Game List, County of Devon

North Devon Journal - Thursday 19 April 1855

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

Fourth Publication.
PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the year 1854.
LIST (10 General Certificates at £4 0s. 10d. each.
How, John S., Tiverton
Pearse, George, Bradninch.
Persons surcharged in double duty, £8 1s. 8d., for Sporting without Certificates:-
Crimp, William, Halberton
Fry, John, jun., Sherwill
Gliddon, Arthur, Kingston
Laye, William, Kingston
Made up from 25th Nov., 1854, to 5th April, 1855.
By Order of the Board.
THOMAS KEOGH.           
Inland Revenue, Somerset House, London.
The Commissioners of Inland Revenue hereby give notice, that every person taking, killing, or pursuing Game
without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £20 and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount
of the certificate duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing, on being duly required, to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to
be read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a
penalty of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice, that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorise any person to
kill Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor or
reputed Manor, but also that such deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, or the Gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the Duty of £4 0s. 10d., and also to be prosecuted by any common Informer,
for the penalty of £20.
N.B. - It is the intention of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue to publish, in a separate List, the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double Duty, for sporting without Certificates.

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