Devon Names


Guides to Auctioneers' Catalogues and Booksellers' Manuscript Material

by John Titford

Family Tree Magazine 2000-2004

Index prepared by Jean E. Harris

In the May 2000 issue of this Family Tree magazine John Titford explains very clearly why he chose to do this series and it is advisable to read his introduction in order to understand this and why they were published. As he says in May 2000:

"Original manuscripts with a bearing on English local or national history are priceless, but also have a monetary value in the marketplace. This is nothing new; avid collectors and dealers have long bought and sold manuscripts, even where these have been acquired in a most dubious or even illegal manner."

The following index has only the Devon items that John Titford saw for sale in these catalogues and it has to be assumed that all were in fact sold. However, he does give a full description of each item as recorded in the catalogues and, as these have more about the individuals than is included in this index, it is advisable that the magazine issues be consulted. Whilst this index has only Devon items, John Titford does record many articles offered for sale relating to other counties and various miscellaneous sources.

BALLENicholasBishopsteigntonFebruary20048Marriage Settlement 1711 (see LEY & DINGLE)
BARKSarah widowSt Mary Major, Exeter & East TeignmouthMay200113Removal Order 1784
BARNERev. JohnButterleighNovember20024Apprenticeship 1809 (see QUANT)
BAZELEYHenryButtleighFebraury20048Apprenticeship 1795 (see HARRISON)
BELLAMYGeorgePlymouthMay2002 Apprenticeship 1788 (see MOUBRAY)
BERRYJohn the elderButterleighFebruary200214Bastardy Bond 1795 (see JOHN)
BERRYThomasButterleighFebruary200214Bastardy Bond 1793 (see WESTERN)
BOURTONThomasIdeNovember200119Poor Law Militia Order 1798
BOYDJamesEast TeignmouthFebruary200168Apprenticeship 1774 (see SHAPTON)
BRAYWilliamButterleighAugust200216Settlement Bond 1809 (see PITT)
BRITNELLJohn & wife MarthaIlminster, Som.November200358Deed of revocation re marriage settlement (refers to pastures in Honiton, Devon) 1775
BROOKLANDElizabethCheriton FitzpaineAugust200025Apprenticeship 1816 (see JACKMAN)
CHATTEYRobert yeomanButterleighFebruary200214Churchwarden signed Bastardy Bond 1795 (see BERRY)
CODRINGTONMariaExeterMay200112Marriage Settlement 1792 (see PARR)
COLERIDGEJ.P. (M.P.)?February200214signed Settlement question (see PILE)
DINGLEDanielBishopsteigntonFebruary20048Marriage Settlement 1711 (see BALLE & LEY)
EVANSMaryEast TeignmouthNovember20024Apprenticeship 1775 (see TAPLEY)
EVANSMaryEast TeignmouthAugust200417Apprenticeship 1775 (see TAPLEY)
FISHElizabethEast TeignmouthAugust200026Convicted a rogue & vagabond. Committed to Bridewell Hospital; removed back to Devon 1801
FISHERJohn esqTidwell House, East BudleighFebruary200168Settlement plantation & estates in Jamaica on his marriage 1815 (see LYLE)
GRAVESJohnJ(ustice of) P(eace)November200119Signed Poor Law Militia Order 1798
HARRISONJames, a poor childButterleighFebruary20048Apprenticeship 1795 (see BAZELEY)
HARVEYStephen, Snr., wife Love & childrenSt Nicholas to West TeignmouthNovember200020Removal Order 1720
HARVEYStephen, wife Love & children Stephen & MarySt Nicholas to West TeignmouthAugust200332Removal Order/Settlement 1720/1
HAYMANJohn, yeomanCombe MartinMay2002 Apprenticeship 1825 (see NICHOLLS)
HERRYSJohn woolcomber & his wifeSt David's ExeterNovember200117Apprenticeship 1686 (see LENYON)
HOLMEADLetticeSouth PiltonFebruary200214Letters of Administration 1642
HORICERevd Henryof ?November200117Marriage Settlement 1821(see ST AUBYN)
JACKMANJohnEast FordAugust200025Apprenticeship 1816 (see BROOKLAND)
JARVISRichardPlymouthNovember200019Apprenticeship 1810 (see WILKINS)
JOHNSarahButterleighFebruary200214Bastardy Bond 1795 (see BERRY)
JOHNCELINEElizabethDalwoodAugust200216Will & Probate 1759
LENYONThomasSt Paul's ExeterNovember200117Apprenticeship 1686 (see HERRYS)
LEYJohnBishopsteigntonFebruary20048Marriage Settlement 1711 (see BALLE & DINGLE)
LORUMJohnKenn & ExminsterNovember200119Removal Order 1774
LUSCOMBEElizabethTeignmouthAugust200026Settlement 1748
LYLEMiss ElizabethBath, SomersetFebruary200168Settlement plantation & estates in Jamaica on marriage 1815 (see FISHER)
MADDICKHenryExminsterAugust200026Bastardy Bond 1797 (see WATTS)
MARTINJohnEast TeignmouthFebruary200213Apprenticeship 1779 (see WOOLLAND)
MAYRev. SamuelFremingtonFebruary200213Apprenticeship 1759 (see TOPSALL)
MOUBRAYRobert M.D.PlymouthMay2002 Apprenticeship 1788 (see BELLAMY)
MUDGEJohn & wife CharityDawlishNovember200019Apprenticeship 1758 (see VOYSEY)
MURPHYWilliamBidefordMay200112Apprenticeship 1873 (see PUDDICOMBE)
NICHOLLSEliza., poor childCombe MartinMay2002 Apprenticeship 1825 (see HAYMAN)
PADDONMary widowEast Teignmouth & CombeintinheadMay200113Removal Order 1745
PARRDr BartholomewExeterMay200112Marriage Settlement 1792 (see CODRINGTON)
PARRDr BartholomewExeterMay200112Marriage Settlement 1809 Deed of Separation 1810 (see PARR Frances)
PARRFrancesspinster of WestminsterMay200112Marriage Settlement 1809 Deed of Separation 1810 (see PARR Bartholomew)
PEAKEAnthonyCombe MartinMay2002 Apprenticeship 1808 (see SHORT)
PEARCECapt Thomas?August200026Marriage Settlement 1801(see ST AUBYN)
PEARSECapt Thomas?November20024Settlement 1801 (see ST AUBYN)
PERRAMPhilipCullomptonNovember200119Settlement 1803
PILEJosephCombmartin & Bishops TawtonFebruary200214Settlement question 1832
PITTMr RobertButterleighAugust200216Settlement 1809 (see BRAY)
PRISCOTTCharlesBishops TawtonFebruary200214Settlement question 1832 (See Joseph PILE)
PUDDICOMBEWilliamBidefordMay200112Apprenticeship 1873 (see MURPHY)
QUANTHenry aged 10ButterleighNovember20024Apprenticeship 1809 (See BARNE)
SELDONJohn?May2002 1808 Military Commission 6th Devonshire Rifle Vol. Corps
SHAPTONSarah, poor childEast TeignmouthFebruary200168Apprenticeship 1774 (see BOYDE)
SHAWJohn & wife MaryExminster to North BoveyNovember200020Removal Order 1710
SHORTGrace aged 8Combe MartinMay2002 Apprenticeship 1808 (see PEAKE)
ST AUBYNMiss Martha?August200026Marriage Settlement 1801 (see PEARSE)
ST AUBYNMiss Mary?November200117Marriage Settlement 1801(see PEARCE)
ST AUBYNMiss Mary?November20024Settlement 1801 (see PEARSE)
STROUDBenjaminIdeNovember200119Poor Law Militia Order 1798
TAPLEYElizabeth widowEast TeignmouthNovember20024Apprenticeship 1775 (see EVANS)
TAPLEYEliabeth widowEast TeignmouthAugust200417Apprenticeship 1775 (see EVANS)
TOPSALLRichardFremingtonFebruary200213Apprenticeship 1759 (see MAY)
VOYSEYWilliamLittleham & ExmouthNovember200019Apprenticeship 1758 (see MUDGE)
WATTSAnnExminsterAugust200026Bastardy Bond 1797 (see MADDICK)
WESTERNElizabethButterleighFebruary200214Bastardy Bond 1793 (see BERRY)
WILKINSWilliam son of StephenPlymouthNovember200019Apprenticeship 1810 (see JARVIS)
WINNRobertButterleighFebruary200214Churchwarden signed Bastardy Bond 1795 (see BERRY)
WOOLLANDJohn yeomanEast TeignmouthFebruary200213Apprenticeship 1779 (see MARTIN)