Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 26 December 1857

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the year 1857.
GENERAL CERTIFIC ATES, at £4-0s-10d each.
Anthony, Charles, Dartington
Atkinson, Thomas, Ilsington
Bate, George, Plymouth
Blackmore, Frederic P., Ashford
Bragge, John, Esq., Thorncombe
Brook, Robert, Okehampton
Buller, Edward, Whimple
Cameron, J. Allan, Shute
Champernowne, A., Dartington
Champernowne, H., Dartington
Cobley, John, Chulmleigh
Coles, Alfred, Tormoham
Coles, George, Tormoham
Collier, James, Culmstock
Collins, John, Bampton
Corfield, Thomas J. T., Gwenap
Davie, Augustus F., Sandford
Drake, Edward, Ilfracombe
Duckworth, Sir J. T. B., Weirhouse
Dunsford, Henry, Tiverton
Ellia, Julius, Paignton
Gater, William, Bickleigh
Gilbert, John P., Barnstaple
Harris, H. Walpole F., Stowford
Hayne, Chas. Seale, Kingsweare
Hewett, John W., Bideford
Hodge, George, Tormoham
Holway, William, Burlescombe
Hope, John, Tetcott
Hunt, Henry C., Stoke Gabriel
Hunt, T., Plymouth
Jackman, Richard, Milton Abbot
Johnson, Charles C., Topsham
Laffere, Richard, Plymouth
Lillicrap, Charles, Werrington
Mallock, Chas. H., Cockington
Marker, Richd., Ottery St. Mary
Marshall, Robert, Chulmleigh
Matthews, W. E., Newton Ferrers
Mercer, Colonel, Sidmouth
Mitchell, Rev. William, Cotleigh
Milford, John, Coaver
Minhinnick, William, Tavistock
Mortimore, John, Wolborough
Mules, John, Marwood
Newton, John G., Bridestowe
Nicholls, George, Stoodleigh
Nicholson, Rev. W., Kingsnympton
Northcote, Rev. A. H., Newton St. Cyres
Palk, Lawrence, Kenn
Parlby, John H., Weston Peverell
Parnell, John, Stokeinteignhead
Parr, Henry D., Dawlish
Prowse, W. jun., Tormoham
Purnell, William, Paignton
Risdon, J., Buckland Filleigh
Roe, H. R., Newton Ferrers
Samborne, Rev. R. L., Ashreigney
Sandoz, Philip, Hatherleigh
Scoffern, Robert, Stowford
Smythe, J., Plympton St. Mary
Speke, B. D., Sheldon
Spettigue, Edmund, Holsworthy
Spurway, Major John, Tiverton
Tacon, Robert, Abbotsham
Tindall, Joseph, Chagford
Treby, P. O., Plympton St. Mary
Tremayne, John, Maristowe
Trist, Richard, Wolborough
Tucker, John, Winkleigh
Turner, George, Exminster
Vaughan, Hugh E., Northam
Vesey, Richard jun., Rackenford
Vooght, Joseph, Wolborough
Wade, Charles James, Dawlish
Walker, Frederic J., St. Leonard
Walkey, J. E. C., Ide
Warren, Charles, Shute
Webber, R., High Bickington
Wellington, Rev. W., Upton Hellions
Westaway, W. N., Sampford Courtenay
Whiteway, Mark, Tormoham
Wood, Bishop, Uffculm
Yule, William Thomas, Bradford
List (3), Game Keepers being Assessed Servants, at £1 7s. 6d.
Cockram, George, ChulmleighAppointed by Wm. Preston, for the Manor of Lee, in Chulmleigh.
Lilly, John, DittishamBy the Hon. and Rev. G. Colborne, for Dittisham.
Maye, John, DartingtonBy Charles Anthony, for Harberton, Rattery and Brent.
Westlake, John, BridestoweBy John Gubbins Newton, for Cobhamweek, Blatchford and Pourton.
Names of Persons Licensed to Deal in Game.
Gillard, Henry, Barnstaple
Haddy, Susan, Plymouth
Hallett, Susanna, Plymouth
Hobbs, Samuel, Plymouth
Loraine, John, Plymouth
Pratt, Thomas, Tormoham
Turner, John, Devonport
Made up from 12th of September to 8th December, 1857.
By Order of the Board. -
Inland Revenue, Somerset House, London.
The Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes hereby give Notice, that every person taking, killing, or pursuing Game
without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount
of the Certificate Duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing on being duly required to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to be
read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a penalty
of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorize any person to kill
Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only, that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor or
reputed Manor, but also that such Deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, of the Gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the Duty of £4 0s. 10d. and also to be prosecuted by any common Informer
for the penalty of £20.
N.B. It is the intention of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to publish in a separate List the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double Duty for sporting without Certificates.

Brian Randell, 4 May 2012