Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 5 November 1836

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the Year 1836.
Arscott, Thos. P., Chudleigh
Baker, Wm., Bishopsnympton
Boque, J. R., Ashrpington
Browse, George, Marldon
Coade, Wm., Ashburton
Cockey, Wm. A.,.Ashburton
Dickson, Chas. L., Chudleigh
Elliott, F., Exminster
Forster, Francis, Ipplepen
Fry, Wm., Countisbury
Gould, R. F. jun., Ilfracombe
Hardy, Wm. jun., Harberton
Lock, T. R., Countisbury
Loveband, Thos., Bishopsnympton
Loye, Wm., Marldon
Marshall, John, Exeter
Parker, Wm., Bishopsnympton
Pennell, R. L., Exe3ter
Pitts, Edwin, Drewsteignton
Prowse, Peter jun., Denbury
Rook, Lew3is, Newport Borough
Stracey, Wm. M., West Buckland
Searle, Richard, Staverton
Skinner, Chas., Broadhempston
Smith, J. P., Ashburton
Toms, John, Mariansleigh
Young, J. L., Ashburton.
List (2) GAME KEEPERS not being Assessed Servants, at £3 13s. 6d. each.
Hutchings, John, Blackawtonby T. S. Cholwich, Esq., for Eas, Cornworthy.
Matthews, Jacob, East Ogwellby Col. Taylor, for East and West Ogwell.
Maye, Philip, Stavertonby John Maye, Esq., for Barkingdon.
Murch, Henry, South MiltonProprietor's name not stated - for South Milton.
Norrish,James, Buckland in the Moorby Miss Abrahams, for Buckland.
Puckpit, Richard, Churston Ferrersby Sir J. B. Y. Buller, Bart., for Lupton, &c.
Rowse, James, Brixtonby Rev. __ Lane, for Spriddlescombe and Brixton English.
Stancombe, Robert, Bishopsteigntonby Rev. J. Templer, for Lindridge.
Weymouth, Peter, Ashpringtonby John Bastard, Esq., for Ashprington and Washbourne.
List (3) GAME KEEPERS, being Assessed Servants, at £1 5s. each
Lavers, Thomas, Yealmptonby J. C. Bulteel, Esq., for the Manor of Lyneham.
Names of Persons LICENSED to DEAL in GAME.
Conroy, John, West Teignmouth
Kilby, Charles, Torquay
Wills, John, Kingsbridge
Woodley, J., Torquay
[To be continued.]
Made up to October 31, 1836.
By order of the Board
Stamps and Taxes.CHARLES PRESSLY, Secretary