Ignoble Omnes

      Charles Worthy: "Devonshire Wills" (London, Bemrose, 1896)   

 (Transcribed by John Overholt, 24 Feb 1999)

This listing, derived from one in MS.Harl.1080,fo.342, appears in 
"Devonshire Wills" by Charles Worthy. (Worthy had been in the 82nd Reg't. 
and later was Principal Assistant to Somerset Herald in Ordinary.)

This listing is of those deemed by William Camden, Clarenceux King of 
Arms in 1620 (through his 2 deputies) as "ignoble omnes".

This meant that after due inspection, the individuals were unable to
satisfy the herald that they were entitled to be called armigerous
i.e. had a coat of arms (armorials) and/or called themselves knight,
esquire or even gentleman. I suppose today such a person would be 
classed as a parvenu or social climber. To be "disclaimed, ignobiles" 
was to be publicly shamed.

The listing in MS.Harl.1080,fo.342 also shows the town where the
disclaiming took place - this is not included here.

Alford,John                     Zeale Monachorum
Allerston als Searle,John       Kingsteignton
Amy,Edward                      Tiverton
Austin,Robert                   Chudleigh
Avent,Thomas                    Brixton
Avery, William                  Downe St.Mary
Axworthy,John                   Brent-Tor
Babb,Christopher                Teigngrace
Babb,William                    Doddiscombsleigh
Ball,Nicholas                   Townstall
Barley,Thomas                   Bigbury
Barnefield,John                 Buckland Brewer
Barton,Henry                    Silverton
Berrie,John                     Loxbeare
Boremonte,James                 Hemyock
Bound,Jeffery                   Hempston
Bound,John                      Ipplepen
Bound,Peter                     Torbrian
Brewer,John                     Tavistock
Burgoine,Michael                Tedburn St.Mary
Catford,William                 Hockworthy
Chant,Francis                   Chumleigh
Chapman,Arthur                  Buckland Brewer
Chappell,Robert                 Langtree
Chollacombe,Thomas              Combe Martin
Cliff,Robert                    Merton
Coldich (Cholwich ?),William    Paignton
Couse,William                   Ide
Cove,Nicholas                   Tawton Bishop
Dart,Henry                      Gidleigh
Dotting,Nicholas                Thurleston
Downe,Anthony                   Woolfardisworthy
Elston,John                     St.Giles-in-the-Heath
Eustace,Stephen                 St.Budeaux
Foxworthy,Philip                Churston
Furse,John                      Nymet Regis
Gay,John                        Aveton Gifford
Gery,John                       Tavistock
Gidley,George                   St.Thomas nigh Exon (Exeter)
Gidley,Hannibal                 North Lew
Glanville,John                  Heavitree
Glass,Gawin                     Ugborough
Gorwyn,William                  Sandford
Gough,Richard                   Topsham
Gover,Richard                   Cheriton Fitz-Pain
Harniman,William                S.Tawton
Harvey, Anthony                 North Huish
Hodge,William                   Slapton
Hollacombe, John                Crediton
Hooper(vide Shepard), William   Hartland
Huxham, William                 Harberton
Kelland, John                   Chumleigh
Lackington, John                Ashburton
Lee, William                    Sandford
Lee, William                    Hartland
Ley, Jasper                     Atherington
Ley, Stephen                    Buckland Brewer
Ley, Valentine                  Little Torrington
Lide, Allen                     Berry Pomeroy
Maddock, Richard                South Brent
Milton, William                 Bampton
Mogridge, Tristram              Brampford Speke
Moon, Thomas                    Washfield
Norman, John                    Clayhanger
Paddon, John                    Tawton Bishop
Pierce, Richard                 Brixton
Pierce, Thomas                  Bigbury
Potter, Richard                 Silverton
Rich, Nicholas                  Modbury
Richards, John                  Uffculme
Robins, Thomas                  Bratton Clovelly
Salter, Edward                  Ipplepen
Searle (see Allerston)
Seward, James                   Combintinhead
Sharpham, Thomas                Chivelston
Shepard als Hooper, Robert      Bratton Fleming
Shute, William                  Ashreigny
Skinner, John                   Loxbeare
Skinner, Richard                Cullompton
Sleeman, John                   Milton Abbot
Slowley, Hugh                   Aveton Gifford
Snow, Robert                    Burlescombe
Sotherne,John                   Teigngrace
Southill, John                  Clayhangar
Spratt, William                 Ugborough
Spurway, William                Colebrook
Swete, Adrian                   Modbury
Timewell, Thomas                Rackenford
Tippett, Nicholas               Harberton
Tolley, Henry                   Okehampton
Toogood, John                   Loxbeare
Treby, Henry,                   Treby ("Plympton Hundred")
Tucker, John Baptist            Bideford
Tuckfield, Thomas               Tedburn St Mary
Vacey, John                     Silverton
Venman, Gawen                   Bradnich
Walter, Richard                 Manadon
Westlake, Nicholas              Inwardleigh
White, George                   Sandford & Exeter
Wilson, George                  Shobrooke
Wolcott, Hugh                   Halberton
Worth, Walter                   Brixton
Yeabsley, Robert                Blackawton
  Brian Randell, 4 Nov 2006