Insolvent Debtors - 1826

Articles from the London Gazette

Provided by Lindsey Withers

Pursuant to the several Acts of Parliament for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England.


No. 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.

The PETITIONS and SCHEDULES of the PRISONERS hereinafter named (the same having been filed in the Court) are appointed to be heard as follows:

London Gazette - Issue 18220 published on the 14 February 1826

At the Court-House, in and for the City of Exeter, in the County of the same City, on the 9th day of March 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
James Piller, formerly of Saint Johns, Newfoundland, in Partnership with Joseph Gribble, as Fish-Merchants, under the firm of Piller and Gribble, then of Denbury, Devon, out of business, and late of the City of Exeter, Tallow Chandler.
Agnes Ann Williams, formerly of Gandy-Street, then of Saint David's-Hill, afterwards of the Parish of Saint Edmund on the Bridge, then of Bartholomew-Yard, afterwards of Paul-Street, next of Castle-Street, all in the City and County of the City of Exeter, and late of the Parish of Saint Sidwell, in the County of the City of Exeter, Widow.

At the Court-House, Exeter, in the County of Devon, on the 9th day of March 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
James Butler, heretofore of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Maltster, Coal-Merchant, Ironmonger, and Dealer in Bar-Iron, and late of Dartmouth, Devon, Schoolmaster, his wife Elizabeth Fettock Butler carrying on at the latter place also the business of a Milliner.
Richard Wilcocks, late of Mamhead, Devon, Farmer and Victualler.
Richard Way, late of Stonehouse, Devon, Grocer and Shipwright.
Charles Wills, late of Plymouth, Devon, Last, Patten, and Brush-Maker, formerly Grocer.
George Willis, late of Plymouth, Devon, Grocer and Baker.
Thomas William Waugh, late of Devonport, Devon, Hatter and Glover.
Giles White, formerly of Saint Thomas the Apostle, near Exeter, Victualler, and late of Bishops Teignton, Devon, Miller and Baker.
James Salter the younger, late of Torquay, Devon, Printer and Bookseller.
Richard Quick, late of Totness, Devon, Grocer and Tallow-Chandler.
Luke Masters, late of Devonport, Devon, Victualler.
Samuel Lazarus, late of the City of Bath, Cloth and Clothes-Salesman and Grocer.
George Lewis, formerly of Plymouth, Grocer, and late of Devonport, Baker and Grocer, both in Devon.
William Hatherleigh, late of Egg Buckland, Devonshire, Husbandman.
William Grills, late of Bradworthy, Devon, Farmer.
Richard Down the elder, late of Kenn, Devon, Victualler.
Henry Kallaway Colling, late of Lumbourn, near Tavistock, Devon, Carpenter and Victualler.
Joseph Chown, late of Sidbury, Devon, Butcher, formerly Farmer.
Richard Collihole, late of Stonehouse, Devon, Victualler.
Edward Barrow, late of Filleigh, Devon, Farmer.
John Corner, late of Tiverton, Devon, Husbandman.
James Davis, late of Devonport, in the Parish of Stoke Damerell, Devon, Victualler.
John Lang the younger, late of East Teignmouth, Devon, Butcher.
Philip Widgery, late of South Molton, Devon, Woolcomber.
George Maggs, late of Bideford, Devon, Linen-Draper and Shopkeeper.
William Jackman, formerly of Thorverton, afterwards of Teignmouth, then of Dawlish, and late of Honiton, all in Devonshire, Shopkeeper, Saddler, and Harness-Maker.
George Bale, late of Molland, Devon, Carpenter and Joiner.
John Lee, heretofore of Upottery, Devonshire, and late of Stockland, Dorsetshire, Farmer, Cheese-Dealer and Butter-Merchant.
Emanuel Northey, late of Stoke Damerel, Devon, Horse-keeper.
Richard Ford, late of Plymouth, Devon, Grocer and Tea-Dealer.
John Thompson, late of Tiverton, in the County of Devon, Innholder.

London Gazette - Issue 18222 published on the 21 February 1826

At the Court-House, in the Borough of Plymouth, on the 15th day of March 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
William Cressey, late of Plymouth, in the County of Devon, Baker.

London Gazette - Issue 18258 published on the 13 June 1826

At the Court-House, in the City of Exeter, and County of the same City, on the 7th day of July 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
James Taylor, late of the City of Exeter, Carver and Guilder.
Thomas Sellick, late of the High-Street, City of Exeter, Boot and Shoemaker.
Joseph Player, late of the Parish of Saint Lawrence, City of Exeter, Bookbinder.
William Mugford the younger, late of Paul-Street, Exeter, Livery-Stable-Keeper.
John Bartrum, late of the City of Exeter, Butcher.
John Meaden, late of the City of Exeter, Hatter.

At the Court-House, Exeter, in and for the County of Devon, on the 7th day of July 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Emanuel Northey, late of Stoke Damerell, Devon, Shopkeeper.
Robert Rennell, late of the Borough of Plymouth, Devon, Cashier to the late Plymouth Bank of Sir William Elford, Bart. and co.
James Anstey, late of Knackersknowle, in the Parish of Saint Bude, Devon, Victualler.
William Beer, late of Tiverton, Devon, Victualler.
Richard Bennett, late of Devonport, Devon, Painter, Glazier, Carver, Gilder, Picture Frame-Maker and Victualler.
Benjamin Blackmore, formerly of Morebath, and late of Bampton, both in Devon, Butcher.
John Clements, late of Devonport, Devon, Upholsterer and Cabinet-Maker.
James Conneybear, late of Ashburton and Withycombe-in-the-Moor, Devon, Woollen-Manufacturer, formerly Clock and Watch-Maker.
William Foweraker, formerly of Cullumpton, Miller, Corn-Factor and Grocer, and late of Tiverton, both in Devon, Miller.
Robert Gasking, formerly of Brixham, Baker and Victualler, then of Totness, Victualler, and late of North Huish, all in Devon, Baker and Victualler.
Edward Galliford, late of Chumleigh, Devon, Cordwainer.
Robert Gooden, formerly of Yeovil, Somersetshire, Farmer, Turnpike-Gatekeeper and Waggoner, then of Offwill, Devon, and late of the Parish of Grinton, Somersetshire, Turnpike-Gatekeeper.
Abraham Snell Hill, formerly of Broadclist, and late of Exmouth, both in Devon, Academician.
Walter Holman, late of Totness, Devon, Toyman, formerly Ironmonger and Toyman.
John Mallard, late of Plymouth, Devon, Bankers'Clerk.
George Tregear, late of Devonport, Devon, Saddler and Harness-Maker.
Francis Towan, late of Devonport, Devon, Ironmonger and Tin Plate Worker.
Joseph Webber, late of Devonport, Devon, Carpenter, formerly Victualler.
William Walke, formerly of Ermington, Devon, Miller and Farmer, (afterwards carrying on business at that place in Partnership with Edward Walke, as Millers and Farmers, under the firm of William and Edward Walke), and late of Brixton, Devon, Baker and Grocer.
John Wedlake, first of Goodleigh, then of Warkleigh, then of Filleigh, Farmer, then of Filleigh, and late of Barnstaple, all in Devon, Butcher.
Thomas Hopkins Ellis, late of Barnstaple, Devon, Boot and Shoe-Maker.
Thomas Archer, late of Ashton, Devonshire, Schoolmaster, formerly Farmer.
John Came, formerly of Guernsey, Bookseller, and late of Newton-Abbott, Devon, Baker.
John Digby Fowell, Clerk, formerly of Black-Hall, in the Parish of North-Huish, and late of Totness, all in Devon.
Thomas Huxham, formerly of Dittisham, Husbandman, and late of Teignmouth, both in Devon, Stone-Cutter.
Sarah Halls, wife of Richard Halls, of Ashburton, Devon, Cabinet-Maker and Auctioneer.
Ann Merrifield Harris, formerly of Hatherleigh, Grocer and General Shopkeeper, and late of Plymouth, both in Devon, out of business.
Edward macron, formerly of Swaffham, Norfolk, then abroad on service, Lieutenant in the Army, then of Stonehouse, and late of Devonport, both in Devon, Captain in the Army.
Robert Mennie, late of Dartmoor Barracks, in the Parish of Lidford, Devon, Barrack-Master.
John Mitchell, late of Buckfastleigh, Devon, Tin-Plate-Worker and Brazier.
henry Morish, late of Kentisbear, Devon, Paper-Maker, formerly Farmer and Paper-Maker.
John Mogridge, formerly of No. 4, Hayward's-Place, Upper Grange-Road, Kent-Road, Surrey, clerk to the United General Gas-Light Company, and late of Molland, Devon, Mine-Agent, Grocer, Tea-Dealer, and General Shop-Keeper.
Susannah Mockridge, late of the Parish of St. James, Taunton, Somersetshire, Victualler.
Nicholas Cove, late of Modbury, Devon, Victualler.
Lewis Oldrieve, late of Dartmouth, Devon, Tallow-Chandler.
William Robertson, late of Topsham, Devon, Master-Mariner.
Richard Wyatt, late of Dartmouth, Devon, Grocer and Tea-Dealer.
Elizabeth Yabsley, formerly of Stockingham, Farmer, and late of Sherford, both in Devon, Widow.
John Essery, late of the Parish of Hatherleigh, Devonshire, Shopman.
Robert Tapp, late of North-Molton, Devonshire, Husbandman.
William Pearse, formerly of the Parish of Bampton, but late of the Parish of Witheridge, Devonshire, Innkeeper and Mason.
Robert Drew, late of Bradninch, Devonshire, Tanner and Maltster.
William Dickson Dryden, formerly of Devonport, Devonshire, Assistant-Surgeon in the Dock-Yard there, and late of Stonehouse, in the same County, Surgeon, R.N.

London Gazette - Issue 18260 published on the 20 June 1826

At the Court-House, in and for the Borough of Plymouth, on the 12th day of July 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Robert Moldsworth Cash, of Plymouth, Devon, Lieutenant in His Majesty's late 5th Royal Veteran Battalion.

London Gazette - Issue 18296 published on the 13 October 1826

At the Court-House, in and for the City and County of the City of Exeter, on the 3d day of November 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Christopher Copplestone, formerly of Spreyton, Devon, Farmer, and late of Exe-Lane, in the County of the city of Exeter, Dairyman.
William Baker, late of Exeter, Renter of the Exeter Cattle-Market Tolls, Dealer in Boots and Shoes, and Auctioneer, formerly of the same place, and of Newbury, in Berkshire, Machine-Maker and Timber-Dealer, also Builder.
Robert Tucker, formerly of Plymouth, Devon, Bookbinder, then of Liverpool, Journeyman Printer, then of Devonport, Devon, Scrivener, and late of the City of Exeter, Journeyman Printer and Lodging House-Keeper.
George Nevett, late of Waterbear-Street, in the City of Exeter, Lock and Whitesmith.

At the Court-House, Exeter, in and for the County of Devon, on the 3d day of November 1826, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
John Morren, formerly of Saint Thomas the Apostle, afterwards of Heavitree-Road, and late of Topsham-Road, near Topsham, all in Devon, Labourer.
James Batten, formerly of Saint Dominick, Cornwall, Farmer, and late of Devonport, Devon, Victualler and Dealer in Sand.
William Henry Wilson, formerly of Chatham, Kent, afterwards at Sea, and late of Devonport, Devon, Carpenter in the Royal Navy.
Edmund Toll, formerly of Plymouth, Devonshire, Millwright, and late of the Island of Guernsey, Miller and Millwright, and then trading from that place to different parts of England, and of Portsmouth, Hampshire, of East Stonehouse, Devonshire, and again of Plymouth, General-Dealer and Ship Owner.
Samuel Manfield, late of Hemiock, Devonshire, Victualler and Labourer, formerly Shopkeeper.
Edward Browne, formerly of Launceston, Cornwall, afterwards of Okehampton, Devonshire, then of No. 15, Princes-Street, Stamford-Street, then of No. 2, Lambeth-Buildings, both in Surrey, and late of Plymouth, in the said County of Devon, Gentleman.
Henry Mugford, formerly of Harberton, Farmer, afterwards of Chudleigh, Labourer, and late of Ashburton, all in Devonshire, Lime-Burner and Woollen-Manufacturer.
Giles Madge the younger, formerly of Cullumpton Hind, afterwards of Bradninch, Farmer, then of Uffculm, Dairyman, and late of Cullumpton, all in Devonshire, Labourer.
Henrietta Kirke, formerly of Ottery Saint Mary, and late of Plymouth, both in Devonshire, Schoolmistress.
Phillip Wheaton, late of Newton Poppleford, Devonshire, Carpenter.
Thomas May, formerly of No. 11, Jane-Street, Commercial-Road, Middlesex, and late of Devonport, Devon, Baker.
Thomas Rowell, late of West Teignmouth, Devon, Baker and Confectioner.
William Jacobs the younger, formerly of Newton-Abbott, Stationer, and late of Newton-Bushell, both in Devonshire, Paper-Maker.
Thomas Lee Bealey, late of Barnstaple, Devon, Ironmonger and Hair-Dresser.
William Bartlett, late of Exmouth, Devon, Shoe-Maker.

Note 1. - The petitions and schedules are filed, and may be inspected at this Office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between the hours of Ten and Four, up to the last day of giving notice of opposition. Three clear days'notice (exclusive of Sunday) of an intention to oppose any Prisoner's discharge must be given to such Prisoner; and the duplicates of such petitions and schedules, and all books, papers, and writings relating thereto, in the possession or power of the said Prisoners, will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace of the said county, within ten days after the issuing of the Orders; and the said Prisoners respectively, or any Creditor or Creditors of such respective Prisoners, or his, her, or their Attorney, may inspect and examine, and have copies of the same, or any part thereof, according to the Act, 5 Geo. 4, c. 61.

Note 2. - Where upon the hearing of any case before the Court, the Court shall order the Prisoner to be removed, pursuant to the Act 5 Geo. 4, c. 61, s. 13, those Creditors only will be entitled to oppose the discharge of such Prisoner, at the hearing which will take place in the country, in pursuance of such Order, who appeared to oppose before the Court on the day when such Order was made, or gave notice of opposition for that day, and those upon whom the notices were not duly served for the hearing on that day.