Charity Plaque in Northam Parish Church

Provided by David Carter 2018

The following words are carved onto two slate plaques, which are situated in the rear lobby of St Margaret’s Church in Northam. They were carved in 1839.

No.1Mr Berriman in 1622 gave to the poor 6 Pounds issuing out of Lands called Nethercote in the Parish of Braunton.
No.2Mr Philip Strange and William Leigh in 1626 gave to the Poor, one pound, sixteen shillings and ten pence from Lands called Bennetts & Rose Gill in this Parish.
No.3Anne Britton in 1661 gave to the Poor one pound, sixteen shillings from two tenements called South Cote and South Furze in the Parish of Shebbear.
No.4Mr John Berry in 1691 gave to the Poor 50 pounds the proceed of which is paid from Lands called Colscott in the Parish of West Putford.
No.5Sir Thomas Berry and Richard Braunton in 1695 gave to the Poor four Alms Houses in East Appledore.
No.6Mr James Cocke in 1700, gave the proceeds of two thirds of an Estate and houses called Towmouth and Stopehill in Appledore to the Poor Widows and fatherless children.
No.7Mrs Elizabeth Langdon in 1702, gave the proceeds of one third of the Estate and Houses called Towmouth and Stopehill in Appledore to the Poor.
No.8Thomas Melhuish esq, and Joan his wife in 1702, gave to the vicar and his sucessors the proceeds of a tenement called Cox's Ground subject to the keeping in repair an Alms House, and the payment of Forty shillings per Annum to Four Old Persons (Church people) living therein.
No.9Lady Berry in 1716, gave to the Vicars Widow, the interest of Thirty pounds: (and if none) to the Vicar payable by her executors for ever.
No.10Mr John Jeffery of Appledore gave Three pounds per annum to the Poor to be distributed in bread.
No.11Mr William Leigh gave an Alms House in Northam to be occupied by four Poor Persons.
No.12Joan Melhuish gave an Alms House in Northam to be occupied by four Poor Persons.
No.13Alexander Arundell gave to the Poor thirteen shillings and four pence, issuing out of an Estate called Rudge Arundell, in the parish of Bishops Morchard in this County.
No.14Mr Thomas Leigh and John Beare gave to the Poor: sixteen shillings and eleven pence from Mules Cottage and tenement in Northam.
No.15  Mr John Beaple in 1645 gave to the Poor six shillings from an Estate called West Youngatown: also three shillings and four pence for the reparation of the Church.
No.1Richard Cholwill in 1691 gave sixty pounds, the proceeds of which are paid from lands called Colscott, in the parish of West Putford.
No.2Thomas Melhuish and Joan his wife gave in 1702 thirty shillings from Coxe's tenement in this parish.
No.3David Best in 1791 gave Four pounds from lands called Commons in this parish; also from lands called Honey Bags in the parish of Great Torrington, he gave Four pounds.
No.4Dorothy Docton gave Forty shillings from Jeffery's Lands on New Quay in this parish.
No.5Lady Berry gave Twenty shillings.
 ERECTED in 1839