Name Index


Seventh Report of the Committee on Works of Art in Devonshire

Trans. Devon Assoc., Vol. 18, (1886), pp. 108-141.


R. Dymond

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, delivered at the Association's 1886 St Marychurch meeting is essentially a catalogue of 103 works of art held in several private collections at Exmouth and Teignmouth, with others at Glenthorne in 'Lorna Doone country'. The subjects of many of the portraits were Devonshire people, portrayed by Devonshire artists. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Adams, Sir George Pownall KCH115
Adams, Major John126
Adams, Mr Henry Cranstoun114, 120
Adams, Lady119
Alcock, Mr129
Armstrong, Thomas129
Aylesford, Lord127
Barbauld, Mrs110
Barker, Benjamin133
Bartlett, Miss Mary Anne137
Bathurst, Earl Allen137
Bathurst, Lady Jane137
Bennett, William M124, 137
Betts, Mr127-8, 130, 133, 135
Beaufoy, Charlotte130
Beaufoy, Sir Harry130
Boschaurt, Nicholas123
Bowden, Mr124, 127, 134-5
Brine, Colonel129
Brine, Mrs129
Brouwer, Adrian132
Brushfield, Dr T N108
Buller, James Esq137
Buller, Lady Jane137
Bunbury, Sir Charles James Fox Bt113
Bunbury, Sir Henry Bt113
Bunbury, Mary113
Bunbury, Susanna113
Bunbury, William113
Buxton, Mr Isaac121
Buxton, Sarah121
Buxton, Sarah jnr121
Cartwright, Rev Anson108, 124-7, 129, 131-2, 134, 137
Cartwright, Mr William A137-8
Cary, Lucius139
Champernowne, Mr A108
Charles, ___, RA138
Clarence, Prince William Henry, Duke of116
Cleveley, John112-3
Clevely, Robert113
Clifford, Rt Hon Lord108-9
Collins, Mr C R134
Cook, T110
Cox, David135
Cox, Peter Esq126
Danby, A R A126
Davies, Rev John118
Davies, Mary118
Dehaussy T129
Devis, Arthur William139
Dingle, W134
Ditcher, Mary110-2
Ditcher, Mary jnr112
Ditcher, Philip110-2
Dughet, Gaspard140
Dumbleton, Charles121
Dumbleton, Mr Henry121
Dumbleton, Henry jnr121
Dumbleton, Maria121-2
Dumbleton, Sarah121
Dumbleton, Thomas121
Dymond, Mr R, FSA108-9
Elford, Charlotte118
Elford, Elizabeth115
Elford family108
Elford, Grace Chard114, 117, 119
Elford, Jenny119
Elford, Jonathan115, 117-9
Elford, Rev Lancelot114, 118
Elford, Mary118-9
Elford, Sir William Bt114-20
Elizabeth I114
Eyton, Amy113
Eyton, Sir James113
Eyton, Sir Kenrick113
Eyton, Mary113
Falkland, Lucius Cary, Viscount139
Ferrar, Tisio125
Fowell, Sarah121
Fraser, Alexander A, RSA128
Gainsborough, Thomas RA108, 111, 116, 121
Gardiner, Colonel139
Garofolo, Benvenuto125
George III122
Gibson, John RA140
Glendenning, Halbert114-5
Gloucester, Duke & Duchess of116
Glover, John127-8
Greuze, John Baptiste136
Halliday, Mrs109, 138
Halliday, Mr W H109, 138
Halliday, Rev Walter138-41
Hamilton, Mr A H108
Hanmer, Susanna113
Harcourt, Lord117
Hemskerck, Egbert131
Henry VIII115
Highmore, Joseph109-10
Hobbema, Minderhaut132
Hogarth, William110, 139
Holliday, Edward134
Home, Sir Everard Bt138
Home, Robert138
Hondekoeter, Melchior134
James IV115
Jones, Mr Winslow108
Kauffman, Angelica RA138
Keating, Colonel124-6, 137
King, Mr R J109
Kingsbury, F H127
Kintore, Earl of137
Kneller, Sir Godfrey130
Ladell, E131
Lake, Dr138
Lane, Charlotte130
Lane, Sir George130
Lane, Miss123, 127, 129
Langford, Abraham Esq110
Leach, Mr George117, 119-20
Leach, George jnr119-20
Leach, Mrs Jenny117, 119
Leach, Lt Col. Jonathan119
Leach, William Elford MD, FRS119
Leake, Elizabeth110
Leake, James110
Lee, Mr Godrey Robert130, 135, 137
Lely, Sir Peter123, 127, 136
Le Neve130
Lewis, Miss117
Lines, H H127
Longman & Co110
Lopes, Sir Masseh M118
Loscombe, Mr Clifton Wintringham123
Loscombe, Miss Gertrude123
Luke, Mr A F131
Luny, Thomas109
Luxmoore, Henry119
Luxmoore, Mary119
Macbride, Admiral John MP116
Macbride, Mrs116
Macdonald, Lawrence140
McNaught, Mr A109
Mulso, Miss110
Nelson, Admiral Lord139
Nicholas, Captain137
Northcote, James RA108, 114-5, 117-21
Northcote, Samuel116, 120
O'Neill, Hugh122
Ostade, Adrian van132-3
Page, Admiral Benjamin (also Captain)138-9
Palma, Giacomo (also Giacopo)140
Parson, Captain RN136
Parson, Mrs130, 132-6
Peck, Amy113
Peck, Jasper112-3
Peck, Rev Kenrick112
Peck, Mary112
Peck, Captain William112-3
Peck, Mr Philip William Richardson109-10, 112
Peel, James134
Pether, Abraham129
Poole, Paul Faulkoner RA128
Poussin, Gaspar130, 140
Poussin, Nicholas140
Prout, Samuel122
Pycroft, Mr G108
Redgrave112, 136
Reynolds, Sir Joshua PRA116, 126, 137
Reynolds, S W120
Rich, Mr110
Richardson, Allington110
Richardson, Elizabeth110
Richardson, Martha109
Richardson, Mary110-1
Richardson, Samuel109-11
Roberts, Mr Lionel133
Rogers, Sir Frederick Leman, Bt117
Rowell, Mr G P H132-3
Russell, John, RA121
Sanders, John122
Sanders, W123
Say, W126
Scots, Mary Queen of137
Scudamore arms116
Scudamore, John116
Searle, Mrs131-2
Shelly, Mr John108-9
Starke, Miss Marianne123
Templer, Mr Reginald W125, 137
Tengnagel, T134
Teniers, David129, 131-2
Traies, William130, 133
Trumpet, Mr Robert139
Turner, Captain137-8
Turner, J M W135
Van Huysum123
Velasquez, Diego125
Vivian, Colonel126
Wales, Prince of113, 122
Wallis, Mr George Cooper122
Warwick, Lord117
Wellesley, Sir Arthur138
Wellington, Duke of (also Marquis of)138
Whiteford, Mr S T108
Whiteway, Mr J Hayman133
Widgery, William124
Wilde, John109
Wilde, Martha109
Wilkie, Sir David108, 114-5, 128
William IV116
Wills, Alexander Esq114
Wills, Grace114
Wilson, John H133
Wilson, Richard RA120
Wollaston, Mrs126, 136
Woodburn, ___ Esq, PFL139
Worth, Mr R N108
Wynne, Charlotte118
Wynne, William MP118