Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual:

A book to read - a book to refer to

Published by Hoyten & Cole, Printers & Publishers, 17 Russell Street, Plymouth (1925)

Prepared by Bob Muchamore (Elizabeth South, South Australia)

(E-mail: bobm[at]picknowl.com[dot]au)

Note:The style Esq or Mr is included only where it qualifies initials.

Surname / CompanyForenamesStyleLocationDescriptionPage
Adams   Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
AlkmanDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
AllenMillicent Mary  contributor, poem277
AllenMillicent Mary  contributor, story309
AllworkA T, Rev., MA, vicar StonehouseSt George's Church24
AlmondHenry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
AmbroseW H PlymouthGuardian - Laira Ward12
AndrewsAlfred PlymouthBorough Head Gardener16
ArgallJ S PlymouthGuardian - Drake's Ward12
AshworthM PlymouthGuardian - Compton Ward12
AstorRt Hon, The Viscountess PlymouthMP, Sutton Division8
AthertonE C, Rev., MA, vicar DevonportSt James-the-Great, Keyham26
AtwillR PlymouthCouncillor, Drake's Ward10
AtwillR Atwill & SonAdvtPlymouthIronmongery75
AtwoodFranklin B Plymouthvice-consul, U.S.A.40
AustinAnslow JAdvtLondonHon.Sec. Actor's Orphanage71
AyersRuby M  contributor, story172
BaconEdwin M, Rev. PlymouthEmanuel Baptist Chapel, North Road24
BadgeR G Badge & SonAdvtPlymouthWirless Specialists170
BakerThomas, Sir PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BakerThos, Sir, KBE PlymouthAlderman10
BakerR H PlymouthCouncillor, Drake's Ward10
BakerGeorge DevonportGuardian - Stoke Ward14
BaleRosa, Dr. (Miss) PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Balkwill & Co AdvtPlymouthPharmacists & Dispensing Chemists69
BarkerA G, Rev PlymouthUnited Methodist Ch., Embankment Rd.24
BarryRt. Rev. Mgr, VG PlymouthHoly Cross, Beaumont Road22
Bartley   Carriers & conveyances34
BastardW L PlymouthCouncillor, Laira Ward10
Battershill   Carriers & conveyances32
BaxterF PlymouthGuardian - Charles Ward12
BaylyE M, Miss PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BaylyE M, Miss PlymouthCouncillor, Mutley Ward10
BecklyJohn Henry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BeerG PlymouthBorough Cattle Market Inspector16
Bellamy & Co   Steamship Agents40
BendleC W, Rev. Devonportvarious United Methodist Churches26
BennArthur Shirley,Sir, KBE PlymouthMP, Drake Division8
BennettG A, Rev., MA, vicar DevonportSt Mary's Church24
BillingC PlymouthBorough Asst. treasurer16
Bindons AdvtStonehouseUndershirts etc79
BirchE DevonportGuardian - Collector14
BishopG StonehouseGuardian12
BlackallEdward PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BlackallEAdvtDevonportMng Director, Devonport Building Soc.21
BlackfordOscar, FIJAdvtTruroProprtr; Cornwall County News55
BlackwellA J PlymouthBorough Cemetery Supt., Efford16
BlackwellF LAdvtPlymouthDispensing Chemist161
BlackwellF LAdvtPlymouthDispensing Chemist177
BladesA E, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
BladesA E, Dr three townsFriendly Socs. Medical Inst.28
Blight & White AdvtStonehouseConstructional Engineers179
BoneJohn PlymouthBorough Justices Clerk16
BosworthickW J DevonportGuardian - Relieving Officer14
BouchSamuel DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
BovettE JAdvtPlymouthCured Fish Suppliers162
BowenTAdvtPlymouthAuctioneers, Valuers163
BowenMargaret E  contributor, story285
Bowering Press AdvtPlymouthStationery155
Bowering Press AdvtPlymouthBooks167
Bowering Press AdvtPlymouthPersonal printing176
Bowering Press AdvtPlymouthFountain Pens183
BoxW HAdvtPlymouthPatent Remedies47
BraundM PlymouthGuardian - Laira Ward12
BraundM PlymouthGuardian - Treasurer12
Breezes Ltd AdvtPlymouthDance floor compoinside front
BriceWilliam George DevonportGuardian - Ford Ward14
Britannic Assurance Co Ltd Advt Life Assurance19
BroomAaron DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
BrownJoseph Pearce PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BrownJohn Cowling PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BrownJohn PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
BrownJ P, CBE PlymouthAlderman10
BrownJ H PlymouthGuardian - Sutton Ward12
BrownW J DevonportGuardian - Relieving Officer (Camel's Head)14
BrownD L, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
BrownJ H PlymouthCouncillor, Sutton Ward10
Brown'sWmAdvtCallingtonMonumental masons27
BrowneC Alice  contributor, story236
BucklerJ F, Rev. PlymouthSupt., Seaman's Hall, Green Street24
BullA H, Miss PlymouthGuardian - Supt. of Scattered Homes12
Burrows   Carriers & conveyances32
BushellDr. PlymouthMed Offr., Ex-Service &c Tuberculosis colony30
BushnellDr PlymouthKing Edw.VII Memorial (tuberculosis)30
BusserRalph C PlymouthConsul, U.S.A.40
Butcher's Advertising Agency AdvtPlymouthPublicity73
Butchers AdvtPlymouthAdvertising Agency55
CameronMargaret  contributor, poem212
CantellW H, Lieut. PlymouthCouncillor, Ford Ward10
CantellWilliam Henry DevonportGuardian - Molesworth Ward14
CarlingWilliam Joseph PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
Carpet Beating Co Ltd AdvtPlymouth 158
CawleyJ, Rev PlymouthPrimitive Methodist Chapel24
CawleyJ, Rev. DevonportPrimitive Methodist, Millbridge26
Chaffe   Carriers & conveyances32
ChambersP F, Rev. PlymouthMutley Baptist Chapel24
ChampionArthur Cecil, Rev., BA, vicar PlymouthEmmanuel Church22
Chaplin & Co   Carriers Agents34
ChapmanR D, Rev., BA PlymouthSt Augustine's Church22
CharlickW  Carriers & conveyances34
ChingThomas PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
ChiswellA A P PlymouthGuardian - Vaccination Officer12
ChurchwardJ PlymouthCouncillor, Friary Ward10
ClarkDonovan H  contributor, story321
ClarkeA PlymouthCouncillor, Mt. Edgcumbe Ward10
ClarkeT A PlymouthCouncillor, St Aubyn Ward10
ClarkeA, Mr StonehouseGuardian - Vice-Chairman12
ClearHarry A PlymouthConsul, Belgium40
Clyde Shipping Co   Steamship Agents40
Coast Lines Ltd   Steamship Agents40
ColeJames Francis Faulkner PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
ColemanJohn DevonportGuardian - Ford Ward14
CollingsArthur PlymouthCouncillor, Compton Ward10
CollingsA PlymouthGuardian - Compton Ward12
CollingsA PlymouthGuardian - Receiver12
CollinsG DevonportGuardian - Ford Ward14
ColombosD, Dr, Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
ColtmanE W, Rev,BD PlymouthSherwell Congregational Chapel24
ColwillT PlymouthGuardian - Receiving Officer12
CondyR PlymouthGuardian - Deputy Master12
ConwayR PlymouthGuardian - Governor12
ConwayR PlymouthGuardian - Laira Ward12
CookE Chandler PlymouthBorough Education Secretary16
Cook's Livery Stables   Carriers & conveyances32
Coombes AdvtDevonportOpticians & Instrument makers25
CorbettW E Manderson PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
CorbettDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
CorbettDr. StonehouseMedical practitioner30
CornishJohn Lillicrap PlymouthCouncillor, Mutley Ward10
Corse,W J Corse & CoAdvtPlymouthElectrical & Mechanical Engineers63
CoughlanM PlymouthGuardian - St Peter's Ward12
CoughlanM J, Rev. PlymouthRoman Catholic Cathedral22
CousinsWilliam DevonportGuardian - St Budeaux Ward14
CowanC E L, Rev, MA, RN DevonportSt Boniface, Devonport26
CrewsE PlymouthCouncillor, Mt. Edgcumbe Ward10
CrimpA H PlymouthCouncillor, Stoke Ward10
CrookHarold, Rev PlymouthEbrington Street Wesleyan Chapel22
CrowleA G PlymouthAlderman10
CrowtherC R, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Cunard Steamship Co Ltd   Steamship Agents40
CundyW T PlymouthGuardian - Vintry Ward12
CurtainW J V, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
Curtiss & Sons Lts   Carriers Agents34
DamerellEAdvtPlymouthRopes, tarpaulins, etc160
DaukesWhitfield, Rev., MA PlymouthSt Andrew's Church22
DaveyF H PlymouthCouncillor, Ford Ward10
DaveyErnest D W DevonportGuardian - Ford Ward14
Davey,Sweet, Sons & DaveyAdvtPlymouthMemorials65
DaviesT, Rev. StonehouseGuardian - Chairman12
DaviesE, Rev, vicar PlymouthCharles' Church22
DavisOrlando James Henry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
DavisMiss PlymouthResident secretary, Y.M.C.A. Mutley24
DavisW H, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
DavisS Carlile Plymouthacting vice-consul, Sweden40
DavisOrlando J H Plymouthvice-consul, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Uruguay, Portugal40
Davis & Stephens   Sailing Ship Agents40
Davis,Jennings, Davis & CoAdvtPlymouthFuel merchants31
Davis,Orlando Davis & Co  Steamship Agents40
DavyW H PlymouthGuardian - Clerk12
Day's AdvtDevonportRestaurant & Dining Rooms180
DaymondGeorge A PlymouthCouncillor, St Budeaux Ward10
DaymondC H, Mrs PlymouthCouncillor, St Budeaux Ward10
DaymondClara H DevonportGuardian - St Budeaux Ward14
de BlogueO W C, Rev., vicar DevonportSt Michael's Church26
DeeryG, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
DeeryG, Dr PlymouthParochial Surgeon, Southern district28
Devonport Building Society AdvtDevonportPermanent Benefit Building Soc.21
DeweyE, Rev. DevonportNaval Chaplain, RC26
Doddridge   Carriers (motor) & conveyances34
Dorzone Herbal Remedy Co AdvtPlymouthBotanic Pharmacy & Herbal Remedy53
DownE, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Downing   Carriers & conveyances34
DrakeH J PlymouthGuardian - Pennycross Ward12
DrennanRAdvt(Totnes)Editorial Manager39
DrewH HAdvtPlymouthPatent Medicines15
DukeCornelius Laskey PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
DunstanLovell Redmore PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
DuthieJ Walker, Rev. DevonportWesleyan Chapel, Stoke, Stewart Rd & Pennycross26
DyerC, Rev. StonehouseEbenezer Baptist24
DyerC, Rev PlymouthSupt, Baptist Mission Hall, Lower Street24
Dyer   Carriers & conveyances32
DymondG P esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
DymondG P PlymouthCouncillor, Laira Ward10
DymondG P, MA (Lond)AdvtPlymouthPrincipal, Hoe Grammar Sch23
DymondF J, B.ScAdvtPlymouthVice-principal, Hoe Grammar Sch23
Eagle Steam Joinery Works AdvtPlymouth 43
EarlErnest Alfred PlymouthCouncillor, Nelson Ward10
EarlG S, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
EdgcumbeSamuel PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
EdgcumbeSamuel PlymouthAlderman10
EllisJ H PlymouthBorough Clerk of the Peace16
EndicottJ PlymouthGuardian - Drake's Ward12
EssenhighThomas G DevonportGuardian - St Budeaux Ward14
EvansM PlymouthGuardian - Charles Ward12
Farley's Rusks Advt for the baby156 et al.
FergusonF  contributor, story225
FisherG H, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
FittallR J PlymouthBorough Town Clerk, etc16
FlemingR J, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
FordWilliam Gillard DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
FoxM, Dr. PlymouthGuardian - Medical Officer12
FoxW, Rev. PlymouthRoman Catholic Cathedral22
FoxE L, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
FoxM, Dr. PlymouthParochial Surgeon, Union28
Fox, Sons & Co   Steamship Agents40
FoxworthyS M PlymouthGuardian - Sutton Ward12
FredmanMyer PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
FredmanMyer PlymouthAlderman10
Freeman & Ryder   Carriers & conveyances32
FriendW H PlymouthGuardian - St Peter's Ward12
FrostW HAdvt(Totnes)Commercial Manager39
Fuge   Carriers & conveyances32
FullWilliam T G DevonportGuardian - Stoke Ward14
Furze & Co AdvtPlymouthWine, spirit, etc merchants29
GageA S, Mr, BA Plymouthwarden, Friends' Meeting House, Mutley Plain24
GarasH, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
GardAlbert DevonportGuardian - Clerk14
GarsideHarold, Rev DevonportWesleyan Chapel, Ker Street26
Gauvry,L Gauvry & Co  Sailing Ship Owners40
GaynorW S, Very Rev. DevonportChurch of Holy Redeemer, Keyham26
German & Sons AdvtTavistockBoot Makers51
GerryC H PlymouthGuardian - Drake's Ward12
GiddyS C StonehouseGuardian12
GilbertJessie O, Dr., (Miss) PlymouthMedical practitioner28
GillT H PlymouthAlderman10
GlanvillePhyllis  contributor, poem359
GoddingJames William Sleigh, MBE PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
GoddingJ W S, MBE PlymouthAlderman10
GoodmanPeter Charles PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
GoodmanAlfred DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
Goodman   Carriers (motor) & conveyances34
Gosling & Wonnacott   Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
GouldS L Plymouthconsular agent, France40
GouldS L Plymouthvice-consul, Spain40
GouldS Baring, Rev  Memoriam141
GrantE P, Lieut. PlymouthCouncillor, Molesworth Ward10
GrantEmanuel Richard DevonportGuardian - Molesworth Ward14
Grattan-GuinnessA G, Dr PlymouthCouncillor, Charles Ward10
GrattonGuinness, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
GrayV NAdvtPlymouthHotel etc Sundriesman172
GreeneHenry Barker DevonportGuardian - Nelson Ward14
GreeneH B, Rev., vicar DevonportSt Paul's Church26
GregoryA H esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
GriggArthur William PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
GrosvenorIan  Contributor, story153
Gurdon(Judge, His Honour) PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
HallOctavius PlymouthBorough Acting Medical Officer, etc16
HallO, Dr. PlymouthBorough Hosp. Medical Supt.28
HallO, Dr. PlymouthMedical Officer of Health28
HamiltonW C, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Hancock   Carriers & conveyances32
HancockHy.  contributor, story360
HardingC PlymouthCouncillor, Compton Ward10
HardingC PlymouthGuardian - Compton Ward12
HardingF H, Rev., MA DevonportSt Stephen's Church26
HardwickeW P, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
HardyG B, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt Peter's Church22
HarrisHenry Vigurs PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
HarrisW E C, Rev PlymouthUnited Methodist Ch., Zion Street24
HarrisW E C, Rev. StonehouseUnited Methodist Church, East Street24
HarrisE V, Miss PlymouthY.M.C.A. Lockyer Street24
Harris-BurlandJ B  contributor, story162
HartleyE B, Rev., BA DevonportPrimitive Methodist Chapel, Morice Town26
HarveyH M, Rev., vicar PlymouthSt Catharine's Church22
Harvey   Carriers & conveyances32
HaswellG Haswell & Co  Steamship Agents40
HaswellG Haswell & CoAdvtPlymouthAgents, French Line shipping45
HawkeJ A Esq, KC, MP PlymouthRecorder8
HawkeJohn Anthony, KC PlymouthBorough Recorder16
HawkenHerbert J H StonehouseGuardian - Deputy12
HawkinsEdward  contributor, story409
HealeyCharles Henry DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
HeardJohn PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
HeathJ PlymouthCouncillor, Compton Ward10
Heath & Stoneman AdvtPlymouthOphthalmic Opticians154
Heath & Stoneman AdvtPlymouthOphthalmic Opticians166
Heath & Stoneman AdvtPlymouthOphthalmic Opticians174
Heath & Stoneman AdvtPlymouthOphthalmic Opticians181
HellenJohn Henry DevonportGuardian - Nelson Ward14
HenwoodS R, Mr & Mrs PlymouthGuardian - Workhouse Master & Matron12
Heywood-WaddingtonJ DevonportGuardian - Molesworth Ward14
Hill's AdvtPlymouthHotel & Restaurant173
HillsMissAdvtPlymouthJoint headmistress, Plymouth College23
HoareH J PlymouthBorough Chamberlain, Treasurer etc16
HockadayF  Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
Hockaday   Carriers & conveyances34
HockingC F esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
HodgeW Lang PlymouthGuardian - Charles Ward12
HodgsonT V PlymouthBorough Curator, Museum & Art Gallery16
Hoe Grammar School AdvtPlymouth 23
HollelyA N PlymouthCouncillor, St Andrew's Ward10
Holmes & Co AdvtPlymouthLeather & Fancy178
Hore-BelishaMajor L PlymouthMP, Devonport Division8
HornabrookMrs PlymouthCouncillor, St Aubyn Ward10
HornabrookJ O, Rev., OBE DevonportGarrison & Naval Station26
HornabrookJ O, Rev., OBE DevonportWesleyan Chapel, Ker Street26
HorsmanJ E StonehouseGuardian12
HowardH, Rev. DevonportWycliffe Congregational Chapel26
HowarthFrank PlymouthBorough Water Engineer16
HurrellHenry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
Huxham & Co AdvtPlymouthCarriers & Warehousing35
IlesT, Rev. DevonportMorice Square Baptist Chapel26
IngramDr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
IsaacAnnie Mary DevonportGuardian - Pennycross Ward14
JacksonGeorge PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
JacksonC A DevonportGuardian - Relieving Officer14
JacksonDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
JacksonDr. PlymouthVaccinator28
JacquesDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
JagoW H Plymouthconsul, Chile40
JagoW H Plymouthconsular agent, Italy40
JagoW H Plymouthvice-consul, Brazil, Greece, Latvia40
JamesCharles Henry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
JamesW Bevan  contributor, story264
JamesMabel Collier  contributor, poem274
James Bros   Carriers & conveyances32
JamiesonT M, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
JamiesonDr. PlymouthParochial Surgeon, Western district28
JarvisJ W PlymouthGuardian - St Valletort Ward12
Jasper   Carriers & conveyances32
Jays Furnishing Stores AdvtPlymouth 41
JefferyA E PlymouthGuardian - Charles Ward12
JefferyA E PlymouthGuardian - Deputy Governor12
Jeffery   Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
JenkinJ PlymouthCouncillor, Ford Ward10
JenkinJames DevonportGuardian - Ford Ward14
Jennings, Davis & Co AdvtPlymouthFuel merchants31
JobWilliam SAdvtPlymouthproprietor, Jennings, Davis & Co31
JohnsR B esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
JohnsR B PlymouthBorough Coroner, Plymouth area16
JohnsR B PlymouthBorough Coroner, Stonehouse area16
JohnsArthur  contributor, poem224
JohnsonA, Rev., MA, vicar DevonportSt Aubyn Parish Church24
JolliffeJames PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
JonesE PlymouthGuardian - Mutley Ward12
JulianG H PlymouthBorough Market Inspector & Tolls Collector16
KasteeleW L van de Plymouthconsul, Netherlands40
KellyRt. Rev. Dr, Bishop of Plymouth PlymouthRoman Catholic Cathedral22
KellyM D, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
KempL J A DevonportGuardian - Vaccination Officer14
KennedyC M, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
KetleyE W, Rev. DevonportBaptist Church, St Budeaux26
KinberJ PlymouthCouncillor, Keyham Ward10
KingstonR R StonehouseGuardian12
KitsonA E PlymouthGuardian - St Andrews Ward12
Knight   Carriers & conveyances34
LakeJohn Robert PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
LambT H PlymouthGuardian - Receiving Officer12
LanderDr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
LandmanH J, Rev. DevonportDockyard Church26
Lang-HodgeDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LangleyA L, Rev., vicar PlymouthChrist Church22
LathleanIvorAdvtPlymouthTailor, outfitter, draper7
LaversGeorge Henry PlymouthBorough Chief Inspector Weights & Measures etc16
LawderTrevor, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LawderT A, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
LawrenceC E, Rev. DevonportPembroke Street Baptist Chapel26
Leach & Son   Carriers Agents34
LeahT Noy, Dr. StonehouseMedical practitioner30
LeaverP B, Mr & Mrs StonehouseGuardian - Workhouse Master & Matron12
LedgerA V, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LeeO, Lieut. PlymouthCouncillor, Keyham Ward10
LeeOliver DevonportGuardian - Keyham Ward14
LeeJohn  Carriers & conveyances32
LeestEdgar May PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
LetchworthG H, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LethbridgeA W PlymouthGuardian - Mutley Ward12
LeyG J PlymouthGuardian - Sutton Ward12
LindseyC D, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LindseyColin, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LittletonW R esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
LittletonWm. R PlymouthAlderman10
LongdenG, Mr Devonportsecretary, Y.M.C.A. Devonport26
LoveJoseph Boyd PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
LoveJ B PlymouthAlderman10
LucasWilliam Woon PlymouthCouncillor, Sutton Ward10
LucasW J PlymouthGuardian - Friary Ward12
LucasW W PlymouthGuardian - Sutton Ward12
LucockWalter E  contributor, poem398
LudolphL Guy, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
LyonsRev. Fr. DevonportChurch of Holy Redeemer, Keyham26
M'DougallW A  contributor, memoriam141
M'DougallW A  contributor, poem320
Mac SwineyDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
MacdonaldR, Mr Devonportpresident, Y.M.C.A. Devonport26
MacNairDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
MagorC C Beaumont  contributor, poem334
MahonyVery Rev. Canon PlymouthRoman Catholic Cathedral22
MappF W PlymouthBorough Deputy Surveyor16
MarettJ W, Mr Plymouthmissionary, British & Foreign Sailors' Soc.24
MartinC E StonehouseGuardian12
MartinL P, RPCAdvtPlymouthPlumber165
MartyrJ R PlymouthBorough Financial Examiner of Accounts16
MastermanJ H B, Rt.Rev., DD, Bp of Plymouth, rector DevonportStoke Damerel Parish Church26
MaunderH  contributor, poem359
May, Roberts & Co AdvtPlymouthMedical Wholesale15
MayhewE H, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
McCluskey's Clothing Club AdvtPlmth, DvprtClothing & Furnishing Club59
McCreadyT R, Col. Plymouthchairman, Ex-Service &c Tuberculosis colony30
McCullochDr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
McDonaldReginald PlymouthCouncillor, Molesworth Ward10
McDonaldR DevonportGuardian - Overseer14
McElwaineDr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
McGinleyRev. Fr. DevonportSt Michael & Joseph, RC26
McMillanW M, Rev, MA PlymouthPresbyterian Church24
MedlandH M PlymouthCouncillor, St Peter's Ward10
MelroseDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Milden   Carriers & conveyances34
MillerW A PlymouthCouncillor, Valletort Ward10
MillerH PlymouthGuardian - Friary Ward12
MillerWilfrid L  contributor, poem429
MillsHarriet E D  contributor, story399
MitchellWilliam Henry PlymouthCouncillor, Mt. Edgcumbe Ward10
MitchellR J PlymouthCouncillor, Mutley Ward10
MitchellGeorge E, Rev PlymouthKing Street Wesleyan Chapel22
ModleyW J W esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
ModleyW J Waldron PlymouthCouncillor, Vintry Ward10
MoonWilliam Joseph PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
MoonWilliam Joseph DevonportGuardian - Keyham Ward14
MoretonHenry, Mus.Bac., FRCO PlymouthBorough Organist16
Morgan   Carriers & conveyances34
MorrellW J S PlymouthCouncillor, Molesworth Ward10
MorrellS G S PlymouthCouncillor, Pennycross Ward10
MorrellSamuel G S DevonportGuardian - Pennycross Ward14
MorrisJ J N, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
Mortimer Bors AdvtTotnesNewspaper Proprietors39
MosesJames John Hamlyn PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
MosesJ J H PlymouthAlderman10
MosesJ J Hamlyn DevonportGuardian - Molesworth Ward14
MosesJ J H DevonportGuardian - Overseer14
MountstephenWilliam Henry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
MoyseyH J, Rev. DevonportSt Budeaux, Dev'pt with St Phillip, Weston Mill26
MuchamoreW H H  contributor, story376
MuddHorner, Rev. DevonportWesleyan Chapel, Gloucester Street26
MumfordW Mumford LtdAdvtPlymouthFor Everything Motorish13
MundayW L PlymouthAlderman10
Newman   Carriers & conveyances32
Newton   Carriers & conveyances32
Nicholls   Carriers (motor) & conveyances34
NoonanD, Rev. PlymouthHoly Cross, Beaumont Road22
NorrisW E, Col. PlymouthCouncillor, St Peter's Ward10
NorthcottW PlymouthGuardian - Receiving Offr; Supt & Collector12
NorthcottW Cecil  contributor, story335
O'BrienRev. Fr., CF PlymouthSt Edward's Church, Peverell22
Oates   Carriers & conveyances34
OatsFrederick JAdvtPlymouthOats, Partridge & Co25
Oats, Partridge & Co AdvtPlymouthAuctioneers, vaulers etc25
OkeR R PlymouthCouncillor, Sutton Ward10
OkellE G PlymouthBorough Electrical Engineer16
OldenW PlymouthCouncillor, Stoke Ward10
OldenWilliam DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
OlverT, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
OrielG Harold, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
PageStephen James PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
Page   Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
PalmerH B, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
ParkerT E PlymouthCouncillor, Valletort Ward10
ParkerT E PlymouthGuardian - St Valletort Ward12
Parker & Smith AdvtPlymouthPiano Forte Agents17
ParsloeH R, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
ParsonsF M PlymouthCouncillor, St Andrew's Ward10
ParsonsW H PlymouthGuardian - St Andrews Ward12
ParsonsG PlymouthGuardian - St Peter's Ward12
ParsonsGeorge  contributor, story345
PartridgeOats, Partridge & CoAdvtPlymouthAuctioneers, vaulers etc25
PayneBertAdvtTavistockPoultry House etc Manfr57
PearceA P StonehouseGuardian - Treasurer12
PearceJ A PlymouthBorough Coroner, Devonport area16
PearceJ Steele, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
PearseIsaac PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
PearseIsaac PlymouthAlderman10
PearsonG K, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
PengellyR PlymouthCouncillor, Keyham Ward10
PengellyRichard DevonportGuardian - Keyham Ward14
PengellyR DevonportGuardian - Overseer14
PercyT B Percy LtdAdvtTruroNatural remedies39
PerkinsFlorence Ethel DevonportGuardian - Keyham Ward14
PerryE W PlymouthCouncillor, Friary Ward10
PerryH J PlymouthCouncillor, Pennycross Ward10
PerryE W PlymouthGuardian - Friary Ward12
PerryF W, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
PhelpsA R, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
PhillipsG H PlymouthGuardian - Vintry Ward12
Phillips,Weekes, Phillips & Co Ltd  Steamship Agents40
Philp & Sons AdvtLiskeardPublisher Cornish Times67
PilkingtonW F, Rev. StonehouseEdgcumbe Street Wesleyan Chapel24
PillarJ E PlymouthCouncillor, Pennycross Ward10
PinkerH G, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
PitcherA E J PlymouthCouncillor, Nelson Ward10
PitcherAlbert E J DevonportGuardian - Nelson Ward14
PleasanceE A, Mr PlymouthGen.Sec., Y.M.C.A. Old Town St.24
Plymouth College for Girls AdvtPlymouth 23
Plymouth Transport Co Ltd  PlymouthAnything Anywhere33
PolgreenW T, Mr PlymouthBethel Chapel24
PooleyB PlymouthCouncillor, Charles Ward10
Pophams AdvtPlymouthto wear... for the homeback cover
PorterH StonehouseGuardian12
PoteWilliam Henry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
PotterF PlymouthCouncillor, St Aubyn Ward10
PotterFrederick DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
PotterW  Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
PowerA J, Rev. PlymouthRoman Catholic Cathedral22
PrestonG L, dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
PriceF, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
PriddeauxJ A H PlymouthGuardian - Pennycross Ward12
PriestR PlymouthCouncillor, Vintry Ward10
PriggH Victor PlymouthBorough Meteorologist16
PriorG, Mr & Mrs DevonportGuardian - Ford House Master & Matron14
PrynneD H, Mr PlymouthY.M.C.A. Union Street24
RadfordDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
RadfordW, Dr. PlymouthParochial Surgeon, Northern district28
RaeGeorge Alfred PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
RalphErnest Alonzo DevonportGuardian - Stoke Ward14
RamsayMabel L, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
RatcliffeF PlymouthBorough Clerk of Asylum16
RawlingsA PlymouthGuardian - Vintry Ward12
RawlingsA, Rev., vicar PlymouthSt Saviour's Church22
ReedS C PlymouthCouncillor, Nelson Ward10
ReedSamuel Charles DevonportGuardian - Nelson Ward14
ReepColin StonehouseGuardian - Relieving Officer12
ReidH C C, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
RendleA H PlymouthCouncillor, Valletort Ward10
RenneyP T PlymouthCouncillor, Charles Ward10
RevingtonN J P PlymouthGuardian - Mutley Ward12
RhodesW P, Rev, SCF PlymouthUnited Methodist Ch., EbringtonStreet24
Rickard   Carriers & conveyances32
RiddleT Wilkinson, Rev PlymouthGeorge Street Baptist Chapel22
RiddleJ, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
RigbyHarold J, Rev, BA PlymouthMt. Gold Wesleyan Chapel22
RigdenMissAdvtPlymouthJoint headmistress, Plymouth College23
RisdonGeorge Thomas PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
RisdonG T PlymouthAlderman10
RobertonJ, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt Luke's Church22
RobertsAlice F  contributor, story278
RobinsonG, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
RobinsonJ Robinson & SonAdvtPlymouthDecorative Painters77
RoddR Robinson StonehouseGuardian - Solicitor & Clerk12
RoddaJ Howen, Rev PlymouthUnited Methodist Ch., Greenbank24
RogersE W PlymouthCouncillor, St Budeaux Ward10
Rogers   Carriers & conveyances34
RolstonJ R, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
RooksC K PlymouthGuardian - Receiving Officer12
RoseWalter, Rev., BA DevonportBaptist Chapel, Ford26
RoweC L  Sailing Ship Agents40
RowlandJohn H S  contributor, story136
RowseG A PlymouthCouncillor, Drake's Ward10
Rudd & Co AdvtDevonportJewellers61
Rundells   Carriers & conveyances32
Runnalls   Carriers & conveyances34
RuseNorman PlymouthBorough Chief Inspector of Nuisances16
RutherfordDr three TownsFriendly Socs. Medical Inst.30
RutherfordR, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
RyanJ, Rev. PlymouthRoman Catholic Cathedral22
Ryder   Carriers & conveyances34
Ryder,Freeman & Ryder  Carriers & Conveyances32
SandersGeo. Henry S DevonportGuardian - Nelson Ward14
SandersH H PlymouthBorough Chief Constable16
Sanders, Stevens & Co   Sailing Ship Agents40
SandfordG C DevonportGuardian - Medical Officer14
SandfordG, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
SargaretHenry E DevonportGuardian - Stoke Ward14
SaundersE S, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
Service & Co Ltd AdvtPlymouthIronmongers, builders merchants9
SewellC W H, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt Gabriel22
SharpW H, Rev. PlymouthAll Saints Church22
SharpeA, Rev., BA DevonportSt Barnabus, Stoke Damerel26
ShaughnessyP, Rev. DevonportBeaconsfield Church26
SheehanVery Rev. Canon DevonportSt Michael & Joseph, RC26
ShortW H  Carriers & conveyances32
ShortoF P, Rev., BA, vicar StonehouseSt Matthew's Church24
ShrewsburyW, Rev, MA PlymouthMutley Wesleyan Chapel22
SimpsonSarah Louise, Mrs PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
SimpsonE T, Rev, BA PlymouthEbenezer Wesleyan Chapel22
SimpsonT Young, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
SimsF, B.Sc., regd teacherAdvtPlymouthPrincipal: Skerry College159
Skerry College AdvtPlymouthCoaching college159
SkewesA D PlymouthGuardian - Drake's Ward12
SkinnerC PAdvtPlymouthBlinds & Awnings mfr.11
SkipperR J R, Rev., MA, vicar DevonportSt Budeaux, Dev'pt with St Phillip, Weston Mill26
SleemanAlbert PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
SmaleJohn Richard PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
Smaridge's Motor   Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
SmerdonRichard PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
SmithGeorge Henry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
SmithParker & SmithAdvtPlymouthPiano Forte Agents17
SmithE G, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
SoltauA Bertram PlymouthCouncillor, St Andrew's Ward10
SoltauA Bertram, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
SoperEdwin  (Plymouth Police) contributor, story275
SoutarAndrew  contributor, story98
SouthW, Rev. DevonportPrinces Street Congregational26
SquareJ E, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
SquireK A PlymouthGuardian - Friary Ward12
StampL D, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Stamp, Stevens & Stamp  PlymouthMedical practitioners28
StaplesS J PlymouthGuardian - Laira Ward12
StarkeyW PlymouthBorough Medical Supt. of Asylum16
StephensSolomon PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
StephensSolomon PlymouthCouncillor, Laira Ward10
StephensW R PlymouthCouncillor, St Peter's Ward10
StephensW R PlymouthGuardian - St Peter's Ward12
StephensAnnie Dora DevonportGuardian - St Budeaux Ward14
Stephens,Davis & Stephens  Sailing Ship Agents40
Stevens,Sanders, Stevens & Co  Sailing Ship Agents40
StidstonP H, Rev., vicar PlymouthSt Mary (Cattedown)22
StokesH P PlymouthBorough Tramways Manager16
Stoneman,see Heath & StonemanAdvtPlymouthOphthalmic Opticiansvarious
StroudA N esq PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
StuttafordF Hugo, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
SurteesW F, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt Simon's Church22
Sutton & Co   Carriers Agents34
Sutton Harbour Motor Co Ltd AdvtPlymouthMotor Hire49
Suttons AdvtPlymouthTrunks, Suit Cases, etcinside back
SwanstonMiss, MAE Plymouthdivisional secy. British Red Cross Society30
Sweet, Sons & Davey AdvtPlymouthMemorials65
SwissHenry Herbert DevonportGuardian - Stoke Ward14
Swiss & Co AdvtDevonportPost Office Directory164
Swiss & Sons Ltd AdvtDevonportToys, dolls, presents153
TarrA Dennis Plymouthsecretary Ex-Service &c Tuberculosis colony30
TaylorF E StonehouseGuardian12
TaylorJohn Taylor & SonsAdvtPlymouthUnion Leather Works31
TervetWilliam Peirson PlymouthBorough Gas Engineer16
ThomA P, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt Matthias' Church22
ThomasTrevor D, Rev., BA, vicar StonehouseSt Paul's Church24
ThomasR J P, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
Thompsons AdvtPlymouthMaps, etc, printers157
ThomsonA S, Rev., MA, vicar DevonportSt John the Baptist Church24
ThomsonArthur  contributor, story213
ThomsonArthur  contributor, poem308
ThorningJohn PlymouthBorough Meat Inspector, etc16
ThorntonMarion E  contributor, story254
ThuellF W StonehouseGuardian12
TickelThomas PlymouthBorough Temporary Public Analyst etc16
TivyCecil, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
TobinRev. Fr. PlymouthHoly Cross, Beaumont Road22
TomkinsA S, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthHoly Trinity Church22
TomsMarjorie  Contributor, poem131
TookC H  Carriers (motor) & conveyances34
Tope   Carriers & conveyances34
TozerJ Clifford PlymouthCouncillor, Stoke Ward10
TraceTAdvtPlymouthLadies' Outfitting169
Trathen   Carriers & conveyances34
Travers-StubbsC A PlymouthCouncillor, Friary Ward10
Travers-StubbsDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Trembath   Carriers & conveyances32
Trembath   Carriers & conveyances34
TrevailCAdvtTruroMonumental Works57
TriggsE  Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
Van BurenDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Vanstone   Carriers & conveyances32
VellacottH F, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
VernonG A, Rev. DevonportWesleyan Chapels, Ford, Keyham & St Budeaux26
ViggersF PlymouthAlderman10
VintonH  Carriers & conveyances32
VosperDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WaddingtonJ H, Rev. Preb., MA, vicar DevonportSt Mark's, St Clement's & St Thomas's, Ford26
WagnerDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WagnerR B, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
Wainwright Bros   Steamship Agents40
Wakeham   Carriers & conveyances32
Wakeham,W G Wakeham & CoAdvtPlymouthEagle Steam Joinery Works43
WalkerA Robert, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WalkerO N, Dr., (Miss) PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WallingRobert Alfred John PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
WaltersH PlymouthGuardian - Receiving Offr, Asst. Supt.12
WardCharles John PlymouthBorough Cemetery Supt., Weston Mill16
WardJ P, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WarnRobert George DevonportGuardian - Molesworth Ward14
WarnerMiss PlymouthResident secretary, Y.M.C.A. Lockyer Street24
WaterfieldW H StonehouseGuardian - Medical & Vaccination Offr.12
WaterfieldErnest Carline DevonportGuardian - Keyham Ward14
WaterfieldDr. StonehouseMedical practitioner30
WatkinsA PlymouthGuardian - St Andrews Ward12
WatsonWilliam Henry DevonportGuardian - Keyham Ward14
WebbA E PlymouthCouncillor, Vintry Ward10
WebbA E H PlymouthGuardian - Vintry Ward12
Weekes, Phillips & Co Lts   Steamship Agents40
WeeksJohn Andrew B DevonportGuardian - Stoke Ward14
WeeksW A, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt Jude's Church22
WelsfordW H PlymouthAlderman10
WelsfordWilliam Henry DevonportGuardian - Molesworth Ward14
WensleyIvor, Rev, MA, BD PlymouthSalisbury Road Baptist Chapel24
Western Independent AdvtPlymouthSunday Newspaper5
WestlakeL, Rev. Devonportvarious United Methodist Churches26
WestonW H PlymouthAlderman10
WestonWilliam Henry DevonportGuardian - Ford Ward14
WhenmouthSamuel F DevonportGuardian - St Aubyn Ward14
WhiteBlight & WhiteAdvtStonehouseConstructional Engineers179
WhiteL  contributor, poem261
WhitefordC H D F, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WhiteheadH, Rev PlymouthCompton Wesleyan Chapel22
WhiteheadH, Rev PlymouthPeverell ParkWesleyan Chapel22
Whiting   Carriers & conveyances32
WibberleyJohn, AM., Inst. CE PlymouthBorough Engineer & Surveyor16
WidgerG Widger & SonsAdvtPlymouthPaint mfrs5
WilkinsonDr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WilkinsonDr. PlymouthParochial Surgeon, Eastern district28
WilleyW C PlymouthAlderman10
WilliamsHarry PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
Williams   Carriers (motor) & conveyances34
WillsThomas George Greek PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
WilmotE, Mrs PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
WilmotP, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WilmotMrs, OBE PlymouthAsst county dir. British Red Cross Society30
WilsonG, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WilsonEdric, Dr PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WilsonCheyne W, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
WilsonJ C, Dr. Dev'pt, StokeMedical practitioner30
WinnicottRichard Weeks PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
WinnicottJohn Frederick, Sir, Kt PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
WinnicottRichard Weeks, Justice of the Peace PlymouthMayor, Alderman8
WinnicottR W PlymouthAlderman10
WinnicottJ F, Sir, Kt PlymouthAlderman10
WintleHarold, FRGS  contributor, story185
WonnacottAlbert Edward PlymouthJustice of the Peace8
Wonnacott,Gosling & Wonnacott  Carriers (motor) & conveyances32
WoollicombeT C, Rev., MA, vicar PlymouthSt James-the-Less Church22
WordenB HAdvtDevonportPropr; Rudd & Co61
WorthJohn Henry S DevonportGuardian - Nelson Ward14
WyattF A PlymouthGuardian - Mutley Ward12
WykanksyRev. PlymouthJew's Synagogue, Catherine St22
YeoAlf.  Managing Dir, Service & Co Ltd9
YoungJ B, Dr. PlymouthMedical practitioner28
Young & Walker  PlymouthMedical practitioner28
ZefferttM, Rev. PlymouthJew's Synagogue, Catherine St22

Brian Randell, 19 Apr 2001