Land Tax Commissioners' Names

London Gazette, 28 Dec 1906

Extracted by Beverley Edmonds

Schedule of names of persons referred to in an Act of the sixth year of His present Majesty, intituled
"An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes, and to remove the qualification by estate
- required in the case of all such Commissioners, whether appointed under this or any previous Act."

For the City and County of the City of Exeter. Albert Martin Alford, Robert Bradley, John Bates, John Campfield, Richard Marks Challice, James George Commin, Albert Edward Dunn, Arthur Kingston Dymond, Robert Gracey, William James Jackson, William Hawke, William Butler Heberden, Thomas Howard, John Henry Lake, Alfred Thomas Loram, James Ambrose Loram, Frank George Mansfield, Alfred Benjamin Merrick, Edwin Isaac Munk, Hector John Munro, John Peters, Robert Pople, Thomas Carter Pring, James Pulsford, Charles Janner Kingdon Roberts, Alfred Haynes Roper, Thomas Bradley Rowe, William Dinnis Rowland, Robert Winter Sharp, Joshua Carby Tuckwell, John White. For the rest of the County of Devon. Reverend John Waters Banks, The Vicarage, Hatherleigh, Devon, Reverend John Jephsop Gardiner, The Rectory, Black Torrington, Devon, Reverend Henry Rains Kruger, The Rectory, Jacobstowe, Devon, Thomas Tillyer Whipham, Esquire, M.D., Fishleigh House, Hatherleigh, Reverend Joseph Rawle Paramore, The Rectory, Iddesleigh, Devon, Thomas Williams, Esquire, Pressland House, Hatherleigh, Devon, Giles Reynolds Ashford, Dalwood, Clement Robert Chope, Combepyne, Philip Bury Ramsbotham, Honiton, William Steer Riding, Buckerell, William Hart, Feniton, Thomas Clayton Drake, Honiton, William Hamlyn, Esquire, Bossell, Buckfastleigh, Devon, Colonel Francis Alfred Earle, Bowringsleigh, Kingsbridge, Devon, John Richard Toms Kingwell, Esquire, Great Aish, South Brent, Nathaniel Browse Prettejohn, Esquire, Molescombe, Stokenham, Lewis Nathaniel Oldreive, Esquire, Landcombe, Blackawton, Thomas Adams Prettejohn, Esquire, Ford, Chivelstone, Arthur John Bennett Knight, Esquire, Stokeleigh, Stokenham, Thomas Symons Walters Symons, Esquire, Coleridge, Stokenham, John Symons Walters Symons, Esquire, Elston, Churchstow, Henry Grant Prowse, Esquire, Fern Lodge, Kingsbridge, William Heath Prowse, Esquire, Junr., The Retreat, Kingsbridge, William Herbert Pike, Esquire, Sandhills, Salcombe, Devon, Francis William Henry Campbell, Mount Tavy, Tavistock, Arthur Lockhart Gallic, Bucktor, Tavistock, William Jacob, Brooklands, Tavistock, Frederick Morshead, Bellgrove, Lamerton, Alfred Spear, Ogbear, Tavistock, William Joseph Moon, J.P., Mayor of Devonport. Magistrates of the County Borough of Devonport: Edward Blackall, J.P., 10, Garfield-terrace, Devonport, Joseph May, Esquire, J.P., 53, Haddington-road, Devonport, George Thorn, Esquire, J.P., Clarendonterrace, De\ onport, George Alfred Rae, Esquire, J.P., Outram-terrace, Devonport, John Bright James, Esquire, J.P., Holland House, Compton, Plymouth, William John Waycott, Esquire, J.P., Clarendon-terrace, Devonport, William Littleton, Esquire, J.P., Garden-street, Devonport, James Clarke Tozer, Esquire, J.P., Stoke House, Devonport, Harman John Howland Graves, Esquire, J.P., Tamar-terrace, Devonport, John Heard, Esquire, J.P., 4, Belmont-villas, Devonport, Alonzo J. Rider, Esquire, J.P., Albert-road, Devonport, Henry Hurrell, Esquire, Peverell Park, Plymouth, Harry Davies Bewes, Esquire, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, John James Edgcoinbe Venning, Esquire, Devonport, John Boyd Love, Esquire, Outlands, Devonport, John Carne Barwis, Esquire, 1, Nelson-gardens, Stoke, Devonport, Charles Augustus Shapcote, Esquire, Mount Edgcumbe-terrace, Stoke, Devonport, William Edward Corbett, Esquire, late Chairman District Council, East Stonehouse, Lewis Foster, Esquire, The Bank, Devonport, Edward Willis, Esquire, 4 Acre-place, Stoke, Devonport, Robert Cook, Esquire, Chevithorne Barton, Tiverton, William Henry White, Esquire, Coombe Head, Bampton, Devon, Sir David Wilson, K.C.M.G., Villa Messina, Tiverton, John Thome, Esquire, J.P., Lansdowne, Tiverton. Borough: John Garnsey Pedler, Esquire, Barton, Sampford Peverell, Devon, Colonel Malby Edward Crofton, Sandrock, Ottery St. Mary, Major-General Robert Augustus Carew Hunt, Sid Abbey, Sidmouth, John Dashwood Lang, Esquire, Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth, Colonel Ralph Watson Hine Haycock, Core Hill, Sidmouth, Colonel J. W. Stirling, Rockbeare Court, Exeter, Captain Arthur Pepys, Knowle House, Budleigh Salterton, The Reverend Richard Turner, The Vicarage, Colyton, William Henry Head, Esquire, The Wessiters, Seaton, Samuel Tuke, Esquire, Netherton Hall, Farway, S. Harold Webb, Esquire, Ken ton, near Exeter, Wadham Knatchbull, Esquire, Harepath, Seaton, The Reverend Walter Champernowne, Northleigh Rectory, Honiton, John Pawley Bate, Esquire, Ofiwell House, near Honiton, Freeman Roper, Esquire, Bovey, Beer, Axminster, William Edmonds, Esquire, Junr., Wiscombe Park, Colyton, J. Grant Morris, Kincora, Torquay, Devon, Joseph Babington Macaulay, The Shanty, Paignton, Devon, John Fry Rockley, San Remo, Belgraveroad, Torquay, Devon, Henry Tracey Mudge, Blagdon, Paignton, Devon, Doctor John William Ley, Belmont, Newton Abbot, Devon, Andrew Iredale, Edgerton, Torquay, Devon, James Bamier Newton, Sunnylands, St. Marychurch, Torquay, Devon, Jeremiah Miles, Llanberis, Cocking"ton, Torquay, Devon, William Robert Vicary, Newton Abbot, Devon, Harry Bertram Peacock, Castle Dyke, Newton Abbot, Devon. John Kitson Hengrave, Torquay, Devon, Joseph Helsworth, Hafclewood, Torquay, Devon, John Taylor, ]5, Lucius-street, Torquay, Devon, William Callarie, Fleet-street, Torquay, Devon, George Soudon Bridgman, Courtlands, Torquay, Devon, Walter George Couldrey, Surincoa, Paignton, Devon, Outram Manlove, Oldenbury House, Paignton, Devon, George Prestige, Elmtree Park, Paignton, Devon, William Mudge, Blagdon, Paignton, Devon, Leonard Lees, Knighton, Paignton, Devon, Arthur Dennis Andrew, Boode, Braunton, Yeoman, Lewis Henry Alford, Horridge, Ashfod, Yeoman, Harry Ashton, Park-lane, Barnstaple, Accountant, Robert Barratt, Greenclose-road, Ilfracombe, Schoolmaster, Arthur Bradford, Boutport-street, Barnstaple, Grocer, William Brooks, Stationroad, Ilfracombe, Gentleman. William Albert Buckingham, The Barton, Bittadon, Farmer, John Brown Chamings, Stone Cross, Goodleigh, Farmer, Francis John May Codd, Raleigh, Barnstaple, Nurseryman, George Dendle, Union-terrace, Barnstaple, Accountant, William Robert Foster, Granville, Ilfracombe, Journalist, John Pethebridge Downing, Horwood, N. Devon, Farmer, Alfred Ernest Hopper, Piltonroad, Barnstaple, Solicitor, John Owen Jones, 11, Hills-view, Barnstaple, Merchant, Robert Pickett, Fore-street, Ilfracombe, Contractor, David Stewart, Mochrum, Biclrington, Gentleman, Jacob Thorne, Incledon House, Georgeham, Farmer, Thomas Yeo, Southlea, Braunton, Land Valuer, Montague Henry Toller, Fortescue Hotel, Barnstaple, Hotel Proprietor, Ben Marshall, Rumsam, Barnstaple, Licensed Victualler, William Edwin Pitts-Tucker, Strand, Barnstaple, Solicitor, Richard James Stanbury, Victoria-road, Barnstaple, Miller, William de Momet Riddell, Lynton, Gentleman, George Thorne Andrew, Litchdon-street, Barnstaple, Merchant, William Francis Gardiner, Newport-road, Barnstaple, Journalist, William Moncrieff Jones, Alexandraroad, Barnstaple, Works Manager, William Penhale, Castle-street, Barnstaple, Veterinary Surgeon, Alexander Lauder, Sowden-lane, Barnstaple, Architect, William Richards, Lansdown, Barnstaple, Farmer, Arthur John Reavell, Piltonstreet, Barnstaple, Glove Manufacturer, John Dennis Young, Taw Vale, Barnstaple, Gentleman, Henry Barrett, Victoria-road, Barnstaple, Accountant, William Fisher, Pottington, Barnstaple, Yeoman, Albert Edgar Arnold, Boutportstreet, Barnstaple, Brewer, William Otter Smith, Well Close, Barnstaple, Merchant, William Thorn Buckingham, Landkey, Barnstaple, Yeoman, Richard Clogg, Home Place, Combe Martin, Gentleman, William Henry Gould, Collingwood, Ilfracombe, Hotel Proprietor, Richard Lake, Tors Park, Ilfracombe, Gentleman, Tom Jones, Lynton, North Devon, Merchant, John Palmer Verney, West Down, North Devon, Farmer, William Philip Hiern, The Castle, Barnstaple, Gentleman, Arthur B. Cooke, Odun-road, Appledore, Merchant, Abraham Clements, Junior, High-street, Bideford, Draper, Henry Baglow, 7, Rock Mount-terrace, Bideford, Insurance Agent, John Thomas Jewell, Parkham, Bideford, Agent, John Jeffrey Lamerton, Milton Place, Bideford, Accountant, John Moore Metherell, Upcott, Bideford, Farmer, William Metherell, Stoke, Hartland, Farmer, John Rattenbury, Mill-street, Bideford, Grocer, Samuel Fulford, North am, Bideford, Butcher, James Stacy Wickett, Trew, Woolfardisworthy, Farmer, William Thomas Goaman, Buttgarden-straat, Bideford, Grocer, Thomas Goaman, Buttgardonstreet, Bideford, Gentleman, Robert Dymond, North Down-road, Bideford, Auctioneer, Joshua Heywood, Grenville-street, Bideford, Builder, Thomas Pollard, Chapel Park, Bideford, Contractor, John Whitlock Narraway, Abbotsham- - road, Bideford, Gentleman, Thomas Baker, 29 and 31, Bedford-street, Plymouth, Draper, William James Vickery, 26, Bedford-street, Plymouth, Clothier, Samuel Edgcumbe, 11, Cornwall-street, Plymouth,^; Jeweller, Richard Rugg Monk, 13,- St. Lawrence-road, Plymouth, Retired, Henry Hurrell, Peverell Park, Plymouth, Grain Merchant, John Cowling Brown, 1, Thorn Parkavenue, Plymouth, Merchant, Edward Hamilton James, 7, Spencer-terrace, Plymouth, Retired, Henry Almond, 11, G-ordon-terrace, Plymouth, Cement Merchant, Ernest Frank Anthony, 4, Princess-square, Plymouth, Solicitor, Henry Vigurs Harris, 5, Spencer-terrace, Plymouth, Decorator, John Adams, " Fernbank," Mannamead, Plymouth, Retired, Robert Samson Torrie, 3, Houndiscombe-villas, Plymouth, Bank Manager, William Lewis, 13, Woodford-villas, Plymouth, Retired, William Snow Spear, 14, St. Lawrence-read, Plymouth, Draper, Joseph Fitz Baker, Mafeking, Ashburton, William Robinson, Junior, Oaklands, Bovey Tracey, Thomas Stooke, Haddon, Chudleigh, Francis John Tredinnick Phillips, The Limes, Dawlish, Richard Stephen Lang, Gulmswel, Coombeinteignhead, Charles Barber, Chipley, Bickington, Charles Knowles, Kingsteington, near Newton Abbot, John Gray, White Hart Hotel, Moretonhampstead, John Burridge, East-street, Newton Abbot, Frederick William Gerry, 44, Courtenay-street, Newton Abbot, William Perryman, Yeo, Chayford, John Baker, Downhayes, Spreyton, William Curson Brely, South Zeal, near Okehampton, Matthew Fraser, Brimley, Teignmouth, Thomas Rodgers, Minden Lodge, Teignmouth, William Robert Vicary, Churchill, Teignmouth, Henry Herbert Hannaford, Southcombe, Widicombein- the-Moor, William Henry Sharlanrl, Addiscombe, Teignmouth, Henry Bertram Peacock, Castle Dyke, Highmeek, Newton Abbot, John Prowse, Torquay-road, Newton Abbot, Augustus Wilmott Luxton, Brushford, Devon, Alfred Morgan Luxton, Chulmleigh, Devon, Harold Francis Matthews, North Tawton, Devon, Edward Christmas Nicholls, North Tawton, Devon, Harry Elston, Belmont, Crediton, John Cleave, Northleigh, Crediton, William Boddy Berry, Arden, Crediton, Charles Brooks, Fordton Cottage, Crediton, William Carter Pedler, Reeves Castle, Zeal Monachdrum, Bow, James Buckingham, West View, Crediton, William Mount joy, New-road, East-street, South Molton, Frederick James Partridge Maunder. Middleweek, Witheridge, Robert Thomas, East Anstey, Henry Phillips, Senior, Devonshire House, North Tawton, George Chappie, 30, Well-street, Torrington, Stivanus Webber, 13, Highstreet, Torrington, William Ford Vaughan, West House, Torrington, Milton Chappie, 6, Clinton-terrace, Torrington, Arthur M. Werry, 5, Clinton-terrace, Torrington, George Stawell, Penhallam, Torrington, Henry Holwill, 29, South-street, Torrington, William Henry Turrall, Church Gate, Torrington, William Marshall, Fore-street, Chulmleigh, J. B. Love, J. Goodman, J. Jolliffe, R. W. Stephens, A. Sleeman, S. R. Gould, H. Banbury, W. H. Pate, R. Bond, W. Full, E. C. Sawdy, Dr. McElwaine, J. E. C. Boulds, R. Smerdon, J. H. Bishop, E. T. Wood, H. G. Philips, T. Barnes, H. Roberts, F. Taylor.