Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 18 October 1834

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the year 1834.
List (1) GENERAL CERTIFICATES, at £3 13s. 6d.
Anning, Chas., Tawstock
Blatchford, Geo., Alphington
Binford, Wm., Southmolton
Cann, Philip, Southtawton
Cockram, J. F., Southmolton
Copp, John, St. Giles
Cutliffe, Chas. junr., Barnstaple
Dene,J. Horwood
Donnathorne, __, Warkleigh
Downing, Chas., Parkham
Dunning, James, Throwleigh
Farrent, Wm., Exeter
Fry, Wm., Countesbury
Greenwood, James, St. Giles on the Heath
Hartnoll, Philip, Southmolton
Ley, George, Barnstaple
Luxmoore, J. C., Alphington
Northcote, S. C., Upton Pyne
Paige, Wm., Southmolton
Peard, George, Exminster
Pethebridge, Thos., Fremington
Risdon, James, Buckland Filley
Rowe, T. V., Black Torrington
Roper, R. C., St. Leonard
Rouse, B. R., Great Torrington
Rouse, Wm. H., Great Torrington
Stevenson, J. N., Alphington
Smith, John, Parracombe
Short, Wm., Heavitree
Tyeth, W. S., Bideford
Veale, W., Northlew
Venner, Arthur, Luffincott
Watkins, John, Northlew
Welch, R. G., Great Torrington
Whitlock, George, Heavitree
Yeo, Beaple, Atherington
Made up from the 25th of SEPT. to the 15th OCT. 1834.
By order of the Board
Stamps and Taxes.CHARLES PRESSLY, Secretary
(To be continued)

Brian Randell, 7 Mar 2012