North Molton 1850

                             NORTH MOLTON

               From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

NORTH MOLTON is a large village on the bold western acclivity of the river 
Mole, 3½ miles N. by E. of South Moulton. It consists chiefly of 
irregularly built thatched houses, and its extensive parish comprises 2121 
inhabitants, and 14,351 acres of land, including more than 2300 acres of 
commons, most of which are now being enclosed. This large parish extends 
about 5 miles N. and N.E. of the village, to the sources of the Mole and 
Duns Brook, among the lofty hills on the borders of Somersetshire and 
Exmoor Forest. It includes the hamlets, &c., of Heasley, Ben-Twitchen, 
Hunston, Walscott, Upcott, Flitton, and many scattered farmhouses. About 
ten years ago, a very rich copper mine was discovered in the northern part 
of the parish, called "Prince Albert's Mine," and containing a mixture of 
gold. The ore is of the purest kind, in large bunches, and pieces of gold 
of some size have been occasionally found. An old copper mine which had 
been closed many years was re-opened in 1813, but was soon abandoned; but 
there are now two mines working in the parish. There is a woollen mill at 
Heasley, and the village has two cattle fairs, on the Wednesday after May 
12th, and the last Wednesday in October. It had formerly a weekly market 
and a fair on All Saints' day, granted in 1270 to Roger le Zouch, whose 
family obtained the manor from King John, and are said to have had a 
castellated mansion here, the remains of which were to be seen till the 
middle of last century. A co-heiress of the Zouch family brought the manor 
to the St. Maurs, and it passed with a co-heiress of the latter to the 
Bampfyldes. The present owner, the Right Hon. Sir G.W. Bampfylde, was 
created Baron Poltimore in 1831, as noticed at page 201, and resides 
occasionally at Court Hall, a fine old mansion, which was enlarged and much 
improved about fifteen years ago, and stands in a well-wooded park, east of 
the church. His Lordship is also owner of Court House, a large ancient 
mansion, finely mantled with ivy, and formerly belonging to the Earl of 
Morley. Lord Poltimore owns most of the parish; and Court Hall, being in 
the neighbourhood of Exmoor Forest, was long occupied by his family as a 
hunting seat; and the few wild red deer which still linger in that 
mountainous region, render it a desirable abode for the lovers of the 
chase. A court leet and baron is held twice a year, and the jury are 
popularly called the council, and the foreman the mayor. The Church (All 
Saints,) is a fine antique structure, with a tower containing six bells, 
and rising to the height of 100 feet. It stands on a commanding eminence, 
and the nave and chancel are separated by a richly-carved screen. The whole 
fabric was thoroughly repaired, cleansed, and beautified in 1849, when two 
beautiful stained glass windows were inserted, and a new organ erected, at 
the expense of Lord Poltimore and a parochial rate. It contains several 
monuments belonging to the Bampfylde and other families, and was 
appropriated by Alan le Zouch, in 1313, to the monastery of Lilleshull, in 
Shropshire. Lord Poltimore is now impropriator of the rectory and patron of 
the vicarage, valued in K.B. at £16. 16s. 1d., and in 1831 at £125, with 
the curacy of Twitchen annexed to it. The Rev. Wm. Burdett, M.A., is the 
incumbent, and has here 3A. 1R. 16P. of glebe. The Vicarage House was 
rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in 1801. The living received four 
augmentations from Queen Anne's Bounty in 1789, 1798, and 1825. All the 
tithes were commuted in 1842 for £1292. 17s. per annum. Here are two 
chapels belonging to Wesleyans and Independents. There were formerly 
episcopal chapels at South Radworthy, Holywell, and Ben-Twitchen, in this 
parish. The Church Lands and 21 houses, &c., have been vested for the 
repairs of the church from an early period, and are worth about £80, but 
are let for only about £30 a year, in consideration of fines. Here is an 
old Almshouse for six poor pensioners, founded by one of the ancestors of 
the Earl of Morley, who endowed it with a yearly rent-charge of £5. 4s. The 
school and poor have the dividends of £69. 18s. 2d. three per cent. 
consols, given by Grace Moorman; and the interest of £50, left by Wm. 
Moorman in 1780. The poor have £5. 4s. yearly out of Nogel's estate, left 
by Sir Amias Bampfylde in 1625, and the interest of £63. 10s., left by 
various donors. The National School was built about nine years ago; and 
here are two schools supported by Lady Poltimore. The parish abounds in 
limestone, and is noted for its fine breed of North Devon cattle, for which 
Mr. Davy, of Flitton, and Mr. Merson, of Brinsworthy farm, are highly 
celebrated. The POST-OFFICE is at Mrs. Mary Smith's, and letters are 
despatched to South Moulton at ¼ before 4 in the afternoon. 

LORD POLTIMORE, Court Hall, (and Poltimore House, &c.) 
Baker John, police officer 
Bird John, parish clerk 
Burdett Rev Wm., M.A. Vicarage 
Cook Chas. rope mkr. Molland cross
Crook John, thatcher 
Dobbs Francis, auctioneer 
Fezzey Thos. copper mine agent 
Frayne Jas. surveyor of highways
Holloway Rt. Sen. & jun. and Peter, thatchers 
Hutchings Wm. assistant-overseer 
Ley Richard, surgeon 
Lyddon Mr Thos. || Hodge Mrs My. 
Maunder Edwin, woolstapler and woollen mfr. Heasley Mill 
Passmore Fras. Burdett, saddler 
Slader Mr Thos. || Shapland Richd. 
Stranger Rd. land agent, Court Hs 
Southcomb Mr Jas. || Wilson Andw. 
Wright Rev T.H. curate, Combshd 

Abbott Roger || Abbott Robert 
Avery Charles Davy, North Lee 
Avery Wm., North Heasley 
Baker John || Bright John 
Chapple Robert || Crang John 
Collard Royal || Crocombe Richd. 
Davy James, Flitton 
Darch Thomas || Dinsey John 
Downs Thomas || Dunn Joseph 
Frayne Peter || Frayne Richard 
Fry John, Little Heasley 
Gibbs Wm., Higher Fyldon 
Headon Richard || Hill Elias 
Hutchings Wm. || Huxtable Thos. 
Jarman John || Jarman Wm. 
Jutsum Richard || Lake Charles 
Lewis John || Ley Nicholas 
Lock Wm. & Rd., South Radworthy 
Loosemore Wm. || Maunder Edw. 
Luxton Richard, Lower Fyldon 
Merson Richard, Brinsworthy 
Newton Richard, Rapscott 
Norrish John, Stitchpool 
Passmore John, Higher Fyldon 
Passmore John, Higher Millbrook 
Passmore Wm. || Parkin Wm. 
Purchase Nichls. sen. and jun. and Wm., South Radworthy 
Sanders Thos. & Wm. || Rew Thos.
Shapland Ann and Grace, Walscott
Shapland George, Oakford
Shapland John Terrell, Popham
Shapland Richard, Yardgate
Shapland Wm. Terrell, Watscott
Slader Peter and Wm., Barton
Slader Wm., Eworthy
Slader Wm. Shapland, Marsh
Slader Wm., Hunnawins
Smith James || Smith John
Southcomb John, Yardgate
Stoneman Richard, Rapscott
Stranger Robert, Hunston
Thorne John, North Radworthy
Thorne Jno. & Hy., North Heasley
Thorne Jacob & Wm., Ben-Twitchett
Thorne Richd. || Treble James
Trick Walter || Tucker George
Veysey John || Webber John
Way Wm., Heasley Mills
Westcott Henry, West Park
Westcott John, South Lee
Westcott John, Pronsley
Westcott Wm. & Margt., Old House
Westcott Wm., Combshead
Westcott Wm. || Westcott George
Westcott Wm., Lambscombe
Williams Wm. || Yendell Joseph
Yendell Benjamin, Nadrid

Castle, Wm. Jones 
King's Arms, Wm. Veysey 
Poltimore Arms, John Avery 
Swan, Robert Rendle 
Somerset Inn, Philip Frayne 

Abbott Roger 
Bawden Peter 
Bendle Thomas 
Cockings John 
Collard Hanh. 
Lock Mary
Lyddon My. Ann 
Treble James 
Webber Wm.

Hill Nicholas 
Jones Cphr. 
Way Wm. 
Webber Martin 

Bawden Henry, Heasley
Bird Peter
Bird Thomas
Dinner John 
Gough Wm. 
Jones Wm. 
Smith John

Moore John 
Veysey Wm.

Bawden Hugh 
Bird Wm. 
Bird Wm. jun 
Burgess Hy. 
Gillard John 
Jarman John 
Lock Chpr. 
Lock Thomas 
Rendle John 
Thorne Hy. & Jno.
Westcott Wm.

Crocombe Jas.
Mole William, Heasley

Baker William, Heasley
Ley Nicholas
Squire Rd. Flitton

Bird Robert 
Cole Maria
Jarman John 
Shapland Nichls.

Avery John 
Stoneman John 
Veysey Wm.

Bawden Peter 
Crang and Lock 
Curtis Michael
Gould James 
Lock Daniel 
Roberts John 
Roberts Wm.

Abbott Mary 
Burgess Ann 
Collard Eliz. 
Curtis P. & E.
Hutchings Eliz. 
Lang Eliz. 
Lock Sar. & A. 
Moore Mary 
Slader My. Ann 
Smith Jane 
Vickery Harriet 

   PLUMBERS, &c. 
Rendle Robert 
Rendle Wm.

Bird John
Hodge Wm.
Howe Wm.
Passmore Rd. 
Smyth Wm. 
Thorne Wm. 
Westcott James 

Curtis Prscla. 
Gould Mary 
Passmore Mgt. 
Thorne Wm.

Abbott Mary 
Baker Wm. 
Bird Robert 
Bird Wm. 
Burgess Hy. 
Curtis Michael 
Dinner John 
Frayne John 
Frayne Jno. jun 
Huxtable Edmd. 
Moore John 
Passmore F. & B. 
Westcott Hy. 

Burgess John
Passmore Edmd. 
Webber Wm.
Westcott Hy.

Bird Wm. 
Burgess Hy.
Charley James
Curtis Michael

Bird Wm. jun.
Kerslake John
Lang Thomas
Rendle John
Smith John

Thomas Prescott to Exeter & S. Molton, Mon. and Thursday

Brian Randell, 26 Aug 1999