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Help and advice for 13 Sep 1834

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Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 13 September 1834

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

for the year 1834.
List (1) GENERAL CERTIFICATES, at £3 13s. 6d. each.
Adams, Richd., Malborough
Adams, George, Malborough
Adams, Richd., Malborough
Adams, William, Dodbrooke
Abraham, Jno., Tavistock
Acland, T. P., Charles
Arscott, J. S. Plympton St. Maurice
Anthony, P. Leight, Wembury
Baker, Wm., Ilfracombe
Bastard, E. P., Yealmpton
Bastard, Wm., Slapton
Balkwill, George, Malborough
Bray, Edmd. B., Thurlestone
Baker, George, South Brent
Barter, Robt., Cornworthy
Bevan, Robt., Bridestowe
Beer, John, Holbeton
Bridgman, T. V., Tavistock
Bignell, E. M., Holbeton
Brooks, John, Okehampton
Boringdon, Lord Visc., Plympton St. Mary
Bowden, Wm., Totnes
Bogue, T. R., Cornworthy
Bulteel, J. C., Yealmpton
Burley, Wm., Tavistock
Budd, R., Barnstaple
Bulteel, Jno., Holbeton
Burgoyne, John, Kingsbridge
Clarke, Wm., Buckland Tout Saints
Calley, Wm., Harberton
Calley, John, Harberton
Champernowne, Hy., Dartington
Calmady, C. B., Wembury
Camp, James, Ilfracombe
Carr, W. D., Ilfracombe
Carpenter, James, Okehampton
Crawford, W. D., Tavistock
Clark, John, Linton
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Sherwill
Chichester, J. P., Arlington
Cole, Philip, Stokeingham
Collings, John, Harberton
Coats, Thos., Ilfracombe
Clobury, T. H., Lamerton
Cornish, Hr., Tavistock
Cox, Chas., Linton
Comer, Richd., Loxhore
Dawe, John, Bridestowe
Drake, Z. H., Heanton Punchardon
Drake, C. C., Heanton Punchardon
Dennis, John, Pilton
Down, Robt., Broadwoodwidger
Dovell, Joseph, Parracombe
Dyer, Robt. jun., Braunton
Edwards, J. S., Plymstock
Eales, John, Stokefleming
Earle, John, East Allington
Ebrington, Lord Visct., Filleigh
Edmonds, Thos., Ashprington
Farwell, Arthur, Stokefleming
Farwell, __, Totnes
Fisher, J. M., Barnstaple
Fortescue, Hon. John, Filleigh
Fortescue, W. B., East Allington
Gear, James, Berrynarbor
Gillard, J. P., Stokeinham
Griffiths, Chas., Trentishoe
Gordon, Cosmo, Ilfracombe
Goodland, Samuel, St. Giles
Hamlyn, C. P., Bidestowe
Harness, T. B., Tavistock
Harris, J. J., Stowford
Harris, John, Plymstock
Harris, __, Plymstock
Harris, Chrisr., Plymstock
Harding, T. W., Pilton
Harding, R., Barnstaple
Hawkins, __, Dodbrooke
Hare, Henry, Diptford
Hazard, __, Dodbrooke
Henley, Richd., Ugborough
Hill, __, Dartington
Honychurch, S., Milton Abbott
Hornbrook, Fredk., Tavistock
Hodder, Saml. Aveton Gifford
Holland, Edwd., Plymstock
Holland, Jno., Plymstock
Hole, Fras., Georgeham
Hodge, Simon, Braunton
Hockin, Wm., Dartmouth
Hole, Henry, Roborough
Hunt, E. A., Modbury
Irish, Robt., Halwell
Jellard, Andw. L., South Huish
Jeans, Philip, Modbury
Johnson, J. R., Harberton
Kerr, Lord Henry, Dittisham
Kingdon, Wm., Pilton
King, Thos., North Huish
Kingdon, John, Charles
Knight, Richd., Linton
Lane, Robert, Kingsbridge
Lavers, Roger, Diptford
Landon, __, Braunton
Lane, Thomas, Brixton
Lacey, George, Okehampton
Lacey, John, Okehampton
Leach, Robt., Stokefleming
Leamon, T. M., Newton Abbot
Lethbridge, Thos., Lamerton
Lidstone, Wm., South Huish
Lidstone, John, South Huish
Lowe, John, South Brent
Lock, T. R., Brendon
Lugard, H. W., Dodbrooke
Luxmore, Hr., Barnstaple
Luscombe, Wm., Plympton St. Mary
Marshall, Jno., Barnstaple
Mapleton, D., Dartmouth
Mason, Chas., Harberton
May, Saml., Fremington
Metherell, R. R. jun., Georgeham
Millett, H. C., Okehampton
Morgan, Wm., Tavistock
Moysey, J. D., Dartington
Narracott, Jno., Dittisham
Netherton, John, South Huish
Netherton, H. N., Stokefleming
Newton, J. G., Bridestowe
Owen, C. G., Dodbrooke
Owen, Thos., Barnstaple
Ormond, Fras., Kingsbridge
Prater, William, Tavistock
Pellow, John, Bridestowe
Peard, Edmd., Braunton
Pearse, Wm., West Allington
Prfettyjohn, Nathl., Charleton
Prettyjohn, Edwd., Loddiswell
Prettyjohn, Nichol., Loddiswell
Pearse, Wm., Dartmouth
Pinkham, Lewis, Barnstaple
Prideaux, Geo., Kingsbridge
Prideaux, W. W., Kingsbridge
Ponsford, Wm., Okehampton
Pode, J. S., Cornwood
Pode, __, Cornwood
Pode, Thos., Plympton St. Maurice
Prout, Wm., Townstall
Pyke, John, Barnstaple
Pyke, John, Parracombe
Reeve, James, Bigbury
Robertson, Robt., Holbeton
Robertson, Rt. jun., Holbeton
Roe, H. Rd., Newton Ferrers
Roberts, Chas., Fremington
Royse, N. T., Dunderton
Robins, Thos., Lamerton
Robins, Thos., Maristowe
Rundle, Nichs., Tavistock
Shath, Danl., Thurlestone
Seccombe, Wm., Broadwoodwidger
Steer, S. L., Stokenham
Seale, J. H., Townstall
Seale, H. P., Townstall
Slocombe, Hr., Parracombe
Strode, Geo., Plympton St. Mary
Strong, Saml., Buckfastleigh
Soper, Richard, Totnes
Stone, Nichs., Dodbrooke
Square, John, Thurlestone
Symons, Geo., Braunton
Taylor, Hr., South Poole
Tonkin, Harry, Holbeton
Treby, P. O., Plympton St. Mary
Treby, H. H., Plympton St. Mary
Torr, Edwd., Buckland Tout Saints
Torr, Hr., Westleigh
Tuckerman, Thos., West Allington
Vye, Geo., Ilfracombe
Vye, Wm., Ilfracombe
Waymouth, Edwd., Holbeton
Webber, C. H., Braunton
Wren, Edward, Ilfracombe
Westaway, Richd., Tavistock
Willett, A. S., Westleigh
Williams, Jno., Heanton Punchardon
Wise, Thomas, Kingstone
White, John, Ugborough
Wimpey, Wm., Bratton Clovelly
Willesford, Chas., Tavistock
Wilson,Andrew, Tavistock
Willis, Edwd., Totnes
Wood, James, Westleigh
Woolway, Thos., Roborough
Whyte, James, Pilton
Young, George, Charleton
List (2) GAME KEEPERS not being Assessed Servants, at £3 13s. 6d. each.
Easterbrooke, James appointed by Lady Carew, for Rattery and other Lands.
Hodge, William by J. P. Carpenter, Esq., for Milton Abbot, Ford, Brentor and other Lands.
Lear, John by J H Seale, Esq., for Norton and other Lands.
Rowse, James for Brixton and Spriddlestone.
Squire, Joseph by W. A. H. Arundel, Esq., for Lifton and other Lands.
Weymouth, Peter by Capt. Bastard, for Ashprington and Washborne.
List (3) GAME KEEPERS, being Assessed Servants, at £1 5s. each.
Bowden, Chas. appointed by Joseph Scoble, Esq., for Goodamery and other lands.
Bolt, John by Seth Hyde, Esq., for Medland.
Burgoin, James by John Garratt, Esq., for Sowton, &c.
Comer, James by Sir A. Chichester, Bart., for Sherwill, Bratton Fleming, and Stoke Rivers.
Edgcumbe, John by Sir Ralph Lopez, Bart., for Mristowe, Bickleigh, Buckland Monachorum, &c.
Ford, John by John Bulteel, Esq., for Fleet, Damerel, Ermington, Orcheson, Holbeton, Kerswill,
  and other lands.
Gilbert, Thomas by Rev. John Yonge, for Puslinch.
Harris, Benjamin by J. H. Gwynne, Esq., for Ford Abbey, Holditch, &c.
Hannaford, Wm. by Mrs Netherton, for Stoke Fleming.
Hews, Robert by the Right Hon. Lord Poltimore, for Poltimore, West Clist, Huxham, Pinhoe, and
Hockley, John by Edwd. S. Drew, Esq., for Broadhembury, Kerswill, and other lands.
Holman, Wm. by Sir L. V. Palk, Bart., for Dunchideock, Matford, &c.
Law, James by Edward Divett, Esq., for Withycombraleigh, &c.
Lewis, David by John Collier, Esq., for Em, Grimstone, and Whitechurch.
Luscombe, Philip by Edward Rosdew, Esq., for Beechwood.
Masters, John by Miss Hawkins, for Alston.
Mills, John by C. B. Calmady, Esq., for Langdon, Down, Thomas, and West Wembury.
Parnacott, Joseph by the Right Hon. Lord Clinton, for Heanton Hall, Hartleigh, &c.
Pedlar, Hugh by Arthur Kelly, Esq., for Bradstone, Dunterton, &c.
Prince, Bernard by Geo. Strode, Esq., for Newnham, Hemerdon, Laughter, Fernhill, &c.
Prince, Wm. by the Earl Mount Edgcumbe, for Mount Edgcumb, Maker and other lands.
Richards, John by the Right Hon. Earl Fortescue, for all the Manors and Royalties of Earl Fortescue
  in the County of Devon.
Richards, James by Mrs Collins, for the Manor of Ham.
Rowden, Wm. by Wm. Henry Walrond, Esq., for Bradfield and other lands.
Slade, Richard by R. H. Tuckfield, Esq., for Shobrooke, and all his other lands.
Smale, Thomas by J. H. Tremayne, Esq., for Maristowe and Thrusselter.
Smerdon, Elias by E. P. Bastard, Esq., for Yealmpton, Dunstine, and Worthell.
Searle, John by Wm. Ley, Esq., for Kenn.
Sloley, John by G. A. Barbor, Esq., for Fremington.
Summerhays, Samuel        by John Bush, Esq., for Churchtaunton.
Squire, Joseph by W. A. H. Arundel, Esq., for Lifton, Stone, and other lands.
Taylor, George by J. P. B. Chichester, Esq., for Arlington, Morthoe, &c.
Tapper, Thomas by Sir L. V. Palk, Bart., for Tormoham, Trusham, Sowton, and other lands.
Tapper, Chas. by Sir L. V. Palk, Bart., for Kenn, Brentor, Shillingford, St. George, Bridford, &c.
Taylor, Wm. by W. B. Gould, Esq., for Lewtrenchard, and other lands.
Tooley, Henry by Rev. Wm. Wells, East Allington
Wackrill, Uriah by John Garratt, Esq., for Clistsatchfield.
Walter, Robt. by R. W. Newman, Esq., for Ashley, Shorthead, Coryton, and other lands.
Walker, Edwd. by His Grace the Duke of Bedford, for Milton and other lands, belonging to the
  Duke of Bedford.
Whiteway, Robt. by Mrs Fortescue, for East Allington.
Wheaton, Thos. by Mrs S. Cornish, for Salcombe Regis, &c.
Willoughby, George by Rt. Robertson, Esq., for Revelstoke, Moss Maye, and Membland.
Willis, John by Earl of Morley, for Boringdon, Colebrooke, Woodford, North Molton, Morley,
  and Bratton Clovelly.
Wibby, John by G. Cowed, Esq., for Leeford.
(to be continued)
Made up from the 4th to the 11th of SEPTEMBER, 1834.
By order of the Board
Stamps and Taxes. CHARLES PRESSLY, Secretary.             

Brian Randell, 28 Feb 2012