List of Papists and Delinquents Sequestered in North Devon, 1648

Transcribed from:

Green, Mary Anne Everett Green (ed.) Calendar of the Committee for Compounding, 1643-1660 General Proceedings London, H.M.S.O., (1889) pp.97-98.

April 6, Plymouth.
56. Rob. Spry, solicitor to the County Commissioners for Devon, north division, to the Committee for Compounding. On your order for a return of the names of the notorious delinquents in the various counties, I speedily prepared it, but ten times more might have been done had the county commissioners divided themselves according to ordinance; for in 200 parishes, of 50 miles long, the committee have not sat 14 days these 2 years, which has been a great remora in the service, and a burden to the country and all honest people willing to give informations. I have often spoken to them, but they say they want committee men for this north division. I beg you to remove this obstacle by appointing some.

April 6 1648
57. List of Papists and delinquents sequestered in North Devon since the happy reducement of the county to the obedience of Parliament in May 1646.

John Giffard, Brightley, compounded at far too low a value.
John Powning, Arlington, R. *
George Wyot, Sherwill, R.
John Wyot, Ilfracombe, R.
John Coffin, Parkham, R.
Wm. Gifford, Buckland Brewer, R.
Ant. Gifford, Landcras, R.
Rich. Smith, Great Torrington, D.
John Jermin, Warkleigh, D.
Edw. Gelly, clerk, notorious D., poor
Garret Dillon, Morthoe, R. that has been in arms, his estate in right of his wife £60 a year.
Thos. Muncke, Potheridge, D.
John Courtney, Molland, D.
Thos. Chancey, Abbotsham, D., poor.
Sir Thos Hele, Bart., D., notorious.
Winter Grant, R., beyond seas.
Susan Chichester, widow, R.
Dorothy Berry, R.
Edw. Pine, East Down, D.
Sir Ralph Sydenham, D., notorious.
Capt. Walt. Shere, Bridgevel, very violent, and a notorious D.
Sir Rich. Prideaux, notorious D.
Ant. Isaac, Allington, intelligencer, of good estate.
Capt. John Burdon, Highhampton, D., poor.
Wm. Milton, Sheepwash, D.
Capt. Rich. Copleston, Little Torrington, poor.
Art. Bassett, Umberleigh, D., notorious, who since the reducement of the country, has resisted the ordinances of Parliament, and attempted to kill an agent who sequestered his estate.
Wm. Richards, Brampton, D., notorious.
John and Hugh Stowley, Fremington, D., notorious.
Hen. Ham, Ashwater, D., notorious.
John Short, Ashwater, D., notorious
John Mayne, Hatherleigh, D., notorious
George Bayley, Barnstaple, R.
Thos. Bayley, Langtree, R.
Hen, Davey, Beaford, D., poor.
George Browning, Newton Petrock, D., notorious.
Thomas and Rich. Stuckey, Iddesleigh, D., notorious.
John Acland, Columbjohn, D., notorious.
Wm. Lang, clerk, dead.
John Bishop, Northam, D., notorious.
Rich. Harper, Fremington, D., notorious.
Sir John Chichester, D., notorious.
Wm. Leigh, Northam, D., notorious.
Rich. Bennet, Northam, D., notorious.
Rich Saunders, Buckland Brewer, D., notorious, poor.
John Turner, Buckland, D., notorious.
Hugh Prust, Monkleigh Mill, D., notorious.
John Velley, Hartland, D., notorious.
Reuben Lawrence, Hartland, D., notorious.
Mark Cottle, North Tawton, D.
George Yeo, Huish, D., notorious.
Ant. Lerkworthy, D., notorious, poor.
Capt. Thos. Eastcot, Warrington, D., notorious.
Capt. Thos. Melhuish, Witheridge, D., notorious.
Capt. George Brawton, Studley, D., notorious.
- Cottle, of Cornwall,, D., notorious.
John Arundel, D., notorious.
Fras. Isaack, East Down, D., notorious.
Nich. Leerewell, Kentisbeare, D., notorious.
Rich. Richards, Brampton, D., notorious.
Lewis Ingledon, Brampton, D., notorious.
George Beare, Buckland Brewer, counsellor-at-law, D., notorious.
Capt. John Skickes, Danstock, D., notorious, poor.
Hugh Wyot, Braunton, good estate, D., notorious.
John Isaack, St. Giles-on-heath, D., notorious.
Lewis Hutching, Northleigh, D., notorious, poor.
Rich. Leach, Hatherleigh, D., notorious, poor.
Geo. Bizet, Hatherleigh, D., notorious, D.
Nich. Newcombe, Inwardleigh, D., notorious, poor.
John Worth, Exbourne, D., notorious, poor.
John Raddock, Broadwood-Kelly, D., notorious, poor.
Art. Ackland, D., notorious, P.
John Heaward, " , D., notorious.
Art. Ascott, Dunsland, D., notorious.
John Raddon, Sampford, D., notorious, poor.
John Denaford, Balston, D., notorious, poor.

* R. stands for recusant; D. for delinquent; P. for papist.

[Page 153 has a further similar list, for East and South Devon, of 57 names.]

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