Insolvent Debtors - 1835

Articles from the London Gazette

Provided by Lindsey Withers




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The Matters of the PETITIONS and SCHEDULES of the PRISONERS hereinafter named (the same having been filed in the Court) are appointed to be heard as follows:

London Gazette - Issue 19240 published on the 13 February 1835

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in the County of Devon, on the 9th day of March 1835, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
William Coniam, formerly of Goldsmith-Street, Exeter, and late of Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, Butcher and Beer Seller.
John Barnes, formerly of Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, Dealer in Paper and Rags, and late of Southmolton, Devonshire, Dealer in Paper, Rags, and Hardware Goods.
William Burridge, late of Hatherleigh, Devonshire, Hatter.
William Gibbings, late of Bampton, Devonshire, formerly Miller and Baker, afterwards Miller, and lately out of business.
Stephen Saint John, formerly of Darnford-Street, East Stonehouse, Devonshire, Lodging-House-Keeper, and late of Fore-Street, Devonport, Licenced Victualler.
John Burnett, heretofore of Starcross, Devonshire, then of Willcove, Cornwall, then of Frazerborough, Scotland, then of Clarence-Place, New Passage, Devonport, and late of Coborough-Street, Plymouth, Lieutenant in the Royal navy.
Richard Rundle, heretofore of No. 7, William-Street, Morrice-Town, Devonport, Baker, then of Stoke, Devonshire, out of business, and late of No. 11, Morrice-Street, Devonport, Baker.
Robert Hutton, formerly of Dublin, then of Armagh, then of Drogheda, then of Strahane, County Tyrone, all in Ireland, then of the Longroom Barracks, Stonehouse, Devonshire, and late of Granby Barracks, Devonport, Lieutenant in the 58th Regiment of Foot.
George Hall, formerly of Treville-Street, Plymouth, Devon, Agent to the Manufacturers' Cloth Establishment, then of Whimple-Street, Plymouth, Woollen-Draper, then of Coborough-Street, and Old Town-Street, Plymouth, Auctioneer and Appraiser and Commission-Agent, then of Wadebridge, Cornwall, and late of No. 56, Union-Street, Stonehouse, Devonshire, out of business.
Richard Collihole, formerly of Charlestown, Parish of Saint Austle, Cornwall, and late of Clarance-Place, Stonehouse, Devonshire, and of the Longroom Barracks, Stonehouse aforesaid, Victualler.
Patrick Gill, heretofore of Castlebar, then of Ballinrobe, County Mayo, then of Kinsale, County of cork, then of the City of Cork, then of Llangrea, County Galway, all in Ireland, then of Old Market-Street, then of Gloster-Lane, then of Queen-Street, all in Bristol, Officer of Excise, then a Prisoner for debt in the Gaol of the City of Bristol, then again of Queen-Street, Bristol, and late of Hartland, Devonshire, Officer of Excise.
Edward Brent, heretofore of No. 94 Duke-Street, afterwards of William-Street, New Passage, both in Devonport, Baker, then of Doidgeswell, in Devonport aforesaid, out of business, and late of Cumberland-Street, Devonport aforesaid, Victualler.
Francis Browning, heretofore of No. 39, Bedford-Street, afterwards of No. 2, Whimple-Street, then of Flora-Street, and late of No. 22, How-Street, all in Plymouth, Devonshire, Hat-Manufacturer.
Henry Michell, late of James-Street, Morrice Town, Devonport, Victualler.
William Ackland, formerly of Sherwill, Devonshire, Cordwainer and Beer and Cyder-Seller, and late of Barnstaple, Devonshire, Cordwainer.
Robert Holland, formerly of Spreyton, Devonshire, then of No. 27, Southmolton-Street, Oxford-Street, Middlesex, Gentleman, then of No. 27, Magdalen-Street, Exeter, then in the County Gaol of Devon, then of No. 162, Strand, Middlesex, and late of Spreyton and Chudleigh, Devonshire, Articled Clerk.
Thomas Chappell, heretofore of No. 15, Finsbury-Street, Finsbury-Square, London, Clerk to Mr. John Slutter, of No. 22, Cullum-Street, Fenchurch-Street, London, Wine and Spirit-Merchant, then of No. 40, Broad-Street, Bristol, and late of Axmouth-Street, Devonshire, in no business or employment.
John Gartrell, heretofore of Cornwall-Street, Plymouth, Devonshire, Ironmonger and Dealer in Toys, carrying on same business at Drake-Street, Plymouth aforesaid, then of Treville-Street, Plymouth, then of Broad-Street, Saint Helliers, Island of Jersey, ironmonger and Dealer in toys, his wife carrying on the same business at Treville-Street, Plymouth, then a Prisoner for Debt in the Gaol of Saint Helliers aforesaid, then of No. 39, King-Street, Saint Helliers aforesaid, Hawker, and late of Old town-Street, Plymouth, Devonshire, out of business.
John Charles Yeo, heretofore of No. 100, Fore-Street, and late of No. 37 Princes-Street, both in Devonport, Devonshire, Cabinet-Maker, Upholsterer, and Undertaker.
William Hender Clarke, late of Honiton, Devonshire, Linen and Woollen-Draper and hatter, lately out of business, whose wife carried on the business of a Milliner and Dressmaker, at Honiton aforesaid.
John Horn, late of Germansweek, Devonshire, Miller, lately out of business, formerly Miller, Farmer, Blacksmith and Beer and Cyder-Seller.

London Gazette - Issue 19242 published on the 20 February 1835

At the Court-House, at Plymouth, in the County of Devon, on the 14th day of March 1835, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
John Bardens, late of Plymouth, Devonshire, Baker and Grocer.
Stephen Hawkins, late of Tavistock-Street, Plymouth, Carpenter and Glazier.
Joseph Charters, late of Finewell-Street, Plymouth, Devonshire, Journeyman, Cabinet-Maker.
William Deveridge, late of Market-Alley, Plymouth, Devonshire, Labourer.

London Gazette - Issue 19287 published on the 10 July 1835

At the Court-House, at Plymouth, on the 1st day of August 1835, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
John Coaker, late of Vauxhall-Street, Plymouth, Devonshire; Brewer, Coal-Factor, and Dealer in Forage.
Samuel Palmer, formerly of Lamerton, Devonshire, Victualler, but late of Plymouth, Victualler.

London Gazette - Issue 19320 published on the 30 October 1835

At the Court-House, Plymouth, on the 23d day of November 1835, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Thomas Lane Kemp, late of No. 22, Cambridge-Street, Plymouth, Journeyman Bookseller.

London Gazette - Issue 19322 published on the 6 November 1835

At the Court-House in and for the City of Exeter, on the 27th day of November 1835, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
William Turner, formerly of Tanner's-Lane, Saint Sidwell, then of Fore-Street, Saint Lawrence, and late of Waterhead-Street, Saint Pancras, Exeter, Plasterer and Dealer in Slate.
Thomas Milton, formerly of Pilton, Devonshire, Foreman to a Worsted Manufactory, then of Bedminster, Bristol, Agent, then of Heanton Punchardon, Devonshire, Woollen Manufacturer, with Sarah Ely, under the firm of Ely and Milton, and late of the same place, Woollen Manufacturer and Farmer, and also of Braunton, Woollen Manufacturer.
Thomas Spiller Pickard, formerly of No. 86, Fore-Street, Exeter, and late of No. 25, High-Street, Exeter, and No. 85, Fore-Street aforesaid, Hat Manufacturer.
William Wallace Tucker, heretofore of No. 60, Portland-Street, Middlesex, and of No. 5, High-Street, Exeter, Carver, Gilder, and Picture Dealer.

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in and for the County of Devon, on the 27th day of November 1835, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
George Pearse Manley, formerly of Filton, Gloucestershire, Clerk, then of Tycock, Carnarvonshire, North Wales, Dealer in Slate raised in Cann and Rumple Quarries, in Rickleigh Vale, Parishes of Plympton Saint Mary and Buckland, Devonshire, at said Quarries in Partnership with Mary Manley, Widow, then of Filton aforesaid, and afterwards of (?) aforesaid, then of Stoke Cottage, Stoke's-Croft, Bristol, during residence at Tycock and Stoke Cottage aforesaid in Partnership with said Mary Manley, afterwards with her and William Spearman, Eliza Mary Spearman and Ambrose Brookes, and subsequently with said Mary Manley, William Spearman, Eliza Mary Spearman, Ambrose Brookes, and Hugh Pearse Manley, then of No. 84, Regent-Street, Middlesex, afterwards of Totnes, Devonshire, out of business, passing there under the assumed name of G. Hill, then of Stoke Cottage aforesaid, then of Watton, Hertfordshire, and late of Dartmouth, Devonshire, out of business, and passing under the assumed name there of G. Hill.
James Whicker, late of Southleigh, Devonshire, Shopkeeper and Labourer.
Mary Manley, formerly of Filton, Gloucestershire, Widow, Dealer in Slates raised on Cam and Rumple Quarries, in Bickleigh Vale, in Plympton Saint Mary and Egg Buckland, Devonshire, in Partnership with George Pearse Manley, Clerk, then of Park-Street, Bristol, then of (?) Cottage, Clifton, then of Stoke cottage, Stoke's-Croft, Bristol, same time in Partnership with said George Pearse Manley, afterwards with him and William Spearman, Eliza Mary Spearman and Ambrose Brooks, and subsequently with said George Pearse Manley, William Spearman, Eliza Mary Spearman, Ambrose Brooks, and Hugh Pearse Manley, then of No. 84, Quadrant, Regent-Street, Middlesex, afterwards of Totnes, Devonshire, out of business, passing under the assumed name of Mary Hill, then of Stoke-Cottage aforesaid, and late of Dartmouth, out of business, passing under the assumed name of Mary Hill.
Henry Couch, formerly of Axminster, Devonshire, Auctioneer and Brick and Tile Manufacturer, and late of Dawlish, Devonshire, out of business.
John Fox, late of Ugborough, Devonshire, labourer.
Thomas Pope, heretofore of Union-Street, Stonehouse, Devonshire, Victualler, then of Lore-Street, Plymouth, and late of Exeter-Street, Plymouth, Carpenter, Joiner, and Baker.
George Cutcliffe, late of Ashburton, Devonshire, Surgeon.
William Sampson, late of No. 1, Westwell-Street, Plymouth, Joiner, Cabinet-Maker, and Machinist, also of No. 20, Parliament-Street, and of the Royal Arcade, College-Green, Dublin, then of Dalton Street, Liverpool, then of the Liver Theatre, Liverpool, then of Bridge-Street, Manchester, then of Charlotte-Street, Manchester, and of the Manor Court-Room, Manchester, then of Bridge-Street, and the Albion Hotel, Chester, then of the Wheat-Sheaf Public-House, Lower Thames-Street, London, and Saville-House aforesaid, then of Long's-Court aforesaid, and of the Cosmorama, No. 209, Regent-Street, Middlesex, Proprietor of the Theatre of Arts, Wife carried on his business at Westwell-Street aforesaid, of a Joiner and Cabinet-Maker, and also her own occupation of a Schoolmistress.
William Phillips, late of Topsham, Devonshire, Boot and Shoe-Maker.
John Granter, heretofore of Cruwys Morchard, then of Tiverton, and late of Shillingford, Morebath, Devonshire, Dairyman and Labourer.
William Adams, late of Brixham, Devonshire, heretofore Master Mariner, and lately Fisherman.
Robert Pile, heretofore of East Reach, Taunton, Somersetshire, and late of Pilton, near Barnstaple, Devonshire, Baker.
Theodore Parker, late of No. 6, Lore-Street, Plymouth, Flour Factor.
John Rolestone, late of Honiton, Devonshire, Farmer.
William Smith, heretofore of Teigngrace, Devonshire, Tea-Dealer, and Linen-Draper, then of Hennock, Devonshire, Tea-Dealer, Grocer and Linen-Draper, and late of Bovey Tracey, Devonshire, Tea-Dealer and Carter.
Richard Oatway the younger, formerly of Hardwarehead-Lane, Barnstaple, Devonshire, Builder and Mason, and late of Gaden's-Ground, Barnstaple, Victualler, Builder and Mason.


1. If any Creditor intends to oppose a Prisoner's discharge, notice of such intention must be given to the said Prisoner, in writing, three clear days before the day of hearing, exclusive of Sunday, and exclusive both of the day of giving such notice and of the said day of hearing.
2. But in the case of a Prisoner, whom his Creditors have removed, by an order of the Court, from a gaol in or near London for hearing in the country, such notice of opposition will be sufficient if given one clear day before the day of hearing.
3. The petition and schedule will be produced by the proper Officer for inspection and examination, at the Office of the Court, in London, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between the hours of Ten and Four; and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper Officer, according to the Act, 7 Geo. 4, c. 57, sec. 76.

N.B. Entrance to the Office in Portugal-street, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.

4. The duplicate of the petition and schedule, and all books, papers, and writings filed therewith, will be produced for inspection and examination by the Clerk of the Peace, Town Clerk, or other person with whom the same shall have been directed to be lodged for such purpose, at the Office of such Clerk of the Peace or other person; and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be there provided, according to the Act, 7 Geo. 4, c. 57, sec. 77, or the Act, 5 Geo. 4, c. 61, sec. 11, as the case may be.