An index to the listing in King's Warrant Book XIII, pp. 440-45 (July 17, 1688)


Prepared by Jean E. Harris

An index of Devonians who had their estates forfeited to the Crown as "being rebels severally attainted of high treason in cos Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wilts --- "

Calendar of Treasury Books      Entry Book 17 July 1688 pp 16-20:

Michael ABBOTT, late of Honiton, cordwainer
Osmond BARRETT of Culliton, co. Devon, husbandman
Jno. BULL, late of Axminster, husbandman
Jno. BUSHELLS of Whitford (in Shute), co. Devon, weaver
Tho. CLAPP, late of Sidmouth, comber
Tristram CLARKE, late of Honiton, yeoman
William CLEGG, late of Collaton, weaver
Tho. COOKE, late of Kilmington, co. Devon, clothier
Philip COX, late of Collaton, husbandman
William COX of Musbury, co. Devon, husbandman
Benj. CREW, late of Combpyne, co. Devon, husbandman
Gidgeon DARE, late of same place (Combe Raleigh), husbandman
Tho. DOLBEAR of Honiton, co. Devon, shoemaker
Zachary DROWER, late of Culliton (Collaton) co. Devon, joiner
Jno. EDWARDS, late of Axminster, comber
Jno. EDWARDS name appears twice in this list for reasons unknown
Richard EVANS, late of Cotleigh, co.Devon, Dr in physic
James EVERY of Honiton, cheesemonger
Thos. FRANKLYN, late of Luppitt, co. Devon, husbandman
Walter GAPE, late of Axmouth, clothier
William HARVEY of Membury, co. Devon, tinker
John HATHFEILD, alias HEATHFEILD, late of Collaton, cordwainer
Nicho. HOAR, late of Culliton (Collaton), tanner
Henry KNIGHT, late of Chardstock
Robert LACKY's of Seaton, co. Devon, carpenter
Sampson LARKE, late of Combe Raleigh, co. Devon, gent.
Philip LEVERMORE, late of Honiton, tanner
Barnard LOVEREDGE of Uplyme, co. Devon, chandler
Malachi MALLACK, late of Axminster, clothier
William MATHERS alias MARTHERS, late of Culliton (Collaton), co. Devon, carpenter
William PARSONS, late of Shint (?Shute), co. Devon, husbandman
Henry QUICK, late of Upottery, co. Devon, husbandman
William QUINTAN, alias FREAR, late of Shute, co.Devon, yeoman
Jno. RESTORICK of Culliton, co. Devon, husbandman
Robert SALTER, late of Upottery, co. Devon,sergeweaver
Nicho. SALTER of Upottery, husbandman
Robt. SANDIS "of the [?same]" (?Culliton) town and county, husb[andman]
Roger SATCHELL, late of Colyton, co, Devon, yeoman
William SEARLE of Whitford (in Shute), co Devon, husbandman
Jno SKINNER, late of same (Honiton), cordwainer
Thomas SMYTH, late of Chardstock, co. Somerset [Dorset], husbandman
Abraham THOMAS, late of Honiton, yeoman
Jno. TRURIN, late of Culliton (Collaton), co Devon
Edward WENN, late of Collaton, cordwainer
Jno. WINIFE of Honiton, shoemaker