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List of Subscribers


Rural poems with other fugitive pieces


Sarah Weymouth

London, G.B. Whittacker; Devonport: R Williams (1827). 115 pp.

Transcribed by Michael Steer

The author, Miss Sarah Weymouth (1802-26), lived at Collaton, near Kingsbridge. Collaton, now Collaton St Mary, is on the road from Paignton to Totnes. This small book of romantic poems was printed as a tribute from her friends. She was "an ardent admirer of the beauties of nature", one whose life, we are informed was spent in "semi-rural retirement", and who died of consumption (TB) at the age of 24. The 12 Weymouth's listed as subscribers to the volume indicate that she came from a relatively large family, several of whom were professionals. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the Bodleian Library collection that can be downloaded from, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Mrs Edward Adams Kingsbridge
Mrs John Adams do
Mrs Adams Maryknowle
Mr R Adams Southdown
Mrs T Adams Higher Bolberry
Mr Adams Lower Rew
Miss Adams do
Mr P Adams Plymouth
Miss J Adams do
Mrs Alger do
Mr H Andrews, RN do
Rev J Aikenhead Devonport
Misses Algar and Saunders do
Mrs Lieutenant Adamson Stonehouse
Mrs Andrews Portsea
Dr Collin Allan (Army) Bristol
Mrs M Avery do
Dr Bridgeman Kingsbridge
Mrs Bartlett do
Mrs W Beer do
Mrs S. Beer do
Mr N Burgain  
Mr J Balkwill Horsewell
Mr R Balkwill Yarde
Mrs J Ball Salcombe
Miss S Ball do
Mrs Brooking do
Rear Admiral Brooking Plymouth
Mr J Brooking, RN do
Miss Burnell Plymouth
Captain Blamey RN do
Mr B Balkwill do
Dr Blackmore do
Mr Braithwaite do
Mr Burney RN Devonport
Mr Bone, Surgeon do
Mr E Blake do
John Billing Esq do
Mr J Bowden do
Rev W Beal do
Mrs W A Bone, Stoke do
Mr John Beer do
Miss Bremner do
Mr Banks Frank's Quarry
Mrs Beard Dartmouth
Miss Brooking do
Mrs Bond, Norton House, do
Mrs Bradley Portsea
Mr J Byerleigh do
Mr Barton, RNA College, Portsmouth
John Butler Esq Bristol
Mrs J Benson do
Mr James Bevans do
Mrs Busvine do
Miss M Busvine do
Mrs Blackwell do
Rev W F Burchell Falmouth
Mrs Bond do
Miss Budd do
Lady Cameron Citadel, Plymouth
Mrs Crozier Kingsbridge
Miss M Curtis do
R Cornish Esq do
Mrs Churchward Stoke Gabriel
Mrs Chadder Salcombe
Mr Coleman, Surgeon do
Miss Charters Maryknowle
Miss G Carter Guerston
Mrs Cookworthy Plymouth
Mr J Cookworthy do
Mr G Coryndon do
Mrs R Clark Devonport
Mr E Cock do
Miss Cock do
Mrs Catty Stoke
Miss Charter Dartmouth
Miss Churchill do
Miss Challon Stoke Cliff do
Mrs Croker Bovey Tracey
Mrs E Carter Portsmouth
Miss Carter do
Mr Cooper HM Yacht Royal George
Mr Craddock RNA College do
Mr Courtenay do
Mr Michael Clark Bristol
Miss M G Court do
Miss E J Cannington do
Mr Thomas Clark do
Miss Clark do
Miss Cornish Falmouth
Miss Croggan do
Rev J Davies Kingsbridge
Mrs Dinnis do
Mrs De Lisle Salcombe
Honble Mrs De Courcy do
Miss De Courcy do
J S De Courcy Esq do
Mrs Dalby do
R Derry Esq Plymouth
Mr D Derry Plymouth
Rev W P Davies do
Captain Delafons, RN do
Mr Dunsford Devonport
Miss Dykes do
Mr Dominy do
Lieutenant Deseret, RN Stoke do
Devonport Reading Society  
Mr Dimond Stoke Gabriel
Mrs Domett Bovey Tracey
E von Dadelszen Esq London
G M von Dadelszen Brixton do
Mrs von Dadelszen do
Mr Lewis Dascombe Bristol
Miss Ann Davis do
Miss Dyer do
Rev E Edgell West Alvington
Miss Edgell do
Miss F Edgell do
W Elliot Esq Kingsbridge
Mrs J Edwards do
Miss Eales do
Miss Evans Easton
Mr Earle Upton
Mrs Edmonds Hendham House
Mr W Easton Plymouth
Miss Elliot Barley House do
Mrs Elliott Devonport
Miss Elliot Dartmouth
Mr J Evans London
Mr R B Evans Southville Priory do
Miss C Evans do
Miss M Ellis Portsea
Mr F Evill Bristol
Mr T H Elliott do
Miss C Foot Kingsbridge
A Friend do
Miss Flinn Dodbrook
Miss L Flinn do
Miss F Flinn do
A Friend do
Mr Friend Loddiswell
Mrs Foale Newhouse
Mr Friar Plymouth
Captain Fillimore, RN do
Mr John Foster Devonport
Mr Fegan do
A Friend Millbrook
Mrs Fox Dartmouth
Mr Floud do
A Friend. (G) London
Miss C Fairthorn Bristol
Two Friends (A & E) do
Miss Friend do
Miss E Friend do
Miss FitzPatrick do
Mr Gillard, Surgeon Kingsbridge
Mr S Gillard do
Mrs N Gillard do
Mr P Gibbs do
Mrs Gilbert Windsor House
Miss Grant Doddbrook
Mr Grills Woolston
Mr H Gandy Plymouth
Rev J Garton do
Lieutenant J C Greenway Devonport
Dr Glasson do
Mrs Gay Jnr do
Mr Goldsack do
Mr Gard do
Mr J Grigg Devonport
Miss Goldsworthy Stoke, do
Miss Goss Modbury
Mr Glubb Dartmouth
Miss Geaves do
Mrs Gibbs do
Mrs Admiral Giffard Petersfield
Mr Gardiner Portsea
Mr Charles Green Bristol
Miss Penninah Goodyear do
Mrs Higman Kingsbridge
Mrs T harris do
Mrs Hannaford do
Mr Hurrell do
Mrs Hooper do
Captain A M Hawkins, RN do
R Hawkins Esq Quay House do
Miss Hawkins do
Miss Hawkins Alston
Miss Hine Slapton
Mrs Hodder Portlemore
Rev J Hatchard Plymouth
Captain Haydon RN do
Mrs Hancock do
Mrs James Harris do
Mr Joseph Hingston do
Rev R Hartley do
Miss Hill do
Miss Hicks Oreston
Rev T M Hitchens Devonport
Mr J Hodge RN do
Rev T Horton do
Mrs Heywood do
Mrs Hook do
Mr H T Harris Devonport
Mrs J Hancock do
Mrs J Hutchins Millbrook
Miss A Hunt Dartmouth
Mrs R Hingston do
Mrs G Hingston do
Mr A Harris do
Mrs Hockin do
Miss Haye do
Mrs Holdsworth Mount Galpin
Mrs Holdsworth Hardness
Mr M Hoyles Clifton Cottages
Miss Hoyles do
Mrs A Hunt Redlap
Miss Harris Bovey Tracey
J R Horwood Esq Gosport
Mrs Hancock Portsea
Miss Howard Fratton
Mr Hancorn RNA College, Portsmouth
Adjutant George L Hodges Bristol
Lieutenant T Harris 61st Regiment
Miss Lydia Harris do
Miss Martha Hopkins do
Mrs Howell do
Mrs Elizabeth Hughes do
Mrs Helm do
Miss Jane Hancock do
Mrs Icely Devonport
Mrs T Ivimy Portsea
Peter Jellard Esq Kingsbridge
Mr A P Jarvis do
Mr W Jarvis do
Mr W Jarvis Salcombe
Miss Jarvis Westontown
Mr T Jarvis Collaton
Miss E Jarvis Withymoor
Miss Jellard South Huish
Mrs W Jarvis Bolberry
Mrs Jarvis Higher
Rev Dr Jacob Devonport
Mrs Jacob do
Mr Jackman do
Mr M Jeffery do
Miss Jesse Poll House of Ide
Miss E Jay Bristol
Mrs Kendle Devonport
Mrs T Lavers Kingsbridge
Mrs N Luscombe do
A Lover of Literature do
John Luscombe Junr Esq Coombe Royal
Mrs Lindon Burleigh
Mrs R Lindon Youngcombe
Mrs Loye Stokenham
Mr R Leach Ash
Miss Lidstone Galmpton
Mrs Luckham Malborough
Mr Joseph Lindon Plymouth
Miss J Lakeman do
Miss Lloyd do
Mr James Lobb do
Mrs Lockwood Devonport
Captain F J Lewis RN do
Mr P M Little do
Mrs Lang Stoke
Mrs J Little Millbrook
G B Laurence Esq Lostwithiel
Miss Lamble Bovey Tracey
Miss Langley do
Mrs Lee Exeter
Mr W S Lethbridge London
Mr T Luscombe House of Lords
Mrs Luscombe do
Lt Colonel G Lewis RM Portsmouth
Mr Lang RNA College
Mrs Lipscombe Portsea
Mrs Love Dartmouth
Mrs Larwill do
Dr Magrath Plymouth
Mr Moyes do
Mrs Captain Mould Devonport
Mr T May do
Captain Mould RN Stoke do
Lieutenant C McKenzie RN do
Mrs Captain McKellar Millbrook
Miss McKellar do
Mrs McKenzie Brixton, London
Lieutenant W Miller RN Jersey
Miss C Massey Spalding, Lancashire
Captain W McKenzie (Army) Bristol
Miss S Morris do
Miss Morgan do
Miss Jane Mare do
Mr Murch South Milton
Rev J Nicholson Kingsbridge
Mr J Nicholson do
Rev S Nicholson Plymouth
Mrs Napier do
Miss Norton do
Mrs Norman Devonport
Miss Nicholson do
Miss Nicholls do
Miss E Nicholls Devonport
Miss Nichols Dartmouth
Mrs Newman Belmont do
R Nantes Esq Shilston, nr Modbury
Mr Nash Falmouth
Mr R Oram Devonport
Mr Edm Oram do
Miss Oxenham Dartmouth
Mr Oake HM Yacht Royal-George, Portsmouth
Mrs Oake Fratton
Miss Osler Falmouth
Lady Pellew Plymouth
R I Prideaux Esq Kingsbridge
Lieutenant W L Pearce do
Miss A Prideaux do
Miss Penn do
Miss Pearson do
Miss Pearce do
J Pearse Esq Easton
Mr W Pearse do
Mr Paige Holwell
Mrs Pinwell Salcombe
Mr Prettejohn Whimpson
Misses Prettejohn Molescombe
Mrs Pearce Galmpton
Mr Prettejohn Yanston
Mr Prettejohn Beeston
Mr Prettejohn Borough
W Prance Esq Plymouth
Miss Pritchett do
Mr T Page do
Mrs Phillips do
Rev W Prowse Devonport
Mr D Paramore do
Miss Paramore do
Mr J Penrose do
Miss Patrick do
Rev S Parrott do
Mr J Palmer do
Rev H S Plumtre Stonehouse
Miss Puddicombe Bovey Tracey
Mrs B Phillips Dartmouth
Mrs Puddicombe do
Miss Pearce do
Mrs R Prideaux do
Mrs Pearce Portsea
Captain W H Phillips (Army) Bristol
Mr Chas Pincott do
Mr F S Randall Kingsbridge
Mr R Randall Chillington
Mr J Randall Plymouth
Mrs Reilly do
Mr Ramsay Devonport
Miss Ryder do
Miss Richards Stonehouse
Lieutenant W G Rhind, RN do
Mrs Roope Dartmouth
W Ridgway Esq Bristol
Miss S Roberts do
Miss M Roberts do
Miss Read Falmouth
Lady Saumarez Guernsey
Miss Sandys Kingsbridge
Mr R Southwood do
Mrs Smith do
Miss Sinkins Dodbrook
Mr Strong Salcombe
Mrs Shepherd Ilton
Mr N Southwood Frogmore
Miss Square Clannacombe
Miss C Spicer Plymouth
Mrs Square do
Captain Searle RN do
Miss Satterley Devonport
Miss Sibley do
Mr Swiney RN do
Mrs W D Sole do
Mr J Skinner do
Miss Samwell do
Rev T Surridge RN do
Rev J E Surridge RN Portsmouth
Mr Shaw RNA College
Miss Spicer Portsea
Mrs Stokes do
Mr W Smith do
Dr Seeds Liverpool
Mrs Strong Dartmouth
Mrs Sparke do
Mrs Searle Mount Boon
Mrs Jas Satterley Bovey Tracey
Miss Steer Indeo (Bovey Tracey)
Mr W V Stephens London
Mr Robt Sutton Bristol
Mr W Smith do
Mr B Scott do
Mr Steddar do
Mrs Sutton do
Mrs Savage do
Mr Spasshatt Falmouth
Miss Smith do
Mr W Toms, Surgeon Kingsbridge
Miss Trickey do
Mr Turtley Salcombe
Miss Turtley do
Miss S Turtley do
Miss E Turtley do
Miss Turtley Batson
Miss Tuckerman Woolston
Mr Toy South Milton
Mrs Treeby Plymouth
Captain Thicknesse, RN do
Miss Tripe do
Mr H Tripe do
Miss Tolcher do
Mrs Tucker Devonport
Mr A Tucker do
Mr W Thompson do
Mr W B Taylor, Jnr do
Mrs W Trego Stonehouse
Mr Teage Dartmouth
Mr Twysden Mount Pleasant do
Mrs Tucker Moretonhampstead
Mrs Tatlock Portsea
Mr John Tanner do
Mr John Tovey Bristol
Mrs Jane Thomas do
Mr F Trestrail Falmouth
Mrs Vellacott Kingsbridge
Mrs Vivian Salcombe
Rev G F Wise Kingsbridge
Mrs I Weymouth do
Miss Wyse do
Mrs W Weymouth do
Mrs Winsor do
Mr John Weymouth do
Miss Wreyford do
Mr S Weeks do
Mr F Weymouth Collapit
Miss Weymouth do
Mrs Wotton Salcombe
Mr J Weymouth RN Lincombe (Torquay)
Mrs Woody Malborough
John Williams Esq Plymouth
Mr Whiddon do
Captain Wise RN do
Rev T Willcocks Devonport
Captain Weymouth RN do
Mr Watts do
Mr Willsher, Surgeon do
Miss Woolacott do
Mr I Watts Stoke
Mrs Warner Dartmouth
Mrs Wilson do
Dr Weymouth Portsea
Miss Weymouth do
Mr Woodward do
Mrs W Weymouth do
Miss Wallis Fratton
Mr John Williams Bristol
Master Joshua Weymouth do
Miss Eunice Weymouth do
The Editor regrets that the following names came to hand too late to be inserted in the foregoing list
Hon, Lady Grey Dockyard, Portsmouth
Rev W S Desautoy Portsea
Mrs Brenton do
Mrs Atfield do
Miss Hale do
Mrs Young, Westridge, Isle of Wight
Mrs C Holdworth Vicarage, Stokenham
Miss Torring, Vauxhall Cottage, Kingsbridge
Mr Croade Newhouse near Frogmore
Mrs Tucker Start
Mrs Steere Frittiscombe
Mr T Hodge Slapton
Mrs Paige Darnicombe
Mrs Randall Will, near Chillington
Mr Garland Winslade