Names Of Pilgrims From England To Rome In The Years 1504-1507, 1581-1587; With Some Of Earlier Date

Extracted from the Records of the English College at Rome, by W.C. Trevelyan, of Wallington, Esq. and communicated by him to the Rev. John Hodgson, of Hartburn, M.R.S.L., &c.

Collectanea topographica et genealogica. v. 5. (1838) pp.62-88. [Full text]


W.C. Trevelyan

Devon names extracted by Bev Edmonds


Pg. 691505-25. Andreas HOSBORNE, Yfercombe in Devonia
Pg. 711506 Aplis die. Robt' Woode de Dartemouthe Devonie
Pg. 711506 Edward YNGLSBY de Payhenborow in Devonia
Pg. 791581,1582 Joannes BRUSFORD, dioc. Exon
Pg. 811583-4 Gulielmus BAUDUUINUS, Exon
Pg. 811583-4 Tristramus VENCESLAUS, Exon
Pg. 811583-4 Joannes TREVETHAN & filius Georgius, Exon
pg. 811583-4 Joannes BAKERUS, Exon
Pg. 821583-4 Christoferus ROWE, dioc. Exon
Pg. 851585-86 Gulielmus YELOVUS, Devoniensis, huit 2 Julios
Pg. 851585-86 Tristramus VENCESLAUS, Exoniensis
Pg. 851585-86 Jose VIVIANUS, Exonien
Pg. 851585-86 Edvardus POCUM, Exonian, pauper habuit pro eleemosina 2 Julios