Will of Philipp Shapland, Husbandman of North Molton, Devon

Proved 12 February 1608

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PROB 11/111, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Windebanck Quire Numbers: 1 - 55

Transcribed by Susan Sheerin

In the name of God Amen the fifth day of maye in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Six hundred and seven I Philip Shapland[e?] of the parish of northmolton in the countye of Devon beinge sick of bodye but in perfect remembrance thanks be unto God revokinge all my other former Willes and testam[ents] doe make and ordayne this my laste will and testamente in maner and forme followinge. First bequeathinge my soule unto the Allmightie God my maker and Redeemer and my bodye to be buryed in the churcheyard of northmolton or else where, where it shall please God. Item I bequeathe unto the repar[ati]one of the churche of northmolton Twelve pence. Item I bequeathe unto the poore mens cheste there fyve shillings. Item I bequeathe unto Everye Godchilde of myne six pence. Item I bequeathe unto Joane Shapland the daughter of Christopher Shapland my sonne the sume of tenne poundes to be payde to her when she dothe accomplishe the age of tenne yeares and then to be put to use for the sayd childe to the Executors and Rulers discretyon. Item I give unto Charles Lock [Roth?] my servante fortye shillings in money and sixe ewe sheepe. Item I give unto Elizabeth Shapland my daughter in lawe twentye shillings. Item I give unto Roberte Clark my servante fyve shillings. Item I give unto Katherine York my servante fyve shillings. Item I give unto Richard Shapland, Philip Shapland, John Shapland, Willyam Shapland, George Shapland, Katheren Nott the wife of Thomas Nott, Mary Squire the wife of Roger Squire, Elizabeth Shapland and Sybley Shapland, the children of Christopher Shapland, my brother, one Ewe hogge sheep a peece. Item I give unto Thomas Shapland, Alice Willcocke, John Shapland, Ellin [Helen] Shapland, Sibley Shapland and Christyan Shapland, the children of John Shapland my brother deceased, one ewe hogge sheep a peece. Item I give unto Christopher Shapland, my sonne for and duringe the terme of his life that parte of Bray Woode no [?] E [?] F[free?] hould for sixten [?] yeares. But my will is that my wife shall have the wood oute of the same grounde for terme of her life no [?] E [?] free ingresse egresse and regresse and after his decease I give the same grounde to Elizabeth Shapland the wife of Christopher my sonne, for terme of her life. And after her decease I give the same grounde to Marye Shapland, my wife for term of her life, and after her decease I give the same grounde to Joane Shapland the daughter of Christopher Shapland my sonne and after her decease I give the same grounde to Alice Willcock the wife of Thomas Willcock. All the residue of my goods moveable and immoveable my debts payde, my legacies dischardged, and my bodye broughte honestly to the grave I give and bequeathe unto Mary Shapland, my wife, and Christopher Shapland my sonne whom I doe make my whole executors. And I doe appoynte John Pearse, George Shapland and Christopher Shapland my rulers to see this my laste will and testament to be performed made the daye and yeare above wrytten. Philip Shapland. wytnes hereunto John Pearse Signu pred Georgij Shapland test., memorand that Philipp Shapland gave unto Willm Thorne the sonne of Willm Thorne of Tawton, one ewe sheep. Testo John Pearse. Memorand that Philippe Shapland hath given unto Emott Thorne the wife of Willm Thorne one ewe sheepe. And to John Thorne and George the sonnes of Willm Thorne, one ewe sheepe a peece. Testo Johanno Pearso.

Probatum fuit huiusmodi testamentum apud London duodecimo die mensio februarij anno domini iuxta cursu [?] et computare[?] Ecclesie Anglicane millesimo Sexcentesimo septimo coram venerabili viro magistro Willmo Bird Legum Dtore Curie Prerogative Cantubriensis magistro custoda sive comissario Itime constitut juramento Christopher Shapland filij de dci [dicti] defunct et Executor in dco [dicto] testamento nominat cui comissa fuit administratio benor jurium et creditorum [-] defuncti de bene et fideliter administrand [-] [-] vigore comissario [-] et parto [-] [-] ad sancta dei Evangelia jurat.

[Translation: Such will was proved at London on the twelfth day of the month of February in the year of the lord according to the computation of the Church of England one thousand six hundred and seven [but, 1608 by modern reckoning] before the Right Worshipful judge William Bird doctor of law Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of Christopher Shapland, son of the above said deceased, and named Executor in the said Will to whom administration was granted of the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased to well and truly administer . . . sworn to the holy evangelists.]