Will of Edmund Passmore of North Radworthy, North Molton

Proved 10 Jun 1823

© Crown Copyright

National Archives Catalogue Reference 1078/IRW/P/312

Transcribed by Desmond Painter.

The last Will and Testament of me Edmund Passmore of North Radworthy in the Parish of North Molton in the County of Devon first I Give and bequeath unto my brother John Passmore of Bishops Nympton and to my Nephew John Crute of Southmolton all my Estates Real and Personal and all my goods and chattels that I have now in Possession or hereafter may have, in Trust for the uses and Purposes hereafter mentioned and I also appoint the said John Passmore and John Crute my Executors in Trust viz I give and bequeath unto my Dear Wife the Rents or Income of my third part of the Estate called Aller in the Parish of Bishops Nympton for and during her natural Life But in case she marries the Income arising from the said Estate to be divided annually among my Four youngest Sons and my two youngest Daughters I also Give and Bequeath unto my youngest son Edmund and my two youngest Daughters Ann and Grace the Tenement or Estate called or known by the name of Kingdons Tenement situate in the Village of Northradworthy and now in my possession in the following manner Viz the clear Income or Rents thereof to be for their Maintenance and Education untill they should attain the Ages of twenty one years if the Lives shall so long live subject to the Payment of Five Pounds a year to be paid to the Trustees for the Intent of placing or binding my two youngest Daughters Grace and Ann Apprentices to such trade or Calling has the Trustees shall think fit I also Give unto my four youngest Sons Richard William John and Edmund the whole of my flock of sheep to be equally divided between them by my Trustees the Michaelmas after my Decease reserving Twelve Wether Sheep for the payment of what Rates and Taxes that may be due at my Decease and also the Wool if I should die before they Flock of Sheep are shorn I also give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary the sum of Ten Pounds to be paid out of the years Rent which shall become due for the third part of the Estate called Aller I also give unto my Daughter Betty the like sum of Ten Pounds The Sheep which fall to the lot of my two youngest Sons to be kept for them on the Estate untill the become of age If the Lives shall so long live I also give unto my son Richard one cow the one that he bought at Northmolton Fair and to be kept for him on the Estate untill Michaelmas next I also give unto my wife two cows and the Bay Mare and all my Household Goods and Furniture The Residue of my Property consisting of Horses Bullocks Corn in Stack and Corn in Ground Hay and every other description of Property not herein before mentioned (after paying Legacies Just Debts and Funeral expences) to be Sold at or about Michaelmas time after my Decease the Proceeds or amount thereof to be equally divided between my sons Richard William John Edmund and my Daughter Agness none of the Legacies to be paid untill the Michaelmas after my Decease The Years Rent which will become Due at Lady Day next to be laid out in the purchase of Stock if the Trustees think it will be done to an advantage I Edmund Passmore of Northradworthy declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have subscribed my name this first Day of December one Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty two

Edmund Passmore

Signed by the above named
Edmund Passmore as and for
his last Will and Testament
in the Presence of us whose
names are hereunto subscribed
                    John Shapland
The mark of X Hawkins Collard
The words (And I also appoint the said John
Passmore and John Crute my Executors
in Trust) having been interlined since the
above signature of Edmund Passmore the
Testator was written he has again signed
it in the Presence of the Witnesses
mentioned opposite

Edmund Passmore

This and the preceding Sheet of Paper contain a true Copy of the
last Will and Testament of Edmund Passmore late of Northmolton
Yeoman deceased the same having been carefully examined with
the original this fourth day of August one thousand eight hundred
and twenty three.