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Help and advice for 13 Oct 1859

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Game List, County of Devon

North Devon Journal - Thursday 13 Oct 1859

Transcribed by   

Lindsey Withers  

Published by T. C. MALTBY, Surveyor of Taxes, Torquay.
Abraham, Robt. G., Ashburton
Acland, Chas. T. D., Broadclist
Acland, Fras. G. D., Broadclist
Acland, Thos. D., Broadclist
Adams, George, Malborough
Adams, John E., Stokenham
Adams, John, Dodbroke
Adams, Samuel, Newton Ferrers
Adams, Thomas, Malborough
Adams, William, Broadhempston
Addington, Hon. W. W., Upottery
Adney, Henry, Lympstone
Adney, Wm. A., Lympstone
Agassiz, James D., Littleham
Alford, John, Upottery
Allen, William, Sutcombe
Alven, Francis, Georgeham
Amery, Fabyan, Ashburton
Ames, John, Axmouth
Amory, J. Heathcoat, Tiverton Pitt
Andrew, Samuel, Halwill
Andrews, Richard, Modbury
Anthony, Richard, Aveton Gifford
Archer, Henry S., Heavitree
Arnold, Thos. Owen, Iddesleigh
Arnold, William, Iddesleigh
Arscott, Thos. R., Southernhay
Arscott, John Strode, Plympton Maurice
Arundell, W. R. A. H., Lifton
Ashfield, Peter S., Plymouth
Ashford, John H., Loxbeer
Ashford, John R., Pinhoe
Ashford, William, Woodbury
Atkinson, Thomas, Islington
Atkinson, William, Colaton Raleigh
Author, F. R., Kilmington
Babbage, Gilbert, Mariansleigh
Badcock, Edward, Crediton
Bailey, John, Axmouth
Baillie, Evan, Tiverton Prior
Baker, Henry, Stoke Damerel
Baker, Wm., jun., Bishopsnympton
Ball, Charles, South Pool
Balman, John, Chittlehampton
Banfield, Wm. Hy., Awliscombe
Banfield, Wm. Hy., Honiton
Bankes, Rhodes, Bishop's Tawton
Barbert, Henry, Stoke Canon
Barkley, Edward, Broadhempstone
Barlow, James, Barnstaple
Barnard, W. Hawker, Morebath
Bartlett, W., jun., St. Mary Church
Bartlett, W. sen., St. Mary Church
Bassett, A. D., Berrynarbor
Bassett, Rev. W. T. D., Heanton Punchardon
Bastard, Rev. Wm., Yealmpton
Bater, Thomas, Chittlehampton
Bath, Henry P., jun., Feniton
Bathurst, Hy. Col., Dawlish
Batstone, Clement, Rockbeare
Battishall, Wm. Hy., Spreyton
Bawden, Rev. Joseph, Southmolton
Beadon, William, Churchtaunton
Bean, Edward F., Ashburton
Beaumont, Rev. T. G., Butterleigh
Bebb, Horatio, Holbeton
Beedell, Thos., jun., Tiverton Tidcombe
Beare, Thomas, Brampford Speke
Belfield, John, Paignton
Bellen, John T., Stockleigh English
Berington, Henry P., Teignmouth
Bernard, Francis G., Sidmouth
Berry, John, Shebbeare
Berry, John, Buckfastleigh
Bickle, W. H., Northlew
Billing, G. W., Stoke Damerell
Binford, William, Southmolton
Birdwood, Richard, Plymouth
Bishop, James, Buckerell
Bishop, Richard Elias, Torquay
Blackaller, Jacob B., Paignton
Blackburn, E., West Ogwell
Blackmore, C. Stoddart, Tiverton Tidcombe
Blackmore, Richard Churchtaunton
Blackmore, W. Wyatt, Burlescombe
Blake, Geo. Potter, Luppitt
Blatchford, Henry, Drewsteignton
Blight, Edward, Maker
Blight, Thos. P., Bradworthy
Boles, Rev. J. T., Withycombe Raleigh
Bolt, John P., Tavistock
Bond, Clement M., Devonport
Bond, C. W., Axminster
Bond, James Cox, Axminster
Bonifant, Henry P., Langtree
Bonifant, John, Petrockstow
Boringdon, Lord, Plympton St. Mary
Bovey, Robt. M., Ashburton
Boville, Jas. Owen, Tiverton
Bowden, Chas. A., Staverton
Bowden, Jeffery, South Brent
Brackenbury, Jas., Heavitree
Braddick, George, Clayhidon
Bradford, W., Cheritone Fizpaine
Bragg, Charles Albert, Thorncombe
Bragg, George, Moretonhampstead
Bragg, John, Witheridge
Bragg, Wm. N., Drewsteignton
Braginton, Geo., Great Torrington
Braund, Geo., Black Torrington
Bray, Elias, Barnstaple
Brent, Robert, Woodbury
Brighton, Henry, Beerferris
Brighton, John, St. Budeaux
Brock, George, Drewsteignton
Brook, Philip, Honeychurch
Brook, Robt., Okehampton
Brook, Reuben G., Totnes
Brooks, Geo., jun., Whimple Strete Raleigh
Broom, Edward, Whimple Strete Raleigh
Broom, Edward, jun., Whimple Strete Raleigh
Broom, John, Monkton
Broom, Simon, Luppitt
Broomfield, James, Stockland North
Brown, Augustus L., Blackawton
Brown, George, Barnstaple
Brown, H. Langford, Kingskerswell
Brown, John, Tiverton
Brown, Rev. W., Whitestone
Browne, William, Hollacombe
Browning, John A., St. Budeaux
Browse, George, Marldon
Browse, Geo. W. H., Marldon
Browse, G. Henry, Paignton
Buckingham, L., Kingsnympton
Buckingham, Wm., Southernhey
Bucknill, J. C. Devon County Asylum
Budd, Chas. Oct., North Tawton
Budd, Christian, North Tawton
Budd, Robert, Barnstaple
Buller, C. R., Plympton Maurice
Buller, Wentworth W., Whimple Strete Raleigh
Buller, W. C., Buckland Monachorum
Bullock, Henry, Broadhembury
Bulteel, Rev. Courtenay, Holbeton
Bulteel, John, Holbeton
Buncombe, Wm., Swimbridge
Burldon, Rev. H. B., Farway
Butland, Robert, Paignton
Butland, Thomas, Ringmore
Butler, Richard, Okehampton
Callaway, Chas., Washfield
Calmady, Vincent P., Wembury
Camp, James, Ilfracombe
Camp, Robert, Ashprington
Cann, George, South Tawton
Cann, Mark, Bow
Cannon, Benjamin J., Tiverton
Callard, John, Buckfastleigh
Carew, Thomas, Rattery
Carew, Thomas, Tiverton Tidcombe
Carew, Sir W. P., Coombeintignhead
Carew, W. P., Coombeintignhead
Carpenter, John, jun., Dawlish
Carpenter, John, Tavistock
Carr, Richard, Dawlish
Carter, Fredk. Roger, Tor
Carter, Thomas, Aylesbeare
Carwithin, Rev. W. H., Aylesbeare
Carwithin, Rev. J. C., Challacombe
Carey, Edward S., Totnes
Caunter, Henry Arthur, Widdicombe in the Moor
Challier, John, Sandford
Challier, Robert, Cowley Barton
Chamberlain, John, Broadclist
Champernowne, A., Dartington
Chapman, John, Churston Ferrers
Chapman, Col., St. Thomas
Chapple, John, North Tawton
Chapple, Philip, Newton Ferrers
Chappell, T. D., Axmouth
Chard, W. Wheaton, St. Budeaux
Charley, James, Combmartin
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Shirwell
Chichester, Chas., Bishop's Tawton
Chichester, Jas. J., Clovelly
Chillcott, Edward, Tavistock
Chope, William, Hartland
Chubb, John, Halberton
Chugg, Thomas, Morthoe
Churchill, Henry, Morchard Bishop
Churley, Charles, Uffculm
Churston, Rt. Hon. Lord, Brixham
Clack, Rev. W. Courtenay, Moretonhampstead
Clark, Irving, Egg Buckland
Clark, Lewis, T., Plympton St. Mary
Clark, William, Maker
Clark, James, Seaton
Clark, Henry, Milton Abbot
Clarke, Richd. Hall, Halberton
Clayfield, Edward J., Sandford
Claxton, Thomas, Brixham
Cleverley, Isaac, Buckland Tout Saints
Clifford, T. Hon. Lord, Chudleigh
Clinton, Lord, Huish
Clist, Henry, Uffculm
Cloblery, J. H., Lamerton
Clyde, J. Burdon, Bradworthy
Cobley, John, Chulmleigh
Cock, John, Clisthydon
Cockeram, Wm. J. C., Broadclist
Coffin, Charles Pine, Eastdown
Coffin, Samuel T. P., Alwington
Coham, Arscott B. C., Holsworthy
Coham, George L., Sheepwash
Coham, Wm. H. B., Bradford
Cole, Emanuel, Holsworthy
Cole, Henry, Whitestone
Cole, John, North Bovey
Cole, Rev. Wm. S., South Brent
Coleridge, Fras. J., Ottery St. Mary
Coleridge, Fred. J., Ottery St. Mary
Coleridge, W. R., Ottery St. Mary
Collier, James, Culmstock
Collier, John, Ottery St. Mary
Collier, Mortimore J., Plymouth
Colling, T. A., Buckland Brewer
Collins, James, Wembworthy
Collins, John, Bampton
Comins, Thomas M., Witheridge
Compton, Chas. T., Salcombe Regis
Coniam, John, Chagford
Coniam, Thomas, Chagford
Connabear, Thos., Lydford Forest
Connop, Newell, Newton St. Cyres
Conran, William, Plympton St. Mary
Coode, J. Penrose, Stoke Damerel
Cook, Thomas, Tiverton
Cooper, Geo., Exeter
Cooper, John G., Wear Gifford
Copp, Charles, Catton
Cornish, Rev. C. J., Salcombe Regis
Cornish, Rev. R. K., Salcombe Regis
Cory, H. Gilbert, Holsworthy
Cotton, John, Barnstaple
Coucher, M., Stokefleming
Courtenay, Lord, Mamhead
Courtenay, H. Reginald, Mamhead
Courtenay, Hon. H. H., Mamhead
Cox, William, Salcombe Regis
Creed, John, Abbotskerswell
Creed, William, Abbotskerswell
Crispin, Col. Benjamin, Paignton
Crispin, Philip, Tawstock
Crocker, Anthony L., Fremington
Crossman, William, Paignton
Crotch, James, Okehampton
Cruwys, George J., Cruwysmorchard
Cruwys, Rev. G. S., Cruwysmorchard
Dadd, John, Oldridge
Dalton, Henry, Frithlestock
Daniel, Thomas D., Oakford
Davey, Edward R., Pilton
Davey, George, Tiverton Tidcombe
Davey, John, Stockland North
Davey, R. R., Townstall
Davy, John Tanner, Roseash
Davey, Robert, Tiverton Tidcombe
Davey, Thomas, Woolfardisworthy
Davie, Charles F., Sandford
Davie, Geo. Lane, Exeter
Davie, Sir H. R. F., Bart., Sandford
Davie, John D. F., Sandford
Davis, Clement, Burrington
Davis, Edward, Honiton
Davey, Samuel, Weir, Exeter
Daw, Richard, R.M., St. Leonard
Dawson, Rchd. Kenet, Sidmouth
Dawson, Ralph, Wembury
Day, Edward, Exeter
Day, Samuel, Dunsford
Deane, W. Anthony, Alverdiscot
D'Eld, Major L. P., Lympstone
Dene, Octavius, Newton Tracey
Dene, Wavell A., Barnstaple
Dennis, Henry, Black Torrington
Dester, William, Swimbridge
DeVealle, W. Ernest, Teignmouth
Devon, H. Charles, Rackenford
Dickens, Theodore H., Lincoln's Inn Fields
Dincombe, James, Huntsham
Distin, Henry jun., Paignton
Distin, John jun., Paignton
Divett, Edward, Colaton Raleigh
Divett, Edward Ross, Colaton Raleigh
Divett, John, Bovey Tracey
Doble, Edward, Sheldon
Douglas, Philip H., Tiverton Clare
Dovell, Philip, Parracombe
Dovell, James, Martinhoe
Dovell, William, Combmartin
Doveton, Rev. W. D., Spreyton
Dowell, William M., Bideford
Drake, Rev. C. M., Huntshaw
Drake, Thomas Edw., Alphington
Drake, Sir T. T. F. E. Bart., Woodbury
Drew, Edward, Broadhembury
Drewe, Edward S., Broadhembury
Drew, Henry, Peamore Cottage
Drew, James, Tavistock
Duckworth, Sir J. T. Bart., Weir House
Duncan, Patrick, Northam
Dunn, R. Marsh, East Stonehouse
Dunsford, Francis, Tiverton
Dunsford, W. H., Tiverton Clare
Duntze, Sir J. L. Bart., Starcross
Durrant, Bosville, Dunkeswell
Durrant, Horace, Dunkeswell
Dyer, Adolphus, Plymouth
Dyer, William, Trentishoe
Dykes, Captain, Torquay
Earle, Augustus R., Ide
Earle, George, Frithelstock
Edgecumbe, Hon. G., Antony
Edgecumbe, Hon. C. E., Maker
Edmonds, Robt. Gard, Plymouth
Edwards, Rev. H., Churchtaunton
Edwards, John S., Plymstock
Edwards, Jeffery, Staverton
Edwards, Thomas, Dawlish
Edwards, Thomas, Highweek
Elliott, John, Rockbeare
Elliott, Jas. John, Plymouth
Elliott, Thomas, Brixton
Elliott, T. B., Littlehempstone
Elliott, Thomas, Cornworthy
Elliott, T. L., jun., Aveton Gifford
Elliott, W. Robert, St. Budeaux
Elliott, William B., Carpenters
Elliott, William R., Thurlestone
Ellis, John A., Mamhead
Ellis, Richard, Harberton
Elworthy, Elias, Southmolton
Elworthy, Frederick, St. Thomas
Elworthy, Thomas, Shobrooke
Endacott, Stephen, Ideford
England, Geo. F. G., Crediton
English, Edward A., Teignmouth
Evens, E. L., Plympton Maurice
Fairweather, R. H., Dodbrooke
Farmer, Daniel, Oakford
Farrant, Wm. jun., Clayhidon
Fenwick, Thos. H., Instow
Ferriers, G. A., Chudleigh
Ferris, William, Dawlish
Fisher, F. A., Moretonhampstead
Fisher, J. A., Barnstaple
Fogden, Charles, Clyst Satchfield
Folland, William, Tiverton
Fortescue, Earl, Filleigh
Fortescue, Hon. D. F., Filleigh
Fortescue, Rev. H. R., East Allington
Fortescue, Geo. F., Plymouth
Fortescue, W. C., Plymouth
Forward, Edward, Axminster
Fossey, Samuel, Wembury
Francis, George, Crediton
Francis, William, Crediton
Franklyn, H. W., Teignmouth
Frederick, Arthur, Torquay
Frederick, A. T., Torquay
French, William, North Bovey
Friend, Francis, Tavistock
Friend, James W., Exeter
Friend, William, Higher Barley
Froude, James A., Bideford
Fry, Benjamin, West Alvington
Fry, Richard, Eastdown
Fry, Walter, Dolton
Fryer, Merlin, St. Thomas
Fulford, Baldwin, Dunsford
Fuller, Eras. G. A., Dawlish
Furneaux, William, Bickington
Furze, C. W., Dolton
Furze, William, Pilton
Gage, John, Axminster
Galbraith, W. R., Honiton
Garland, William, Highampton
Garratt, Capt. F., Clist Satchfield
Garratt, John A., Clist Satchfield
Gee, Robert jun., Paignton
Gennys, E. B. H., St. Budeaux
Germon, John, Moretonhampstead
Gill, John R., Tavistock
Gill, R. B. E., Beerferris
Gill, William, Tavistock
Glanville, Thomas, Ottery St. Mary
Glubb, W. F., Great Torrington
Goodridge, J. C., Teignmouth
Gordon, Chas. jun., Southleigh
Gorwyn, W. L., Crediton
Gosling, John, Ottery St. Mary
Gough, Edward, Molland
Gould, John D., Stoke Damerel
Gould, John, Kenton House
Grace, James, Thornbury
Graddon, William, Chittlehampton
Grant, Lieut.-Col. A., Stoke Damerel
Gray, George, Plympton St. Mary
Green, Wm. jun., Brixham
Greggory, J. B., Ledburn St. Mary
Griffin, Uriah, Axminster
Griffin, Henry, Luppitt
Grigg, J. Williams, Plymouth
Grills, Philip, Harberton
Gunning, Rev. Peter, Inwardleigh
Gwilham, John, Wolborough
Hackworthy, Saml., Kingston
Hall, Francis, Broadclist
Hames, Rev. H. G., Chagford
Hallett, Wm. T., Axmouth
Hamlyn, John, Christow
Hamlyn, Hugh, Plymouth
Hannaford, George, Harberton
Harding, James N., Barnstaple
Harding, Joseph L., Littleham
Hare, F. T., Diptford
Hare, Rev. H. G., Halwell
Harris, Festus Coombeinteignhead
Harris, J. J. A., Stowford
Harris, H. W. F., Stowford
Harris, Josiah, Highweek
Harris, Joseph, Crediton
Harris, John, Harford
Harris, Thomas, Kingsbridge
Harris, William, Bovey Tracey
Harris, Captain W., Harford
Hartnoll, Thomas, Swimbridge
Harvie, Anthony, South Brent
Harvey, H. Gordon, Bampton
Harvey, Samuel, Axminster
Harvey, M. W., Moretonhampstead
Hawker, James, Plymouth
Hawksley, Rev. W., Ermington
Hayes, W. R., Clawton
Haynes, James L., Woodbury
Hazard, Chas. H., Chudleigh
Heath, John jun., Totnes
Hearn, Henry, Beaford
Helmer, M., Stokenham
Hern, John, Ashburton
Henry, Capt. R. J., Townstall
Hermon, Thomas, Christow
Herrie, Peter, Plymtree
Hewett, J., jun., Sampford Peverell
Hewlett, W. S., Alphington
Hews, Robert, Poltimore
Heysett, Lewis R., Bradford
Hicks, Col. T. W., Plympstock
Hill, Henry S., Kingsnympton
Hill, Richard, Cheldon
Hill, W. J. N., South Tawton
Hinde, Capt., Gittisham
Hirst, Matthew, Northlew
Hitchcock, W. M., Southmolton
Hockin, Percy, Dartmouth
Hodge, Benjamin T., Sidmouth
Hodge, C. W., Weston Peverell
Hodge, George, Tormoham
Hodge, John G., Weston Peverell
Hodge, Samuel, Stoke Gabriel
Hodges, Joseph, St. Giles
Hogg, T. D., Newton Tracey
Hogg, William, Lapford
Holdsworth, A. B. C., Stokenham
Holdsworth, A. F., Stokenham
Holdsworth, Col. T. W., Tormoham
Hole, Alfred, Great Torrington
Hole, John, Bow
Hole, N. J. B., Broadwoodkelly
Hole, Richrd A., Northtawton
Hole, Robert, Northtawton
Hole, Thomas, Georgeham
Hole, W. Robert, Bovey Tracey
Hole, Francis, Tiverton Tidcombe
Hole Francis R., Woodbury
Hole, William, Plymtree
Holford, Henry, Perridge, Exeter
Holley, W. H., Okehampton
Holman, Charles, Crediton
Holman, J. Coats, Westleigh
Holway, William, Burlescombe
Honeywood, E. J., Whimple Strete Raleigh
Hooper, John, St. Giles
Hooper, Richard, Thornbury
Hooper, Thos. jun., Sheepwash
Hooper, William, Chagford
Horne, Emanuel, Beerferris
Horswill, James, Milton Abbot
Hortop, John, Bratton Clovelly
Hotchkys, A. C., Bradworthy
Hotchkys, C. H., Braunton
Houlditch, Edwd., Kentisbeare
Hulme, Henry, Churchtaunton
Humfrey, Lieut., Stoke Damerel
Hunt, William C., Exeter
Hussey, James, Honiton
Hussey, T., Withycombe Raleigh
Huxtable, William, Charles
Huyshe, Rev. John, Clisthydon
Ilbert, Wm. Roope, South Milton
Iles, Richard R., Braunton
Jackman, R., Milton Abbot
Jackman, Wm., Tamerton Folliot
Jackson, Col. Geo., East Budleigh
Jackman, John jun., Paignton
James, Henry, Plymouth
James, Henry M., Exeter
Jeffery, William, Hartland
Jellard, A. L., South Huish
Jennings, Daniel, Highweek
Johnston, Capt. E., Clayhanger
Johnston, John G., Calverleigh
Jones, John P., Holbeton
Josling, Thomas, Otterton
Joy, John, Kingskerswell
Julian, Richd. A. A., Plymouth
Karslake, Chas. E., Meshaw
Kayley, Richard, Colaton Raleigh
Keats, William R., Northam
Kekewich, Geo., Peamore
Kekewich, S. T., Peamore
Kelly, Reginald, Lawhitton
Kelly, Thomas, Sandford
Kendall, W., Higher Summerlands
Kennaway, J. H., Ottery St. Mary
King, Thomas, North Huish
Kingdom, Charles, Holsworthy
Kingdom, Frederick, Holsworthy
Kingson, Geo. E., Newport
Kingwell, H. T., South Brent
Kitson, Rev. F. J., Hemiock
Kitson, William, Tormoham
Knighton, Charles, Littleham
Knighton, John F., Dawlish
Landick, J. jun., Okehampton
Landon, Rev. J. W. R., Braunton
Landry, William, Holne
Lane, Thomas V., Plymouth
Langdon, Alfred, Ashford
Langdon, William, Ashford
Langton, B. R., Stoke Damerel
Langworthy, Southmead Modbury
Leach, John, Thelbridge
Leach, Richd., Morchard Bishop
Leamon, T. M., Lamerton
Ledger, Capt. G. C., Clayhanger
Lee, Francis Edwd., Bradworthy
Lee, Richard, Crediton
Lempriere, Everard, Meeth
Lennard, W. J. B., Slapton
Lethbridge, Col. C., Exeter
Letheren, John, Okehampton
Leverson, William, Beaford
Lewis, Robert, Dawlish
Ley, Henry O., Bideford
Ley, William, Woodlands
Liscombe, J. L., Stoke Damerel
Litson, John, Coutisbury
Little, George G., Stoke Damerel
Little, John, Maker
Little, W. J., Maker
Littlejohns, John, Hartland
Lloyd, Benjamin, Instow
Lock, Thomas, Instow
Lockyer, James L., Plymouth
Lockyer, Thos. G., Plymouth
Lodgwick, Robert W., Ilfracombe
London, T. Whimple, Strete Raleigh
Lopes, H. C., Tamerton Folliot
Lopes, Sir M. Bart., Tamerton Folliot
Loveband, H., Bishopsnympton
Lovering, H., Heanton Punchardon
Lowe, Arthur, Plymouth
Lutley, Edward, Hemiock
Lutley, Samuel B., Exeter
Luxton, George, Winkleigh
Luxton, John, Bondleigh
Luxton, Robert G., Coleridge
McBayne, J. F., Westleigh
Maden, Lewis P., Jacobstow
Madge, John, Gittisham
Major, T. P., Churston Ferrers
Mallett, Hugh, Iddesleigh
Mallett, John, Ashprington
Mallock, Thomas, Axminster
Manley, Robert, St. Leonard
Mann, Edward, Staverton
Mann, John, Dunkeswell
Marker, George M., Uffculme
Marker, Richd. M., Uffculme
Martin, George E., Harberton
Martin, Philip, Bradninch
Martyn, Antony, jun., Exeter
Mason, Charles G., Harberton
Mason, J. B., Modbury
Matthew, John, Clysthydon
Mathias, George, Ilfracombe
Mathias, Col. Wm., Harford
Matthews, Charles, Bradninch
Matthews, John, Bradninch
Matthews, M. W., Pilton
Matthews, W. Edw., Newton Ferrers
May, Henry M., Ilfracombe
May, John, Broadclist
May, Richard, Halberton
May, Robert, Broadclist
May, Thos. Robbins, West Putford
Mello, George, Ilfracombe
Mentrinnick, Wm., Tavistock
Merchant, John, Lympstone
Merchant, T. B. R., Stoke Damerel
Merrifield, John, Chagford
Michell, Rev. Henry, Abbotskerswell
Michelmore, Chas. F., Totnes
Michelmore, Jeffery, Berry Pomeroy
Michelmore, J., Stokenham
Michelmore, Thos., Berry Pomeroy
Middleton, Robert, Chawleigh
Miles, G. F. W., Thorncombe
Milford, John, Coaver
Mill, David, Pyworthy
Mill, Thomas, Pyworthy
Miller, Alfred H., Barnstaple
Miller, J. M., Barnstaple
Mills, William, Roborough
Moir, George R., Teignmouth
Moore, Frederick, Totnes
Moore, John, Pancrassweek
Moore, Wm. Henry, Plymouth
Morris, Cholmeley, Hatherleigh
Morris, Henry Joseph, Tiverton
Morris, Wm. C., Morchard Bishop
Morris, J., Buckland Monachorum
Morshead, Capt., Plymouth
Moorshead, Capt. A. C., Egg Buckland
Mortimore, Richd. jun., Cullompton
Mortimer, Wm. R., Kinsgsteignton
Mudge, H. Tracey, Paignton
Musgrove, Chas. B., Honiton
Neale, William J., Kingsweare
Ness, Richard C. D., Morthoe
Netherton, J., Stokefleming
Nettleship, William, Winkleigh
New, John Cave, Uffculme
Newberry, Richard P., Membury
Newberry, Samuel, Membury
Newberry, Thomas, Axmouth
Newland, W. A., Plympton St. Mary
Newman, George, Awliscombe
Newman, Joseph, Sidbury
Newman, Sir L., Mamhead
Newton, Emanuel, Honiton
Newton, J. G., Bridestow
Nicholls, George, Stoodleigh
Nichols, Henry C., Rockbeare
Nicholson, Rev. W., Kingsnympton
Norman, George, Seaton
Norrington, F., Lamerton
Norris, John, Busselols
Norrish, Edward, Sandford
Norrish, Samuel, Colebrooke
Norrish, Samuel, Sandford
Norrish, Thomas, Shobrooke
Norrish, William, Widdicombe-in-the-Moor
Northcote, H. M., Monkokehampton
Northcote, Lewis S., Upton Pyne
Northcote, Sir S. H., Bt., Upton Pyne
Northmore, John, Rockbeare
Northmore, Thos. W., Exeter
Northy, Thomas, Woodbury
Norton, Reuben, Bickington
Obrien, Clarence L., Exeter
Odell, William, Filleigh
Ogilvie, Robert, Barnstaple
Oldham, Joseph, Hatherleigh
Oldham, Earnest Jos., Hatherleigh
Orchard, William, North Tawton
Osmond, Rev. Charles, Tiverton
Owen, Rev. D. M., Tiverton
Owen, Rev. G. W., Calverleigh
Oxenham, Nutcombe, Modbury
Oxenham, Robert, Modbury
Paige, Wm. Perring, Brixham
Palmer, Henry, Bradninch
Palmer, Henry, Bradninch
Palmer, Reuben, Yarcombe
Parey, Webley, Saint Leonard
Parkes, John, West Buckland
Parlby, Rev. J. H., Weston Peverell
Parnell, John, Stokeignteignhead
Parnell, J. Radcliffe, Stokeignteignhead
Parsons, J. Whiteway, Stokeignteignhead
Partridge, Jas. H., Witheridge
Pasmore, John, Newton St. Cyres
Patteson, Jas. H., Feniton
Pearce, John A., Aveton Gifford
Pearce, John S. D., Ashburton
Pearce, P. W., Stoke Damerel
Pearce, R., jun., Uplowman
Peard, John, Braunton
Pearse, James, Southmolton
Pearson, Thomas, Tormoham
Peel, William, Up Exe
Pellew, Hon. F., Canonteign
Perry, George, Tavistock
Perry, John, Thrushelton
Peters, Wm. Henry, Lympstone
Petherick, John, Chudleigh
Phillips, Captain E., Stoke Damerel
Phillips, James, Woodbury
Phillips, John, Buckfastleigh
Phillpotts, Captain H., Tormoham
Pitt, Robert, jun., Cullompton
Pittman, James S., Dunchediock
Pitts, Edwin, Drewsteignton
Pitts, Harris, Chivelstone
Pitts, N. P., Modbury
Pitts, Joseph, South Tawton
Pitts, William L., Stokenham
Pode, William, Cornwood
Pole, Edward, Templeton
Pollard, Thomas, Saint Budeaux
Poltimore, Rt. Hon. Lord, Poltimore Park
Pomeroy, John, Whimple
Ponsford, John, Drewsteignton
Pope, Alexander, Sherford
Porter, Henry A., Clist St. Mary
Porter, Henry, East Budleigh
Potts, George, Dawlish
Power, Amos, Branscombe
Pratt, Richard, Clisthydon
Pratt, William, Payhembury
Prettyjohn, Edwin, Withycombe Raleigh
Prettyjohn, Nathaniel, Loddiswell
Prettyjohn, Nathaniel, Chivelstone
Prickman, Thomas, North Tawton
Pridham, Daniel T., Crediton
Pring, John, Ottery St. Mary
Prowse, Phillip O., East Allington
Prowse, Thomas, North Huish
Prowse, Wm., jun., Tormoham
Pryse, John B., Bishopsteignton
Puddicombe, John, Dartmouth
Puddicombe, Robert, Ermington
Quartly, W. B., Fremington
Quick, Andrew, Newton St. Cyres
Radcliffe, Rev. C. E., South Sydenham
Raddal, Warn, Plymouth
Randle, Robert, Rattery
Rattray, David, Tiverton
Ravenscraft, E. W., East Budleigh
Rayer, W. C., Tiverton, Tidcombe
Raymont, John, Zeal Monachorum
Reddaway, James, Buckland Filleigh
Reddaway, John, jun., Inwardleigh
Redler, Thomas, Southmolton
Reed, John, Roseash
Reeves, William, Diptford
Reibey, Rev. J. H., Denbury
Rendell, Francis, Staverton
Revell, Josias, Brixton
Rew, Henry, Whipton
Rewsell, John, Woodbury
Reynolds, Joseph J., Parkham
Rice, James, Newton St. Cyres
Rice, William, Bratton Clovelly
Riccard, Russell M., Southmolton
Richards, John, East Down
Richards, W. V., Georgeham
Riddell, John R., Morthoe
Riddell, Rginald R. C., Morthoe
Riddell, Robert N., Morthoe
Rimington, William, Rockbeare
Risdon, James, Buckland Filleigh
Robeson, Rev. Hemming, Tiverton
Robins, John, Yealmpton
Robins, Samuel, Seaton
Roberts, Edmund G., Turlake
Roberts, Joseph, Rowthorne
Roberts, Frederick, Bradworthy
Rock, Herbert, Dawlish
Rodd, John, Northam
Roe, Henry Richard, Newton Ferrers
Rolle, Hon. Mark G. K., Saint Giles
Rolt, John Henry, Plymouth
Rouse, Eusebius, Bradworthy
Rowe, Charles H., Hartland
Rowe, Richard, Lamerton
Russell, Bury, Swimbridge
St. Aubyn, E. jun., Stoke Damerel
St. Aubyn, Rev. W., Alberbury
Salter, Chas. Row, Ottery St. Mary
Sambles, William, Peters Marland
Saunders, J. W., Sampford Peverell
Sanders, Edwd. A., Stoke Hill House
Sanders, Frederick, Exeter
Saunders, Levi, Tiverton
Saunders, Robert, Dean Prior
Scarbrough, John L., Colyton
Scobell, Edwin, Meavy
Scobell, Edwin Chas., Meavy
Scoffern, Robert, Stowford
Scott, Charles, Plymouth
Scott, John Edwd., Plymouth
Scott, Osmond, Devonport
SWcott, Wm. Bower, Chudleigh
Seale, Rev. E. T., Blackawton
Seale, Sir H. P. Bart., Townstall
Searle, Edwin, Paignton
Searle, Henry, jun., Stoke Gabriel
Seccombe, Joseph, Tavistock
Segar, John, Highweek
Sellis, W. J., Chittlehampton
Selliswood, Thomas, Axminster
Seward, William, Axminster
Sharland, Arthur C., Tiverton
Sharland, John, Morthoe
Shepherd, John, Ipplepen
Shepherdson, Thos., Ilfracombe
Sherrell, Anthony, Aveton Gifford
Shiles, John, jun., Clist St. George
Short, Francis B., Bickham
Short, George P., St. Mary Church
Short, Henry, Dunsford
Short, John Hassard, Tormoham
Short, Walter, Plympton St. Mary
Skinner, Henry, Crediton
Skinner, John, North Tawton
Skinner, Thos., Cheriton Fitzpaine
Skynner, A. C., Bradworthy
Skynner, A. C. G., Bradworthy
Skynner, Wm. Price, Bradworthy
Slade, Francis, Northmolton
Slaytor, Chas. P., Churchtaunton
Sloley, John, Great Torrington
Smale, Joseph, Bishopsnympton
Smale, William H., Plymouth
Smart, John, Kingsweare
Smerdon, E., Buckland in the Moor
Smith, Albert, Stoke Damerel
Smith, Abraham, Whimple
Smith, Charles, Wembury
Smith, Gustavus, Sidmouth
Smith, Henry, Churchtaunton
Smith, John B., Honiton
Smith, J. B., Clist Honiton
Smith, John Henry, Halberton
Smith, John, jun., Parracombe
Smyth, Wm. G., Southmolton
Smythe, J. J. B., Plympton St. Mary
Snell, Thos. Webber, Beaford
Snell, William, Monkokehampton
Snell, William, Zeal Monachorum
Sneyd, Henry, Sidbury
Sneyd, Thomas, Sidbury
Sneyd, Thomas Wm., Sidbury
Snow, Edmund, Franklyn
Snow, George, Bishopstawton
Snow, John, Braunton
Snow, Thomas M., Weir Cliff
Snow, Thomas, Franklyn
Snow, William M., Starcross
Sole, John D., Ermington
Soltau, John, Plymouth
Soltau, George M., Egg Buckland
Somers, Henry, Tawstock
Soper, Edward L., Brixham
Souden, John, St. Mary Church
Southwood, Richd., Dawlish
Sparrow, Benjamin, Plymouth
Spear, Christopher, Plymouth
Speare, Emanuel, Northlew
Spettigue, Henry, Holsworthy
Spettigue, John, Littleham
Spry, John, Petertavy
Square, Samuel S., Thurlestone
Square, Wm. Joseph, Plymouth
Squires, Joseph, Stowford
Staddon, Wm. jun., Kingskerswell
Starkey, Thomas S., Exeter
Stevens, Francis G., Axminster
Stevens, J. C. M., Peters Marland
Stevenson, E. J. W., Pyworthy
Stevenson, Henry, Westleigh
Stephenson, J. N., Moretonhampstead
Still, John Thomas, Axminster
Stone, Rev. D. S., Walkhampton
Stone, W. E., Walkhampton
Stone, Robert, Crediton
Strode, Geo., Plympton St. Mary
Stuckley, Sir G. S., Hartland Abbey
Stuckley, S., Hartland
Studdy, Henry, Stoke Gabriel
Stump, Samuel, Braunton
Sugars, William, Newton Abbot
Sutton, Daniel, Southmolton
Sydenham, Rev. J. P., Cullompton
Symons, G. S., Plympton St. Mary
Symons, Thomas, Coryton
Talbot, R. J. F. G., Up Lyme
Talboys, G. H., Halberton
Tally, William, Washfield
Tamlyn, John Q., Stoke Rivers
Tanner, John V., Kingsnympton
Taylor, Rev. F. W. J., East Ogwell
Taylor, Hernaman, Harberton
Taylor, Rev. Henry, South Poole
Taylor, John, Countisbury
Taylor, Samuel, Bideford
Tempest, Daniel F., Axminster
Templer, R. W., Newton Abbot
Thomas, Charles, Marwood
Thorne, George, West Buckland
Tickle, Samuel, Bratton Clovelly
Tilson, Charles, Blackawton
Tilley, William, Morebath
Todd, Daniel, Gittisham
Toll, Henry Limbry, Blackawton
Tombs, William, Exeter
Toms, William, Mariansleigh
Toogood, H., Newton St. Cyres
Tordiffe, Thomas, Tormoham
Tout, Michael, Burrington
Trefusis, Charles, Huish
Trefusis, Walter, Huish
Tremlett, Jas. W., Saint Leonard
Tremlett, John, Exeter
Tremlett, John, Sandford
Trewman, G. Robt., Hatherleigh
Tripe, Thomas, Bickington
Triscott, W. Robt., Plymouth
Trood, Capt. Robt., Matford
Trott, James, Stockland
Trude, John, Poughill
Tucker, Admiral, Tiverton
Tucker, George, Ipplepen
Tucker, John, Saint Leonard
Tucker, Richard, Honiton
Tucker, Robt. Coard, Ashburton
Tucker, Wm. jun., Sheepwash
Tuckett, Jas., Stockleigh English
Tuckett, John, Ide
Tuckett, John, Cheriton Fitzpaine
Tuckett, William, Shobrooke
Turner, Anselm, Malborough
Turner, George, Barton
Turner, George, jun., Barton
Turner, James, Heavitree
Turner, John, Thorverton
Turner, Richard, East Allington
Tyndell, Joseph, Highweek
Vallack, Adoniah, Stoke Damerel
Vallack, H. A., Great Torrington
Vaughan, Hugh, Pilton
Vaughan, Hugh C., Pilton
Veale, James H., Hatherleigh
Vellacott, J. A., Fremington
Venn, Clement Hy., Saint Leonard
VEnning, Wm. B., Broadhempstone
Vialls, Henry T., Bampton
Vicary, John, Highweek
Vicary, Wm., Woolfardisworthy
Vidal, Edward U., Abbotsham
Vowler, J. N., Bridestow
Wake, Richard, Haccombe
Wakley, Henry, Membury
Wakley, Victor J., Stockland South
Wakeham, Edwd. B., Slapton
Walke, Frederick, Kingstone
Walland, James, Plymptree
Walrond, John W., Uffculm
Walsh, G. M., Teignmouth
Walter, John, West Putford
Walters, John, Ottery St. Mary
Walters, Thomas, Tavistock
Walters, Wm. J., Slapton
Ware, Wm. W., Woodbury
Waring, Hy. John, Plymouth
Watson, Richard H., Harberton
Watts, W. J., Highweek
Weare, Nicholas, Plymouth
Weatherdon, Thos., Buckfastleigh
Webster, Henry B., Shute
Weeks, William, Lamerton
Wellington, Rev. W., Upton Hellions
Wells, Rev. T. B., East Portlemouth
Wensley, Anthony R., Puddington
Were, Hy. Bowden, Bradninch
Were, Henry, Tiverton, Clare
Were, Thomas B., Broadclist
Westaway, Thos. Y., Bradworthy
Westlake, S. Thos., Exbourne
Westlake, Thos., Moretonhampstead
Westlake, John, Bridestowe
Wharton, Robt., Woolfardisworthy
Wheaton, Fras. W. D., Culmstock
Wheaton, John, Plymtree
Wheaton, William, Sidmouth
White, Arthur, Ugborough
White, John, Ugborough
White, Peter, Pilton
White, Thomas, Harberton
White, Richard, Instow
White, Robert, Honiton
White, Samuel, jun., Colyton
White, Samuel, Gittisham
Whiteway, Mark, Tormoham
Whittell, W. M., Tamerton Folliot
Widger, Samuel, Ilsington
Wilcocks, Edward B., Maker
Willett, John S., jun., Monkleigh
Williams, Charles A., Holne
Williams, Thomas, Moretonhampstead
Willesford, Charles, Tavistock
Wills, Charles, East Ogwell
Wills, George, Ilsington
Wills, John, Ilsington
Wills, J. C., Tavistock
Wills, R. H., Compton Gifford
Wills, T., Moretonhampstead
Wilton, John, North Petherwin
Winter, John, Bampton
Wolfe, Richard R., Torquay
Woolcott, John M., Salcombe Regis
Wood, Bishop, Uffculm
Wood, George, Halberton
Wood, John, Dunkeswell
Wood, J., Withycombe Raleigh
Woodley, James, Ashburton
Woods, G. H., Exeter
Woolcombe, W. J., Plympton St. Mary
Woolmer, J. N., Barnstaple
Wooth, Charles, Bigbury
Worth, J. F., Washfield
Worth, Rev. R., Washfield
Wotton, James, Bishopsteignton
Wreford, John, Clannaborough
Wren, Robert F., Northam
Wyllie, Lieut.-Col. R., Fremington
Yates, Augustus, Buckfastleigh
Yelverton, Thomas, Ven Ottery
Yeo, W. A. sen., Fremington
Yeo, W. A. jun., Fremington
Yonge, Edmund, Brixton
Yonge, J. F., Brixton
Yonge, J. B. Newton Ferrers
Yule, Thomas, Bradford
LIST (2) GAME KEEPERS, not being Assessed Servants, who have taken out Game Certificates,
at £4 0s. 10d. each.
Anning, Henry, Dawlish By Geo. Potts Esq., for Elm Grove, and other lands.
Ball, John, Chudleigh By Mrs Parker, for Whiteway, and other lands.
Ball, Joseph, Christow By Lady Exmouth, for lands in Christow and A|shton.
Ball, Nicholas, Mamhead By Sir L. Newman, Bart., for Ashcombe, Mamhead, and other lands.
Beavis, Chas., Thorncombe By G. F. W. Mills, Esq., for Ford Abbey.
Beer, Geo. jun., Berrynarbor By A. D. Bassett, Esq., for Berrynarbor and other lands.
Beer Geo. sen., Berrynarbor By A. D. Bassett, Esq., for Berrynarbor and other lands.
Beer, Henry, Axmouth By W. T. Hallett, for Axmouth and Musbury.
Beer, Richard, Dawlish By William Cosens, for Langdon, Orchard, and other lands.
Bolt, James, Cheriton Bishop By Richard Lewin Pennell, for Medland, Pitton, Cross, and other lands.
Boon, Wm., Bishopsteignton By James Goss, for Bishopsteignton
Boothe, Charles, Crediton By James W. Buller, for Downs, Exwick, and other lands.
Bowden, William, Exminster By S. T. Kekewich, for lands in Exminster and Alpington
Brown, Wm., Tamerton Folliott By Sir M. Lopes, for Maristow, Bickleigh, and other lands.
Brailey, William, Powderham By Right Honourable Earl of Devon, for Powderham and Kenton.
Cann, Richard, Chulmleigh By Richard Crang, for Drewstone.
Charleton, Charles, Silverton By William Peel, for Silverton and Rewe.
Churchill, John, Dawlish By Sir J. L. Duntze, Bart., for lands in Kenton and Dawlish.
Cockram, Wm., Chulmleigh By William Preston, for Leigh, and other lands.
DAmerell, C., Buckland Filleigh By L. Lewellyn, for Buckland Filleigh and Black Torrington, and other lands.
Down, William, Yarnscombe By John Staley, for Yarnscombe.
Gray, John, Tamerton Folliott By Rev. Walter Radcliffe, for Tamerton Folliott, and Langford.
Guest, Richard, Atherington By Charles Williams, for Umberleigh.
Hall, Joseph, Christow By Lord Exmouth, for Christow and Ashton.
Hawkins, Ed., Holcombe Rogus By Rev. William Rayer for Holcombe Rogus.
Hodge, Samuel, Kelly By Arthur Kelly, for Kelly, Bradstone, and Dunterton.
Hodges, Francis, Kenn By L. Palk, Esq., for lands in Kenn.
Hodges, Herbert, Kenn By Sir L. V. Palk, Bart., for Kenn, and other lands.
Hooker, John, Teignrace By Duke of Somerset, for Stover, and other lands.
Hubber, John, Dunsford By Baldwin Fulford, for Fulford, Dunsford, Melhuish, Eggbeer, and Brook.
Jones, Abraham, Dawlish By P. R. Hoare, for Luscombe, and other lands.
Jones, Joseph, Tamerton Folliott By Sir Massey Lopes, Bart., for Maristow, Bickleigh, Buckland Monachorum,
  Walkhampton, Meavy, and Shaugh Prior.
Legg, William, Kenton By Gen. E. Studd, for lands in Kenton and Dawlish.
Leworthy, John, Shirwell By Sir A. Chichester, Bart., for Shirwell, Bratton Fleming, Fleming and Stoke
Martin, Samuel, Holne By Sir B. D. Wrey, for Holne Chase.
May, Robert, Poltimore By Lord Poltimore, for Poltimore and other lands.
Maye, John, Dartington By Charles Anthony, for Harberton and other lands.
Moon, William, Huish By Lord Clinton, for Heanton, Huish Hall, Merton, and other lands.
Morgan, James, Kingskerswell By H. L. Drewe, for Kingskerswell and Daccombe.
Newland, Anthony, Townstall By Sir H. [?], for Stoke Fleming, and other lands.
Parr, Henry, Kenn By William Ley, for [?]
Pitts, William, Upton Pyne By Sir S. M. [?], for Brampford, &c.
Reeks, George, Cheriton Fitzpaine By Sir H. B. F[?] Davie, for Cheriton, Sandford, and other lands in Devon and
Roberts, William, Chudleigh By Lord Clifford, for Chudleigh, and other lands.
Sansom, Henry, Uplyme By J. R. F. G. [?], for Uplyme.
Saunders, Ed., East Allington By R. Tu[?], for East Allington.
Saunders, Henry, Kenn By J. H. Ley, for lands in Kenn.
Shillabear, John, Ashbury By J. M. W[?], for Sourton, and other lands.
Slade, William, Shobroke By J. H. Hippisley, for Shobroke, and other lands.
Stacey, John, Little Torrington By Sir [?], Bart., for Little Torrington.
Symons, Noah, Tawstock By Sir B Wrey, for Tawstock.
Symons, Wm., Fremington By W. A. [?], for Fremington, and other lands.
Thompson, James, Shute By H. B. [?], for Shute.
Towers, John, Uffculm By J. W. Walrond, for [?].
Tucker, William, Arlington By Lady Chichester, for Arlington.
Vincent, Joseph, Tamerton Folliott By Sir M. Lopes, for Maristow, and other lands.
West, George, Holcombe Burnell By J. S. Pitman, for Holcombe Burnell, and lands in Devon.
White, George, Axmouth By John Ames, for Axmouth.
Names of PERSONS Licensed to Deal in Game.
Alger, John, Tavistock
Arscott, Richard, Belstone
Bater, John, Torquay
Beal, Elizabeth, Torquay
Bishop, William, Crediton
Chamberlain, Alice, Exeter
Chambers, James, Exeter
Clarke, Mary, Barnstaple
Coulton, William, Dartmouth
Diggins, John, Totnes
Fragel, George, Torquay
Gaydon, Wm. S., Barnstaple
Gillard, George, Barnstaple
Godfrey, James, West Teignmouth
Guppy, James, Sidmouth
Haddy, Susan, Plymouth
Hallett, Susannah, Plymouth
Hobbs, Samuel, Plymouth
Hooper, Henry, Exeter
Knill, Thomas, West Teignmouth
Loram, John, Exeter
Mark, Thos., East Stonehouse
Mingo, George, Totnes
Paver, Ann, jun., Sidmouth
Penwarden, Richd., Tavistock
Pike, David, Torquay
Power, John, Bideford
Pratt, Thomas, Torquay
Prowse, James, Tiverton
Rabbidge, Mary, Plymouth
Roberts, William, Newton Abbot
Saunders, Wm. P., B Ideford
Seward, James, Exeter
Stokes, James, Exeter
Tardrew, Henry, Bideford
Tucker, John, St. Mary Church
Vijas, John, Exeter
Woodley, W. H., Torquay
Yeo, Jn. T., Sampford Courtenay
Made up to the 12th September 1859.
By Order of the Board,
THOMAS KEOGH.                
Inland Revenue, Somerset House, London.
The Commissioners of Inland Revenue hereby give Notice that every person taking, killing, or pursuing Game without
first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount of the
Certificate Duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing, on being duly required, to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to
be read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a
penalty of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice, that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorise any person to
kill Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor or
reputed Manor but also that such deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, or the Gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the Duty of £4 0s. 10d., and also to be prosecuted by any common Informer,
for the penalty of £20.
N.B.- It is the intention of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue to publish, in a separate List, the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double Duty, for sporting without Certificates.

Brian Randell, 17 Feb 2012