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Help and advice for 19 Sep 1846

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Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 19 September 1846

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

Arranged and Published by
Remainder of the List of Persons who have taken out General Game Certificates at £4 0s. 10d each, including the
Additional Duty of 10 per cent., under the Act of 3 Vict., cap. 17. Completed up to the 7th of September.
Schedule D.
Abraham, Rt. G., Ashburton
Adams, Nicholas, Dawlish
Adams, William, Totnes
Adams, George, Malborough
Adams, Richard, Malborough (South Down)
Adams, Thos. jun., Malborough
Adams, Richard, Malborough (Rew)
Anthony, Pp. L., Train Wembury
Anthony, Charles, Dartington
Arnold, William, Dolton
Arnold, William, Iddesleigh
Arscott, J. Strode, Plympton
Atkinson, Thos., Ashburton
Aylwin, Robert, Plympton
Baker, William, Stokenham
Baker, Henry, Devonport
Balkwill, J. W. F., Peters Marland
Ball, William, Chudleigh
Bartlett, Nichs., St. Nicholas
Bartlett, Jacob B., Teignmouth
Bassett, Rev. Fs., Heanton Punchardon
Bassett, Arthur, Atherington
Bastard, William, Slapton
Battersby, Robt., Torquay
Bawden, Joshua, Southmolton
Beer, John, Holberton
Beer, John, Devonport
Binford, William, Southmolton
Binnear, Thos., Brixton
Blackaller, Jb. B., Paignton
Blackford, John, Stowford
Boatfield, Rt. jun., Bishops Tawton
Bond, William, Teignmouth
Bond, James R., Dawlish
Bonifant, John, Petrockstow
Bonifant, Henry P., Langtree
Boque, Rev. J. R., Denbury
Bowman, Rd. B., Shebbeare
Braginton, George, Great Torrington
Bremridge, John, High Bickington
Brendon, Rich., Kelly
Brickwood, R. C., Milton Abbot
Brighton, Rich., Beerferris
Brighton, John, Beerferris
Brighton, Geo. sen., Beerferris
Brock, John, Dawlish
Bromley, Thos., Linton
Brown, Henry L., Kingskerswell
Brown, George, Bittadon
Browse, George, Marldon
Buck, Lewis Wm. M.P., Bideford
Buck, George Stuckley, Hartland
Buckland, Frans., Wolborough
Budd, Robert, Barnstaple
Budd, Richard, Barnstaple
Budd, Christian, North Tawton
Buller, Sir John Y. B., Brixham
Buller, John B. Y., Holne
Buller, Wm. Chas., Pound Buckland Monachorum
Buller, Geo. Fk., Pound Buckland Monachorum
Bulteel, John, Holberton
Bulteel, Courtenay J. C., Holberton
Burdwood, J. C., Plymouth
Burgess, John, Warkleigh
Burley, William, Tavistock
Burrow, John, Holsworthy
Bury, John F., Dawlish
Busche, Charles, Teignmouth
Butland, Robert, Paignton
Butland, Thomas, Diptford
Butter, John M.D., Plymouth
Caddy, Chas And., Bideford
Calmady, Chas. B., Wembury
Calmady, Vinct. P., Wembury
Camp, James, Ilfracombe
Capel, Algernon, Alverdiscott
Carwithin, Rev. William Henry, Challacombe
Carew, Sir W. P., Coombeinteignhead
Carew, Thomas, Totnes
Carew, Henry, Rattery
Carew, Rev. R. P., Rattery
Cary, G. Stanley, Totnes
Carey, Robert, Torquay
Camitor, George, Ashburton
Cator, John, Ashburton
Chapman, John, Churston Ferrers
Chappell, Chas. Henry, Tetcott
Cheriton, Wm., Down St. Mary
Chichester, Sir A. bart., Sherwill
Chichester, Jas., Sherwill
Chilcott, Henry, Brixham
Cholmeley, Waldo, Lidford
Churchward, Thos., Paignton
Churchward, James, Stokegabriel
Clarke, Fred. E., Eggbuckland
Clarke, John, Lynton
Clark, W. E. S., Chudleigh
Clifford, Hon. Hy., Chudleigh
Clifton, Richard, Ashwater
Clinton, Rt. Hon. Lord, Huish
Clyde, Rev. James Burdon, Bradworthy
Cocke, Fred. Heysett, Bradford
Cockey, William, Ashburton
Cockram, Francis John, Southmolton
Coffin, Rev. John Thos. P., Alwington
Coham, Geo. Lewis, Black Torrington
Cole, Samuel, Holsworthy
Cole, John, Peter Tavy
Cole, William H., Stokenham
Colling, Rev. Thos. A., Buckland Brewer
Cowdry, Wm. George, Great Torrington
Coward, Isaac F., St. Nicholas
Cozens, William, Dawlish
Creed, William, Abbotskerswell
Creed, John, Abbotskerswell
Crispin, Philip, Tawstock
Crocker, Anthony Loveband, Fremington
Crossing, J. P., Peter Tavy
Crotch, John, Okehampton
Crotch, James, Okehampton
Curtis, Thomas, Jacobstowe
Davie, Charles, Newport
Davis, J. F., Swymbridge
Davis, Rev. John William, Wolborough
Davis, Rev. Edward W. L., South Poole
Davey, Frans. G., Hennock
Dawe, John, Bridestowe
Deacon, Jas. P., Whitchurch
Deacon, W. H., Whitchurch
Dene, Rev. John, Horwood
Dene, Octavius, Horwood
Dennis, John, Ilfracombe
De Vismes, Hy., Woolfardisworthy
Divett, John, Bovey Tracey
Dolton, Rev. C., Holne
Dovell, Philip, Parracombe
Dovell, Rev. Jos., Martinhoe
Down, Jas., Thrushelton
Drake, Mark, Kingsteignton
Drake, Zach. H., Heanton Punchardon
Dunning, Richd., Winkleigh
Dymond, Jas. G., Thrushelton
Eastcott, Thos., Broadwoodwidger
Ebrington, Rt. Hon. Lord., Filleigh
Edgecumbe, Wm., Thornbury
Edwards, Thos., Staverton
Edwards, John S., Plymstock
Elvin, Francis, Braunton
Fairweather, Jas., Malborough
Farncombe, Wm. F., Stoke Fleming
Fellowes, Hon. Newton, Wembworthy
Flamank, Willm., Wolborough
Fortescue, Rev. H. R., East Allington
Fortescue, G. F., Plymouth
Fortescue, Rt. Hon. Earl, Filleigh
Fox, Willm., Plympton
Fox, Thos. W., Plymouth
Fox, Septimus, Plymouth
Froude, John, Knowstone
Furse, Jno. Hy., Dolton
Gear, Jas. senr., Berrynarbor
Gear, Jas. jun., Berrynarbor
Gennys, E. H., St. Budeaux
Gibson, Major G. W., Blackawton
Gilbert, Aug. H., Landkey
Gilbert, John Pomeroy, Barnstaple
Gill, Robert, High Bickington
Gill, John, Crowndale, Tavistock
Gillard, John, Stokenham
Glanville, Wm. F., Newton Ferrers
Godfrey, James, Teignmouth
Goodridge, Rt., Stowford
Gough, Edwd., Molland
Gould, Rev. F., Ilfracombe
Gould, John, Devonport
Gray, Geo., Plympton
Green, George, Brixham
Griffiths, Rev. Chas., Trentishoe
Gunnell, Fras., Stoke Fleming
Gunning, Rev. Peter, Inwardleigh
Gunning, Hy. Jas., Inwardleigh
Gyde, Henry, Paignton
Hackett, Jno. Geo., Abbotsham
Hackworthy, S., Kingston
Halse, William, Molland
Harding, Robt., Barnstaple
Hare, Rev. Hy., Diptford
Hare, Reginald, Dartmouth
Harris, George, Bovey Tracey
Harris, William, Bovey Tracey (Plumley)
Harris, William, Bovey Tracey (Hawkmore)
Harris, George H., Torquay
Harris, George R., Kingsbridge
Harris, John C., Plymstock
Harris, Chris., Plymstock
Harris, William, Yealmpton
Hawke, Richard, North Petherwin
Hawkins, Willm., Chawleigh
Haynes, Jno. J., Hartland
Heathfield, Wm., Burrington
Hern, John, Ashburton
Heves, Chas., Hennock
Heysett, Lewis Risdon, Bradford
Heysett, J. G. J., Shebbear
Hill, James, Anstey West
Hill, Richard, Sampford Courtenay
Hillson, Richard, Plympton
Hoare, John, Bratton Clovelly
Hockin, Wm. L., Dartmouth
Hodge, John, Milton Abbot
Hodges, Joseph, St. Giles
Holdsworth, Arthur B. E., Dartmouth
Holdsworth, J. E., Brixham
Hole, William, Bovey Tracey
Hole, Rev. Fras., Georgeham
Hole, John, Bow
Hole, Alfred, Great Torrington
Hole, Rev. N. J. B., Broadwoodkelly
Honey, William, Tavistock
Hooper, Henry, Dowland
Horne, John, Beerferris
Hunt, Richard, Ipplepen
Huxtable, James, Berrynarbor
Ilbert, Willm. R., South Milton
Iles, Richd., Braunton
Irish, Edwd., Holberton
Jackman, Robt., Bridestowe
Jeffery, Willm., Buckfastleigh
Jones, Robt. L., Barnstaple
Jones, Rev. C. W. J., Loddiswell
Julian, A. A., Egg Buckland
Kekewitch, Hy., Staverton
Kelland, John, Sampford Courtenay
King, Thomas, North Huish
Kingson, Geo., Barnstaple
Kirkwood, J. Townsend, Bishop's Tawton
Kitson, Chas. R., Torquay
Kitson, Chas., Torquay
Kitson, Willm., Torquay
Knighton, J. F., Dawlish
Knox, Edwd., Bishopsteignton
Lacey, John, Okehampton
Lake, Andrew, Aveton Giffard
Landon, Rev. J., Braunton
Landon, J. C., Braunton
Lane, Rev. Rd., Morleigh
Lane, John R., Wolborough
Lane, Thos. N., Chudleigh
Langdon, George, Ashford
Latham, Wm. F., Newport
Lawrence, Elias, Devonport
Leach, Robt., Black Torrington
Leamon, Thos., Milton Abbot
Lee, John H., Torquay
Lethbridge, Col., Chudleigh
Lethbridge, G. jun., Tavistock
Leverton, Willm., Beaford
Ley, Henry, Marwood
Ley, Arthur, Bideford
Ley, Hy. Oliver, Bideford
Lidstone, Willm., South Huish
Little, John, Maker
Little, Wm., Maker
Lopes, Sir R. bart., Maristowe
Lopes, R. L., Maristowe
Lopes, Henry C., Maristowe
Lowe, Stanley P., Churchstowe
Loye, Philip jun., Stokenham
Ludgater, John, Littlehempstone
Ludgater, James, Littlehempstone
Luxmore, J. R., Hatherleigh
Luxton, George, Winkleigh
Mallett, Hugh, Iddesleigh
Manning, Geo., Bovey Tracey
Martin, Geo. E., Harberton
Marshall, A. H., Plymouth
Mason, John B., Plymouth
Matthews, W. M., Pilton
Matthias, Thos., Ivybridge
Maye, Philip, Staverton
Melhuish, Walter Wm., Ashwater
Melhuish, T. Warren, Clawton
Mello, George, Ilfracombe
Merson, Willm., Southmolton
Michelmore, R. junr., Broadhempstone
Michelmore, Thomas, Berry Pomeroy
Michelmore, Philip, Ashprington
Mill, David, Pyworthy
Mill, George, Shebbear
Mink, Wm., Tavistock
Mitchell, Thos., Plymouth
Mitchell, W. P., Tavistock
Moore, Thos., Clovelly
Morgan, Chas., Lamerton
Morley, Earl of, Plympton
Morris, Capt. H. J., South Brent
Morris, William, Hatherleigh
Morshead, C. A., Eggbuckland
Moysey, Richd., Modbury
Mudge, John, Paignton
Mudge, Hy. Treacey, Paignton
Mudge, Zachary, West Alvington
Mules, John, Marwood
Netherton, John, Stoke Fleming
Netherton, Henry N., Stoke Fleming
Newton, J. G., Bridestowe
Nicholas, T. P., Plymouth
Northcott, Arthur H., Newton Ferrers
Nott, John, Swymbridge
Nuthall, F. G., Newport
Orchard, Wm., Dawlish
Owen, Rev. C. G., South Brent
Owen, Thomas, Barnstaple
Page, John, jun., Roborough
Paige, Robt. L., Brixham
Paige, William, Sherford
Paige, Richard, South Milton
Paige, Robert, Slapton
Palmer, John, Instow
Palmer, Cadwalader Edwards, Instow
Parham, B., Plymouth
Parker, E. N., Chudleigh
Parlby, Rev. H. H., Weston Peverel
Partridge, Jno., Northtawton
Peard, John, Braunton
Peek, Richard, Peter Tavy
Penwarden, Robt., Holsworthy
Petherick, John, Chudleigh
Phear, Wm., Bratton Clovelly
Phillips, John, Staverton
Phillips, John F. P., Cornworthy
Philpotts, Hy., St. Mary Church
Pickard, James, Parkham
Pierrepoint, Hy. B., Brixham
Pike, William, Devonport
Pinhey, John, Ugborough
Pitts, Nichs., Chivelstone
Pode, William, Cornwood
Pope, John, jun., Slapton
Powell, Capt. Scott, Torquay
Prettyjohn, Nathl. jun., Stokenham
Prettyjohn, Philip D., Loddiswell
Priaulx, Cn., Great Torrington
Prickman, Thos., North Tawton
Prideaux, Thos., Sherwill
Pincept, T. L., Bishopsteignton
Prout, Wm., Dartmouth
Prowse, Wm., Torquay
Prowse, Thomas, North Huish
Prust, Bartholomew, Woolfardisworthy
Putt, Robt., Slapton
Pyke, Rev. Jno., Parracombe
Radcliffe, Rev. Walter, Warleigh, Tamerton Folliott
Radford, Chas., Winkleigh
Randell, Richd., Chivelstone
Reddaway, Jas., Buckland Filleigh
Reddaway, John, Inwardleigh
Reed, Jno. Brent, Shebbear
Reed, Thos. S., Woodland
Rendell, John, Coffinswell
Rendell, William, jun., Coombeinteignhead
Repath, W. P., Tavistock
Revell, Sampson, Brixton
Riccard, Jas. Edwd. Jackson, Southmolton
Richards, John, Filleigh
Richards, W. V., jun., Georgeham
Risdon, James, Buckland Filleigh
Risdon, Wm., Alwington
Roberts, Chas., Fremington
Robins, John, Yealmpton
Rodd, Francis, Doddiscombesleigh
Rodd, Edward, Doddiscombesleigh
Roe, Richd. Hy., Newton Ferrers
Roe, Henry Farwell, Newton Ferrers
Roe, Thomas, Countisbury
Ross, R. G., Devonport
Rouse, Eusebius, West Putford
Rowcliffe, Geo., Swymbridge
Rowe, Chas. Hy., Hartland
Royse, Rev. N. F., Dunterton
Rundle, P. F., Princes Town
Rundle, Thos., Stoke Damerel
Rundle, William, Weston Peverel
Russell, Bury, Swymbridge
Russell, Michael, Iddesleigh
Salter, Samuel, Dawlish
Sanders, Robert, Dean Priory
Sanders, Samuel, Plymouth
Sanders, John, Chawleigh
Saunders, Geo., Little Torrington
Savery, Servington, Ugborough
Savery, John, South Brent
Scobell, E. H., Meavey
Scott, Wm. B., Chudleigh
Scott, Edward, Great Torrington
Seale, Sir Hy., Townstall
Searle, Henry, Stoke Gabriel
Searle, Edward, Blackawton
Sergeant, John, Alwington
Shath, Daniel, Thurlestone
Sheere, Christopher, Ashreigney
Shore, Thos., Totnes
Shute, Richd., Littleham
Simcow, Chas., Bishopsteignton
Skinner, J. jun., North Tawton
Skinner, Charles, St. Nicholas
Sloly, John, Great Torrington
Smith, John, Devonport
Snell, Chas., Sheepwash
Snell, Thos. Webber, Beaford
Snell, John, Sampford Courtenay
Snell, Anthony, Little Torrington
Snell, Anthony, Little Torrington
Snow, Geo., Bishopstawton
Soltan, G. W., Eggbuckland
Soper, Edwd. L., Brixham
Soper, Richard, Totnes
Sparrow, Benjn., Plymouth
Spry, H. F. P., Peter Tavy
Square, John, Kingsbridge
Squire, Jos. jun., Broadwoodwidger
Squire, George, Swymbridge
Staddon, Thos., Torquay
Stawell, W. B., Anstey East
Steer, Henry A., Dodbrooke
Stone, Samuel, Brushford
Stone, Rev. Geo., Bundleigh
Stone, Rev. D. F., Walkhampton
Strickland, Chas., Ashbury
Strode, Geo. S., Plympton
Sugars, Wm., Wolborough
Sullivan, Capt. B. J., Devonport
Tapp, John, Twitchen
Taylor, Rev. Hy., South Poole
Taylor, Rev. Fitzwilliam J., East Ogwell
Taylor, W. Granger, Hennock
Terrell, Henry, Lamerton
Tibbetts, Smith, Hennock
Tordiffe, Thomas, Ilfracombe
Torr, Henry, Westleigh
Torr, Jas. Berry, Westleigh
Torr, Edwd. jun., Buckland Tout Saints
Tout, Michael, Burrington
Toye, Wm., Thurlestone
Treby, Paul O., Plympton
Trewman, G. R., Hatherleigh
Trickey, Saml., Devonport
Tripe, Wm., Dawlish
Trist, Richd., Buckfastleigh
Tucker, Wm., Sheepwash
Tucker, Anty. C., Black Torrington
Vallack, H. A., Great Torrington
Veale, J. Harris, Hatherleigh
Veale, Westcott H., North Lew
Venning, W. B., Broadhempstone
Vidall, Ed. Urch., Abbotsham
Vought, Josh., Ideford
Vowler, Jno. Nicholson, Pyworthy
Vyvyan, Richard, Iddesleigh
Wakeham, Ed. B., Slapton
Walters, Thos., Ilfracombe
Walter, Richd., West Putford
Ward, Daniel, Milton Abbot
Ward, J. M., Milton Abbot
Watkins, Jno. C., Saint Nicholas
Watts, Jno. W., Teignmouth
Watts, Rev. Nich. jun., Kingsteignton
Way, John, Wolborough
Weatherdon, T., Dean Prior
Webber, Arthur, Braunton
Webber, Chas. H., Braunton
Weekes, Thos., Sydenham Damerel
Weekes, Henry, Diptford
Wells, Rev. J. B., East Portlemouth
Weld, Ed. Josh., Tawstock Court
Westaway, Geo., Belstone
Westacott, John, Landkey
Westlake, Richd., Exbourne
Westlake, Thos., Exbourne
Weston, Henry, Hennock
Wheeler, Sir Trevor, Little Torrington
Wheeler, James, Beaford
Whidborne, Jno., Teignmouth
White, Arthur, Ugborough
White, Peter, Pilton
Whiteway, Saml., Kingsteignton
Whyte, Robt., Pilton
Whyte, Mark B., Pilton
Willcock, Rev. G., Dodbrooke
Willesford, H. M. B., Tavistock
Willett, Augustus Saltren, Westleigh
Willett, Jno. Saltren, Monkleigh
Willing, Thos., Loddiswell
Wills, George, Ilsington
Wills, Thos., St. Nicholas
Wills, C. Corbyn, Great Torrington
Woodgate, Capt. Thos., St. Nicholas
Woodley, James, Ashburton
Woolderidge, J. W., Blackawton
Woolpys, Josh., Buckland Monachorum
Woolway, Wm., Ashreighney
Wreford, Saml., Bow
Yeo, W. Arundell, Fremington
Youge, Edwd. C., Newton Ferrers
Younge, John B., Newton Ferrers
Zeal, John, Charles
Schedule A. and B.
GAME KEEPERS, being Assessed Servants, at £1 7s. 6d. under the Act of the 3d of Vic., 17.
Chissell, Nathaniel Bideford L. W. Buck, Esq., for the manors and other lands belonging to the
    said L. W. Buck, in Devon.
Clarke, John Maker Lord Clinton, for the manor of Insworth.
Comer, James Sherwill Sir Arthur Chichester, for the manors of Sherwill, Loxhore, and Stoke
Cornelious, Edward Kelly Arthur Kelly, Esq., for the manors of Ashley, Bradstone, Ramsdown,
    Willesley, Kelly, Whittaborough, and all other his lands in Devon.
Kingdon, Joshua Alwington The Rev. J. T. P. Coffin, for the manors of Alwington, Goldworthy,
    and Monkleigh in Devon.
Lewis, David Whitchurch John Collier, Esq., for the manors of Em, Grimstone, and Monkshill
Leworthy, John Bratton Fleming    Sir A. Chichester, for the manors of Bratton Fleming and Stoke Rivers
Mitchell, Thomas Huish Lord Clinton, for the manors of Heanton, Huish, Hall, Merton, and
    all other lands belonging to his lordship in Devon.
Moon, William Huish Lord Clinton, for the manors of Heanton, Huish, Hall, Merton, and
    all other lands belonging to his lordship in Devon.
Mock, James Arlington Sir J. P. Bruce Chichester, for the manor of Arlington.
Sloley, John Fremington W. A. Yeo, Esq., for the manor of Fremington.
Smale, Thomas Maristowe John Hearle Tremaine, Esq., for manors of Sydenham, Raddon,
    Allerford, and Cannon Barn, and all other his lands in Devon.
Sparrow, Edwin Morthoe R. A. Riddle, Esq., for the manor of Spreacombe.
Taylor, Samuel Bideford L. W. Buck, Esq., for the manor of Newton St. Petrock, Devon.
Tucker, Eman. Hatherleigh Joshua Oldham, Esq., for the manors of Hatherleigh and Twigbeare.
Wallace, John Tawstock E. J. Weld, Esq., for the manor of Tawstock.
Schedule C.
GAME KEEPERS not being Assessed Servants, at £4 0s. 10d each.
Anning, Charles, Rattery   By Lady Carew for Rattery, &c.
Burgess, Jos., Berry Pomery   By the Duke of Somerset, for Berry Pomery, Totnes, and other
Harris, Festus, Haccombe   By Sir Walter Carew, for Haccombe, Buckland, &c.
Matthews, Jacob, East Ogwell   By Col. J. W. Taylor, for East and West Ogwell, Denbury, and Lands
    in Torbryan.
Newland, Anthony, Ashprington   By Richard Durant, Esq., for the Manor of Sharpham, &c.
Pockett, Richard, Lupton   By Sir J. B. Y. Buller, for Churston, Woodhuish, Goodrington Parks,
    &c., &c.
Smerdon, Elias, Buckland   By E. R. P. Bastard, Esq., for Buckland, &c., &c.
Bartlett, Wm. jun., Great Torrington
Butler, Mary Ann, Barnstaple
Clarke, Mary, Barnstaple
Dennis, John, Great Torrington
Mayle, John, Chudleigh
Phillips, John, Bideford
Ryder, Susanna, Totnes
Saunders, John, Bideford
Staddon, John, Holsworthy
By order of the Board,
Stamps and Taxes.   Secretary
The Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes hereby give Notice, that every person taking, killing, or pursuing Game
without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount
of the Certificate Duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing on being duly required to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to be
read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a penalty
of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorize any person to kill
Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only, that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor or
reputed Manor, but also that such Deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, of the Gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the Duty of £4 0s. 10d. and also to be prosecuted by any common Informer
for the penalty of £20.
N.B. It is the intention of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to publish in a separate List the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double Duty for sporting without Certificates.

Brian Randell, 26 Apr 2012