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Help and advice for 29 Sep 1853

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Game List, County of Devon

North Devon Journal - Thursday 29 September 1853

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

Arranged and Published by JOSEPH WELSH, Surveyor, Exeter
FIRST PUBLICATION. - Persons who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the Year 1853.
LIST 1. GENERAL CERTIFICATES, at £4 0s. 10d. each.
Abraham, R. G., Ashburton
Acland, Sir Thomas D., Bart., Broadclist
Adams, John, Sherford
Adams, John, Stokenham
Adams, George, Malborough
Adams, Thomas, Malborough
Adams, Samuel W., Newton Ferrers
Adams, John, Woodhill, Rose Ash
Addington, Hon. W. W., Upottery
Aggaissiz, Lieut. J. D., Dawlish
Alford, John, Upottery
Allin, William, Sutcombe
Alvin, Francis, Braunton
Ames, John, Axmouth
Amory, John H., Tiverton
Andrews, Richard, Modbury
Anthony, Charles, Dartington
Arnold, Thomas, Iddesleigh
Arthur, Rev. T. F., Atherington
Arundel, Reinfred, Lifton
Ashby, Christopher, Countisbury
Babbage, Gilbert, Mariansleigh
Baker, Henry, Stoke Damerel
Bale, John, Fremington
Ball, Charles, South Pool
Banks, James F., Bishop's Tawton
Barber, Henry, Stoke Canon
Bartlett, Wm., St. Mary Church
Bassett, Arthur D., Berrynarbor
Bassett, Rev. Francis, Heanton Punchardon
Bastard, William, Yealmpton
Bawdon, Joshua, Southmolton
Baylis, Thomas H., Highwick
Beazley, John, Wolborough
Beer, George, Berrynarbor
Beer, John, Stoke Damerel
Belfield, Thomas D., Paington
BEllew, J. F., Stockleigh Court
Bere, Rev. Richard, Morebath
Berry, John, Whipton
Bickle, Thomas, Milton Abbot
Billing, Wilcocks George, Stoke Damerel
Binford, William, Southmolton
Birmingham, William, Broadclist
Blackaller, J. B., Paington
Blackmore, T., Clayhidon
Blagrove, Henry, Lifton
Blake, George P., Hartford
Blanchard, Jonathan, Tavistock
Blanchfield, Henry, Drewsteington
Bloomfield, Rev. J. G., Bow
Bluett, Peter Frederick, Holcombe Rogus
Bluett, William James G., Holcombe Rogus
Blyth, John W., Northam
Board, William, Churchstaunton
Bodley, R. D., Lapford
Boles, Rev. T. J., Littleham
Boles, James, Hatherleigh
Bolton, Arthur, Instow
Bond, Charles W., Axminster
Bonifant, John, Petrockstowe
Bonifant, Henry, Langtree
Bovill, James Owen, Tiverton
Boyles, George, Georgeham
Bragge, Rev. John, Thorncombe
Bray, William Harvey, Stonehouse
Brickwood, Richard Chubb, Milton Abbot
Brickboles, William Fitzgerald, Exeter
Bridgeman, George, Dartmouth
Brighton, George, Beerferris
Brighton, Henry, Beerferris
Brooke, George, Whimple
Broome, Edward, Whimple
Brown, H. L., Kingskerswell
Brown, H. E., Kingskerswell
Brown, William, Tamerton Foliott
Browne, Charles, Churchstanton
Buck, G. S., Hartland
Buck, Lewis W. (M.P.), Bideford
Bucknill, J. C., Exminster
Buckingham, William, Exeter
Budd, Robert, Barnstaple
Buller, Sir J. B. Y., Bart., Brixham
Buller, William Charles, Buckland Monachorum
Buller, Frederick George, Buckland Monachorum
Buller, James Howard, Downes
Bullock, Henry, Broadembury
Bulteel, John, Holbeton
Bulteel, C. F. C., Holbeton
Bulteel, F. F., Plymstock
Burdwood, John Cole, Maker
Burgess, John, Warkleigh
Burnard, Samuel, Pancrasweek
Butland, Thomas, Diptford
Camp, James, Ilfracombe
Cann, Thomas, Seaton
Cann, John, East Budleigh
Cann, George, South Tawton
Cann, George, ~Spreyton
Cann, Mark, Spreyton
Cannon, Benjamin Joseph, Tiverton
Carew, Sir W. P., Bart., Combeinteignhead
Carew, Thomas, Rattery
Carew, Walter Palk, Combeinteignhead
Carew, Rev. Robert Baker, Bickley
Cary, Edward S., Totnes
Carter, James, Harpford
Carter, Jonathan, Ottery St. Mary
Carwithen, Rev. W. H., Aylesbeare
Carwithen, John C., Challacombe
Caunter, John W., Ashburton
Chapman, John, Churston Ferrers
Chapple, John W., Northtawton
Chard, William Wheaton, St. Budeaux
Chichester, Sir A., Shirwell
Chillcott, Edward, Tavistock
Chope, William, Hartland
Chubb, John, Halberton
Churley, Charles, Uffculme
Churchill, Henry, Morchard Bishop
Clack, Rev. William Charles, MOretonhampstead
Clack, Rev. William Courtenay, Moretonhampstead
Clarke, James, Salcombe Regis
Clarke, Richard Hall, Halberton
Clarke, Thomas, Halberton
Clarke, John, Vaulter's Home
Clayfield, Capt. Edward Ireland, Sandford
Cleeve, William, Tiverton
Clinton, Lord, Huish
Clivery, Isaac, Charleton
Clyde, Rev. James, Bradworthy
Clobery, J. H., Lamerton
Coacker, Major, Holne
Cock, John, Clysthidon
Cock, Joseph, Ottery St. Mary
Coffin, Charles Pine, Eastdown
Coham, George Lewis, Sheepwash
Coham, W. B. H., Bradford
Cole, William S., South Brent
Coles, Charles Augustus, Dunsford
Coleridge, W. R., Ottery St. Mary
Collas, John G., Bideford
Collier, George, Wolborough
Collier, James, Culmstock
Collier, Mortimer John, Plymouth
Collin, John, Ottery St. Mary
Collins, J., Bampton
Coniam, John Taylor, Chagford
Connop, Newell, Farringdon
Cooper, Henry, Lynton
Cooper, George, Exeter and Colyton
Copp, Charles, Poltimore
Cornish, Nicholas, Newton St. Cyres
Cory, Henry G., Holsworthy
Courtenay, Hon. And Rev. H. H., Mamhead
Courtier, John, Moretonhampstead
Coward, J. T., Wolborough
Coward, Charles Toogood, Tiverton
Cross, Copplestone, Exeter
Crosse, Robert J., Southmolton
Crotch, James, Okehampton
Creed, William, Abbotskerswell
Creed, John, Abbotskerswell
Crossman, William, Paignton
Cruwys, Rev. George Sharland, Cruwys Morchard
Cutcliffe, Henry, Southmolton
Cutcliffe, John Charles, Colyton
Dadd, John, St. Thomas
Dalton, Henry R. S., Clovelly
Davey, John, Winkleigh
Davy, Edwin R., Barnstaple
Davey, John, Stockland
Davey, Robert, Tierton
Davie, Augustus Ferguson, Creedy Park
Davie, Capt. John Ferguson, Creedy Park
Davy, John R., Dartmouth
Day, Samuel, Dunsford
Dene, Rev. Octavina Horwood
Dinnicombe, James Huntsham
Divett, John, Bovey Tracey
Divett, Edward, Colaton Raleigh
Divett, Edward Ross, Colaton Raleigh
Douglas, Philip Heatley, Morebath
Douglas, Philip Heatley, Exeter
Dovell, Rev. Joseph, Martinhoe
Doveton, Rev. W. B., Clayhidon
Drake, Sir T. T. F. E., Bart., Woodbury
Drake, C. C., Heanton Punchardon
Drake, Thomas Edward, Exeter
Drew, James, Tavistock
Drewe, Edward Simcoe, Broadhembury
Dunning, Richard, Winkleigh
Dunsford, William Henry, Tiverton
Dunsford, Francis, Tiverton
Duntze, Sir John, Bart., Kenton
Eales, John, Filleigh
Earl, George, Lynton
Ebrington, Lord, Filleigh
Edwards, J. S., Plymstock
Edwards, Rev. Henry, Churchstaunton
Ellicombe, Capt., Exeter
Elliot, James, Berry Pomeroy
Elliot, Thomas, Brixton
Elliot, John N., Rockbeare
Elliot, W. B., Mamhead
Ellis, John Hay, Mamhead
Elworthy, Frederick, St. Thomas
Ethelstone, Robert Peel, Uplyme
Farrant, William, Clayhidon
Ferris, William, Dawlish
Fewins, James, South Tawton
Floud, Thomas, Exeter
Foale, W. J. H., Ashprington
Fogdon, Charles, Clist Satchfield
Fortescue, Henry, Dawlish
Fortescue, W. B., East Allington
Fortescue, Earl, Filleigh
Fortescue, Hon. J. W., Filleigh
Fox, Washington, Ottery St. Mary
Fox, Thomas Were, Plymouth
Fraser, Lieut-Genl., Alwington
Fraser, Henry, Alwington
Friend, William, St. Thomas
Fryer, Merlin, St. Thomas
Fulford, Baldwin, Dunsford
Fulford, Francis Drummond, Dunsford
Furneaux, Thomas, jun., Buckfastleigh
Garland, William, Highampton
Garrett, John, Clist Satchfield
Garrett, Francis, Clist Satchfield
Gaydon, John, Newport
Geake, Walter, Stonehouse
Germon, John, Moretonhampstead
Gibbons, Robert W., Beaford
Gibbs, Charles Edward, Littleham
Gifford, Charles, jun., Withycombe Raleigh
Gifford, Hon. And Rev. John, Broadhembury
Gilbert, John Pomeroy, Barnstaple
Gill, William, Plymouth
Gill, John Roe, Tavistock
Gill, William, Tavistock
Glanville, Samuel, Ottery St. Mary
Godfrey, James, Teignmouth
Goode, Thomas, Holsworthy
Goodridge, John C., Teignmouth
Gosling, John, Ottery St. Mary
Gosling, Thomas, Otterton
Gough, Edward, Molland
Gould, Rev. R. F., Ilfracombe
Gray, George, Plympton
Green, Joseph, Brixham
Gregory, J. B., St. Thomas
Gribble, Albert, Collumpton
Griffiths, Rev. C., Trentishoe
Groves, Thomas, Atherington
Hackworthy, Samuel, Kingstone
Hammond, Thomas, Rodborough
Hallett, William T., Musbury
Hare, Henry G., Diptford
Hare, Clark William, Stonehouse
Harding, Joseph L., Littleham
Harding, Robert, Barnstaple
Harris, George R., Kingsbridge
Harris, J. C., Plymstock
Harris, Capt., Yealmpton
Harris, Joseph, Crediton
Harrison, Charles R., Ashburton
Harvie, Anthony, Plymouth
Harvey, Henry D., Sampford Pverell
Harvey, William, jun., Membury
Hawkins, Edward, Rackenford
Haynes, James L., Hartland
Hayward, John Leatt, Woodbury
Hazard, Charles H., Dartmouth
Head, R. T., Alphington
Henson, James, jun., Morebath
Hewlett, James, Burlescombe
Hewett, William S., Harberton
Hews, Robert, Poltimore
Heysett, Lewis, Bradford
Hill, William John Upjohn, South Tawton
Hoare, Henry Arthur, South Tawton
Hobart, Hon. Augustus Charles, Sidmouth
Hoblyn, Deeble Peter, Plymouth
Hobbs, Thomas D., Horwood
Hockin, Percy, Dartmouth
Hockin, F. H., Dartmouth
Hodge, Benjamin Terry, Sidmouth
Hodge, Chapple William, Weston Peverell
Hodge, Thomas Stokes, Sidmouth
Hodges, Joseph, St. Giles
Hoidge, John, Milton Abbott
Holdsworth, A. B. E., Stokenham
Hole, W. R., Bovey Tracey
Hole, Francis, Tiverton
Hole, Francis Ricahrd, Woodbury
Hole, John, jun., Plymtree
Hole, Nathaniel J. B., Broadwoodkelly
Hole, Rev. F., jun., Georgeham
Hole, Alfred, R., Great Torrington
Hole, Rev. Robert, North Tawton
Hole, Rev. Richard, North Tawton
Holway, William, Burlescombe
Honywood, Edward John, Whimple
Hotchkys, Charles H., Bradworthy
Hotchkys, A. Calmady, Bradworthy
How, John S., Tiverton
Hulme, Rev. William, Hemiock
Hussey, Thomas, Littleham
Huyshe, Rev. J., Clisthidon
Hutchinson, C. F., Alverdiscott
Illes, Richard, Braunton
Jackson, John, Paignton
James, Rev. Robert William, Southleigh
Johnson, John G., Wembworthy
Julian, Richard Addis Archer, Plymouth
Kayley, Richard, Colaton Raleigh
Kekewich, A., Exminster
Kekewich, George Granville, Exeter
Kekewich, S. T., Exminster
Kendall, William, Exeter
Kendell, Francis, Torbryon
Kerley, John, Yarcombe
King, George, Exeter
King, Thomas, North Huish
Kingdon, Frederick, Holsworthy
Kingwell, H. T., South Brent
Knighton, J. F., Dawlish
Knollys, James Edward, Buckland Filleigh
Lanauze, Henry Cooke, Sidmouth
Landick, James, jun., Okehampton
Landon, Rev. J. W. R., Braunton
Landon, George, Ashford
Landry, William, Holne
Langworthy, Edward, Modbury
Lavers, William, Milton Abbott
Leach, Robert, Black Torrington
Leamon, Thomas Major, Lamerton
Leatt, John, East Budleigh
Lempriere, Everard, Meeth
Lethbridge, Charles, Exeter
Lethbridge, Robert, Hartland
Lewis, C. G., Bampton
Leverton, William, Beaford
Ley, Henry Oliver, Bideford
Ley, Henry, Marwood
Ley, Rev. Henry, Kenn
Little, John, Vaulter's Home
Little, William Joseph, Stoke Damerel
Lockyer, J. L., Wembury
Lopes, Henry Charles, Tamerton Folliott
Lusky, J. F., West Alvington
Lutley, Samuel Baker, Exeter
Luxmoore, J. C., Alphington
Luxton, Robert G., Brushford
Luxton, Rev. John, Brushford
Lymington, Viscount, Wembworthy
Madden, Lewis P., Jacobstow
Maudsley, Edward, Paignton
Madge, John, Gittisham
Madge, William, Langtree
Madge, Robert, Crediton
Maddever, James, Whitchurch
Mallock, Thomas, Axminster
Manley, Robert, Broadclist
Manley, Robert, Cheriton Fitzpaine
Marder, James Wood, Burlescombe
Marshall, Alexander, Wembworthy
Mason, John B., Harberton
Matthew, Major, William, Harberton
Matthew, J. P., Hemiock
Matthew, Jonah P., Talaton
Matthew, J., Clisthidon
Matthews, Charles, Bradninch
Matthews, Murray W., Pilton
Matthews, William Edwin, Plymouth
Maunder, Edwin, North Tawton
Maunder, James M., St. Leonards
May, Thomas R., West Putford
May, Richard, Halberton
May, Robert, Broadclist
Mello, George, Ilfracombe
Merson, William, Southmolton
Mitchell, W. P., Tavistock
Miles, G. F. W., Thorncombe
Milford, John, Heavitree
Miller, John May, Barnstaple
Minchin, James, Oakford
Mitchell,Thomas, Plymouth
Monro, Alexander, Ilsington
Moon, Richard, Tiverton
Moore, Henry, Totnes
Moorshead, Charles Anderson, egg Buckland
Mortimer, John, Warkleigh
Mortimore,Ricahrd, jun., Cullompton
Mortimore, R. W., Kingsteignton
Moysey, Nicholas, Halwell
Mudge, Henry F., Paignton
Needs, John, Seaton
Netherton, John, Stoke Fleming
Nettleship, William, Winkleigh
New, John Cave, Uffculm
Newland, Bingham, Halberton
Newman, Joseph, Sidbury
Newton, J. G. Bridestowe
Nicholson, Capt., Wear Gifford
Norman, George, Seyton
Northcote, Sir S. H., Bart., Upton Pyne
Northcote, Rev. S. C., Upton Pyne
Northcote, Arthur H., Iddesleigh
Northcote, H. W., Monkokehampton
Northey, Thomas, Woodbury
Norrington, Frederick, Lamerton
Ogilvie, Patrick, Crediton
Osmond, Rev. Charles, Tiverton
Owen, D. W., Tiverton
Owen, Rev. G. W., Calverleigh
Pain, Richard, jun., Exeter
Paige, J. A., Southmolton
Palk, Lawrence, Kenn
Palmer, W., Berrynarbor
Palmer, Henry, Bradninch
Palmer, H., Bradninch
Palmer, J., Yarcombe
Paramore, G., Warkleigh
Parlby, Rev. J. H., Weston Peverell
Parr, Codrington, Dawlish
Parr, Henry, Dawlish
Partridge, J., Nymett Rowland
Partridge, J., Northtawton
Partridge, James, Witheridge
Passmore, J., Newton St. Cyres
Passmore, R., Uffuclme
Patteson, J. H., Feniton
Paul, Moses, Dawlish
Paul, P. H., Kenton
Pearce, J. A., Averton Gifford
Pearce, Jeffery, Ugborough
Peard, John, Braunton
Pearse, George,Bradninch
Peters, W. H., Lympstone
Phillpotts, Captain H., St. Mary Church
Pitt, R., jun., Cullompton
Pitman, Capt. E., Dunchideock
Pitman, J. S., Dunchideock
Pitts, N., jun., Chivelstone
Pole, Rev. E., Templeton
Pomeroy, John, Whimple
Ponsford, J., Drewsteignton
Ponsford, J., Hatherleigh
Poole, George, Morebath
Pratt, Richard, Clysthidon
Prettejohn, N. K., Loddiswell
Prettejohn, N., Stokenham
Prickman, T., Northtawton
Prideaux, J. R., Farway
Pridham, S., Cheriton Fitzpaine
Prowse, P., East Allington
Prowse, Thomas, North Huish
Prust, B., Woolfardisworthy
Pyke, Rev. J., Parracombe
Pyle, Samuel, Braunton
Radcliffe, C. L., Plymouth
Ravenscroft, E. W., East Budleigh
Rawlins, H., West Alvington
Rayer, W. C., Tiverton
Reddaway, J., Buckland Filleigh
Reddaway, John, jun., Inward Filleigh
Rendall Simon, Sherwood Villa
Reeves, William, Diptford
Remmington, W., Rockbeare
Rendell, W., Coombeinteignhead
Rice, James, Newton St. Cyres
Riccard, R. M., Southmolton
Rich, C., Churchstaunton
Richards, W. B., Georgeham
Richards, James, Kentisbury
Rishon, J. Buckland Filleigh
Rubett, John, Yealmpton
Roe, H. R., Newton Ferrers
Roe, H. F., Newton Ferrers
Roe, John Colwill, Linton
Roberts, E. G., Upton Pyne
Roberts, Joseph, jun., Whitstone
Rolle, Hon. Mark, Huish
Rouse, E., West Putford
Russell, Bury, Swymbridge
Ryall, John, Milton Abbott
Saffin, T., jun., Tedburn St. Mary
St. Leger, G. G., Bampton
Salmon, H., Plymouth
Sargent, James, Bickley
Salter, Charles Rowe, Ottery St. Mary
Salter, T. W., Heavitree
Sanders, Frederick, Exeter
Sanders, T. Colson, Exeter
St. Leger, Rev. R. A., Kenton
Saunders, Henry, Honiton
Saunders, J. W., Sampford Peverell
Savery, S., Ugborough
Scobell, E., God-a-Meavy
Scofern, Robert, Stowford
Scott, Edward J., Stoke Damerel
Scott, Leddington Edwin, Stoke Damerel
Seaward, William, Axminster
Selwood, Thomas, Axminster
Shepherd, Benjamin, Ide
Shepherdson, Thomas, Ilfracombe
Short, T. B., Kenn
Simkin, Thomas, Braunton
Skinner, T., Cheriton Fitzpaine
Sloley, John, Great Torrington
Smith, John, St. Budeaux
Smith, Abraham, Clist Honiton
Smith, Abraham, Whimple
Smith, Gustavus, Sidmouth
Smith, Henry John, Tiverton
Smith, J. B., Clist Honiton
Smith, John Bridgman, Honiton
Smith, Joseph Travers, Sidmouth
Smith, R. Marker, Uffculm
Smythe, John J., Plympton
Snell, John Gregory, Exeter
Snow, Thomas, St. Thomas
Snow, Thomas M., St. Thomas
Sole, John J., Harford
Soltau, G. W., Egg Buckland
Soper, Edward L., Brixham
Southwood, Richard, Exeter
Sparrow, Benjamin, Plymouth
Spettigue, John, Littleham
Staple, W., Withycombe Raleigh
Steel, J., Loddiswell
Stephens, Rev. Rd., Dunsford
Stevens, F. G., Hemiock
Stevens, John S. C., Axminster
Stevens, [?] Newcombe, Moretonhampstead
Still, John, Axminster
Stone, Thos. Howard Elchinstone, Moretonhampstead
Strode, George S., Plympton
Studdy, Henry, Stoke Gabriel
Sweet, George, Kentisbury
Sydenham, Rev. J. P., Cullompton
Symons, Thomas, Coryton
Symons, G. W. S., Plympton
Sheere, Christopher, Ashreigney
Skinner, J., jun., Northtawton
Snell, Charles, Sheepwash
Snow, George, Bishop's Tawton
Squire, George, Swymbridge
Stickland, Charles,Ashbury
Stringfield, John W., Littleham
Talbot, Reginald, Uplyme
Tally, William, Tiverton
Tanner, John Vowler, Kingsnympton
Tayleur, W. H., Tormoham
Taylor, F. W. H., East Ogwell
Taylor, Reynell, East Ogwell
Taylor, Henry, South Poole
Taylor, George Edwin, Kilmington
Tempest, G. D. F., Axminster
Terrell, Henry, Sheepstor
Terry, francis, Bampton
Tahomas, B. M., Parkham
Thomas, John, bideford
Thompson, J., Thornbury
Thorn, W., Southmolton
Tomkin, J., Barnstaple
Torr, Edward, Buckland Toutsaints
Torr, Henry, Instow
Tordiffe, T., Ilfracombe
Tout, Michael, Burrington
Towell, John, Kingsteignton
Tory, William W., Thurlestone
Treeby, Paul O., Plympton
Trefusis, Hon. C., Huish
Trude, John, Poughill
Tuck, John, Dunkeswell
Tucker, Robert C., Ashburton
Tucker, Capt. J. J., Dawlish
Tucker, Rev. Comyns, Morchard Bishop
Tuckett, William, Shobrooke
Tulk, J., Holcombe Burnell
Turner, George, Exminster
Turner, W. B., Exminster
Vallack, H. A., Great Torrington
Veal, James Harris, Hatherleigh
Venn, Clement Henry, Exeter
Veysey, George, Exeter
Viant, John, Heavitree
Vidall, E. A., Abbotsham
Wakley, Henry, Membury
Walkey, J. E. C., Ide
Walker, Charles Henry, Plymouth
Walsh, Gilbert, Dawlish
Walter, John, West Putford
Walter, Thomas, Ilfracombe
Walters, John, Sidbury
Warmington, John M., Torquay
Warren, Charles, Shute
Warren, Robert, Ottery St. Mary
Watts, William, Kingsteignton
Webster, Charles, Hockworthy
Webster, Godfrey, Hockworthy
Weeks, William, Lamerton
Wills, Samuel, Churlston
Wills, T. B., East Portlemouth
Weld, Edward, Tawstock
Welland, James, Plymtree
Welsh, John, Axmouth
Were, Henry, Tiverton
Were, Joseph, jun., Broadclist
Were, Thomas Bonville, Broadclist
Westacott, John, Landkey
Westlake, Thomas, Exbourne
Westlake, John, Bridestowe
Wensley, Anthony Reed, Puddington
Wheaton F. D. W., Culmstock
Wheler, Sir Trevor, Little Torrington
White, John, Warkleigh
White, Peter, Pilton
White, John, Churchstaunton
White, Arthur, Ugborough
Whitney, Edwin, Collumpton
Whyte, Robert, Instow
Wills, George, Ilsington
Wills, Emanuel, Axminster
Wills, Robert Henry, Compton Gifford
Williams, James, St. Thomas
Wippell, John, Alphington
Wolcott, John Marwood, Salcombe Regis
Wolfries, Joseph, Buckland Monachorum
Wood, George, Halberton
Woodleigh, Thomas, Ashburton
Woolcombe, C. R., Christow
Woolcombe, Rev. Philip, North Boey
Woolmer, Edward, Exeter
Woollacombe, Rev. J., Stowford
Worth, John F., Washfield
Worth, Reginald, Washfield
Wreford, Charles Richardson, Stonehouse
Wreford, John, Nymet Rowland
Wreford, John, jun., Clannaborough
Wright, Frederick, Winkleigh
Wyatt, Halifax, Buckland Filleigh
Yates, W. W., Holne
Yates, Ferdinand, Holne
Yelverton, _
Yeo, W. A., sen., Fremington
Yeo, W. A., jun., Fremington
Young, George, Dodbrooke
List of Persons being Assessed Servants for whom Game Certificates are taken out at £1 7s. 6d. each, including the
Additional Duty of 10 per Cent, under the Act of 3 Vic. 17.
Bagwell, Joseph, Diptford Rev. Henry Hare, for lands in Morley, Diptford, North Huish, and Woodleigh.
Ball, John, Chudleigh M. E. N. Parker, Esq., for Whiteway, and other lands.
Barnes, John, Thorncombe G. F. W. Miles, Esq., for Ford Abbey
Beer, Henry, Axmouth William Trelawney Hallett, Esq., for Axmouth
Beer, Richard, Dawlish William Cosens, Esq., for Manor of Langdon and Orchard
Bolt, Thomas, Cheriton Bishop William Lewin Pennell, Esq., for the Manor of Medland, Pilton, and other
Bolt, Samuel, Dunsford Charles Augustus Coles, Esq., for Dunsford Manor
Booth, Charles, Crediton James Wentworth Buller, Esq., for Crediton, Cowick, Exwick, and Barley-
  down, and lands in Crediton, Newton St. Cyres, and St. Thomas
Boys, David, Buckland Brewer Colonel Bayley, for Orleigh and other lands, in Devon
Braily, William, Powderham Trustees of the Earl of Devon, for the Manor of Powderham
Cann, William, Westleigh Mrs Clevland, for Westleigh, Eastleigh, and Instow
Charley, William, Georgeham W. F. Richards, jun., for Croyde
Chruchill, Mr., Kenton Sir John Duntze, Bart., for the Manor of Kenton
Dicker, Demas, Shute Sir John George Reeve-de-la-Poole, Bart., for Shute and Colyton
Farmer, Daniel, Oakford Rev. James Spurway, of Tiverton, for his lands
Gard, George, Teigngrace Duke of Somerset, for Stover, and all lands belonging to him
Hambling, John, Diptford Rev. Henry Hare, for lands in Morley, Diptford, North Huish, and Woodleigh
Hawkins, John, Southleigh Charles Gordon, Esq., for Southleigh
Heytor, William, Warleigh Rev. Water Radcliffe, for the Manors of Tamerton Foliott, Longford, and
  other lands
Hodges, William, Kenn Mr L. Palk, for the Manors of Kenn, Ashton, and others
Kingdon, Joseph, Alvington Lieut. Gen. Fraser, for Manors of Alvington and Goldsworthy, Devon
Law, James, Collaton Raleigh Edward Divett, Esq., for Bystock and Withycombe Raleigh
Lethbridge, John, Dawlish Codrington Parr, Esq., for Manor of Stonelands and Dawlish Water
Lewis, David, Grimstone R. P. Collier, Esq., for Manor of Emm Grimstone, and lands in Sampford
Lewis, Robert, Ashcombe Sir R. L. Newman, Bart., for Mamhead, Ashcombe, Stokeinteignhead, and
  other lands
Moon, William, Huish Lord Clinton, for Heanton Huish, Hall, Merton, and all other lands belonging to Lord Clinton, in Devon
Moore, Thomas, Bideford L. W. Buck, Esq., for Manors of Newton, St. Petrock, and other lands, in
Newman, George, Abbotsham W. C. Heywood, Esq., for Kenwith, in Devon
Odell, Wm., Heanton Punchardon Charles Cutcliffe Drake, Esq., for Lyncombe and Warncombe, Devon
Sanders, James, Kenton Colonel Studd, for the Manor of Kenton
Slade, Francis, Sandford Sir H. R. F. Davie, for Creedy and other lands
Slade, William, Shobrooke John Henry Hippisley, Esq., for Shobrooke and other lands
Smale, Thomas, Sydenham Damarel       John Hearle Tremayne, Esq., for Maristowe, Lifton, and Thrushelton
Stacey, John, Little Torrington Sir Trevor Wheler, for Little Torrington
Stump, Samuel, Chittlehampton John Grant, Esq., for Chittlehampton and other lands, in Devon
Symons, Noah, Tawstock Edward Weld, Esq., for Manor of Tawstock
Symons, William, Fremington W. A. Yeo, Esq., for Fremington, in Devon
Taylor, Samuel, Bideford L. W. Buck, Esq., for Manors of Hartland and South Hole, and other lands,
  in Devon
Waye, James, Okehampton James Crotch, Esq., for Halstock, Meldon, and all lands belonging to the Rev.
  John Luxmoore Huslade, and other lands belonging to the said James Crotch
West, George, Dunchideock J. S. Pitman, Esq., for Manor of Holcombe Burnell and other lands
White, George, Axmouth John Ames, Esq., for Downbumfraville
Wort, George, Thorncombe William Bragg, Esq., for Thorncombe
Wotton, William, Bishopsteignton Rev. J. Comyns, for Manor of Bishopsteignton
List of Persons (not being Assessed Servants) who have taken out Game Certificates at £4 0s. 10d. each, including the
Additional Duty of 10 per cent. under the Act of 3 Vict. cap. 17.
Anning, Charles, Rattery Lady Carew, for Rattery, Marley, North Harbertonford, lands in Brent,
  Ugborough Parsonage, Langford, Lister, and all other lands
Blake, William, Teignrace Duke of Somerset, for all lands belonging to him
Chapple, Philip, Newton Ferrers Rev. John Yonge, for all lands belonging to him
Harris, Festus, Coombeinteignhead Sir W. P. Carew, Bart., for all lands belonging to him
Pockett, Thomas, Brixham Sir J. B. Y. Buller, Bart., for all lands belonging to him
Weatherdon, William, East Ogwell General Taylor, for all lands belonging to him
List of Persons Licensed to deal in Game.
Algar, John, Tavistock
Basset, Francis, Okehampton
Bishop, William, Crediton
Brent, Mary Rickard, Devonport
Brent, Nicholas, Devonport
Chamberlain, Alice, Exeter
Chambers, James, Exeter
Cleave, John, Stonehouse
Clarke, Mary, Barnstaple
Cuming, John, Plymouth
Diggins, George, Totnes
Gandy, Joseph, Exeter
Gaydon, W. S., Barnstaple
Gillard, George, Southmolton
Guppy, Samuel, Sidmouth
Haddy, Susan, Plymouth
Hall, William, Plymouth
Loram, John, Exeter
Miller, Joseph, Axminster
Pavor, John, Sidmouth
Penwarden, Richard, Tavistock
Phillips, George, Bideford
Prowse, James, Tiverton
Rabbidge, Mary, Plymouth
Roberts, William, Newton
Sanders, W. P., Bideford
Squires, Robert, Exmouth
Thomas, Mark, Stonehouse
Wickett, John, Plymouth
Wooley, William, Torquay
Made up to the 12th September, 1853. By Order of the Board,           
            Inland Revenue THOMAS KEOGH.
PENALTIES. - The Commissioners of Inland Revenue hereby give Notice, that every person taking, killing, or pursuing
game without first obtaining a certificate, incurs a penalty of £20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the
amount of the Certificate Duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing, on being duly required, to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to
be read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a
penalty of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorise any person to kill
Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor
or reputed Manor, but also that such deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, or the Gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the Duty of £4 0s. 10d., and also to be prosecuted by any common informer,
for the penalty of £20.
N.B. It is the intention of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue to publish in a separate List, the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double Duty, for sporting without Certificates.

Brian Randell, 7 Feb 2012