Names from Northam Directories

collected by

David W. Gale

"I have put most of the 19th century directories of Northam onto a database. I have included some of Appledore and Westward Ho! for completeness. It is not exhaustive, but fairly complete and I am sure that this will be of assistance to some searchers."

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Listing of Directories Used

Directory Date Eccles. Parish
Pigot 1830 Appledore
Pigot 1830 Northam
Pigot 1844 Appledore
Pigot 1844 Appledore, West
Pigot 1844 Northam
White 1850 Appledore
White 1850 Northam
Slater 1852 Northam
Post Office 1856 Northam
Billing 1857 Appledore
Billing 1857 Appledore, West
Billing 1857 Northam
Billing 1857 Northam Ridge
Kelly 1866 Appledore
Kelly 1866 Northam
Morris 1870 Appledore
Morris 1870 Northam
Directory Date Eccles. Parish
Morris 1870 Westward Ho
White 1878 Northam
White 1878 Northam Ridge
Kelly 1883 Northam
Kelly 1889 Appledore
Kelly 1889 Northam
White 1890 Northam
White 1890 Northam Ridge
Wilson 1896 Northam
Wilson 1896 Westward Ho!
Kelly 1897 Northam
Kelly 1902 Appledore
Kelly 1902 Appledore, West
Kelly 1902 Northam
Kelly 1906 Northam
Kelly 1906 Northam Ridge

Brian Randell, 14 Mar 2002