Game List, County of Devon

North Devon Journal - Thursday 19 Oct 1848

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

Arranged and Published by JOSEPH WELCH, Surveyor, Exeter.
SECOND PUBLICATION. Persons who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the year 1848.
LIST 1. - GENERAL CERTIFICATES, at £4 0s. 10d. each.
Atkinson, WilliamSt. Mary Church
Beare, ThomasNetherexe
Bickford, F. J. D.Bickington
Bickell, WilliamExeter
Bilton, W. (clerk)Northam
Blackmore, J. M.Cullompton
Bole, Rev. J. T.Ottery St. Mary
Bowden, G. C.Broadhempston
Broom, JohnMonkton
Buckingham, J. (clerk)Burrington
Buller, J. B. Y.Churston Ferrers
Carew, Sir W. P., bt.Coombeinteignhead
Cary, Robt. S. S.Tormoham
Clevland,. Col. A.Westleigh
Cocke, Rev. F. H.Topsham
Colling, T. A. (clerk)Buckland Brewer
Collyns, J., Esq.Exeter
Connup, N.West Alvington
Cross, Cop., Esq.Exeter
Cox, CharlesLynton
Davie, Sir H. R. F.Sandford
Davis, J. (clerk)Burrington
Drewe, Francis E.Broadhembury
Ellicombe, Capt. H. M. R.N.Exeter
Elworthy, W.Holcombe Rogus
Endacott, StephenIdeford
Foss, AndrewDiptford
Froude, AnthonyDartington
Furneaux, G., jun.Diptford
Gilbert, A. H.Totnes
Gill, RobertHigh Bickington
Hammond, Thos.Roborough
Hatherley, HenryKingsteignton
Hearder, Geo. E.Tormoham
Hewitt, Jas. RowSilverton
Hodge, SamuelStoke Gabriel
Hole, F. (clerk)Georgeham
Houlditch, Rev. H. L.Holcombe Burnell
Jackson, J. C.Stoke Gabriel
King, ThomasPilton
Landrey, WilliamHolne
Leverton, WilliamBeaford
Luscomb, ThomasHighweek
Matthews, GeorgeSt. Thomas
Michelmore, T.Berry Pomeroy
Mill, GeorgeShebbear
Minchin, JamesOakford
Moon, JohnLapford
Moysey, RichardModbury
Newman, Sir L. B., bt.Mamhead
North, JohnClayhidon
Owen, Rev. C. V.Heavitree
Paige, R. L.Brixham
Palmer, HenryBradninch
Partridge, JohnNorthtawton
Passmore, JNewton St. Cyres
Petherick, JohnChudleigh
Phillips, J. F. P.Totnes
Pierrpoint, H. B.Brixham
Rendell, W.Coombeinteignhead
Richards, RichardEastdown
Roe, RobertCountisbury
Rookes, John LandSidmouth
Salter, Thomas U.Heavitree
Saunders, GeorgeBovey Tracey
Seale, Sir H. P., bt.Townstall
Seale, EdwardBlackawton
Sharland, A. C.Tiverton
Skinner, John, jun.Northtawton
Smaridge, ThomasHalwell
Smerdon, GeorgeAshburton
Snell, AnthonyLittle Torrington
Snell, ThomasWest Beaford
Soper, Edward L.Brixham
Stephens, Rev. R.Holcombe Burnell
Tally, T., juniorTiverton
Torr, HenryInstow
Torr, Thomas BerryBarnstaple
Tucker, EmanuelHatherleigh
Vinent, Wm. R.Dawlish
Webber, ArthurBraunton
Whiteway, J. H.Kingsteignton
Whipham, Rev. A.Gidleigh
Wills, CharlesNorthmolton
Wills, GeorgeIslington
Woodley, JamesAshburton
Wright, J. H.Exeter
Yonge, J. B.Newton Ferrers
LIST 2. - Gamekeepers not being Assessed Servants, at £4 0s. 10d. each.
Burgess, Joseph, Berry PomeroyHis Grace the Duke of Somerset, for the Manors of Berry, Totnes,
 Littlehempston, and Marldon.
Harris, Festus, CoombeinteignheadSir W. P. Carew, bart., for Haccombe, Buckland, &c.
Samerdon, E., Buckland in the MoorE. R. P. Bastard, Esq., for Buckland.
LIST 3. - Gamekeepers being Assessed Servants, at £1 7s. 6d. each.
Lear, John, TownstallSir H. P. Seale, bart., for the Manors of Stokefleming, Norton Davy, Brixham,
 And Busom Zeal.
Slade, William, ShobrookeJ. H. Hippesley, Esq., for his lands.
Wills, George, StokeinteignheadJohn Gould, Esq., for the Manors of North Harton, Hisley, Honeycombe,
 Rudge, Wreyland, and Knowle.
Wort, George, ThorncombeWilliam Bragge, Esq., for the Manor of Thorncombe.
Names of Persons Licensed to Deal in Game.
Anthony, Joseph, Tormoham 
Jones, Ann, West Teignmouth 
Read, Richard, Tormoham 
Squires, Robert, Exmouth 
Woodleigh, Henry, Tormoham 
Wright, William, Chudleigh. 
Made up to the 5th October inclusive.
Stamps and Taxes.CHAS. PRESSLY, Secretary.
The Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes hereby give notice, that every person taking, killing, or pursuing Game
without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount
of the Certificate Duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing on being duly required to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to be
read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a penalty
of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorise any person to kill
Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only that he should be deputed by some lord or lady of a Manor or
reputed Manor, but also that such deputation should be registered with the clerk of the peace, or the gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the duty of £4 0s. 10d. and also to be prosecuted by any common informer for the penalty of £20.
N.B. It is the intention of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to publish in a separate list the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double duty for sporting without Certificates.