 18655184Y3200707616 CornishJoseph Licensed VictuallerStonehouse, DevonshireOf Madeira House Spirit Vaults, Union-street, Stonehouse, Devon
693Wednesday, October 4, 18655184Y3200707616 ClatworthyR. Wine, Spirit and Beer MerchantPlymouth, DevonshireOf Bilbury-street, Plymouth, Devon
694Wednesday, October 18, 18655186Y3200707653 LambleEdwin Cabinet MakerCoombeinteignhead, DevonshireOf Coombe Cellars, Coombeinteignhead, Devon. Previously of the same place - Licensed Victualler.
695Wednesday, October 18, 18655186Y3200707653 HaynesGeorge Arnold Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Blind MakerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 26 Brunswick-square, Torre, Torquay, Devon
696Wednesday, October 18, 18655186Y3200707653 MaynardAlfred Painter and GlazierCoombeinteignhead, DevonshirePreviously of Newton Abbot, Devon
697Wednesday, October 25, 18655187Y3200707694 BealeyJohn Builder and CarpenterDolton, Devonshire 
698Wednesday, November 1, 18655188Y3200707695 GossWilliam LabourerCrediton, Devonshire 
699Wednesday, November 8, 18655189Y3200707717 HoleFrederick Francis Clerk in Holy OrdersSpreyton, Devonshire 
700Wednesday, November 15, 18655190Y3200707749 GillNathaniel GrocerIlfracombe, Devonshire 
701Wednesday, November 22, 18655191Y3200707766 YellandSamuel ShoemakerKenn, DevonshireOf South town, Kenn, Devon
702Wednesday, November 29, 18655192Y3200707793 ThomasWilliam Henry Watchmaker and JewellerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 189 High-street, Exeter, Defvon
703Wednesday, November 29, 18655192Y3200707793 WilliamsGeorge Blackmore Painter and DecoratorExmouth, DevonshireOf The Strand, Exmouth, Devon
704Wednesday, December 6, 18655193Y3200707816 NewberryGeorge Saddler and Harness makerAxminster, Devonshire 
705Wednesday, December 6, 18655193Y3200707816 HockeyWilliam Cattle Dealer and FarmerKilmington, Devonshire 
706Wednesday, December 20, 18655195Y3100707863 CumesWilliam ButcherDawlish, Devonshire 
707Wednesday, February 7, 18665202Y3200708051 SouthcombeJohn MillerSouth Brent, DevonshireOf Brent Mill, South Brent, Devon
708Wednesday, February 7, 18665202Y3200708027 HarveySamuel Farmer and Flax DealerMembury, Devonshire 
709Wednesday, February 7, 18665202Y3200708027 ColesWilliam InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf the Mount Pleasant Inn, Black Boy road, Exeter, Devon
710Wednesday, February 7, 18665202Y3200708032 SpencerS. H. General WarehousemanDawlish, Devonshire 
711Wednesday, February 14, 18665203Y3200708052 WhiddenWilliamthe youngerFarmerCadleigh, DevonshireOf Ashelford Farm, Cadeleigh, near Tiverton, Devon
712Wednesday, February 14, 18665203Y3200708061 PidsleyRichard Hayward Farmer and AuctioneerSowton, DevonshireOf Moor Farm, Sowton, Devon
713Wednesday, February 21, 18665204Y3200708074 SymonsHenry Chamlin LabourerHeavitree, DevonshirePreviously of Whitstone, Devon - farmer
714Wednesday, February 28, 18665205Y3200708098 LuxtonWilliam Furniture DealerWest Plymouth, DevonshireOf No. 10 Wyndam-street, West Plymouth, Devon
715Wednesday, March 14, 18665207Y3200708157 RapseyJohn Late innkeeper, but now PainterShute, Devonshire 
716Wednesday, March 14, 18665207Y3200708157 BlanchardPeter Lisson Staff Sergeant and Drill InstructorSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireOf Cowick-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon
717Wednesday, March 14, 18665207Y3200708157 ParsonsCharles Burrows YeomanIpplepen, DevonshireOf Coombefishacre, Ipplepen, Devon
718Wednesday, March 14, 18665207Y3200708157 WaltersGeorge Farmer, Butcher and Dealer in SeedsBroadclist, Devonshire 
719Wednesday, March 21, 18665208Y3200708158 DaweIsaac MachinistBroadclist, Devonshire 
720Wednesday, March 21, 18665208Y3200708158 CookMark Rendell Basket and Perambulator MakerExeter, DevonshireOf 107 Sidwell-street, Exeter
721Wednesday, April 4, 18665210Y3200708217 BateJohn InnkeeperLittle Torrington, Devonshire 
722Wednesday, April 11, 18665211Y3200708247 WigzellMontague Late Manger of the Sprial Fluted Nail Company (Limited), and now manufacturer of the patent double acting ventilatorTopsham, DevonshireOf The Strand, Topsham, Devon
723Wednesday, April 11, 18665211Y3200708247 FeehanJohn Tailor and DraperExeter, DevonshireOf High-street, City of Exeter
724Wednesday, April 25, 18665213Y3200708298 PalfreyWilliam Photographer and JewellerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 7 South-street, St. Mary Major, City of Exeter
725Wednesday, May 9, 18665215Y3200708341 DannWilliam Baker and GrocerExeter, DevonshireOf Bridge-street, City of Exeter
726Wednesday, May 16, 18665216Y3200708354 MillerJohn Farmer and Insurance AgentPinhoe, DevonshireAlso of 3 Sidwells-terrace, St. Sidwell, Exeter and Prince's-street, Yeovil, Somerset - milk salesman and tobacconist
727Wednesday, May 16, 18665216Y3200708372 HamlynThomas Grocer and Dealer in Wine and AleTorquay, DevonshireOf Union-street, Torquay, Devon
728Wednesday, May 30, 18665218Y3200708424 GibbsHenry Tyte Grocer and Tea DealerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
729Wednesday, May 30, 18665218Y3200708408 ButlerJames William Fitzgerald Late Lieutenant in Her Majesty's ArmyTeignmouth, DevonshireOf Grove Cottage, Teignmouth, Devon
730Wednesday, May 30, 18665218Y3200708412 HaywardFrancis GrocerTotnes, Devonshire 
731Wednesday, May 30, 18665218Y3200708412 PearceFrancis Drake Farmer and Dealer in Corn and SeedsHoniton Clist, Devonshire 
732Wednesday, June 6, 18665219Y3200708435 HardenCharles Tailor and DraperExeter and Plymouth, Devonshire 
733Wednesday, June 13, 18665220Y3200708455 MayWilliam Licensed VictuallerTedburn Saint Mary, DevonshireOf Taphouse, Tedburn Saint Mary, Devon
734Wednesday, June 20, 18665221Y3200708487 PatersonGeorge SchoolmasterExeter, DevonshireOf the Western Collegiate School, Pensylvania, Exeter
735Wednesday, June 20, 18665221Y3200708487 De PomeroyThomas SchoolmasterExeter, DevonshireOf the Western Collegiate School, Pensylvania, Exeter
736Wednesday, June 20, 18665221Y3200708487 HeardG. A. ShipownerBideford, Devonshire 
737Wednesday, June 27, 18665222Y3200708498 CossinsJames Garrey TobacconistExeter, DevonshireOf 229 High-street, Exeter, Devon
738Wednesday, June 27, 18665222Y3200708498 PodmoreRichard Hillman Clerk in Holy OrdersRockbeare, Devonshire 
739Wednesday, July 4, 18665224Y3200708527 DaweThomas William FarmerPlymouth, Devonshire 
740Wednesday, July 4, 18665224Y3200708527 DabbJames WarehousemanPlymouth, Devonshire 
741Wednesday, July 4, 18665224Y3200708527 EastlakeJohn Attorney at LawPlymouth, Devonshire 
742Wednesday, July 25, 18665227Y3200708614 BellMary Ann No OccupationHoniton, DevonshireSpinster, aged nearly 80
743Wednesday, August 1, 18665228Y3200708627 TavernerMiriam Draper and GrocerMoretonhampstead, Devonshire 
744Wednesday, August 1, 18665228Y3200708627 GibbsMarywidow Barnstaple, Devonshire 
745Wednesday, August 1, 18665228Y3200708627 RichardsWilliam H. Mine Agent and ProprietorAshburton, Devonshire 
746Wednesday, August 8, 18665229Y3200708640 PearseCharles William Batten Plumber, Painter and GlazierTopsham, DevonshireRecently in partnership with William Hodder, the elder, of Topsham, plumber, painter, glazier and paper hanger, carrying on business with him at Topsham, under the firm of Hodder and Pearse
747Wednesday, August 22, 18665231Y3200708700 StentifordThomas Francis Grocer and BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
748Wednesday, August 29, 18665232Y3200708720 SleepDavid Kittow Northey HardwaremanExeter, DevonshireOf 134 Fore-street-hill, City of Exeter
749Wednesday, August 29, 18665232Y3200708720 MogfordWilliam Corn FactorExmouth, DevonshireFormerly of Topsham, Devon
750Wednesday, September 5, 18665233Y3200708769 BakerGeorge General DealerTiverton, Devonshire 
751Wednesday, September 12, 18665234Y3200708784 LangdonNicholas Boot and ShoemakerPaignton, Devonshire 
752Wednesday, September 12, 18665234Y3200708784 ChevalierWilliam Alfred SchoolmasterDartmouth, Devonshire 
753Wednesday, October 10, 18665237Y3200708862 IsaacsGeorge Broker and JoinerExeter, DevonshireOf Kings-street, City of Exeter
754Wednesday, October 24, 18665239Y3200708931 BakerJohn BlacksmithNorthlew, Devonshire 
755Wednesday, October 24, 18665239Y3200708931 KelleyJohn Gardener, Greengrocer, Grocer and General DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Smythen-street, City of Exeter
756Wedneday, November 14,18665242Y3200708980 WoodleyWilliam Henry Poulterer and GreengrocerTorquay, DevonshireOf 10, Torwood-street, Torquay, Devon
757Wednesday, November 21, 18665243Y3200709027 BakerMatthew William Coal MerchantTiverton, Devonshire 
758Wednesday, November 28, 18665244Y3200709038 DingleyThomas Kerslake Surgeon and ApothecaryWinkleigh, Devonshire 
759Wednesday, November 28, 18665244Y3200709036RevCareyAdolphus Frederick Clerk in Holy OrdersBrixham, Devonshire 
760Wednesday, November 28, 18665244Y3200709036 PagePhilip Norris InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Coombe Cellars and Exeter, Devon
761Wednesday, December 12, 18665246Y3200709102 OrtonSamuel SolicitorKingsbridge, DevonshireFormerly of Barnstaple, Devon
762Wednesday, December 19, 18665247Y3200709115 GoodridgeWilliam Henry Late Fish and Oil MerchantTeignmouth, DevonshireOf Teignmouth and Indian Island, now of Alphington and dartmouth
763Wednesday, December 19, 18665247Y3200709115 WarrenMatthew Henry Late Fish and Oil MerchantTeignmouth, DevonshireOf Teignmouth and Indian Island, now of Alphington and dartmouth
764Wednesday, December 26, 18665248Y3200709131 BeckGeorge Druggist and GrocerAshburton, Devonshire 
765Wednesday, December 26, 18665248Y3200709140 TrebleJohn Richard Commission AgentExeter, DevonshireOf St. David's-hill, Exeter, Devon
766Wednesday, December 26, 18665248Y3200709150RevSimpsonThomas Barne Clerk in Holy OrdersWest Teignmouth, Devonshire 
767Wednesday, January 2, 18675249Y3200709176 FordHarriet SchoolmistressDartmouth, Devonshire 
768Wednesday, January 2, 18675249Y3200709176 FordSophia SchoolmistressDartmouth, Devonshire 
769Wednesday, January 9, 18675250Y3200709192 GoslingWilliam FarmerUgborough, DevonshireOf Monksmoor Farm, Ugborough, Devon
770Wednesday, January 9, 18675250Y3200709192 JamesEvans Luxmoore Attorney-at-LawExmouth, Devonshire 
771Wednesday, January 16, 18675251Y3200709205 TurnerCharles Grey Baker and Flour DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, City of Exeter
772Wednesday, January 16, 18675251Y3200709205 MillerJacob Watch maker and JewellerExeter, DevonshireOf Pancras-lane, Paul-street, City of Exeter, and previously of Fore-street-hill, City of Exeter
773Wednesday, January 23, 18675252Y3200709227 SewardFrancis Licensed VictuallerSaint Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire 
774Wednesday, February 20, 18675256Y3200709351 LockWilliam Thomas Carpenter, Relieving Officer and Registrar of Births and DeathsAxminster, DevonshireLate of Greenhouse Cottage, Axminster, Devon, now residing in lodgings at Mr George Summers Baker, Axminster, Devon
775Wednesday, February 20, 18675256Y3200709351 BrendRobertthe elderEngine Cleaner, Haberdasher and General ShopkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf 15, Parish-street, City of Exeter
776Wednesday, March 6, 18675258Y3200709386 StaffordEdwin Builder, formerly carrying on business as builders in co-partnership with William Henry Stafford, under the firm 'W.H. and E. Stafford'City of Exeter, Devonshire 
777Wednesday, March 13, 18675259Y3200709409 RaymontCatherine Bakerwidow Crediton, DevonshireOf Chapple Downs Farm, Crediton, Devon
778Wednesday, March 13, 18675259Y3200709408 LangbridgeJohn Cabinet maker and Furniture Dealer and co-partnerBideford, Devonshire 
779Wednesday, March 13, 18675259Y3200709408 HutchinsHenry Cabinet maker and Furniture Dealer and co-partnerBideford, Devonshire 
780Wednesday, March 20, 18675260Y3200709432 AdamsSamuel Cabinet maker and UndertakerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 15, Higher Union-street, Torquay, Devon His wife carrying on the business of a milliner at the same place
781Wednesday, March 20, 18675260Y3200709432 ChurchwardThomas CarpenterTorquay, DevonshireLate of Claremount Cottage, Kingskerswell, Devon - Dairyman, but now of Higher Ellacombe-road, Torquay, Devon
782Wednesday, March 20, 18675260Y3200709432 PottsWilliam Market GardenerBroadclist, Devonshire 
783Wednesday, March 27, 18675261Y3200709449 BeerAdam Warrenthe youngerLivery Stable Keeper, Farmer and AccountantSidmouth, Devonshire 
784Wednesday, April 3, 18675262Y3200709493 DaveyRobert Grocer and Blacking ManufacturerTiverton, Devonshire 
785Wednesday, April 3, 18675262Y3200709478 MurphieGeorge Grocer and CordwainerKingsbridge, Devonshire 
786Wednesday, April 3, 18675262Y3200709478 WayneRobert S.  Torquay, DevonshireLate of Cary Parade, Torquay and Great Malvern. Previously of Stoneburn Station, Otago, New Zealand - sheep farmer
787Wednesday, April 10, 18675263Y3200709501 ChamberlainWilliam James Joiner and General ShopkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf 2, West-street, Saint Mary Steps, City of Exeter
788Wednesday, April 17, 18675264Y3200709524 DownWilliam WheelwrightMerton, Devonshire 
789Wednesday, May 1, 18675266Y3200709591 MatthewsThomas Martin Wine and Spirit MerchantPlymouth, DevonshireLate of 144 Union-street, Plymouth
790Wednesday, May 1, 18675266Y3200709591 SerjeantJames PainterAppledore, Devonshire 
791Wednesday, May 15, 18675268Y3200709631 SandfordThomas Dealer in WoodAxminster, Devonshire 
792Wednesday, May 15, 18675268Y3200709631 MelhuishJoshua FarmerKnowstone, Devonshire 
793Wednesday, May 22, 18675269Y3200709663 HardyJoseph Butter factor and Pork dealerKilmington, Devonshire 
794Wednesday, May 22, 18675269Y3200709663 GibbsGeorge Pile BuilderIlfracombe and Exmouth, Devonshire 
795Wednesday, May 22, 18675269Y3200709663 MawhoodRichard Wine and Spirit MerchantExeter, Devonshire 
796Wednesday, June 5, 18675271Y3200709708 HarrisJohnthe youngerTimber MerchantBuckfastleigh, Devonshire 
797Wednesday, June 5, 18675271Y3200709708 WhiteGeorge PoultererExeter, DevonshireOf West-street, City of Exeter
798Wednesday, June 12, 18675271Y3200709750 EdwardsMary Ann Miller and co-partnerUplyme, Devonshire 
799Wednesday, June 12, 18675271Y3200709750 EdwardsJohn Miller and co-partnerUplyme, Devonshire 
800Wednesday, June 12, 18675271Y3200709750 WoramJohn Sweetland Saddler, Grocer and Dealer in EarthenwareColyton, Devonshire 
801Wednesday, June 12, 18675271Y3200709750 FerrisEdward Bussell Currier and Oatmeal DealerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 70, St. Sidwell-street, City of Exeter
802Wednesday, June 19, 18675273Y3200709771 WilliamsWilliam Henry Merchant and ShipownerBideford, Devonshire 
803Wednesday, June 26, 18675274Y3200709784 PaddonWilliam DraperOkehampton, Devonshire 
804Wednesday, June 26, 18675274Y3200709797 SoperWilliam Henry CoachbuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
805Wednesday, July 10, 18675276Y3200709849 ChingBryant Potter and Coal MerchantBideford, Devonshire 
806Wednesday, July 31, 18675279Y3200709915 BurrowsWilliam HorsekeeperCrediton, Devonshire 
807Wednesday, August 21, 18675282Y3200709984 NickellsChristopher Butcher and FarmerSt. Marychurch, Torquay, Devonshire 
808Wednesday, August 21, 18675282Y3200709984 DarkeJohn Rolle Licensed VictuallerChulmleigh, Devonshire 
809Wednesday, August 21, 18675282Y3200709984 LewisWilliam Barratt Picture DealerExeter, Devonshire 
810Wednesday, August 28, 18675283Y3200710007 SarellFrancis BrewerExeter, DevonshireOf Coombe-street, City of Exeter and formerly of Fore-street, Stonehouse, Devon - Eating house Keeper, and previously of North street, City of Exeter - Grocer and before that of the Old Golden Lion Inn, Guinea-street, City of Exeter - Innkeeper
811Wednesday, September 4, 18675284Y3200710031 IsaacJohnthe ElderFarmerSouthtawton, DevonshireOf Great Youden, Southtawton, Devon
812Wednesday, October 9, 18675288Y3200710153 SquireJohn  Appledore, Devonshire 
813Wednesday, October 16, 18675289Y3200710203 IrelandWilliam Edwin Out of BusinessSaint Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshirePreviously of Exmouth, in the parish of Withycombe Raleigh, Devon - keeper of the Exmouth Refreshment Rooms and Hay and Corn Dealer
814Wednesday, October 16, 18675289Y3200710203 GowingEllenwidowConfectioner and co-partnerTeignmouth, DevonshireNow of No. 12, Heygate-steet, Walworth-road, Surrey
815Wednesday, October 16, 18675289Y3200710203 WonnacottMaryspinsterConfectioner and co-partnerTeignmouth, DevonshireNow of No. 12, Heygate-steet, Walworth-road, Surrey
816Wednesday, October 23, 18675290Y3200710225 CookThomas BuilderNortham, Devonshire 
817Wednesday, November 13, 18675293Y3200710278 PawleyRichard Mason and Lodging house-keeperSaint Mary Church, DevonshireOf Sydenham Villa, Saint Mary Church, Devon
818Wednesday, November 13, 18675293Y3200710278 RichardsJohn Wreford Baker and Flour DealerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
819Wednesday, November 20, 18675294Y3200710308 GortleyHenry Innkeeper's AssistantExeter, DevonshireOf Queen Street, Exeter. Previously of Paignton, Devon - butcher
820Wednesday, December 4, 18675296Y3200710367 PentecostThomas Whitley Book Canvasser and Tea DealerKingskerswell, Devonshire 
821Wednesday, December 4, 18675296Y3200710367 PopeJames Gillard Labourer and General ShopkeeperSaint Mary Church, DevonshireOf Barton, Saint Mary Church, Devon
822Wednesday, December 11, 18675297Y3200710391 MarwoodJohn Reed Tailor and General ShopkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Summerland-street, St. James, City of Exeter
823Wednesday, December 24, 18675299Y3200710438 TwiggsJohn Cooper and Collector of RatesExeter, DevonshireOf 45 St. Sidwell-street, St. Sidwell, City of Exeter
824Wednesday, January 8, 18685301Y3200710494 AshGeorge Out of Business, late InnkeeperSt. Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshireOf No. 6 Hampden-buildings, St. Sidwell, Exeter, Devon. Formerly kept the George and Dragon Inn, St. Sidwell
825Wednesday, January 8, 18685301Y3200710494 HexAnn  St. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire 
826Wednesday, January 8, 18685301Y3200710494 TaylorReuben Innkeeper and PainterExeter, Devonshire 
827Wednesday, January 8, 18685301Y3200710494 TrumpThomas Edward Boot and ShoemakerExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, City of Exeter
828Wednesday,January 8, 18685301Y3200710494 PillmanWilliam Hatter and HaberdasherExeter, DevonshireOf No. 87 Fore-street, City of Exeter
829Wednesday, January 15, 18685302Y3200710516 BlackingWilliam Baker and Flour DealerDawlish, Devonshire 
830Wednesday, January 29,18685304Y3200710570 Cox and Son  ShipbuildersBideford, Devonshire 
831Wednesday, January 29, 18685304Y3200710570 CooperEliza Frances HenriettawidowWidow of a General Officer in receipt of a pension from the India OfficeWiddicombe-in-the-Moor, Devonshire 
832Wednesday, January 29, 18685304Y3200710570 BealJohn FishdealerTorquay, DevonshireFormerly of Plymouth, Devon
833Wednesday, February 5, 18685305Y3200710589 PikeGeorge Farmer and AuctioneerSourton, DevonshirePreviously of Bittleford Farm, Widdecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon, afterwards of Northcombe Farm, Bratton Clovelly, Devon and now of Sourton
834Wednesday, February 12, 18685306Y3200710638 WilliamsThomas Business at Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Braunton and Great Torrington, under the name of 'The Bee-Hive Tea Company'Barnstaple, Devonshire 
835Wednesday, February 19, 18685307Y3200710645 RiddWilliam Innkeeper and FarmerHighampton, DevonshirePreviously of the Golden Inn, Highampton, Devon, now of Parkers Downs, in Highampton
836Wednesday, February 19, 18685307Y3200710645 TuboulIbriam Dealer in Fancy and Oriental GoodsTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 17, Victoria parade, Torquay, Devon
837Wednesday, February 19, 18685307Y3200710645 VigusFrancis William Timber Dealer and Saw Mill ProprietorHoly Trinity, Exeter, DevonOf No. 9 Colleton-terrace, Holloway-street, Holy Trinity, Exeter, and Commerical-road, in the City of Exeter
838Wednesday, February 19, 18685307Y3200710656 GribbleWilliam InnkeeperTavistock, Devonshire 
839Wednesday, March 4, 18685309Y3200710696 WatlingArthur Commercial TravellerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 27, Northernhay-street, Exeter. Previously of No. 69 High Street, Exeter - milliner
840Wednesday, March 11, 18685310Y3200710720 KerslakeWilliam Painter and GlazierExeter, DevonshireOf No. 33, Codrington-street, St. James, City of Exeter
841Wednesday, March 11, 18685310Y3200710720 ShapleyThomas InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Bartholomew-street, St. Olave, City of Exeter and previously of the Talbot Inn, Sidwell-street, St. Sidwell, City of Exeter
842Wednesday, March 18, 18685311Y3200710758 PyneJohn Carpenter and JoinerExeter, DevonshireOf Barnfield-road, Exeter
843Wednesday, March 25, 18685312Y3200710764 BurringtonJohn Silversmith, Watchmaker and JewellerExeter, DevonshirePremises at 2 High Street, Exeter
844Wednesday, March 25, 18685312Y3200710770 SpilsburyFrancis Gybbon  Croyde, Devonshire 
845Wednesday, March 25, 18685312Y3200710770 GalifordWilliam Henry Builder and Coal DealerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
846Wednesday, March 25, 18685312Y3200710770 HealeJames Licensed VictuallerCadbury, Devonshire 
847Wednesday, April 1, 18685313Y3200710796 IrelandHenry Charles Dealer in Hay, Straw, Corn and ProvisionsExeter, DevonshireOf 59 Sidwell-street, City of Exeter
848Wednesday, April 1, 18685313Y3200710796 BellThomas Pridham Travelling BooksellerExeter, Devonshire 
849Wednesday, April 1, 18685313Y3200710796 TraceyWilliam Master Mariner and Ship OwnerAppledore, Devonshire 
850Wednesday, April 8, 18685314Y3200710820 TraceThomas Cattle DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Summerland-street, City of Exeter
851Wednesday, April 8, 18685314Y3200710844 HearderJames ChemistExeter, DevonshireOf Bath-road, Exeter
852Wednesday, April 8, 18685314Y3200710844 BarrattThomas Licensed VictuallerExeter, Devonshire 
853Wednesday, April 8, 18685314Y3200710844 RoperA. B. Harness MakerExeter, DevonshireOf Holloway-street, Exeter
854Wednesday, April 22, 18685316Y3200710878 WheeleyCharles Saunders Barrister-at-LawTeignmouth, DevonshireOf No. 5 Den-terrace, Teignmouth, Devon
855Wednesday, April 22, 18685316Y3200710891 BollenAlfred InnkeeperTorquay, DevonshireOf the Rising Sun Inn, Torquay, Devon
856Wednesday, April 29, 18685317Y3200710905 MatthewsJohn Hayman Carpenter and JoinerNewton Abbot, DevonshireOf Queen-street, Newton Abbot, Devon
857Wednesday, April 29, 18685317Y3200710905 HillWilliam John Upjohn Innkeeper and FarmerSouthtawton, DevonshireOf the Seven Stars Inn, Southtawton, Devon
858Wednesday, April 29, 18685317Y3200710915 AttwoodThomas Earthenware and China and Glass DealerExeter, DevonshireOf 29 South-street, Exeter, Devon
859Wednesday, April 29, 18685313Y3200710915 BondWilliam MillerKingsbridge, Devonshire 
860Wednesday, April 29, 18685313Y3200710915 StretchHenry Clerk in Holy OrdersClatworthy, DevonshireMentions he had recently married a Mrs Willing
861Wednesday, April 29, 18685313Y3200710915 EdwardsAdam ChemistHartland, Devonshire 
862Wednesday, May 6, 18685318Y3200710934 ForsythH. W. Boot and Shoe DealerExeter, DevonshireOf 19 High-street, Exeter. Trades as R. and J. Dick
863Wednesday, May 6, 18685318Y3200710934 ClatworthyFrancis Licensed VictuallerExeter, DevonshireOf Goldsmith-street, City of Exeter
864Wednesday, May 6, 18685318Y3200710934 WillisWilliam John ButcherTotnes, Devonshire 
865Wednesday, May 6, 18685318Y3200710934 HurrellPhilip Mason and ContractorUgborough, Devonshire 
866Wednesday, May 6, 18685318Y3200710955 LanderWilliam Albert InnkeeperTeignmouth, DevonshireOf the White Horse Inn, Teignmouth
867Wednesday, May 6, 18685318Y3200710955 PolandJohn Coal MerchantShaldon, Devonshire 
868Wednesday, May 13, 18685319Y3200710967 HutchingsHenry Lee Grocer and Coal MerchantBideford, Devonshire 
869Wednesday, May 20, 18685320Y3200711009 WesternAlfred  Georgeham, Devonshire 
870Wednesday, June 3, 18685322Y3200711038 PolardJohn Fish Salesman and General DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Coombe-street, City of Exeter
871Wednesday, June 10, 18685323Y3200711065 WilliamsJane Lodging-house KeeperExeter, DevonshireOf 3 Northernhay-place, City of Exeter
872Wednesday, June 10, 18685323Y3200711075 GillhamRobert Custom House OfficerIlfracombe, Devonshire 
873Wednesday, June 10, 18685323Y3200711069 BerrySamuel DraperHoniton, Devonshire 
874Wednesday, June 17, 18685324Y3200711089 WembridgeGeorge Wine and Spirit MerchantIlfracombe, Devonshire 
875Wednesday, June 17, 18685324Y3200711089 LangmeadJames Farmer and GrazierBelstone, DevonshireOf West Lake Farm, Belstone, Devon. Also interest in Estates called 'Barton', and 'Church Hay', in Belstone.
876Wednesday, June 17, 18685324Y3200711089 BryantSamuel ButcherExeter, DevonshireOf Stepcote-hill, City of Exeter
877Wednesday, June 17, 18685324Y3200711089 TaylorFrederick William CoachbuilderExeter, DevonshireOf Frog-street, City of Exeter
878Wednesday, July 8, 18685327Y3200711190 QuickEdward MillerBradninch, Devonshire 
879Wednesday, July 8, 18685327Y3200711193 WallopJosiah WaiterExeter, DevonshireOf 43 Clifton-street, City of Exeter
880Wednesday, July 8, 18685327Y3200711193 ColsonJohn Wesley Dealer in Paper Hangings and House DecoratorExeter, DevonshireOf Hampton-buildings, City of Exeter
881Wednesday, July 8, 18685327Y3200711193 BradleyJames Meat Salesman and Beer and Cider RetailerExeter, DevonshireOf Silver-place, Bath-road, City of Exeter
882Wednesday, July 8, 18685327Y3200711192 FaceyWilliam Shipowner and Master MarinerAppledore, Devonshire 
883Wednesday, July 22, 18685329Y3200711247 JacobsWilliam Kelly Beer House Keeper and Potato dealerBradninch, Devonshire 
884Wednesday, August 5, 18685331Y3200711275 CallicottJohn Market GardenerAlphington, Devon 
885Wednesday, August 12, 18685332Y3200711301 PoundGeorge BlacksmithNewton Saint Cyres, Devonshire 
886Wednesday, August 19, 18685333Y3200711342 TullidgeRobert Chemist and DruggistExeter, DevonshireOf North-street, Exeter. Mentions father and brother live in Crewkerne, Somerset
887Wednesday, August 26, 18685334Y3200711346 WellingtonWilliam ClerkUpton Hellions, Devonshire 
888Wednesday, September 2, 18685335Y3200711367 PengellyRoger Journeyman MillerSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshirePreviously of Coombe-street, City of Exeter - corn dealer; before that of Pinhoe, Devon, - miller.
889Wednesday, September 2, 18685335Y3200711396 BriceMary JanewidowInnkeeperEast Budleigh, DevonshireOf the Queen Victoria Inn, West Budleigh, Devon
890Wednesday, September 16, 18685337Y3200711425 PrustJames FloristTorquay, DevonshireNow of 6 George-street, Torquay, Devon, but late of No. 28, Torwood Street, Torquay, Devon
891Wednesday, September 16, 18685337Y3200711425 CrockerJohn InnkeeperKingsteignton, Devonshire 
892Wednesday, September 16, 18685337Y3200711425 JonesDavid IronmongerTorquay, DevonshireOf 79 Lower Union-street, Torquay, Devon
893Wednesday, October 14, 18685341Y3200711544 VennWilliam VictuallerPaignton, Devonshire 
894Wednesday, October 21, 18685342Y3200711560 PileGeorge Shipowner and Master MarinerIlfracombe, Devonshire 
895Wednesday, October 21, 18685342Y3200711560 MadgeJohn Journeyman Harness Maker and MenderCollumpton, Devonshire 
896Wednesday, November 11, 18685345Y3200711658 WeeksJohn Builder and co-partner, brothersPaignton and Dartmouth Devonshire 
897Wednesday, November 11, 18685345Y3200711658 WeeksWilliam Builder and co-partner, brothersPaignton and Dartmouth Devonshire 
898Wednesday, November 25, 18685347Y3200711692 JohnsWilliam Edward Accountant and Writing ClerkExeter, DevonshireFormerly of Castle Cottage, Saint David's, City of Exeter, since of No. 1, Bridge Cottages, Saint Sidwell, City of Exeter, and now of Bartholomew-place, Allhallows on the Walls, City of Exeter
899Wednesday, November 25, 18685347Y3200711692 CoxAmbrose Francis Cooke Newspaper Proprietor, but now of No Occupation. GentlemanAxminster, DevonshireFormerly of No. 103 Fleet-street, City of London - newspaper proprietor; then of Ramsgate, Kent - tutor; then of Wandsworth, Surrey, then of Chilworthy, Somerset, then of Seaton, Devon, and now in lodgings at Axminster, Devon, gentleman and of no fixed place of abode, or occupation.
900Wednesday, November 25, 18685347Y3200711699 KerslakeThomas Licensed Victualler and General MerchantOttery St. Mary, Devonshire 
901Wednesday, December 2, 18685348Y3200711714 BickfordNicholas Chemist and DruggistExmouth, Devonshire 
902Wednesday, December 2, 18685348Y3200711723 DyerJohn Martin BakerTavistock, Devonshire 
903Wednesday, December 9, 18685349Y3200711737 ShobbrookJohn Tottle BlacksmithIde, Devonshire 
904Wednesday, December 9, 18685349Y3200711756 MurchEdward Chemist and DruggistTorquay, DevonshireOf Higher Union-street, Torquay, Devon
905Wednesday, December 16, 18685349Y3200711763 RogersWilliam James Commercial TravellerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 10 Bartholomew-street, Exeter. Formerly of No. 11, North-street, City of Exeter - chemist, druggist and Grocer
906Wednesday, December 16, 18685349Y3200711781 BonkerWilliam  Salcombe, Devonshire 
907Wednesday, December 23, 18685350Y3200711783 DaySamuel Soda Water, Lemonade and Ginger Beer ManufacturerTorquay, DevonshireOf 42, Lower Union-street, Torquay, Devon
908Wednesday, December 23, 18685350Y3200711783 RipponAnnwidowFruiterer and GreengrocerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 9 Braddon's-row, Torquay, Devon
909Wednesday, December 30, 18685351BC3200711816 CarletonWilliam Watch-maker and JewellerTorquay, Devonshire 
910Wednesday, January 20, 18695354Y3200711878 StevensGeorge BuilderNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
911Wednesday, January 20, 18695354Y3200711878 BeerHenry Farmer and Cattle DealerHoniton Clist, DevonshireFormerly of Farringdon, Devon
912Wednesday, January 27, 18695355Y3200711914 KempJohn Carey Timber DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Commercial-road, Exeter
913Wednesday, February 3, 18695356Y3200711929 BattersbyJohn Tailor, Mercer and HatterExeter, DevonshireOf 242 High-street, Exeter
914Wednesday, February 3, 18695356Y3200711929 FukeJohn BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
915Wednesday, February 10, 18695357Y3200711956 SpreatWilliam Artist, Lithographer and Photographic PublisherAlphington, DevonCarrying on business at No. 4 Gandy-street, City of Exeter, formerly of No. 229 High-street, Exeter and previously of No. 6 Park-place, Longbrook-street, Exeter
916Wednesday, February 10, 18695357Y3200711978 GouldDaniel AttorneyHoniton, DevonshireOf Summerland House, Honiton, Devon
917Wednesday, February 17, 18695358Y3200711986 BraggRichard BlacksmithSandford, DevonshireOf Newbuildings, Sandford, Devon.
918Wednesday, February 17, 18695358Y3200711986 AdamsonGeorge Brick-makerDartmouth, DevonshireFormerly of Stapleford, Nottingham - licensed victualler
919Wednesday, February 17, 18695358Y3200711986 ColeWilliam Henry Grocer and Tea DealerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 44 High-street, Exeter
920Wednesday, February 17, 18695358Y3200711986 WebsterJohn Butter Factor and Cheese DealerAxminster, Devonshire 
921Wednesday, February 17, 18695358Y3200711991 NewcombeJoseph BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
922Wednesday, February 24, 18695359Y3200712011 RockettAnn Grocer and General ShopkeeperStockland, Devonshire 
923Wednesday, February 24,18695359Y3200712032 HoleJoseph Greenway Cabinet MakerTorquay, DevonshireMentions brother, John Hole and sister-in-law, Emma Cornish
924Wednesday, March 3, 18695360Y3200712037 LeeJoseph Tea Dealer and Boot and Shoe SellerIpplepen, Devonshire 
925Wednesday, March 3, 18695360Y3200712062 DownesWilliam BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
926Wednesday, March 3, 18695360Y3200712044 KempJames MillerExwick, DevonshireOf Exwick Mills, Exeter
927Wednesday, March 3, 18695360Y3200712044 GreggeryRobert Wine and Spirit and Tea DealerBraunton, Devonshire 
928Wednesday, March 10, 18695361Y3200712090 MounsdonEdward Horse Collar MakerCrediton, Devonshire 
929Wednesday, March 10, 18695361Y3200712090 PrattWilliam Broker, Carpenter and JoinerSaint Sidwell, Exeter, Devonshire 
930Wednesday, March 10, 18695361Y3200712090 TavernerRobert FarmerCrediton, DevonshirePreviously of Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon and before that at Tedburn Saint Mary, Devon
931Wednesday, March 17, 18695362Y3200712091 WilliamsGeorge Herbert Saddler and Harness makerDawlish, Devonshire 
932Wednesday, March 17, 18695362Y3200712091 BidwellJohn Master Mariner and ShipownerTeignmouth, Devonshire 
933Wednesday, April 7, 18695364Y3200712180 EasterbrookJohn Builder and Journeyman BakerTorquay, Devonshire 
934Wednesday, April 14, 18695365Y3200712185 SnowThomas Partridge Innkeeper, Dealer in CornCrediton, Devonshire 
935Wednesday, April 14, 18695365Y3200712185 ChanningWilliam John MillerThorverton, DevonshireOf Town Mills, Thorverton, Devon
936Wednesday, April 21, 18695366Y3200712215 JamesThomas ArchitectBudleigh Salterton, Devonshire 
937Wednesday, April 21, 18695366Y3200712232 LeeGeorge Licensed Victualler and Fish and Potato DealerExeter, DevonshireOf West Street, City of Exeter
938Wednesday, April 28, 18695367Y3200712246 PodestaJohn Fruiterer and GreengrocerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 10 Braddon's-row, Fleet-street, Torquay, Devon
939Wednesday, April 28, 18695367Y3200712246 WinneJames Lieutenant on half pay in Her Majesty's Royal Marine Light InfantryTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 6 Grafton-terrace, St. Mary Church-road, Torquay, Devon
940Wednesday, April 28, 18695367Y3200712246 BodleyJohn BakerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 78 Lower Union-street, Torquay, Devon
941Wednesday, April 28, 18695367Y3200712246 BrienMichael Furniture BrokerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 11, Higher Union-street, Torquay, Devon
942Wednesday, May 5, 18695368Y3200712283 SymonsHenry Farmer and ButcherBuckfastleigh, Devonshire 
943Wednesday, May 12, 18695369Y3200712305 CobleyJohn Late farmer, but now out of businessThelbridge, Devonshire 
944Wednesday, May 12, 18695369Y3200712305 AshtonWilliam ShopkeeperHolsworthy, Devonshire 
945Wednesday, May 12, 18695369Y3200712305 RichJames Bevan Tailor and DraperOkehampton, Devonshire 
946Wednesday, May 26, 18695371Y3200712361 HamerJames Plumber, Gas Fitter, Bell Hanger and Iron and tin plate workerTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 2 Oxton Villas, Ellacombe, Torquay
947Wednesday, May 26, 18695371Y3200712361 WilcocksWalter Out of Business - previously a Glass and China DealerTorquay, DevonshireOf Higher Union-street, Torquay, Devon
948Wednesday, May 26, 18695371Y3200712361 CannWilliam Commercial TravellerNewton Abbot, DevonshireOf Wolborough-street, Newton Abbot, Devon
949Wednesday, June 9, 18695373Y3200712421 ChambersWilliam Currier and GrocerCullompton, Devonshire 
950Wednesday, June 23, 18695375Y3200712472 StoyleEdwin Henry Beerhouse Keeper and Coach PainterExeter, DevonshireOf 'Volunteer Arms', Gandy-street, Exeter
951Wednesday, June 23, 18695375Y3200712472 MarksJames InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Preston-street, City of Exeter
952Wednesday, June 23, 18695375Y3200712485 IsaacWilliam Butcher and InnkeeperSpreyton, Devonshire 
953Wednesday, June 23, 18695375Y3200712485 WillsWilliam Greek Tailor and DraperBarnstaple, Devonshire 
954Wednesday, June 23, 18695375Y3200712476 WillsJosephseniorSoda Water ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf 21 North-street, City of Exeter
955Wednesday, June 23, 18695375Y3200712476 WillsJosephjuniorSoda Water ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf 21 North-street, City of Exeter
956Wednesday, July 7, 18695377Y3200712541 IsaacJohnjuniorFarmer and Cattle DealerSouthtawton, DevonshireFormerly of Hittisleigh, Devon
957Wednesday, July 14, 18695378Y3200712553 AllenAlfred Boot and Shoe MakerExeter, DevonshireOf No. 263 High-street, Exeter
958Wednesday, July 14, 18695378Y3200712552 WillingJohn Wotton Innkeeper and WheelwrightBrixham, Devonshire 
959Wednesday, July 14, 18695378Y3200712556 AlvenStanley Wyndham  Putsborough,Georgeham, Devonshire 
960Wednesday, July 14, 18695378Y3200712556 MerdithRobert Clerk in Holy Orders  
961Wednesday, July 21, 18695379Y3200712582 ClarkThomas Coal and Wood DealerExeter, DevonshireOf Longbrook-street, City of Exeter
962Wednesday, July 21, 18695379Y3200712582 BanburyJohn Grocer and FruitererExeter, DevonshireOf No. 137 Fore-street, City of Exeter
963Wednesday, July 28, 18695380Y3200712607 CracroftFrederick James  Shaldon, DevonshireFormerly called F. J. Waters, of Shaldon
964Wednesday, August 4, 18695381Y3200712633 MartinWilliam Wakeham Engineer and IronfounderExeter, Devonshire 
965Wenesday, August 11, 18695382Y3200712677 FurzeElizabeth Rolstonewidow Brixham, Devonshire 
966Wednesday, August 25, 18695384BC3200712711 FriendshipCharles DraperBideford, Devonshire 
967Wednesday, August 25, 18695384BC3200712711 EveleighThomas ShoemakerWhimple, Devonshire 
968Wednesday, August 25, 18695384BC3200712711 BalmanEdwin William Beerhouse Keeper and CurrierSouth Molton, Devonshire 
969Wednesday, September 1, 18695385Y3200712722 BirdMatthew James Manure Merchant, Wool and Seed Dealer and FarmerNorth Molton, Devonshire 
970Wednesday, September 15, 18695387Y3200712776 VennerThomas Baker and GrocerCrediton, Devonshire 
971Wednesday, September 15, 18695387Y3200712766 LanglerSamuel  Torquay, Devonshire 
972Wednesday, September 22, 18695388Y3200712793 CannJohn James ButcherNewton Saint Cyres, DevonshireAlso of North-street, City of Exeter
973Wednesday, September 22, 18695388Y3200712793 FrenchSamuel James Draper and GrocerAxminster, DevonshireAlso of Somerset
974Wednesday, September 29, 18695389Y3200712821 LevertonWilliam TailorExeter, DevonshireOf No. 7 Paris-street, City of Exeter
975Wednesday, September 29, 18695389Y3200712821 SaundersArthur Isaac Butcher, Innkeeper and FarmerIddesleigh, Devonshire 
976Wednesday, September 29, 18695389Y3200712821 HellierJoseph FarmerSampford Courtenay, DevonshireOf Sticklepath, Sampford Courtenay, Devon
977Wednesday, October 6, 18695390Y3200712847 MitchellGeorge MillwrightSt. Mary Church, Devonshire 
978Wednesday, October 13, 18695391Y3200712874 BanksWilliam InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Market-street, City of Exeter
979Wednesday, October 13, 18695391Y3200712874 MatthewsHenry Baker Greengrocer and FruitererExeter, DevonshireOf No. 94 Sidwell-street, City of Exeter
980Wednesday, October 13, 18695391Y3200712874 DunkleyJohn Balkwill Saddler and Harness MakerExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, City of Exeter
981Wednesday, October 13, 18695391Y3200712899 LoveysSamuel Cab DriverDawlish, DevonshirePreviously of the same place - Grocer and Provision Dealer
982Wednesday, October 27, 18695393Y3200712922 AveryWilliam Licensed VictuallerOkehampton, Devonshire 
983Wednesday, October 27, 18695393Y3200712946 ChaffeWilliam Boot and Shoe MakerBuckfastleigh, Devonshire 
984Wednesday, November 10, 18695395Y3200712975 GayJohn FarmerGidleigh, Devonshire 
985Wednesday, November 17, 18695396Y3200713001 CrockerWilliam LabourerBow, Devonshire 
986Wednesday, November 24, 18695397Y3200713025 KnapmanEdwardthe youngerBlacksmithMoretonhampstead, DevonshireOf Forder-street, Moretonhampstead, Devon
987Wednesday, December 1, 18695398Y3200713050 HardingJoseph Licensed VictuallerExeter, DevonshireOf Market-street, City of Exeter
988Wednesday, December 15, 18695400Y3200713103 MooreJohn Licensed VictuallerSt. Mary Major, City of Exeter, DevonshireOf the King's Arms Inn, Coombe-street, St. Mary Major, City of Exeter
989Wednesday, December 15, 18695400Y3200713103 HernEleanorwidowDraper, Grocer, Baker and Provision DealerLapford, Devonshire 
990Wednesday, December 22, 18695401Y3200713134 WeeksRobert Boot and Shoe MakerAshburton, Devonshire 
991Wednesday, December 22, 18695401Y3200713134 ButlandWilliam Baker and GrocerTorquay, DevonshireOf Hapton-road, Ellacombe, Torquay, Devon
992Wednesday, December 22, 18695401Y3200713134 LittleJames Boarding House KeeperExeter, DevonshireOf No. 7 Northernhay-place, City of Exeter
993Wednesday, December 29, 18695402Y3200713167 WaltersAnthony Bowden BakerDartmouth, DevonshireOf Higher-street, Dartmouth, Devon
994Wednesday, January 5, 18705403BC3200713196 WalkerEdwin Masey Of no BusinessHemyock, DevonshireFormerly of Wellington, Somerset - butcher and poulterer
995Wednesday, January 5, 18705403BC3200713196 RichardsHenry Out of BusinessTeignmouth, DevonshirePreviously of the same place, grocer and tea dealer
996Wednesday, January 5, 18705403BC3200713196 FisherWalter Coal DealerCrediton, DevonshirePreviously of Torquay, Devon, lodging house keeper and beer retailer
997Wednesday, January 5, 18705403BC3200713196 HamsterJohn Henry Saddle tree makerSaint Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshireOf No. 61/2 Clifton-road, Saint Sidwell, City of Exeter
998Wednesday, January 5, 18705403BC3200713196 AngelFrancis Watch Maker and Bird StufferExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, City of Exeter
999Wednesday, January 19, 18705405Y3200713243 MorganGeorge Out of BusinessExeter, DevonshireOf West-street, City of Exeter. Previously of the White Hart Inn, St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon
1000Wednesday, February 23, 18705410BC3200713388 RisdonThomas FarmerTiverton, DevonshireMentions he is aged 35
1001Wednesday, May 11, 18705421Y3200713697 BridgmanChristopher Vickry ScrivenerTavistock, Devonshire 
1002Wednesday, May 18, 18705422Y3200713725 TremlettJames Butcher and InnkeeperDrewsteignton, DevonshireOf Sandy Park, Drewsteignton, Devon
1003Wednesday, July 6, 18705429BC3200713926 StrangerHenry Wills MerchantTotnes, Devonshire 
1004Wednesday, July 20, 18705431Y3200713978 DaviesHenry Ryder Clerk in Holy OrdersHalberton, Devonshire 
1005Wednesday, October 5, 18705442Y3200714263 MichellJohn DraperNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
1006Wednesday, October 5, 18705442Y3200714283 HumphreysEdward Railway ContractorNewton Abbot, DevonshireNow of London
1007Wednesday, October 5, 18705442Y3200714273 ElliottCharles Taylor InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf the Castle Inn, City of Exeter, later of the King's Arms, Barnstaple, Devon
1008Wednesday, October 12, 18705443Y3200714320 MorrisSamuel Wine and Beer Merchant, Tea Dealer and Lodging House KeeperTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1009Wednesday, November 2, 18705446Y3200714371 BaskervilleCharles InkeeperSt. Sidwell, Exeter, DevonshireOf the Antelope Inn, St. Sidwell, City of Exeter
1010Wednesday, November 9, 18705447Y3200714391 BastowJohn Beer House Keeper and BrewerSt. Mary Church, Devonshire 
1011Wednesday, November 20, 18705450Y3200714500 GreensladeJohn MillerBishopsteignton, DevonshireOf Luton Cross, Bishopsteignton
1012Wednesday, December 14, 18705452Y3200714537 HargreavesJames InnkeeperExmouth, DevonshireOf the Dolphin Hotel, Exmouth, Devon
1013Wednesday, December 14, 18705452Y3200714537 LockyerJ. China and Glass DealerPlymouth, DevonshireOf Old Town-street, Plymouth
1014Wednesday, January 11, 18715456Y3200714651 GaleEmmanuel TailorExeter, DevonshireOf Fore-street, City of Exeter
1015Wednesday, February 1, 18715459Y3200714758 CrockerHenry InnkeeperTorquay, Devonshire 
1016Wednesday, February 8, 18715460Y3200714774 NinerIsabella Hotel KeeperChagford, Devonshire 
1017Wednesday, February 22, 18715462Y3200714849 HigginsJohn William Cheese Dealer and Bacon FactorExeter, DevonshireOf Bridge-street, City of Exeter
1018Wednesday March 8, 18715464Y3200714889 AdamsCharles Sewing Machine DealerExeter, DevonshireOf 10 Eldon-place, Saint David, City of Exeter. Carrying on business at 258 High-street, Exeter
1019Wednesday, May 3, 18715472Y3200715137RevBaileyWilliam Bulmer Clerk in Holy OrdersAxminster, Devonshire 
1020Wednesday, May 10, 18715473Y3200715158 HolcombeWilliam Boot and ShoemakerExeter, DevonshireOf Goldsmith-street, City of Exeter
1021Wednesday, May 17, 18715474Y3200715177 BalleWilliam PrinterExeter, DevonshireOf Gandy-street, City of Exeter and Upper Paul-street, City of Exeter
1022Wednesday, May 17, 18715474Y3200715197 PearseJohn BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
1023Wednesday, May 17, 18715474Y3200715183 MercerCharles Cullen Builder and ContractorTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1024Wednesday, May 24, 18715475Y3200715227 WellsJames MachinistStockleigh, West Alvington, Devonshire 
1025Wednesday, June 28, 18715480Y3200715369 DawSamuel Butcher and Cattle DealerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devonshire 
1026Wednesday, July 5,18715481Y3200715376 DicksJohn DraperExeter, DevonshireFormerly of Walsall, Stafford, but now of No. 1 Northernay-street, City of Exeter
1027Wednesday, July 5, 18715481Y3200715376 PearcyW. FarmerPoltimore, Devonshire 
1028Wednesday, July 26, 18715484Y3200715461 UprightGeorge Licensed VictuallerWinkleigh, Devonshire 
1029Wednesday, September 13, 18715491Y3200715662 MatthewsEdwin Elliott Butcher and FarmerChristow, Devonshire 
1030Wednesday, September 13, 18715491Y3200715683 CunninghamJohn  Stonehouse, DevonshirePreviously of Harpford, Devon
1031Wednesday, October 18, 18715496Y3200715765 BrowneWilliam Parker Coal and General MerchantExeter, DevonshireOf the Quay, City of Exeter, and of St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon
1032Wednesday, November 8, 18715499Y3200715865 SydenhamCharles Saint Barbe Clerk in Holy Orders - Vicar of BrushfordBrushford, DevonshireAlso has estates in Dulverton, Somerset
1033Wednesday, December 13, 18715504Y3200715994 ParishJohn InnkeeperExeter, Devonshire 
1034Wednesday, December 20, 18715505Y3200716024 BarnardAsher Dealer in Jewellery and DiamondsExeter, DevonshireAlso known as Alfred Burrows. Now of London, but formerly of Bedford-circus, Exeter
1035Wednesday, April 3, 18725601Y3200716450 SullyRobert GrocerHolcombe Rogus, Devonshsire 
1036Wednesday, April 10, 18725602Y3200716467 ThomasWilliamjuniorGeneral DealerExeter, DevonshireMentions he is aged 33, and absconded to America
1037Wednesday, May 15, 18725607Y3200716599 AddiscottHenry NurserymanSaint Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire 
1038Wednesday, May 22, 18725608Y3200716630 SpicerCharles Late proprietor of the 'Devon Weekly times'  
1039Wednesday, June 12, 18725611Y3200716713 SlocombeFrederick BuilderTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1040Wednesday, October 30, 18725631Y3200717237 WalkerFrank  Exeter, Devonshire 
1041Wednesday, November 20, 18725634Y3200717334 BrunskillWilliam Fawcett GentlemanTorquay, DevonshireFormerly of Buckland House, Dartmouth, Devon, and Buckland tout Saints, Kingsbridge
1042Wednesday, December 4, 18725636Y3200717363 SwaffieldJohn Draper, Baker and GrocerOttery St. Mary, DevonshireOf Broad Street, Ottery St. Mary, Devon
1043Wednesday, December 18, 18725638Y3200717427 BartlettHenry M. InnkeeperTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1044Wednesday, January 29, 18735644Y3200717576 CoombesW. ButcherDawlish, Devonshire 
1045Wednesday, January 29, 18735644Y3200717576 MooreWilliam  Tormoham, DevonshireMentions son-in-law, Mr Colwill, a railway policeman
1046Wednesday, June 4, 18735661Y3200718062 SharpeRobert Good Lieutenant in Her Majesty's Royal Marine Light InfantryTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1047Wednesday, July 2, 18735666Y3200718183 PascoeFrederick DraperExmouth, DevonshireOf 10 Raleigh-street, Exmouth, and late of Scotland House, City of Exeter
1048Wednesday, July 2, 18735666Y3200718183 WhiteWilliam Coombes Farmer and Coal DealerChudleigh, Devonshire 
1049Wednesday, July 23, 18735669Y3200718277 LangleyHenry  Dunchideock, DevonshireOf Dunchideock House, Devon
1050Wednesday, July 23, 18735669Y3200718277 LoughlinEllen  Torquay, Devonshire 
1051Wednesday, December 24, 18735691Y3200718862 LeeJames BuilderSt. Sidwell, Exeter, Devonshire 
1052Wednesday, December 24, 18735691Y3200718862 WardJames OutfitterTiverton, Devonshire 
1053Wednesday, May 27, 18745711Y3200719486 PayneJohn J. ButcherTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1054Wednesday, June 24, 18745715Y3200719585 PowersSarah Lodging-house KeeperTorquay, Devonshire 
1055Wednesday, July 22, 18745719Y3200719680 MillsHugh MillerThorverton, Devonshire 
1056Wednesday, January 27, 18755746Y3200720362 HellierSamuel Accountant and High Bailiff of the County Court of AxminsterAxminster, Devonshire 
1057Wednesday, January 27, 18755746Y3200720362 BartlettG. TailorTeignmouth, Devonshire2nd Bankruptcy
1058Wednesday, January 27, 18755746Y3200720362 SkinnerW. H. BuilderExeter, Devonshire 
1059Wednesday, January 27, 18755746Y3200720362 SparkesEdward Cow-keeperColyton, Devonshire 
1060Wednesday, March 31, 18755755Y3200720616 WheatonWilliam Coal and Manure MerchantExeter, Devonshire 
1061Wednesday, April 28, 18755759Y3200720730 WaymouthThomas Staines BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
1062Wednesday, May 26, 18755763Y3200720854 DickerHenry John Organ BuilderExeter, DevonshireOf Friars Walk, City of Exeter
1063Wednesday, July 21, 18755771Y3200721071 RobertsonWilliam InnkeeperExmouth, DevonshireOf the South-Western Hotel, Exmouth, Devon
1064Wednesday, August 25, 18755776Y3200721222 StrongWilliam CarrierExeter, DevonshireOf Commercial-road, Exeter
1065Wednesday, August 25,18755776Y3200721222 StephensJohn GrocerTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1066Wednesday, August 25, 18755776Y3200721222 FreeseJohn N. A. Retired Major-GeneralAxminster, Devonshire 
1067Wednesday, September 1, 18755777Y3200721260 CunninghamJohn  Stonehouse, Devonshire 
1068Wednesday, November 17, 18755789Y3200721608 BennettThomas Late Manager of the Exeter branch of the Wilts and Dorset BankExeter, DevonshireAlso of Rose Mills, Ilminster and of Bouverie House, Exeter
1069Wednesday, March 29, 18765798Y3200722232 SweetThomas Whittle Merchant and ShipownerExmouth, DevonshireOf Exmouth and Clement's Lane, Lombard-street, London
1070Wednesday, June 7, 18765808Y3200722548 SewardJohn GrocerBampton, Devonshire 
1071Wednesday, July 19, 18765814Y3200722747 BellJohn and George ContractorsTorquay, Devonshire 
1072Wednesday, September 13, 18765822Y3200723024 CowardJames Hair-dresser and PerfumerExeter, DevonshireOf 12 High-street, Exeter
1073Wednesday, October 25, 18765828Y3200723236 TitterdenArthur GentlemanAxminster, Devonshire 
1074Wednesday, November 22, 18765832Y3200723369 BodyWilliam Commission AgentSt. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devonshire 
1075Wednesday, November 22, 18765832Y3200723369 SweteHenry John Beaumont GentlemanBabbicombe, Torquay, Devonshire 
1076Wednesday, November 22, 18765832Y3200723369 MaddicksSamuel InnkeeperTorquay, DevonshireOf the Rising Sun Inn, Torre, Torquay, Devon
1077Wednesday, November 22, 18765832Y3200723369 StowellEstherspinsterLodging-house KeeperLympstone, Devonshire 
1078Wednesday, November 22, 18765832Y3200723369 EverettAnnspinsterLodging-house KeeperLympstone, Devonshire 
1079Wednesday, February 14, 18775844Y3200723763 BackJohn Master MarinerExeter, Devonshireof New Bridge-street, City of Exeter
1080Wednesday, March 21, 18775849Y3200723918 ProwseBickford PrinterNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
1081Wednesday, July 25, 18775867Y3200724493 TozerCharles Henry BuilderExeter, DevonshireOf 131 Cowick-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon
1082Wednesday, October 17, 18775879Y3200724898 SmythWilliam ButcherTiverton, Devonshire 
1083Wednesday, October 17, 18775879Y3200724898 DoblePaige FarmerUpottery, Devonshire 
1084Wednesday, October 17, 18775879Y3200724898 Stanfield and Crosse  CoachbuildersExeter, Devonshire 
1085Wednesday, July 3, 18785916Y3200726118 HuntWilliam Marshall Builder and ArchitectSt. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devonshire 
1086Wednesday, September 25, 18785928Y3200726498 RestarickWilliam Grocer and DraperBampton, Devonshire 
1087Wednesday, October 16, 18785931Y3200726612 DeansGeorge Cecil Riding Master and Horse DealerHeavitree, DevonshireOf Salutary Mount, Heavitree, and late of Clifton, Bristol
1088Wednesday, October 16, 18785931Y3200726612 SalterJamesjuniorTailor and DraperSidmouth, DevonshireOf Fore-street, Sidmouth, Devon
1089Wednesday, October 16, 18785931Y3200726612 RobertsRobert Farmer and Market GardenerExwick, Devonshire 
1090Wednesday, February 12, 18795948Y3200727155 ShoreSimon ButcherColebrooke, Devonshire 
1091Wednesday, February 12, 18795948Y3200727155 HancockT. A. and Co. Wine and Spirit MerchantsCrediton, DevonshireAnd also of Bath
1092Wednesday, February 12, 18795948Y3200727155 SluggettDaniel Rundle FarmerShebbear, DevonshireLate of Hill Farm, Shebbear, Devon
1093Wednesday, July 16, 18795970Y3200727946 InchChristopher Hackney Coach ProprietorTorquay, Devonshire 
1094Wednesday, July 30, 18795972Y3200728014 WayJohn Yeoman and Retired FarmerSt Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire 
1095Wednesday, September 24, 18795980Y3200728309 PerrymanRobert AccountantTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1096Wednesday, November 19, 18795988Y3200728608 PhillipsW. H. HatterTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1097Wednesday, December 24, 18795993Y3200728799 NewtonJohn Gubbins GentlemanTavistock, DevonshireOf Bridestowe House
1098Wednesday, January 21, 18805997Y3200728912 BlanchfordHenry Stock and Share BrokerExeter, Devonshire 
1099Wednesday, February 25, 18806002Y3200729103 LuxmoreW. J. Gentleman, Late Captain in the 7th Dragoon GuardsSouthtawton, DevonshireOf Oxenham House, Southtawton
1100Wednesday, May 12, 18806013Y3200729458 SalterCharlesthe youngerShareholder of the West of England BankBroadclist, Devonshire 
1101Wednesday, May 12, 18806013Y3200729458 HancockFrancis GentlemanSt. Sidwell's, Exeter, DevonshireOf Albion-place, St. Sidwell's, Exeter
1102Wednesday, May 12, 18806013Y3200729458 KingW. G. Hotel KeeperTorquay, DevonshireLate of the Royal Hotel, Torquay, Devon, but now of Berkhampstead
1103Wednesday, June 16, 18806018Y3200729636 BallNicholas Hotel KeeperStarcross, Devonshire 
1104Wednesday, August 18, 18806027Y3200729951 BraundJuliana Mary Kelly  Exeter, DevonshireOf Clifton-hill
1105Wednesday, September 22, 18806032Y3200730150 WinslowOctavius Evans GentlemanDawlish, Devonshire 
1106Wednesday, September 21, 18816084Y3200731899 SansomFrank Grocer and BakerColyton, Devonshire 
1107Wednesday, September 21, 18816084Y3200731899 HobbsJames ButcherDawlish, Devonshire 
1108Wednesday, September 21, 18816084Y3200731899 RiggsGeorge BakerWoodbury, Devonshire 
1109Wednesday, September 21, 18816084Y3200731899 KendallGeorge DairymanExeter, DevonshireOf Bartholomew-street, City of Exeter
1110Wednesday, September 21, 18816084Y3200731899 TraceFrank Gardener and SeedsmanMoretonhampstead, Devonshire 
1111Wednesday, October 19, 18816088Y3200732033 SweetHenry Sanders DairymanExeter, Devonshire 
1112Wednesday, December 28. 18816098Y3200732364 LyneDe Castro Fisher Stock and Share BrokerExeter, DevonshireOf Castle-street, City of Exeter
1113Wednesday, December 28. 18816098Y3200732364 HazelandJohn Manning Stock and Share BrokerExeter, DevonshireOf Castle-street, City of Exeter
1114Wednesday, June 21, 18826053Y3200733254 HewerJohn InnkeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Paul-street, City of Exeter
1115Wednesday, October 18, 18826070Y3200733851 ColleyJohn B. Militia CaptainStarcross, Devonshire 
1116Wednesday, October 18, 18826070Y3200733851 LutleySamuel Baker Seed MerchantExeter, Devonshire 
1117Wednesday, October 18, 18826070Y3200733851 McKellarJohn William BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
1118Wednesday, November 15, 18826074Y3200734016 DavisReuben/Robert BuilderNewton Abbot, DevonshireAlso of New Bridge-street, Exeter, Devon
1119Wednesday, November 22, 18826075Y3200734064Col.GroveW. G. Retired Colonel in the 32nd Regiment of Madras InfantryBideford, DevonshireOf The Elms, Bideford, Devon
1120Wednesday, December 13, 18826078Y3200734186 BrookJohn Retired FarmerSampford Courtenay, Devonshire 
1121Wednesday, January 24, 18836012Y3200734387 BakerThomas Builder and Club ProprietorDawlish, Devonshire 
1122Wednesday, January 24, 18836012Y3200734387 BlakeJohn Innkeeper and SmithExminster, Devonshire 
1123Wednesday, January 24, 18836012Y3200734387 DiscombeThomas FarmerWashfield, DevonshsireOf Cotleigh, Washfield, Devon
1124Wednesday, June 27, 18836033Y3200735267 BadcockGiddy CoachbuilderHolsworthy, Devonshire 
1125Wednesday, July 25, 18836037Y3200735405 ShepherdHenry Oil DealerTorquay, DevonshireOf Market-street, Torquay, Devon
1126Wednesday, July 25, 18836037Y3200354405 DavyWalter Export Merchant, trading as 'Davy Bros'Tiverton, DevonshireOf Twyford-place, Tiverton, Devon
1127Wednesday, November 21, 18836054Y3200736124 DarlingThomas Burnet SchoolmasterBudleigh Salterton, DevonshireOf Cliff House, Budleigh Salterton, Devon
1128Wednesday, February 13, 18846066Y3200736609 PhillipsWalter Garrons Gwynne  Bovey Tracey, Devonshire 
1129Wednesday, March 5, 18846069Y3200736733 HarrisonRichard Patch Tanner and CurrierHoniton, Devonshire 
1130Wednesday, June 18, 18846084Y3200737333 KeenorRichard BuilderSt. Mary Church, Devonshire 
1131Wednesday, June 18, 18846084Y3200737333 MillsJames FarmerLapford, DevonshireOf Irishcombe Farm, Meshaw Moor, Lapford, Devon
1132Wednesday, August 27, 18846094Y3200737780 MartynHenry Matthews  Topsham, DevonshireOf the Countess Weir Mills, Topsham, Exeter, Devon, and of Upper Thomas-street, London
1133Wednesday, December 17, 18846109Y3200738448 BishopJohn FarmerFarway, Devonshire 
1134Wednesday, March 11, 18856121Y3200738948 BarrowW. J.M.Temple  Exmouth, DevonshireNow of the Grand Hotel, Charing Cross
1135Wednesday, March 11, 18856121Y3200738948 HartThomas Tea DealerCullompton, Devonshire 
1136Wednesday, May 6, 18856129Y3200739272 RidgwayA. & F. G. Army Agents, Newspaper ProprietorsBlackawton, DevonshireOf Shopleigh Court, Blackawton, and of London
1137Wednesday, May 12, 18856130Y3200739338 GatterJohn William Fancy DraperTorquay, DevonshireOf 26 Fleet-street, Torquay, and also carrying on business at 28 Union-street, and 55 Union-street, Torquay and at Brunswick House, Paignton
1138Wednesday, May 27, 18856132Y3200739406Major GeneralElderton  Major GeneralPaignton, Devonshire 
1139Wednesday, June 3, 18856133Y3200739466 BrowseArthur James Brock HosierTorquay, DevonshireOf Victoria-parade, Torquay, Devon
1140Wednesday, June 17, 18856135Y3200739558 WicksMatthew Thomas AuctioneerTorquay, Devonshire 
1141Wednesday, June 17, 18856135Y3200739558 FlowersFrank Grocer and General DealerShaldon and Stokeinteignhead, Devonshire 
1142Wednesday, June 17, 18856135Y3200739558 ProutJoseph Ferris Watchmaker and JewellerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
1143Wednesday, June 24, 18856136Y3200739603 ManningRobert FarmerWoolfardisworthy, DevonshireOf Hemlett Farm, Woolfardisworthy, Devon
1144Wednesday, June 24, 18856136Y3200739603 CarmanJohn InnkeeperTopsham, Devonshire 
1145Wednesday, June 24, 18856136Y3200739603 SanfordGeorge Small BuilderExeter, DevonshireOf 110 Sidwell-street, City of Exeter
1146Wednesday, July 8, 18556137Y3200739682 BrownEdmund MillerExeter, DevonshireOf Powhay Mills, Exeter, Devon
1147Wednesday, July 8, 18856137Y3200739698 LoveridgeIsaac Drayton IronmongerAxminster, DevonshireOf Lyme-street and South-street, Axminster, Devon
1148Wednesday, August 19, 18856143Y3200739940 HoweJoseph JewellerExeter, DevonshireOf 21 Fore-street, Exeter, Devon
1149Wednesday, September 2, 18856145Y3200740028 BrayHenry BuilderExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, City of Exeter. Previously a bankrupt in 1879
1150Wednesday, September 2, 18856145Y3200740028 PillerJames/Thomas BuilderSt. Thomas, Devonshire 
1151Wednesday, December 16, 18856160Y3200740625 LaddA. A. R. TobacconistExeter, DevonshireOf South-street, City of Exeter
1152Thursday, January 10, 18896758Y3200740928 TrebbleEdward GrocerExeter, DevonshireLate of Blackboy-road, City of Exeter
1153Thursday, January 10, 18896758Y3200740928 PetherickA. J.  Torquay, Devonshire 
1154Wednesday, January 16, 18896763Y3200741057 BarneJohn No OccupationTiverton, DevonshireFormerly of the Barne, Estate, Tiverton, Also of the Union Club, Margate and present address unknown
1155Thursday, January 17, 18896764Y3200741072 StoneHenry BakerExeter, DevonshireOf Preston-street, City of Exeter
1156Thursday, January 17, 18896764Y3200741072 PomeroyJohn BuilderSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf 79 Regent-Street, St. Thomas, Exeter
1157Thursday, January 17, 18896764Y3200741072 Lear and Luxton  BuildersBabbacombe, Torquay, Devonshire 
1158Wednesday, January 30, 18896775Y3200741346 ClarkeN. DraperChelston, Torquay, Devonshire 
1159Saturday, February 2, 18896778Y3200741408 StudleyWilliam FarmerFeniton, DevonshireOf Curscombe Farm, Feniton, Devon
1160Thursday, February 7, 18896782Y3200741533RevCooperF. Congregational MinisterTiverton, Devonshire 
1161Thursday, February 7, 18896782Y3200741533 BlackmoreWilliam FarmerSidbury, Devonshire 
1162Thursday, February 14, 18896788Y3200741686 PeekAmos BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
1163Thursday, February 14, 18896788Y3200741686 PringC. BuilderExmouth, Devonshire 
1164Thursday, February 14, 18896788Y3200741686 DawsonJohn Hugh No OccupationExeter, DevonshireOf Bath-road, Exeter
1165Thursday, February 21, 18896792Y3200741827 RichardsWilliam Picture Frame MakerTorquay, DevonshireOf 15 Market-street, Torquay, Devon
1166Tuesday, March 5, 18896802Y3200742097 EllisJohn Paine Mason and ClothierPlymouth, DevonshireOf Market Alley, Plymouth, Devon
1167Tuesday, March 5, 18896802Y3200742092 Grice   Teignmouth, Devonshire 
1168Wednesday, March 6, 18896803Y3200742106 StidworthyGeorge Perrott Baker and FarmerEast Ogwell, Devonshire 
1169Wednesday, March 6, 18896803Y3200742106 BurstonJohn  Teignmouth, Devonshire 
1170Wednesday, March 6, 18896803Y3200742106 BrowneHenry George Fish SalesmanTorquay, Devonshire 
1171Wednesday, March 6, 18896803Y3200742106 SymonsGeorge Speculative BuilderSt. Thomas, Devonshire 
1172Thursday, March 7, 18896804Y3200742129 HelmanW. H. B. Corn DealerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
1173Monday, March 11, 18896806Y3200742215 HeavensWilliam Licensed Victualler and Common BrewerHeavitree, Devonshire 
1174Thursday, March 21, 18896815Y3200742421 MayeRichard FarmerKingsteignton, Devonshire 
1175Tuesday, March 26, 18896819Y3200742527 AbbottWilliam Mason and BuilderMarwood, DevonshireLate of Barnstaple
1176Wednesday, March 27, 18896820Y3200742542 EdwardsWilliam Licensed Victualler and JoinerExeter, DevonshireLate of the Victoria Inn, Fore-street, Exeter
1177Thursday, April 25, 18896844Y3200743135 GouldingG. J. D. InnkeeperExeter, Devonshire 
1178Thursday, April 25, 18896844Y3200743135 BattenJohn FarmerNorthleigh, Devonshire 
1179Friday, April 26, 18896845Y3200743158 FarrantThomas Horse DealerSidmouth, Devonshire 
1180Wednesday, May 8, 18896855Y3200743400 MarstonMary Ann Berlin Wool ImporterTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1181Wednesday, May 8, 18896855Y3200743400 BradfordCatherine Baker Lodging-house KeeperExeter, DevonshireOf Belmont-place, City of Exeter
1182Wednesday, May 8, 18896855Y3200743400 VowlerJohn Ladies' and Children's Outfitter and AccountantExeter, DevonshireOf Queen-street, Exeter
1183Thursday, May 9, 18896856Y3200743419 MannJohn Richard Coal DealerSt. Thomas, Devonshire 
1184Thursday, May 9, 18896856Y3200743419 HillWilliam Horse DealerTiverton, Devonshire 
1185Thursday, May 9, 18896856Y3200743419 AllenHenry Potato Dealer and late lessee of the Exeter MarketsExeter, Devonshire 
1186Thursday, May 9, 18896856Y3200743419 WalrondJohn Cab Proprietor and DairymanTorquay, Devonshire 
1187Tuesday, May 14, 18896860Y3200743521 HellyerWilliam Henry FarmerEast Budleigh, Devonshire 
1188Thursday, May 30, 18896874Y3200743883 WilkinsonWilliam Playters Wine and Spirit MerchantHeavitree, DevonshireOf Prospect Park, Exeter, lately carrying on business at No. 150 Fore-street, Exeter, also at Exmouth and Torquay, Devon, and lately residisng at Polsloe -road, Heavitree, Devon
1189Saturday, June 8, 18896882Y3200744071 WilkinsonRobert Carne Justice of the Peace and Wine MerchantSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf Rose Bank, St. Thomas, Devon. Father of William Playters Wilkinson
1190Friday, June 14, 18896886Y3200744177 BrownJames Humphrey DraperTorquay, Devonshire 
1191Monday, July 1, 18896899Y3200744540 WallingWilliam Oil DealerSt. Marychurch, Devon 
1192Monday, July 1, 18896899Y3200744540 HellierWilliam John GrocerCrediton, Devonshire 
1193Tuesday, September 3, 18896950Y3200745880 LudlownJ. W. Brick-maker Of the Marland Brickworks
1194Tuesday, September 17, 18896962Y3200746171 HammettGeorge Corn Dealer, Miller and DairymanExeter, DevonshireOf 4 Lower North-street, Exeter, also of Exwick and Ide, Devon
1195Wednesday, September 25, 18896969Y3200746339MrsDentSarah Grocer and Wine and Spirit MerchantHoniton, Devonshire 
1196Thursday, September 26, 18896970Y3200746356 ParkerHenry BuilderSeaton, Devonshire 
1197Friday, October 11, 18896983Y3200746687 PristonTom Henry Tobacconist and News AgentTorquay, DevonshireOf 110 Union-street, Torquay, Devon
1198Monday, October 14, 18896984Y3200746730 DistJoseph Carter and Coal-dealerTorquay, DevonshireOf Torre, Torquay, Devon. Mentions three of his children have died
1199Tuesday, October 15, 18896986Y3200746761MrsLuxon  BakerExeter, DevonshireOf Belmont Cottages, Exeter, Devon
1200Tuesday, October 15, 18896986Y3200746761 RestorickWilliam George General DealerCollaton, Devonshire 
1201Tuesday, October 15, 18896986Y3200746761 ChalkWilliam Henry Cab and Fly ProprietorTorquay, Devonshire 
1202Thursday, October 31, 18897000Y3200747097 MitchellJohn GardenerTorquay, Devonshire 
1203Thursday, October 31, 18897000Y3200747097 RendellThomas Luscombe Carriage ProprietorSt. Marychurch, Devonshire 
1204Saturday, November 9, 18897008Y3200747303MrsFarmerAmelia FarmerKentisbeare, DevonshireFormerly Mrs Hawkins. Late Husband, Mr Farmer, had died leaving her with four children
1205Friday, November 15, 18897012Y3200747427 RouseFrank Insurance ClerkSaint Thomas the Apostle, DevonshireOf 15 Ebrington-terrace, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon
1206Tuesday, November 19, 18897015Y3200747517 WebberHenry MasonUpton, Devonshire 
1207Tuesday, November 19, 18897015Y3200747517 TuckWilliam Henry DentistTiverton, Devonshire 
1208Thursday, November 21, 18897017Y3200747554 MillerFrederick SaddlerTorquay, Devonshire 
1209Thursday, November 21, 18897017Y3200747554 LipscombeHarry Tailor and ConfectionerTorquay, Devonshire 
1210Thursday, November 21, 18897017Y3200747554 GearseUriah Harry Taylor BuilderCullompton, DevonshireKnown also by the name of Uriah Harry Taylor
1211Saturday, December 7, 18897031Y3200747899 YabsleyJohn BuilderPaignton, Devonshire 
1212Tuesday, December 17, 18897039Y3200748110 ElliottAlexander Innkeeper and TailorCullompton, DevonshireOf the 'Half Moon' Inn, Cullompton, Devon
1213Thursday, December 19, 18897041Y3200748147 JonesW. CurrierTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1214Thursday, December 19, 18897041Y3200748147 PyneR. H. BuilderHeavitree, Devonshire 
1215Saturday, February 8, 18907083Y3200748538 PyneFrederick William BakerExe Island, Exeter, Devonshire 
1216Saturday, March 15, 18907111Y3200748730 WebberJohn Galliford Innkeeper and MillerLandkey, Devonshire 
1217Saturday, June 7, 18907179Y3200749180 LambH. R. Indiarubber and Chemical Appliance MakerTorquay, Devonshireand latterly of Exeter, Devon
1218Saturday, August 16, 18907238Y3200749545 EndacottWilliam BakerBovey Tracey, Devonshire 
1219Saturday, September 27, 18907274Y3200749784RevDaimpreIsidore Vicar of ColebrookColebrooke, Devonshire 
1220Saturday, December 6, 18907333Y3200750110 BrassingtonAloysius Veterinary SurgeonCrediton, DevonshireOf High-street, Crediton, Devon
1221Saturday, February 14, 18917383Y3200750469Right Hon.HeskethLawrenceBaron HaldonGentlemanTorquay, Devonshire 
1222Saturday, May 9, 18917456Y3200750910 Dunn  Stock BrokerExeter, DevonshireOf Gandy-street, City of Exeter
1223Saturday, August 8, 18917530Y3200751319 HillPhilip Lodging-house Keeper and Cab ProprietorTorquay, DevonshireOf Glenfianan, Torquay, Devon
1224Saturday, September 5, 18917553Y3200751464 RichardsAlexander C. HairdresserOkehampton, Devonshire 
1225Saturday, September 19, 18917565Y3200751527 SmithJohn Henry Licensed VictuallerPlymouth, DevonshireOf Buckerell-street, Plymouth, Devon
1226Saturday, September 19, 18917565Y3200751533 DicksonCharles Philip GentlemanBishopsteignton, DevonshireOf Radway Villa, Bishopsteignton, Devon
1227Saturday, October 10, 18917573Y3200751644 CastledineArthur Silk Mercer and DraperTeignmouth, DevonshireOf Regent-street, Teignmouth, Devon
1228Saturday, October 17, 18917578Y3200751671MrsBurroughMary Anne  Tiverton, Devonshire 
1229Saturday, January 30, 18927662Y3200752136 BullGeorge UpholstererTorquay, DevonshireOf No. 1 South-street and No's. 1 and 2 East-street, Torre, Torquay, Devon
1230Saturday, March 5, 18927691Y3200752316 SearleJames SolicitorCrediton, Devonshire 
1231Saturday, March 12, 18927697Y3200752363 DenningErnest Innkeeper and GrocerTiverton, DevonshireOf the White Hart, Gold-street, Tiverton, Devon
1232Saturday, April 2, 18927715Y3200752445 BucknellRobert GrocerWitheridge, DevonshireOf The Mills, Exebridge,
1233Saturday, April 2, 18927715Y3200752445 BussellGeorge Delling ShoemakerWitheridge, Devonshire 
1234Saturday, April 2, 18927715Y3200752445 StephensJonathan ChemistDevonport, Devonshire 
1235Saturday, April 2, 18927715Y3200752445 LesterGeorge Liensed VicturallerEast Stonehouse, Devonshire 
1236Saturday, April 9, 18927720Y3200752482 CoombesCharles Frederick Baker and ConfectionerExeter, DevonshireOf 106 St. Sidwell Street, City of Exeter
1237Saturday, April 16, 18927725Y3200752515 FooksRobert Spiller Dairman, and partner to the firm of John Wills and CompanyExeter, Devonshire 
1238Saturday, April 16, 18927725Y3200752501 BakerJohn MillerPlymptree, Devonshire 
1239Saturday, April 16, 18927725Y3200752501 RoweMary ButcherBradninch, Devonshire 
1240Saturday, April 16, 18927725Y3200752501 LuscombeJames Oil and ColourmanTorquay, Devonshire 
1241Saturday, April 23, 18927737Y3200752577 RadfordJames Carter and Coal-dealerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
1242Saturday, April 23, 18927737Y3200752577 SpurwayHenry and William WoolstaplersBarnstaple, DevonshireWilliam Spurway had absconded to South Africa
1243Saturday, May 14, 18927749Y3200752655 CarterThomas FarmerAshreigney, Devonshire 
1244Saturday, May 14, 18927749Y3200752655 ShortJohn Dudley TailorTorrington, Devonshire 
1245Saturday, May 21, 18927755Y3200752670 ParkerJ. C. DraperKingskerswell and Paignton, Devonshire 
1246Saturday, May 28, 18927761Y3200752734 LabbettWilliam Refreshment House KeeperCrediton, DevonshireOf High-street, Crediton, Devon
1247Saturday, June 4, 18927767Y3200752772 ArundelHenry Edward GentlemanTorquay, DevonshireOf Sylfaen, Torquay, Devon
1248Saturday, June 4, 18927767Y3200752772 JeffreySidney Lessee of the Public Hall, TorquayTorquay, Devonshire 
1249Saturday, July 2, 18927791Y3200752913 LabdonStanley ButcherCullompton, Devonshire 
1250Saturday, July 23, 18927809Y3200753008 YeardyeJoseph ArchitectIlfracombe, DevonshireOf 6 Fortescue-place, Ilfracombe, Devon
1251Saturday, August 6, 18927820Y3200753078 BearneCharles John Frederick Importer of Oriental GoodsTorquay, DevonshireTrading as Fred Bearne, of Toris House, Victoria-parade, Torquay, Devon
1252Saturday, August 6, 18927820Y3200753087 PetterEdward Arundell Collar Manufacturer, late Furniture DealerBarnstaple, Devonshire 
1253Saturday, September 3, 18927844Y3200753209 ShortThomas FarmerWear Giffard, Devonshire 
1254Saturday, September 17, 18927856Y3200753275MrsAlexander   Torquay, Devonshire 
1255Saturday, October 8, 18927874Y3200753389 WintleAlfred Fish DealerBrixham, Devonshire 
1256Saturday, October 22, 18927886Y3200753469 AyreT. E. AuctioneerTiverton, Devonshire 
1257Saturday, November 5, 18927898Y3200753536 YoungF. E. EngineerHeavitree, Devonshire 
1258Saturday, November 12, 18927904Y3200753586 HawkinsBenjamin Roger FarmerKentisbeare, DevonshireAlso pays Alimoney to his ex-wife
1259Saturday, November 19, 18927910Y3200753595 GoverWilliam Frederick FarmerKentisbeare, DevonshireOf Hollis and Henland Farm, Kentisbeare, Cullompton, Devon
1260Saturday, November 26, 18927916Y3200753628 HarrisJanewidowConfectioner and co-partnerTorquay, DevonshireResiding at 2 Arden, Abbey-road, and trading at 4 Arcade, Union-street, Torquay, Devon
1261Saturday, November 26, 18927916Y3200753628 TrickeyRobert PlumberTorquay, Devonshireof Wellswood, Torquay, Devon
1262Saturday, November 26, 18927916Y3200753633 SouthwoodW. DraperDawlish, DevonshireMentions sister-in-law, Miss Pethybridge
1263Saturday, December 10, 18927928Y3200753697 NorthcottRichard Furniture DealerTorquay, DevonshireOf Warren Road, Torquay, Devon
1264Saturday, December 10, 18927928Y3200753701Messrs.Setter Bros.  BuildersExeter, Devonshire 
1265Saturday, December 24, 18927940Y3200753759 RoweArthur Shopkeeper and PostmasterIdeford, Devonshire 
1266Saturday, December 24, 18927940Y3200753759 CookThomas Campion Pianoforte DealerNewton Abbot, DevonshireOf 67 Queen-street, Newton Abbot, Devon
1267Saturday, December 31, 18927945Y3200753812MrsHopkinsE. Trading as W. BradneeTorquay, DevonshireLate of Fleet-street, Torquay, Devon, but now of Westpool, St. Stevens, New Brunswick. Living apart from husband
1268Saturday, January 14, 18937957Y3200753895 LabbettJohn Late Butcher and now HaulierCrediton, DevonshireOf Park Street, Crediton, Devon
1269Saturday, February 4,18937975Y3200753977 HarkerWilliam Fruit MerchantsExeter, DevonshireOf 16 Haldon-road, Exeter, Devon, lately trading at Liverpool, Lanccashire in co-partnership with his brother, Herbert V. Harker, under the style of Harker Bros., fruit merchants
1270Saturday, February 18, 18937987Y3200754056 WiddecombeRobert Sparke FarmerPaignton, DevonshireOf Collaton Farm, Paignton, Devon
1271Saturday, February 25, 18937993Y3200754093 WakemWilliam Henry Chip Shop OwnerTavistock, DevonshireOf The Chip Shop, Tavistock, Devon
1272Saturday, April 15, 18938034Y3200754358 CoombeRobert Westron Paper Manufacturer and co-partnerHuxham, DevonshireTrade as Coombe Bros, Paper Manufacturers
1273Saturday, April 15, 18938034Y3200754358 CoombeFrancis Wood Paper Manufacturer and co-partnerHuxham, DevonshireTrade as Coombe Bros, Paper Manufacturers
1274Saturday, May 20, 18938064Y3200754583 EddlesWilliam BuilderSt. Marychurch, DevonshireOf 5 Petit Tor-terrace, St. Marychurch, Devon
1275Saturday, May 20, 18938064Y3200754583 DawR. R. M. Licensed VictuallerSt. Marychurch, DevonshireFormerly of the Crown and Septre Inn
1276Saturday, May 20, 18938064Y3200754583 MiltonThomas BlacksmithWestwood, near Broadclyst, Devonshire 
1277Saturday, May 20, 18938064Y3200754583 HarrisAlbert George BakerAbbotskerswell, Devonshire 
1278Saturday, May 20, 18938064Y3200754583 AbbotJoseph IronmongerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
1279Saturday, May 20, 18938064Y3200754558 ColeWilliam FarmerSt. Giles, Torrington, DevonshireMentions son, Richard Cole
1280Saturday, May 27, 18938070Y3200754611 TurnerJohn Coal and Potato MerchantBarnstaple, Devonshire 
1281Saturday, May 27, 18938070Y3200754611 WillsJames GardenerIpplepen, Devonshire 
1282Saturday, May 27, 18938070Y3200754611 BlakeW. Late FarmerBlackawton, DevonshirePreviously of Duryard, Exeter
1283Saturday, June 3, 18938076Y3200754645 SmithElizabethwidowCoal MerchantExmouth, DevonshireOf 2 Powderham-terrace, Ferry Road, Exmouth, Devon
1284Saturday, June 3, 18938076Y3200754645 BurgessWilliam FarmerWhimple, DevonshireOf Bullon Farm, Whimple, Devon
1285Saturday, June 10, 18938082Y3200754691 LovellEdward Harold DraperHolsworthy, DevonshirePrevious Court Case for Breach of Promise
1286Saturday, June 10, 18938082Y3200754693 PullmanJohn BuilderHeavitree, Devonshire 
1287Saturday, June 10, 18938082Y3200754661 LewisWilliam Jonathan BakerWilland, Devonshire 
1288Saturday, July 22, 18938118Y3200754935 UsherThomasjuniorGentlemanPlymouth, Devonshire 
1289Saturday, September 9, 18938159Y3200755183 UpcottEdwin James HaulierExmouth, DevonshireWife carried on business as a Laundry
1290Saturday, September 9, 18938159Y3200755210 SandersFrederick FishmongerExeter, DevonshireOf Martin's-lane, Exeter, Devon. Son of the late Mr H. H. Sanders who died 15 October 1872, who left him the business
1291Saturday, September 16, 18938165Y3200755238 GuestWilliamdeceasedFurniture BrokerExeter, DevonshireLate of 5 New Bridge-street, City of Exeter
1292Saturday, September 30, 18938177Y3200755334Rev.BellKennedy Late Curate in ChargeOkehampton, Devonshire 
1293Saturday, October 14, 18938189Y3200755380 CaselyJohn C. Cabinet Maker, Builder and UndertakerBudleigh Salterton, DevonshireOf No. 9 High-street, Budleigh Salterton, Devon
1294Saturday, November 11, 18938213Y3200755568 PattWilliam FarmerHigh Bickington, Devonshire 
1295Saturday, November 11, 18938213Y3200755568 MatthewsFrederick BuilderTorquay, Devonshire 
1296Saturday, November 18. 18938219Y3200755599MrsGoodman  Wine and Spirit MerchantTeignmouth, Devonshire 
1297Saturday, November 11, 18938219Y3200755599 YoungCowper Commercial TravellerHeavitree, DevonshireAlso mentions he is in business with his wife in a clay-works
1298Saturday, November 25, 18938225Y3200755643 PetterArundell  Barnstaple, Devonshire 
1299Saturday, December 9, 18938237Y3200755716 WillsJoseph FarmerBridford, Devonshire 
1300Saturday, December 16, 18938243Y3200755739 GrattanJohn Boot and Shoe MakerKingsbridge, DevonshireOf 38 Church-street, Kingsbridge, Devon. Also carried on business in Exeter, Exmouth and Teignmouth. Aged 38 years
1301Saturday, February 10, 18948289Y3200756082 MildenhallJohn Bootmaker and DealerPaignton, Devonshire 
1302Saturday, February 24, 18948301Y3200756159 PassmoreJoshua DraperBideford, Devonshire 
1303Saturday, February 24, 18948301Y3200756166 ElliottRichard Henry Saddler and Harness Maker, Co-partner in a Music Hall Business at the royal Public Hall, TorquayTorquay, Devonshire 
1304Saturday, March 3, 18948307Y3200756205 SparkJames Carpenter and JoinerBrixham, Devonshire 
1305Saturday, March 10, 18948313Y3200756240 HallAlbert TailorExeter, Devonshire 
1306Saturday, March 17, 18948319Y3200756263 WhitewayJoseph Skinner FarmerWoodbury, DevonshireOf Parsonage Farm, Woodbury
1307Saturday, March 17, 18948319Y3200756291 HopkinsEdith PhotographerExeter, DevonshireOf Fleet-street, City of Exeter
1308Saturday, March 17, 18948319Y3200756291 LemaireFrancis Henry Fish DealerTorquay, DevonshireOf Victoria-parade, Torquay, Devon
1309Saturday, March 17, 18948319Y3200756291 CollingsEdward Francis Boarding-house KeeperTorquay, DevonshireOf Lower Erith-road, Torquay, Devon
1310Saturday, March 24, 18948324Y3200756331 BowdenElizabeth  Torquay, Devonshire 
1311Saturday, April 28, 18948354Y3200756527 KellandWilliam Henry  Barnstaple, Devonshire 
1312Saturday, April 28. 18948354Y3200756551 ChadderFrederick William ButcherPlymouth, Devonshire 
1313Saturday, April 28, 18948354Y3200756531 KingTom Huxham Lodging-house KeeperTorquay, DevonshireOf Corbyn View, Victoria Parade, Torquay, Devon
1314Saturday, April 28, 18948354Y3200756531 HealeJoseph Furniture DealerTorquay, DevonshireLate of Market-street, Torquay, Devon
1315Saturday, May 12, 18948366Y3200756652 BluntEdward James Coal Dealer and CostumierTorquay, Devonshire 
1316Saturday, June 2, 18948384Y3200756767 HillEdward Carver and Gilder and Lodging-house KeeperSt. Marychurch, DevonshireOf Mentone Villa, St. Marychurch, Devon
1317Saturday, June 2, 18948384Y3200756743 CorfieldSamuel Ardlington Lithographer, Printer and Co-partnerPlymouth, DevonshireOf 28 King-street, Plymouth, Devon
1318Saturday, June 2, 18948384Y3200756743 CraigFrederick Arthur Lithographer, Printer and Co-partnerPlymouth, DevonshireOf 28 King-street, Plymouth, Devon. Absconded to Boston, America
1319Saturday, November 10, 18948540Y3200757437 TozerEdgar SolicitorExeter, DevonshireNow of 1 Great Manchester-street, London
1320Saturday, November 17, 18948546Y3200757486ColonelOldhamArthur Retired Colonel in her Majesty's ArmyExmouth, DevonshireLate of Tiverton, Devon
1321Saturday, January 12, 18958592Y3200757758MrsVicaryEmilywidowMillinerExeter, DevonshireOf St. David's-hill, Exeter, Devon. Husband died 6 years ago, insolvent
1322Saturday, February 9, 18958616Y3200757886 HooperJohn William Coal MerchantExmouth, Devonshire 
1323Saturday, April 27, 18958681Y3200758290 BaylassWilliam Dale Chemist and DruggistTorquay, DevonshireOf 50 Union Street, Torquay, Devon. Trading under the firm of 'Baylass Drug Company Limited'
1324Saturday, June 8, 18958717Y3200758533 DunsfordWilliam Bodley InnkeeperTiverton, DevonshireRecently of Bampton-stret, Tiverton, Devon, but now of the Anchor Inn, Bridgewater
1325Saturday, August 24, 18958782Y3200758915 SnowW. FarmerWhimple, Devonshire 
1326Saturday, August 24, 18958782Y3200758915 PhillipsHenry BuilderExeter, DevonshireAlso of Taunton and Cotford
1327Saturday, August 31, 18958788Y3200758961 WalkerEdward EngraverExeter, DevonshireOf 9 Gandy-street, Exeter, Devon
1328Saturday, October 12, 18958824Y3200759208 HedleyBernard Draper. Trading as 'Hedley Bros', and lately carrying on business in co-partnership with Francis HedleyDawlish, DevonshireOf 10 Park-road, Dawlish.
1329Saturday, October 19, 18958830Y3200759219 HancockW. C MillerHalberton, Devonshire 
1330Saturday, October 19, 18958830Y3200759219 HarrisJ. FarmerBickington, Devonshire 
1331Saturday, November 23, 18958860Y3200759419 NicksAnthony BakerPaignton, Devonshire 
1332Saturday, March 7, 18968948Y3200759930 JonesGeorge Boot and Shoe Manufacturer and DealerDartmouth, Devonshire 
1333Saturday, April 4, 18968971Y3200760096 TuckerMarwoodthe youngerBarrister-at-LawCoryton Park, near Axminster, DevonAlso of Carlisle Mansions, Chelsea
1334Saturday, June 27, 18969043Y3200760586 PearceHarry BuilderWoodbury, Devonshire 
1335Saturday, June 27, 18969043Y3200760571 PyleMark Labourer and DairymanExminster, Devonshire 
1336Saturday,June 27, 18969043Y3200760581 ScammelGeorge Marshall PhotographerExeter, Plymouth and Torquay, DevonshireBranches in Exeter, Torquay, and Barnstaple
1337Saturday, July 11, 18969055Y3200760673 TaylorAugustus Hamilton DraperExmouth, DevonshireOf Rolle-street, Exeter, Devon
1338Saturday, July 18, 18969061Y3200760705 SouthwoodWilliam Wine MerchantDawlish, Devonshire 
1339Saturday, July 18, 18969061Y3200760705 EndicottAlbert General DealerExeter, DevonshireOf 4 Lower North-street, Exeter, Devon
1340Saturday, September 5, 18969102Y3200761012 MarksSidney JewellerExeter, DevonshireHigh-street, City of Exeter
1341Saturday, September 26, 18969120Y3200761125 BeierlyJoseph Repairing WatchmakerExeter, DevonshireOf South-street, City of Exeter
1342Saturday, September 26, 18969120Y3200761119 CridgeJohn R. MaltsterBarnstaple and Torquay, Devonshire 
1343Thursday, January 14, 18979213Y3200761906 RoweThomas DairymanBickleigh, near Tiverton, Devonshire 
1344Wednesday, January 20, 18979218Y3200762030 BaileyJohn C. BuilderSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf Shooting March Stile, St. Thomas, Devon
1345Tuesday, January 26, 18979223Y3200762168 BushTom Manufacturer of Art NeedleworkTorquay and Totnes, Devonshire 
1346Thursday, February 18, 18979243Y3200762708 JamesJohn Late InnkeeerTiverton, DevonshireOf Peat Hill, Tiverton, late innkeeper of the Gold Lion Inn, East Reach, Taunton
1347Thursday, February 18, 18979243Y3200762693 SkinnerIsaac ButcherSidmouth, Devonshire 
1348Tuesday, February 23, 18979247Y3200762815 KeallFrancis ChemistIlfracombe, DevonshireNow of Cardiff, Wales
1349Thursday, February 25, 18979249Y3200762879 HamlynCharlesAlias Miller Heavitree, DevonshireLate of Matford Hall, Heavitree, Devon
1350Thursday, March 11, 18979261Y3200763214 CoxFrank BakerCrockenwell, Devonshire 
1351Thursday, March 11, 18979261Y3200763214 PittsWilliam Farmer and Cattle DealerCheriton Bishop, Devonshire 
1352Thursday, May 6, 18979308Y3200764478 RoweFrederick Thomas VictuallerTopsham, DevonshireOf the Londona nd South Western Hotel, Topsham, Devon
1353Thursday, May 6, 18979308Y3200764493 ElliottJohn William FarmerSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf Queen's-road, St. Thomas, Devon. Late of Exminster
1354Friday, May 7, 18979309Y3200764503Rev.HughesDavid Meates Clerk in Holy OrdersClysthydon, DevonshireRector of Clyst Hydon, but now residing in Exeter
1355Thursday, May 20, 18979320Y3200764845 HeardFrederick Cab ProprietorDevnport, DevonshireAlso sited in a Divorce action between Symons v Symons
1356Thursday, May 27, 18979326Y3200765005 GoldsworthyWilliam General DealerDawlish, DevonshireOf Queen-lane, Dawlish
1357Friday, June 18, 18979345Y3200765542 ParkhouseJohn BakerUffculme, DevonshireOf East-street, Uffculme, Devon
1358Friday, July 16, 18979368Y3200765884 WatkinsEdward FarmerLangford, Bow, Devonshire 
1359Friday, July 16, 18979368Y3200765876 BrownSidney Edward ClerkTorquay, DevonshireOf Arcott, Torquay, Devon
1360Friday, July 16, 18979368Y3200765875 WilsonThomas Charles PlumberTeignmouth, DevonshireOf Teign-street, Teignmouth, Devon
1361Thursday, July 29, 18979379Y3200766225 CooperCharles ScholmasterPaignton, DevonshireAlso undergoing 5 years penal servitude
1362Thursday, July 29, 18979379Y3200766225 LamacraftMargaret  Exeter, DevonshireOf Belmont-road, Exeter, Devon. Lamacraft was her third name, she marrying Mr N. Lamacraft in 1892 and him dying October last year. Her 1st husband was called Jones, he was an innkeeper, and died in 1875. Then married a Mr Westaway of Great Torrington, her second husband in 1877. He died in 1889.
1363Tuesday, October 5, 18979436Y3200768133 HarperFrederick Coal DealerSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf 44 Bennfort-road, St. Thomas, Devon
1364Tuesday, October 5, 18979436Y3200768152 HillCharles FarmerClayhanger, DevonshireOf Helewood Farm, Clayhanger, Devon
1365Thursday, October 14, 18979444Y3200768399 DaniellA. W. Bamfylde GentlemanKenbury, Devonshire 
1366Thursday, October 21, 18979450Y3200768588 CoppJonas FarmerExeter, DevonshireLately a farmer of Benworthy
1367Thursday, October 21, 18979450Y3200768588 LarpontJohn Melville de Hochepied  Widdecombe-in-the-Moore, DevonshireOf Bag Park, Widdecombe-in-the-Moor. Commonly called Baron de Hochepied
1368Thursday, October 21, 18979450Y3200768588 BurdenThomas Laurence FarmerUpton Pyne, DevonshireOf Turlake Farm, Upton Pyne, Devon
1369Thursday, October 21, 18979450Y3200768588 GaleWilliam Charles WatchmakerEast Budleigh and Budleigh Salterton, Devonshire 
1370Monday, October 25, 18979453Y3200768679 StampJohn Joseph Searle General Agent and formerly a ConfectionerExeter, DevonshireOf South-street, City of Exeter
1371Thursday, November 11, 18979468Y3200769228MrsBoothJane Coal MerchantExeter, DevonshireTrading as Booth Bros, of London, Eastwood, Nottingham, and Exeter
1372Thursday, November 11, 18979468Y3200769228 BoothEdwin Coal MerchantExeter, DevonshireTrading as Booth Bros, of London, Eastwood, Nottingham, and Exeter
1373Friday, November 12, 18979469Y3200769241 GreensladeJohn Cattle DealerNewport, Barnstaple, Devonshire 
1374Tuesday, November 16, 18979472Y3200769375ColonelYonge  Retired Indian Army OfficerTorrington, Devonshire 
1375Thursday, November 18, 18979474Y3200769443 HenderT. S. Coal Merchant and HaulierOkehampton, Devonshire 
1376Thursday, December 23, 18979504Y3200770170 DrakeGeorge Joseph Journeyman BakerExeter, DevonshireOf 15 North-street, City of Exeter
1377Thursday, December 23, 18979504Y3200770181 RiddawayJohn Road ContractorColdridge, near Wembworthy, Devonshire 
1378Saturday, January 22, 18989528Y3200770372 MorrisGeorge FarmerMorchard Bishop, Devonshire 
1379Saturday, March 5, 18989564Y3200770662 RowlandWilliam Henry Hotel KeeperTorre, Torquay, DevonshireOf the Globe Hotel, Torre
1380Saturday, April 9, 18989593Y3200770864CaptainOrme-WebbRobert  Dartmouth, Devonshire 
1381Saturday, April 9, 18989593Y3200770868 PunchardWilliam Gardner Forage DealerTiverton, DevonshireOf Bingwell Farm, Tiverton, Devon
1382Saturday, May 7, 18989617Y3200771033 WaybornThomas John DairymanExeter, DevonshireOf No. 1 Mount Pleasant-road, City of Exeter
1383Saturday,J une 4, 18989641Y3200771239 PookJohn GrocerTedburn St. Mary, DevonshireFormerly of Exeter
1384Saturday, July 16, 18989677Y3200771522 EvansCharles Coal DealerChudleigh, DevonshireOf The Square, Chudleigh, Devon
1385Saturday, July 16, 18989677Y3200771523 MudgeWilliam Andrew ButcherCockington, DevonshireOf 13 Walnut-road, Cockington, Devon
1386Saturday, September 3, 18989718Y3200771835 GibbonsWilliam BuilderTiverton, Devonshire 
1387Saturday, September 3, 18989718Y3200771835 VivianRichard ShoemakerSmabridge, near Axminster, Devonshire 
1388Saturday, September 3, 18989718Y3200771864 SladeJames Retired IronmongerTorquay, DevonshireOf 3 St. Mark's-place, Torquay. Formerly of St Agnes, Cockington
1389Saturday, September 10, 18989724Y3200771916 TownsendWilliam FarmerBow, DevonshireOf Mill House, Bow, Devon. Also been a Carrier of Zeal Monachorum
1390Saturday, October 29, 18989766Y3200772224 BurrowsGeorge Golden BakerDawlish, DevonshireOf 16 The Strand, Dawlish, Devon
1391Saturday, November 5, 18989772Y3200772234 HewsRobert Winter AuctioneerTiverton, Devonshire 
1392Saturday, November 5, 18989772Y3200772263 BerryRobert WheelwrightSilverton, Devonshire 
1393Saturday, December 3, 18989796Y3200772468 SleemanJohn Henry FarmerHalwill, DevonshireAlso appeared in a recent Assize for breach of promise
1394Saturday, December 24, 18989814Y3200772588 RichardsEdward Picture Frame MakerExeter, DevonshireOf 15 Market-street, Exeter, Devon
1395Saturday, December 24, 18989814Y3200772588 ColeGeorge Herbert BakerSt. Marychurch, DevonshireOf 5 Park-place, St. Marychurch, Devon
1396Saturday, January 21, 18999837Y3200772732 DymondRobert BootmakerEast-the-Water, Bideford, Devonshire 
1397Saturday, January 28, 18999843Y3200772741 HardingJames Boot and Shoe Dealer and ClothierTorquay, DevonshireOf 180 Higher Union-street, Torquay, Devon
1398Saturday, February 18, 18999861Y3200772902 HeywardWilliam Sparke Corn Merchant and Mineral Water ManufacturerNewton Abbot, Devonshire 
1399Saturday, March 4, 18999873Y3200772992 MooreWilliam Russell No OccupationSeaton, DevonshireOf 4 Major-terrace, Seaton, Devon
1400Saturday, March 18, 18999885Y3200773082 TilkeGeorge John Hotel KeeperExeter, DevonshireOf the Era Hotel, Sidwell-street, City of Exeter
1401Saturday, May 13, 18999932Y3200773479 WebberJanewidowlate General DealerExminster, Devonshire 
1402Saturday, May 13, 18999932Y3200773471 RichardsWilliam HawkerNewton Poppleford, DevonshireOf Goosemoor, late of Challice House, Newton Poppleford, Devon
1403Saturday, May 13, 18999932Y3200773471 GodbeerJames White JobmasterTiverton, DevonshireOf 6 Halden-terrace, Tiverton, Devon. Lately trading at St Paul's Mews, Wellbrook-street
1404Saturday, June 3, 18999950Y3200773616 SladeWilliam Rideout Dealer in Fancy GoodsTorquay, DevonshireTrading at 8A, Strand, Torquay.
1405Saturday, June 10, 18999956Y3200773654 MaddafordWalterjuniorBakerOkehampton, Devonshire 
1406Saturday, June 17, 18999962Y3200773702 CoxJohn Baker and ConfectionerTiverton, DevonshireOf Gold-street, Tiverton, Devon
1407Saturday, July 1, 18999974Y3200773781 DyerFrancis Thomas Hook InnkeeperExmouth, DevonshireOf the Criterion Inn, Exmouth, Devon
1408Saturday, July 29, 18999998Y3200773980 Messers. Harding and Son   Ilfracombe, DevonshireOf the Arcade, Ilfracombe, Devon
1409Saturday, September 16, 189910039Y3200774331 WoollcombeGeorge Gabriel Boot and ShoemakerTorquay, DevonshireOf Market-street, Torquay, Devon
1410Saturday, September 16, 189910039Y3200774335 GillardSamuel BakerCrediton, DevonshireOf St. Lawrence Green, Crediton, Devon
1411Saturday, December 9, 189910111Y3200774866 LittleyGeorge James Willie  Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire 
1412Saturday, May 12, 190010241Y3200775805 YeoA. B. DairymanExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, City of Exeter
1413Saturday, May 12, 190010241Y3200775834 ThompsonHenry General OutfitterSt. Marychurch, DevonshireOf 12 Fore-street, St. Marychurch, Devon
1414Saturday, May 19, 190010247Y3200775883 StockerWilliam Henry BuilderSt. Thomas, Devonshire 
1415Saturday, June 2, 190010259Y3200775988 SleemanJohn H.  Buckland Filleigh, DevonshireMentions mother, Priscilla Sleeman
1416Saturday, June 30, 190010283Y3200776137 RewMary Jane Lodging-house KeeperExmouth, DevonshireOf 14 The Beacon, Exmouth, Devon
1417Saturday, June 30, 190010283Y3200776137 WhiteJames FarmerZeal Monachorum, Devonshire 
1418Saturday, June 30, 190010283Y3200776137 CattellHenry James ButcherBow, Devonshire 
1419Saturday, June 30, 190010283Y3200776137 TrumanRichard Frederick BuilderTeignmouth, DevonshireOf 4 Grove Avenue, Teignmouth, Devon
1420Saturday, June 30, 190010283Y3200776176 AngelHenry Mineral Water ManufacturerExeter, DevonshireOf Paris-street, Exeter, Devon
1421Saturday, July 7, 190010289Y3200776216 BraundJoseph Secretary of the Ilfrcombe Building SocietyIlfracombe, DevonshireAlso serving 3 years penal servitude for embezzling money from the Ilfracombe Building Society
1422Saturday, July 14, 190010295Y3200776241 LiddellP. J. AccountantExeter, Devonshire 
1423Saturday, August 4, 190010313Y3200776429 TozerHenry Thomas InnkeeperExmouth, DevonshireOf the Builders' Arms, Exmouth, Devon
1424Saturday, September 1, 190010336Y3200776603 StormonthPercy MoneylenderExeter, Devonshire 
1425Saturday, September 1, 190010336Y3200776599 Messers James and Son  Corn MerchantsSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf Alphington-street, St Thomas, Devon
1426Saturday, September 1, 190010336Y3200776604 RoweHenry GrocerTeignmouth, DevonshireOf 22 Wellington-street, Teignmouth, and also recently of the Market, Plymouth, Devon
1427Saturday, September 15, 190010348Y3200776733 CurrieMark Henry Edward GentlemanSalcombe Regis, DevonshireOf Spring Coombe, Salcombe Regis, Devon
1428Saturday, October 13, 190010372Y3200776928 PugsleyJohn Butcher and Cattle DealerSt. Thomas, DevonshireOf Alphington-street, St Thomas, Devon
1429Saturday, November 3, 190010390Y3200777097 FurneauxGeorge Wine and Spirit MerchantNewton Abbot, DevonshireOf Zarandoff, Wolborough Hill, Newton Abbot, Devon, and also of 81 St. Dunstan's-hill, London, E. C
1430Saturday, December 22, 190010432Y3200777431 CoombesJane Lodging-house KeeperExeter, DevonshireOf 16, Oxford-terrace, St. Sidwell's, City of Exeter