Electoral Register 1939 - Parish of Northam (Appledore Ward)

Register of Electors (in force 15th October 1939 to 14th October 1949)

Barnstaple Parliamentary Division, County of Devon.

Transcribed by David Carter from printed copy in Devon Record Office

The Register contains the names in street order of all persons entitled to vote as parliamentary and as local government electors.

= = = = = = = =

R = Residence qualification
O = Occupation qualification
D = Qualification through wife’s occupation
NM = Naval or Military voter

Rw = Residence qualification
Ow = Occupation qualification
Dw = Qualification through husband’s occupation

Abs (column)
a = Absent voter
b = Not entitled to vote at Elections of County Councillors
c = Not entitled to vote at Borough, Metropolitan or Urban District Councillors

Persons with (J) after their name are qualified to serve as a Juror
Persons with (SJ) after their name are qualified to serve as a Special Juror

= = = = = = = =

No.  Parl't  Local  Abs  SurnameFirst nameResidence
1RO LangJohn Henry Green1 Alpha Place
2RwDw LangEmma1 Alpha Place
3Rw~ LangRuby (Miss)1 Alpha Place
4RO BerryWilliam2 Alpha Place
5RwDw BerryEllen Jane2 Alpha Place
6ROaFordHorace3 Alpha Place
7RwDw FordHarriet3 Alpha Place
8RwOw KellyMatilda (Miss)4 Alpha Place
9RwOw FishwickMary5 Alpha Place
10ROaPetleyJames Arthur5 Alpha Place
11RwDw PetleyFlorence Maud5 Alpha Place
12R~aFishwickWilliam Fairfax5 Alpha Place
13RwOw CoxElizabeth6 Alpha Place
14RwOw PenhorwoodMary Elizabeth6 Alpha Place
15RwOw StanburySarah Ann7 Alpha Place
16ROaBennettSydney8 Alpha Place
17RwDw BennettEliza Jane8 Alpha Place
18RO GorrellSydney9 Alpha Place
19Rw~ GorrellAnnie (Miss)9 Alpha Place
20Rw~ GorrellMatilda Grace (Miss)9 Alpha Place
21Rw~ GorrellDoris (Miss)9 Alpha Place
22RO CoxWilliam James10 Alpha Place
23RwDw CoxLeah10 Alpha Place
24ROaGuardJohn T11 Alpha Place
25RwDw GuardMinnie L11 Alpha Place
26Rw~ RossKate (Miss)11 Alpha Place
27RwOw ShortHarriett Ellen12 Alpha Place
28R~ ShortSamuel12 Alpha Place
29Rw~ ShortMary (Miss)12 Alpha Place
30RwOw JefferyLily13 Alpha Place
31ROaCoxJohn Mitchell13 Alpha Place
32RwOw CoxLilian Blanche13 Alpha Place
33Rw~ ParkhouseBlanch (Miss)14 Alpha Place
34RwDw ParkhouseMinnie14 Alpha Place
35RwOw GorrellKate Evelyn (Miss)15 Alpha Place
36RO ParkhouseJames16 Alpha Place
37RwDw ParkhouseEthel16 Alpha Place
38RO HarrisPercySunnyside
39RO FordSidney VictorSunnyside
40RwDw FordLilian ThirzaSunnyside
41RO HarrisJohn LaneHighfield
42RwDw HarrisElizabeth SophiaHighfield
43Rw~ HarrisDorothy Victoria (Miss)Highfield
44Rw~ HarrisMargery Winifred (Miss)Highfield
45R~ HarrisCharles FHighfield
46R~ HarrisPhilip GeorgeHighfield
47R~ HarrisSamuel KellyHighfield
48RwOw ParkhouseElizabethSeaways, Appledore Road
49RwOw BoydBeatrice (Miss)Uplands, Appledore Road
50Rw~ HarrisLily (Miss)Uplands, Appledore Road
51RwOw ParkhouseFanny Ellen (Miss)Highways, Appledore Road
52R~aMillerArthur FrederickBayside, Appledore Road
53RO QuanceWilliamBayside, Appledore Road
54RwDw QuanceEmmaBayside, Appledore Road
55RwOw DaviesElizabeth AnnWest View, Appledore Road
56RwOw HarveyClarice MaryWest View, Appledore Road
57RwOw ThomasGrace WinifredWest View, Appledore Road
58RO HockingErnest BWest View, Appledore Road
59RO AshCharles HenryThe Vista, Appledore Road
60RwDw AshAlice ClarissaThe Vista, Appledore Road
61R~ AshMariaThe Vista, Appledore Road
62RwOw WoodwardBriars LilianLook Out Cottage
63RO EvansThomasAssells
64RwDw EvansMabelAssels
65Rw~ EvansWinifred MabelAssels
66R~ EvansHaroldAssells
67RO ClarkeSamuel CharlesAssels
68RwDw ClarkeElsie MayAssels
69RwOw PenhorwoodSarah JaneAssels
70Rw~ PenhorwoodEthelAssels
71Rw~ AbbottRose (Miss)Assels
72RO BucklandTrevelyan Charles2 Burrows Cottages
73RwDw BucklandEvelyn H Vanryn2 Burrows Cottages
74RwOw SouthertonLucyAssels
75RwOw SheppardEthel AnnieBurrows Cottage
76RO SlocombeHenryAssels
77RwDw SlocombeFannyAssels
78RO ButlerErnest RedversGreysand Villa
79RwDw ButlerSarah AnnGreysand Villa
80RwOw GollanczMabelNorman Villa
81RwOw CraneMadelineNorman Villa
82RwOw CorkAnnie (Miss)Watertown Farm
83RwOw CorkRose Melina (Miss)Watertown Farm
84RwOw CorkLucyWatertown Farm
85RO TuckerCharles JamesWatertown Cottage
86RwDw TuckerAnnie PriscillaWatertown Cottage
87RwOw ElmerAnnie M2 Bude Street
88NMOaAshArthur Owen2 Bude Street
89RO MillsCharles2b Bude Street
90RO FishwickJohn2b Bude Street
91RwDw FishwickAnnie2b Bude Street
92RO RadfordGeorge Henry5 Bude Street
93RwDw RadfordFlorence Alice5 Bude Street
94Rw~ SussexWinifred Bertha (Miss)5 Bude Street
95Rw~ DevonshireMargorie Joan5 Bude Street
96ROaRossAlexander John6 Bude Street
97RwDw RossMary6 Bude Street
98RO LameyJohn6 Bude Street
99RwDw LameyAlice A6 Bude Street
100R~ LameyAlbert6 Bude Street
101R~ LameyNathaniel F6 Bude Street
102Rw~ LameyKathleen (Miss)6 Bude Street
103RO PoweEric8 Bude Street
104RwDw PoweIsabel8 Bude Street
105RO BranchJohn9 Bude Street
106RwDw BranchLorna9 Bude Street
107RO AcfordRobert Henry9a Bude Street
108Rw~ JamesDorothy9a Bude Street
109RO ShortEdward Cyril10 Bude Street
110RwDw ShortWinifred Louisa10 Bude Street
111RwOw CriagClara Louisa11a Bude Street
112RO ReedAlfred (J)12 Bude Street
113RwDw ReedEsther Prudence12 Bude Street
114Rw~ WattsMary Ann12 Bude Street
115RwOw LameyGeorgina13 Bude Street
116Rw~ LameyJane Willis (Miss)13 Bude Street
117RO LameyEdwin14 Bude Street
118RwDw LameyBertha14 Bude Street
119Rw~ LameyFlorence Catherine14 Bude Street
120RwOw TaylorGwendoline15 Bude Street
121RO EvansPhilip16 Bude Street
122RwDw EvansDoris May16 Bude Street
123RO EvansWilliam Harry16 Bude Street
124RwDw EvansMary Ann16 Bude Street
125R~ HinksJoseph17 Bude Street
126RO HinksJohn Lovering (J)17 Bude Street
127RwDw HinksEvelyn17 Bude Street
128R~aButterwithRobert17 Bude Street
129Rw~ ButterwithJane Winifred17 Bude Street
130RO ReedPercy John18 Bude Street
131RwDw ReedIrene Emma18 Bude Street
132ROaHobbsJohn Henry19 Bude Street
133RwOw HobbsJosephine19 Bude Street
134NM~aHobbsJohn Henry19 Bude Street
135RO RedcliftSydney Thomas20 Bude Street
136RwDw RedcliftMabel Elizabeth20 Bude Street
137R~ OwenArthur Thomas20 Bude Street
138RO CrossJames21 Bude Street
139RwDw CrossElizabeth Jane21 Bude Street
140RwOw SpencerMay22 Bude Street
141ROaScreechThomas P23 Bude Street
142RwDw ScreechDora23 Bude Street
143RO BearaWilliam Lesley (J)24 Bude Street
144RwDw BearaNora Jane24 Bude Street
145RO EvansJohn25 Bude Street
146RwDw EvansElsie25 Bude Street
147RwOw HarrisJessie26 Bude Street
148Rw~ HalbertSarah26 Bude Street
149RO CurtisJoseph C26a Bude Street
150RwDw CurtisEvelyn26a Bude Street
151RO BallochAexander A27 Bude Street
152RwDw BallochGladys Emily27 Bude Street
153RwOw AscklandEmily27 Bude Street
154RwOw ClarkeMary G28 Bude Street
155RO WhitakerRalph A28 Bude Street
156RwDw WhitakerElsie28 Bude Street
157NM~aWayJohn Vernon28 Bude Street
158RO JenkinsWilliam29 Bude Street
159RwDw JenkinsRosie29 Bude Street
160R~ JenkinsJoseph Henry29 Bude Street
161Rw~ JenkinsFlorence Rose (Miss)29 Bude Street
162ROaBrennanMichael30 Bude Street
163RwDw BrennanBessie30 Bude Street
164R~aBrennanPatrick30 Bude Street
165Rw~ BrennanKatherine (Miss)30 Bude Street
166ROaStevensHarold E F31 Bude Street
167RwDw StevensPhyllis E31 Bude Street
168R~ StevensHarold31 Bude Street
169R~aBatesSamuel31 Bude Street
170RO JenkinsFrederick George32 Bude Street
171RwDw JenkinsWinifred May32 Bude Street
172RwOw PophamAnnie33 Bude Street
173Rw~ PophamDoris M (Miss)33 Bude Street
174RwOw PenneyHelen33 Bude Street
175RO YoungHoward34 Bude Street
176RwDw YoungAnn Elizabeth34 Bude Street
177R~ YoungWilliam Henry34 Bude Street
178RO HarrisWilliam James35 Bude Street
179RwDw HarrisMary Jane35 Bude Street
180RO JenkinsWilliam35 Bude Street
181RwDw JenkinsRosella35 Bude Street
182RO BalsdonCharles Bernard36 Bude Street
183RwDw BalsdonElsie36 Bude Street
184RO YoungHoward36a Bude Street
185RwDw YoungEmmaline36a Bude Street
186RwOw TaylorSarah37 Bude Street
187Rw~ TaylorEmily Oatway (Miss)37 Bude Street
188RwOw BalsdonSarah38 Bude Street
189RO SladeStephen39 Bude Street
190RwDw SladeMay39 Bude Street
191RO ParkhouseStanley41 Bude Street
192RwOw ParkhouseLily (Miss)41 Bude Street
193RO HarrisJames ErnestPolice Station, Bude Street
194RwDw HarrisEmily Lottie (Miss)Police Station, Bude Street
195Rw~ HarrisVera Lottie (Miss)Police Station, Bude Street
196RwOw JohnsFlorence (Miss)1 Gibbs Lane
197RO RobinsDavid2 Gibbs Lane
198RwOw EvansEllen3 Gibbs Lane
199RO WilliamsAlfred James4 Gibbs Lane
200RwDw WilliamsAnnie4 Gibbs Lane
201RO CoxThomas John5 Gibbs Lane
202RwDw CoxRose5 Gibbs Lane
203RO DayCharles E6 Gibbs Lane
204RwDw DayAnnie Elizabeth6 Gibbs Lane
205RO MolesworthArthur HillHill Cottage, Green Lane
206RO LameyJosephGreen Lane
207RwDw LameyElizabeth AnnGreen Lane
208Rw~ LameyBlanche (Miss)Green Lane
209ROaCoxWilliam BenedictGreen Lane
210RwDw CoxMayGreen Lane
211RwOw LemonMary Annie (Miss)Fairways
212RO CranerIsaac1 Graysand Crescent
213RwDw CranerAlice1 Graysand Crescent
214R~ CranerRichard James1 Graysand Crescent
215Rw~ CranerEdna1 Graysand Crescent
216R~ MitchellJames Smale1 Graysand Crescent
217RO FarthingJohn Edward2 Graysand Crescent
218RwDw FarthingEthel2 Graysand Crescent
219ROaLameyJohn Randall3 Graysand Crescent
220RwOw CawseySarah Jane4 Graysand Crescent
221Rw~ DavisGeorgina4 Graysand Crescent
222RO CurtisWilliam Frank5 Graysand Crescent
223RwDw CurtisFlorence5 Graysand Crescent
224RO LameyJames Bartholomew6 Graysand Crescent
225RwDw LameyAlice6 Graysand Crescent
226RO SmaleClarence7 Graysand Crescent
227RwDw SmaleSarah Elizabeth7 Graysand Crescent
228RO TuckerErnest John8 Graysand Crescent
229RwDw TuckerFlorence Elizabeth8 Graysand Crescent
230RO PoweRichard James9 Graysand Crescent
231RwDw PoweElizabeth9 Graysand Crescent
232R~aPoweRichard, junr9 Graysand Crescent
233R~aPoweSimon Grove9 Graysand Crescent
234RO PeakeEdmund10 Graysand Crescent
235RwDw PeakeWinifred Maud10 Graysand Crescent
236RO MoyseFrederick C11 Graysand Crescent
237RwDw MoyseMaude11 Graysand Crescent
238RO BlackmoreBertram R12 Graysand Crescent
239RwDw BlackmoreLucy G A12 Graysand Crescent
240RwOw CurtisElizabeth Ann13 Graysand Crescent
241R~ CurtisRichard Rowland13 Graysand Crescent
242Rw~ CurtisDoris Elizabeth (Miss)13 Graysand Crescent
243ROaHallettWilliam14 Graysand Crescent
244RwDw HallettFlorence14 Graysand Crescent
245RwOw PoweSarah Ann15 Graysand Crescent
246RwOw PoweRosina Muriel15 Graysand Crescent
247RwOw CarterMaud16 Graysand Crescent
248R~ CarterCharlie16 Graysand Crescent
249R~ ChampionWilliam John16 Graysand Crescent
250Rw~ ChampionJane16 Graysand Crescent
251RO JewellThomas John17 Graysand Crescent
252RwDw JewellSelina17 Graysand Crescent
253RO HardingEdwin18 Graysand Crescent
254RwDw HardingDanny Sarah18 Graysand Crescent
255R~ HardingWilliam Hartree18 Graysand Crescent
256Rw~ HardingTyra (Miss)18 Graysand Crescent
257RO ShortCharles19 Graysand Crescent
258RwDw ShortSarah Ann19 Graysand Crescent
259RwOw TrickMary19 Graysand Crescent
260ROaReesWilliam Braund20 Graysand Crescent
261RwDw ReesSarah Louisa20 Graysand Crescent
262RO LovellRoderick GeorgeCustom House, Hillcliff Terrace
263RwDw LovellJanet EatonCustom House, Hillcliff Terrace
264RO EvansStanley T15 Hillcliff Terrace
265RwDw EvansFlorence Viola15 Hillcliff Terrace
266RO ColeOsman14 Hillcliff Terrace
267RwDw ColeFlorence Ethel14 Hillcliff Terrace
268R~ ColeHubert Edwin14 Hillcliff Terrace
269ROaHutchingsPhilip13 Hillcliff Terrace
270RwDw HutchingsHelen Augusta13 Hillcliff Terrace
271ROaCannJohn12 Hillcliff Terrace
272RwDw CannEdith Annie12 Hillcliff Terrace
273R~ CannWilliam G12 Hillcliff Terrace
274RO PyleAlexander12 Hillcliff Terrace
275RO GuardSamuel11 Hillcliff Terrace
276RwDw GuardEvelyn Frances11 Hillcliff Terrace
277RwOw CannAdelaide10 Hillcliff Terrace
278RO WesternEdward Cutland10 Hillcliff Terrace
279RwOw LameyJane Oatway9 Hillcliff Terrace
280Rw~ LameyWinifred Mary (Miss)9 Hillcliff Terrace
281RO HornabrookCyril Thomas8 Hillcliff Terrace
282RwDw HornabrookMinnie Henrietta8 Hillcliff Terrace
283R~ ArdenGeoffreyGolf Cottage, Hillcliff Terrace
284Rw~ ArdenBerylGolf Cottage, Hillcliff Terrace
285R~aEastmanPercyGolf Cottage, Hillcliff Terrace
286RO MounceFrederick William6 Hillcliff Terrace
287RwDw MounceLouisa J6 Hillcliff Terrace
288RwOw RandallAgnes5 Hillcliff Terrace
289RO EastmondHarry4 Hillcliff Terrace
290RwDw EastmondFlorence4 Hillcliff Terrace
291ROaHareHenry Blackmore3 Hillcliff Terrace
292RwDw HareSarah Louise3 Hillcliff Terrace
293ROaBennettEric3 Hillcliff Terrace
294RwDw BennettBessie Irene3 Hillcliff Terrace
295RwOw JewellSarah Jane2 Hillcliff Terrace
296RwOw JewellAda E2 Hillcliff Terrace
297RwOw HopkinsBessie King1 Hillcliff Terrace
298RwOw ColeFlorence Ellen1 Irsha Street
299RO HarrisFrederick3 Irsha Street
300RwDw HarrisFlorence3 Irsha Street
301RO CaneFrederick William C5 Irsha Street
302RwDw CaneMaud Tugela5 Irsha Street
303ROaSladeStephen7 Irsha Street
304RwDw SladeEmmaline7 Irsha Street
305R~ ColwillJoshua7 Irsha Street
306ROaScreechWilliam James9 Irsha Street
307RwDw ScreechGwendoline9 Irsha Street
308ROaTatemFrederick Campbell junr10 Irsha Street
309RwDw TatemClara10 Irsha Street
310RO MacalisterDonald A Payton11 Irsha Street
311RwDw MacalisterMary Roberta11 Irsha Street
312RO HarrisWilliam J12 Irsha Street
313RwDw HarrisMinnie Elizabeth12 Irsha Street
314RwOw DummettThomazine Annie13 Irsha Street
315Rw~ DummettSylvia (Miss)13 Irsha Street
316RO SharrockJohn Henry14 Irsha Street
317RwDw SharrockEva14 Irsha Street
318RO LabbettJohn Edward15 Irsha Street
319ROaBatesThomas16 Irsha Street
320RwOw CarterMatilda Augusta17 Irsha Street
321RO ColwillWilliam18 Irsha Street
322RwDw ColwillArabella18 Irsha Street
323RO SladeJames19 Irsha Street
324RO CannSydney20 Irsha Street
325RwDw CannEffie Miller20 Irsha Street
326R~ HockingReginald20 Irsha Street
327RwOw SladeMary Jane21 Irsha Street
328Rw~ SladeViolet Elizabeth (Miss)21 Irsha Street
329RO AshleyLewis Victor21 Irsha Street
330RwDw AshleyBeatrice Mary21 Irsha Street
331RO CannJohn22 Irsha Street
332RwDw CannMay22 Irsha Street
333R~ BrownG22 Irsha Street
334RO CobbledickJohn Kelly23 Irsha Street
335RO GaleReginald23 Irsha Street
336RwDw GaleMay23 Irsha Street
337RO BowdenSidney24 Irsha Street
338RwDw BowdenFlorrie Jane24 Irsha Street
339ROaHooperJohn25 Irsha Street
340RwDw HooperEdith Annie25 Irsha Street
341RO CranerGeorge26 Irsha Street
342RwDw CranerJane26 Irsha Street
343R~ CranerJames26 Irsha Street
344R~aCranerJohn William B26 Irsha Street
345Rw~ CranerEdith (Miss)26 Irsha Street
346R~aBerryPhilip26 Irsha Street
347RO ColeThomas James27 Irsha Street
348RwDw ColeMary Phyllis27 Irsha Street
349RwOw SmallridgeMargaret (Miss)28 Irsha Street
350RO HiscockCharles Arthur29 Irsha Street
351RwDw HiscockSusannnah29 Irsha Street
352Rw~ FenwickAlice (Miss)29 Irsha Street
353ROaMaCarthyTimothy30 Irsha Street
354RwDw MaCarthyAnnie30 Irsha Street
355RO StaceyCharles30 Irsha Street
356RwDw StaceyHilda30 Irsha Street
357RO PooleGeorge Henry31 Irsha Street
358RwDw PooleAlice Maud31 Irsha Street
359Rw~ PooleFreda (Miss)31 Irsha Street
360ROaBerryPhilip32 Irsha Street
361RwDw BerryFlorence Annie32 Irsha Street
362Rw~ KempeMay32 Irsha Street
363R~aKempeWilliam32 Irsha Street
364RO GriffithsDavid Henry32a Irsha Street
365RwOw ReesMinnie (Miss)33 Irsha Street
366RwOw ReesAnnie (Miss)33 Irsha Street
367RO LabbettWilliam James34 Irsha Street
368RwDw LabbettMary34 Irsha Street
369RwOw WakeleyMaria35 Irsha Street
370RO JenkinsVictor36 Irsha Street
371NMOaCockingNicholas Philips37 Irsha Street
372RwDw CockingEdith37 Irsha Street
373Rw~ PomeroyWinifred37 Irsha Street
374RwOw ArnoldEdith E38 Irsha Street
375R~aArnoldRichard J38 Irsha Street
376Rw~ ArnoldOlive (Miss)38 Irsha Street
377R~ GumbleyLawrence H38 Irsha Street
378RO HarrisThomas Gent John38 Irsha Street
379RwDw HarrisBlanche Violet38 Irsha Street
380ROaCarterAlbert B40 Irsha Street
381RwDw CarterOlive Hilda40 Irsha Street
382RO DayRobert41 Irsha Street
383RwDw DayLavinia41 Irsha Street
384RO DayJohn Raymond41 Irsha Street
385RwDw DayMarjorie Mary41 Irsha Street
386RO LabbettPhilip Henry M42 Irsha Street
387RwDw LabbettAmelia Ann42 Irsha Street
388RwOw AllenFanny A R42 Irsha Street
389RO ColeWilliam Henry43 Irsha Street
390RwDw ColeJane43 Irsha Street
391RO CannRichard45 Irsha Street
392RwDw CannEthel45 Irsha Street
393RO BrendArchibald46 Irsha Street
394Rw~ BrendLilian Mary (Miss)46 Irsha Street
395Rw~ BrendDoris (Miss)46 Irsha Street
396RO GorrellWilliam Day47 Irsha Street
397RwDw GorrellHannah47 Irsha Street
398ROaHockingThomas Rew48 Irsha Street
399RwDw HockingMary48 Irsha Street
400ROaTaylorReginald K48 Irsha Street
401RwDw TaylorMary48 Irsha Street
402RO BennettWilliam49 Irsha Street
403RwDw BennettMary Elizabeth49 Irsha Street
404RO PowePercy50 Irsha Street
405RwDw PoweBelle50 Irsha Street
406RO CranerJohn Henry51 Irsha Street
407RwDw CranerPhyllis Ellen51 Irsha Street
408ROaHutchingsJohn52 Irsha Street
409RwDw HutchingsBeatrice52 Irsha Street
410ROaJewellAlbert53 Irsha Street
411RwDw JewellMargaret Annie53 Irsha Street
412RO BennettFrederick53 Irsha Street
413RwDw BennettMargaret A53 Irsha Street
414ROaCranerStephen54 Irsha Street
415RwDw CranerLilian Mary54 Irsha Street
416RO CoppCharles55 Irsha Street
417RwDw CoppAda Alice55 Irsha Street
418RO DaviesWalter56 Irsha Street
419RwDw DaviesKathleen56 Irsha Street
420RO CannSidney57 Irsha Street
421RwDw CannHarriett May57 Irsha Street
422Rw~ CannSarah Elizabeth (Miss)57 Irsha Street
423ROaLameyWilliam1 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
424RwDw LameyEdith1 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
425RwOw RossClaudia Irene (Miss)2 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
426RO CoppSimon Groves3 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
427RwDw CoppSusan3 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
428R~ CoppSimon G junr3 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
429RO MillsWilliam Henry4 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
430RwDw MillsLilian May4 Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street
431RO GriffithsCharles1 The Path, Irsha Street
432RwDw GriffithsBessie1 The Path, Irsha Street
433ROaBerryJohn Thomas2 The Path, Irsha Street
434RwDw BerryAnne Eveleigh2 The Path, Irsha Street
435ROaMarshallWalter E4 The Path, Irsha Street
436RwDw MarshallElsie4 The Path, Irsha Street
437Rw~ MarshallMary Ellen4 The Path, Irsha Street
438RO CawseyCharles junr58 Irsha Street
439RwDw CawseyLeah58 Irsha Street
440RO ManleyJohn60 Irsha Street
441RwDw ManleyAgnes60 Irsha Street
442RO BowdenWilliam61 Irsha Street
443RwDw BowdenEdith61 Irsha Street
444RwOw EastmanViolet63 Irsha Street
445RO TuckerThomas John64 Irsha Street
446RwDw TuckerFlorence M64 Irsha Street
447RO RookesCharles E67 Irsha Street
448RwDw RookesFlorence P67 Irsha Street
449RO BowdenJohn1 Darracott's Court
450RwDw BowdenFanny1 Darracott's Court
451R~ BowdenStephen2 Darracott's Court
452RwOw JewellMary (Miss)2 Darracott's Court
453RO CannGeorge3 Darracott's Court
454RwDw CannMary Elizabeth3 Darracott's Court
455ROaBerryThomas4 Darracott's Court
456RwDw BerryCordelia G4 Darracott's Court
457RO BowdenJohn Richard6 Darracott's Court
458RwDw BowdenDorothy Gladys6 Darracott's Court
459RO TuckerJohn Freer68 Irsha Street
460RwDw TuckerLilian68 Irsha Street
461RO GriffeyArthur (J)69 Irsha Street
462RwDw GriffeyEthel69 Irsha Street
463RO SussexHenry71 Irsha Street
464RwDw SussexEllen Prudence71 Irsha Street
465R~ SussexFrederick Henry71 Irsha Street
466RO PitcherErnest EdwardPrince of Wales, Irsha Street
467RwDw PitcherFrancesPrince of Wales, Irsha Street
468R~ PitcherWilliam JamesPrince of Wales, Irsha Street
469RwOw ColeElizabeth (Miss)72a Irsha Street
470RO ColeAlfred Thomas72a Irsha Street
471RwDw ColeMary Elizabeth72a Irsha Street
472Rw~ ColeEdna Mary (Miss)72a Irsha Street
473ROaEvansWilfred73 Irsha Street
474RwDw EvansBeatrice73 Irsha Street
475RO BowdenPhilip William78 Irsha Street
476RwDw BowdenHenrietta78 Irsha Street
477RwOw BowdenFrances Gertrude78 Irsha Street
478Rw~ BowdenMary Ann78 Irsha Street
479R~ CoxCharles78 Irsha Street
480RO PykeThomas80 Irsha Street
481RwDw PykeVera Lottie (Miss)80 Irsha Street
482RO EvansWilliamIbex Place
483RwDw EvansFlorenceIbex Place
484RwOw TaylorLilianIbex Place
485Rw~ TaylorBlanche (Miss)2 Ibex Place
486R~ TaylorWilliam George2 Ibex Place
487R~ TaylorArthur2 Ibex Place
488ROaBranchClarence HenryIbex Place
489RwDw BranchAnnie LoiuaIbex Place
490R~ BranchClarence H junr2 Ibex Place
491RO EvansEdwinIbex Place
492RwDw EvansEmilyIbex Place
493RO WatersThomasIbex Place
494RwDw WatersNellieIbex Place
495RO PoweGeorge HenryIbex Place
496RwDw PoweLouisa6 Ibex Place
497R~ PoweGeorge6 Ibex Place
498R~ PoweFrederick Denham6 Ibex Place
499RO WatersWalter8 Ibex Place
500RwDw WatersElsie8 Ibex Place
501Rw~ TatemHarriett Ann8 Ibex Court
502Rw~ WatersElsie (Miss)8 Ibex Court
503ROaRossAlexanderIbex Place
504RwDw RossMargaretIbex Place
505R~aRossRobertIbex Place
506R~aRossWilliam OIbex Place
507Rw~ RossMargaret (Miss)Ibex Place
508Rw~ RossBessie (Miss)Ibex Place
509RO EvansBenjamin9 Ibex Court
510RwDw EvansPolly9 Ibex Court
511NMOaVincentFrederick A9 Ibex Court
512RwDw VincentDoris Mary9 Ibex Court
513RO EastmanSydney11 Ibex Court
514RwDw EastmanGertrude Mary11 Ibex Court
515ROaMarshallJohn H84 Irsha Street
516RwDw MarshallFlossie84 Irsha Street
517RO DawsonJohn85 (Beaver Inn), Irsha Street
518RwDw DawsonFlorence Emily85 (Beaver Inn), Irsha Street
519RwOw MarshallIsabel86 Irsha Street
520R~ MarshallWilliam86 Irsha Street
521R~ MarshallCharles86 Irsha Street
522R~ MarshallStanley86 Irsha Street
523RO RapsonRichard88 Irsha Street
524ROaWilsonJohn William90 Irsha Street
525RwDw WilsonEllen90 Irsha Street
526R~aWilsonJohn90 Irsha Street
527RO BignellWilliam John92 Irsha Street
528RwDw BignellLilian E92 Irsha Street
529ROaSladeJohn1 Victoria Crescent
530RwDw SladeMatilda1 Victoria Crescent
531R~ SladeJohn1 Victoria Crescent
532Rw~ SladeMatilda E (Miss)1 Victoria Crescent
533ROaCarterHenry2 Victoria Crescent
534RwDw CarterSarah2 Victoria Crescent
535RwOw TurnerEdith A2 Victoria Crescent
536ROaHutchingsFred3 Victoria Crescent
537ROaIngrouvilleJames3 Victoria Crescent
538RwDw IngrouvilleClara Voila3 Victoria Crescent
539RO GaleAlfred Arthur4 Victoria Crescent
540RwDw GaleEmily4 Victoria Crescent
541RwOw EvansMarie95 Irsha Street
542Rw~ EvansRuth (Miss)95 Irsha Street
543R~aFordWilliam95 Irsha Street
544Rw~ FordVera Ellen95 Irsha Street
545RwOw JefferyHannah97 Irsha Street
546Rw~ JefferyMaud Elizabeth (Miss)97 Irsha Street
547R~aJefferyCyril97 Irsha Street
548R~aJefferyHorace97 Irsha Street
549RwOw BlackmoreLena (Miss)98 Irsha Street
550Rw~ BlackmoreGladys (Miss)98 Irsha Street
551RwOw MossFlorence98 Irsha Street
552RwOw WilliamsJane99 Irsha Street
553R~aWilliamsNathaniel99 Irsha Street
554Rw~ WilliamsFreda Maria (Miss)99 Irsha Street
555RO JennJames100 Irsha Street
556RwDw JennCaroline100 Irsha Street
557RO HeardWilliam100 Irsha Street
558RwDw HeardVera100 Irsha Street
559RwOw ReesEmily101 Irsha Street
560Rw~ ReesSarah Jane101 Irsha Street
561R~ ReesJohn Henry101 Irsha Street
562R~aCarterThomas Henry101 Irsha Street
563R~ CarterWilliam Laurence101 Irsha Street
564ROaMarshallRobert102 Irsha Street
565RwDw MarshallLavinia102 Irsha Street
566ROaBennettRichard103 Irsha Street
567RwDw BennettSelina103 Irsha Street
568RwOw EvansSarah (Miss)104 Irsha Street
569RwOw EvansEllen (Miss)104 Irsha Street
570RwOw ColeEthel105 Irsha Street
571R~ ColeJohn Gorrell105 Irsha Street
572RwOw YoungsonCaroline106 Irsha Street
573R~ YoungsonHenry Hare106 Irsha Street
574Rw~ HitchensFlorence107 Irsha Street
575RO EvansJohn James108 Irsha Street
576RwDw EvansEliza Jane108 Irsha Street
577RO PikeSidney JRising Sun, Irsha Street
578RwDw PikeFlorence AnnieRising Sun, Irsha Street
579ROaFordWalter Henry112 Irsha Street
580ROaFordAlbert Henry113 Irsha Street
581RwDw FordDoris Rosetta113 Irsha Street
582ROaHoustonWilliam Edward114 Irsha Street
583RwDw HoustonEva Annie114 Irsha Street
584RwOw BerryMary Ann115 Irsha Street
585ROaFishwickThomas115 Irsha Street
586RwDw FishwickMinnie115 Irsha Street
587ROaBrooksHubert Edwin116 Irsha Street
588R~aBrooksArthur116 Irsha Street
589R~ BrooksWilliam Henry116 Irsha Street
590RO MoyseJohn Henry117 Irsha Street
591RO ScoblingWalter117 Irsha Street
592Rw~ JenkinsClara L117 Irsha Street
593RO CoxWilliam118 Irsha Street
594RwDw CoxSarah Elizabeth118 Irsha Street
595Rw~ VanstoneThomas118 Irsha Street
596RO ProuseArthur118 Irsha Street
597RwDw ProuseDorothy Kitty118 Irsha Street
598ROaCarterJohn119 Irsha Street
599Rw~ HillCordelia119 Irsha Street
600RO CobbledickWilliam120 Irsha Street
601RO EvansAlfred2 Ivy Court
602RwDw EvansEva2 Ivy Court
603RwOw SladeMary Ann5 Ivy Court
604RO SymonsFrederick J6 Ivy Court
605RwDw SymondsIvy Vera6 Ivy Court
606RO EvansAlfred1 Railway Cottages
607RO BignellStephen Short2 Railway Cottages
608RwDw BignellEliza Jane2 Railway Cottages
609R~ BignellErnest2 Railway Cottages
610RwOw FowlerMary Ellen1 Myra Court
611R~aFowlerJohn Henry1 Myra Court
612RO FowlerWalter2 Myra Court
613RwDw FowlerJean2 Myra Court
614RwOw KeenEmmeline4 Myra Court
615R~aKeenWilliam4 Myra Court
616R~ KeenPercy4 Myra Court
617RO WilliamsJohn H5 Myra Court
618RwDw WilliamsEllen5 Myra Court
619RO JewellRichard William6 Myra Court
620RwDw JewellMary Ann6 Myra Court
621R~ JewellWilliam6 Myra Court
622RwOw WatersGertrude Mary7 Myra Court
623RwOw DummettThirza9 Myra Court
624RO ButlerRichard Henry10 Myra Court
625RwDw ButlerAlice10 Myra Court
626RwOw BassettClara121 Irsha Street
627RO WatersPhilip Bale123 Irsha Street
628RwOw MoyseMary Elizabeth123 Irsha Street
629RwOw OsborneKathleen125 Irsha Street
630RO WilliamsPhilip127 Irsha Street
631RwDw WilliamsEllen127 Irsha Street
632RO HarrisFrederick129 Irsha Street
633RwDw HarrisEthel129 Irsha Street
634RwOw HarrisSarah Elizabeth131 Irsha Street
635Rw~ HarrisLilian Thirza (Miss)131 Irsha Street
636R~ HarrisArthur131 Irsha Street
637R~ HarrisMervyn131 Irsha Street
638ROaGayetteFrederick John S131 Irsha Street
639RwDw GayetteSarah Elizabeth131 Irsha Street
640RwOw HeardAlice132 Irsha Street
641RwOw MichieBertha133 Irsha Street
642RO EastmanFrederick William133 Irsha Street
643RwDw EastmanBertha133 Irsha Street
644ROaLeworthyFrederick A134 Irsha Street
645RwDw LeworthySarah Ann134 Irsha Street
646RwOw OatwayEllen S135 Irsha Street
647Rw~ HinksJanie Blackmore (Miss)135 Irsha Street
648RwOw CannMary Elizabeth (Miss)136 Irsha Street
649Rw~ CannElizabeth (Miss)136 Irsha Street
650RwOw HealEliza Jane138 Irsha Street
651ROaCurticeThomas George138a Irsha Street
652RwDw CurticeElizabeth138a Irsha Street
653RO HeardAlbert Edward139 Irsha Street
654RwDw HeardVera Ellen139 Irsha Street
655RwOw LangElizabeth Veale (Miss)140 Irsha Street
656ROaSladeRichard William141 Irsha Street
657RwDw SladeEsther Ellen141 Irsha Street
658RO HeardJames141 Irsha Street
659RwDw HeardMuriel141 Irsha Street
660RO DownGeorge142 Irsha Street
661RwDw DownLaura142 Irsha Street
662RO BowdenJohn4 Irsha Court
663RO ShortCharles4 Irsha Court
664RwDw ShortRita4 Irsha Court
665RO HarrisJohn LangIrsha Court
666RwDw HarrisEthelIrsha Court
667RO LewisFrederick John SRiverside Cottage
668RwDw LewisMary JaneRiverside Cottage
669R~ LewisThomas HRiverside Cottage
670R~ LewisFrederick WilliamChurchfield
671RwOw VaggersRosina1 Churchfield Cottages
672RwOw BushEthel1 Churchfield Cottages
673RwOw FishwickFlora E (Miss)4 Churchfield Cottages
674R~aScreechThomas4 Churchfield Cottages
675R~aScreechJohn Chedzey4 Churchfield Cottages
676RO KingJoshua3 Churchfield Cottages
677RwDw KingAnnie3 Churchfield Cottages
678ROaHareWilliamChurchfield Cottages
679RwDw HareFlorence LouiseChurchfield Cottages
680RO CookWalter John4 Churchfield Cottages
681RwDw CookMabel4 Churchfield Cottages
682RO FishwickEdwardRiversmeet
683RwDw FishwickElizabethRiversmeet
684RO SladeJohn FowlerClifton, Torridge Road
685RwDw SladeWinifred MClifton, Torridge Road
686RO ReesPhilip HaroldRyswood, Torridge Road
687RwDw ReesMary ElizabethRyswood, Torridge Road
688Rw~ WoodAnn ElizabethRyswood, Torridge Road
689RO GodfreyWalterTorridge Road
690RwDw GodfreyEthelTorridge Road
691RO HarrisPercyTorridge Road
692RwDw HarrisElsieTorridge Road
693RO ScreechThomas PenhorwoodTwo Rivers, Torridge Road
694RwDw ScreechFlorenceTwo Rivers, Torridge Road
695RwOw ReesVera ETwo Rivers, Torridge Road
696RO OatwayPenhorwood1 Marine Parade
697RwDw OatwayZarita Maud1 Marine Parade
698RO BaxterAlbert Victor EClaremont, Marine Parade
699RwDw BaxterMaud L B ThorntonClaremont, Marine Parade
700RwOw GalsworthyHarriett3 Marine Parade
701Rw~ BerryNellie3 Marine Parade
702RO PoweThomas Cecil4 Marine Parade
703RwDw PoweDorothy4 Marine Parade
704RwOw GodrvinClara4 Marine Parade
705RO BurbridgePercy Frank5 Marine Parade
706RwDw BurbridgeDorothy Foster5 Marine Parade
707RwOw KellyMary Townsend (J)6 Marine Parade
708RwOw KellyKelly Caroline E6 Marine Parade
709RO GreenAlfred7 Marine Parade
710RwDw GreenEliza7 Marine Parade
711RwOw GreenMay (Miss)7 Marine Parade
712RO RedcliftReginald Norman8 Marine Parade
713RwDw RedcliftMillicent Eastman8 Marine Parade
714ROaTaylorWalter Henry8 Marine Parade
715RwDw TaylorBelle8 Marine Parade
716RO PophamGeorge Henry9 Marine Parade
717RwDw PophamMary9 Marine Parade
718Rw~ PophamConstance Christine (Miss)  9 Marine Parade
719R~ PophamWilliam George9 Marine Parade
720RO OgierJohn William2 Homeside Terrace, Market St
721RwDw OgierMary Ellen2 Homeside Terrace, Market St
722RO YeoJohn3 Homeside Terrace, Market St
723RwDw YeoAnnie3 Homeside Terrace, Market St
724RO Featherstone  SydneyCoach & Horses, Market Street
725RwDw FeatherstoneMargaretCoach & Horses, Market Street
726ROaWhiteRobertCoach & Horses, Market Street
727RwDw WhiteKathleen ClarkeCoach & Horses, Market Street
728RO FishwickRichard Clarke6 Market Street
729RwOw FishwickMargaret6 Market Street
730Rw~ HarmourMargaret6 Market Street
731RwOw ScreechClara LouiseFactory Ope
732R~aScreechRoyFactory Ope
733R~aSchillerWilliam EdwinFactory Ope
734Rw~ SchillerClara LouiseFactory Ope
735NMOaRansomHarryFactory Ope
736RwDw RansomHannahFactory Ope
737RwOw ProutEllen4 Factory Ope
738R~aBlakeWilliam Charles4 Factory Ope
739Rw~ EvansMary Ann4 Factory Ope
740RO CorkFrederickLondon House, Market Street
741RwDw CorkEdith CatherineLondon House, Market Street
742Rw~ StaceyJaneLondon House, Market Street
743RwOw LawdayLily Louise8 Market Street
744RwOw LesleyMary Holland8 Market Street
745RwOw LesleyAnnie Holland10 Market Street
746R~ LesleyWilliam James10 Market Street
747R~ LesleyLewis John10 Market Street
748RO ShortWallace Henry11 Market Street
749RwDw ShortDaisy May11 Market Street
750R~ ShortHector Henry11 Market Street
751NM~aHammondJohn Henry11 Market Street
752RwOw GayetteBessie (Miss)12 Market Street
753ROaGayetteWilliam James12 Market Street
754RO OstlerThomas Albert Allen13 Market Street
755RwOw WilliamsAda Irene13 Market Street
756ROaMoyseWilliam16 Market Street
757RwDw MoyseEllen Viola16 Market Street
758R~aMoyseWilliam, junr16 Market Street
759RO SladerJohn William17 Market Street
760RwDw SladerLily17 Market Street
761RO BirdCyril17 Market Street
762RwDw BirdGrace17 Market Street
763RO DownWilliam18 Market Street
764RwDw DownBertha18 Market Street
765Rw~ BowenSarah A18 Market Street
766RO SchillerWilliam Edwin19 Market Street
767RwDw SchillerMary Elizabeth19 Market Street
768R~ SchillerGeorge Henry19 Market Street
769Rw~ SchillerPhyllis (Mary)19 Market Street
770RwOw HeddenGertrude Mary20 Market Street
771RwOw HeddenEdith Jane20 Market Street
772R~ HeddenJohn Nathaniel20 Market Street
773RO LesslieVictor22 Market Street
774RwDw LesslieDorothy Howell22 Market Street
775RwOw TuckerJane Howell22 Market Street
776R~aTuckerFrederick William22 Market Street
777RO MoyseGeorge Blackmore23 Market Street
778RwDw MoyseIsabel23 Market Street
779Rw~ StaceyBeatrice (Miss)23 Market Street
780R~ StaceyJames Gordon23 Market Street
781RO PoweJohn Bowden24 Market Street
782RwDw PoweEvelyn24 Market Street
783RwOw BellewRosie25 Market Street
784RO BoylesJohn25 Market Street
785RwDw BoylesDaisy May25 Market Street
786RO HarrisWalter Henry26 Market Street
787RwDw HarrisSarah Jane26 Market Street
788R~ ScillyErnest Lock26 Market Street
789RwOw ReesCatherine Mary27 Market Street
790Rw~ ReesCatherine Mary (Miss)27 Market Street
791RO CoxWilliam28 Market Street
792RwDw CoxElizabeth Jane28 Market Street
793RO LabbettGeorge R29 Market Street
794RwDw LabbettIda Elizabeth29 Market Street
795RO StockerWilliam Ellis30 Market Street
796RwDw StockerAlberta V30 Market Street
797NM~aCoxStanley30 Market Street
798~O RoundVincent31 Market Street
799RwDw RoundAda Mary31 Market Street
800ROaHooperJohn Archibald32 Market Street
801RwDw HooperLilian32 Market Street
802RwOw ClareSarah Ann32 Market Street
803RO TaylorJames34 Market Street
804RwDw TaylorMinnie Ashton34 Market Street
805R~ TaylorRichard Wallace34 Market Street
806R~ TaylorJames junr34 Market Street
807RO WilliamsJohn Nathaniel35 Market Street
808RwDw WilliamsAda Mary35 Market Street
809RwOw CoxAliceQuayside, Market Street
810RO SchillerThomas John2 Quayside, Market Street
811RwDw SchillerFrances Ethel2 Quayside, Market Street
812RwOw MayMaud (Miss)36 Market Street
813RwOw LonnLydia36 Market Street
814ROaBowdenJohn37 Market Street
815RwDw BowdenAnnie37 Market Street
816RO RendleWilliam38 Market Street
817RwDw RendleAda Mary38 Market Street
818RO EastmanJohn39 Market Street
819RwDw EastmanAnnie39 Market Street
820RO HockingRobert40 Market Street
821RwDw HockingLaura40 Market Street
822R~ HockingJane Rosetta (Miss)40 Market Street
823RwOw JenkinsLottie41 Market Street
824R~ JenkinsAlbert Edwin41 Market Street
825ROaWilliamsPercy42 Market Street
826RwDw WilliamsEdith Mary42 Market Street
827ROaHockingEdgar43 Market Street
828RwDw HockingJessie43 Market Street
829R~aCoxNathaniel43 Market Street
830RwOw McCullumFlorence45 Market Street
831Nm~aRoundVincent45 Market Street
832RO EvansJohn William46 Market Street
833RwDw EvansLilian May46 Market Street
834ROaHockingRichard Screech47 Market Street
835RwDw HockingMary Elizabeth47 Market Street
836R~ HockingNathaniel47 Market Street
837R~ HockingCharles47 Market Street
838RO AustinDouglas John48 Market Street
839RwDw AustinGladys May48 Market Street
840RwOw ReesClara49 Market Street
841ROaLockRobert1 Meeting Street
842RwDw Lockfanny1 Meeting Street
843Rw~ LockNona (Miss)1 Meeting Street
844RwOw BartlettElsie (Miss)2 Meeting Street
845RO HarrisAlbert3 Meeting Street
846RwDw HarrisMillicent3 Meeting Street
847RO BaileyThomas Robert4 Meeting Street
848RwDw BaileyTheresa Mary4 Meeting Street
849RO JonesGomer TrevorYe Champion of Wales, Meeting Street
850RwDw JonesElizabeth HildaYe Champion of Wales, Meeting Street
851RO MarshallBasil B7 Meeting Street
852RwDw MarshallFanny7 Meeting Street
853RO MortimoreReginald Henry10 Meeting Street
854RwDw MortimoreBelle10 Meeting Street
855RO JenkinsWalter Redvers11 Meeting Street
856RwDw JenkinsElsie Marina11 Meeting Street
857ROaSladeFrederick William13 Meeting Street
858RwDw SladeDora Annie13 Meeting Street
859RwOw HamlynAmelia L (Miss)12 & 14 Meeting Street
860Rw~ HareCora Amelia (Miss)12 Meeting Street
861RwOw JenkinsRose Ann15 Meeting Street
862R~ JenkinsWilliam Ross15 Meeting Street
863RO BowdenJohn Richard16 Meeting Street
864RwDw BowdenEllen16 Meeting Street
865RO BraundWilliam James16 Meeting Street
866RwOw SladeFlorence Eliza18 Meeting Street
867R~ SladeDoris Jennie18 Meeting Street
868ROaDownFrank James19 Meeting Street
869RwDw DownRosina19 Meeting Street
870R~ DownWilliam Frank19 Meeting Street
871RO BraundJames20 Meeting Street
872RwDw BraundMinnie20 Meeting Street
873ROaHutchingsJohn21 Meeting Street
874RwOw HutchingsMary Elizabeth21 Meeting Street
875NM~aUrenCharles Donald21 Meeting Street
876Rw~ UrenElizabeth21 Meeting Street
877RO CawseyAlbert William22 Meeting Street
878RwDw CawseyMildred22 Meeting Street
879ROaHooperArchibald23 Meeting Street
880RwDw HooperGwenfyn Eileen23 Meeting Street
881RO ScillyThomas24 Meeting Street
882RwDw ScillyMary Ann24 Meeting Street
883RwOw DunsfordAmy Bowden (Miss)25 Meeting Street
884RO DunsfordThomas Bowden26 Meeting Street
885RO EdwardsGeorge Henry27 Meeting Street
886RwDw EdwardsHarriet Elizabeth27 Meeting Street
887R~aLameyJoseph27 Meeting Street
888RO KearonEdward28 Meeting Street
889RwDw KearonOlive28 Meeting Street
890RwOw CrathernMary Ann28 Meeting Street
891ROaPoweWilliam George29 Meeting Street
892RwDw PoweSarah29 Meeting Street
893RO CarterStanley30 Meeting Street
894RO HeardJohn Tucker31 Meeting Street
895RwDw HeardBlanche31 Meeting Street
896ROaWhitePhilip Ley33 Meeting Street
897RwDw WhiteErna33 Meeting Street
898RO StoneArthur34 Meeting Street
899RwDw StoneVida34 Meeting Street
900ROaHutchingsWilliam Henry35 Meeting Street
901RwDw HutchingsFlorence Hazel35 Meeting Street
902RO HookwayEdward James (J)The Gables, Meeting Street
903RwDw HookwayEthel MaryThe Gables, Meeting Street
904RO MullerHugh Christian A SThe Vicarage, Meeting Street
905RwDw MullerHelenThe Vicarage, Meeting Street
906RO WicksteadHoward (SJ)Staddon, Meeting Street
907RwDw WicksteadFreda MaryStaddon, Meeting Street
908RwOw WhiteMartha1 Myrtle Street
909Rw~ WhiteDora Balsdon (Miss)1 Myrtle Street
910Rw~ WhiteEthel (Miss)1 Myrtle Street
911RO JohnsWilliam Henry2 Myrtle Street
912RwDw JohnsLauda2 Myrtle Street
913RO GreenJames HenryDoctons, Myrtle Street
914RwDw GreenBeatriceDoctons, Myrtle Street
915RO SaundersArthur CharlesThe Myrtles, Myrtle Street
916RwDw SaundersAugustaThe Myrtles, Myrtle Street
917RO HutchingsAlfred Edward4a Myrtle Street
918RwDw HutchingsBetty Frances4a Myrtle Street
919RO JaquesGeorgeRose Cottage, Myrtle Street
920RwDw JaquesSarah KateRose Cottage, Myrtle Street
921R~ BatesFrancis JamesRose Cottage, Myrtle Street
922RO PeakeArchibald7 Myrtle Street
923RwDw PeakeMary7 Myrtle Street
924RO LoggErnest8 Myrtle Street
925RwDw LoggVera8 Myrtle Street
926RwOw YeoMabel Susan9 Myrtle Street
927Rw~ YeoGladys (Miss)9 Myrtle Street
928RO EastmanJohnRothbury, Myrtle Street
929RwDw EastmanEva SybellaRothbury, Myrtle Street
930ROaLesleyAlbert EdmundMyrtle Street
931RwDw LesleyFlorence MaryMyrtle Street
932ROaReveleyJames Henry11 Myrtle Street
933RwDw ReveleyAda11 Myrtle Street
934RO MorseWilliamBella Vista, Myrtle Street
935RwDw MorseMary KellyBella Vista, Myrtle Street
936ROaScreechRobertLangdon, Myrtle Street
937RwDw ScreechFlorence MabelLangdon, Myrtle Street
938Rw~ ScreechEdna May (Miss)Langdon, Myrtle Street
939RwOw TaylorHilda Lilian12 Myrtle Street
940Rw~ TaylorHilda Emily (Miss)12 Myrtle Street
941ROaEastmanWilliam George13 Myrtle Street
942RwDw EastmanHenrietta13 Myrtle Street
943Rw~ EastmanHarriett N13 Myrtle Street
944RwOw ScillyEmily14 Myrtle Street
945Rw~ ScillyEthel (Miss)14 Myrtle Street
946ROaStoneEdgar14 Myrtle Street
947RwDw StoneEmily14 Myrtle Street
948ROaGayetteFrederick John15 Myrtle Street
949RwDw GayetteAnnie Maud15 Myrtle Street
950Rw~ GayetteSarah Hannah (Miss)15 Myrtle Street
951R~aMarshallWilliam Richard15 Myrtle Street
952Rw~ MarshallLinda May15 Myrtle Street
953RO BearaEdwin Ellis16 Myrtle Street
954RwDw BearaLottoe16 Myrtle Street
955R~ BearaSamuel John16 Myrtle Street
956R~ BearaWilliam Henry16 Myrtle Street
957RO RaymondGeorge17 Myrtle Street
958RwDw RaymondAlice Emma17 Myrtle Street
959RO BaileyWilliam Henry17 Myrtle Street
960RO HarrisFrank Edward18 Myrtle Street
961RwDw HarrisEllen18 Myrtle Street
962Rw~ HarrisEdith Ellen (Miss)18 Myrtle Street
963RO GregoryThomas19 Myrtle Street
964RO HamlynFrank Colwill20 Myrtle Street
965RwDw HamlynEdith Mary20 Myrtle Street
966RO BlackmoreHaroldHillcote, Myrtle Street
967RwDw BlackmoreFlorrieHillcote, Myrtle Street
968RO SladeThomasHillcrest, Myrtle Street
969RwDw SladeGeorginaHillcrest, Myrtle Street
970ROaCarterErnest WilliamHillslea, Myrtle Street
971RwDw CarterMary ElizabethHillslea, Myrtle Street
972RO SladeWilliam KingdonHaldon, Myrtle Street
973RwDw SladeRosina AnnieHaldon, Myrtle Street
974ROaScreechJames CoxHillcroft, Myrtle Street
975RwOw DavisLottieHillview, Myrtle Street
976Rw~ DavisCharlotte Isabel (Miss)Hillview, Myrtle Street
977R~ DavisCharles WidgeryHillview, Myrtle Street
978RwOw SladeMary AnnBodrean, Myrtle Street
979ROaSladeGeorgeFernum, Myrtle Street
980RwDw SladeSarahFernum, Myrtle Street
981RO VaggersGeorgeBriardene, Myrtle Street
982RwDw VaggersAlice MaryBriardene, Myrtle Street
983RO LameyJohn Henry2 New Quay
984Rw~ LameyLily (Miss)2 New Quay
985R~aLameyJohn Henry William2 New Quay
986RO BennettBertram A2 New Quay
987RwDw BennettRuth Evelyn2 New Quay
988ROaCornishFrederick D2 New Quay
989RwDw CornishOlive2 New Quay
990RO PoweGeorge3 New Quay
991ROaHooperJames A4 New Quay
992RwDw HooperMary4 New Quay
993Rw~ PesterKitty E4 New Quay
994RwOw SquireEmily5 New Quay
995Rw~ BatesSarah Jane5 New Quay
996Rw~ BatesIsabella5 New Quay
997RO EbdonJohn ReginaldNew Quay
998RwDw EbdonElizabethNew Quay
999NMOaEdwardsCharlesSt Elvis, New Quay
1000RwOw BoonEllenSt Elvis, New Quay
1001RO LobbettEric8 New Quay
1002RwDw LobbettBeatrice Emma8 New Quay
1003NM~aPoweMaurice John R8 New Quay
1004RO StainesGeorge Edward10 New Quay
1005RwDw StainesMinnie10 New Quay
1006RO HarrisPhilip Laverty11 New Quay
1007RwDw HarrisElsie11 New Quay
1008ROaBellamyGeorge Victor12 New Quay
1009RwDw BellamyCatherine12 New Quay
1010Rw~ BellamyLilian (Miss)12 New Quay
1011R~ EastmanWilliam12 New Quay
1012RO LesslieHenry WalterBell Inn, New Quay
1013RwDw LesslieLouisaBell Inn, New Quay
1014ROaYeoHarry Wilsford14 New Quay
1015RwDw YeoAlice England14 New Quay
1016RO CookFrederick15 New Quay
1017RwDw CookLilian15 New Quay
1018RO DallingCharles16 New Quay
1019RwDw DallingLouisa Josepha16 New Quay
1020RwOw VaggersJane Hartnoll17 New Quay
1021RwOw WhiteHarriett18 New Quay
1022RO VaggersAlbertShip Diary, New Quay
1023RwDw VaggersNellieShip Diary, New Quay
1024RO HarrisFrederick Samuel (J)Dock Cottage, New Quay
1025RwDw HarrisEllen VoilaDock Cottage, New Quay
1026NM~aScottCharles LeslieDock Cottage, New Quay
1027RO RichardsWilliamDockside, New Quay
1028RwDw RichardsMurielDockside, New Quay
1029R~ HarrisIvor EdwardDock House, New Quay
1030RO HardingAlfredThe Nook, New Quay
1031RwDw HardingEvelynThe Nook, New Quay
1032RO HarrisWilliam GordonDock Office, New Quay
1033RwDw HarrisPhyllis MaryDock Office, New Quay
1034RO HarrisSidney George1 Hubbastone
1035RwDw HarrisKezia1 Hubbastone
1036Rw~ HarrisMarjorie Joyce1 Hubbastone
1037RO ProuseJohn Turner2 Hubbastone
1038RwDw ProuseJennie2 Hubbastone
1039Rw~ GalsworthyElizabeth2 Hubbastone
1040NM~aGardinerAlexander George2 Hubbastone
1041RO KearonWilliam1 New Street
1042ROaTaylorJonathan2 New Street
1043RwDw TaylorMaggie Jane2 New Street
1044RO JewellHector3 New Street
1045RwDw JewellRita Dorothy3 New Street
1046RwOw LameyMatilda Roberts4 New Street
1047RwOw LameyLilian5 New Street
1048Rw~ LameyLilian (Miss)5 New Street
1049ROaCoxWilliam Henry6 New Street
1050RwDw CoxEthel Mary6 New Street
1051ROaCoxJames7 New Street
1052RwDw CoxKathleen Annie7 New Street
1053RO LesslieWalter8 New Street
1054RwDw LesslieAmelia8 New Street
1055RO BaileyPhilip John9 New Street
1056RwDw BaileyBarbara Melinda9 New Street
1057RwDw PoweAnnie10 New Street
1058RO LameyGeorge11 New Street
1059RwDw LameyEmma11 New Street
1060Rw~ LameyMary Kelly (Miss)11 New Street
1061ROaWhiteAlfred Thomas12 New Street
1062RwDw WhiteHarriett12 New Street
1063RO JonesAlbert William13 New Street
1064RwDw JonesViolet Minnie13 New Street
1065RO TuckerGeorge14 New Street
1066RwDw TuckerSarah14 New Street
1067RO PenningtonRichard John14a New Street
1068RwDw PenningtonWinifred Olive14a New Street
1069NMOaCurtisRichard14a New Street
1070ROaDayGeorge15 New Street
1071RwDw DaySarah E15 New Street
1072RwOw CoppEliza Jane16 New Street
1073R~ CoppSydney George16 New Street
1074RwOw MontagueSarah Ann17 New Street
1075R~aMontagueGeorge Alfred17 New Street
1076RO HeadonCharles19 New Street
1077RwDw HeadonElizabeth19 New Street
1078ROaBennettJoseph F21 New Street
1079RwDw BennettMarjorie L21 New Street
1080RO HardingWilliam James H22 New Street
1081RwDw HardingDorothy May22 New Street
1082ROaBennettJoseph23 New Street
1083RwDw BennettClaudia23 New Street
1084RO PoweErnest24 New Street
1085RwDw PoweElizabeth24 New Street
1086RO WhiteJohn26 New Street
1087RwDw WhiteBlanche26 New Street
1088RO FordLeonard26 New Street
1089RwOw IrwinEmily A (Miss)27 New Street
1090Rw~ IrwinMary Hannah27 New Street
1091RO HockingPercival Dennis28 New Street
1092RwDw HockingGladys M28 New Street
1093RO MartinRaymond29 New Street
1094RwDw MartinDoris29 New Street
1095ROaGorrellFrederick30 New Street
1096RwDw GorrellLilian30 New Street
1097RO MorrishJohn Oliver31 New Street
1098RwDw MorrishMary Annie31 New Street
1099RO HardingThomas32 New Street
1100RwDw HardingMinnie32 New Street
1101R~ HardingFrederick Thomas32 New Street
1102RO StevensWilliam James33 New Street
1103ROaLameyPercy34 New Street
1104RwDw LameyJessie34 New Street
1105ROaJefferyWilliam Joseph35 New Street
1106RwDw JefferyBeatrice Annie35 New Street
1107ROaJefferyIsaac36 New Street
1108RwDw JefferyElizabeth36 New Street
1109R~aCheesleyNorman Aubrey36 New Street
1110Rw~ CheesleyMaud Elizabeth36 New Street
1111Rw~ JefferyEthel Madge36 New Street
1112RO RossWilliam Oatway37 New Street
1113RwDw RossEliza37 New Street
1114RO WilliamsThomas Henry38 New Street
1115RwDw WilliamsMabel Vida38 New Street
1116ROaPoweAlfred1 Sea View, New Street
1117RwDw PoweOlive Marion1 Sea View, New Street
1118RO PoweThomas Henry2 Sea View, New Street
1119RwDw PoweEmily Maud2 Sea View, New Street
1120Rw~ PoweVera G (Miss)2 Sea View, New Street
1121ROaBlackmoreFrederick Sidney39 New Street
1122RwDw BlackmoreFlorence Lilian39 New Street
1123RO TaylorRichard Eastman40 New Street
1124RwDw TaylorPhyllis Mary40 New Street
1125RO PenningtonRichard41 New Street
1126RwDw PenningtonEva41 New Street
1127RwOw JewellWinifred (Miss)42 New Street
1128R~ BartlettWilliam42 New Street
1129RwOw StainesGrace43 New Street
1130RO JenkinsPerey45 New Street
1131RwDw JenkinsGladys45 New Street
1132RO LameyFrederick47 New Street
1133RwDw LameyElizabeth Ann47 New Street
1134RO BlackmoreFrank47 New Street
1135RwDw BlackmoreFrances47 New Street
1136RO RedcliftSidney Frank49 New Street
1137RwDw RedcliftEllen Margaret49 New Street
1138RO CannWilliam George52 New Street
1139RwDw CannWinifred Gladys52 New Street
1140RwOw RichardsLucy EmilyBude House, Odun Road
1141RwOw RichardsAmy FrancesBude House, Odun Road
1142RwOw KellyAlice Amelia (Miss)1 Odun Road
1143RO KellyDurban E1 Odun Road
1144RwOw PearceJanieOdun Hall, Odun Road
1145RwOw MundenClaraBeechwood, Odun Road
1146Rw~ RoseEdith (Miss)Beechwood, Odun Road
1147Rw~ SharpeAda Lavinia (Miss)Beechwood, Odun Road
1148RwOw MartinBlanche4 Odun Road
1149RwOw EvansElizabeth5 Odun Road
1150RwOw BearaAliceOdun Cottage, Odun Road
1151Rw~ BearaAlice Madge (Miss)Odun Cottage, Odun Road
1152R~ PenneyHarry SydneyOdun Cottage, Odun Road
1153RwOw HoweMarian Blanche7 Odun Road
1154RO SutherlandRobert Fair (J)Odun House, Odun Road
1155RwDw SutherlandElsie JanetOdun House, Odun Road
1156RO MeadJames RobinsOdun Villa, Odun Road
1157RwDw MeadJessieOdun Villa, Odun Road
1158Rw~ MeadBarbara Joan (Miss)Odun Villa, Odun Road
1159RO CorkErnest (J)Odun Farm, Odun Road
1160RwDw CorkAliceOdun Farm, Odun Road
1161RO HutchingsThomasSundale, Odun Road
1162RwDw HutchingsAnnieSundale, Odun Road
1163R~aHutchingsPhilip WhiteSundale, Odun Road
1164Rw~ HutchingsJanieSundale, Odun Road
1165RO MerrifieldDavidLyndale, Odun Road
1166RwDw MerrifieldWenna JanieLyndale, Odun Road
1167RwOw ColeIsabella1 One End Street
1168R~ ColeSidney1 One End Street
1169RO CoxCharles Edward1a One End Street
1170RwDw CoxClara Edith1a One End Street
1171RO ShortEdward3 One End Street
1172RwDw ShortGeorgina3 One End Street
1173ROaMoyseSidney4 One End Street
1174RwDw MoyseElizabeth4 One End Street
1175R~ MoyseSydney John4 One End Street
1176RO BennettStanley5 One End Street
1177RwDw BennettEdith5 One End Street
1178RwOw BlackmoreMary Ann7 One End Street
1179Rw~ LameyMarian7 One End Street
1180RO CawseyJohn Henry7a One End Street
1181RwDw CawseyEliza Jane7a One End Street
1182RO TawtonJohn Hy Clark8 One End Street
1183Rw~ TawtonLaura Amelia (Miss)8 One End Street
1184Rw~ TawtonMaria Beed8 One End Street
1185RwOw JenkinsSarah Ann8 One End Street
1186RO GoodwinAlfred junr8 One End Street
1187RwDw GoodwinBertha8 One End Street
1188Rw~ GoodwinDoris Bertha8 One End Street
1189RO GueganFrank9 One End Street
1190RwDw GueganCaroline9 One End Street
1191RO RendallErnest11 One End Street
1192RwDw RendallIsabel11 One End Street
1193ROaDayArthur15 One End Street
1194RwDw DayBessie15 One End Street
1195RO TuckerSidney Herbert16 One End Street
1196RwDw TuckerIvy16 One End Street
1197RwOw PeakeEliza Jane16 One End Street
1198RO DayCecil17 One End Street
1199RwDw DayDorothy Ellen17 One End Street
1200ROaFordWalter18 One End Street
1201RwDw FordVerbena18 One End Street
1202RO BennettJoseph Tawton18 One End Street
1203RwDw BennettElizabeth Ann18 One End Street
1204RwOw FordHarriett19 One End Street
1205RO FordFrancis James19 One End Street
1206RwDw FordMary Irene19 One End Street
1207RwOw HarrisBessie23 One End Street
1208R~ HarrisPercy23 One End Street
1209NM~aHarrisDavid Henry23 One End Street
1210RO FisherRobert Henry24 One End Street
1211RwDw FisherBeatrice B24 One End Street
1212RO PoweFrederick L25 One End Street
1213RwDw PoweFlorence Emily25 One End Street
1214~O NichollsCecil Robert (J)26 One End Street
1215RwDw NichollsLilian Edna26 One End Street
1216RwOw StaceyEliza Ann28 One End Street
1217RwOw LewisEdith Ann (Miss)30 One End Street
1218RO LewisWilliam30 One End Street
1219RO VanstoneAlfred JohnRiver View, Pitt Hill
1220RwDw VanstoneEmma JaneRiver View, Pitt Hill
1221RO ColwillHenryRiver View, Pitt Hill
1222RwDw ColwillDoris MariaRiver View, Pitt Hill
1223NM~aNichollsCecil Robert JohnOak [Dak] Bungalow, Pitt Hill
1224RO RichardsJohn LambatesPitt Hill
1225RwDw RichardsEmily ClaraPitt Hill
1226ROaEvansEdwinPitt Hill
1227RwDw EvansElizabethPitt Hill
1228ROaWhiteCharles HenryPitt Hill
1229RwDw WhiteFanny MPitt Hill
1230ROaCooksleyThomasPitt Hill
1231RwDw CooksleyCatherine CPitt Hill
1232RO SquiresFrank Leopold WGlengower, Pitt Hill
1233RwDw SquiresAda TowelGlengower, Pitt Hill
1234RO HillmanHoracePitt Hill
1235RwDw HillmanKittyPitt Hill
1236~O AshArthur OwenPitt Hill
1237RwDw AshCecilia Feon EllenPitt Hill
1238~O EdwardsCharlesProspect House, Pitt Hill
1239RwOw EdwardsAnnie GearyProspect House, Pitt Hill
1240RwOw HockingLouisa Jane (Miss)Prospect House, Pitt Hill
1241Rw~ HockingMary ElizabethProspect House, Pitt Hill
1242RwOw LewisAnn Elizabeth2 Pitt Hill
1243Rw~ LewisJessie Evelyn2 Pitt Hill
1244RO BennettAlfred3 Pitt Hill
1245RwDw BennettHannah3 Pitt Hill
1246RO HockingMontague W4 Pitt Hill
1247RwDw HockingWinifred Emily4 Pitt Hill
1248RwOw AnsticeJane5 Pitt Hill
1249RO HusbandThomas6 Pitt Hill
1250RwDw HusbandHarriett6 Pitt Hill
1251RO FisherRobert Henry7 Pitt Hill
1252RwDw FisherEvelyn7 Pitt Hill
1253R~ FisherWilliam7 Pitt Hill
1254RO GriffithsWilfram R8 Pitt Hill
1255RwDw GriffithsClara L8 Pitt Hill
1256RwOw MenpesMary Lilian (Miss)9 Pitt Hill
1257RwOw MenpesCatherine R (Miss)9 Pitt Hill
1258RO BartlettBertie John10 Pitt Hill
1259RwDw BartlettNellie10 Pitt Hill
1260RO PoweThomas Henry11 Pitt Hill
1261RwDw PoweStella May11 Pitt Hill
1262Rw~ WeaverMabel11 Pitt Hill
1263RO EdwardsWilliam13 Pitt Hill
1264RwDw EdwardsFlorence Mary13 Pitt Hill
1265RO HopkinsHenry ErnestPitt Villa, Pitt Hill
1266RwDw HopkinsElizabethPitt Villa, Pitt Hill
1267RO ProuseGeraldRoslen, Pitt Hill
1268RwDw ProuseRoseRoslen, Pitt Hill
1269RO SidwickJames RobinsThe Manse, Pitt Hill
1270RwDw SidwickLilianThe Manse, Pitt Hill
1271RwOw FordLily (Miss)Taw View, Pitt Hill
1272RO GarnseyRichard15 Pitt Hill
1273RwDw GarnseyCharlotte15 Pitt Hill
1274RwOw MayMary16 Pitt Hill
1275RO MayErnest17 Pitt Hill
1276RwDw MayMary A17 Pitt Hill
1277RwOw KeeneNona (Miss)Pitt Hill
1278Rw~ FordOlive Maud (Miss)Pitt Hill
1279RwOw GoldringEthel NewallPitt Hill
1280RO HarrisReginald LangOakley, Pitt Hill
1281RwDw HarrisWinifred EdithOakley, Pitt Hill
1282RO PayneJoseph TinkhamBeachlea, Pitt Hill
1283RwDw PayneBeatrice MabelBeachlea, Pitt Hill
1284RO HarrisWilliam JohnPitt Hill
1285RwDw HarrisIvyPitt Hill
1286RwOw LockeClaraKyber, Pitt Hill
1287R~ PenneyCharles LeslieKyber, Pitt Hill
1288R~ McClureJohn AKyber, Pitt Hill
1289RwOw MooreKatherineGwynffryn, Pitt
1290NM~aMooreBarrington LangleyGwynffryn, Pitt
1291Rw~ DaviesNelly D (Miss)Gwynffryn, Pitt
1292RO CooksleyRobert George1 Pitt Court
1293RwDw CooksleyEmma Jane1 Pitt Court
1294RO RichardsRobert Hamlyn2 Pitt Court
1295RwDw RichardsKathleen2 Pitt Court
1296R~ JennGerard James2 Pitt Court
1297RO MitchellReginald J C2a Pitt Court
1298RwDw MitchellGertrude E2a Pitt Court
1299RwOw BurgessIda (Miss)3 Pitt Court
1300RwOw HardingMaria4 Pitt Court
1301NM~aHarbordArchi Britain4 Pitt Court
1302RO FisherThomas Henry5 Pitt Court
1303RwOw JeffereyFrances6 Pitt Court
1304RO ValentineDesmond SedgeleyRock House, Pitt Hill
1305RwDw ValentineAudrey MaryRock House, Pitt Hill
1306Rw~ HarrisGladys MRock House, Pitt Hill
1307Rw~ HarrisDoris MaudRock House, Pitt Hill
1308RwOw BiggCharlotte G (Mis)Rock Cottage, Pitt Hill
1309RwOw BarringtonAlice Maud (Miss)Rock Cottage, Pitt Hill
1310Rw~ BearaElizabeth (Miss)Quay
1311Rw~ HamlynMarian Louisa (Miss)Quay
1312RO BearaJohnQuay
1313RO ParsonsThomas George7 Quay
1314RwDw ParsonsElizabeth7 Quay
1315Rw~ ParsonsCatherine Elizabeth (Miss)7 Quay
1316Rw~ ParsonsMarjorie (Miss)7 Quay
1317RO PoweAlbert Edward8 Quay
1318RwDw PoweRosina Elizabeth8 Quay
1319~ObcSatchwellThomas Allen8 Quay (abode: Merebank, Westward Ho!)
1320RO EllisWilliam NealeQuay
1321RwDw EllisKateQuay
1322R~ EllisWilliam EdwardQuay
1323RwOw Baguley[blank] (Miss)Beachside, Quay
1324RwOw DavisonEdith Mary (Miss)11 Quay
1325RO JenkinsJohn13 Quay
1326RwDw JenkinsMartha13 Quay
1327Rw~ CoxGladys (Miss)13 Quay
1328RO TuplinStanleyQuay
1329RwDw TuplinElizabeth AQuay
1330RO HughesChristopher AQuay
1331RwDw HughesCatherineQuay
1332RO HarrisPhilip William15 Quay
1333RwDw HarrisMartha15 Quay
1334R~ BennettVictor Ross16 Quay
1335RwDw BennettBlanche16 Quay
1336Rw~ BennettJessie Alice (Miss)16 Quay
1337Rw~ BennettI May16 Quay
1338Rw~ BennettElizabeth16 Quay
1339R~ BennettVictor Ross16 Quay
1340RwOw GliddonSusan17 Quay
1341RO HeardHenry BroomTemperance Hotel, Quay
1342RwDw HeardEmma MariaTemperance Hotel, Quay
1343RO RichardsAlexander RamsaySailors Rest, Quay
1344RwDw RichardsElizabethSailors Rest, Quay
1345RO RaymondGeorgeQuay
1346RwDw RaymondAliceQuay
1347RO AdamsAlexander HSeagate Hotel, Quay
1348RwDw AdamsHilaire CarolineSeagate Hotel, Quay
1349R~ AdamsAlexander Francis LSeagate Hotel, Quay
1350RwOw CoxMartha10 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1351RwOw CoxMaria (Miss)10 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1352RO SymondsFrank9 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1353RwDw SymondsMary9 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1354RO LameyFrederick Robert8 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1355RwDw LameyGertrude Mary8 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1356R~ LameyFrederick Henry8 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1357ROaEastwoodWalter7 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1358RwOw TaylorAnne Elizabeth6 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1359RO HooperBertie G R6 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1360RwDw HooperKathleen May6 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1361RwOw VarleyHelen J Penhorwood5 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1362RO EastmanWilliam John4 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1363RwDwaEastmanBessie4 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1364R~ EastmanWilliam John4 Odun Terrace, Richmond Road
1365RwOw BeareBessie (Miss)1 Richmond Terrace
1366RO BathoGeorge B2 Richmond Terrace
1367RwDw BathoKate2 Richmond Terrace
1368R~ BathoJohn Francis2 Richmond Terrace
1369Rw~ BathoHarriett M (Miss)2 Richmond Terrace
1370Rw~ BathoGwendoline H (Miss)2 Richmond Terrace
1371RwOw ParkhouseEmily (Miss)3 Richmond Terrace
1372RwOw SmithSarah Louisa4 Richmond Terrace
1373R~ SmithThomas4 Richmond Terrace
1374ROaHookwayJohn George5 Richmond Terrace
1375RwOw HookwayHarriet Mary (Miss)5 Richmond Terrace
1376RO BaileyJohn Thomas6 Richmond Terrace
1377RwDw BaileyMary Lowther6 Richmond Terrace
1378RwOw PrustIda Marion6 Richmond Terrace
1379RwOw LockMaria Lowther (Miss)6 Richmond Terrace
1380RO CouchJohn Thomas7 Richmond Terrace
1381RO GreenAlex7 Richmond Terrace
1382RwDw GreenSusan Winifred7 Richmond Terrace
1383RwOw ParkhouseEdith8 Richmond Terrace
1384Rw~ ParkhouseWinifred May (Miss)8 Richmond Terrace
1385RO HopkinsWilliam8 Richmond Terrace
1386RwDwaHopkinsEmma Louisa8 Richmond Terrace
1387RO BlackmoreMatthew9 Richmond Terrace
1388RwDw BlackmoreEllen9 Richmond Terrace
1389RO SladeRichardHillside, Richmond Terrace
1390RwDwaSladeAnnieHillside, Richmond Terrace
1391RwOw ClareHilda Annie1 Richmond Road
1392RwOw MitchellLizzie G2 Richmond Road
1393RO CurtisRichard3 Richmond Road
1394RwDw CurtisOlive May3 Richmond Road
1395RO TaylorJohn William4 Richmond Road
1396RwDwaTaylorSarah E4 Richmond Road
1397RO WebberGeorge5 Richmond Road
1398RwDw WebberAda Catherine5 Richmond Road
1399RwOw SmithElla Frances6 Richmond Road
1400RO JefferyOswald6 Richmond Road
1401RwDwaJefferyEdith Maud6 Richmond Road
1402RO RobertsMichael Howard7 Richmond Road
1403RwDw RobertsKathleen7 Richmond Road
1404NM~ EastmanWilliam George7 Richmond Road
1405ROaCoxWilliam8 Richmond Road
1406RwDwaCoxHannah Eliza8 Richmond Road
1407RO HockingDavid Wood9 Richmond Road
1408RwDw HockingDoris Millicent9 Richmond Road
1409RwOw BeerAnnie Maria10 Richmond Road
1410R~ BeerJames10 Richmond Road
1411Rw~ BeerLinda Maud (Miss)10 Richmond Road
1412R~ BeerAlbert William10 Richmond Road
1413R~ NormanAlbert10 Richmond Road
1414RO JillingsWilliam Frederick senr11 Richmond Road
1415RwDw JillingsEdith Ellen11 Richmond Road
1416RO LameyFrederick Percy12 Richmond Road
1417RwDwaLameyBeatrice Dorothy12 Richmond Road
1418RO LameyWilliam John13 Richmond Road
1419RwDwaLameyLavinia13 Richmond Road
1420RO ScottDenny (SJ)The Holt
1421RwDw ScottLillie AmyThe Holt
1422Rw~ IsaacsBessie (Miss)The Holt
1423Rw~ WestawayElizabeth (Miss)The Holt
1424Rw~ LeeEmily WinifredThe Holt
1425RO HarrisArchibald JamesThe Holt Lodge
1426RwDw HarrisMary Elizabeth AliceThe Holt Lodge
1427RO LewisSamuel1 The Holt Cottage
1428RwDw LewisBlanche1 The Holt Cottage
1429Rw~ BraggWinifred Blanche1 The Holt Cottage
1430RO GreyBertie2 The Holt Cottage
1431RwDw GreyDaisy2 The Holt Cottage
1432R~ GrayFrankThe Holt Cottages
1433RO HinksHenry (J)Richmond Road
1434RwDw HinksHannah CharlotteRichmond Road
1435Rw~ HinksOlive (Miss)Gareloch
1436RO HorsnaillWilliam OwenAlbany
1437RO WhitlockJohn Henry1 Silver Street
1438RwDw WhitlockUrennia1 Silver Street
1439RO HelstonRobert2 Silver Street
1440RwDwaHelstonEvelyn2 Silver Street
1441RO LesslieJoseph3 Silver Street
1442RwDwaLesslieMabel3 Silver Street
1443RO SladeJohn4 Silver Street
1444RwDw SladeGladys4 Silver Street
1445RwOw TaylorAnn Elizabeth5 Silver Street
1446RO ScreechSilvanus Alfred6 Silver Street
1447RwDwaScreechMargaret6 Silver Street
1448RwOw TaylorCharlotte7 Silver Street
1449Rw~ TaylorLotta Elizabeth (Miss)7 Silver Street
1450RwOw LobbettMary Hannah8 Silver Street
1451RO ShuteStanley Charles1 South Road
1452RwDw ShuteZadia May1 South Road
1453RO CoppJohn2 South Road
1454RwDw CoppJennie2 South Road
1455RO BaleWilliam Henry3 South Road
1456RwDw BaleMinnie Elizabeth3 South Road
1457RO EdwardsWilliam4 South Road
1458Rw~ EdwardsAurora Milicent4 South Road
1459RO CookThomas5 South Road
1460RwDw CookFlorence May5 South Road
1461RwOw WebberFrances May6 South Road
1462RO JarvisAlbert Henry7 South Road
1463RwDw JarvisEthel Annie7 South Road
1464RO CoxJohn William7 South Road
1465RO MarshallWilliam8 South Road
1466RwDw MarshallPhyllis Rose8 South Road
1467RO GriffithsFrederick John9 South Road
1468RwDw GriffithsMatilda9 South Road
1469RO LesslieAlbert Henry10 South Road
1470RwDwaLesslieCaroline10 South Road
1471Rw~ LesslieKatherine (Miss)10 South Road
1472RO HockingRobert11 South Road
1473RwDw HockingEdith Ellen11 South Road
1474RO HockinPercival12 South Road
1475ROaShortGeorge E13 South Road
1476RwDwaShortMinnie Louise13 South Road
1477RO AcfordDavid senr14 South Road
1478R~aAcfordDavid junr14 South Road
1479RO ClokeCharles Henry14 South Road
1480RwDw ClokeGweldoline14 South Road
1481RO CurtisThomas Henry15 South Road
1482RwDw CurtisHelena15 South Road
1483RO BignellGeorge Henry16 South Road
1484RwDw BignellEthel Maud16 South Road
1485RwOw FowlerPhyllis Letitia17 South Road
1486R~ FowlerJames Henry17 South Road
1487RwOw TuckerRose18 South Road
1488RO LittlejohnsPercy Edwin19 South Road
1489RwDw LittlejohnsBeatrice Lily19 South Road
1490RO EastmanFrederick John20 South Road
1491RwDw EastmanNancy Ann20 South Road
1492RO GorrellJohn1 Vernons Lane
1493RwDw GorrellAnnie1 Vernons Lane
1494RwOw MarshallKathleen May2 Vernons Lane
1495RO DanielCharles Augustus3 Vernons Lane
1496RwDwaDanielEthel3 Vernons Lane
1497RO SimsSidney Peter4 Vernons Lane
1498RwDw SimsVida4 Vernons Lane
1499RO SimsRees5 Vernons Lane
1500RwDw SimsRosevere5 Vernons Lane
1501RO HunkingJames Hope6 Vernons Lane
1502RwDw HunkingGladys Annie6 Vernons Lane
1503RO VivianWilliam John F7 Vernons Lane
1504RwDwaVivianGertrude7 Vernons Lane
1505RO RichardsJohn7a Vernons Lane
1506RwDw RichardsAlethea7a Vernons Lane
1507Rw~ RichardsFlorence7a Vernons Lane
1508RO DayJames8 Vernons Lane
1509RwDw DaySarah8 Vernons Lane
1510RwOw ScreechEllen9 Vernons Lane
1511RO EvansAlfred B10 Vernons Lane
1512RwDw EvansFlorence Jane10 Vernons Lane
1513RO ScreechWilliam senr11 Vernons Lane
1514RwDwaScreechRosina11 Vernons Lane
1515Rw~ ScreechEthel RosinaVernons Lane
1516R~ ScreechWilliam junrVernons Lane
1517RwOwaTaylorEthel RosinaVernons Lane
1518RO JewellThomas12 Vernons Lane
1519RwDwaJewellEthel12 Vernons Lane
1520RO CoxGeorge Henry1 Retreat Place
1521RwDw CoxLilian Margaret1 Retreat Place
1522RO LameyBartholomew2 Retreat Place
1523RwDwaLameyLouisa2 Retreat Place
1524RwOw GuardBertha (Miss)2 Retreat Place
1525RwOw LeyEmily3 Retreat Place
1526Rw~ LeyNora (Miss)3 Retreat Place
1527RwOw AndrewsMinnie O14 Vernons Lane
1528RwOw PykeEmma15 Vernons Lane
1529RO MillsJohn Edwin15 Vernons Lane
1530RwDw MillsAnnie15 Vernons Lane
1531Rw~ MillsKathleen Mary15 Vernons Lane
1532RO JewellWilliam Henry16 Vernons Lane
1533RwDwaJewellBessie16 Vernons Lane
1534RwOw ScillyMary16 Vernons Lane
1535Rw~ ScillyThomazine (Miss)16 Vernons Lane
1536RO HallettWilfred Gordon2 Central Cottage, Vernons Lane
1537RwDwaHallettMinnie2 Central Cottage, Vernons Lane
1538RwOw BowdenPolly17 Vernons Lane
1539RwOw MarshallCordelia18 Vernons Lane
1540Rw~ BowdenMinnie (Miss)18 Vernons Lane
1541Rw~ BowdenFlorence (Miss)18 Vernons Lane


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