Insolvent Debtors - 1825

Articles from the London Gazette

Provided by Lindsey Withers

No. 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.


London Gazette - Issue 18108 published on the 15 February 1825

At the Court-House, in and for the City and County of the City of Exeter, on the 10th day of March 1825, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Edward Daniel, first of Heavitree, Devon, Turnpike-Gate Keeper, then of Honiton, Devon, Victualler, then of Saint Leonard's, near Exeter, Pig-Jobber, and late of the City of Exeter, Huckster.
William Nash, late of the City of Exeter, Commercial-Traveller.

At the Court-House, Exeter, in and for the County of Devon, on the 10th day of March 1825, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
George Axworthy, formerly of South Petherwin, Cornwall, and late of Plymouth, Devon, Miller.
John Nelson, late of Stonehouse, Devon, Mariner.
Charles Fawkes, late of Devonport, in the Parish of Stoke Damerel, Devon, Watch and Clock-Maker, and Victualler.
Thomas Gidley, late of Buckfastleigh, Devon, Yarn-Spinner and Woollen-Manufacturer.
Peter Magee, late of Devonport, Devon, Boatswain in the Royal Navy.
William Henry Pickthorne, first of Edinburgh, Scotland, then of Stoke-Damerel, then of Stonehouse, then of Stoke-Damerel, and late of Ashburton, all in the County of Devon, Lieutenant in the Army.
John Oldrey, formerly of Sidbury, Farmer, then of Devonport, Furniture-Broker, and late of Ugborough, Farmer and Higgler, all in Devon.
James Cruickshank, late of Plymouth, Devon, Editor of the Newspaper called the Plymouth and Devonport Weekly Journal.
John Isaac, formerly of Sheepwash, Devon, and late of Black Torrington, Devon, Farmer and Butcher, lately Labourer.
Thomas Sclater, late of Teignmouth, Devon, Hair-Dresser and Perfumer.
Richard Mason, late of Ashwater, Devon, Farmer and Husbandman.
Hugh Drew, late of Tavistock, Devon, Hat-Manufacturer.
Grace Marshall, Wife of Thomas Marshall, of Ilfracombe, Devon, Fisherman.
Thomas Carwithen the younger, late of Pyworthy, Devon, Labourer.
John Croydon, formerly of Cullompton, Devon, Tailor, Baker, Cowkeeper, and Farmer, and late of Honiton, in the same County, Tailor.
Robert Webber, formerly of Silverton, and afterwards of Washfield, both in the County of Devon, Farmer, and late of Dawlish, in the same County, Farmer and Butcher.
William Hellyer the younger, late of Sampford Peverell, Devon (formerly in Partnership there with William Hellyer the elder, as a Draper), and afterwards on his own account, as a Draper, Grocer, Ironmonger and Shopkeeper.
William French, formerly of Tavistock, and late of Sampford-Courtney, both in the County of Devon, Smith and Edge-Tool Maker (some time carrying on the said business at the latter place, in Copartnership with John Harding and William Henwood).
George Thomas Parnall, late of Stoke Damerel, Devon, Victualler, House-Carpenter and Joiner.
Absolom Ferris, formerly of Burlescombe, and late of Tiverton, Devon, Labourer.
John Tucker, late of Halberton, Devon, Labourer.

London Gazette - Issue 18144 published on the 7 June 1825

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in the County of Devon, on the 1st day of July 1825, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Isaac Griffin, late of Bampton, Devon, Labourer, formerly Lime-Burner.
Jacob Bucknell, first of Tiverton, Devon, then of Hockworthy, Devon, then of Comb Saint Nicholas, Somersetshire, then of the City of Bath, and then of North Petherton, Somersetshire, Husbandman, and afterwards of Bradford, Somersetshire, Schoolmaster, and late of Hemiock, Devon, Husbandman.
Benjamin Browning Baker, formerly of Plymstock, and late of the Parish of Charles, both in Devon, Carpenter and Mariner.
William Cornish, late of Tavistock, Devon, Serge-Maker and Fell-Monger.
John Harris, formerly of Crews-Morchard, Farmer, and late of Rackenford, Dairyman, both in Devon.
Henry Longmaid, first of Landulph, Cornwall, Farmer, then of Brixton, Farmer, then of Plympton, then of Tamerton, then of Egg Buckland, Farmer and Carrier, and late of Devonport, all in Devon, Victualler.
Thomas Pasmore, late of Exmouth, Devon, Cordwainer.
William Pyle, late of Tiverton, Devon, Builder and Carpenter.
Abram Quick, late of Crediton, Devon, Victualler.
Hannibal Richards, late of Ilfracombe, Devon, Yeoman, formerly Miller.
James Smith, formerly of Sourton, Farmer and Innkeeper, and late of the Parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle, both in Devon, Labourer and Cattle-Driver.
Leonard Aust Westcott, late of Dawlish, Devon, Printer and Bookseller.
George Stanbury, late of Devonport, Devon, Boot and Shoe-Maker.
George Paddon, formerly of Teignmouth, and late of Newton Bushell, Devon, Baker and Servant.
Thomas Ellis, formerly of Honiton, and late of Axminster, Devon, Dealer in Glass, China, and Earthenware.
William Hewson, late of Tavistock, Devon, Grocer, Linen-Draper, and Shopkeeper.
Harriet Lisle Evans, formerly of Southampton, Hants, then of West Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, and late of Sidmouth, Devon, Spinster, Milliner and Dress-Maker, and Lodging-House-Keeper.
William Hellyer the younger, late of Sampford Peverell, Devon, formerly in Partnership there with William Hellyer the elder, as a Draper, and afterwards on his own account, as a Draper, Grocer, Ironmonger, and Shopkeeper.
Henry Essery, late of Sheepwash, Devon, Shoe-Maker.
Peter Williams, late of Tavistock, Devon, Boot and Shoe-Maker.

At the Court-House, in the City and county of the City of Exeter, on the 1st day of July 1825, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Charles Dipstale, late of the City of Exeter, Painter and Glazier.

London Gazette - Issue 18183 published on the 11 October 1825

At the Court-House, Exeter, in and for the County of Devon, on the 3d day of November 1825, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Susannah Maria Emmett, late of Ashburton, Devonshire (carrying on the business of a Grocer and General-Shopkeeper and Lodging-Housekeeper), Wife of John Emmett, heretofore of Plymouth-Dock, Devonshire, but now or late of London, Boot and Shoe-Maker.
Margaret Skinner, late of Tavistock, and for a short time residing at Whitechurch and Devonport, all in Devonshire, Spinster, Milliner and Shopkeeper, and Governess.
William Wescomb, late of Cullompton, Devonshire, Cabinet-Maker, Grocer, Linen-Draper, and Shopkeeper.
James Full, formerly of Ugborough, and late of Cornwood, both in Devonshire, Butcher.
Thomas Hamilton Ayliffe, formerly of Ayliffe-Street, Kent-Road, Surrey, then of Queen-Street, Brompton-Row, then of No. 4, Waterloo-Place, Pall-Mall, then of No. 18, New Ormond-Street, Queen-Square, Middlesex, and late of Compton, near Plymouth, Devon, Surgeon.
John Bowyer, late of Plymouth, Devon, Cordwainer.
Joseph Penny, heretofore of Martock, Somersetshire, Draper and Grocer, and late of Seaton, Devonshire, Shopkeeper.
Alice Hoyle late of Trentishoe, Devonshire, Singlewoman.
James Pike, late of Sidmouth, Devon, formerly victualler, and late Lodging-House-Keeper.
William Burridge, late of Crediton, Devon, formerly an Inn-keeper, since a Labourer.

At the Court - House, in the City and County of the city of Exeter, on the 3d day of November 1825, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Thomas Steele Perkins, formerly of Stonehouse, Devonshire, and late of Saint Sidwell, in the County of the City of Exeter, Lieutenant in His Majesty's Royal Marines, and also while at the latter place, Accountant, Common-Carrier, and Professor of Music.
William Sargent, late of the Parish of Allhallows-on-the-Walls, in the City of Exeter, Joiner.

The petitions and schedules are filed, and may be inspected at this Office every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of Ten and Four, up to the last day of giving notice of opposition. Three clear days'notice (exclusive of Sunday) of an intention to oppose any Prisoner's discharge must be given to such Prisoner; and the duplicates of such petitions and schedules, and all books, papers, and writings relating thereto, in the possession or power of the said Prisoners, will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace of the said county within ten days after the issuing of the orders; and the said Prisoners respectively, or any Creditor or Creditors of such respective Prisoners, or his, her, or their Attorney, may inspect and examine, and have copies of the same, or any part thereof, according to the Act, 5 Geo. 4, c. 61.