List of Subscribers


Rural poems with other fugitive pieces


Sarah Weymouth

London, G.B. Whittacker; Devonport: R Williams (1827). 115 pp.

Transcribed by Michael Steer

The author, Miss Sarah Weymouth (1802-26), lived at Collaton, near Kingsbridge. Collaton, now Collaton St Mary, is on the road from Paignton to Totnes. This small book of romantic poems was printed as a tribute from her friends. She was "an ardent admirer of the beauties of nature", one whose life, we are informed was spent in "semi-rural retirement", and who died of consumption (TB) at the age of 24. The 12 Weymouth's listed as subscribers to the volume indicate that she came from a relatively large family, several of whom were professionals. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the Bodleian Library collection that can be downloaded from https://books.google.co.uk/books, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Mrs Edward AdamsKingsbridge
Mrs John Adamsdo
Mrs AdamsMaryknowle
Mr R AdamsSouthdown
Mrs T AdamsHigher Bolberry
Mr AdamsLower Rew
Miss Adamsdo
Mr P AdamsPlymouth
Miss J Adamsdo
Mrs Algerdo
Mr H Andrews, RNdo
Rev J AikenheadDevonport
Misses Algar and Saundersdo
Mrs Lieutenant AdamsonStonehouse
Mrs AndrewsPortsea
Dr Collin Allan (Army)Bristol
Mrs M Averydo
Dr BridgemanKingsbridge
Mrs Bartlettdo
Mrs W Beerdo
Mrs S. Beerdo
Mr N Burgain 
Mr J BalkwillHorsewell
Mr R BalkwillYarde
Mrs J BallSalcombe
Miss S Balldo
Mrs Brookingdo
Rear Admiral BrookingPlymouth
Mr J Brooking, RNdo
Miss BurnellPlymouth
Captain Blamey RNdo
Mr B Balkwilldo
Dr Blackmoredo
Mr Braithwaitedo
Mr Burney RNDevonport
Mr Bone, Surgeondo
Mr E Blakedo
John Billing Esqdo
Mr J Bowdendo
Rev W Bealdo
Mrs W A Bone, Stokedo
Mr John Beerdo
Miss Bremnerdo
Mr BanksFrank's Quarry
Mrs BeardDartmouth
Miss Brookingdo
Mrs Bond,Norton House, do
Mrs BradleyPortsea
Mr J Byerleighdo
Mr Barton,RNA College, Portsmouth
John Butler EsqBristol
Mrs J Bensondo
Mr James Bevansdo
Mrs Busvinedo
Miss M Busvinedo
Mrs Blackwelldo
Rev W F BurchellFalmouth
Mrs Bonddo
Miss Budddo
Lady CameronCitadel, Plymouth
Mrs CrozierKingsbridge
Miss M Curtisdo
R Cornish Esqdo
Mrs ChurchwardStoke Gabriel
Mrs ChadderSalcombe
Mr Coleman, Surgeondo
Miss ChartersMaryknowle
Miss G CarterGuerston
Mrs CookworthyPlymouth
Mr J Cookworthydo
Mr G Coryndondo
Mrs R ClarkDevonport
Mr E Cockdo
Miss Cockdo
Mrs CattyStoke
Miss CharterDartmouth
Miss Churchilldo
Miss ChallonStoke Cliff do
Mrs CrokerBovey Tracey
Mrs E CarterPortsmouth
Miss Carterdo
Mr CooperHM Yacht Royal George
Mr CraddockRNA College do
Mr Courtenaydo
Mr Michael ClarkBristol
Miss M G Courtdo
Miss E J Canningtondo
Mr Thomas Clarkdo
Miss Clarkdo
Miss CornishFalmouth
Miss Croggando
Rev J DaviesKingsbridge
Mrs Dinnisdo
Mrs De LisleSalcombe
Honble Mrs De Courcydo
Miss De Courcydo
J S De Courcy Esqdo
Mrs Dalbydo
R Derry EsqPlymouth
Mr D DerryPlymouth
Rev W P Daviesdo
Captain Delafons, RNdo
Mr DunsfordDevonport
Miss Dykesdo
Mr Dominydo
Lieutenant Deseret, RNStoke do
Devonport Reading Society 
Mr DimondStoke Gabriel
Mrs DomettBovey Tracey
E von Dadelszen EsqLondon
G M von DadelszenBrixton do
Mrs von Dadelszendo
Mr Lewis DascombeBristol
Miss Ann Davisdo
Miss Dyerdo
Rev E EdgellWest Alvington
Miss Edgelldo
Miss F Edgelldo
W Elliot EsqKingsbridge
Mrs J Edwardsdo
Miss Ealesdo
Miss EvansEaston
Mr EarleUpton
Mrs EdmondsHendham House
Mr W EastonPlymouth
Miss ElliotBarley House do
Mrs ElliottDevonport
Miss ElliotDartmouth
Mr J EvansLondon
Mr R B EvansSouthville Priory do
Miss C Evansdo
Miss M EllisPortsea
Mr F EvillBristol
Mr T H Elliottdo
Miss C FootKingsbridge
A Frienddo
Miss FlinnDodbrook
Miss L Flinndo
Miss F Flinndo
A Frienddo
Mr FriendLoddiswell
Mrs FoaleNewhouse
Mr FriarPlymouth
Captain Fillimore, RNdo
Mr John FosterDevonport
Mr Fegando
A FriendMillbrook
Mrs FoxDartmouth
Mr Flouddo
A Friend. (G)London
Miss C FairthornBristol
Two Friends (A & E)do
Miss Frienddo
Miss E Frienddo
Miss FitzPatrickdo
Mr Gillard, SurgeonKingsbridge
Mr S Gillarddo
Mrs N Gillarddo
Mr P Gibbsdo
Mrs GilbertWindsor House
Miss GrantDoddbrook
Mr GrillsWoolston
Mr H GandyPlymouth
Rev J Gartondo
Lieutenant J C GreenwayDevonport
Dr Glassondo
Mrs Gay Jnrdo
Mr Goldsackdo
Mr Garddo
Mr J GriggDevonport
Miss GoldsworthyStoke, do
Miss GossModbury
Mr GlubbDartmouth
Miss Geavesdo
Mrs Gibbsdo
Mrs Admiral GiffardPetersfield
Mr GardinerPortsea
Mr Charles GreenBristol
Miss Penninah Goodyeardo
Mrs HigmanKingsbridge
Mrs T harrisdo
Mrs Hannaforddo
Mr Hurrelldo
Mrs Hooperdo
Captain A M Hawkins, RNdo
R Hawkins EsqQuay House do
Miss Hawkinsdo
Miss HawkinsAlston
Miss HineSlapton
Mrs HodderPortlemore
Rev J HatchardPlymouth
Captain Haydon RNdo
Mrs Hancockdo
Mrs James Harrisdo
Mr Joseph Hingstondo
Rev R Hartleydo
Miss Hilldo
Miss HicksOreston
Rev T M HitchensDevonport
Mr J Hodge RNdo
Rev T Hortondo
Mrs Heywooddo
Mrs Hookdo
Mr H T HarrisDevonport
Mrs J Hancockdo
Mrs J HutchinsMillbrook
Miss A HuntDartmouth
Mrs R Hingstondo
Mrs G Hingstondo
Mr A Harrisdo
Mrs Hockindo
Miss Hayedo
Mrs HoldsworthMount Galpin
Mrs HoldsworthHardness
Mr M HoylesClifton Cottages
Miss Hoylesdo
Mrs A HuntRedlap
Miss HarrisBovey Tracey
J R Horwood EsqGosport
Mrs HancockPortsea
Miss HowardFratton
Mr HancornRNA College, Portsmouth
Adjutant George L HodgesBristol
Lieutenant T Harris61st Regiment
Miss Lydia Harrisdo
Miss Martha Hopkinsdo
Mrs Howelldo
Mrs Elizabeth Hughesdo
Mrs Helmdo
Miss Jane Hancockdo
Mrs IcelyDevonport
Mrs T IvimyPortsea
Peter Jellard EsqKingsbridge
Mr A P Jarvisdo
Mr W Jarvisdo
Mr W JarvisSalcombe
Miss JarvisWestontown
Mr T JarvisCollaton
Miss E JarvisWithymoor
Miss JellardSouth Huish
Mrs W JarvisBolberry
Mrs JarvisHigher
Rev Dr JacobDevonport
Mrs Jacobdo
Mr Jackmando
Mr M Jefferydo
Miss JessePoll House of Ide
Miss E JayBristol
Mrs KendleDevonport
Mrs T LaversKingsbridge
Mrs N Luscombedo
A Lover of Literaturedo
John Luscombe Junr EsqCoombe Royal
Mrs LindonBurleigh
Mrs R LindonYoungcombe
Mrs LoyeStokenham
Mr R LeachAsh
Miss LidstoneGalmpton
Mrs LuckhamMalborough
Mr Joseph LindonPlymouth
Miss J Lakemando
Miss Lloyddo
Mr James Lobbdo
Mrs LockwoodDevonport
Captain F J Lewis RNdo
Mr P M Littledo
Mrs LangStoke
Mrs J LittleMillbrook
G B Laurence EsqLostwithiel
Miss LambleBovey Tracey
Miss Langleydo
Mrs LeeExeter
Mr W S LethbridgeLondon
Mr T LuscombeHouse of Lords
Mrs Luscombedo
Lt Colonel G Lewis RMPortsmouth
Mr LangRNA College
Mrs LipscombePortsea
Mrs LoveDartmouth
Mrs Larwilldo
Dr MagrathPlymouth
Mr Moyesdo
Mrs Captain MouldDevonport
Mr T Maydo
Captain Mould RNStoke do
Lieutenant C McKenzie RNdo
Mrs Captain McKellarMillbrook
Miss McKellardo
Mrs McKenzieBrixton, London
Lieutenant W Miller RNJersey
Miss C MasseySpalding, Lancashire
Captain W McKenzie (Army)Bristol
Miss S Morrisdo
Miss Morgando
Miss Jane Maredo
Mr MurchSouth Milton
Rev J NicholsonKingsbridge
Mr J Nicholsondo
Rev S NicholsonPlymouth
Mrs Napierdo
Miss Nortondo
Mrs NormanDevonport
Miss Nicholsondo
Miss Nichollsdo
Miss E NichollsDevonport
Miss NicholsDartmouth
Mrs NewmanBelmont do
R Nantes EsqShilston, nr Modbury
Mr NashFalmouth
Mr R OramDevonport
Mr Edm Oramdo
Miss OxenhamDartmouth
Mr OakeHM Yacht Royal-George, Portsmouth
Mrs OakeFratton
Miss OslerFalmouth
Lady PellewPlymouth
R I Prideaux EsqKingsbridge
Lieutenant W L Pearcedo
Miss A Prideauxdo
Miss Penndo
Miss Pearsondo
Miss Pearcedo
J Pearse EsqEaston
Mr W Pearsedo
Mr PaigeHolwell
Mrs PinwellSalcombe
Mr PrettejohnWhimpson
Misses PrettejohnMolescombe
Mrs PearceGalmpton
Mr PrettejohnYanston
Mr PrettejohnBeeston
Mr PrettejohnBorough
W Prance EsqPlymouth
Miss Pritchettdo
Mr T Pagedo
Mrs Phillipsdo
Rev W ProwseDevonport
Mr D Paramoredo
Miss Paramoredo
Mr J Penrosedo
Miss Patrickdo
Rev S Parrottdo
Mr J Palmerdo
Rev H S PlumtreStonehouse
Miss PuddicombeBovey Tracey
Mrs B PhillipsDartmouth
Mrs Puddicombedo
Miss Pearcedo
Mrs R Prideauxdo
Mrs PearcePortsea
Captain W H Phillips (Army)Bristol
Mr Chas Pincottdo
Mr F S RandallKingsbridge
Mr R RandallChillington
Mr J RandallPlymouth
Mrs Reillydo
Mr RamsayDevonport
Miss Ryderdo
Miss RichardsStonehouse
Lieutenant W G Rhind, RNdo
Mrs RoopeDartmouth
W Ridgway EsqBristol
Miss S Robertsdo
Miss M Robertsdo
Miss ReadFalmouth
Lady SaumarezGuernsey
Miss SandysKingsbridge
Mr R Southwooddo
Mrs Smithdo
Miss SinkinsDodbrook
Mr StrongSalcombe
Mrs ShepherdIlton
Mr N SouthwoodFrogmore
Miss SquareClannacombe
Miss C SpicerPlymouth
Mrs Squaredo
Captain Searle RNdo
Miss SatterleyDevonport
Miss Sibleydo
Mr Swiney RNdo
Mrs W D Soledo
Mr J Skinnerdo
Miss Samwelldo
Rev T Surridge RNdo
Rev J E Surridge RNPortsmouth
Mr ShawRNA College
Miss SpicerPortsea
Mrs Stokesdo
Mr W Smithdo
Dr SeedsLiverpool
Mrs StrongDartmouth
Mrs Sparkedo
Mrs SearleMount Boon
Mrs Jas SatterleyBovey Tracey
Miss SteerIndeo (Bovey Tracey)
Mr W V StephensLondon
Mr Robt SuttonBristol
Mr W Smithdo
Mr B Scottdo
Mr Steddardo
Mrs Suttondo
Mrs Savagedo
Mr SpasshattFalmouth
Miss Smithdo
Mr W Toms, SurgeonKingsbridge
Miss Trickeydo
Mr TurtleySalcombe
Miss Turtleydo
Miss S Turtleydo
Miss E Turtleydo
Miss TurtleyBatson
Miss TuckermanWoolston
Mr ToySouth Milton
Mrs TreebyPlymouth
Captain Thicknesse, RNdo
Miss Tripedo
Mr H Tripedo
Miss Tolcherdo
Mrs TuckerDevonport
Mr A Tuckerdo
Mr W Thompsondo
Mr W B Taylor, Jnrdo
Mrs W TregoStonehouse
Mr TeageDartmouth
Mr TwysdenMount Pleasant do
Mrs TuckerMoretonhampstead
Mrs TatlockPortsea
Mr John Tannerdo
Mr John ToveyBristol
Mrs Jane Thomasdo
Mr F TrestrailFalmouth
Mrs VellacottKingsbridge
Mrs VivianSalcombe
Rev G F WiseKingsbridge
Mrs I Weymouthdo
Miss Wysedo
Mrs W Weymouthdo
Mrs Winsordo
Mr John Weymouthdo
Miss Wreyforddo
Mr S Weeksdo
Mr F WeymouthCollapit
Miss Weymouthdo
Mrs WottonSalcombe
Mr J Weymouth RNLincombe (Torquay)
Mrs WoodyMalborough
John Williams EsqPlymouth
Mr Whiddondo
Captain Wise RNdo
Rev T WillcocksDevonport
Captain Weymouth RNdo
Mr Wattsdo
Mr Willsher, Surgeondo
Miss Woolacottdo
Mr I WattsStoke
Mrs WarnerDartmouth
Mrs Wilsondo
Dr WeymouthPortsea
Miss Weymouthdo
Mr Woodwarddo
Mrs W Weymouthdo
Miss WallisFratton
Mr John WilliamsBristol
Master Joshua Weymouthdo
Miss Eunice Weymouthdo
The Editor regrets that the following names came to hand too late to be inserted in the foregoing list
Hon, Lady GreyDockyard, Portsmouth
Rev W S DesautoyPortsea
Mrs Brentondo
Mrs Atfielddo
Miss Haledo
Mrs Young,Westridge, Isle of Wight
Mrs C HoldworthVicarage, Stokenham
Miss Torring,Vauxhall Cottage, Kingsbridge
Mr CroadeNewhouse near Frogmore
Mrs TuckerStart
Mrs SteereFrittiscombe
Mr T HodgeSlapton
Mrs PaigeDarnicombe
Mrs RandallWill, near Chillington
Mr GarlandWinslade