Insolvent Debtors - 1839

Articles from the London Gazette

Provided by Lindsey Withers



Pursuant to the Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England.


N.B. - See the Notice at the end of these Advertisements.

The following PRISONERS whose Estates and Effects have been vested in the Provisional Assignee by Order of the Court, having filed their Schedules, are ordered to be brought up before a Commissioner on circuit, to be dealt with according to the Statute, as follows:

London Gazette - Issue 19713 published on the 5 March 1839

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in the County of Devon, on the 28th day of March 1839, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
John Trengore, heretofore of Saint Blazey, Cornwall, Linen-Draper, Eating House-Keeper, Flour-Factor, and General Shopkeeper, and late of No. 2, Drake-street, Plymouth, Devon, Dyer and Dealer in Groceries on Commission.
George Fry, late of Ilfracombe, Devonshire, Victualler, heretofore Letter of Saddle Horses, a Phaeton, and Fly to Hire.
George Cox, heretofore of Exeter, then of Sidmouth, and late of Tiverton, Devonshire, Waiter.
Mary Paige, Widow, late of Tamerton Foliot, Devonshire, Farmer, and late out of business.
James Pike, late of Wembworthy, Devonshire, heretofore Farmer, Seller of Beer, Cyder and Tobacco by Retail, lately in no business.
Henry Hide Williams, late of No. 5, St. Mary-street, Stonehouse, Devonshire, out of business, previously at same place, Coal-Dealer, and formerly of Union-street, Stonehouse aforesaid, Whitesmith.
George Gardiner, late of Stoke Canon, Devonshire, Gentleman, previously of Upcott House, Somersetshire, formerly carrying on business at St. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, with John and Simon Hore, under the firm of Messrs. Hore and Company, as Wholesale Brewers.
John Summerwill, late of Exeter Inn, Ilfracombe, Devonshire, Innkeeper, Butcher, and Corn-Dealer, previously Maltster and Butcher.
James Charles, late of Membury, Devonshire, Beer-Seller, Butcher and Shopkeeper.
William Colwill, late of Back-street, Tavistock, Devonshire, out of business, previously of Fore-street, Tavistock, and formerly of West-street, Tavistock, Hatter.
Frederick Edward Preedy, late of No. 6, Paris-street Exeter, Coachman, previously Coach-Proprietor and Coachman, previously of No. 45 College-street, Bristol, Coachman and Coach Proprietor, and formerly of Yeovil, Somersetshire, Accountant.
Nicholas Foott, jun. late of Rillaton, parish of Linkinghorne, Cornwall, Yeoman.
Richard Kingcome, late of No. 36, James-street, Plymouth, Devonshire, out of business, and previously of Fowey, Cornwall, Beer-Seller and Ship Broker.
Thomas Eastcott, late of South-street, Devonport, Devonshire, Land Agent and Surveyor, also in Partnership with Robert Avent, as Auctioneers, previously of Torpoint, Cornwall and before that of South-street, Devonport, Land Agent, Surveyor, and Auctioneer, formerly of Barton in Stowford, Devonshire, previously of Broad Woodwidger, Devonshire, then of Church-street, Launceston, Cornwall, and previously of Broad Woodwidger aforesaid, Surveyor and Auctioneer.

At the Court-House, at the City of Exeter, on the 28th day of March 1839, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Benjamin Cattle, late of No. 182, Fore-street, Exeter, out of business, previously of King John Tavern, South-street, Exeter, Innkeeper.
Joseph Brinley, late of King-street, Exeter, Slater and Plasterer, heretofore Tea-Dealer and Grocer.
James Burch, late of St. Sidwell, Exeter, heretofore Coach-Builder, and lately in no business.

London Gazette - Issue 19749 published on the 9 July 1839

At the Court-House, at Plymouth, in the County of Devon, on the 1st day of August 1839, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Nicholas Wills, formerly of Millbay and late of No. 7, Week-street, Plymouth, Devonshire, Butcher.

London Gazette - Issue 19787 published on the 8 November 1839

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in the County of Devon, on the 29th day of November 1839, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
Edmund Powell, late of the parish of Lamerton, Devonshire, Labourer, previously of the Herring's Arms Inn, in the parish of Brent Tor, Devonshire, Innkeeper, and formerly of Liddaton in Brent Tor aforesaid, Yeoman.
Robert Tucker, heretofore of High-street, Barnstaple, Devonshire, Bookseller, Stationer, and Dealer in Fancy Goods, and Editor of a Newspaper called the County and North Devon Advertiser, published at Barnstaple aforesaid, for a short time residing at Newport, Devon, and carrying on the said business at Barnstaple, and late of Newport aforesaid, Editor of the said Newspaper.
John Dakin, late of South-street, Southmolton, Devonshire, Warehouseman, previously of Loughborough, Leicestershire, Warehouseman, and formerly of Milton-street, Leicester, Leicestershire aforesaid, Lace-Manufacturer.
James Paver, late of Otterton, in the county of Devon, Excavator.
Henry Alford Day, late of Northam, Devonshire, Labourer.
Thomas Cole, late of Bideford, Devonshire, Carver, Gilder, and Painter, previously of Launceston, Cornwall, Carver, Gilder and Painter.
James McHardy, late of No. 14, Regent-place, East Teignmouth, Devonshire, Hair Cutter, and Perfumer, previously of No. 2, Regent-place, East Teignmouth aforesaid, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.
William Hender Clarke, late of Sid-place, Sidmouth, Devonshire, out of business, previously of Fore-street, Sidmouth aforesaid, Linen and Woollen-Draper, Hatter and Hosier, formerly of Honiton in the said county, Linen and Woollen Draper and Hatter.
William Dening, late of Ottery Saint Mary, Devonshire, Farmer, formerly Farmer and butcher.
Edmund Lockyer Pym, formerly of Flora-place, Union-road, and then of Lockyer-street, all in Plymouth, Devonshire, carrying on business at George's-lane, Union-street, Plymouth aforesaid, in partnership with Charles Cobley Whiteford, as Attorneys at Law, under the firm of Whitford and Pym, afterwards of Jehvells in the parish of Lant-glos, Cornwall, and late of Newport, near Barnstaple, Devonshire, Gentleman, occasionally residing at the White Hart Inn, Alphington-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, in the said county.
Henry Shapter, late of Ugborough, Devonshire, Cattle-Dealer and Sheep-Salesman, and previously of East Peake, in the parish of Ugborough aforesaid, and of Penneton in South Brent, in the same county, Farmer.
James Murch, late of Bridgetown, in the parish of Berry Pomeroy, Devonshire, out of business, previously of Ashridge, in the parish of Harberton, in the same county, out of business, formerly of Bridgetown aforesaid Grocer and Dealer in Earthenware, heretofore of No. 128, Great Aucoats-street, Manchester, Lancashire, Grocer and Tea-Dealer.
Roger Seccombe the younger, late of German's Week, Devonshire, Husbandman.
George Beck, late of Tiverton, Devonshire, School-Master.
Thomas Workman, heretofore of Clist St. George, and late of Topsham, both in Devonshire, in no business or employment, formerly Surveyor of Private Trade and Shipping to the Honourable East India Company.

At the Court-House, at the City of Exeter, in the County of the same City, on the 29th day of November 1839, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.
William Curtis, late of Bartholomew-street, in the city of Exeter, Huckster, Green-Grocer, and Dealer in Coals.
Thomas Tapp, late of the Courtenay Arms Inn, Mary Arche's-street, in the city of Exeter, Licenced Victualler and Dealer in Coals.
Samuel Chave, late of No. 7, Bedford-circus, in the precinct of Bedford, in the city of Exeter, Hair-Dresser and Perfumer, previously of No. 4, Cathedral-yard, in the parish of Saint Martin, in Exeter aforesaid, Hair-Dresser and Perfumer, and formerly of No. 4, Cathedral-yard aforesaid, carrying on business with Thomas Chave, under the style and firm of Chave and Son, of the Cathedral-yard aforesaid, as Hair-Dressers and Perfumers.


1. If any Creditor intends to oppose a Prisoner's discharge, notice of such intention must be given to the said Prisoner, in writing, three clear days before the day of hearing, exclusive of Sunday and exclusive both of the day of giving such notice and of the said day of hearing.
2. But in the case of a prisoner, whom his creditors have removed, by an Order of the Court, from gaol in or near London, for hearing in the country, such notice of opposition will be sufficient, if given one clear day before the day of hearing.
3. The petition and schedule will be produced by the proper Officer for inspection and examination at the Office of the Court in London; between the hours of ten and four; and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper Officer, according to the Act, 1 and 2 Vict. cap. 110, sec. 105.

N.B. Entrance to the Office in Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

4. The duplicate of the petition and schedule, and all books, papers, and writings filed therewith, will be produced for inspection and examination, by the Clerk of the Peace, Town Clerk, or other person with whom the same shall have been directed to be lodged for such purpose, at the Office of such Clerk of the Peace or other person, and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be there provided according to the Act, 7 Geo. 4, c. 57, sec. 77, or 1 and 2 Vict. c. 110, sec. 106, as the case may be.